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Report: “Twilight” changes release date to Nov. 21st…

Are you looking forward to seeing the teen vampire flick “Twlight” so much that you think December 12th is so long to wait? Don’t fear! The film “Twilight” has just changed it’s release date to Nov. 21st of this year since the new Harry Potter film was pushed back.

The reason for the move is that they want fans of the book to get an opportunity to see the film earlier since it’s popularity of the book at Comic Con and “Breaking Dawn” being a best seller.

Variety Reports:


I haven’t started reading “Twilight” book yet but I will when I get on the plane to San Diego.

Looking forward to reading the book and seeing the movie both.


Cool Video: “Twilight” is another anticipated film of 2008!

Well, I guess I can add the film “Twilight” to my most anticipated films of 2008 lists. I’ve been paying close attention to this new film. As some of you may already know, I am a huge fan of vampire stories. Well, “Twilight” is a vampire story. It’s a teenage romantic story about a young girl falling in love with a boy who is a vampire. Looks like a really good flick and I’m probably gonna go see this one when it comes out in theater too.

There haven’t been many vampire movies over the years, and it’s about damn time a new one came out! The film comes out December 12th.