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Not a Cool Video: Justin and Kimmy K. “Elle” magazine behind the scenes shoot…

Check out the video, judge for yourself. Isn’t Kimmy K. way too sexy for a 16 year old? Kimmy K. is seen wearing a swimsuit while Justin lays down taking pictures of her himself. The kid even kisses her on the cheek for reals!

Check out this crazy video below.


Cool Video: Bill O’ Reilly finally makes some sense for once in his life…

Bill O’ Reilly is creating controversy in the news again. Why? Because he slammed the Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber pairing that’s been happening online and in news media lately. Justin and Kimmy K. recently did a photoshoot together for “Elle” magazine. In the photos , showed Justin and Kim acting like couples. Holding hands, eating the flower, etc. Justin is 16, and Kim is overage. Billy boy here, is right on the money for once and making some sense. Seriously, this whole Kimmy K and Justin Bieber thing is getting annoying. This is getting disgusting and the Kimmy K. and Justin pairing needs to be stopped. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Kim Kardashian as I am a fan of her modeling career and have no problem with Justin Bieber, but when you pair these two together, it’s just wrong. Elle magazine just wants publicity with their magazine too so they create controversy to get more attention. I understand that Kim and Justin are just friends, but Justin doesn’t seem to realize that she is using him for more publicity as well. Maybe she doesn’t care about him at all and just manipulating the kid to promote her career?