Tnation article: 6 Gym villains you love to hate…

Earlier today, I just read this entertaining T-nation article and it’s a good read. I agree with it all and have seen it all at public gyms over the years. Yeah, going to a public gym maybe a lot of fun and you go there to have fun and get a good workout in but sometimes the gym makes you want to hate people… seriously.

For those who are too lazy to read articles but read titles only… here are the 6 Gym Villains this article wrote about…:

  1. Fake MMA Guy
  2. Locker Room Selfie Guy
  3. Weight-belt fashion statement guy
  4. Half Repping Noisy Guy
  5. The Talker
  6. Girl Who Doesn’t Want Attention But Really Does

Yup, I have seen it all except… I am guilty at taking locker room selfies of myself before but I try not to do it too much. I don’t think I’ll do it anymore.

As for the fake MMA guy goes, you see it all the time… this guy who uses a commercial gym instead of a more appropriate MMA styled gym which are all over America. The same goes for boxers too, they don’t need to be using a public gym to go all over the place. I’ve seen fake MMA fighters/boxers shadowboxing with dumbbells before and it’s funny. I’ve also seen fake fighters fighting by himself in front of a mirror a lot. It’s funny to see really. They also do all these weird workouts like bench steppers, arm band stuff, box jumping and all that crap. Really? Go find a boxing gym to do all that stuff with ’cause they are all over the place. Now that MMA is legal in NY State, I’m sure there are MMA schools all over.

As for the weightbelt wearing guy, I’ve seen other guys wear that for every workout. It’s okay to wear a weightbelt for deadlifting and squatting, yes but wearing a belt throughout the day? Lmao!!!!

As for the Half-Repping Noisy Guy, I’ve seen that all the time as well. I’ve seen meatheads trying to lift heavy weights with half-assed range of motion and they’re grunting and sometimes screaming. It’s a big problem at the gym I go to, I see it all the time, it’s laughable.

The Talker pisses me off too… at every gym you go to there will always be this chatty person who talks to everybody and they will talk to each other for hours and hours between their sets. Not good for the body and muscles. When I go to the gym, I’m always listening to music with earphones on so I can give people a hint to leave me alone but of course, someone always tries to chat me up. It’s freakin’ annoying.

Now the girl who doesn’t want attention but really does, yes, that is a problem with women absolutely. Women pretend to not want attention at gyms by wearing a ballcap pull down to cover their face, listening to music to give men a hint to leave them alone but their gym attire sometimes, though… they wear things that show too much skin and even cleavage… when in-shape women look like this you can’t help but check her out and I’m guilty of this sometimes… checking out the good looking women with toned bodies…. how can you not want to look away? Of course they want attention with the guys, don’t let ’em fool ya’.

I thought this was a great article and thought I would share.


Dee Snider hints that new Ac/Dc album will feature some “jaw-dropping” surprises… but refuses to say what…

While campaigning heavily to get Ac/Dc to perform the Superbowl Halftime show for next year’s Superbowl game, Dee Snider reveals some more stuff about Ac/Dc being in the studio for a new album. There has been a huge debate on whether or not Ac/Dc are in the studio recording a new album but there has been pics leaked to the internet of the band at the studio and that’s when it sparked speculation that the band is recording a new album… Dee Snider finally confirms the news that the band is working on their new album. Their next album will be considered their 18th album in their career.

Dee hints that the band will feature the original lineup… we all know that Brian Johnson and Angus Young are still in, of course but what about the other members? Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young will probably handle rhythm guitar on the new album, but what about bass and drums? Cliff Williams announced retirement from the band not too long ago but does that mean Cliff is back? Phil Rudd the drummer had some legal problems in his life and it looks like he’s back in the band too.

Dee says there will be some more “jaw dropping” surprises but who knows what. I’m predicting Axl Rose will be involved in the new album in some way. Axl took over Brian Johnson on the tour for a long while in Ac/dc but maybe Axl will sing lead vocals for a song or two on the new Ac/Dc album, that could be a huge possibility and I can see it happening for sure. The other guys in Ac/Dc enjoyed Axl’s work on the tour that they believe he should be involved in the new record.

Maybe some past members that are still alive will be back as well like Mark Evans and Tony Currenti.

Some may ask what will the new album sound like? It’ll sound like the same old Ac/Dc. I know there are a lot of legendary bands out there who will sound different every album but Ac/Dc never did that. They never changed their sound and style for every album. They’ll probably sound the same for this album too. Ya know, the same old rock n’ roll sound you’re used to hearing by them… the same old up beat rock n’ roll that you can dance to, bang your head to and sing along to. The same old simplistic rhythm playing and Brian’s screaming vocals like usual. No different but looking forward to the new record and hope we see a new Ac/Dc album this year.

