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Cool Video: Black Sabbath makes full time reunion official…

Like the band promised, they revealed their not so surprising announcement on 11-11-11. They make their reunion official today. Announcing a new studio album with original songs and a tour to follow. Their first show of the tour will be the “Download Festival”, in the UK. While this announcement was expected, I’m happy the band is back. I wasn’t liking Ozzy’s new solo stuff too much. He was beginning to be more like a pop artist instead of a metal singer. Now he can finally go back to metal.

I wonder what the new Sabbath songs are going to sound like with Ozzy? Will they still sound like they did back in the 70’s? Who knows. I’m sure their new album won’t disappoint and I’m sure they still got it after all these years.

Hopefully the new album will stick to the dark and scary sound.


Report: Tony Iommi calls Black Sabbath reunion, speculation, not happening…

Well, Tony Iommi is quick to respond to Black Sabbath reunion news that landed today. Tony says that the Birmingham journalist, he spoke with, decided to make up the story. It’s not true so the reunion isn’t happening.

From Tony the man himself, his official website, here.

Sucks but it would be cool as hell though. Bummer.



RIP: Randy Rhoads

29 years ago today, the world of music lost one of the greatest guitarists of all times, Randy Rhoads. He was obviously Ozzy’s best guitarist. Ozzy can have other guitar players but no one can top Randy, ever. If Randy was still alive today, I’m sure he would still be playing with Ozzy. Ozzy wouldn’t let Randy go if he was still with us, because, Ozzy loved Randy too much as we all know. The Randy Rhoads era of Ozzy’s career has always been my favorite as well. Randy, a true guitar legend.


Report: Ozzy slams Lady Gaga and I have something to say about it!!!

In an interview with US Magazine, Ozzy Osbourne was asked, what career advice he would have for the current stars out there. Ozzy immediately had an answer for that and decides to slam Lady Gaga. The new superstar, Lady Gaga who just released two albums, “The Fame”, and “The Fame Monster”. She is also widely known for her crazy and very expensive fashion for her concerts. She not only wears that stuff at  her concerts, she even wears crazy fashion everywhere she goes. Ozzy accused her of being too overexposed and need to take a break for a while. He admits he’s pretty sick of her and annoyed of the clothes she wears.

Read the full interview, here.

Lady Gaga, too over exposed? LOL! Ozzy shouldn’t be talking when he is way more overexposed than her. Ozzy have never even taken a break from music ever since he started with Black Sabbath in the 70’s. Also, Ozzy has his share of being a fashion nut too. Ozzy keeps coming out with a new album after album, with a different guitarist and also to add to that, “The Osbournes” TV show which made his entire family famous. So Lady Gaga, too overexposed and Ozzy isn’t? Ozzy’s been around for years, he already destroyed his career by doing “The Osbournes” TV show.

Gaga is more successful than Ozzy these days, so I think Ozzy is clearly nothing but jealous of her. 🙂


Report: Ozzy admits to liking Lady Gaga in his autobiography…

In Ozzy’s book, “I Am Ozzy”, the Black Sabbath man actually admits to liking Lady Gaga’s music while discussing today’s music industry in a chapter. He knows that most of today’s music is fake and manufactured, but he actually finds a lot of talent in Lady Gaga.

More on it here:


I agree with the Ozzman. Today’s pop music maybe fake and manufactured, all of it, but once in a while someone with real talent will actually come around. I think Lady Gaga is pretty amazing and suddenly became a huge fan of hers. Her songs has a rock n’ roll vibe to them in so many ways.

If Lady Gaga ever came around Albany to play the Times Union Center, you can definitely count me there. I hope she’ll play for us Albany peeps at some point. I don’t think she has yet. She fucking rules. Ten times better than Madonna and Britney Spears, for sure.


Report: Ozzy sues Tony Iommi, accusing guitarist of stealing Black Sabbath name…

Ozzy Osbourne, has filed a lawsuit against the legendary guitarist, Tony Iommi. Tony and Ozzy teamed up together in the late 60’s to form a heavy metal band, named Black Sabbath. Ozzy was fired from the band in 1980 due to heavy drug use and heavy drinking. Later, the band continued on, and replaced Ozzy with Ronnie James Dio. The band still used the Black Sabbath name even without Ozzy.

The guys in Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio are now under a new name of, Heaven and Hell, which they are still together, playing and touring today.

More on it here:


Sorry, Ozzy, but Tony Iommi, DOES own the copyright and trademark name to the Black Sabbath band name.

I have the proof…

From the trademark website, read who’s the registrant to the Black Sabbath name which is still live, this means Tony still has the right to use the name whenever he wants:


Ozzy will lose this one, big time. Wow, talk about a big stab in the back, Ozzy, you egomaniac.


Edit to add: Ozzy just released a statement for the public, being a little more clear on the lawsuit that he wants the Black Sabbath name to be trademarked by all 4 members of Black Sabbath since they created more of a legacy then, Ronnie James Dio. I’ll take back with what I said above, and I’ll now agree with Ozzy. Ozzy actually has a good point that Black Sabbath should be owned by all 4 members. Ozzy was a pretty important member of the band which is why he deserves ownership too. So maybe this lawsuit is a good thing. My bad!