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Report: Lindsay Lohan turns down $700,000 Playboy pictorial offer…

Look like Lindsay posing nude for New York Magazine is a one off for sure. Hugh Hefner and Playboy empire approached her an offer $700,000 for a cover and a nude pictorial, but her reps said she turned it down. She’ll be happy to pose for a cover but no nudity in the magazine.

More on it here:


Good for Lindsay.

She looks like a normal and natural girl when she did those nude photos for New York Magazine.

Imagine what Playboy will make her look like if she agreed to do it. They’ll make her all perfect looking like all the other typical Playboy models are with photoshop and body make up magic.


Report: Brooke Hogan just might pose for Playboy…

It was only a matter of time! Brooke Hogan may actually become a future playmate for Hugh Hefner! Brooke is in talks that she might pose for playboy but of course, she must get permission from her father, Hulk, first.

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Well, as long as they don’t have Hulk standing behind her in a picture holding her breasts or her ass, I’m all for it!

Brooke has a great body and I’m sure she can pose fine without any photoshop tricks.


Report: Hugh Hefner suffering major back pains from too much bed rustling…

An 82 year old Hugh Hefner who lives at the Playboy mansion with three different girlfriends (or god knows how many more girlfriends he has) admits to suffering back pains from too much “bed rustling”. He admits that fooling around with Playboy playmates at the mansion has been causing him back pains.

He also admits that his close family members were against him and wasn’t liking Hugh’s idea when he started the Playboy empire at first. But he went ahead with the Playboy empire anyway because it was his dream to own his own mansion where he could get any hot woman he wanted in the bedroom with him.

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Man, I sure would love to live Hugh Hefner’s lifestyle, I feel him and sounds like the man is living a good life and having so much fun getting all the sexy and beautiful women he wants.

He seems like a good dude that loves what he does. More power to him.

Maybe I should open up my own porn magazine so I can get all the women I want.



Report: The Hef wants Robert Downey Jr. for Hugh Hefner biopic film…

Hugh Hefner the owner of the Playboy empire has just seen “Iron Man” recently and The Hef loved the film too much, that he’d think Robert Downey Jr. would be perfect to play himself in the upcoming Hugh Hefner biopic film. Currently the title to the Hugh Hefner biopic is “Playboy” but I’m sure it will be changed to a better title down the road.

Hugh Hefner grew up in Chicago where he began as a cartoonist, then he moved to Califonia to launch Playboy after he came up with the idea for the magazine, of course, the business started off small which grew into a huge empire like it is now. The first celebrity to appear nude in the magazine was of course no one other than Marilyn Monroe for the first Playboy issue.

More on the story here:


What a really good choice for Hugh Hefner! I always thought Robert Downey Jr. reminded me of a young Hef.

The question is, will the real Hugh Hefner play himself in the movie when the Hugh character in the film reaches his own age? That be quite a surprise if the film give Hugh himself an acting role.

Hugh Hefner deserves his own biopic. While he is a rich man who owns an empire, he seems like a very nice and down to earth man who doesn’t have any ego in him at all.

A man like Hugh who can stay alive this long deserves all the respect. Hugh Hefner is the man and always will be!



Report: Playboy is coming out of the closet???

I am not gay, I am straight but for those who are out there I thought I would report this, looks like the Playboy company is coming out of the closet by planning to make a move into the gay male community by launching a soft-core gay porn Playboy channel for the males for the On-Demand services Time Warner digital cables.

Playboy has been “straight” entertaining men with women since 1953, but now they want to try something different with “man on man” action. No word on when the channel is scheduled to be launching.

More on the story here:


This may soon create a lot of controversy in the news indeed.

Is this a good idea? Playboy was made for straight males, but now they want to try and mix it up with gays.

I don’t see this lasting too long to be honest, Playboy will get a lot of hate from the straights by it.

It don’t hurt to give it a try though to see how it goes. May the rumours of Hugh Hefner being gay begin.



Report: The Hef to Miley Cyrus, “Come pose naked for me on your 18th birthday, baby”…

The controversy of sexual revealing photos of 15 year old Miley Cyrus leaking online for the world to see is already grabbing the attention of Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner defended the photos saying there is nothing wrong with them and calling Americans a bunch of schizophrenics about sexuality in the media. The Hef welcomes and invites Miley Cyrus to bare it all in Playboy whenever she’s barely legal.

NY Daily News reports:


Will Achy Breaky Billy Ray approve of this? Will Billy Ray be suspicious of an 82 year old man fantasizing of a 15 year old?

No, he’ll probably let her do it.



NEW: WWE Diva, Maria posed for Playboy magazine

Maria Kanellis is a 26 year old female profesional wrestler and model. She goes under the name of simply “Maria” who is currently working for the WWE. When she first appeared in WWE she began as a backstage interviewer on the RAW brand. Now she is performing in storylines full time, playing the role as the girlfriend of wrestler Santino Marella. She has a lot of modeling experience doing photo layouts for various mens magazines in the past. She also has wrestling experience by working for various indy wrestling feds before she came to the WWE.

To see her photo shoot of this months “Playboy” magazine, click here at this link for the leaked photos (WARNING: I linked it to either those who are not over 18 or those who are easily offended at nudity):


I picked up the magazine today. In my opinion, out of all the Divas that were shot for Playboy, I think Maria is the best one. They made her look so natural looking in those pics, I don’t think they photoshopped her at all in those photos, her naked body looks so real. She looks amazing. I don’t really care for the other Diva shots like Chyna, Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Candice when they all shot for Playboy, they were all too perfect in my opinion. Maria is just the way I want it, natural boobs and all!