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Report: UFC moving forward to legalize sport in NY state…

Not too long ago, the UFC announced that they plan to fight for their sport to get legalized in NY state. That way the UFC can come over and entertain us New Yorkers at the Madison Square Garden, Times Union Center, etc. The UFC vows to fight with the Legislature to lift the ban on real violent fighting in NY state which is banned here.

The Assemblyman is introducing a bill that would legalize the violent sport.

More on it here:


I am betting my money that Dana White, the UFC president, is the first to bring up about wanting UFC legalized in NY state. I’m sure Dana will visit NY this year to help the fight, wouldn’t surprise me if he was already here.

NY has a lot of UFC fans, UFC is very popular here, and it’s great to see that Dana wants to bring us the fights!!!

I’d go see UFC live in person if they win the battle. I’m sure UFC will win to get the sport legalized here, ’cause simply put, no one fucks with the UFC!!!