Getting stronger and stronger in powerlifting training week after week but I think it’s time to call it a deload finally…

While my powerlifting training getting better and better, feeling stronger and stronger week after week… I’m thinking it’s time to call it a deload for two weeks or three. Reason being is my body is starting to get beatup and worn out ’cause I’ve been doing so much heavy lifting on the big three since I returned to the gym.

I don’t think I’m injured or anything, I’m perfectly okay but do feel beatup a little so I think it’s time to settle down for a few weeks and go light.

I know I’m getting stronger and stronger on the big three lifts in powerlifting: squat, bench and deadlift.

For squats, I’m now able to do 115 lbs. for 4 reps.

For bench, I’m now able to bench 140 lbs. for like 4 or 5 reps.

For deadlift, I’m now able to deadlift 265 lbs. for 5 reps for one set which I was never able to do before until now.

I know I’m able to move on up in numbers on the big three lately. I’m careful on never missing a lift on bench but I seem to keep missing 130 lbs. on squat and miss 300 lbs. a few times on deadlift… that’s because I was doing heavy sets and not leaving enough in the tank in the previous sets. I know I’m getting stronger and getting close to getting a 300 lb. single on deadlift and I’m not quite there yet but getting there.

I got to calm down for a weeks, though. Sometimes I do that once in a blue moon in the gym. Go light on everything ’cause you gotta have those light weeks, ya know? Can’t lift heavy all the time. Heal up and recharge, that’s why you gotta do that. Lifting heavy all the time could lead to injuries and frying up your CNS (Central Nervous System) and all that stuff. Gotta calm down once in a while.

Feels great to get back into lifting finally though.


Why Ac/Dc never changing their sound and style is actually a good thing!!!

As a lot of music lovers know, Ac/Dc has had that same sound and style of music ever since the mid 70’s when they first started. Their sound and style stayed the same every album, even to this day. This bothered some music fans and they complained and whined to Ac/Dc about it so much that they finally explained why they don’t change their style.

Angus Young responded back with a simple answer:

“With us, it’s to be expected,” he told The Project TV. “As my brother [late AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young] used to say, when somebody said, ‘Every album you’ve ever made sounds the same,’ he said, ‘Yeah. It’s the same band!’ ”

Angus continued, “When we started, we weren’t reinventing the wheel. This is what we do best. We make rock and roll.”

Makes a whole lot of sense, in my opinion.

I think it’s actually cool that Ac/Dc doesn’t change their sound. Ya know, that simplistic rock n’ roll feeling. They sound like Ac/Dc and a band should sound like themselves. When a band is always reinventing the wheel, sounding different every album, that’s not sounding like themselves.

If Ac/Dc changed their sound then they probably won’t sound good anymore. It would turn fans off and would alienate a lot of fans. I mean, just ask Metallica when they ditched thrash metal and changed their sound for “Load/Reload”. They got a lot of backlash for that, remember that. Also, when Bob Dylan went electric for the first time with his 1965 album, “Bring it all Back Home”, Dylan got a lot of backlash for that too. David Bowie got a lot of backlash when he ditched rock n’ roll to dance music for his album, “Let’s Dance”. The band U2 got a lot of backlash when they ditched rock n’ roll and went pop for their two albums, “Zooropa” and “POP”. The Smashing Pumpkins alienated their fanbase when they went full on electronica for their album, “Adore”. I can go on and on with this.

Bands changing their sound and style every album is so dumb and honestly, that’s why I lost interest in Pearl Jam and Neil Young ’cause they are always changing.

There are very few bands out there that never change their sound and yes, Ac/Dc is one and there is more…. Slayer comes at the top of my head. The Ramones, Motorhead, The Clash, Oasis and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are just some more to keep in mind. Queensryche is another one even though they have a different singer now, they still sound like Queensryche. I love that band as well. Iron Maiden is another metal band that never changed their style from what I’ve heard over the years.

Even if Ac/Dc finally decided to change their sound, I’m not saying they will but what if they did… people will continue to bitch at them.

Bands just do what they want to do and I love Ac/Dc when they have that attitude. They just play what makes them happy.


RIP: Hal Ketchum 1953 – 2020

In the early 90’s, Hal Ketchum a Greenwich native in my hometown was a country star who was commercially successful in the mainstream of country music. Thanks to his hit song “Small Town Saturday Night” which is one of the biggest country songs of all time and made Hal a superstar. The album “Past the Point of Rescue” became one of the biggest selling albums of all time because of that song.

When I was a kid in high school, I was a huge fan of Hal’s music. Owned three of his records on CD which I still have sitting on my CD shelf: “Past the Point of Rescue”, “Sure Love” and “Every Little Word”. He was a mainstream star then with those three albums. After those three albums, though, people started losing interest in his music and people totally forgot who he was over the years. Despite all that, he kept releasing records and touring so it wasn’t about the fame and money for him at all. It was about the music for him.

