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China going through a lot of tragedy right now, my heart goes out to them…

China is going through two different tragedies right now. First, at least 30 people were murdered at a China subway station by knife-wielding terrorists and now they have a Malaysia plane that mysteriously disappeared. All of this is crazy and scary as hell.

I don’t wanna blame both of those on the Obama administration just yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if Muslim (maybe Al Qaeda too) people were behind them. It is not yet known whether or not the Malaysia plane disappearance had something to do with terrorism but I’m calling that a plane hijacking, for sure. Keep in mind that’s how 9/11/01 happened… just a reminder. No matter how tough security gets at airports around the world, terrorists will always find their way around plane hijacking. It’s never gonna stop no matter how the airport security tries to fight it.

I don’t think they’re ever going to find that plane (if there ever was one). Anyway, it’s terrible stuff of what China is going through and my heart goes out to them. No country deserves to be a victim of terrorism.

I don’t think the Obama administration will do anything to help just like they won’t do anything with Russia and Ukraine.

I hope the Chinese gets answers for these terrible crimes and hope the people who committed them will be held accountable. I’m sure you’re wondering about my thoughts on this so I decided to give my quick thoughts.


Boston lockdown thoughts…

So I was watching some of the coverage of the Boston lockdown on CNN. Social media brought up the fact that two young kids from a different country could possibly be the, “suspects”. They were walking around the streets of Boston with suspicious looking backpacks on, just before the bombing happened. One suspect already died by a police shootout and the other suspect whose name is, Jahar, is still on the run.

Am I seeing all this correctly? Wait… time out —

Whether you agree with it or not, these two young kids are innocent until proven guilty, but of course, in this day and age it seems to be the other way around. So, a couple of kids walking around the streets of Boston — who could possibly have an Islamic/Muslim background — with backpacks on makes them immediately guilty? It seems that when something terrible happens, the blame is almost always on a foreign person. Someone who is not from the United States. The other suspect escaped and is out in hiding. I don’t want to speculate or jump to conclusions (and you shouldn’t, either) but just imagine how it would make us look like if these two didn’t turn out to be the bombers after all? What if they weren’t responsible? From the sounds of things, they don’t sound like they were responsible. They seemed like they were good kids according to their friends and family members.

Why would two kids would want to do something, big and risky as this? If they were really the bombers, why would they show themselves in public? When people commit bombings, they almost always stay on the down low. They wouldn’t show themselves publicly. Most bombs are usually planted when there is no one around. You have to be really smart committing a crime like this. I just can’t see two young kids doing something risky as this.

If they did turn out to be the bombers after all — if they were proven it — then they had to have some other help. Other intelligent criminals who knew a lot about bombs. You get the picture here? I’m not defending these two. Just being realistic.

If these two turned out innocent, once again, you have to look at how that would make us. After all the lockdowns. The police raids in every home and all the law enforcement work. All that stuff over nothing. The police killed an innocent kid over nothing. That would make us look bad more than the terrorists who did this. See what I’m saying?

On top of this, the news media covering the lockdown is shit. CNN, WNYT, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, etc. They’re all garbage. Stick microphones in peoples faces and harassing the suspects family. It’s crazy — ALL OF IT! Peoples homes in Boston are unfairly being invaded, not giving them much privacy — which is disrespectful, in my opinion. I was watching the coverage of the lockdown and I had to turn it off ’cause the news was making me sick.

Somebody obviously did the bombings but I don’t think it was these two. This is why I don’t watch the news anymore ’cause they’re simply shit. Garbage. The news media should take their microphones and cameras, stick ’em up their asses.


EDIT TO ADD: Corrected a few little mistakes, I’m sure there are more grammar mistakes, but I did my best to write this.