Report: John Graziano’s dad pissed at the Hogans…

Ed Graziano the father of crash victim John Graziano who was seriously injured in the crash that Nick Hogan was involved in is not happy with Linda Bollea’s comments about Graziano’s mother. Linda claimed that Graziano’s mother is not sad and not suffering over a taped phone conversation when Linda and Hulk were visiting Nick in jail. (you can hear those audios at

Linda says she is suffering more than Graziano’s mother. Ed Graziano the father, fired back saying she’s full of shit. Ed sets the record straight by saying that John’s mother is the best mother in the world. Ed defends his own family from the negative comments the Hogans said about them. Ed also says that putting Nick in jail for 8 months was the right thing to do.

More on it here:

More power and ego by a famous family, the Hogans really are.

They are a horrible family. All they care about is money and fame and their TV show “Hogan Knows Best” is just proof of it.




Report: Ray Manzarek working on the Doors documentary…

Ray Manzarek the longtime keyboardist for the legendary psychedellic rock band The Doors revealed to that he is working on a major documentary for the Doors. This film will be in light of the 41st Anniversary of the debut self titled Doors album released back in 1966. Manzarek says that this film will be a diss at Oliver Stone’s film “The Doors” that stars Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. If you remember this, Ray Manzarek hated “The Doors” film so much because the film never stayed true to the band and Jim Morrison himself. Ray Manzarek worked closely with Oliver Stone for the film, but then they had a fallen out after the film was released, Ray was upset how much garbage that film was. It appears that Ray Manzarek is “still” unhappy with Oliver Stone and Ray wants to make his own Doors documentary to show Oliver how it’s done.

Ray says the film will include never before seen footage of the Doors whether on stage performing, backstage segments, interviews with the band, or whatever is in there. They already filmed the first cut of the documentary and Ray says it won’t be out ’til the next 6 months.

Billboard reports:

As a big fan of the Doors, I am looking forward to this. Ray’s film sounds interesting!

Oliver Stone ruined The Doors, he’ll ruin George W. Bush with his movie too.



Report: Confirmed…no Back to the Future 4…

While the 18th Anniversary of “Back to the Future III” is happening writer/producer Bob Gale was at the 5th Annual Exotic Car Festival  for the Make a Wish Foundation where they held a fan Q&A session, someone from the audience asked him if there is ever going to be a “Back to the Future part 4” to have one more sequel to the series.

Gale confirmed to the audience, no there is going to be no Back to the Future part 4. He explains, Michael J. Fox is battling many years of suffering Parkinson’s Disease. Gale said if they did one without Michael J. Fox, it wouldn’t live up to the first three. They simply don’t want to do another Back to the Future movie without Michael, so they said the hell with them, they’ll just leave the three movies alone. They feel that they can’t make a fourth one at all and like the three movies the way they are.

From the Back to the Future official website:

Another Back to the Future movie without Michael as Marty McFly would be travesty. So it’s a good thing they are not doing another one. I’m sure Christopher Lloyd still has what it takes to play Doc Emmet Brown but I can’t see him doing the movie alone as the leading role instead of McFly.

I love the three Back to the Future films myself, of course the first one will always be a classic. I love the second one too, the third one wasn’t great but still a fun movie though.


Report: Quentin Tarantino confirms to film “Inglorious Bastards” next…

Iconic film director Quentin Tarantino plans to start filming his long awaited World War II film “Inglorious Bastards” very soon. He plans to release it next year and debut the film at Cannes 2009.

For a long time now, rumours have been swirling that four iconic actors Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Adam Sandler were signed as the leading stars of the war film but Tarantino has denied hiring them ever since.

Stallone himself once hinted on “Ain’t It Cool” website that he’d be willing to work with Tarantino for “Inglorious Bastards” but Sly got too tied up with the new Rocky and Rambo around those times.

The question is who is Tarantino plan on casting the leading roles for “Inglorious Bastards”?

More on the story here:

I’d say Tarantino should get Sly Stallone. Maybe Bruce Willis too. Sly and Bruce in an action movie together is what I always wanted.

I doubt Tarantino would get Arnold but since Sly Stallone is finally back home from promoting the new “Rambo” overseas, it’s time for Sly to get a new project and I think working with Tarantino would be perfect for Sly. I always wanted to see Sly in a war film. Tarantino already worked with Bruce Willis a few times in the past before so I don’t see why not have Bruce for this movie too.

Bring on “Inglorious Bastards”, Quentin!



