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Report: Bands as Madonna’s “Hard Candy”…

In celebration to Madonna “Hard Candy” album, the website NME came up with a neat word game to come up with famous band names with any kind of candy in it. The album name “Hard Candy” is inspired because Madonna loves candy, can you tell with her missing teeth? I know, bad joke.

Click here for an example:


Here are my choices:

The Red Hot Sweettarters (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

The Mars Bar Volta (Mars Volta)

Stone Temple Nerds (Stone Temple Pilots)

Rolohead (Radiohead)

Black Sabba-Reeses (Black Sabbath)

Counting Jollys (Counting Crows, Jollys taking from “Jolly Ranchers” candy)

Van Hershey’s (Van Halen)

Led Wonkas (Led Zeppelin, Wonkas taking from Willy Wonka candies)

Smashing Twizzlers (Smashing Pumpkins)


Feel free to come up with your own.



Report: Madonna to perform intimate show in NYC and to be live on the web…

Madonna will perform her first show in NYC with a small intimate performance at the Roseland Ballroom on April 30th in support of her new and last album “Hard Candy”. The concert will be cybercasted live on the web on msn in the US and it will replay internationally May 15th. This concert will be the day after “Hard Candy” is released in stores everywhere April 29th.

Billboard reports:


Besides playing her new songs on the album “Hard Candy”, I hope she performs some of her old classics from the 80’s. If she doesn’t perform “Like a Virgin” or “Holiday”, then it won’t seem like a real Madonna show.

I’ll probably pick up “Hard Candy” when it’s out. I’ll definitely try to watch her NYC concert on MSN if I can.



BREAKING NEWS: Madonna and Mariah Carey knock off Elvis Presley in Billboard…


Mariah Carey and Madonna, two pop music divas has changed Billboard history forever. Mariah Carey just moved past Elvis at the no 2. spot with her new single “Touch My Body”. Madonna will be passed by Elvis with her new single “4 Minutes” from her new album “Hard Candy” and the album is not even out yet!!!!!

Billboard Reports:


Holy smokes!

Warner Music Group is crying and begging for Madonna to not leave the label right about now, I bet.

These two divas are taking over the industry big time! These two songs aren’t too bad, I’m actually kind of digging them myself and I am not into this type of music much.


Report: Madonna wants to save Britney…

Madonna spoke out to the media telling them that she wants them to leave Britney Spears alone. As everyone knows, Madonna and Britney have had a longtime friendship but in the picture above they briefly appeared to be more than just friends. Madonna still has love for Britney today.

More on it here:


I agree.

I said it before and wouldn’t mind saying it again. Who cares about Britney Spears? Everyone needs to stop obsessing with her and stop giving her the attention she doesn’t deserve. There is more to life than Britney Spears folks. Worry about your own life, so she can worry about hers.

I hardily ever blog about her ’cause I’m sick of her. I find gossip websites like TMZ and perezhilton to be partially responsible in the media being all over her.

I’m sick of seeing Britney all over google news and other entertainment news sites.

It’s a free fucking country, why can’t Britney have it? Who cares if she likes to drive cars with kids in it or with dogs on her lap? Who cares if she wants to have a cup of coffee at a coffeehouse or go do some shopping somewhere?

Britney Spears being in the news all the time will never die down. Leave the girl alone and let her do what she wants!


NEW: Madonna’s “Hard Candy” album cover revealed!

Not a bad cover, I think with this album cover, she’s trying to go back to the 80’s feel. She’s got her 80’s look back in this picture. The only thing I don’t understand is, what’s with the wrestling title belt?

Yep, this is her last album. Her final album with Warner Bros. Music Group. Then she’s done.

EDIT to add: According to her official website, Madonna “Hard Candy” will be released in record stores everywhere April 29th.