Is it finally time to drop this fear of covid-19??? Yes, Trump beating the virus himself is proof that it isn’t the most vicious virus some wanna believe…

I think all this fear of covid-19 is just silly and ridiculous. All this control and demands by the government, media and Dr. Fauci has gotta stop. Trump just proved that the virus is recoverable. Not the most vicious and dangerous virus like the media is trying to push it out as. All this bullshit has gotta stop… social distancing,facemasks, low capacity crowds during the slow reopening, etc. All of this has gotta stop and the country needs to fully re-open.

Yeah, Trump had covid himself and beat it in just a few days. I think that’s good enough to see that the virus isn’t dangerous like some wanna believe. Facemasks and social distancing doesn’t work and there’s no evidence proving that it does. Since the virus is invisible, I’m sure someone can catch it despite taking part in facemasks and social distance. They don’t work if Black Lives Matter and Antifa can still go out there and protest and riot while we are losing our freedoms like crazy. It’s insane that lefties freak out about us wanting to go out there and do things like take part in events and things like that but they can go out there and protest with their BLM shit. Lefties freak out about Covid-19 but they protest BLM in small towns and cities all over the USA… and most of the time social distancing isn’t followed by them.

Yo, if it’s dangerous for us to go out and do things for ourselves then you can’t go out there to protest your BLM bullshit. Virus’s go where they want to and anybody can catch them including protesters. This is weird and doesn’t make any sense how BLM are allowed to protest but we can’t do what we want.

All this bullshit will come to an end if we stop complying to all this power and control. There are all kinds of problems that are way worse than covid-19. Cornavirus is a virus that is easily recoverable and it’s fading away already.

There are people that die of way worse things like cancer, AIDs, heart disease… and also drug overdoes, suicides and violent crime like murder is more of a problem.

It really is time to drop the fear of all covid. I’m tired of it all ’cause this has gone on for far too long. A lot of people including myself been predicting that it’ll all stop sometime after Election Day and the country will fully reopen then. We could be wrong the virus could stick around after the election but I’m sure it’ll pass soon. The country will get back to normal sometime before this year ends, hopefully.

We can’t live like this forever. Yeah, the government and the media will try to keep it going forever but we can’t live like this. Sooner or later, the government and media will have no choice but to drop it all.

Hope you’re enjoying all this control and bullying. A country that I thought was once “free”. This is why you gotta stop voting Democrat. The country didn’t have to shut down and we didn’t have to be forced to wear facemasks ’cause this is all Democrats have to run on. Notice that they are the only ones telling everyone to “wear your mask”. Facemasks don’t work ’cause many Democrats been caught not wearing one… they only wear their mask when they are on camera.

Who cares about covid-19. Trump beating the virus is proof that there is hope. Living in fear is not good and that’s what the gov. and media wants.


Instrumental shred guitar music is still alive and well, believe it or not…

Some may make the mistake of thinking that instrumental shred guitar is “dead” but in reality, it’s still here. The genre is still alive and well. It may not be big and mainstream like it was in the 80’s but shred guitar is still huge and successful.

I first got turned on to shred guitar when I was young and it was Joe Satriani’s “Surfing With the Alien” which was the first shred guitar album that I ever heard. It was my guitar teacher in the past who recommended me that album so I took it and I was hooked to that album. It’s a masterpiece of a shred album and I got hooked to Joe Satriani music ever since.

Of course, I try to listen to other guitar shredders like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Al Di Meola and guys such as those but Joe Satch will always be my favorite.

One thing for sure, though, I’m so sick and tired of people saying “shred” guitar music is boring. Just a bunch of fast notes, just noodling and never sounds musical. I laugh when people make that argument. I try to listen to all the shred guys listed above and they all sound very “musical” to me. Playing shred can sound musical and tasteful.

I’ve been listening to instrumental shred guitar for years ever since I was in my 20’s and still do listen to that genre today. While a lot of the old shred guys are still releasing new albums even to this day, there are a bunch of new up and coming shredders… like Tosin Abasi (who plays in Animals as Leaders and I love that band), Nita Strauss and Lari Basilio to name a few. I’m sure there are plenty more of new shred guitarists that are around but can’t think of ’em right now.

