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Cool Video: Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland”, teaser is online now!!! It looks totally awesome!

IGN leaked the “Alice In Wonderland” trailer, so I went looking for it in youtube to embed for the blog.

Tim Burton’s take on the Alice story looks amazing! Now I’m really looking forward to it! Man, this movie looks totally cool! Can’t wait! 🙂


Report: Tim Burton to debut “Alice In Wonderland” semi trailer at San Diego Comic Con next week!

Tim Burton will be making a special appearance, live in person, at the San Diego Comic Con next week to present a semi trailer for “Alice In Wonderland”. He never appeared at these Comic Con conventions before, this will be his first time.

Burton also breaks the news that he is planning a sequel to “Alice In Wonderland” as to follow Lewis Carroll’s series of the Alice adventures.

Once Burton is at San Diego Comic Con next week, expect bootleg versions of “Alice In Wonderland” footage to hit youtube very quickly.

No word if Johnny Depp will go with Burton at the Comic Con appearance, but who knows. These Comic Con events are always unpredictable and they are always giving out surprises, so maybe Burton will surprise us by inviting Johnny with him. Cross our fingers?

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Very cool. Tim Burton is the man, one of my favorite directors. I’m really looking forward to his take on the world’s famous “Alice” story.