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Report: Verne Troyer, midget actor sues TMZ.com…

Midget actor Verne Troyer who is most famous and well known for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers trilogy sues gossip website TMZ.com, due to TMZ posting a leaked sex tape that had Verne Troyer in it. Verne Troyer reportedly had a sex tape that was leaked online for everyone to see. TMZ posted a small clip of the sex tape that just shows Verne making love to a woman that is much taller than he is.

Verne also sued the man who stoled the tape which Kevin Blatt got a hold of, he was the person who distributed the movie “One Night In Paris”. In the lawsuit, Verne wants the tape an injuction prohibiting further dissemination of the video.

TMZ.com reports:


Harvey Levin, the owner of TMZ is a lawyer himself, don’t worry he’ll get away with this clean.