Anyhow, I love instrumental guitar music. Always had. It just relaxes me, ya know? It’s fun and enjoyable to listen to. One day I would love to start making instrumental guitar music myself ’cause I always wanted to. Maybe that’s what I was meant to do all along, ya know? I was never the best singer in the world, I just did it for fun but I don’t have to sing if I don’t need to. Not saying I’ll give up singing but I just want to try writing instrumental guitar music myself some day. Make my own backing tracks and just jam along to it and see what I come up with.

Shred guitar is still around. Before the pandemic hit, shred guitarists go out on tour and still sell out shows all the time. Even if there’s no live music, these shred guys keep coming out with new records which is great. People still love this stuff. The new Joe Satriani album, “Shapeshifting” is really good, though… and can’t stop listening to that one. The new John Petrucci solo album, “Terminal Velocity” is an excellent record too and there’s plenty of shred on that album.

I still buy shred albums even to this day ’cause I just love that type of guitar playing. Yeah, admittedly, I do want to become that guitar player myself and really working on it. It’s a slow process but the more you keep at it, you will get there.


What will happen to Eddie Van Halen’s massive Guitar & AmP collection? His home Studio As Well…

With Eddie Van Halen being gone now, I’m sure a lot of musicians and music lovers are now wondering what’s gonna happen to his massive guitar and amp collection. What’s gonna happen to his homestudio which he named it 5150???

Nobody knows yet whether or not Eddie wrote a will before he passed and I’m sure he did. I’m sure he picked someone important to him where he’ll pass most of his belongings to.

When it comes to a guitar master like Eddie Van Halen, you can imagine that he would have a massive guitar and amp collection… all probably stored at his 5150 studios at his home. Eddie wasn’t shy showing off his home studio over the years as he has giving tours and allowed other musicians to hang with him in there. A lot of famous guitar virtuosos have their own home studios… a lot of their studios look perfectly clean and they have all sorts of state of the art and expensive music gear all over the place. You would think EVH’s homestudio would be the same but not really…

Eddie’s studio was kind of a shithole, lol… look through youtube and pics of that for proof. In Eddie’s studio, you’ll see guitars all over the place… there are torn apart guitar parts as well and Eddie building/repairing guitars that are unfinished… there are wires, tools, all kinds of music gear and walls of amplifiers all over that studio. It’s kind of crazy. Van Halen recorded most of their albums in there.

I’m sure Eddie would want his closest family to own his home studio, maybe he’ll switch ownership of 5150 Studios to his brother Alex or his son Wolfgang, either one of them would take over. As for who will own all of his guitars and amps, maybe Wolfgang for sure… we’ll see what’s gonna happen to all that stuff. I’m sure some of his guitars and amps will be sold to rock museums all over the United States to put on for display… especially the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and Hard Rock Cafes.

We’ll know all this stuff real soon, I’m sure ’cause this stuff will get out to the music media and the press especially magazines like Guitar World which Eddie was pretty close to over the years. I’m sure Guitar World magazine will want to know.

I’m still bummed by the passing of EVH. Can’t believe it myself.


Powerlifting training is going well… Starting to feel strong again…

Well it’s been several weeks already of me going back to the gym and I’m already getting used to powerlifting training again. Feeling really good doing bench and deadlift again but squats, I’m just still trying to get good form with that.

I’m always pretty good with bench and deadlift but squats I’ve always had a little trouble with ’cause it’s the most complex lift really. I am finally able to get the good form down with squats by using lighter weights. When I’m squatting above parallel, I could squat like 130 lbs. – 150 lbs. but when I’m squatting below parallel, I can only hit like 125 – 130 lbs which is okay in my eyes.

Squatting below parallel is kind of tough ’cause I’m kind of a short guy and it feels wicked deep squatting below parallel. To squat below parallel in powerlifting the hip crease (or upper leg area) needs to be lower than the top of the knees. That means you must descent until the hamstrings touch your calves and your hips are below the knees. That’s the legal powerlifting squat in order to get all 3 white lights. It’s tough to do but I’m getting better at squats now, I think.

I made a vow that I wouldn’t miss a lift in my training cycle in powerlifting on the big three: deadlift, bench and squat. Lately I haven’t been missing lifts on the deadlift and bench but for some reason I missed a couple of lifts on squats ’cause I’m still learning the form. Think I got it now so I’ll try my best not to miss a lift on squats again. When I do miss a lift on squats, I’ll take some weight off and go a little lighter so I can make that lift to end the squat session with.

