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I’ve noticed a big difference between Obama and Trump press conferences…

So earlier this morning I’ve watched Trump’s first solo press conference as a president from yesterday. Trump calling out the media in person to their faces was glorious, indeed.

However, though, have you noticed the difference between the Trump press conference and Obama press conference? Watch the two videos above and try to compare them if you would. They are both pretty different with the way the press reacts to the president.

With Obama press conferences, all the reporters did was kiss Obama’s ass most of the time. It seems that the reporters questions were carefully picked by the Obama administration as if the whole press conference was scripted almost. The reporters had to be kind to Barack.

When it comes to a president Trump press conference, reporters get so aggressive to the president. A lot of whining and moaning. Instead, the president puts the media on defense… making them look weak.

All this shows is how one-sided and liberal biased the media really is. They are only in bed with liberal political figures but hate everything conservative.

It is interesting though how at a Trump press conference, the media doesn’t like to be called, “Fake News”. The media then begs for respect and cries “Freedom of speech”. Hey media, like I said in a post before, you totally deserved that verbal smackdown by Trump. President Trump made it clear throughout that press conference that he doesn’t mind negative reporting against him, he just wants their stories to be truthful but they never are. All the fake news media does is slander him most of the time and you expect him not to respond? Really?

The media needs to realize that respect is earned and the American people doesn’t respect the fake news MSM at all. It’s why we all voted for Trump ’cause we’re all fed up with the MSM.

President Trump called out the media again on twitter today, he tweeted out this:

I totally agree with that tweet.

While the media are trying their best to be an enemy to Trump… how much do you want to bet that they don’t realize that they are an enemy to all of us? The American People? The mainstream media thinks we’re all stupid and gullible but we’re not. We’re not going to vote for Hillary because they want us to. The American people should decide who to vote for, not the media.

Trump is right they are doing a great disservice to our country all the way.

However, there are still a lot of people that still believes everything the media says which is mostly liberals and some independent voters.

Hey media, if you don’t want Trump calling you our and if you want your respect back then why don’t you be honest for once? Get rid of the liberal bias and be honest on both sides of the spectrum. That’s why we all turn to Breitbart news and yes, Fox News too ’cause there’s no liberal bias in any of them.

The media lied to get Barack Obama elected. They tried that again with Hillary but it didn’t work this time.

If you guys in the MSM want your ratings back then bring back real journalism and stop trying to ram liberalism down our throats. We’re fed up with it. Keep it up, media. Once again, you’ll lose the 2020 election and will never see a Democrat president ever again.


President Trump gives fake news media a verbal beatdown during press conference… the media totally deserved that though…


I didn’t watch today’s press conference with President Trump bashing the media directly to their faces but I did read a lot about it, though. What Trump did was just glorious. This is the kind of Trump that we all love. It’s what we all voted him for pretty much. We love Trump ’cause we love him being the “tough guy”. Trump being the tough guy is a huge part of how he won the election to begin with.

The media spent a whole year or more during the primaries, bashing and attacking Trump like mad. Now that Trump is president, the media still won’t leave him alone. Now that Trump is president, the media is more aggressive than ever before. Well Trump finally couldn’t take their crap anymore and gave them a verbal smackdown during press conference earlier today.

I haven’t watched it yet ’cause I was busy doing other things but I’ll get around to watching on youtube tonight. I’m sure it’s real good.

I love it. When Trump calls out the media, the media predictably runs away and cry like babies. They don’t like being called “Fake News” and they don’t like Trump calling them out. They also cry “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of the press”. Well fake news media, you’re the one that wasted all that time bashing the man, how else do you want him to respond? Freedom of speech works both ways and he has the freedom of speech to respond to you however he wants to. You so-called journalists deserved that verbal smackdown earlier today, totally.

You know how when an internet cyberbully picks on someone and then that person calls out the cyberbully… then the cyberbully all of a sudden plays innocent victim? It’s the same thing that goes on here. The bully always plays the innocent victim when they are called out by someone. The bully is the media. They’ve always been bullies and troublemakers since the 2008 elections when Barack Obama got elected.

The media are this new generation of “tabloid” news. Quite sad. It’s amazing how dishonest the media is. They’ve been dishonest for over a decade. It’s nothing new. This is a huge part of why most Americans are all for Trump ’cause we’re fed up with the media’s crap.

Even though I admittedly still read the news on the internet, I don’t watch the news on TV, though. I don’t watch NBC, CNN or any of that garbage. Honestly, though, I do find myself watching Fox News more and more ’cause they are more honest than liberal networks. Love ’em or hate ’em, Fox News are the only real journalists left. I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but I do like to watch a few shows on there like Sean Hannity and “Justice” with Jeanine Pirro.

Our news media is so corrupt. They were the reasons why Trump won the election, they helped him. Keep up the hating and the negativity. Trump will win the 2020 re-election and you will never see a Democrat president ever again after that.


