Report: Julie Benz in for “Saw V”…

“Rambo” actress Julie Benz is signed to star in the popular horror movie franchise for “Saw V”. Benz will portray an elegant woman in the film. “Saw V” is set for release Oct. 24th.

You will also see Benz play in the upcoming new “Punisher: The War Zone”.

Variety Reports:

Keep in mind Sly Stallone likes to have actors and actresses in his movies that are “unknown”. He likes to star with an unknown cast. Why? Because if you star in a movie with Sly Stallone, they get better and bigger opportunities. Stallone made guys like Dolph Lundgren and Hulk Hogan big and famous. The same is happening to Julie Benz right now. I never even heard of her before the new “Rambo” came out.


Report: Slash deny Velvet Revolver tour with Led Zeppelin…

Slash the guitarist for the Velvet Revolver came out to the public to confirm the rumours of the Velvet Revolver touring with Led Zeppelin is untrue. The rumour was first brought up by Duff McKagan who is Slash’s longtime buddy, both men are former members of the legendary Guns N’ Roses. Slash defended Duff by saying the Velvet Revolver touring with Led Zep was taking out of context.

Slash even agrees that a Led Zeppelin tour isn’t possible and that Robert Plant has his project going on with Alison Krauss. Slash confirms the Velvet Revolver will head back to the studio very soon to record a new record with the band.

More on it here:

I don’t think the Velvet Revolver are breaking up anytime soon. From the sounds of things, Slash seems very serious with the band and loves playing with them. When Scott Weiland claims “this is the final Velvet Revolver tour” he was probably just talking shit and maybe be a bit drunk/stoned out of his ass. I don’t think Weiland would really leave Velvet Revolver for STP. He’s just a crazy guy that likes to talk shit, that’s all.

I’m happy that someone from the Velvet Revovler came out and cleared everything, kudos to Slash. He’s da man! I don’t want that band touring with Led Zeppelin anyways. No band should tour with Led Zeppelin.


Cool Video: “This Train” original song from an artist in youtube…

This video was posted on the front page on youtube and I had to post it here myself, I love this song, very catchy. It reminds me of folk artists like Billy Bragg and John Prine. I don’t know the guy’s name that wrote the song, but this song is truly badass. I dig it!



The video don’t allow embedding so I just linked it.

BREAKING NEWS: Sylvester Stallone signs “Rambo 5” along with Nu Image/Millenium…

While the news of Sly Stallone filming “Rambo 5” in Bulgaria is just a rumour at this point what I can confirm is that Stallone just signed another “Rambo” sequel with Nu Image/Millenium. Remember, Sly was offered a 2 action film deal with Nu Image/Millenium and Sly went for it. Look like “Rambo 5” is the first film he picked for one of those deals.

More on it here:

Expect this news to soon be all over the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Dark Horizons, Aint It Cool, etc.

“Rambo 5” may as well be his next movie, I guess.

Sly admitted that he has a few action movies left in him before he gets any older so he may have well get them done before he ends up in a nursing home or something.

I think there should be 6 Rambo films to catch up with the 6 Rocky’s.


Report: Sigourney Weaver and a bunch of stars sign with Tim Allen’s “Crazy” film…

The former Aliens and Ghostbusters star, Sigourney Weaver, signed a deal to star in Tim Allen’s directorial debut “Crazy on the Outside”. Also officially signed to the film are Jeanne Tripplehorn, J.K. Simmons, Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammer, and Julie Bowen. Most of the stars in this film are the same people who starred with Tim Allen in the comedy “Galaxy Quest”.

Tim Allen will of course star the leading role in his own directorial film “Crazy on the Outside”. The plot is where Tim Allen plays a released prisoner who tries to talk his single mom parole officer to date him. Although Allen’s character tries to rebuild his life after getting out of prison, he gets distracted by a manipulative older sister.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Doesn’t sound too bad. I hope Tim Allen makes this film a funny one. He better not dissapoint and make it a flop.


Report: The Smashing Pumpkins sue Virgin Records…

Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins has filed a lawsuit against the label Virgin Records, claiming the label had no rights for using their band name and music for promotional and “Pepsi Stuff” advertisements with Amazon and Pepsi Co. Virgin Records has been the Pumpkins longtime record label for more than 17 years. The lawsuit demands that the label should pay the band with the profits earned in the promotion and to stop using the Pumpkins name or music in the future.

The band says they work extremely hard to keep the Smashing Pumpkins music alive to this day and they don’t want promotion threatening their artistic integrity…

More on it here:

I said it before and will say it again.

If you’re a musician or a solo performer who own your music by copyright, you have the right to do what you please with it.

So don’t get pissed at a band for going on a suing rampage, they have every right to be doing what they are doing.

It’s all about respecting the copyright and protecting a bands music.


Report: John Legend to sing “America The Beautiful” at WM-24…

Just announced on RAW earlier, John Legend will be bringing his piano to sing “America The Beautiful” to open up Wrestlemania 24 with. reports:

I’m no fan of John Legend’s music but I thought I’d let you know in case someone out there is.

I’m happy that Aretha Franklin won’t be there singing this year though, thank god.


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