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Tomi Lahren in hot water in conservative community for coming out as “pro-choice”… she may get fired from the Blaze ’cause of it???

Tomi Lahren who is a young conservative lady is in trouble in the conservative community ’cause why? She came out as “Pro-Choice” when she made an appearance on “the View”. See video above.

She maybe fired from her online web show at the Blaze because of it. The Blaze which is a media outlet owned by Glenn Beck.


The article says she maybe fired for her angry rants on the show but I don’t think so. It’s probably ’cause of her “pro-choice” opinion.

One thing I’m noticing in the conservative community is that they are becoming more “intolerant” of other conservatives for having a different opinion than theirs. Ya know, I’m totally siding with Tomi. I don’t agree with abortion, I’m “pro-life” all the way but if she wants to be all for “abortion” then that’s her opinion and she’s welcome to have one. I thought this was America?

Those conservatives are always complaining and crying about liberals being “less” tolerant toward them and now they’re being less tolerant toward other conservatives who disagree with them. I thought conservatives were all about “freedom of speech” and the “1st Amendment”?

I may be conservative but I have a few liberal views myself. Even Donald Trump has some liberal views but those conservatives never gave him hell for it.

Sorry y’all but those conservatives are driving me up the wall lately. I’m still disgusted that they still supported Milo after his pedophilia comments and now I’m disgusted that they won’t let Tomi Lahren have her own opinions.

I’m really thinking about becoming a more independent thinker myself. People always accused me of being a die-hard conservative but not really. Liberal/Conservative, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll still tell the truth on both sides of the spectrum.

Leave Tomi alone. She’s cool.






Video: Tomi Lahren, a young conservative rips Obama on Islam and it is EPIC!!! MUST WATCH!!!

I think this video is gonna go viral. A young conservative who is in her 20’s, Tomi Lahren has her own online news show and she isn’t afraid to call out Obama on Islamic terrorism.

Wake the hell up guys. I’m sick of Obama and liberals protecting Islam from doing bad things to Americans. When they do bad things to Americans they deserve all the hate but instead America celebrates Islam with all this Eid el fitr and Ramadan garbage. When will Islam ever be held responsible for terrorism? As long as Obama’s still in office that’s not gonna happen.

Obama is probably a Muslim himself.


Tomi Lahren, only 22 years old delivers a great speech at CPAC…

This girl is awesome. She’s only 22 years old, a young conservative girl. This speech seems to be more aimed toward people who are “millennials” meaning someone who is between the ages of 18 – 33 years old like she explained in the beginning.

She talks about war on women and birth control stuff. She also calls out the hypocrisy when liberals calls Republicans “Old, white and rich males”. She calls out Obama and his bad policies, she calls him out hard. She also doesn’t agree with getting free stuff from the government like free community college and “net neutrality” and all that garbage.

She talks Obamacare too.

There’s a lot of young people around their 18 – 30 years of age range who are really misinformed with politics and I remember that nobody cared about Obamacare until Zach Galifianakis made that “Two Ferns” video with Obummer himself. Remember that? I swear that young people never knew about Obamacare until that “Two Ferns” video came out. Once that “Two Ferns” video came out, a lot of young people in Facebook started putting up posts that they signed up for Obamacare and I’ll never forget that. Obummer targeted young people with Obamacare ’cause he knows they are naive and dumb.

This is a speech that liberals are gonna hate but worth watching. I like young conservative people and there aren’t too many of those out there. Most young people are “liberals” these days ’cause they’re really misinformed with their politics. That inspires me to write another post about that, young people and their political views and I’ll have another post about that soon. We definitely need more “young” conservatives in this country. I think most young people turned into liberals ’cause of the mainstream media and things like “Common Core” where most of them learn from.

This girl is smart and she knows what she’s talking about. It’s a shame her speech got only about 60 views, though. Plus, she’s gorgeous as well. I give her a whole lot respect for not getting herself into the liberal world. She’s awesome. She earned a follower on twitter.