I love the band so much. They’re one of my favorites. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography too, btw.


Spielberg no longer directing Indy 5 but what’s the real reason???

In my opinion, this is bad and I think Steve is making a huge mistake. I remember that Spielberg, Lucas and Ford has been talking about doing Indy 5 ever since the 4th one, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”… but since Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney this means Disney owns Lucasfilm now. Therefor, it also means that Disney owns the Indy franchise.

There could be many reasons why Spielberg is no longer interested… maybe the script having problems still and he isn’t 100% with it yet… either that or he doesn’t feel comfortable without George being around ’cause George was in charge of the story for the first 4 films. It could be any reason. Maybe he feels he doesn’t have what it takes to direct an Indy film anymore.

Steven Spielberg Won’t Direct ‘Indiana Jones 5,’ James Mangold in Talks to Replace (EXCLUSIVE)

Anyhow, I think Indy 5 is gonna flop in the box office pretty badly now that Spielberg is out. In my opinion, no other director but Spielberg directs the Indy movies. Replacing a director for the Indy films is a joke really. Indy is Spielberg’s baby.

A different director takes over, there’s gonna be a different style and no other director will be able to match Spielberg’s style of directing ’cause every director is different.

And also, they better make this movie soon ’cause the longer they wait, the older Harrison gets ’cause that man is getting older. I know these guys want to take their time with the script but Harrison’s age… he’s 77 now.

I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan… love them all even the 4th one “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” but “Raiders of the Lost Ark” will always be the best one of the series. “Raiders” is a classic and an essential.

I hope Indy 5 will be good and it’ll probably end up being a passing of the torch kind of story. I hope they don’t do the “sci-fi” thing next time, though.


Ric Flair celebrates his 71st birthday today… WOOOOooooo!!!


Ric Flair, legendary wrestler celebrates his 71st birthday today. Yeah, the man definitely had a lot of problems over the years like his struggle with alcoholism, relationships with women, dealt with the death of his son Reid Flair and all kinds of things as he has confessed in his book that he wrote with Charlotte, “Second Nature”… which is his only tell-all book pretty much. Anyway, no matter what you think of Ric love him or hate him, he is a wrestling legend.

Other than Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and Andre The Giant being a few of the biggest names in pro wrestling history… Ric Flair is right up there with them. I mean, Ric is a guy who worked for every professional wrestling company you can think of. He worked for old school WWF, then he worked for WCW for many years, then he returned to WWE later on… he also worked for TNA Impact for a long while.

In the early days, though, Ric started out wrestling in the AWA and he wrestled in Japan for a lot of years too. He worked for Jim Crockett’s “World Championship Wrestling” before it became Ted Turner’s “WCW” later on. Ric worked for the NWA in the 80’s before making his way into the old WWF in 1991.

Ric Flair’s entire life was based on wrestling… that was all he ever did and all he ever knew. That was the only thing that he made a living on pretty much… he made his money through wrestling over the years. Ric definitely loved wrestling ’cause he kept at it until Vince forced him to retire in 2008 where he had his last wrestling match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24. Ric never wrestled again after that.

Why did Ric retire from wrestling? Well his age for starters and his body probably couldn’t take it anymore, plus he had some big health scares not too long ago so he would probably never wrestle in a ring ever again. He still does make WWE appearances occasionally, though.

Ric is the one who started the Four Horsemen group which is the biggest wrestling faction of all time… the original Four Horsemen with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and JJ Dillon. The Horsemen group started in the NWA and then went on to WCW with different members.

Ric is a legendary wrestler who is a 16 time world champion… and he had many classic matches that we’ll never forget and he had some pretty excellent feuds. He had many great matches with Ricky Steamboat.

I got to see Ric Flair wrestle live in person… it was at the Royal Rumble 1992 ppv in Albany NY when it used to be called “The Knickerbocker Arena”. Yeah, I got the opportunity to witness Ric Flair winning his first world title that night and it was an amazing night and probably the best Royal Rumble and I was glad I got to see it live. I didn’t get very good seats, though, I remember sitting at the very top of the arena but I could still see the ring pretty good. It’s definitely one of the best Rumble’s in the history of wrestling for sure.

Ric is one of my all time favorite wrestlers other than Hulk Hogan, the Warrior, Owen Hart, Sting and Randy Savage. Ric was the best.

