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Aaaaahhhhhhh… what a breath of fresh air! From Obama to Trump in the White House!!!

Ever since Trump started his presidential campaign during the election, I’ve always said that Trump would treat his presidency in the White House like a business. He’s been doing exactly that. 5 Days into Trump’s presidency and he’s already doing an incredible job. He’s been reversing all the things that Obama did to the country which is what we elected him for. The haters are accusing him of breaking all kinds of promises but that’s not what I see at all. He’s keeping all of his promises. Doing all the things that we elected him for: Build the wall, kick out illegals, repeal/replace Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, kill the TPP, build the Keystone Pipeline, get rid of sanctuary cities, etc.

Oh my, Trump is getting so much done in such a short period of time. This man is amazing. This is all coming from his over 30 years of experience working the Trump empire. This is the kind of president we need… a president who isn’t a politician. We needed a CEO/Businessman president. A new vision for America.

President Trump is doing all the things that pisses off liberals which feels great! It’s funny as hell seeing liberals and pro choice fanatics lose their shit over Trump  defunding Planned Parenthood internationally. They know that Planned Parenthood is gonna be gone soon which is why they’re freaking out. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m pro life 100%. I don’t want to be with a woman who thinks abortion is okay ’cause I want to someday maybe get kids of my own.

Trump is already doing a great job which doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s gonna be a great 8 years. Today, President Trump announced an investigation of voter fraud in elections. So pretty soon you can say goodbye to voter fraud and all those responsible will be jailed. Hopefully Trump discovers that Hillary and Barack were involved in the voter fraud against Trump ’cause it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were involved. Lock up Hillary and Barack.

We finally have a president who is a leader and finally have someone who is actually doing “things” instead of talking about it and doing nothing. Thank you President Trump and keep up the good work!



Wow, today is not a good day for all those left-wing environmentalist nut jobs, Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access are coming your way whether you like it or not…

I’m sure liberals and those Bernie fanatics are hating Trump even more now ’cause President Trump just signed executive orders to construct the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access.

Ya know,  I’m all for those pipelines. I remember defending the Dakota Access and I still stand by my opinion on it that I think the Dakota Access is a good idea too. We want American oil and not foreign. Pipelines will be good for the economy ’cause more jobs.

I don’t understand why these environmentalist freaks get so upset over these two pipelines when the US already has plenty of pipelines underground that also has all kinds of polluting issues. So what’s the problem? Hmmmmm???

Like I told ya before, Trump in office is gonna be a wild ride. He’s working so fast and getting a lot done. Nobody has ever seen this before ’cause other presidents in the past never worked as hard as Trump does. Trump has only been in office for 4 days and he’s already kicking ass. He gets up early in the morning and works ’til late at night. I told ya he was a big deal! 🙂


Bernie Sanders accuses Trump of teaming up with rich establishment people at inauguration… here’s my response to that idiot…

Um, wow. I don’t know what to call him: Crazy Bernie or Hypocrite Bernie? I think both would fit him nicely. Bernie accuses Trump of teaming with establishment people and billionaires at inauguration.

Hey Bernie, you old fool. You dumb lunatic.

Aren’t you the one who has repeatedly stated at the beginning of your campaign that you were anti-establishment? Now you team up with the Clinton’s and George Soros to take down Trump who are all billionaires and they are also the “establishment”. Before Bernie teamed up with the Clinton’s and Soros, he originally wanted to fight Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. What happened to that, Bernie, you crazy loon? What ever happened to you fighting to get rid of the TPP which Trump just killed today? What ever happened to the Revolution? You teamed up with the establishment of billionaires to take down Trump, you fucking hypocrite.

You could have had a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination but you fucking blew it by teaming up with Clinton and Soros to take down Trump. You won’t give up on your obsession with Trump ’cause someone is obviously paying you to attack Trump. Is that how you got the money for your $600,000 beach home? YOU WORK FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP WHICH YOU CONTINUE TO FAIL AT!

