Whose Side Are You On: Slash vs. Scott Weiland…

Scott Weiland came out to the public to attack the Velvet Revolver in return, saying the band kicked him out as a cover up because the band wasn’t getting along.

Billboard reports:


As much as I hate to admit it, I’m on Scott Weiland’s side 100%. Sure, Weiland maybe a drunk and a drug addict still, but who isn’t? A lot of rock stars and musicians are out there. Even Slash used to be.

Matt Sorum did say the band was in a turmoil and wasn’t getting along well, so Weiland is right on the money on this one.

I find it a cool thing Weiland is no longer in the band actually. The Velvet Revolver is crap. I love Slash as a guitarist and love Weiland as a rock singer, I just don’t like VR’s songwriting.

I want Weiland to be back with STP ’cause I’ve been a die hard STP fan my entire life. I own all of their albums and saw STP in concert once. It’s great STP is coming back. Maybe we’ll get a new Stone Temple album down the road after their summer tour. That be sweet!


BREAKING NEWS: Friday Night Lights coming back for Season 3!!!! It’s official!!!!!!

At last! Friday Night Lights known as the best TV show on television is coming back for a third season! It’s for real! The show came this close to getting axed after low ratings in the first two seasons. Die hard fans who still watch the show begged and begged NBC to not cancel to continue the show. Well NBC helped make the fans dream come true by making a deal with Direct TV to save the show. The show is coming back! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!

Friday Night Lights will make it’s return to NBC in October of 2009 after that year’s Superbowl. The show stars Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Taylor Kitsch and plenty more cast.

More on the story here:


Thank you Direct TV again! WOO HOO!!!!!! This is the best news of the day!



BREAKING NEWS: Madonna and Mariah Carey knock off Elvis Presley in Billboard…


Mariah Carey and Madonna, two pop music divas has changed Billboard history forever. Mariah Carey just moved past Elvis at the no 2. spot with her new single “Touch My Body”. Madonna will be passed by Elvis with her new single “4 Minutes” from her new album “Hard Candy” and the album is not even out yet!!!!!

Billboard Reports:


Holy smokes!

Warner Music Group is crying and begging for Madonna to not leave the label right about now, I bet.

These two divas are taking over the industry big time! These two songs aren’t too bad, I’m actually kind of digging them myself¬†and I am not into this type of music much.


Report: Elvis Costello and Elton John teaming up for TV show…

Two rock n’ roll legends, Elton John and Elvis Costello will team up to create a TV show for the Sundance channel with a show titled “Spectacle”. Elton John will serve as executive producer, Elvis Costello will be the main host of the show. It will be a weekly variety talk show for music. The show will start airing sometime in December on the Sundance channel. The show will be filmed at NBC’s Studios 8H, the same building where “Saturday Night Live” is at. The show was announced at this year’s Sundance festival.

Variety Reports:


Pretty cool. If you have cable TV with the Sundance channell on it, you can watch this show then. I have the Sundance channel ’cause I have digital cable. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this.

I’m a big fan of both guys, Elvis and Elton.


Report: Neil Armstrong biopic coming to the big screen…

The famous NASA astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first human being to ever step on the moon will be made into a biopic film. Nicole Perlman will pen the screenplay.

Variety Reports:


Very nice! Neil Armstrong deserves his own movie.

Who should direct it and who should play Neil?

I’d say give it to film maker Ridley Scott and give the role of Neil Armstrong¬†to actor Mark Wahlberg. Neil looks almost exactly like Marky Mark and wouldn’t surprise me at all if they get him.

Neil Armstrong is still alive and well. I’m glad Hollywood is finally doing a movie about him. Hope they do a good job so it can be Oscar worthy.


Report: Stone Temple Pilots to perform on Jimmy Kimmel in May…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots will have their first TV appearance in many years and the episode will air May 2nd on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

From Blabbermouth.net:


I’ll have to tune into this to see what song they’re gonna do. It wouldn’t surprise me if it would be “Plush” or “Big Empty” so they can let the world know that the band is back.


Thought: Reasons to hate myspace…the truth about the popular friend web hangout…

You think “myspace” is a good place to hangout online to make new and old friends or keep in touch with people you already to know?