Even though Ric is a retired wrestler now, he still finds ways to stay involved in the business like make occasional appearances in WWE, I know Ric had his own podcast show for a little while, he still does autograph signings sometimes and things like that. He still has pretty strong passion for the business even though he doesn’t wrestle anymore.

Happy birthday, Ric and I’m sure he’s enjoying it with his family and friends. Wooooo….


Think I’m capable of writing some pretty cool hard rock and metal riffs, been messing around with that stuff…

For the past couple of months or so, I’ve really been studying and practicing on how to become more of a hard rock and metal musician. That’s the kind of musician I’ve always been to be honest with you and it is the whole reason why I picked up the guitar to begin with ’cause I wanted to play hard rock/metal like all my favorite bands that I grew up listening to.

I’ve been playing along with a metronome a lot lately… just messing around and noodling… making my own hard rock and metal riffs and I realize I seem to be doing fine. When I make hard rock and metal riffs, I do more than just power chords… there will be lead fills and lots of intervals too… and of course, lots of full chords as well. Been practicing my rhythm chops even more and experimenting with syncopated rhythms so I can make my riffs sound even more interesting.

I’ve been trying to build up my speed with my rhythm playing ’cause if you want to play hard rock and metal gotta play fast rhythm guitar and I’m working on that. Yeah, I would like to make a hard rock/metal/prog type of album someday in the future and it’s being planned in the early stages right now.

I think this week, I’m gonna plug in the electric guitar so I can see if I can come up with riffs with a distortion or an overdrive pedal.

I’ve always wanted to make full band rock music and it’s going to happen at some point. Will I make the full band tracks MIDI? Not sure yet. I’m thinking about looking for real human musicians to collaborate with ’cause I think that will be awesome. Find out if there will be bass players and drummers willing to work with me. Just swap mp3’s through e-mail and do it that way. Do it as an online collaboration kind of thing, ya know?

I’m dying to make my first metal/prog album. I’m thinking a lot of it would be heavy rock and some of it will be pretty mellow/slow. Just think of Opeth and Dream Theater. I think I’m capable of making that kind of music… ya know, that proggy/metal kind of stuff you’re hearing a lot nowadays.

I’ve been playing a lot more guitar than ever ’cause it’s all I mostly do pretty much. Always looking to improve. Making rock and metal riffs isn’t really that hard… just gotta know your theory, your scales and have good rhythm chops then you should be all set.


Ben Affleck doesn’t realize that he has many fans who love him as Batman… wish he would wake up and realize that…

Yes, Ben Affleck is a die-hard liberal but he’s still a very talented man and I’ve admired his work through the years in his films. I love him as Batman when he did “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League”, I thought he did surprisingly fucking awesome. I thought he made a great Batman and he was fantastic.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… Affleck’s Batman got mixed reviews. Many hated him as Batman but at the same time there are also many fans out there who thought he was great. I also thought he played Bruce Wayne extremely well too when he didn’t have the batsuit on.

Originally, Ben was going to continue to play Batman and Warner Bros. wanted him to write and direct “The Batman” but he pulled out and the project went to Matt Reeves instead.

Ben’s first explanation of dropping out was that he couldn’t come up with a good version of the film even if he worked with a good screenwriter and said he couldn’t “crack it”. Next thing you know Ben admits the film could make him go back to being an alcoholic again.

I appreciate Ben trying to be honest with himself and trying to stay humble but I don’t think he realizes that a lot of people loved him as Batman and fans want him to keep playing that iconic character.

I don’t think Ben knows that he’s loved by many Batman and DC fans. I know Ben’s been going through a lot of problems and struggles in life but he needs to stop being so down about himself ’cause that’s not healthy.

Wish he would wake up and keep making Batman movies for the fans. I think he should have stayed on for “The Batman”. I think he would have made it a great film.

What’s gonna happen with “Justice League”??? I don’t think there’s gonna be a “Justice League 2” now that WB’s wants nothing to do with Superman and Ben wants nothing to do with Batman anymore. All of this is really sad.

Even though Ben is a die-hard leftist politically, I still wish him well ’cause he is a talented man. He made some good movies over the years.


Pro wrestling doesn’t get any respect anymore when it should…

I am not ashamed at all to be a lifelong wrestling fan. I’ve watched pro wrestling all my life… ever since I was a little child and my love pro wrestling never stopped. I’m still a fan and still watch obsessively even to this day. I remember in the 80’s everybody respected wrestling ’cause that was back in the days when everyone thought it was real but then the WWF/WWE lost its respect once they noticed that wrestling is “fake” and “scripted”.

