Thought: My honest thoughts on UFC, why I don’t watch it much…

I’m not much of a UFC fan honestly. I just can’t see guys in a ring trying to kill each other for real. It’s too crazy and too intense for my tastes. It’s why I don’t watch UFC TV or the PPV’s much anymore. UFC is not wrestling. Even UFC never call it wrestling, they call ’em “fights”. One of these days in the future, a fighter in UFC is gonna get himself killed instantly in the ring. If there were to be the most dangerous sport, it would not be football or hockey, it would be UFC in my opinion.

A fighter named Joe Lauzon knocking out his opponent really quick is just proof how dangerous it really is.

Sorry, but I prefer just regular Pro Wrestling over UFC, you know pro wrestling with the likes of WWE, TNA, etc. The wrestling with the fake fighting, impressive stunts, and storylines where you can be entertained.

I don’t really find UFC entertaining.

Nothing wrong with other people enjoying guys killing each other in UFC for real but to me it’s pretty boring with all the kicking and punching which is pretty much all they do.


Report: Friday the 13th remake leading babe found…

A young actress named Amanda Righetti is in final negotiations to be the leading female star in the “Friday The 13th” remake to star alongside Jared Padalecki. She hasn’t done much film work in her acting career, she mostly did work for TV. This looks to be her first big film for theater.

Variety Reports:

Great choice, she’s pretty hot looking. There can’t be a Friday film with no hot babes, right? Most all Friday movies has blood and gore and naked women, so hopefully this chick will show us some tits and ass too.


Report: Bobby Brown slams Whitney Houston blames her for drug addiction and bad marriage…

Former rap star Bobby Brown will soon release a no holds barred “tell all” autobiography book where he reveals everything about his life, even the most private things that is no one else’s business. In it, he slams his ex-wife Whitney Houston by saying before he married her, he was never a drug addict. He also says stuff like marrying her was a big mistake in his life and she used him for her own music career.

FOX News reports:,2933,345588,00.html

Well, this is what you get for marrying another famous person. Whitney didn’t turn Bobby to what he is today, he brought everything upon himself and made his own decisions to use drugs.

I know I won’t be buying his book ’cause I don’t want to see him whine about how much his life sucked, and I already dealt with that through Eric Clapton’s book. I love Clapton, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t care for Clapton’s autobiography ’cause all he mostly wrote in it was how he suffered through drugs/alcohol, addiction with women more than talking about his music career.

Whitney should get her team of lawyers in handy and not let Bobby release that book.


Report: Stone Temple Pilots announce a full time comeback…

Think the Stone Temple Pilots are just coming back for a summer tour only? Think again. The band will be playing much more shows than that. The band confirmed a full fledged tour playing in North America, they will play 65 dates.

The band will also launch a new website April 7th which is this coming Monday so fans can purchase concert tickets on their website. reports:

Old bands from the past are coming back since after the Led Zeppelin reunion!

Will STP return to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. this summer?

If they do, I’ll definitely go. 🙂


New Original song “Take a Little Trip With Me” exclusively in youtube…

So I started writing new songs again, here is the first one I’ll release to the public, my first public song in 2008. I uploaded the song first exclusively to youtube. I’ll post the lyrics below too. There’ll be more new songs coming along the way. Enjoy.


“Take A Little Trip With Me”

by Kev Brock

You work so hard, you’re getting so tired

You can’t seem to, get a rest

You work so hard, you want to leave to a special place to spend some time alone

You tried so hard, to get away

but everything holds you back

You tried so hard, to leave this place but everybody wants you to stay right home

Take a flight, take a plane

Find a new life, to refresh your brain

Take a flight to have some fun

Find a new life to get away
Take a little trip, take a little trip

Take a little trip with me

Take a little trip, take a little trip

Don’t want to go alone, come with me

You live so hard, for your life

All you want is to feel real good

You live so hard, to live forever

It’s a special place to be with your love

You look so hard, for a better world

but everything holds you down

You look so hard, so you can be ready for a nice vacation so you can relax

Take a flight, take a plane

Find a new life to refresh your brain

Take a flight to have some fun

Find a new life to get away

(repeat chorus a couple of times)


Report: Al Roker in negotiations with NBC to host the Prime Time celeb edition of “The Family Feud”…

Al Roker, the humorous and the funny weatherman for “The Today Show” is in negoatiations with NBC to be the host of the Prime Time celeb edition game show of “The Family Feud”. Once in a while, Al Roker hosted “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” to step in for Meredith Viera and NBC enjoyed his work as a gameshow host.

Variety reports…

Al is the man, he’s a funny guy, I always liked him. He would be a good “Family Feud” host.


Whose Side Are You On: Slash vs. Scott Weiland…

Scott Weiland came out to the public to attack the Velvet Revolver in return, saying the band kicked him out as a cover up because the band wasn’t getting along.

Billboard reports:

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m on Scott Weiland’s side 100%. Sure, Weiland maybe a drunk and a drug addict still, but who isn’t? A lot of rock stars and musicians are out there. Even Slash used to be.

Matt Sorum did say the band was in a turmoil and wasn’t getting along well, so Weiland is right on the money on this one.

I find it a cool thing Weiland is no longer in the band actually. The Velvet Revolver is crap. I love Slash as a guitarist and love Weiland as a rock singer, I just don’t like VR’s songwriting.

I want Weiland to be back with STP ’cause I’ve been a die hard STP fan my entire life. I own all of their albums and saw STP in concert once. It’s great STP is coming back. Maybe we’ll get a new Stone Temple album down the road after their summer tour. That be sweet!


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