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Obama’s possible homosexuality… finally ousted???

I didn’t watch this video yet but will so I’m posting it anyway so I can save it. A woman who is an old high school friend of Obama had an interview with the Manning Report and ousted Obama’s homosexuality. Some would say she’s just messed up and making it up but don’t be surprised if turns out true.

This video is getting pretty viral and if it gets out to the news media… then this could be pretty damaging to Obama’s presidency.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Obama is a closeted homosexual. I’ve been saying that on this blog for ages. I didn’t watch this video yet but I believe that Obama could be gay.



Thought: It is a good thing that Bert & Ernie aren’t closet homosexuals…

Well, Sesame Street confirmed the rumors that Bert & Ernie are not gay, and they don’t plan on turning them gay anytime soon.

Read what the makers of Sesame Street have to say about it, here.

I think it’s a stupid and silly idea to marry them anyway. Think about how it’s going to influence pre-school children to go gay when they get older. I think someone who came up with that petition is a stupid idiot, in my opinion.