So the State Police is finally on the move in search of Jaliek Rainwalker… yes, FINALLY!!!

After years of silence from the local news media and silence from law enforcement… there is finally some new developments in the “Jaliek Rainwalker” case.

A tip got called in at the New York State Police, the police won’t say who the person who sent in the tip was and they won’t say what the tip is but it is good enough to prompt a search at a baseball field in South Troy. State Police were they all day this week.

Of course, they found nothing but I’m so happy and glad that there is finally some action.

This latest update on Jaliek Rainwalker blew up all over the local news. It was on every local news outlet if you want to search yourself.

Yeah, we all know Stephen Kerr is guilty and probably killed him. The best part is that even the State Police is totally focused on Kerr ’cause even they say that everything points to him.

This is a pretty good reminder, though that this Jaliek Rainwalker case isn’t going away until Jaliek is found and all those responsible are locked up. I think Stephen Kerr acted alone on the murder of Jaliek and other people are covering up for him.

While I’m glad the search is back on, I still have a hunch that Jaliek was concealed at 11 Hill St. home, probably hidden in the walls of the basement or under concrete like some try to tell us.

I’ve been following this case since it happened in 2007 and I’m still on it. Still following today, I’ve never given up on Jaliek myself and never will.

This kid deserves justice, ya know? 14 and a half years is too long. Time to finally get something going and it’s finally happening.

Many are unhappy with the police’s work on this case but I totally believe in them and fully support them. I think they will do a good job and they will nail Stephen and Jocelyn at some point.


Ghislane Maxwell didn’t kill herself, too soon to say???

Looks like they’re gonna make Ghislane Maxwell the next “murder to look like a suicide” victim. It happened with Jeffrey Epstein… put on suicide watch and then they took him off 12 days before he hung himself. Same thing will happen with Ghislane? Calling it like everyone else.

She’ll be sent to prison on the 28th… already she’s gonna have all kinds of problems in prison and then she suddenly dies.

I don’t care about these sick people as they deserve to die these predators but you can’t help but think that someone behind Epstein’s death and the same will happen to Ghislane soon, just watch. No surprise, though, it’s coming for Ghislane too.

I bet the Clintons are behind it all ’cause the Epstein island stuff will indeed expose the Clintons for sure.


Excited for the new upcoming Ozzy album, his new song, “Patient Number 9” w/ Jeff Beck is pretty great…

I really dig the new Ozzy tune a lot that just dropped this week. On the song, he collaborates with Jeff Beck on guitar. It’s definitely Jeff Beck ’cause when you hear Jeff play, you know it’s him. Jeff’s got his own style in guitar playing and he plays like no one else.

“Patient Number 9” is actually a pretty great song, digging it a lot and I’m not that crazy about Ozzy’s newer music but I’m actually excited for his new one. This song here is mostly a ballad but it’s got some rock riffs in it too.

Ozzy’s upcoming new album is an all star kind of album where he collaborates with all kinds of guitar greats including Eric Clapton which is interesting really. Some of you are like, huh? Eric Clapton? Well Ozzy collaborating with artists out of the norm is nothing new, he just works with whoever he wants.

What I’m most excited about with his new album is that he reunites with two of his guitarists from his past on the album: Tony Iommi and Zakk and I can’t wait to hear those songs.

I’m feeling that Ozzy’s next album will be totally different. He’s always re-inventing himself but I’m sure his next album will include heavy rockers and headbanging songs like always.

I respect Ozzy even more now ’cause despite his health problems, he continues to make music through it all. Nothing is stopping him. He just loves making music. I don’t think it’s about the money for him at all.

Can’t wait for the new album. I’m getting it for sure. Probably gonna get it on both vinyl and digital.


“Indiana Jones 5” may be the final movie that Harrison Ford and John Williams will both do… understandably so, though…

John Williams just said that he’s done scoring music for films. Once he’s finished the music for “Indiana Jones 5”, that’s it. He’s done. He said that Harrison Ford is also retiring and calling it quits after Indy 5. Nothing is really official as of this point but both of these guys are already talking about calling it quits.

It’s understandable so ’cause both men are getting old and getting tired. John’s been scoring for films since the 50’s. He’s scored films for so many iconic movies and did a lot of films with Steven Spielberg especially. John is definitely the master and the king of film scoring. What I love about John’s composing style is that he’s able to make scores that sticks to your head. His scores are so catchy and memorable likes “Jaws”, “Superman”, “ET”, “Star Wars”… his scores are so memorable that you can even sing along to them.

