Report: Bill O’ Reilly responds to classic “Inside Edition” meltdown…

Bill O’ Reilly finally responds to his old “Inside Edition” tape that surfaced the web all over youtube…go here to see his response…

Yep, that’s it, Bill says he’ll sell a copy if you’re interested. So Bill is definitely flattered it has landed all over the web. He must be proud of his temper and likes being a big jerk.

Being an asshole can make you a famous person! Hey, it worked for Bill.

See the video below for the uncensored version where Bill goes nuts!




BREAKING NEWS: California legalizes gay marriage…

Well, California did it today. The gays fought for a longtime for gay marriage in that state, and they got what they wanted. Governor Ah-nuld still doesn’t approve it and his opinion on gay marriage still remains the same but he respects the courts decision.

More on the story here:

Now Ellen Degeneres can get herself hitched there!



Thought: The Top Ten Best “Indiana Jones Moments”…

With “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” coming around the corner, I just wanted to discuss some of the best scenes from all three Indy flicks. I’m getting really excited for Indy 4 and I will see it on the night it comes out. I also have plans in seeing “Prince Caspian” this weekend as well.

The Top Ten Best Indy Moments here:

10. The Bar Fight scene at Marion’s Bar – (Raiders) This is a classic action sequence. All the fire and gun shooting. Major Toht is one of the coolest badguys in Hollywood movies! I always loved this scene in Raiders the most.

9. Indy finds where Ark is in the Map Scene – (Raiders) This seen sends chills down my spine everytime I see it. This scene is amazing. I don’t know what it is about this scene, I just think it’s the creepy music score being played during it.

8. Indy fights a bald Nazi at the plane after finding the Ark – (Raiders) Another classic action scene. Thank you Spielberg!

7. Indy shoots a swordsman – (Raiders) A tiny scene, but classic and shows a comedic side of Indy!

6. Indy turns into a villain – (Temple of Doom) Moloram forcing Indy to turn into a bad guy is just pure gold. This is where Harrison’s acting gets amazing. Indy was a real badguy you wanted to hate in this film, just perfect acting by Harrison!

5. The Bridge scene – (Temple of Doom) Short Round “Hang On Lady, we’re going for a ride…”  Willie “Oh my god, oh my god, isn’t he nuts?” Short Round, “He no nuts, he’s crazy!” The final action scene in Temple of Doom is possibly another one of the greatest action scenes ever made. I love this scene to death, I think Spielberg’s goal with this scene, he was supposed to make this scene scary as hell. Not entertaining in a way. It’s supposed to be scary, and yes, it is scary as fuck being over 100 ft in the air of that bridge and Indy cuts it to pieces.

4. The Young Indiana Jones scenes – (The Last Crusade) “The Last Crusade” was a pretty good movie but not the best of the series, but the only best thing about the film was the opening sequence with River Phoenix playing the Young Indiana Jones, totally explaining what Indy was like as a child was pure gold. I love the scene so much.

3. The Mine Chase Roller Coaster Ride scene – (Temple of Doom) Another classic Indy scene that is very entertaining. A thrill ride.

2. Truck Chase scene – (Raiders) Spielberg created one of the greatest action scenes ever made. I’ll never get tired of watching this scene, the scene where Indy goes after the truck where the Ark is in is pure magic and thrilling!

1. Belloq opens the Ark – (Raiders) The ending to “Raiders” where Belloq opens the Ark, and all these ghosts started coming out of it, The Nazis started melting while Indy and Marion are tied together keeping their eyes closed so the same doesn’t happen to them. I always found the ending to “Raiders” to be classic, the ending used to scare me when I was a kid.

There you have it, my choices for the top 10 Best Indy scenes and moments. Spielberg created a lot of fun classic Indy scenes and I’m sure he created some great memorable scenes for “Indy 4” that we’ll never forget too.



Report: Dolly Parton to sue Howard Stern?

Dolly Parton, the legendary country singer has hinted to Billboard that she could be suing Howard Stern, she’s offended and upset at Howard Stern’s audio when he editted one of her audio books changing it to racists and sexually graphic sound bites instead.

Billboard reports:

Watch out Howard! Don’t get yourself kicked off of Sirius, Dolly is mad and coming back with a vengeance!

I’m sure she loves Kenny Rogers dearly, Howard is trying to make her look bad.

Click and listen to the segment in the video below.


Report: Playboy is coming out of the closet???

I am not gay, I am straight but for those who are out there I thought I would report this, looks like the Playboy company is coming out of the closet by planning to make a move into the gay male community by launching a soft-core gay porn Playboy channel for the males for the On-Demand services Time Warner digital cables.

Playboy has been “straight” entertaining men with women since 1953, but now they want to try something different with “man on man” action. No word on when the channel is scheduled to be launching.

More on the story here:

This may soon create a lot of controversy in the news indeed.

Is this a good idea? Playboy was made for straight males, but now they want to try and mix it up with gays.

I don’t see this lasting too long to be honest, Playboy will get a lot of hate from the straights by it.

It don’t hurt to give it a try though to see how it goes. May the rumours of Hugh Hefner being gay begin.



Cool Video: “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” trailer online…

The trailer for Woody Allen’s new film “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” which stars Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson is online now. This will be one of the films debuting at this year’s Cannes festival.

Looks like a wait for DVD release most definitely, I’m not such a big Woody Allen fan but I’ll see this movie just for Scarlett. I don’t think you’ll see Scarlett nude in this one though although she does make out with Penelope in this film, I don’t think Scarlett was ever naked in any movie but Penelope has been naked in quite a few films before so she might be naked in this one.

Although the movie looks okay, we all know the only reason people will see this is the lesbian scene between Scarlett and Penelope.



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