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Gene Simmons full Esquire interview with his son here…

Music fans are getting their panties in a bunch over Gene Simmons controversial “Rock is finally dead” comments. How much do you wanna bet that most of them didn’t read the actual interview itself before slamming the guy? I just finished reading the interview with Gene and his son at Esquire magazine.

Before bashing Gene Simmons, maybe you should read the entire interview and then you would understand what he’s saying.

Read it here:


I think the interview is very interesting!

A lot of people are coming to a misunderstanding when he says that “Rock is finally dead”. He’s not saying that there are no rock bands anymore. That’s not what he’s saying at all. He knows that there are new rock bands today but what he’s saying is that they will no longer get the “iconic” and “legendary” status with the way the industry is going today.

Today, the industry have been giving the “iconic” status to fake pop-stars like Justin Bieber, Kanye, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Psy, etc. who are mostly manufactured by record labels. Those pop stars don’t write their own songs. It’s mostly the record labels that writes the songs in today’s mainstream these days.

Back in the old days when Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Clash, etc. all came around they all got the iconic and “legendary status” ’cause they wrote their own songs and played their own instruments.

You know how legendary and essential albums like Led Zeppelin IV – Zoso, Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”, The Beatles “Sgt. Peppers”, The Clash “London Calling”, Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” are all important albums that we’ll never forget???

With the way the industry is going today, we’ll never get that essential classic again.

That’s what he meant when he said that, “Rock is finally dead”. When real rock bands and musicians get together and make albums that are huge and iconic that is rock n’ roll. Those days are dead and gone now.

People are accusing Gene of being behind of the times but he’s not. Yeah, there are rock bands today sure but most of today’s bands are manufactured and created by record labels too like Linkin Park for starters. Everything is created by the labels these days.

Gene just wants bands who writes their own songs and play their own instruments getting success in the music business.

I’m sure Gene is gonna get asked again about this in his next interview and I’m sure he’ll talk about it even more.

Read that interview I posted above, the whole thing. It’s good and Gene is so right on everything he said. I’m still siding with him.


Somebody finally says it, “Rock is finally dead”… thanks Gene Simmons!!!

Gone are the days when kids just want to look after their favorite rock stars and buy all of their albums and hang posters of them on their bedroom walls. These days kids are listening to stuff like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kanye, Justin Bieber, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, etc.

Gone are the days when kids want to pick up a guitar, learn a few chords and jam on pentatonic scales — then try to start their own band and play in their garages to try to score a record deal with a major label. These days kids are desperately trying to get fame by getting on garbage competition shows like: “The Voice”, “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent”, “X-Factor”, etc.

Gone are the days when you want to see your favorite rock bands in large arenas so you can mosh to them, bang your head and raise some hell. These days large arena concerts are for teenagers and young girls so they can scream their heads off to their favorite boy bands or rap stars.

Okay, I think you get my point now. I’ve been saying for years on my blogs that “rock n’ roll” is dead. Rock tries to make a comeback in the mainstream but it is always dominated by pop, rap, and country. Today’s mainstream of music is shit.

I don’t buy new albums much anymore. It’s getting harder and harder to find good music these days. That’s why on my Ipod, you’ll find mostly older music like in the 60’s and 70’s. Sometimes 80’s and early 90’s. I don’t listen to new music too much. I only listen to new music if it’s good and something catches my attention. While I’m not a big fan of pop, rap and country… I can take a little bit of it.

I listen to all sorts of music. A little bit of everything but my no 1. preferred genre is rock n’ roll. I’ve listened to rock n’ roll my entire life so I know it’s a dying industry. It really is sad where the music industry has come to today. Thank you for telling it like is, Gene! \m/



Congrats to Kiss, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel and other Hall of Fame inductees for 2014!!!

If Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would have been honored to be inducted along with Kiss and Peter Gabriel. Too bad he’s not around to see this. I’m sure Dave, Krist, and Pat will accept this honor on his behalf. Will the surviving members of Nirvana perform? I’m sure they will.

Love Kiss or hate them, they deserve this honor too. Kiss has been ignored from the Hall of Fame for years and they finally made it in. I love Kiss too but only their earlier stuff. I’m not into Kiss’s new music too much but I love all of their classic songs, though. Will Ace Frehley be there to reunite with them? I’m sure this induction will be for all members of Kiss over the years.

I love Peter Gabriel’s music as “Us” and “So” are two of my favorite albums of all time. His induction is worthy for sure.

Congrats also go out to Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt, and Hall & Oates. Another famous backing band gets the induction and that’s the E Street Band, Springsteen’s backing band. So this means Bruce’s wife Patty and Little Steven Van Zandt are now Hall of Famers. The same goes for Max Weinberg and Clarence Clemons.

The next Hall of Fame show will be interesting for sure.

I’m more interested on who’s going to induct, Nirvana. Butch Vig, Frances Bean, the guys from the Meat Puppets? Anyone of them, a possibility.

See the full inductee list, here.


Thought: I think it’s wrong to kick KISS off the Michael Jackson tribute concert…

Angry fans were outraged that KISS were booked for the Oct. 8th Michael Jackson concert in Wales. The promoters heard, and just like that, they kicked the band off the lineup. The reason? Gene Simmons agreed that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and child molester years ago.

The band haven’t responded to being kicked off the concert yet, but I’m sure they will have something to say about it soon.

Read the full story, here.

In my opinion, the promoters didn’t have to boot KISS off the show just because fans didn’t want them on. What Gene said about Michael was years ago. If Gene agreed to sign up to play the show with KISS, then I’m sure he had a change of heart with Michael Jackson now. The promoters claim they did it because they wanted to do justice to Michael’s memory with this tribute.

Well, the reality is, they just disrespected Michael’s honor just by booting KISS off the show. Michael have always been a huge fan of KISS. I’m pretty sure M.J. would have wanted them on the concert if he was still alive right now. They need KISS for the show.

On top of that, Gene isn’t the only person in the world who thinks M.J. was a pedophile. There are plenty of people who think of M.J. the same way.


Report: Kiss is no longer a Billboard hit, Michael Buble steals the legendary band’s spotlight…

Kiss’s new album, “Sonic Boom” couldn’t even make no. 1 in the Billboard. Instead, a new singer/songwriter that is unknown steal the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer hopefuls spotlight. That is Michael Buble.

Kiss only sold 108,000 copies of “Sonic Boom”, while Buble sold 132,000.

108,000 copies of “Sonic Boom” is not really that great if you think about it. So that’s further proof that not many people out there care for Kiss anymore. I like Kiss but only with Ace Frehley. I don’t like Kiss with other guitarists.

Billboard reports:



Report: Kiss, LL Cool J, Chilli Peppers, Genesis, etc. nominated for the Rock Hall of Fame…

New nominations for this year’s “Rock Hall of Fame” in Cleveland, Ohio has been announced this year. This year nominations includes the legends Kiss, LL Cool J, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Genesis, The Hollies, and Laura Nyro.

The Associated Press reports:


Me thinks, Kiss will get in no matter what. So will the Chilli Peppers and LL Cool J. Genesis will definitely get in.

I don’t know about Laura Nyro though, I don’t even know who that is.

If Genesis finally does get inducted, I wonder if Peter Gabriel will be part of that induction since he was the first frontman of that band before Phil Collins? I’m sure they’ll let Peter be part of this. I don’t see why not?

So you ask, LL Cool J is not rock, he is strictly rap and hip hop, how does he get nominated? I’m willing to bet the song “Mama Said Knock You Out”, is what got him the nomination, that tune is kind of like a rock song.