Cool Video: Clint Black was hilarious LOL!, Captain Sulu sucked at singing…

So I watched the premiere of “Secret Talents of the Stars” last night. I was impressed with Clint Black’s stand up comedy, he was hilarious and he did a great job. Clint got a great response from the judges too and even said Clint will have a huge future in stand up comedy. Clint said he was a humorous guy and always about making people laugh, as I’m sure Clint Black does tell jokes at his country concerts in between songs.

Star Trek’s George Takei who played Captain Sulu had a talent in singing country songs that people were hyping up about, but I tell you, George was horrible. He sang like shit and he looked laughable on stage.

Enjoy these videos from last night’s show on “Secret Talents of the Stars”.


Clint Black’s hilarious stand up performance, seriously, he did great and he did get me laughing!

George Takei


Report: Patrick Stewart getting “very” strong reviews in “Macbeth” play all over the internet…

Actor Patrick Stewart who once played Captain Jean Luc Picard in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and Professor Xavier in the “X-Men” series, is getting very strong and positive reviews with his role as “Macbeth” in the famous William Shakespeare play which Stewart is performing in Broadway. Critics and people on the internet are saying this is Patrick Stewart’s best acting in his entire acting career.

You can check out some of the positive articles about him below:



And here:,0,4510896.story

Do a google search, and you can read all kinds of reviews on the internet with Patrick Stewart as Macbeth in the famous legendary play.

Ever since leaving “Star Trek: The Next Generation” films, he has decided to retire from Star Trek to go back to theatre.

Personally, I think Patrick Stewart took a hiatus in acting in films to do theatre instead so he can get better at acting. I think he’s using “theatre” to improve his acting in films.

Patrick Stewart is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever seen, I’ve always admired him. One day this man is going to win an Oscar if Hollywood gives him the right movie. He’s so underrated and deserves the recognition.

Congrats to Patrick, I’m proud of him!




Thought: Friday Night Lights Season 3 wishlist…

For the fans of this TV show, here are some things that I would like to see happen in FNL season 3.

-Tim Riggins to actually hook up romantically with Lyla and getting off the alcohol.

-“Smash” Williams gets into pro football

-Landry Clarke proposes to Tyra

-Matt’s Mexican girlfriend, Carlotta to come back

-Jason Street desperately tries to walk again and never gives up (he was paralized in a football injury in the beginning of the first season)

-Julie and her mother Tami Taylor to get along (they were fighting and arguing most of Season 2, was getting old…)

-Coach Eric Taylor to never change his temper to a nice guy. I like Coach being the jerk and having a short temper. It what makes the show interesting when Coach starts yelling and screaming at people especially at characters like Tim Riggins and Smash.

Can’t wait for Season 3!!!!


Report: Singer Toni Braxton hospitalized…

The R&B singer Toni Braxton has been admitted to a local hospital in Las Vegas. No one knows why she was there, but she does have a heart condition called pericarditis. She was going to perform at a venue called the Flamingo in Las Vegas but her concert there may be postponed depending on her condition. Toni Braxton was well known and famous for her popular hit “Unbreak My Heart”.

More on it here:

Get well Toni!

Here’s the video to the song to refresh your memory on who she is.

Report: Conan O’ Brien stalker pleads guilty…

The accused stalker of Conan O’ Brien who is a Roman Catholic Priest named Rev. David Ajemian, admitted to everything. He admitted sending Conan e-mails, DVD’s, and trying to enter the studio during the show’s taping. Ajemian and O’ Brien attended the same college at the same time at Harvard University. Ajemian was charged with disorderly conduct.

The Associated Press reports:

The stupid priest was just trying to get fame out of Conan O’ Brien. Seriously, peeps, stalking celebrities isn’t the way to get fame.

Besides, why do people become priests? Then later they become whackos? Look at how many priests out there that turned into pedophiles and child molesters?

I never really liked religion, that stuff is hard to believe, to me, religion seems to be a fantasy delusion. All fiction.



Report: Stone Temple Pilots perform their first reunion gig in Los Angeles…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots played their first intimate reunion gig at a small club in Los Angeles. It is a club called the Harry Houdini Estate. They played the show last night actually.

Their setlist for that show was:

Big Empty



Lady Picture Show

Big Bang Baby

Interstate Love Song

Tripping On A Hole In a Paper Heart

Sounds like a good show. Lets hope the band goes back in the studio for a new album after their summer tour!


Report: Clint Black eyeing to become a comedian…

Country music star and icon, Clint Black is getting more interested in comedy and is very interested in becoming a stand up comedian. Clint Black is set to perform stand up comedy for the CBS TV series, “Secret Talents of the Stars” tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Clint has already been practising stand up comedy at small comedy clubs in Los Angeles and Nashville. The TV show “Secret Talents of the Stars” is a show where celebrities can perform talents that people don’t know about.

From Country Weekly:

In other Clint Black news, he just released a new internet album available for via-internet only titled “The Long Cool EP”… check for more info.

I’m a big Clint Black fan, I have several of his albums in my CD collection and I’m curious on how he’s going to do standup comedy so I will definitely watch this tomorrow night. Clint is the man. Talented musician and talented songwriter.

I’m not into country music much, but I do enjoy some of it. I listen to the genre because I grew up in a small town of Greenwich where the town is obsessed with country music. I don’t like every country artist I listen to only certain ones that impact me. Clint writes amazing songs.



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