As far as Harrison retirement goes… not only that he’s aging… I think I remember Harrison suffering two injuries on two different films. He broke his leg filming “Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens” and then he injured his shoulder on “Indy 5”. After having those major injuries, that must be when he said, “I can’t do this anymore, after Indy 5, I’m done”. I don’t think Harrison can do his own stunts anymore in action sequences.

Harrison had a great career run, though as I’ve always been a massive fan of his.

I think Indy 5 would be a perfect last movie for them to go out with. Go out on a high note, ya know?

Harrison was able to bring back all of his iconic characters to the big screen for one last time. He brought back Han Solo, Rick Deckard “Blade Runner: 2049” and now Indy for one final film. Harrison is a talented actor. Always has been. I’ve watched his films throughout the years of my life and he’s done every genre pretty much.

Well deserved retirement for both men. I’m all for it. Can’t wait for “Indy 5” and I’m sure we’ll get our first teaser trailer this summer and a title reveal too.


Why music award show events in local music are pretty dumb… it’s just a desperate pat on the back kind of thing and nothing more…

These local music award shows just keep coming, there’s been a few other ones that happened. I don’t want to name names and not gonna drop any names but I really believe that local music awards for local music is pretty dumb. Why?

All it is just that local bands/musicians and things like that are just desperate for a pat on the back. Just massive ego stroking and nothing more. Musicians really care for awards, really?

Not me. I don’t care about awards ’cause that’s not what I play music for. Even if I got nominated or won anything, I won’t even attend the shows ’cause I wouldn’t accept anything. These music awards in the Albany region music scene just keeps coming and it’s funny to me.

Each time these music awards happen, all I see is nothing but “conflict of interest” with all of them. All I see are nothing but their own people getting nominated and winning stuff… for example, their musician friends and groups of people that started the award shows like their sponsors and promoters, things like that. Completely snubbing real talent that are out there in the Capital Region. That shouldn’t be happening and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Anybody can start an award show… just put up a bunch of money to rent a venue, order the awards from a company and there you go.

There’s no such thing as being a “rock star” as a local musician and no such thing as being a “legend” either and I’m sick of seeing all of this. The rock star attitude in this area continues to be a problem.

Some of you may think I’m just jealous but there’s nothing to be jealous about. I don’t play music for awards. I’m into it for the music alone and for the love of playing guitar. That’s it really. If I ever did get something, I would totally reject everything.

Sure, they do local music awards as a way to support the scene and show support for bands and artists, I get that but you don’t need awards to show support. To show support of the scene, all you gotta do is go to a show, listen to their music online or buy an album. An award is pretty worthless, in my opinion.

I don’t support any of these award shows going on lately and not sure why it’s still happening. I won’t attend any of them. I’ve been trashing these local music awards since the start and still stand by it that these award shows are terrible.


Jaliek Rainwalker had his very first vendor at Whipple City Festival in Greenwich this year…

For this year’s Whipple City Fest in Greenwich, N.Y. we did a vendor for the missing “Jaliek Rainwalker”. The case is still in open investigation even to this day. No he hasn’t been found yet but we’re hoping that there will finally be a resolve soon.

We did a thing in town over the weekend for Jaliek to help bring awareness peacefully and advocate for missing Jaliek which the case is still in active investigation for almost 15 years now.

If you want to learn more about the case, hit google and there’s plenty of blogs and podcasts about it too. It’s disturbing, sad and scary all the same time.

While the Kerr family has given up and moved on with their lives, we have never given up on Jaliek. We won’t stop shouting his name and won’t stop advocating for him until it’s all over. Jaliek still needs to be found and put it in his proper resting place and those responsible needs to be locked up.

Everybody knows that Stephen Kerr the adoptive dad probably killed him and I believe that as well but we’re doing everything we can to find hard proof. We need the evidence and that’s the goal in order to lock him up finally and hopefully one day. The sooner the better, though.

We’re working very closely with law enforcement… we’re in contact with the NYSP, the local police, in contact with the College of St. Rose “Cold Case Center” and all that stuff. This case is a pretty big deal. We’re working very hard and we won’t stop. Case is still being investigated very low key and behind the scenes. Can’t talk about the details and info for now.

