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Report: Jimmy Page says new band will NOT tour under the name of Led Zeppelin…

Jimmy Page has been pretty quiet about the rumours of Led Zeppelin touring without Robert Plant. The man finally speaks out after all this time, with Pagey sayin’ that Led Zeppelin will not tour under the name of Led Zeppelin with no Robert Plant. One of Pagey’s spokespersons sent out a statement to Rollingstone saying, “Whatever this is, it is not LED ZEPPELIN. Not without the involvement of Robert Plant.” Still not revealing on who the new singer will be. This means that Pagey, Jonesy, Bonham and who ever the new singer will be will tour under a different band name. Not under the Led Zeppelin name.

I’m sure they’ll still play Led Zeppelin songs and the bands new material but not under the name of Led Zeppelin.

Blabbermouth reports:


Look like they are getting close to announcing the new singer. I am predicting they will announce the new singer and new band name sometime before the Holidays around Christmas time.

I’m all for this new band, I’m looking forward to hearing what new songs Pagey has up in his sleeve.

What’s hilarious about this whole thing is, that everybody thought Led Zeppelin really were going to tour under the name Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant when I know that is something Pagey wouldn’t do. He isn’t that stupid, you think? And they all call themselves Led Zeppelin fans, LOL! I always knew that Pagey wouldn’t go under the Led Zeppelin name without Robert Plant and I’ve been saying it in the blog for a very long time. Pagey knows Plant is Led Zep, he ain’t dumb.


RANT: In defense to Led Zeppelin members touring without Robert Plant…

Dear So Called Led Zeppelin fanatics:

I have been reading a lot of fan comments on other blogs and message boards slamming and bashing the left over members of Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham for agreeing to tour and make a new album without Robert Plant.  For example fans been calling Robert Plant a selfish asshole for not rejoining them, fans been calling the other guys Page, Jones, Bonham pricks for going on without Robert. Here is my response to all that bullshit. I will take the time to defend this.

So the guys in Led Zeppelin tried to talk Robert Plant into joining them for a full tour and a hopeful new album after the successful O2 reunion from last year, but Robert Plant wasn’t down. He was committed to his “Raising Sand” project with Allison Krauss.

To be honest, I think Robert Plant joining Led Zeppelin for a full fledge world tour would be a horrible idea. And here’s why. Simply put, Robert Plant is old. The man is 60. Robert himself even admitted that he is too old for this loud rock n’ roll thing. If Robert did agree to tour with Led Zep full time, think how Robert Plant could lose his voice. He can not sing as powerful and can’t get to those high pitch screams anymore like he did back in the old days.

At the O2 show from last year, why do you think Led Zeppelin dropped keys to a few songs ’cause Robert couldn’t sing so high? I personally think Robert singing loud rock n’ roll night after night, would be too overwhelming for him. Can you see why he doesn’t agree for a full world tour? You must use common sense and get a reality check.

This is why Robert moved on with the Allison Krauss bluegrass/country project ’cause Robert found he could be good at that. Country/bluegrass is much easier for Robert to sing because it’s not loud and angry like rock n’ roll is. At the O2 last year, Robert sang great, don’t get me wrong, but you’ll have to admit that Robert had trouble singing some notes in certain Zeppelin songs. Robert Plant just doesn’t have it anymore. It’s just as simple as that, folks.

Sure, I was a little dissapointed that Robert didn’t agree to tour with Led Zep, but so what, it’s life. You can’t always get what you want in life. Robert himself even approved of those guys going on without him, he wants them to go on without him.

As far as Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason goes, hey, what can I say. They are musicians, and bands like most of us musicians around here. All bands want to do different things in music. Bands do what they want to do, not caring what anybody else thinks. I’ve said it once before in an earlier blog post about Guns N’ Roses, that band members changes over the years even with national bands and local bands. All bands get different musicians and different singers over the years. You have to understand that, it’s the way music is.

I’m all for Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason going on without Robert. I want it to happen. Like I said before, I just want Jimmy Page out there playing guitar with various musicians ’cause that’s what he does, he is a musician. I said before, that Pagey just wants to play with no matter who he is playing with. He just wants to jam on his guitar with other musicians just like we all do. Not every little thing Pagey does in music will involve Robert Plant, GET OVER IT!!! Pagey had many projects outside of Led Zeppelin over the years everything from Coverdale/Page, The Black Crowes “Live at the Greek”, The Honeydrippers, etc. The list can go on.

I’m actually interested in what Jimmy, Jonesy and Jason can do without Robert Plant. You can’t badily judge them this early when they haven’t even put out any new music for us to hear and say what they are going to do is horrible. When they announce the new singer and start releasing new music for us to hear, then you can judge if them going on without Robert Plant is a bad idea. If they pick the right singer and write the great music that blows us all away, then you may think no Robert Plant is a good thing.