Here are reasons to hate the site:

  • About bands/music artists: If you think you are going to go into the site to make friends with your favorite bands and music artists, think again. A lot of music artists in that site could give a rats ass about you. They are only in there for networking and promoting their music, period. I’ve said it before that just because a band has more than 10,000 friends doesn’t make them a star or well known.
  • Myspace is mostly a promoting site: All them famous celebrities that have official accounts, famous bands, supermodels, actors/actresses, companies, film makers, comedians, political figures, etc. They are only there to plug in their careers, they aren’t there to chat with you. Figure it out.
  • Finding a date in myspace: If you’re looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend or just looking for a fuck buddy in a one night stand in myspace, that stuff could work but it can be very risky. How do you know if the woman you’re talking to is really a woman? It could be really a man just to harrass you for fun, an anonymous person just to poke at you (Megan Meier story below as an example). Nothing wrong with finding a relationship or sex with random people in myspace as long you be careful, keeping it legal and all that. Plus, if you’re looking to hook up sex with random people in myspace, how do you know if they are clean with drugs or sexual diseases?
  • Threatening to delete/block users if you don’t talk to them: I completely understand that people are in myspace for true friends to keep in touch in a daily basis, but I think it’s absolutely pathetic that people threaten to block/delete other users if they don’t talk to them. If I add people in my personal account, I keep them on my friendslists and leave them right there even if they don’t talk to me at all. Sorry to say this, but when you see people not talking to you at all even if you know them well, that means they have a life and have better things to do than hang in myspace all the time. If you’re the type of person that threatens to delete/block people ’cause they don’t talk to you… have you come to realize that you have no life and hang in myspace too much?¬†I don’t talk to people much in myspace ’cause I have better things to do than hang in that site everyday and all day.¬†Think about it now…
  • Private personal profiles are for cowards: I don’t turn my personal myspace profile (not my music page) to private ’cause I want people to know who I am before they send me an add request. If you turn your myspace profile to private, you are obviously hiding something from¬†people out there. I have nothing to hide. It’s why¬†I make things public so people can see.
  • Women complaining about men sending them “sexual” comments: I’ve seen this quite a lot in myspace and it can get quite entertaining. The women in myspace who whine about men sending them “sexual” comments like, “I wanna fuck you” or “You have a great body, I wanna lick your tits”, etc., calling them out and threatening to ban/delete them from the page or worse call law enforcement. Time out. If ladies don’t want sexual comments in myspace, then they shouldn’t be posting up half naked pics of them or in their bios section in the “hobbies/interests” write up, the women write “I like sex”, if you women put that stuff up there, this is exactly what you’re gonna get. So don’t blame the men, you have to look at how you create your myspace page that attracts men to your page. Use common sense.
  • Anonymous cyber bullying harrassment: This type of thing goes on quite a lot too. Ways to tell if someone bullying you is anonymous is if their typing style is weird and they refuse to reveal who they really are. This is the point of people going anonymous ’cause they don’t want you know who they are. They do this so they can avoid getting in trouble by myspace staff or so they won’t get investigated by law enforcement. Look at that Megan Meier story below in the previous entry, law enforcement found out the anonymous cyberbully that harrassed Megan in matter of seconds. They can run but they can not hide, law enforcement are computer geniuses and they will track the harrasser down no matter how anonymous you get. You have the right to report to law enforcement as long as you have the evidence. People has gotten arrested for cyberbullying and harrasment over myspace. The thing with myspace is that you can’t blame the site with myspace harrassment, it’s just the way people are in real life. Just a bunch of unhappy depressed people who have nothing going on in their lives. Best thing to do is ignore all cyberbullying and negative messages in myspace completely, and it will go away.
  • Myspace errors and bad servers: One thing that pisses me off so much in myspace that things hardily ever work in myspace, one thing the picture gallerys is not working, the commenting stops working, myspace e-mails, etc. It even pisses me off when maintenance closes down my page for “your account is closed for maintenance will be back shortly”. Myspace is such crap that they fail to keep the site in working order 24/7.

So there you go, there are some reasons that myspace is not so “glorifying” as people think it is. If News Corp. ever happens to close down myspace for whatever reason in the future, I won’t feel heartbroken about it at¬†all, I would say good riddance if that ever happens. There’s certainly more to life than “myspace”.


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