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Ted Cruz destroys reporter on gays…. this is awesome!!!

I wasn’t a big fan of Ted Cruz but this is actually pretty awesome! He might just earn a “vote” from me just by this epic interview!

A reporters asks Ted Cruz one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard and he asks Ted, “Do you have a personal animosity toward gay Americans” I mean, what? What kind of question is that? Listen to Ted’s response. It’s awesome.

Ted says that the left is obsessed with sex which I agree. They’re obsessed with gay sex for the most part and all the left does is try to shove this stuff in our faces and try to get us to accept it. We all respect gays. Just not gay-marriage. Liberals accuse conservatives of having a “personal animosity” toward gays but we don’t.

Why would liberals be hurtful and offended about our views against “gay marriage” and homosexuals and all that stuff when they are not outraged at ISIS killing homosexuals? Like I said before, Iran does the most gay discrimination than any other country but liberals side with Iran over Obama’s nuclear stuff. Gays are getting murdered all over the world. Obama murdered his past gay lovers (Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer). Is there any liberal outrage toward any of that? No.

All they’re worried about is shoving gay rights in our faces and trying to smear Conservatives for being against it.

I’m tired of the left shoving gay rights in our faces when what we should be really talking about is Obama’s imperial presidency and how he wants to destroy the country. I wanna talk about Benghazi ’cause I care about getting answers for Benghazi than anything else in politics.

This gay stuff is getting unreal.


Not everyone is designed to be a liberal, ya know???

To the left, it seems that “opinion” is a one-way street to them. Almost all of the time. I don’t wanna get into this whole Indiana debate but that whole thing with liberals getting outraged over the “Religious Freedom” law further proves that liberal intolerance has gotten much worse.

Liberals are so scared of conservatives. They really are.

If you’re a conservative like me, they won’t listen to your criticism on Barack Obama and Hillary. They won’t listen to your criticism of how broken and corrupted the Democrat party is. They won’t let you have your opinion on gay marriage, gun control and things like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc.

When people see that you have conservative views in politics, people will be disappointed in you and they’ll refuse to support you. Some people you know will stop talking to you ’cause of your conservative political beliefs. If people see that you have conservative political views, people will do their best to try to make you look like a liberal by saying things like, “This is a liberal view and that is a liberal view”. I think they are just doing that as a way to trick you into believing that you aren’t conservative and they try to get you to have a change of heart with “liberalism”. Nope, not happening and not working. I’ll never have a change of heart with “liberalism” and I would always have a 100% pure dislike toward it.

The left will call you all kinds of names like bigots, racists and all that stuff. When you want to talk about anti-Obama stuff, the only responses the left can come up with is George W. Bush and republicans. If that’s the only response that the left can come up with then they are unfit for political debates. It means that conservatives totally won the debates ’cause the left can’t think of anything other than blame Bush and Republicans. If you ask them to show proof to back up their claims, chances are… they’ll show you a link from a liberal news site such as the Washington Post or Media Matters.

On top of that, I don’t think they are really “liberals” as they claim to be. They are pretending to be human rights activists and all that. Well, I got some news for ya… well “conservatism” has human rights too: traditional marriage, having the rights to have guns, small government, lower taxes, “legal” immigration, etc. All that stuff is “human rights” too but of course, liberals will never understand that truth.

Point being, liberalism isn’t designed for everyone but according to them… it is. When you don’t have the same views as they do, you’re immediately a horrible person. It’s crazy. I can’t stand the way today’s politics is. I swear it never used to be this way before Obama which is why that we are in need of a conservative president so we can have another “conservative” movement… I’m not a big fan of Ted Cruz but I am starting to believe that I think we really need him in the White House.


It’s interesting how liberals are interested in Ted Cruz’s personal background but not Obama’s…

So liberals are trying to get to know Ted Cruz more. They’re desperately trying to get to know more about his family and other personal info. They’re trying to figure out whether or not Ted Cruz is eligible to become president. All that is fine and good but I’m noticing that the left don’t care about Obama’s personal info and background. What about Obama’s controversial and shady past? How come liberals aren’t talking about that?

Not only they aren’t talking about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate… you don’t see liberals talking about his controversial and shady past at all. Where are discussions about the trouble past of Ann Dunham who is Obama’s mother? What about all the people Obama surrounded himself with as he was growing up such as Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and many others. How come liberals aren’t talking about his fascination with Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx? You don’t see the mainstream media on any of that stuff. This stuff isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s all pretty well-documented.

Yes, the media questioned Obama’s birth certificate but all that stopped when Obama showed his long form birth certificate on TV. The whole birth certificate controversy died after that.

Why is Ted Cruz a huge target in all of this birther stuff and not Obama?

I believe it’s because Ted is a conservative. You know how liberals feel about them evil conservatives and right-wingers. The left would do anything to make them look bad. Nobody gets on Obama on this stuff ’cause of his liberal beliefs and you know liberals get a free pass in everything. There are people getting on Obama’s birth certificate still but it’s mostly “right-wingers”, the left won’t even talk about that stuff.

Research Obama’s past and educate yourself about the man like I did. There are all kinds of books about him, there are movies made about him and google is your friend too. I wished people did the smart thing and research Obama before voting him for both elections but nope. Nobody cared to read about Obama’s shady and communist past. He grew up around communist people.