I’m really hoping to bring up my numbers on the big three lifts before the year ends. Really improve. Hoping to make my deadlift go past 300 lbs. for reps, go past 200 lbs. for reps on bench and I want to bring up my squat numbers some too ’cause that’s kind of low right now. Low squat numbers was intentional ’cause I’m trying to squat with the right “depth”… break parallel that’ll make the powerlifting judges happy.

I just figured that the more you improve your deadlift, the more you improve your squat numbers too ’cause the deadlift takes a lot of leg work. Deadlift works out your entire lower body just like the squat does.

I’m training smart this time around. Now that I’m back in the gym after a little vacation from it, no more messing around and train like a real powerlifter.

The problem with powerlifters even the longtime veterans, they miss a lot of lifts in their training during off-season. I’m not gonna do that. If you want to bring your numbers up, you gotta do the numbers that you know you can hit. You gotta leave room in the tank in order to hit the bigger ones.

I’m gonna keep my powerlifting training going throughout the fall & Winter and bodybuilding training too. Consistency is key to getting stronger.

For deadlift today, I just easily smashed a 280 lb. single. So if I could do that, I could probably go past 300 lbs. in another month or two. I’m almost there, anyway.


Greta Van Fleet drops new song, “My Way Soon”… pretty awesome… digging it…

I’m really digging the new Greta Van Fleet song as well… and they don’t sound like Led Zeppelin at all this time, lmao. Even though they are trying to stay away from Led Zep comparison’s, they still have a classic rock vibe in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

They sound more like Skynyrd and Fleetwood Mac here, in my opinion. Looks like Greta Van Fleet about to release their 2nd album soon and looking forward to it. They still don’t disappoint.

First Ac/Dc makes comeback and Greta Van Fleet too? Yup… pop, rap music and country still dominating the industry but rock music is still alive and well. Rock n’ roll may not be as mainstream anymore but it’s trying to make a mainstream comeback.

I was late discovering Greta Van Fleet but now I’m a fan of everything they’re doing. Can’t wait for their next record.


Vice President Debate Review… Pence killed it, very impressed with him… Kamala not very likeable, though…

Yeah, last night I watched the VP Debate with Kamala Harris vs. Mike Pence and you can betcha that I’m siding with Mike Pence ’cause simply put, Kamala Harris isn’t very likeable at all. Only positive I can give Kamala is that she’s a way better speaker than Joe Biden and she can speak her mind without being scripted but other than that, the woman is a stupid cunt.

All she did the whole night was kiss Joe’s ass, ignoring pretty much all debate questions and rambling on about how horrible the orange man in the oval office is. ***yawn***

The debate last night was mostly talk about “Climate Change” which I don’t care about. “Climate Change” is a non-issue and I’m tired of the left/Democrats talking “Climate Change” like they are the gatekeepers of it. I don’t care about “Climate Change” but you can tell that Pence seems to be getting annoyed talking about it too even though he was calm and friendly about it.

I was impressed with Pence’s debating skills. Honestly, he’s probably the best debater I’ve ever seen. While all Harris did was dodge questions and ignore most of ’em, Pence answered every single question intelligently and with good insight too. He’s a well-spoken man. One thing about Pence when he debates, he’s more friendlier, humble and calm. That man knows how to debate with “civility”, Pence isn’t as brutal and aggressive as Trump is to be honest and that’s one thing that the left will never admit.

What are my favorite moments of the debates last night?

My favorites was Pence bringing up Kayla Mueller getting slaughtered by Isis and that got under Kamala’s skin and she responded by bringing up the fake news thing that Trump saying McCain is no war hero, just to make it look like Trump doesn’t respect war heroes. Pence responded by saying Trump respects and loves our military ’cause Pence has a son and son-in-law who are both in the military.

Another favorite moment of mine is the video above. Pence challenging Kamala to her face on whether or not she supports “court packing” of the Supreme Court. It’s been said out there that Biden/Harris are planning to pack the Supreme Court and add more leftist judges ’cause they don’t get their way but of course, Biden refuses to answer that question and now Harris. What does Harris does in response? Ignores question again and accuses Trump of not appointing any black justices.

It was a great debate to be honest… Pence did a great job. Even though Pence was calm and collected, he still did a great job destroying Kamala and owning her on the stage.

