I love music, can’t live without it…

I purchased some music from the Itunes store this week. Haven’t bought albums in a long while so I figure I’ll get some. Wanted to catch up on some newer albums that I’ve been wanting to get like the new Dream Theater album “Distance Over Time” which is a pretty sick album. I love Dream Theater… they’re one of my favorite bands and I’m trying to collect all their albums. I’ve been interested in the new Sammy Hagar and the Circle album too… their record “Space Between” rocks. Listened to Hagar’s “Space Between” album at the gym and that’s a sick album and Sammy’s still got it. I’ve been wanting to get Trey Anastasio’s new album “Ghosts of the Forest” for a long while and finally got it. That too is a really great record. As for Queensryche “The Verdict”, I’ve been getting into those guys more and more and trying to get more of their stuff so I picked up their new album which is also really good.

As for Larkin Poe, I think I found my new obsession. Larkin Poe is a great new artist that I discovered through Guitar World magazine so I decided to check them out for myself. Larkin Poe is a female duo who plays a mix of country, blues and rock n’ roll. One girl plays the guitar and sings, the other girl plays slide guitar.

As for Beck “Mellow Gold”, like the instagram post says, I used to have that album when I was young back in high school but lost the album so I re-bought it digitally. It was priced at $5.99 on Itunes so I decided to get it. I listened to that album at the gym and I still remember every song on that record. It’s a great record for sure. I love Beck. Have been a huge Beck fan for a long time and still trying to collect all his music as well. Beck is a talented songwriter.

I’ll probably get some more albums from Itunes in a few weeks ’cause there is still more I want to get. Some people may find it questionable that I buy a lot of albums but I can’t help myself, ya know? I love music. Can’t live without it and gotta be around music all the time. I’ve always loved to support bands and artists. That’s who I’ve always been. Yeah, the music industry maybe very liberal with their politics but I don’t care about their political views really… it’s the music I care about. If the artist is good, I’ll support them. That’s how it goes.



It’s de-load week at the gym and feeling really good too!!!

Yeah, it’s de-load week at the gym this week. Yesterday I did a very light chest day and early this morning I did a very light leg day. Seriously, I lifted everything pretty light and only doing about 8 reps on everything. I am noticing the difference between heavy days and lighter days. On the lighter days, you don’t feel as fatigue which feels awesome really.

As a powerlifter, I think I’m going to need de-load weeks more often and I think I will start having a de-load week after every 3 weeks of heavy lifting. Sounds good to me.

Some of you may say… “But you can’t get muscle gains and strength gains having light days”. Of course you can. Its important to have light days ’cause it helps give you plenty of time for the muscles to repair and recover quicker. That’s why “De-load” weeks are very useful.

It really is a bad idea to lift super-heavy week after week nonstop ’cause it’s bad for the nervous system or the CNS is what they all call it. I’m glad I took a de-load this week and I’ll take another de-load week next week too ’cause I really need it. Honestly, I did feel a little beat up doing all that heavy lifting and now I’m feeling a lot better.

After the two de-load weeks are all over, I’ll probably get my strength back for bench, squat and deadlift. Doing de-load week for squat, I finally got the depth right and I will keep doing squats this way from now on.

Gotta leave your ego at the door sometimes ’cause it’s important to have those light weeks. You can get muscle and strength gains doing light lifting… don’t listen to those idiots that say you can’t.


1993 action film “Cliffhanger” that starred Sylvester Stallone is getting a reboot but will have a female starring in the leading role…

Stallone’s 1993 hit action film “Cliffhanger” that was directed by Renny Harlin and also starring Michael Rooker and John Lithgow is getting a complete reboot. Stallone’s “Cliffhanger” came out 26 years ago… yeah, the film was that long ago and it was a smash hit in the box office. I remember when the original “Cliffhanger” came out and I loved the movie ever since. Still do love the film… it’s definitely one of Sly’s best action films outside of Rambo.

The reboot film is going to be completely different, though. Will the story of the reboot be about a bunch of bad guys trying to find cases of money spread around snowy mountain areas like the original? No probably not. I’m sure most of the reboot will be taken place on a mountain throughout the whole film but I’m sure the story is gonna be different. I’m sure the story of the reboot will have bad guys going after the leading character, though… except the leading character in the “Cliffhanger” reboot will be female.

The director will be female too as they already hired a director but they haven’t found their female lead yet. The director is  goona be Ana Lily Amirpour.

Hang On, Cannes! Neal Moritz’s Female-Fronted ‘Cliffhanger’ Reboot Climbs With Rocket Science, CAA

I wonder who they’re gonna get for the female lead? Will they get a big name star or will they get a complete unknown? No doubt she is gonna be young. They should probably get an actress who has some action movie experience, though… actresses such as Gina Carano, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Noomi Rapace, Alicia Vikander, Natalie Portman, etc. I can see one of them getting the role.

Some of you may ask, is Sly himself upset with this project? Nope. It seems to me that he’s all for it and he definitely supports it. Straight from his instagram about the reboot:

Will I go see the “Cliffhanger” reboot when it comes out? I would… depending on who the female lead is going to be and I’ll wait to see a trailer first before making a decision.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this project, though.


I don’t think “Game of Thrones” is over for good… it could get turned into a film series… don’t worry fans…

I didn’t watch the final season of Game of Thrones since I don’t have HBO. I wish I could watch it on TV like everyone else but since I can’t afford HBO, I just buy all the seasons on DVD/BluRay. I do have all 7 seasons on DVD/BluRay. I have the first 6 seasons on DVD and season 7 on BluRay but I will get the final season which is Season 8 on BluRay when it comes out for sure.