Thoughts on Metallica and Gaga performing together, having technical issues with microphone… also, more thoughts on the Grammy’s show last night…

I think the goal with this collaboration is that James and Lady Gaga were to trade vocal lines back and forth in the first verses before the chorus… then they would sing the chorus together. However, though, James was having technical issues with the mic. He tried singing the first verses but he couldn’t hear anything coming out of it. So while James was having technical issues during the first verses, Gaga sung her lines of what she was supposed to sing anyways. During that performance, you can immediately tell that James was pissed as fuck. Out of frustration, he gave up on that mic and him and Gaga shared a mic together. Then when the sound guy finally fixed the mic, James went back to his mic and sung the second verses this time.

A lot of people online are unfairly blaming Metallica for this but the way I see it, this was not their fault at all. It’s just that the Grammy’s hired a crappy sound guy and they had amatuer-ish stage technicians. Don’t blame Metallica, blame the Grammy’s. It was totally their fault.

After this, I think Metallica will soon put out a statement and talk about what happened. Then Metallica and Gaga will perform this song again together at one of their concerts for their “Hardwired” US tour so they can have a better performance, I’m sure that will happen.

People are hating Metallica even more after that performance and I can’t understand why. Metallica continues to have a lot of haters but I always respected that band and always will. People’s hatred for them got worse after that performance.

Other than the technical issues, it proved that James Hetfield can really sing and he’s no lip syncer at all. Same with Gaga, she’s a real singer as well and I loved how she looks like she’s having a blast performing with them ’cause she seems like a real Metallica fan too. I think Lady Gaga is winning my respect back and I think I’ll go back to supporting her music again. Remember, don’t blame Metallica for this ’cause the Grammy’s had technical issues throughout the show. They were horrible.

Other than that, last night’s Grammy awards was surprisingly a pretty good show. They kept politics out of things for the most part except for Katy Perry who went political about Trump’s border wall and immigration predictably so screw Katy Perry. Also, The Grammy’s president Neil Portnow went on a political rant about how President Trump needs to protect the arts and I’m like “what?”.

I thought the best performances of the night were Beyonce and Bruno Mars’s Prince tribute. Both were pretty amazing, I thought. Yeah, I know I gave Beyonce a lot of shit over the years but she kept her political messages out of things for once and that was good enough to have a change of heart with her. She didn’t bash Trump at all which I was surprised about. She focused on the performance which was actually interesting. As far as Bruno Mars goes, I was never a fan of that guy but I’m starting to like him more and actually thinking about buying his music soon. I thought Chance the Rapper was pretty good too.

I’m glad they gave “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” to Adele ’cause “25” is a good album as I have that album in my CD collection. I have all of Adele’s albums. She’s my favorite artist too.

As far as James Corden goes, the Grammy’s host, I was surprised that he didn’t go political at all. Didn’t bash Trump or anything like that. He focused on making people laugh and telling jokes which is what he was supposed to do. James Corden did a good job and I enjoyed watching him.

It was surprisingly a pretty good “Grammy’s” night. Better than last year’s anyways and I think they’re improving.


President Trump is doing all the things Bernie Sanders wants but Bernie and his supporters still hating on Trump… WTF???

I’ve always known that Trump and Bernie Sanders had similar political views. Bernie wanted to get rid of TPP. Trump did that. Bernie wanted to lower drug prices in the pharma industry. Trump did that. Bernie wanted protections for the LGBTQ community in the workforce. Well, Trump did that too! While Trump and Bernie Sanders mostly got similar views the only things they disagree with each other on is Climate Change and environmentalist stuff.

It’s really weird to me how Trump is doing all these things for Bernie and his supporters but they’re still hating on Trump. I think I would blame the media and social networking groups for that ’cause they are good at manipulating people. The media and social networking groups like “Being Liberal”, “Occupy Democrats”, “The Other 98%” will do anything to make Trump look bad even if he does good things for them.

The media, liberals and Trump haters tried to paint Trump as a homophobe and I’m sure their heads were spinning when the news got out today that Trump vows to continue protecting the LGBTQ community in the workforce. I’ve always known that Trump is a friend to the gay community, he always has been. Yet everyone still sees him as a homophobe. That’s why there are plenty of gay people who love Trump. Many in the gay community voted for him… there is a “Gays For Trump” movement, look it up if you don’t believe me.

I love how Trump is doing all the things Bernie wants and Bernie’s supporters can’t stand it that it’s all hilarious to see.

When will the left and some independent voters realize that Trump is for them too? Hopefully they’ll see it soon. Trump is for everyone, not just for conservatives!



President Trump needs to realize that Barack Obama still hates him… Come on, Trump! Wake Up!

I remember seeing on Trump’s first TV interview as president with Sean Hannity, Trump says he’s gotten friendly with Obama on TV. Trump clearly said, “I like him, he likes me”.

Trump says that at about 35:02 in this interview:

What President Trump doesn’t realize that Obama hates him. Always did. Obama lies well and pretends well. I think it’s obvious that Obama was just being friendly with Trump ’cause it was “inauguration” time and Obama just had to show respect to the new president. That was all. Now that inauguration is over, Obama is back to trying to bring down Trump. Obama just put out a statement condemning Trump’s immigration vetting and policies as you all probably should know by now.

Trump also keeps saying he has a lot of respect for the Clintons, well same thing. Hillary still hates him too.