We’re trying everything we can. We know the adoptive parents did it and don’t get me started on “innocent until proven” guilty crap. There’s not a shred of evidence of their innocence either as they’ve been asked a number of times to prove their innocence but they still haven’t.

I care about this case ’cause it happened in my hometown for the most part and I’m just a regular guy wanting answers like everyone else.

We’re not stopping no matter what anyone says or thinks or how mad people get.

Yeah, advocating for missing persons and children can be tough, difficult and admittedly “overwhelming” ’cause you gotta deal with a somewhat corrupt investigation… gotta deal with all kinds of untrustworthy people and you’re gonna meet some weirdos too. Of course, when all you want to do is advocate and show support, you’ll have to deal with some acting like you’re “trouble makers” instead which is frustrating but we’re not stopping.

Jaliek deserves his justice, ya know? Those responsible needs to be locked up ’cause I’m feeling that more than one person was involved. I feel Stephen Kerr didn’t do this alone, others were definitely involved for sure and someone/some people definitely knows everything. We all hate Stephen Kerr and we all want that monster off the streets. It’s tough but trying everything we can.

It may seem like a difficult case but it is solvable and winnable. Again, we’re not stopping until it’s all over.


Thoughts on Tom Hanks yelling at autographs & selfie hounds after they trip his wife…

This is starting to be the most talked about thing today… Tom Hanks screaming and yelling at fans in NYC after they nearly knocked his wife, Rita Wilson over.

Tom Hanks, the iconic actor has been on a promotional tour, doing events to help promote the “Elvis” biopic movie that he has a role in. Here you see Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, just arriving in NYC… surrounded by bodyguards of course… and ya know this, where ever celebrities go in big cities such as NYC, there will be obsessive fans and paparazzi around.

On Tom’s way out to his vehicle, he was trying to be nice to the crowd at first by nodding to everyone and smiling but things got a bit aggressive when things got too crowded. Rita was almost knocked over ’cause the black dude with the black hat on bumped into her.

Was it the black guy’s fault? Everyone in social media and youtube comments blaming the black guy but I watched this video a couple of times. It wasn’t his fault at all. To me, I think the black guy was just trying to help and try to give Tom and Rita some space. To me, I saw that it was the big fat ass with the blue sweatshirt and backpack on that bumped into the black guy and pushed the black guy into Rita. Blame the blue sweat shirt guy.

On top of that, it seems that Tom was in no mood for autographs and selfies ’cause it looked like he was in a real hurry… note his fast walking. I think Tom’s in NYC this week to do a slew of interviews with the press to promote “Elvis”. Rita just goes with him everywhere he goes and he just being protective of her really.

Doing a little research, Tom Hanks is very accommodating w/ autographs and selfies with fans but at a time like that, he wasn’t in the mood for. He looked to be in a real hurry and was looking tired. Plus, those fans didn’t deserve it… trying to hound him with autographs and shoving their phones in his face like really? And most importantly, almost knocking over Rita which she could have been hurt. I can understand Tom getting pissed ’cause I’d be the same.


Yeah, I’m a pretty conservative guy and Trump supporter, I won’t change for anybody… you shouldn’t either…

I’ve been a conservative/Republican kind of person since high school. I was never a liberal/leftist kind of person… when I was a kid in high school, I never really understood politics until I studied it in high school like later in 10th or 11th grade or something like that. Learning about history, elections and government and things like that. I remember first registering to vote in high school and of course, I registered as a Republican and still am a registered Republican to this day.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with family and friends being disappointed with my political views. Disappointed of seeing me how “conservative” I am. Yeah, I’ve gotten blocked/unfriended by my own family members and lefties who I’ve thought I was pretty friendly with stabbing me in the back ’cause I was either very conservative or a Trump supporter.

It’s amazing how much hatred the left have toward the right and it’s much worse now. I’ve gone through a lot of bullshit myself with the left but that’s okay.

When it comes to politics, I speak for myself and myself only… that’s how it should be, ya know? I hate leftism… yes… but I won’t stop being your friend if you’re a leftist person ’cause I do have leftist friends believe it or not. There are still some leftist people who will accept you for who you are ’cause there are still some grown ups left.

I’m also having a hard time trying to deal with leftist musicians around the Capital Region ’cause many of them refuse to support me ’cause of my conservative views and me being a Trump supporter. That’s okay ’cause I’m not changing for them either. I know how leftist the local music community can be. I think conservative musicians like myself are blacklisted in local music and they can’t get gigs anymore ’cause of leftist venues.

