Thought: Why I think Loudmouth Rowling is wrong…

Yes, Loudmouth Rowling has every right to control her work since she owns the copyright to Harry Potter, I even said it was all about copyright when I first reported the story. So I know all about copyright infrigement.

What’s fucked about this story and what pisses me off so much about it, that Steven Vander Ark commended nicely to Rowling that she supported his website, and respected her to visiting his website, he wrote an open letter to her thanking her for it:

In an article I posted earlier, she responded back saying nice things to Vander Ark and the website, and such.

In today’s court hearing she said nasty things about Vander Ark like accusing him of “jumping the Harry Potter phenomenon” bandwagon, and call him out in all kinds of nasty bullshit. Vander Ark have to be upset right now. I’m sure he’s sad about it.

She has the right to control her work how she wants but if you read the article I posted below again…

right here…quote from article “Vander Ark was contacted by an RDR Books employee, who told him that publication of the lexicon would not violate copyright law, he said.”

The book publishing company even flat out said that the book would not violate copyright law. This is why Vander Ark has every right to do this Encyclopedia. This is why he is going to win. Maybe the employee was wrong when he said it doesn’t violate copyrights, but a book company wouldn’t lie about something like that.

If writers can continue to write Star Trek and Star Wars fiction novels, it does not violate the copyright to those. Vander Ark’s “Lexicon” is written so Harry Potter fans can be entertained by, not to create a negative impact, I don’t know what Mrs. Loudmouth is worried about.  She should appreciate his promotion and marketing of Harry Potter and appreciate him being a fan, this is how he gets treated, being treated like dirt by an ego driven author. This is coming from the same woman who said one of the Harry Potter characters is gay when it wasn’t mentioned in the books and it created controversy in the news, this woman is a loudmouth because that’s what she is.

Oh yeah, and this gets better, she once said she was quitting the Harry Potter series for good and now she’s thinking about doing another one. Mrs. Loudmouth Attention Whore. I can come up with a lot of funny names for her.

Keep your head up high Steven, don’t let this egomaniac bring you down.






Report: Marilyn Monroe secret sex tape sold…

Marilyn Monroe is back in the news again. According to a report by the New York Post, a copy of the 15 minute, 16 mm film sex tape that includes Marilyn Monroe herself has been sold to a New York businessman. The original film is kept locked up by the F.B.I. and still remains F.B.I. top secret to this day. The tape shows Marilyn herself giving an unidentified man oral sex (or giving him a blowjob if you want to call it that). In the old days, J. Edgar Hoover was trying to determine if the man was either John F. Kennedy or Robert F. Kennedy. The tape is of course in black and white, it shows Marilyn on her knees in front of the man. I’m sure you get the idea.

The New York bussiness man who bought the tape said he got it to do research for a documentary he’s working on Marilyn.

FoxNews reports:,2933,351210,00.html

All this is doing is just trying to make the world jealous.

It’s like, “I can see the tape and you can’t”.

The dude that bought the tape better lock it good and hide it good.

I can totally see why he wouldn’t reveal his real name and kept it anonymous so they won’t make the burglars curious.



Report: Gene Wilder…actor turned author…

Ever wondered what the legendary comic actor Gene Wilder’s been up to after all these years? To refresh your memory on who he is…Gene Wilder starred in iconic roles such as “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Blazing Saddles”, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”, “Stir Crazy”, “The Woman In Red’, “Haunted Honeymoon”, etc.

Gene Wilder finally came out of hiding after all these years by making a special TV appearance on the TV show “Role Model” for TCM (Turner Classic Movies), on the show, he had a special interview with 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin revealed that he is Gene Wilder’s biggest fan and inspiration in acting. Alec Baldwin begged Gene Wilder to make a return to movies but sadily, Gene denied a return.

In this article, Gene explains why he never starred in a new comedy film. A man that we once loved back in the 80’s. Gene reveals that he got an offer to do a comedy film but he turned it down because simply put, he doesn’t like the way comedy films are going today. He doesn’t appreciate and is offended at the profanity over humor as I’m sure he doesn’t like the sex and drugs used constantly in comedy films as of late. Gene feels that today’s comedy films aren’t like what they used to be in the 80’s.

What is Gene Wilder doing as a career after all these years? He’s been writing novels. He has his own autobiography titled “Kiss Me Like  A Stranger” and he’s wrote a few fiction novels as well. He seems more happy writing novels than acting. So if you ever expect Gene Wilder to appear on the big screen again, not a chance. The last thing he did in acting was that he appeared in two episodes of the sitcom “Will and Grace” back in 2003.

