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Cool Photo: Adele confirms she’s singing the title theme for “Skyfall” by tweeting this photo…

Adele tweeted this photo of herself in the studio, recording the opening title theme song for the next 007 flick, “Skyfall”. The pic doesn’t actually show her, but all it shows is just her fingers and what it looks like sheet music/lyrics for the theme song? See the pic, here.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing, “Skyfall”. Hopefully it’ll be a good movie ’cause the last two 007 Daniel Craig flicks haven’t been that great to be honest with you. I hope the next one will be an improvement.


Cool Video: The new 007 trailer, “Skyfall” is finally here!!!

I thought “Casino Royale”, was a great movie, but I thought, “Quantum of Solace” sucked hard. Now I see why they are re-booting the series again. “Skyfall” doesn’t continue the story of “Royale” and “Solace”, “Skyfall” is a standalone movie, I believe. Still looks very good so far, and I’m impressed with the trailer. The film looks action packed, of course, all movie trailers want to make it look that way with James Bond films, but when you go see the actual film, it turns out to be a piece of crap. Lets just hope and pray, “Skyfall”, will be a really good one. Javier Bardem is the main villain in this film, they do show him in this trailer but his face is darkened out so you can’t see him. It’s just a teaser for now. I’m sure they’ll reveal a lot more in the second trailer.

Enjoy it, here.