I think Pence is presidential material for sure and I hope he decides to run for prez in 2024 when Trump’s time is up. I think Pence would make a great president for sure.

I’m ready to vote for Trump/Pence Nov. 3rd. An easy re-election coming and I’m ready to make the haters cry again. Lets do this!


Will Van Halen continue as a band after the death of Eddie???? Probably not… band is probably done for good…

We haven’t heard yet whether or not the band Van Halen is going to continue after the death of Eddie Van Halen, the band’s longtime founder, leader and guitarist. We haven’t heard from the other bandmates… Wolfgang, Alex, David Lee Roth, etc. on whether or not they plan on continuing without Eddie yet. No statement from the band yet but I’m sure we’ll hear from them soon. I think they’ll make an announcement real soon that the band will probably be done for good.

The band can make its many lineup changes as they wanted to over the years but Eddie is irreplaceable. There can’t be a Van Halen without Eddie ’cause his guitar playing is the band’s sound. That can’t be replaced.

The other bandmates in Van Halen will probably take some time to grieve of Eddie’s passing quietly and then they’ll make a statement sometime this week or later. I say whatever time they need ’cause they need to discuss privately on whether or not they should continue and they’ll probably hang it up.

While the band will probably be done for good, the music of Van Halen will live on. I’m sure David Lee Roth will continue to perform Van Halen songs in his solo career and I’m sure Sammy Hagar will continue to do Van Halen songs in his era.

Other bands and music artists will try to cover Van Halen music but they can’t copy Eddie’s sound and style ’cause Eddie had his own. Eddie irreplaceable.

Are the surviving members of Van Halen gonna put on a tribute concert for Eddie, though? Could be a possibility and wouldn’t surprise me if it happens. We’ll have to wait. I’m sure all kinds of tributes will be happening for Eddie in the future. We’ll hear from the band real soon, I’m sure.


RIP: Eddie Van Halen 1955 – 2020…

Today is a sad day in the rock music world and 2020 did it again. Eddie Van Halen, guitar virtuoso was known to starting the band Van Halen with his brother, Alex. At the start, Eddie and Alex began on the piano at first when they were little kids. Then Eddie got interested in the drums for a little bit until he got interested in the guitar inspired by his brother, Alex. Eddie would learn and practice guitar for hours when growing up. Eddie would even walk around in his home as a teen with his guitar strapped on. Yes, Eddie loved the guitar that much.

Eddie and Alex formed Van Halen in 1972 w/ bassist Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth on the lead vocals. The band released their first record in 1978 which included their hits, “Ain’t Talking About Love”, “You Really Got Me” (the Kinks cover) and their iconic instrumental “Eruption” which became their anthem of some sort.

The band became a commercially successful band in the late 70’s and early 80’s… the Roth era were hit makers and had a string of hits that everyone loves. The band went through some lineup changes over the years and had a few singers come and go. Sammy Hagar joined the band in the late 80’s and stuck with them through the late 90’s. Gary Cherone joined the band as a singer but only made one album with them, “Van Halen III”. Then David Lee Roth re-joined and released their 12th and probably gonna be their last album, “A Different Kind of Truth” released in 2012.

Eddie is one of the most respected guitarists in the history of music. If you play the guitar yourself, you were probably inspired by him. People of all ages loved Eddie’s guitar playing, even little children looked up to him. When you listen to Eddie play, you can’t help but listen and be mesmerized by him. While Eddie was known for his shredding and his two handed-tapping technique, he was also a great rhythm player too which not many people talk about. He wrote some pretty great riffs.

I’ve always been a fan of Van Halen myself. I don’t have all their records but I’ve heard a lot of ’em. I only have a very few Van Halen records in my collection but planning to get more.

Eddie was more than just a guitar genius, he was also a genius at guitar tone and sound. He always knew what he wanted his guitar and amp to sound like. He was definitely a tech genius when it comes to that guitar stuff. I’m sure he played all brands of guitars but one thing no one wants to talk about are his custom signatures that he’s known for… of course, everybody knows his custom Frankenstein guitar with those weird colors but he had other custom guitars too. He also had a few custom guitar amps most notably the 5150. Eddie worked with guitar companies to make him his own guitar signatures. Eddie definitely had a good ear when it comes to sound and tone. He took guitar sound very seriously and was a perfectionist.