More on it here:,1,4909786.story

Great to hear from Gene again!

“See No Evil, Hear No Evil” was one of my favorite movies of Gene’s other than Willy Wonka.

Good luck Gene and thanks for the entertainment!


NEW: Rambo (2008) 2 Disc Special Edition/BluRay – May 27th…

The new Rambo (2008) DVD/Blue Ray cover is released, and there it is above. How cool is that? Isn’t that a sweet cover! I think it’s badass! Rambo will be getting a DVD and BluRay release on exactly May 27th. So mark your calendars and pick up a copy that day!

The DVD extras will feature audio commentary with Sylvester Stallone, deleted scenes, six behind the scenes featurettes, and a digital copy for the film for your Itunes and Windows Media players.

The BluRay version will include the same extras, but it will also have a gallery of trailers from the 3 previous Rambo films, and a bonus view audio picture-in picture commentary with Sly Stallone.

For those who don’t want the 2 disc SE or the BluRay, there is also a single disc edition with no extras, just the movie itself.

More info here:

I’m definitely buying the BluRay baby!

I’m really curious to see what the picture is going to be like in the Blu Ray edition.

I hope Sly does an “Extended” version of Rambo on DVD down the road to make the movie longer. I know he shot a lot more than 90 minutes of the film.



Whose Side Are You On: J.K. Rowling vs. Steven Vander Ark…

Legendary author of the “Harry Potter” series, J.K. Rowling is set to battle in court against a die hard Harry Potter fan who plans on releasing a “Harry Potter Encyclopedia”. Rowling is set to testify Monday (that’s tomorrow) in court where she had her lawyers to arrange her a private security for Rowling in the courtroom to be away from die hard fans in attendance.

Rowling filed the lawsuit against the publisher of the “Harry Potter Lexicon” (the name of the Encylopedia) last year to stop them from publishing it. The author of the book is die hard Potter fan Steven Vander Ark. Rowling actually loves Vander Ark’s website that he runs himself: but she draws the line of publishing it and charging $24.95 for the Encyclopedia.

Rowling wants to prove that this book is violating her copyrights and she is worried that the Encyclopedia will create a negative impact with Harry Potter fans:

The Associated Press Reports:

I’m with Vander Ark on this one. This just shows how much of an egostitical and money grubbing woman that J.K. Rowling is, she doesn’t care about the fans, she only cares about herself and her own ego.

Vander Ark has every right to release this Encyclopedia.

Look at all these legendary movie franchises that has released Encyclopedias, everything from Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, the Terminator, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, etc. You can find those Encyclopedias everywhere in bookstores.

I don’t think you need permission from it’s original creator to do those movie Encyclopedias.There’s a 1st amendment in writing novels. If J.K. Rowling loves his website and has no problem with it, I don’t see what’s the big deal about a book. She has no case and nothing to prove. Vander Ark will win all the way.



Report: Bryant Gumbel leaves NFL Network…

Bryant Gumbel has announced that he is leaving the NFL Network after 2 years being a play by play announcer for the show. Bryant Gumbel is still currently hosting “HBO’s Real Sports” on HBO.

Those who don’t know who Bryant Gumbel is, he is the former head news anchor for the “Today Show”, he retired from the “Today Show” way back in 1997, that’s when Matt Lauer took his place.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Just thought I’d let you know for those who watch sports out there.



Report: Dr. Phil…aka Dr. Attention Whore…

Dr. Phil bails out 16 year old Mercades Nichols, one of the teenage girls jailed for being part of a controversial video of 8 teenagers beating another teenager. The video created controversy in the national news and on the internet. There were 6 girls and 2 teenage boys involved in the incident. The teens ages were from 14-18.

The Associated Press reports:

A report on TMZ said Dr. Phil pulled the plug on a show about this incident.

See the Bill O’ Reilly video about it below.

While I do agree that these kids deserve jail time. How do you know if the victim is innocent? Stop feeling sorry for the victims peeps. You never know the victim could be faking it just to be part of some controversy for attention. How is law enforcement going to prove that video is real? How are they going to prove that there is harrassment and bullying going in there?

All kids go through bullying like that in high school, even I myself was a victim of bullying in high school. Those kids could have filmed the video for online entertainment, period. I don’t think it’s for myspace humiliation. They’re fuckin’ kids. They like to play like that. It’s the way high school kids are. Get a life people.

Somebody please boycott Dr. Phil.



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