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Congrats Trey Gowdy!!!! My new hero in Congress!!!!

The House of Reps. just passed a law called “Enforce the Law Act”, an act where it makes it easier to sue a sitting president.


While I’m happy that Trey Gowdy and the House did something right for a change, good luck on getting this law passed through the Senate and getting it out to the president. With a Democrat/liberal controlled Senate it’s going to be tough to get passed through there and I’m 100% sure Obama is gonna get this law veto’ed anyway but I applaud them for trying and fighting on, though.

Come on guys, be realistic and wake the fuck up. President Obama thinks he can do whatever he wants with the law and the Constitution. If we had tougher laws in government and people enforcing them, then Obama would have been impeached and thrown in prison a long time ago. If the US government would be enforcing the laws more, then the truth behind Benghazi and Operation: F&F wouldn’t have stayed silent for this long.

You guys do realize that it’s against the law to help cover-up crimes and not tell anyone else who is responsible for committing them? That’s why our government as a whole is corrupt. People in government are trying to protect Obama and his administration. Obama hasn’t been impeached yet ’cause Boehner the House Speaker is protecting him too.

Our government is completely broken and Trey Gowdy is one of the very few who is trying to fix everything. If you think there is nothing wrong with this administration, you need to get yourself checked out at a mental institution.