BREAKING NEWS: Dennis Quaid is considering suing Cedars-Sinai Medical Center…

The reason actor Dennis Quaid has not yet filed a lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles is because he wants them to do the right thing. Quaid made the announcement at the Assn. of Health Care Journalists meeting. Quaid said he wants the hospital to improve patient safety, if they continue to fail, he will consider suing.

Quaid says he wants the hospital to get a bar code system where it scans medications before being administered to the patients.

More on it here:,1,7175770.story

Quaid is keeping a good eye on the hospital. If they mess up again, he’ll sue, I guess that’s his plan.

I can’t blame him.


RIP: Herb Peterson 1918 – 2008

The creater of the famous McDonald’s breakfast sandwich the Egg McMuffin’, Herb Peterson, has passed away at the age of 89. Peterson died peacefully at his Santa Barbara home. Before he died he was still the vice president of operations for McDonald’s restaurants. Peterson was famous for inventing a breakfast sandwich called the Egg McMuffin which is just an egg, a slice of Canadian bacon, topped with cheese and covered with two buttered english muffins. The sandwich has became a hit ever since. He was also the first to bring breakfast to McDonald’s food chain. Peterson loves McDonald’s so much that he would even talk with customers while they’re eating and make friends with the employees.

Peterson has worked with the McDonald’s food chain for more than 30 years. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

The Associated Press Reports:

Oh my, this makes me want to go to McDonald’s this weekend some morning to grab a couple of Egg McMuffins in honor of Peterson. Everyone else should do the same!

RIP Herb.


BREAKING NEWS: A few good Led Zeppelin news!!!

NME, a UK magazine for music news brought up a few good latest news about Led Zeppelin.

The first Robert Plant seems to be in a better mood about playing more shows with Led Zeppelin and seems more positive about it. He says Led Zeppelin will be all up to playing more shows only for the right reasons. Like the last time was a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, “special” reasons would be things like that. They may not go on a full fledge tour but they’ll probably play some more shows. Hopefully they play MSG in New York one more time to relive “The Song Remains the Same” concert in 1973.

John Paul Jones hinted that Led Zeppelin could go back into the studio again to record a new Led Zeppelin album. For many months now Jimmy Page has been hinting us that he’s working on new music that was meant to be for Led Zeppelin. Lets keep our fingers crossed that there could be a new Led Zep album in the future!

And the last, Jimmy Page hinted that last year’s December 10th O2 show could be getting released on DVD in the future. He confirmed the show was videotaped but he said creating the DVD of the show would be a lot of hard work. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a DVD release of this show as well.

This is pretty sweet news here.

If anything, I want a new Led Zeppelin studio album more. I would like to see what new changes and style of music Led Zeppelin would sound like today if they worked on new material. If they work on a studio album and release it, then they can do several more shows to support it.

Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Ac/Dc….coming back to music again?

I said it before and will say it again, “We need our rock n’ roll back dammit”. If those three bands come back to the national music industry full time, people can start caring about mainstream music again.


Report: Grand Theft Auto IV to be the best videogame ever made? Here are 5 reasons why…

Own a Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360? Do you just love Grand Theft Auto games? Have you played every single GTA game made so far and you still feel there is not enough? Well in “Grand Theft Auto IV” that game will have everything you can ask for. Every videogamers dream come true.

Yes, “Grand Theft Auto IV” could be the most popular game in history. In GTA IV, they have made the game more realistic.

Check it out:

Gamers, get ready for some hardcore gaming action here! GTA IV is coming around the corner, it is coming out in stores everywhere April 29th!

 Fuck yeah!

I’m so happy I got a Playstation 3 now, GTA IV is definitely my next game for it!


Report: Eliot Spitzer linked to second hooker…but this one is hotter than Ashley!

Our now former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer has been linked to a second call girl prostitute named Kristin “Billie” Davis and she is 32. A little older than Ashley Alexandra Dupre and much sexier, bustier and a blonde! She is also a pretty rich hooker, pretty much a millionaire. Spitzer’s spokewoman says he was never a client of Davis.

The NY Post reports:

Man, who cares about the hookers Spitzer fucked. Why do we have to know every single women he’s been with?

Come on Silda! Do what’s right and leave your cheating husband!


Report: Axl Rose responds to Dr. Pepper offer…says he’s “happy” and very flattered…

Well, it didn’t take long for Axl Rose and the new Guns N’ Roses to pick up on the Dr. Pepper offer. Axl Rose wrote about it on the bands “new” official website.

Although Buckethead is no longer in the band, his recordings on the album are still on there, Axl replied back he’ll share his free drink of Dr. Pepper with Buckethead.

Read it here:

But again, he still says nothing about a “release date” and no word about the future of “Chinese Democracy”.

Since Axl seems very happy about the Dr. Pepper offer, maybe he will actually release the album this year.

Lets keep our fingers crossed!


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