Eddie was one of the reasons I play guitar myself, he helped inspired me of course. He’s definitely one of my top 10 favorite guitarists.

Eddie passed today at 65 years old after a long battle with throat cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and his bandmates.

Remember when David Lee Roth said that “Van Halen is finished” and everybody thought he was crazy and never believed him? Well this is a good time for David to say, “I toldyaso”. David wouldn’t talk about Eddie’s health and wouldn’t go any further ’cause he respected Eddie’s privacy. Eddie was a very private man. Everybody knew he had throat cancer but no one knew how he was since he was so private about it. Eddie was one to never talk about his private life publicly and I respect that. He was all about the music.

RIP Eddie and thanks for the great music.


Ac/Dc producer says band will make Malcolm Young’s presence known on new album, “PWR UP”… Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about Malcolm…

When Ac/Dc confirmed the lineup for the band’s comeback, Malcolm was left out but don’t fret… Malcolm will still be part of the new Ac/Dc album, “PWR UP”. The band’s producer says the band worked on several riff ideas that Malcolm wrote and they wrote songs around that. Malcolm’s riffs will still be a part of the new album but they will be played by Stevie.

Before Malcolm passed, he continued to play guitar as long as he was able and up until he couldn’t play guitar anymore. I’m sure there was a point he had to stop playing guitar for good when dementia got a lot worse.

We all knew the band was coming back soon but we didn’t know what musicians would be involved in the comeback… even the band’s producer didn’t even know… he was just as shocked like the rest of us when he found out that Phil and Cliff were re-joining.

Happy birthday to Brian Johnson, btw.


Thoughts On Trump and Melania getting covid-19, Beginning to think maybe I should take Covid-19 a little more serious…

Ever since this covid-19 shit started since last March, I never really took it that serious… ya know the virus. I just didn’t want to live in fear and continue to try to live my life the way I want to. I’m not one to stay locked up at home 24/7. I wanted to be out there doing things still like going to the gym, hit the malls, go to the movies and all that stuff. Since the country got locked down, I still tried to get out there to stay active like go out for a long walk or a long bike ride which I did those since the coronavirus started back in March.

I may have admittedly said the virus is a hoax a little bit, as in not real but later on, I started to see that it’s pretty real, I guess. Now that Trump, Melania and many others on his team got tested positive… maybe I should be taking it a little more seriously? Well, whatever, ya know? I’m still not gonna live in fear and continue to live my life the way I want to. If I got it somehow then so be it. The virus can be quickly recovered and you can survive from it easily. It’s not the most “deadliest” virus like Democrats and the media trying to make it out to be.

It’s no surprise to see that the Democrats and a lot of leftists/liberals are glad that Donald and Melania got the Covid and I’m seeing many of them wishing them dead. It’s pretty cold and vile of them… way out of line. No matter your political views, you should always look out for their well-being… give out your thoughts and prayers anyways…. Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did. Look, I absolutely hate Biden, Obama and H. Clinton but I applaud them for showing compassion to the President and Melania.

Even if prominent Democrats like Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, H. Clinton, etc. if any of them got the corona, I would still give them thoughts and prayers and wish them well. I may hate them politically and they’re awful people but they are still human. I would never wish any of them dead even if I can’t stand them.

Lefties really are pieces of garbages and that’s all this really proves. Of course, they want Trump to step down from election ’cause he got covid. If he have to step-down from election that means he’ll have to step down from the presidency too.

Nobody wants to talk about the high number of recoveries of coronavirus. Sen. Rand Paul had Covid-19 and he got rid of it quickly. If Rand Paul can quickly recover so can Trump and Melania.

Trump isn’t going anywhere. He’ll easily beat covid-19 and then he’ll be back to win the re-election. Trump has covid and lefties just continue to hate, hate, hate like the vile and cold people like they always are. They say they are the party of “love” and “tolerance”???? Pffffftttttt… please….

If Trump doesn’t get well before the 2nd Presidential Debate then he and Joe may have to do the debate virtually which would be interesting. I’m predicting Trump will kick covid’s ass before then, though.

Lefties keep accusing Trump of calling “covid” a hoax and accusing him of downplaying all the numbers. None of it true. Trump’s been taking it seriously since day 1. Since Trump’s got it himself now, he’s taking it more seriously than ever.

Trump will be back and be badder than ever. He’s got this. I’ve never been the praying type but for him it’s worth it.


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