Truthfully I don’t really care about someone’s political views, if you’re friendly to me, I’ll be friendly to you, that’s how it goes. If you want to hate over politics, that’s fine by me. Life goes on and all it does is it just shows your true colors.

I just refuse to support a side that normalized gay marriage, that rams Pride and BLM down our throats, supports abortion, supports gun control, hating the country and hates the police and their obsessive hatred for Donald Trump. Why would I want to be a leftist person? So glad I’m not. No regrets.


Having Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn in “Joker 2” musical movie wouldn’t make sense anyways, I love the idea of Lady Gaga playing that character instead, though…

Well, not only that “Joker 2” is now moving forward with Todd Phillips returning to direct and Joaquin Phoenix returning to star, it’s been announced that Lady Gaga… the mega pop star may be playing Harley Quinn. Ya know, Harley Quinn, the popular Batman villain who plays Joker’s lover and sidekick. Not only that Lady Gaga is allegedly in talks to star as Harley Quinn, Joker 2 script is written as a movie musical.

When that news was announced, Batman fans in social media seems to be pretty outraged by that… Lady Gaga possibly starring and Joker turning into a musical… they don’t seem to like that idea. I’m seeing a lot of Batman fans crying about Margot Robbie not getting the Harley Quinn role for “Joker 2”.

Well like the title of this post says, it wouldn’t make sense to have Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn in the Joker sequel anyway given that both “Joker” and “Suicide Squad” times are different. Margot’s Harley in “Suicide Squad” was taken place in our current time and Phoenix’s “Joker” was taken place in the early 80’s. Doing a little reading Margot’s Harley was 26 years old in the Suicide Squad movies so that means in the early 1980’s, Margot’s version of Harley in “Suicide Squad” wasn’t even born yet so she’s out. It wouldn’t make sense to have Margot play Harley in “Joker 2” given the differences of time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Margot Robbie as Harley myself but it’s time to give someone else a chance to play that character. I think Lady Gaga would be great. Her playing the role would raise “eyebrows” by some but I think Gaga would knock it out of the park and she would do great. I think Gaga would make all Harley fans happy. I think Gaga has what it takes to play this psycho mad girl with all kinds of problems.

I also love the idea of “Joker 2” turning into a musical movie… kind of in the style of “Rocky Horror”, “Cats”, “West Side Story” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Will Joaquin Phoenix be singing songs in “Joker 2”? Probably, for sure ’cause remember, Joaquin is a singer himself. He did that Johnny Cash movie, “Walk the Line”, remember that.

Even though Joker 2 is changing directions a little bit, Joker will still be the murderous madman and psycho. Plot for “Joker 2” is unknown as of this time but I think the story of Joker becoming the murderer will go even further and possibly start a gang like in the comics. I doubt Batman will be re-introduced again in this series but I’m sure the Bruce Wayne story will continue.

People may be complaining early but “trust”. I think “Joker 2” will be even better and bigger than the first. I think people will come around once “first look” photos and “trailers” start coming out. Glad it’s officially happening, though.


The Who still got it, I don’t care about their age, they still play on stage great…

Here is the Who performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival this year and they performed with a full orchestra. Here is Roger and Pete performing their hit “Baba O’ Reilly”.

Yes, these two men are almost 80 years old, they’re just about there but they still perform great on stage. The way Roger and Pete used to perform, both men used to be very physical on stage… dancing and rocking to the music. You can see that they still try to perform like that but they aren’t as physical anymore ’cause of their age, ya know? They’re still great live performers.

I see a different video of this same performance in FB and there was a time where Roger tried to swing the mic in a circle that he’s known for doing that on stage but it looks like he can’t do that anymore. Instead, the mic wrapped around his arm. Even though Roger tries to dance a little bit trying to feel the music, I think he fell at the end. Keep in mind that Roger is almost 80, he can’t perform the way he used to anymore.

Even though Pete Townshend is also known for rocking hard on the guitar and jumping all over stage, he doesn’t do that much anymore either but he can still do the windmill move, at least.

I love the Who, always did. They’ve always been one of my favorite bands. I didn’t get their latest album but I’m now thinking I’m gonna.

Hopefully this performance was recorded ’cause I love to see them release this show as a live album. Maybe they will.


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