Thought: I still can’t believe how amazing Grand Theft Auto IV truly is…

Oh my. I can’t believe I’m still in awe and amazed how incredible this “Grand Theft Auto IV” game is. It is hands down, fuckin’ unbelievable. It is indeed a game that will go down in history as it already has. This game is being talked about everywhere I go. Even the people at my work job are talking about the game. I’m completely sold to this game and this game is my obsession.

I’ll be playing this game a lot. It’ll take me a long time to beat the whole thing ’cause there are a lot of missions in this. There’s a lot you can do in this game. It’s so realistic, it’s crazy. The city is almost real looking and the characters look like they came from a CGI movie.

I already did the strip club part and that’s actually pretty hot. The women in the strip clubs are topless in the game, but the game doesn’t show their nipples though, their nipples has duct tape with an X shape over them. I don’t think there is full nudity at all in the game as I remember the GTA series got in trouble for that once.

But the game is unbelievably great and simply the best game ever made. Even if you don’t own a PS3 or an Xbox360, you should save up money and buy one, and make GTA IV your first game purchase. Believe me, you will be immediately hooked to this game once you insert the disc in and turn it on.

I’m sure once people bought the game, this is all they ever do in their life really, playing GTA IV, lol. But the game is incredible. Now I can see why it created controversy and the media is all over it. GTA IV is almost like a real thing.

I did the drunk driving thing in the game too and that is also crazy, and it really does get you thinking that you shouldn’t drink and drive in real life. I wish MADD wouldn’t get defensive over that.

I’m completely sold to this game that it made me forget everything else, as I’m sure it happened with everyone else who bought the game.

Please do yourself and the world a favor, give this game a try as soon as possible! You will be in heaven!



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