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Why liberals are more hateful than conservatives who hate Obama…

You see… when it comes to discussion debates in politics a lot of people wants to look at conservatives/right-wingers as bad people. It’s mostly liberals who do. The reason left-wingers hate right-wingers ’cause left-wingers look at them as racists and homophobes because of their views on Obama’s politics and gay marriage. Conservatives aren’t hateful bigots… we are just more honest and realistic on things. Conservatives/right-wingers actually “care” for the American people. We are true patriots who care for all people… even the liberals. All we want is for them to wake up and look at reality for once. Liberals should be thankful for “right-wingers” ’cause we wouldn’t be here as a country if it wasn’t for conservatism. Conservatism is a huge part of what keeps America going thanks to Reagan. I think “right-wingers” deserve more respect in politics ’cause us “rights-wingers” get treated like shit.

Whatever our views are on Obama, health care, gay marriage, gun control, abortion, the Zimmerman trial, the Bundy Ranch controversy, etc. Liberals would have opposites of opinions as the conservatives do. It seems that us “right-wingers” aren’t allowed our freedom of speech anymore. When liberals disagree with our views in politics, they’ll get all over us. Their hate can be a lot worse than our hate against Obama.

I can go back and find tons of comments by liberals for evidence of that to back it up if you want me to. It’s pretty hypocritical of liberals to call out “right-wingers” for their hate against Obama and they think it’s okay to hate right-winger celebrities such as Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, etc. They’ve also said a lot of hateful things about George W. Bush and they blame him on a lot of things. Liberals want to believe that Benghazi is nothing while a lot of them are 9/11/01 “inside job” conspiracy theorists.

Liberals are hypocrites. All of them. I’ve been saying it for days. “Right-wingers” aren’t that bad. We just care about our country and our constitution while liberals are fantasizing about their human rights and equal opportunity bullshit.

Conservatism is diminishing while liberalism is taking over the US media and I can’t stand it. It’s like “right-wingers” aren’t welcome in the USA and we aren’t allowed to voice our opinion anymore. It seems that the country revolves around liberals now. More proof of that, the news on TV like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, etc. is more liberal than ever. You have late night TV being more liberal than ever too.

Conservatism used to be pretty strong back when George W. was president but when Barack got elected in 2008… liberalism suddenly have gotten big ’cause of the topic of “gay marriage” pretty much. I blame the “gay marriage” debate for making liberalism so huge.

While I’m proud to be a “right-winger” some of my views in politics isn’t 100% “right-wing”. I do agree with some liberal politics but not too much.

When the 2016 elections come around and if we get a black conservative president in the White House… I’m pretty sure liberals will start hating him and right-wingers can call them racists for doing so. That’ll be our revenge, right there. Ha ha!

Point being that liberals are real evil, man. I’ve had many bash the hell out of me ’cause of my “right-wing” views and that’s why I try not to talk politics in facebook anymore. I just discuss politics here instead.

I’m pretty sure liberals look at Harry Reid a hero for calling “patriots” domestic terrorists over the Bundy Ranch thing.

There’s nothing wrong with conservatism. I like where I am. I like conservatism and will defend it in every way if people try to put “right-wing” in a bad light. We do need a “right-wing” president in the White House, though.

Happy Easter.


Government tyranny compared to Star Wars…



This facebook meme just came up on my newsfeed so I thought I would share it.

It’s really pissing me off that when you disagree with Obama’s politics and how he’s running the country… the only response people can come up with to defend him is, “The only reason people hate him is because he’s black”.

Look… if you think there is nothing wrong with Barack at all and if you think he has done nothing criminal… you are an ignorant and delusional piece of shit. I really mean that too.  Tyranny is tyranny. Shouldn’t matter the skin color. If he kills innocent people and changes the laws around, thinking he can do what he wants. He should be held accountable.

Skin color shouldn’t matter. Evil is evil. Dictatorship is dictatorship.

Playing the race card is a huge problem in the media. You can’t defend him on everything ’cause he’s black.

I’ve been called a racist and a homophobe ’cause of my conservatism all of the time. I just ignore it and deal with it.

People in Congress are afraid to impeach Barack ’cause they’re afraid of being called racist. If I was Speaker of the House or in charge of the Senate, I would have done whatever it took to get the President punished no matter how risky it is.

People don’t hate him because of his skin color at all. We hate him ’cause of his actions and words. He’s lied to us many times, he has committed too many crimes and he is not faithful to the Constitution of the United States. We’re not gonna sit back and smile about it.