Admittedly, I stopped buying Hal’s albums after “Every Little Word” but I’ve always respected him and admired him. I try to follow his career to see what he’s up to and even though he no longer had the superstar status like he had in the 90’s, he continued to play live up until dementia hit him. He never gave it up. Kept playing and touring until he couldn’t do it anymore. He no longer play those huge arena shows anymore and went back down to playing smaller venues but that didn’t matter. It was about the music for him. He loved performing live. When he perform live before dementia hit him, he was still playing all the hits that was all over country radio. He continued to play live with his longtime guitar player and collaborator, Kenny Grimes.

If you want to listen to real country music, listen to Hal Ketchum. This is what real country is supposed to sound like. Too bad country music doesn’t sound like this anymore.

I got to meet the man briefly myself at a show backstage at the Washington County Fairgrounds back in the 90’s, I think. It was just a “Hello” and a handshake and he signed my CD too which I still have. I’ll never forget that show, though.

We lost another good one. A hometown hero in my hometown of Greenwich, N.Y. Hal had a helluva a voice and his songs were awesome. Definitely an inspiration with my own music as well.

RIP Hal and thanks for the great music.


ADmittedly, I miss going to the movies… will they ever come back???

Yeah, in some states in the US, some governors are opening back up movie theaters but with only small capacity audience and whatever other crazy restrictions these animals come up with.

Anyhow, even though some movie theaters are allowed to open, I’m noticing a lot of ’em stay closed. Some of them try to open but they go back to closing. Why? Well, many movie theaters are struggling to release new films which is difficult to pull in people… especially with a low crowd capacity.

Yeah, some theaters in the United States are allowed to fully open but even they are struggling to release new movies so instead, a lot of movie theaters screen older films like a lot of classics and Anniversary screenings and things like that, ya know?

Why are movie theaters struggling to make a full return??? Well… it is hard to release new movies when most of Hollywood are still out of work. Just a reminder, y’all that Hollywood are the ones that makes these movies. They write ’em, direct ’em, have actors/actresses that star in them, film them, etc. It takes a long time to make a movie, it’s a long process.

If you want new movies, Hollywood needs to get back to work ’cause like I said before, many of these Hollywood people are stuck at home still like the rest of us. Yeah, Hollywood is slowly returning back to work, I’m noticing. Yup, directors, producers, screenwriters, actors/actresses, etc. Many of them are at home still waiting to get back to work.

You want to get back to the movies, you need movies and these Hollywood people are the ones that brings them to you. They make the entertainment for us and America seems to have forgotten that.

A lot of big movies that were supposed to be released this year were pushed back further ’cause Covid stopped them from finishing them. For example “Top Gun 2” and the new “James Bond” movie. I was really looking forward to seeing those two movies this year but they got pushed back ’cause they couldn’t finish ’em. Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” remake was supposed to get released this year as well but I guess, that film got pushed back too ’cause Steve couldn’t finish that film.

I’m hoping this covid shit disappears in 2021 and then the country comes back to normal so the movies can return. Not only that live music needs to come back, the movies need to return too.

I haven’t been in a movie theater in many months which feels weird. They’ll make a full return at some point, though. I like going to the movies, though. Always did ever since I was a kid. I’ve always been a movie buff.


A lot of powerlifters are gonna be arrogant and ego-driven people, just so you’re aware… lifting is about you, though, not about them…

Yeah, so you want to get yourself into the sport of powerlifting ’cause it simply looked cool and a lot of fun. That’s why I got myself into it ’cause it looks like a blast lifting heavy things. You’re just getting yourself into the powerlifting game and one thing you gotta be aware of, like the title says, you’re gonna see a lot of other powerlifters that are very ego-driven and arrogant people. I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way.

You’ll see a lot of powerlifters lifting with terrible form and technique all over social media and like the other post said about it, for some reason it’s accepted and cheered upon. You criticize other people’s lifting technique even when you’re nice, friendly and gentle about it, people will start criticizing you in return. Knowing from my own experience dealing with other powerlifters online.

I mean, isn’t the whole point of powerlifting is critiquing people’s form and being realistic? Yes. That’s the name of the game in powerlifting. The funny thing is, people think it’s okay to critique my form but when I do it to others, people don’t like it? Sure, I’m kind of a novice powerlifter still and my numbers could be better but that doesn’t mean they have the right to attack me in return. That’s the thing about powerlifting, they treat the newbies and up and comings like crap.

I try not to criticize someone’s form but I only do it when it looks dangerous like deadlifting with rounded backs and benching with butt off bench. I’m just looking out for their well being so they don’t get injured in the future but these people get defensive.