The WWE was pretty hot in the Golden Era… that was back in the days of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jake Roberts, Shawn Michaels, etc. were all around. That’s when everybody in the world loved wrestling but like I said above people started to lose interest around the time people started to notice it was fake. The people also started to lose interest in the WWE over Vince’s steroid trial back in the day.

The WWE got pretty hot once again once the Attitude Era came around thanks to the legendary Austin vs. McMahon feud that helped put the WWE on the map again. It stayed like that for a while but when the Ruthless Aggression era came in the 2000’s years, people started to lose interest some more due to its edgy storylines and controversial content.

Not only that, the real life tragic incident of Chris Benoit of where he killed his wife and kid and then himself after. There are other reasons why people continued to lose interest in wrestling… the Hulk Hogan sex tape is another one, all that Gawker stuff turned people off and the WWE continuing to do shows in Saudi Arabia.

Like always, the WWE continue to struggle in the ratings ’cause the writing, the booking of matches can’t get any better. The WWE continues to suck creatively and they don’t give us good wrestling anymore like they used to.

Whenever fans like myself continue to watch wrestling, I always get judged and criticized for it… it’s like, “Why do you watch that garbage? It’s so fake…” I try to talk wrestling online like my blogs and social media pages and nobody cares most of the time. The only people that cares are other wrestling fans that are out there whether they are “marks” or “smart fans”, I’m cool with either one. “Marks” are the type of fans who believe wrestling is real.

We all know that pro wrestling is “fake” and “scripted”… we aren’t stupid, duh. We watch because it’s fun. We find it entertaining as hell seeing good guys and bad guys going at it in the ring. It’s all theater. That’s what it all is pretty much.

And is wrestling fake like they all say it is? They’re not really hurting each other in the ring sure but one thing that wrestling haters will never admit that it takes a lot of physicality in their bodies to do what they do. There’s nothing fake about jumping off the top turn buckle of the ring and landing on announcer tables. There’s nothing fake about all that high flying stuff they do. Plus, it takes a lot of training and skill to become a wrestler which takes a lot of physicality…. so in reality, pro wrestling that we see on TV today is a sport whether you want to admit that or not.

Yes, “injuries” can happen for real as many stars over the years were forced to take time off of performing to heal up. Injuries can happen by accident ’cause these wrestlers are real people and real human beings, there’s nothing fake about that either. Ya know, another thing to think about… all these wrestling legends can’t wrestle anymore ’cause they got too burnt out over the years of wrestling and plus too many injuries. The Undertaker can’t wrestle full time anymore. Undertaker only wrestles like once or twice a year ’cause his body can’t take a full time schedule anymore. He had too many injuries and surgeries over the years. Same with Hulk Hogan… I know how fans want Hogan to have one last match but unfortunately it’s looking it’s never gonna happen ’cause of his bad back and he just had his 10th back surgery not too long ago. Sting who is from WCW, it looks like his wrestling career is just about done ’cause of his bad neck… although it seems he does want to wrestle some more in the future. Shawn Michaels aka HBK, he can’t wrestle ’cause of a bad back. There were wrestlers over the years who were forced to retire ’cause of a serious injury like Paige for example.

Okay, I think you get my point now. Wrestling maybe fake but not all of it.

I watch wrestling because I just respect the hell out of what they do. I’m not one to sit here and hate this wrestler and hate that wrestler. I’m not that kind of guy. I love and respect them all… even the ones that everybody hates. They sacrificed so much just to entertain fans in arenas and stadiums all over the world. Leaving their real life behind so they can perform for us, they don’t get much respect for that when they should. Giving all their blood, sweat and tears for what they do.

While I think the WWE is an amazing company, I’m not so picky when it comes to wrestling companies I support them all and try to watch them all as much as I can. I just love pro wrestling, ya know? I support it all ’cause they need it and they deserve it. When TNA Impact was on TV, I used to watch them a lot… I also try to watch ROH on TV when I can. I’ve also been watching a lot of old school WCW Nitro on the WWE Network still. I’ve watched a lot of Japan wrestling too.

Wrestling is awesome. I don’t know why people hate it so much. I almost wanted to become a wrestler myself but I can’t ’cause of my scoliosis… I can enjoy wrestling as a fan, though. What these people do is pretty amazing.

I’m not ashamed to be a wrestling fan and I’ll never grow out of it. It’s just a blast. It’s fun to watch it on TV but even more fun seeing it living in person, though. That’s why they do what they do… they want us to have fun and it’s why they are called “entertainers”.


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