Cool Video: Live at P4th #4 and #5: The Heroes Can Save You, The Dark War (seperately)

Two more songs from my gig over the weekend. I’ll get the last three songs up today.


The Heroes Can Save You

The Dark War


Report: Vicky Guerrero and Edge romance storyline…this is why I don’t watch Smackdown anymore…

This blog about Vicky Guerrero hit the nail on the head. The blog explains why Smackdown is so bad is only because of the Vicky Guerrero and Edge romance storyline. This is possibly the worst thing that the WWE ever done, it’s no wonder why no one watches Smackdown.

Click here to read the blog about it:

And on top of that, Vicky Guerrero (pictured above) is a horrible actress and she needs to be fired off WWE soon. The only reason she is performing in WWE is that she knew that is what her real husband Eddie would have wanted. If Eddie was still alive, Eddie and Vicky would be performing storylines together instead of Edge and Vicky.

Before she signed on to perform in WWE as the Smackdown General manager, everyone was feeling sorry for her ’cause of Eddie’s death, but now everyone is despising her. To be honest, I don’t mind Vicky performing on WWE, but please, just not with a stupid romance storyline with EDGE! It’s in bad taste. It’s disrespectful to Eddie in my opinion. I’m sure Eddie himself would have loved this storyline because Eddie has always been known to perform in the weirdest storylines which what made Eddie so entertaining to begin with. Edge is not entertaining.

WWE is never going to get higher ratings if they don’t stop writing bad storylines. We want good storylines and more wrestling just like in the Attitude era back in the 90’s when Stone Cold and the Rock used to be around, those were the best days of WWE.  Today, WWE continues to go down the toilet. The only good thing going today is Triple H being champion again.



BREAKING NEWS: Huge fire breaks out at Universal Studios Hollywood…

A huge fire is going on at the Universal Studios – Hollywood right now as you are reading this. It already destroyed the “Back to the Future” set and the King Kong exhibit. It also destroyed every videos and reels locked in the vaults with the original work of various movies. But not too worries, they aren’t gone forever ’cause duplicates of those videos and reels are locked away at a different location for protection.

The Associated Press reports:

This is very sad news. Hope the fire goes out soon so the entire place won’t be gone. Even if the entire place is destroyed for good, I’m sure they’ll rebuild the company into a whole new level but still a new “Universal Studios” won’t live up to the old one. I hope they put out the fire and hope things get better over there.




Report: Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler says no to movie role, not wanting to show her titties in it…

Stacy Keibler the former WWE Diva recently turned down a movie role titled “Mercy” in which the film makers wanted to expose her breasts in the film. TMZ says the director scrapped the idea at first but the film crew talked him into it. When he finally agreed to do it and asked Stacy Keibler if she waas willing to expose her breasts in the film, she backed out, so she is not going to be in the movie.

TMZ reports:

For those who don’t remember Stacy Keibler, she was one of the only Divas in the WWE who didn’t have breast implants. She is known as a very tall and petite woman. She has always been one of my favorite Divas when she used to be in WWE.



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