I’m all for anything Jimmy Page does ’cause he is a guitar hero that I idolize. I don’t care if he plays music without Robert Plant or not, I just want to hear his great guitar playing. I’m glad he’s planning something new outside of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page hasn’t done anything new outside of Led Zeppelin since the Black Crowes “Live at the Greek” which that happened back in the year 2000.

I hope I’m not the only one out there who is looking forward to the new Led Zeppelin project and hope I’m not the only one that sees this in a positive direction. Either way, I don’t care. The new Led Zeppelin project that Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason is going to be great, I’m sure of it.


Report: Jimmy Page does not want a star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame”…

A die hard Led Zeppelin fan Rocky Dickerson started a campaign where rock guitar legend Jimmy Page could get nominated in getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Rocky Dickerson started the campaign when coming back home in California after attending the Led Zeppelin reunion concert at the O2 last year. When Jimmy Page finally heard this guy is doing a campaign to get a star, Jimmy Page responded and said he does not want his own star, and says Dickerson shouldn’t bother with it.

More on it here:


Good for Pagey. The man is serious about guitar playing and music, he only wants to concentrate on that.

This makes it pretty clear that Jimmy Page just wants to play music, not worrying about fame.


Report: Jimmy Page defends Olympics performance with Leona Lewis…

Jimmy Page is dissapointed with the negative criticism he received from critics and music fans of his performance with Leona Lewis at the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony. Jimmy Page defended it saying that it was an honour for him and Leona to be there performing together, and he says they did a good job performing the Led Zeppelin song “Whole Lotta Love”. Jimmy is proud of the performance and says people need to be less cynical.

More on it here:


I’ll have to agree with Page on this one. I heard audio tracks of the performance in youtube and it wasn’t all that bad.

The only reason I can think of why people didn’t like that performance is because people didn’t like the idea of a pop mainstream star performing with a legendary rock god. Everyone was probably expecting Robert Plant to sing with Jimmy Page at the Olympics. While I’m sure the Beijing Olympics asked for a Plant & Page duo for return, I’m positive that Robert Plant himself turned it down. That is probably the reason Page got Leona Lewis instead.

Keep in mind that Jimmy Page collaborated with almost every famous musician you can think of from Puff Daddy to the Black Crowes.

I mean, christ, he’s fuckin’ Jimmy Page, he can perform with who ever he wants. He doesn’t care if he plays guitar for Michael Jackson or even Ricky Martin or Usher. This man will play guitar for anybody. He just wants to play guitar no matter who he is playing with. It’s not always going to be with Led Zeppelin or Robert Plant, get over it people.


Report: Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis to perform Led Zepp’s “Whole Lotta Love” at Olympics closing ceremony…

Bassist Guy Pratt confirmed that Jimmy Page and pop star Leona Lewis will be performing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” at the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony Aug. 24th.

Jimmy Page have been known to do many collaborations with different music artists over the years, him performing with Leona Lewis will be his latest collaboration. Who knows, it may look like that Jimmy and Leona may do more work together in the future.

More on it here:


I’ll definitely try to watch this while I’m in San Diego.

I’m leaving at 2:30 this afternoon to head to the Albany airport. It’ll be a 6 hour flight so I’ll arrive in San Diego at around 10:30 or 11:00 tonight. I’m bringing books to read and my PSP Sony handheld game system to keep me busy on the long plane ride. Plus, I’m sure the plane will show a movie on there, who knows what movie it will be, it wouldn’t surprise me if the movie is “The Dark Knight”, if it is, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again for the third time. I’ll post a goodbye post before I leave to the airport today.


BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Page to perform with Leona Lewis at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony…

The Beijing Olympics officials announced that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page will collaborate with pop star Leona Lewis to close out the Olympic ceremony this year.

It is not known what Jimmy and Leona will be performing together whether it will be a Led Zeppelin cover or one of Leona’s songs. It could even be “America the Beautiful” or “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The summer Beijing Olympics 2008 will end August 24th and we will find out then what song they will be playing.

More on it here:


I don’t know if I’ll watch this or not, I’ll be in San Diego around that time on Aug. 24th. I will try to watch it at my brother’s apartment in San Diego if I’m not out doing fun stuff, if I don’t watch this closing ceremony at all, I’m sure the Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis performance will be all over youtube anyways.

Looking forward to seeing this.


Report: Jimmy Page interview at Rollingstone.com…

Rollingstone.com has a nice interview with Jimmy Page. My hero and inspiration in guitar playing who made me want to play music to begin with. As usual, Rollingstone asks musicians stupid questions to the musicians. While Rollingstone is a music magazine it is not aimed at musicians (like Guitar World, Guitar Player, etc.) Rollingstone is a music magazine aimed to the non-musicians, the regular music listeners.

Page give out the secrets where the energy and the tight playing in Led Zeppelin, he also explains how he inspired to bow an electric guitar.

Rollingstone.com reports:


That’s where all the tight and energetic playing comes from in my music, it’s because I listen to too much Led Zeppelin. While I listen to a lot of music out there, Led Zeppelin is everything to me.