Today I got a bunch of hateful comments on my instagram by trolls, criticizing my lifting form even though it’s good. I haven’t seen one comment by any of them explaining why my form isn’t good and they haven’t corrected my form once. Why? It’s because they know my form is good and they dare not say it. They just say stuff like “Your form is shit” without explaining what I’m doing is wrong. They just wanted something to bash at. I deleted all the nasty comments asap, though.

I think they get defensive on bad form ’cause they can’t take the truth that it could lead to injury. The truth hurts, ya know? If they want to keep deadlifting with rounding backs, go for it. You could take out your back and you could be out of lifting for months. Even worse, your powerlifting career could be over for good. Too many deadlift with rounded backs and too many bench with butt off of bench, it’s scary really.

Let these assholes kill themselves in the gym for all I care. Yeah, there are gonna be egos and arrogant jerks in powerlifting for sure, you just gotta ignore ’em and just keep doing your thing. Not care what others say about you and your lifting.

There will be veterans and longtime powerlifters who will try to make you look bad. I was trying to be helpful and look out for their well-being but some of them are not gonna like it.

I can take criticism of my lifting just fine and can take it like an adult. If you’re doing it just to troll, that I can’t take.

Not everyone in powerlifting are arrogant jerks, some are actually very cool people and humble. Powerlifting is not always a cool community to get into. You just need to focus on you and not worry about what others are doing.

I get why some trash my powerlifting skills ’cause of my numbers but just so you wait… someday I will be able to bench over 300 lbs. and be able to deadlift/squat over 500 and maybe the critics will be silenced then? We’ll see.


Studying drum programming for recording…

For the past couple of years or a little more, I’ve been studying drum programming. I’ve been studying drum programming for DAW’s and other software ’cause I want to be able to create my own drum tracks and drum sequences behind my songs. Although, I’m not a drummer by any means, I just learn drums anyways just by buying a few drumming lessons books so it can help ’cause if you want to be a drum programmer, you got to think like a drummer. That’s why I bought a few drumming lessons books so I can see how they do it.

I got tons of rock n’ roll songs spinning in my head and I really want to get them out of me. Nobody wants to hear rock songs with just a voice and a distorted guitar. That’s why I want to start making full band tracks somehow. So I thought it would be easier if I learned how to program drums and I’ve been doing just that.

I’ve learned how drummers hit the kick drum which usually falls on the 1 and 3 beats… and the snare falls on the 2 and 4 beats. The hi-hat cymbals counts throughout the song pretty much to make it more lively… the crash cymbals usually starts or ends a section of a song and the ride cymbals usually ends a fill. The high toms usually used for fills in songs and the floor tom can be used in place of a hi hat if you wish. That’s all you really need to create a simple rock beat really but you don’t always have to make the drum patterns the same, gotta switch ’em up to make ’em sound interesting.

I used to believe that learning drums would be hard to learn but not really. I wish I have a drum set of my own but they’re too loud around here which is why I’m definitely planning on getting EZ drummer real soon ’cause there’s virtual drum set on that and you can play the drums manually on that software which would be cool.

Pretty soon, I could start recording electric guitar rock songs with drum beats behind them. I could record them as demos and ideas and then later in the future I could figure out how to get bass lines on the songs so I can have full band backup. I’m probably gonna get ToonTrack EZ bass for that, sometime in 2021.

I’ve gotten way better with timing in music and the metronome lately. Feels good to do that. Playing in time in music and playing in the pocket is important. Your music can be taken more seriously by people if you play in time. I’ve learned that a long time ago. You can write songs better too.


Will There Ever be a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material??? Wolfgang says you’ll have to wait…

Wolfgang Van Halen who is the son of Eddie Van Halen was a guest on the Howard Stern show. Now that Eddie is gone, fans are probably wondering if they’ll release a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material.

Wolfie here says that there are plenty of unreleased material in the vault and he says it would take forever to go through all those tapes. Yeah, EVH’s studio is pretty huge and I’m sure he has a whole library and stacks of tapes in the vault. I’m sure Eddie recorded plenty of unreleased Van Halen songs and I’m sure Eddie recorded a bunch of riffs and guitar licks for ideas and stuff.

Eddie probably threw that stuff in the vault ’cause he thought they were no good but I’m sure there are some amazing stuff in there. There’s gotta be instrumentals he wrote that were way more impressive than “Eruption”. I’m sure he wrote plenty of unreleased Van Halen material that were meant for the band to play and for David Lee Roth and even Sammy Hagar to sing over. I’m sure there’s tons of unreleased material through every era of Van Halen.

Wolfie probably has access to Eddie’s private vault but it would take hours to listen through all that stuff. I can understand. Someday it could happen, we’ll have to wait I guess.