While I think President Trump is doing a great job so far, I think him being friendly with the Clintons and the Obamas is wrong. It’s the only thing I disagree with Trump. Obama still wants to destroy America even if he’s no longer president.

Trump needs to wake up and start getting tough on the Clintons and the Obamas again just like he did during the campaign trail. Ever since getting elected and sworn in, Trump has gone soft on the Clintons and the Obamas which is sad.

The Clintons and Obama needs to be locked up. So hopefully when Jeff Sessions get confirmed as AG finally which will be today, Sessions will start to investigate the crimes of the Clintons and Obama.

Yep, Obama definitely hates Trump still. Obama wrote that letter to Trump after getting elected just to be nice and to show respect to the new President and that’s all. While Trump is doing a great job keeping most of his promises, he needs to drain the swamp. Get Hillary and Barack locked up ’cause as long as they’re out scot-free still, they will still do whatever they can to destroy America.


Trump doing all the things he’s been promising and driving liberals insane even more… LOVING IT!


So Trump actually going to build a wall. Banning Muslims/Refugees in the USA. Trying to repeal and replace Obamacare. Soon he’s going to announce a new justice for the Supreme Court in replacement for Scalia. People didn’t think Trump would do all these things. Well, he’s actually doing them and it’s driving liberals insane. Liberals heads has been exploding over Trump’s anti-abortion policies as well. All week long in my facebook page, I’ve seen liberals getting scared to death over the Wall, the Muslim ban and the anti-abortion policies. It’s all entertaining to watch.

While I don’t agree with President Trump being friendly with Hillary and Barack; other than that, Trump is doing a terrific job so far. I’m so impressed with the man. He’s making me feel like an American now. He’s making me love this country even more.

I’ve never seen presidents in the past work this hard. Trump worked all week, even on weekends. There’s no break with this guy at all. Trump gets up early in the morning and works ’til like late at night in the Oval Office.

Ever since Trump got in office, things are already looking good for America. Jobs are slowly starting to come back, the dow jones are way up and Trump just killed the TPP. Trump confirmed the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are actually happening which is good news. Trump is doing a great job.

The days of “All Talk and No Action” are over. Time to stop talking about things and actually do them. I always knew that Trump  is the real deal. Didn’t take me long to figure it out.

It’s a shame that the media won’t stop attacking him, though. All that proves is how one-sided the media is. They’re in bed with liberal political figures. Liberals will always be on one side which saddens me really. Who cares, though. We got Trump and that’s all it matters. He’s doing an amazing job so far and hope he keeps up the good work.


So Obama and Trump seems to have buried the hatchet, I don’t like it but I still love Trump though…

So I’ve just watched Trump’s first TV interview on the Sean Hannity show on FOX News tonight. Trump’s first TV interview as a sitting president. While I liked the interview and thought it was entertaining as hell, the only thing I was disappointed in was that Trump revealed that he and Obama buried the hatchet. Trump talked about on the show that he and Obama were very aggressive in the past but once Trump got elected, I have noticed Obama and Trump has gotten friendly with each other pretty quickly.

After years of Obama and Trump being enemies, why would Trump have a change of heart with Obama after all the destruction Obama gave to the USA? Is the only reason Trump is being friendly to Obama now out of fear of losing his presidency? Or is Obama being friendly Trump to avoid getting jailed by the Trump administration? Maybe a little bit of both.

I have noticed a lot of conservatives have gotten soft on Obama too. Many conservatives out there has simmered down attacks on Obama now that Obama and Trump has buried the hatchet. I’m seeing a lot of conservatives online being upset at Manning for attacking Obama in that article. Trump stood up for Obama in that one tweet.

Trump has gotten soft on both Obama and H. Clinton which is very strange to me. I think something’s going on. Kind of like what went on when Bernie started attacking Hillary during the election and now Bernie’s all friendly with Hillary after teaming up with her. You see Barack and Hillary are very manipulative and powerful people. They will do anything to avoid getting thrown in prison. That’s why they are being friendly with Trump after losing the election to him.

Trump should NEVER go soft on Hillary and Barack. I know I wouldn’t. I don’t care what anyone says, I will always despise Hillary and Barack. I don’t care if Trump buries the hatchet with them or not. Hillary and Barack needs to be held accountable for their crimes and it seems that Trump doesn’t want to do anything to them.

Real sad. After all that work and after all these years of Trump exposing how corrupt Hillary and Barack are, he’s now friends with them all of a sudden?

Trump’s doing a good job with the country so far but once again, he should never go soft on Obama and Hillary. He needs to put them away fast. They did some bad things to the country especially Benghazi.

I’m no Chelsea Manning fan, don’t get me wrong but it is odd to me how all these conservatives are feeling sorry for Barack getting called a weak leader which is true. Chelsea brought up a good point that Obama did very little to the Democratic party. What… conservatives being friendly with Obama now just because Trump is? I will always despise Obama. I will never have a change of heart and will always hate the man.

I still love Trump, though… I just don’t agree with everything he says and does. I’m not one who defends Trump on everything. I like to keep it real, ya know?