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Report: Artie Lange is suicidal…

It is turning out that Howard Stern’s, radioshow sidekick, Artie Lange is a suicidal man. He stabbed himself 9 times.

I wish Artie well and hope he’ll get the help he needs. He’s a talented man and he is very funny. I always liked him.

Life maybe hard and difficult but suicide isn’t the answer. Get the help when you need it.



Report: Brian Johnson & Angus Young of Ac/Dc on the Howard Stern show…

The leading frontman Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young spoke with Howard Stern in a live interview on Sirius last Tuesday. They all talk about a variety of topics on why Brian Johnson would be a married man when he could have all the women he wanted, they discuss the new album “Black Ice”, they talk about Brian Johnson’s smoking addiction and how he drinks alcohol, Angus is the only member of the band that doesn’t do drugs, smoke or drink. Brian talked about living in Sarasota, Florida and how he’s into race cars as a hobby outside of music. Other than Howard’s typical sex talk, they talk a bunch of different things and joke around.

Brian Johnson does most of the talking. Angus is pretty much quiet throughout the interview.

To listen to the interview, go to Blabbermouth:



Report: Dolly Parton to sue Howard Stern?

Dolly Parton, the legendary country singer has hinted to Billboard that she could be suing Howard Stern, she’s offended and upset at Howard Stern’s audio when he editted one of her audio books changing it to racists and sexually graphic sound bites instead.

Billboard reports:


Watch out Howard! Don’t get yourself kicked off of Sirius, Dolly is mad and coming back with a vengeance!

I’m sure she loves Kenny Rogers dearly, Howard is trying to make her look bad.

Click and listen to the segment in the video below.


Report: Artie Lange to Howard Stern’s personal assistant “Kiss off asswipe”…

Artie Lange who is one of Howard Stern’s longtime co-hosts walked off a live broadcasting of Howard’s show due to a conflict with Stern’s personal assistant. The walk off had nothing to do with Stern, Lange has no grudge against Stern but he does have a grudge at the personal assistant or Stern’s secretary or whatever.

What happened was, Lange was seen arguing with the assistant off the air in the hallway. Stern asked the assistant to come into the studio to discuss the argument publicily on the air. Lange had a grudge against the assistant whose name is Teddy with the nickname of Teddy Microphone because of money payments. Lange lost his temper, walked out of the studio, then later came back in the studio to announce his resignation of the Howard Stern show.

More on it here:


For some reason I’m not buying the Artie Lange resignation, I think it was a work to help pull in more listeners?

You can’t believe everything you hear on the Howard Stern show. That guy will do anything for controversy.