I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. He’s such a sellout and it’s so sad to see that people still love the guy which is no surprise though ’cause the left and the independent voters that support him are just as crazy & loony as he is. They should be mad at Bernie for selling out. Just proves how delusional and messed up Bernie fanatics really are.


Now that President Trump is off to work in the White House, Eric and Don Jr. is off to work the Trump organization…

It’s been a long weekend for the Trump family. The Trump family spent the whole weekend at the Trump White House in D.C. after Donald Sr. got sworn-in. Now that the weekend is over, it’s time for everyone to go back to work. President Trump is off to work at the White House and these two will be off to work the Trump Organization. Remember, at Trump’s press conference before the inauguration Trump announced that he’s giving up his business empire to his kids. Trump announced that Eric and Don Jr. will be running the empire. Ivanka wanted nothing to do with it ’cause she wanted to look after her kids which is good on her.

I guess that means Eric and Don Jr. will be in charge of Trump Tower in NYC now. I’m sure these guys would do a great job ’cause they are entrepreneurs themselves. I’m sure their father taught them a lot. This is a big job for them and I wish them good luck!


Trump kills TPP trade today, liberals will never admit that was a good thing…

President Trump is already doing a great job. He just signed three different executive orders today. He’s been signing executive orders like crazy ever since his inauguration last Friday. The big one TPP is dead for good.

I’ve noticed some Bernie fanatics in FB admitted that was a good thing even though they still don’t like Trump. They actually gave Trump props for that one; however, though most liberals still won’t admit it even though claim TPP is bad. They will always hate Trump no matter if Trump does good things for liberals which is sad and pathetic. Well, this is proof that Trump wants to make America great again for everyone. Doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you’re on.


I’m already impressed with Trump which doesn’t surprise me really. He’s already getting right to work ever since he got sworn in. He’s been working all weekend long. There’s gonna be no breaks with this guy. President Trump will work all week… even on weekends. He won’t take much vacations and he may not take vacations at all during his presidency.

Over the years of Trump’s life, he was never much of a vacation guy. He spent over 30 years of his life working hard in Trump Tower. He will do the same in the White House. Spend most of his presidency working. That’s all he wants to do is work. He has always been a workaholic. Admit it, right?

It’s so awesome having Trump in the White House. From Obama to Trump, what a difference. Now that Trump is in the White House, I am now following the @potus and @flotus twitter handles and I’m following the official White House facebook and youtube channel. Trump is already doing a great job and I’m impressed with Sean Spicer the new press secretary. We finally  have an honest press secretary for once.

Thank you President Trump for coming to save America! You ROCK, Mr. President! \m/


President Trump’s official president photo is out!!!

Well, here it is guys. Trump’s official president photo was released. Very cool!

It is crazy though, how the Trump haters are still imploding about yesterday’s inauguration. It’s like, instead of bashing him like spoiled rotten crybabies why don’t you act like a grownup and pray he does a good job? Nope. They continue to bash him. That’s because that’s what the MSM want them to do.

It’s time to get over it and accept it, haters. We had to get forced to accept Obama twice, you should do the same with Trump. You don’t have to like Trump, just respect the fact that he is our president is all.



Jackie Evancho killed the “National Anthem” earlier today… WOW…

I used to watch “America’s Got Talent” and I remember she was the winner of one of the seasons. This girl has got the pipes too. She did a beautiful job for sure. Makes me want to check more of her music. She’s a classical and opera singer. I remember saying I want to start getting into classical and opera music more and I think getting into Jackie’s music might be a good start. Thinking about getting her Christmas album soon.

Anyway, while I’m no fan of Barack Obama, it is kind of interesting to see him sing along with Jackie while Michelle in the background has her typical angry look on her face. I’m so glad Michelle is no longer first lady ’cause Melania has way more class than her. Hey Michelle, when you’re in an important event you’re supposed to be in a good mood and smiling.

Back to Jackie, she did a killer job. No lip syncing there unlike Beyonce.