I love lifting weights and working out in the gym, it’s what I’m supposed to do…

I’m always getting great compliments on my physique and lifting at the gym. Today someone just gave me a great one, he said, “Dude, you gotta stop looking stronger than me ’cause you’re starting to make me look bad”. I just laughed and said thanks.

That’s the weird thing about bodybuilding/powerlifting or whatever, ya know? I can’t tell my own physique and my own strength. I just let other people do the judging.

I just lift and do my thing. Yeah, my goal is to get big, muscular and strong which is what bodybuilding/powerlifting is all about, right? I just lift ’cause I love doing it and it’s a lifestyle for me. After a hard day’s workout in the gym, you feel amazing for the rest of the day. Really, you feel good after.

I got into weightlifting ’cause I wanted something to do to get healthy and to try to get big, muscular and strong as possible. I just want to do it right and do it responsibly though ’cause too many don’t.

The lifting is going well and happy to be back doing it. I try to post lifting videos of myself ’cause my followers enjoy watching this stuff. I try not to mess with that video stuff much ’cause I rather spend more time lifting than wasting time, ya know? Every now and then I’ll post a video of me on instagram doing a heavy single or a 1 rep max on the big three and sometimes I post videos of me lifting with other workouts too. I post videos hoping to get honest feedback on my form but mostly people like watching them instead so I try to post more as much as possible.

With all this being said, I can’t tell how big I’m getting but people tell me all the time, “Damn dude you’re getting bigger each time I see ya”. I’m thinking to myself, “Um okay but I feel still kind of small” which is true. Instead, I tell them “Thanks, I work hard”. I’m my own worst critic I guess.

I just knew what to do in bodybuilding. I’m self taught pretty much. Taught myself how to do it all since I can’t afford a trainer so I taught myself bodybuilding by reading Arnold’s Modern Bodybuilding and watched a bunch of fitness channels on youtube.

I just lift ’cause it’s a lifestyle, a hobby, ya know? Just want to become the best shape of my life and that’s all.


Sly Stallone Celebrates wrap up of latest movie “Samaritan” with Cast and Crew… cool video…

Sylvester Stallone here, finishing up his latest and newest film “Samaritan” wrapping up after a little break due to covid.

Don’t know about you but Sly seems like a cool and stand up dude in real life. He seems fun to talk to and as you probably noticed, the man is so humble while on set. He shows more respect to the film crew ’cause love Hollywood or hate ’em, they are the hardest working people.

Of course, the cast and crew loves working with Sly ’cause he’s such a legend. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to be working with him?

I just heard that Sly got signed for an unspecified role in “Suicide Squad 2” which seems exciting and it’s probably gonna be another cameo appearance. After Sly’s cameo in “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, I predicted that he’s probably gonna star in more superhero films after that one.

This film “Samaritan” is a superhero film and looking forward to seeing the film’s first trailer real soon.


Is Cardi B’s hit “WAP” the most offensive song right now??? Yes, absolutely…

Out of curiosity, I had to look up the lyrics to the Cardi B hit “WAP” and then I listened to the song on youtube about halfway through and then stopped. The song is very dirty and sexual. Very inappropriate and overly offensive, yet it’s a hit in the music industry. I believe the song is still in the Top 10 in the Billboard hot 100 charts.

Geezer Butler the bass player of Black Sabbath is even disgusted by it ’cause he had a little something to say about it:

““A friend of mine didn’t know what the song was about,” Butler continues, “but his 10-year-old girl was singing it. I was, like, What?! To put it on [an] album, fair enough. But to put it out as a single? That’s a bit much. Then again, I’m 71. A bloody old goat!””

Geezer is not wrong, though. It really is inappropriate for the music industry to release a song like that as a hit single.

Although, songs with dirty, sexual and explicit lyrics is nothing new… a rap group named 2 Live Crew did a song about “Pussy” and remember, they sparked a lot of controversy when it was released back in the 80’s, I think???

There were bands and artists that were able to write sexual songs but not make it in an explicit direction… for example, Ac/Dc “You Shook Me All Night Long”. That song was a very sexual song ’cause it’s a song about sex, yes but at least they wrote it in a family friendly way and not make it offensive. Kiss also wrote sexual songs but wrote them in a family friendly direction.

The industry releasing a song like Cardi B’s “WAP” is no surprise ’cause the industry is all about rap music with sex, drugs and violence all over the lyrics. Songs like those are big hits nowadays and it’s sad.

It’s sad that kids listening to music like that. Why can’t kids listen to real music like rock n’ roll and metal? Nope. They’re all about listening to garbage like country, pop and rap music. Honestly, I do like some country but not a lot of today’s stuff although I do think Luke Combs is actually pretty good.

The music industry continues to suck. It’s hard to find good music but I still find some good stuff, though.


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