Liberals would only hate people on the right but they won’t hate anybody on the left at all and it’s pretty disgusting, in my opinion. All liberal politicians are heroes to them. Us “right-wingers” aren’t like that at all. We know who is good and who is bad. Us conservatives don’t side with everyone on the right. It’s about honesty and being realistic. The left don’t know what honesty is. There has been former left-wingers who left the liberal party and switched to the right and I’m noticing that is happening more and more lately ’cause why? People are starting to wake up on how shitty the liberal party is. You should do the same. Educate yourself on conservatism and you would see that it’s not all that bad.

I should have a video rant on this soon.


Why is Congress allowing foreign people to run for president now? Hmmmm…

If you think about it, Ted Cruz really isn’t eligible. Read this little article:


When Ted first announced that he is running for president, I called on it right away in a facebook forum that he’s not eligible since he’s Canadian born but then his supporters defended him making claims that he is eligible ’cause his parents were American born. I hear people, though, the Natural Born Clause in the Constitution is pretty questionable and debatable.

In my opinion, I think Congress knows that foreign people aren’t allowed to run for president ’cause of the Constitution, it’s just that Congress is dumb and not following it. If they are allowing Ted Cruz to run anyway, don’t you think they may have done the same to Obama even if they know Obama was born from Kenya? They either already knew that Obama is not a Natural US citizen and protecting him or they’re just lazy and not doing anything about it.

For some reason, Congress is allowing foreign people to run and you can start with John McCain who was born in Panama and not the United States. All three McCain, Obama, and Cruz are not eligible at all and Congress didn’t do anything to stop ’em.

Yes, Obama showed his birth certificate but that still doesn’t prove he was born in Hawaii. We still need to verify if that birth certificate is authentic and real which we haven’t yet… and yes, Obama’s birth certificate investigation is still ongoing to this day. Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been investigating it for a long time now and still is. It is possible to pay people a lot of money to keep your personal info hidden and keep people quiet. It all started with Obama’s mom, Ann Dunham, she’s the one who helped hide his info.

Don’t be surprised that Arnold Schwarzenegger could announce his 2016 president bid. He can if he wants to since Congress haven’t been faithful to the Constitution about the Natural Born Clause. If Congress keeps this up, more foreign people and more illegal aliens are gonna run for president.

I’m still standing by it that I think Obama’s birth certificate is forgery and the death of Obama’s health official, Loretta Fuddy, should definitely raise more questions about Obama’s b.c. Anybody that still believes OBama’s birth certificate is real is naive.

I’m not really a big fan of Ted Cruz anyways. When his announcement was made yesterday, social networking just won’t stop talking about him. Liberals talking shit about him and Conservatives treating him like a hero. I’m not a big fan of his stance on Immigration.

I still want Rand Paul as president please and I expect Sen. Paul to make an announcement very soon. I think he’ll be the next one to make an announcement.


Now you can watch liberals become “birthers” over Ted Cruz eligibility for president…

Now that Sen. Ted Cruz is gonna be making his 2016 President run official tomorrow, you can expect libtards to become “birthers” over his presidential eligibility like they already have. They’re never gonna give it up just like “right-wingers” are never gonna give up with their “birther” stuff over Barack Obama.

I’ll admit it that when Ted Cruz announced his presidency run for 2016, it got me scratching my head a little bit myself since he was Canadian born but after thinking about it a while… Ted Cruz is a “natural” US citizen ’cause his mother was born in the United States. It’s just as simple as that.


Read more here:


However, the only difference is that Ted Cruz is not a fraud while Barack Obama is. At least Ted Cruz never hid his info and never re-wrote his past like Barack Obama did.

I’m still standing by it that Barack is an illegal alien and the government allowed him to be elected president anyways…


Yeah, Barack never released his birth certificate up until Donald Trump asked for it and Barack actually responded to him but then we have to find out if Barack’s birth certificates both the long form/short form are real and authentic. Just because Barack’s officials and doctors confirmed it’s real doesn’t mean it’s real. It is possible to pay people a lot of money to keep people quiet.

While I do think Ted Cruz is eligible and think he’s able to run for president, I don’t think he’ll be a good president. Other right-wingers are hailing him as a GOP hero but I don’t think so. He’s not all that tough enough on Obama as “right-wingers” think. I don’t like Ted anymore ’cause he won’t call out Obama’s responsibility for Benghazi, Operation F&F and things like that. He won’t accuse Obama on those things and that’s what is made me get turned off on Ted.

I still want Rand Paul or Ben Carson for President. They are still my picks but if Ted Cruz makes the nomination and if he’s the only GOP running against a Democrat, I’d vote for Ted just so we won’t have another Democrat president which is what we don’t need.


Senator Ted Cruz is making US history on the Senate floor!!!

This is pretty incredible stuff. Senator Ted Cruz started his speech on “Obamacare Defunding” on the Senate Floor yesterday and he made it pretty clear that he’s going to keep talking until he is no longer able to stand. He really meant it too. His speech went on through out the night and still going. No breaks at all. No sitting down. No bathroom breaks. No food or drink breaks. Just talking all night long. I see Ted still going on all day today and night. He could go on for a few days or more nonstop. As I explained before around the Rand Paul filibuster, it is allowed on the Senate floor. A Senator can talk for as long as he/she pleases. Rand Paul did his filibuster for 13 hours straight… Ted just broke his record. I didn’t listen to all of Ted’s speech since it would be way too long but I listened to a little bit yesterday and what he’s doing is pretty amazing stuff. I’m feeling that Ted is not going to stop until a decision is made that Obamacare has been defunded. Ted could go on until he falls to the floor. He could continue his speech for a full month or a full year if he wanted to.

I had a feeling that there is going to be a filibuster once the Obamacare case went to the Senate so this is no surprise. Ted is an awesome guy and he is my new hero in government. Get ’em Ted!