Report: Robin Williams confirmed to star in “Law and Order: SVU”…

Robin Williams, the legendary actor and stand up comedian has signed on to guest star in the 200th episode of “Law and Order: SVU”. Williams is set to play an engineer who’s life goes off track following a tragedy and later questioned by law enforcement. The episode with Williams will air on TV April 29th.

Law and Order “SVU” stars the cast: Christopher Meloni, Ice-T, Richard Belzer and Mariska Hargitay.

Variety Reports:

Look like the show trying to find ways to raise ratings for the 200th episode. The world loves Robin Williams. I’ll probably watch this episode. I enjoy watching “Law and Order: SVU”. It’s one of the very few shows I watch all the time.


Report: Eastwood to drive “Gran Torino”…

Think Clint Eastwood had quit acting in leading roles of film yet? Think again!!! Eastwood is about ready to make his return to star in the lead and direct both at the same time. The last film Eastwood directed and played at the same time was the drama film “Million Dollar Baby” starring Hillary Swank, but Eastwood was just a co-star in the film, not the lead. Eastwood’s next film is titled “Gran Torino”, which he will star the lead throughout the entire film and direct.

Eastwood just completed filming “The Changeling” starring Angelina Jolie, Eastwood is not in that film at all, he just directed it.

Variety reports:

Glad Eastwood is returning back to leading roles finally. He is a god at both directing and “acting”. I guess he only cast himself in his own movies only when he’s needed for the right character in the script.


Report: Sam Raimi to direct Jack Ryan?

Paramount Pictures is in negotiations with “Spiderman” and “Evil Dead” director Sam Raimi to helm the next Jack Ryan series. Sam Raimi is currently filming the movie “Drag Me To Hell” a new horror film. Paramount wants the new Jack Ryan movie to be released in the summer of 2010.

Raimi should go for the Jack Ryan film. I never liked the Spiderman movies and I wish Raimi would get away from them.


Report: Anton Yelchin for Terminator 4…

Anton Yelchin is a young actor from the country of Russia, he is in negotiations to co-star  in “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” to play the young Kyle Reese. The adult Kyle Reese was played by Michael Biehn in the first Terminator film.  Anton’s next project you will also see him as the young Chekov in JJ Abram’s “Star Trek XI”.

The Hollywood Reporter Reports:

Look like Terminator 4 is coming out to be a pretty good cast so far. I’m sure McG will make a great Terminator film. Just because Arnold won’t be in it and just because McG will direct it, doesn’t mean the film will suck.


Thought: “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories”…


After weeks and weeks, I’ve finally completed and beat the game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” stories. It’s really a pretty simple game to play really. What I like about the game the most that you get to fly in helicopters a lot. “Vice City Stories” tells a story about two brothers named Vic and Lance Vance who go on an all out war against the mob named The Mendez brothers. In the game, you play the character of Vic Vance. Most of the missions of the game is pretty easy but there’s a few difficult ones that were very challenging to get through. I feel relieved that I’ve finally completed the game.

I’ve just started playing “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary” and that game is way cool as well. No wonder this Lara Croft character is such a hit, she’s pretty sexy in the game!

I only like to play videogames at night since I don’t watch much TV. I’m playing the games on the PSP handheld, trying to beat all these games that I bought from the store. I’m only playing one game at a time ’cause I’m the type of guy that once I start something, I finish it to the end. I’m like that with everything in life.

The reason I’ve gotten into videogames now is that I don’t collect movies on DVD much anymore (I only buy the movies I like that I see in theater).

The Playstation is a better brand than Xbox and the Nintendo systems in my opinion. I just think the Playstation has a better selection of games. The Playstation has my Grand Theft Auto and Tomb Raider games that you can’t get on other systems, it’s the reason I got a PSP and the PS3 both.


RIP: Arthur C. Clarke 1917 – 2008

Legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke just died. He’s the writer of the famous science fiction novel “2001: A Space Oddysey” and worked on the screenplay with Stanley Kubrick for the film.

More on the story coming soon…the news just broke right now…and will have more details when it hits the media.

Edit to add: Clarke died of post polio syndrome….

More on it here:


Report: Hookers Gone Wild, Joe Francis wants the Spitzer girl…

Just when getting released from jail for tax evasion charges after staying a little over 11 months in the slammer, the Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis wants Ashley Alexandra Dupre for a nude photo spread and to tour with Girls Gone Wild. He too wants to offer her a million dollar deal.

The 22 year old whore already made some big money from pay downloads of her songs online.

With all these offers that Ashley is getting from the Penthouse magazine, to Hustler magazine and now Girls Gone Wild, will Ashley go for all three of them?

From the sounds of things, it’s very unlikely.

The adult entertainment industry is already giving her a lot offers but so far she’s been pretty quiet about all of it.

She hasn’t logged in her myspace in a while (since before the Elliot Spitzer controversy happened) and she hasn’t posted any blogs on whether she’s confirming any of those deals above.

After her private business with Spitzer has been made public, she needs some space until all of this calm down in the media. We might hear from her in the future, but I seriously doubt she’s gonna go for those deals.

As far as Joe Francis goes, the Girls Gone Wild company has been dead since Francis been in jail, he picked Ashley just to help get the company known again. Girls Gone Wild will never be successful again. While I do enjoy “porn” and naked girls like every guy, I never liked the Girls Gone Wild series.


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