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Report: Kevin Bacon mugged in a NYC Subway station…

Actor and musician, Kevin Bacon, was in a NY city subway station, while waiting for his train to show up, he was fooling around with his Blackberry. A thief walked by and snatched the Blackberry out of his hand, and ran off. Bacon tried to chase after him to get his Blackberry back, turns out the thief is a faster runner than Bacon is.

TMZ reports:


In Hollywood movies, Bacon is able to hunt down criminals, but he isn’t able to do that in real life.

The comments in TMZ are wondering, why he used a Subway train to get where he needed to go in NYC when he has tons of money to go around in a limo or a taxi?

My guess is that Kevin doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. He sees himself as a guy doing work for film which he makes a living off of, but he doesn’t see himself as a famous person.

He’s not that type of guy where he has bodygaurds, hides in limos with dark windows, etc. He wants to be part of the normal, every day world type, if you know what I mean. That’s probably why he is easy to notice out in public in NYC.

In other words, he wants to be a real person. He’s not that ego celebrity type where they can’t be seen by the public.


Thought: The pilot is no hero of the Flight 1549 Hudson River crash in NYC, the survivors on the plane are…

While I find the Flight 1549 crashing into the Hudson River in NYC and everyone survived to be an amazing story, I find it laughable that they made the pilot a hero of this whole thing.

The way I look at it, the 155 people that survived are the real heros, they had chosen to survive and to go through with this thing in the freezing cold, they are the brave ones.

I would think Captain Sullenberger himself would agree on that one. All pilots job is to keep passengers safe and alive, that’s what they are payed to do when flying a plane. His only goal was to land safely so he had no choice but to land in the river, it’s the passengers that did their best to survive the whole thing, not the Captain’s. Shame on the media for calling the pilot a hero, and not the survivors, just a sick ploy to get more ratings for their TV news shows.