Liberals are the most ignorant people on the planet, they are the worst when it comes to Barack.

I’ll have more on this topic tomorrow. It’s late and I’m going to bed.


Obama and Biden join the selfie obsession bandwagon…


Obama have been obsessed with taking selfies for a while now. Biden joins in. Even though I hate these two with a passion this selfie is funny as hell, though. You can come up with all kinds of crazy captions and facebook memes with this one. This photo will be popular for facebook memes pretty quickly, give it time.

Their look on their faces is clearly them saying: “Hey America, we don’t care about you and we are about to destroy you.”

They seem to care more about being “famous” than the country itself.

Both of these assholes need to go.


Obama administration finally exposed for IRS targeting…

This is why Lois Lerner wouldn’t talk. She was protecting the DOJ and Obama. That’s why she pleaded the 5th. Surprised?


Look like we’re finally getting to the truth of the IRS scandals. Hopefully, this will get Obama and Holder busted. They need go to jail along with Lerner.

I knew all along that Obama was behind this.


What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring…

What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring. This man didn’t do this for himself. He did it to make a difference in America and fight for Constitutional rights. He had every right to own those cows and they were completely “legal”. Cliven Bundy and his team fighting back and was successful at getting the Feds to leave was pretty amazing stuff. He was also successful at getting the BLN to release the cows back to him.

This man deserves a Noble peace prize. I’m sure liberals and other people will have a different opinion on this. Some would think those cows were illegal for him to own and some would think he got away with it but no matter what you think of him… Cliven Bundy won. This man was very brave and had a lot of balls to fight back at our government. He couldn’t take no shit so he stood up for himself and the American people.

This felt like the Wild West. Like those Western movies… John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I can absolutely see Hollywood making a movie based on this just like they did with Tom Hanks and Captain Phillips.

This incident is VERY similar to other incidents like the Benghazi attacks and Operation: F&F. So hopefully this is good enough to see that the government were responsible for Benghazi and Operation: F&F after to what they did with Cliven Bundy. You’re just working and living your daily lives and suddenly you get surrounded by armed men in a very quick time. That’s what happened on all of these incidents.

I’m glad the Cliven Bundy incident ended positively ’cause it could have been worse. There could have been deaths out of this and glad people weren’t hurt or even killed.

I’m afraid this isn’t over yet, though. I’m feeling the Obama administration and the Feds aren’t gonna give up on him. They’ll find other ways to get him. I feel for Cliven’s safety now, though. He could be next on Obama’s “mysterious” accident list.


Sharyl Attkisson blows the whistle on the real reason she left CBS…

Welp. Here we go. Sharyl appeared on the Bill O’ Reilly show and she openly admitted the real reason why she left CBS Network. She says the real reason she left CBS because the network ordered her to stop reporting on various Obama administration scandals. Most notably: Benghazi, Operation: F&F, and Obamacare. She tried to get CBS to get the stories going but they said they were done with them. Which shows that CBS didn’t like stories that put the Obama administration in a negative light or if she got too close to the truth. This is also proof that the Obama administration has complete control over the news media. She was called a troublemaker and all that stuff.


She did a great thing. CBS sucks anyway.

While today’s journalism is horrible she’s one of the very few that should be called a “real” journalist. If there was someone who would get the truth behind, Benghazi and Operation: F&F… it would be her. She’s a brave and strong woman. She’s got balls for sure. I respect her for her dedication on getting the truth behind Benghazi and Operation: F&F.

It seems like anybody who disagrees with Obama’s actions is called a troublemaker. I’ve been called that many times… LOL… so I feel ya, Sharyl!

People just don’t like hearing the truth that Obama may be a very bad and dangerous man.


Cliven Bundy is an American hero… fighting for our freedom…


Now this is a real American!!!! He’s fighting back at Obama and our corrupt government. I don’t know much about the Cliven Bundy story but going to read more into it but I do believe he is innocent.

While he is doing a good thing fighting back at the Feds, he’s definitely not going to win, though. Obama and the Feds will have him killed. Just wait for it. This standoff could go on for days and weeks. The Feds aren’t gonna give up until he’s dead.

The reason this reminds people of Benghazi ’cause this is VERY similar to Benghazi. Just people working and living their daily lives and all of a sudden they are being attacked by armed men. Is this good enough for you to see that Obama was behind Benghazi yet?

Bundy didn’t deserve this, whether his cattle was illegal or not. This is just government power and greed. Nothing more. Nothing less. Obama acting like a tough guy like usual.