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Confirmed: Dakota Fanning to star in “Twilight Saga: New Moon”!!!

Teen star, Dakota Fanning, has officially signed to play alonside Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart in, “Twilight Saga: New Moon”. Dakota is set to play one of the main villains, she is playing Jane, a member of Italy’s evil Volturi.

Entertainment Weekly reports:



Report: Drew Barrymore to direct “Twilight Saga’s: Eclipse”?

Drew Barrymore is reportedly in talks with Summit Entertainment to direct the third Twilight movie, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”. I would think she would even have a small role in the film too, if she did get signed to helm the film.

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Drew would be a perfect choice. She knows the teen and young generation genre more than anybody ’cause she’s starred in movies like those for most of her career. Drew has starred in horror films in the past before, so I think she would have no problem directing a “Twilight” movie. I’d say bring her on.


Confirmed: “New Moon” to be released Nov. 20th, 2009…

Summit Entertaintment already confirmed a release date to “New Moon” which will be directed by Chris Weitz, Melissa Rosenberg wrote the script. The film is confirmed for a release date of Nov. 20th. Due to no new “Harry Potter” film being released around Thanksgiving in 2009, this gave “New Moon” the opportunity to get another November date again as they did with the first movie, “Twilight”, was released November 21st earlier this year.

Hopefully the Nov. 20th, 2009 date is set in stone, because it’s possible there could be push backs if Chris Weitz doesn’t finish the movie in time. I hope Chris does a good job with it, I hope he stays true to the novel ’cause I feel that “New Moon” is better than the first. If you read the book, “New Moon”, it stays away from the romance, so there will be more thrills and chills in the next one. “New Moon” will be more violent too. Will it get a PG-13 rating because of it? Who knows.

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Report: Chris Weitz been offered to direct “New Moon” by Summit Entertainment…

Summit Entertainment is not wasting any time trying to find a director replacement for “New Moon”. Summit Entertainment offered film director Chris Weitz an opportunity to direct the “Twilight” sequel. He is the director of such films as “The Golden Compass”, the first “American Pie” comedy film, and “About a Boy”.

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I don’t like the director choice. I hope he turns it down and Summit finds a better choice. I still say go for either M. Night Shyamalan or Sam Raimi. Either of those two guys would improve the Twilight series for everyone to see it.