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Is Muhammad Subuh the real father of President Obama???

I’ve always thought that Barack Obama Sr. wasn’t Barry’s real father. He couldn’t be ’cause they look nothing like each other.

This is a pretty insightful video that gives you an idea of how Loretta Fuddy and Barack Obama are linked together in this cult called, Subud. Is the founder of Subud, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo the real father of Barack Obama? This video isn’t making it up. Google pics of Muhammed Subuh and you would see that he looks almost exactly like President Obama. So that also means that Barry Soetero can’t be his real birth name either.


Health director who approved Obama’s birth certificate mysteriously killed in plane crash…

Welp, here we go… the woman who approved Obama’s birth certificate was just mysteriously killed in a plane crash and I’m feeling it was no accident… somebody did this. Who else would be capable of taking down an airplane? Obama has done this many times before. Why would he kill the health director who signed his birth certificate? Probably because she knows that he was really born in Kenya and he didn’t want her revealing this information.

That’s the thing with President Obama… every time someone knows too much about him… the next thing you know, you see a report about that person being killed in the news. It’s happening quite a lot.

Sharyl Attkinson from CBS news better watchout ’cause I’m feeling he’s going after her next… give it time. Lara Logan too.

Read the full story, here.


Come on… Barack O’… a lot of people know you weren’t from the U.S…. give it up…

It’s getting pretty close to the fact that Obama wasn’t born in the United States at all. If Obama living with an immigrant person from Kenya isn’t a good enough sign that he was actually born from Kenya and not here… then I don’t know what else it is. The White House admitted that Obama lived with an illegal immigrant briefly. This not only makes Obama a huge liar… this also makes him a hypocrite about immigration reform and all that stuff.

Read the full story, here.


Yeah, I know a certain few of you are gonna try and come on here to  defend Obama, saying I’m full of shit and stuff ’cause you guys are too predictable. My thoughts on Obama’s birthplace will always remain the same, defend him all you want to.

Wake the fuck up, America. Obama wasn’t born here, get over yourselves.


Welp, here we go… Obama playing world police again with something that has nothing to do with us…

Yep, Obama is just too predictable. It was only a matter of time that Obama was going to respond to the Nairobi mall attacks at his home country of Kenya. Obama’s already at work, sending out Navy Seals, raiding a seaside home in Somalia which is where the leader of Al-shabaab lives. While the Nairobi mall attacks was tragic and heartbreaking, once again that has nothing to do with us much like with the Syria gas-attacks. The only reason Obama is responding to the Nairobi mall attacks ’cause Obama stands behind his home people of Kenya. YES, HIS HOME! Is this not a good enough clue that Obama could be born there?

This is our fifth day of Government shutdown. A woman shot dead by police in D.C. and a man dies by setting himself on fire at the National Mall. We also have all kinds of memorials and national parks getting closed ’cause of shutdown. Five fucking days of shutdown… Obama is not talking and yet he goes raiding in Somalia in response to the Nairobi mall attacks?

Is this not good enough to see that Obama is nothing but a fuckin’ tyrant and dictator? People want to blame Harry Reid and John Boehner for the shutdown, when the real blame should go to no one other than Obama himself… why do you think he’s not talking? Funny how the shutdown happened when they were just about ready to make a decision on Obamacare.

I wonder how much longer the shutdown will go on? It could go on for the rest of Obama’s presidency. We had many shutdowns before but this could be the longest shutdown in history. We had two deaths in D.C. during the shutdown and people will do more crazy things.

While it’s nice that both the right and the left see that the government overall are a bunch of evil pricks; however, the left still has a problem that they think Obama is still a good guy. They think the shutdown is not Obama’s fault. HA! Which is typical ’cause the liberals will defend Obama no matter what happens. Some of them even side with Harry Reid and they blame Boehner for the shtudown since he’s republican.

This should be no surprise that Obama wouldn’t negotiate with the shutdown just like he doesn’t negotiate with everything else. Least transparent president.


4th day of Westgate Mall being under attack in Nairobi…

This is getting pretty scary. What’s happening over at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya… wow. It’s turning out that the attackers are a terrorist group named Al-Shabaab and most of the attackers are turning out to be Americans. My question is, why would Americans attack a Kenyan shopping mall? Somehow I get this feeling that it’s a clear message to President Obama and the White House. If the US Government doesn’t shape up, more and more of these attacks will happen in the US and around the world. The Navy Shipyard in D.C. was just attacked and now the Nairobi mall in Kenya. If Obama isn’t careful, his nationality and birthplace could be exposed out of what’s going on in Westgate Mall.

I read somewhere on the internet that Obama himself responded to the Nairobi mall attacks but it wasn’t much of a response. All he said was that the attacks was an outrage and he offered law enforcement support to the Kenyan president. I still believe Obama won’t send any help of any kind in Kenya even though he promised to. Notice Obama said, “law enforcement help”, and not “Military help”. He played world police with Syria on the gas attacks of innocent people but never made any mention of sending military help to Kenya.

After the Navy Shipyard attacks, Obama once again made an announcement that he was going to make gun control laws more tougher. When will he ever learn that making tougher gun laws won’t help stop the attacks? No matter how tough the gun laws get, violent people will always find their way around getting guns. Here’s something that would help stop violence in the U.S. and around the world. If Obama will stop aiding terrorists weapons and money… maybe these things will happen less and less?

I’m not blaming these attacks on Obama but they were partly his fault. If he would stop being such a dictator and tyrant, then maybe these things won’t happen at all.


I wonder if President Obama will help Nairobi, Kenya…

What’s going on at the Nairobi mall in Kenya is very tragic. It’s a heartbreaking and very sad story. I’m praying for the people in Kenya. While this is horrible, this should be good enough to show that the Muslim religion isn’t peaceful at all. I also wonder if President Obama will respond to the Nairobi mall attacks. A lot of people have been killed and many more have been held hostage by Islamic people. Muslims are getting out of hand in this world. With their violence and hate of innocent people.

I don’t think President Obama will respond to the Nairobi attacks. Simply because in his last African trip he avoided Kenya like the plague and he will completely avoid this too. I’m sure people are going to expect Obama to play peacemaker in this. Will Obama send US military help in Nairobi?

No… and for a few reasons:

1) Kenya could possibly be his birthplace.

2) He stands behind his fellow Muslim people.

Watch President Obama stay silent throughout the Nairobi tragedy as it happens in the news. He’s willing to help other countries when they’re in trouble like Syria for example but he’s gonna leave Kenya alone in this.

So far, Obama hasn’t said anything about the Nairobi mall attacks and don’t expect him to either. It’s gonna hurt his presidency if he gets himself into this one since it involves Muslims and all.