Anyhow, I’m not upset that the show “Game of Thrones” has ended on TV. That’s on TV but for the big screen? Over the years there have always been talks of a big screen “Game of Thrones” movie so don’t rule that out yet, folks. Sure, George R.R. Martin didn’t finish the sixth book “The Winds of Winter” yet so HBO didn’t make it in time to adapt “The Winds of Winter” book into the show. I’m thinking though that “The Winds of Winter” which is book six could get made into a big screen movie for Hollywood.

Over thee years, there were other hit TV shows that got made into big screen movies especially shows like “Star Trek”, “Sex In the City”, “Mission Impossible”, “The Addams Family”, “The A-Team”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “The Muppets”, “The X-Files” and the list goes on.

Could the same happen for “Game of Thrones”??? Yes, absolutely. I haven’t seen the final episode of “GOT” yet but I’m sure the ending left open for more in the future. The “Game of Thrones” movie may not happen right away ’cause I hear the writers for “Game of Thrones” will be writing their Star Wars trilogy next so a “Game of Thrones” movie may take a while. I can see the cast and crew of “Game of Thrones” reuniting for a big screen movie years from now. We’ll have to wait until George finishes book 6 and then maybe they’ll make it into a movie. That’s probably what’s gonna happen.

I do love “Game of Thrones”, though. Always did. I’ve been with them since the beginning and still a loyal fan now. I didn’t watch the final season yet so I will wait for the BluRay release which could come out later this year hopefully.


Bodybuilding really is a life changer for me… more and more people are starting to talk to me ’cause of it…

Usually I keep to myself most of the time. Yeah, I’m an introverted person and quiet but that doesn’t mean I’m completely anti-social. I’m only pretty talkative to those I know well and if I think I like and trust you enough, I’ll talk to you as well. I do try to be approachable as much as possible, though.

A lot lately I’ve been having a lot of complete strangers, people I don’t know approaching me to chat me up. Not sure why that is. Is it because of my muscular physique??? Yes, that is probably a part of it. I’m having a lot of random people I don’t know coming up to chat me up and this has been happening a lot at the gym especially. I now know a lot of people that work out at my local gym and starting to make friends with a few of them too.

I think what it is that the more jacked and more fit you get, people will respect you. Bodybuilders usually do earn a lot of respect and I guess, many of them do grow a fan following and a lot of supporters. Maybe they just like how I look and respect my work ethic in the gym and it’s just their way of showing respect. I’m even having a lot more women approaching me too. I’m surprised I don’t have a hot girlfriend yet but it could happen sooner or later, haha.

I am humbled and grateful for all the support and respect, though. It’s what keeping me motivated and it’s part of why I keep going. I know I can’t please everybody in bodybuilding ’cause I know I’m gonna get some haters and assholes but that’s okay. Getting haters is a good thing too as they don’t scare me at all.

My goal is to get big as possible. Some of you may ask, would I get a career out of bodybuilding and make money for it? No, not at all. I’ll never become a fitness model, a fitness guru, personal trainer and none of that stuff. I just lift weights ’cause it’s a passion of mine and I’m not looking to get rich off of bodybuilding at all. Just want to look great and be healthy.


Thoughts on Arnold getting attacked by some nutjob in South Africa… if you hated Arnold before then you may no longer hate him after this…

Celebrities in America always get criticized for having armed bodyguards everywhere they go. If you watch the video clip Arnold posted above on his twitter, you would immediately see why celebrities have bodyguards. It’s for their protection and safety. Having bodyguards helps keeps them safe from nutjobs and violent people. Celebrities are such a big public figure in America and they are always gonna get crazies after them.

You may have hated Arnold in the past but after seeing this video, I’m sure you respect him a little bit more. Whether you love Arnold or hate him, you can’t deny the fact that he is a tough dude. Arnie is a former pro bodybuilder. Even though he is a retired bodybuilder, he still works out in the gym and he’s still in great shape. If Arnold didn’t have that muscular body then that attack could have been much worse for him. Do you see how that having a muscular body can do good things for someone? Having a muscular physique can help protect you.

Fitness and bodybuilding can do great things for you later in life and this is proof of it. This makes me respect Arnie even more. I loved how he brushed this off and laughed it off like it was nothing.

Glad Arnie is okay, though. Look, I get that some of you out there don’t like a certain celebrity but what you DON’T DO is attack them. You could get into a lot of trouble for that and when you physically attack someone famous, that could ruin your life forever. You could get sent to jail for a long time, people will lose respect for you and I can go on and on. You may not like certain celebrities out there but they are still human and they are real people like all of us. They don’t deserve to get attacked by nutjobs. If I see a certain celebrity that I’m no fan of getting attacked by someone, I will still save him/her from the attacker ’cause that would be the right thing to do.

I don’t agree with Arnold’s politics but I’m still a huge fan and admirer of his. I just respect him for his movie career and bodybuilding. That’s pretty much it really.


Physique update… I’m loving what doing more barbell work have done to me lately…

Here’s my latest bodybuilding progress. Well, training in powerlifting too is really helping my physique as you can see. Getting into bench pressing full time really have helped my pecs, big time. I’m finally getting the look I wanted.

As you can see, I got a pretty good six pack going so I must be pretty lean. At the gym today, I just checked my bodyfat percentage and it’s about 15% percent now which is considered lean. Honestly, I don’t really need to get any lower in bodyfat ’cause in reality getting lower than 10% would be pretty dangerous.

Maybe I might be ready for the bodybuilding competition stage after all? I don’t know, lmao… only kidding. I would never compete for the bodybuilding stage and once again, I just want the look.

I’m happy with what I look like now, though. Still got a lot of work to do. I want my pecs to be a lot bigger but gonna take my time.


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