RIP: Sydney Pollack 1934 – 2008

Legendary actor and film director, Sydney Pollack was made famous by making such memorable hit films with films such as “The Firm” starring Tom Cruise, “Random Hearts” starring Harrison Ford, “Sabrina” also starring Harrison Ford, and his most popular directed film “Tootsie” starring Dustin Hoffman. He also directed other such films as “Absence of Malice”, “Havana”, and “Out of Africa”.

Other than being a director of his own films, he is also an actor where he played small roles in most of his films he directed himself and he also appeared in many other films that aren’t directed by himself. His acting can be seen in movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”, and his latest acting role was that he played in “Michael Clayton” starring George Clooney.

Sydney Pollack diagnosed with cancer about 9 months ago and been battling it ever since. He passed away yesterday on Memorial Day surrounded by his family, he died at his home in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles, California. He was 73.

The Associated Press reports:

Oh no, what a shock! 😦 I wake up this morning turn on the computer and there are news all over the internet that Sydney Pollack just died!

So sad! Such an amazing talent! He is a great actor and a great film maker. Another great talent gone!

What is it with this world losing so many amazing people.


Report: Michael Jackson a fan of UFC? The King of Pop attended last Saturday’s UFC 84 ppv…

Can’t picture Michael Jackson being a UFC fan? Well apparently he is. Reports are saying that Michael Jackson the King of Pop attended the UFC 84 ppv live in person while watching the event in the audience. Since UFC was in Las Vegas, it was a big celebrity turn out. Jenna Jameson was of course there, she seems to be only at UFC ppv’s only if Tito Ortiz is having a match. Donald Trump and his son were there, and so were Shaquille O’ Neil, and “My Name Is Earl’s” Jaime Pressley were there too.

More on it here:

Back to Wacko Jacko, he showed up at UFC in a wheelchair (we all know he isn’t paralyzed or injured) wearing his usual face covering, this is his way of not getting recognized at the UFC ppv so die hard Jacko fans don’t bombard him.

From TMZ:

You just never know who is watching UFC!



Thought: CGI in movies is a new revolution…get over it people…

Man, movie goers are still slamming Indiana Jones 4 for all the CGI used in them. And for the silly scenes in Indy 4 that didn’t make sense which they made for humor and laughs in the film. Profesional movie critics loved Indy 4 but regular movie goers are giving it mixed reviews from bad to good. So that goes to show that the new Indy film created a lot of controversy.

When people slam Indy 4 for the CGI used in the film, they all sound like hypocrites ’cause of most of them are fans of the Spiderman trilogy and the new Star Wars prequels, and all those movies are loaded with CGI.

You’re talking about Indy 4 being loaded with computer effects and silly scenes that don’t make sense? Those things are all over the first 3 three Indy films.

What about in Raiders where all them ghosts started coming out of the Ark when Belloq opened it at the end of the film? Those are computer effects, since CGI wasn’t around back in those days, they still used computers to make that effects. Computers that are not so profesional back in those days.

What about in Raiders when the Nazis pushed Marion down the hole where Indy and John Rys Davies were waiting to climb back up, Marion landed on the statue and crashed onto the ground. There is no way she could have survived that fall in real life. That stunt was obviously done by a stunt woman.

What about the truck chase scene in Raiders where Indy climbs under a Nazi truck?

What about the Rollercoaster mine chase scene in “Temple of Doom” that scene was goofy and silly but it was made for fun and entertainment. What wabout the rope bridge scene with Moloram and his army in the final battle at the end of “Temple of Doom”?

Oh yeah, and what about in the “Last Crusade” the ending, when Indy, Elsa and Donovan finally found the room where the Holy Grail is at, when Donovan agrees to drink from the grail, Elsa chooses a grail for him, Donovan dies by quickly turning into a skeleton noticing it was the wrong grail. That scene was goofy and silly! But it was made for humor and laughs!


Spielberg had always been known to make weird scenes in all of his movies. What about in Jaws? Do you think sharks actually jump out of the water and eat people in real life? NO! In Close Encounters do you think aliens actually know how to play music in a spaceship? LOL! War of the Worlds remake is a goof fest but still a fun movie. Hmmmm…Minority Report is full of CGI and goofy scenes as well. Look at Articial Intelligence, even serious movies like Amistad and Schindler’s List has scenes that are pretty weird (like it’s supposed to be a black and white movie, yet you see a little girl in the film with a red coat).

Spielberg had always been a loon when making movies. But he still makes great movies. The guy is a fucking legend. Stop slamming Indy 4 ’cause of it’s goofy and silly content. It’s just a damn movie people.
Like I said before the people slamming Indy 4 because of CGI used and it’s silly content are sound like a bunch of hypocrites.

Spielberg movies are made for fun. Get a life Indy fans.

End of rant.



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