Sylvester Stallone drops out of directing “Creed 2” and gets replaced by Steven Capel Jr., also Brock Lesnar set to play Ivan Drago’s son…

Sly Stallone was set to direct Creed 2 but it looks like Sly backed out and now a director by the name of Steven Capel Jr. is set to take over. Even if Sly is no longer directing Creed 2, he still gonna star as Rocky Balboa in it, though. Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson (who played Adonis’s pop-star girlfriend) will also return.

This film is probably gonna be about Adonis Creed wanting to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father so Dolph Lundgren is probably gonna reprise his role as Drago. Dolph hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it will probably happen.

Steven Caple Jr. to Direct ‘Creed 2’ Starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone (EXCLUSIVE)

Also, if you look at Sly’s Instagram post, he confirmed that Brock Lesnar is gonna play Drago’s son. So Lesnar is gonna play a Russian boxer then, hey?

I’m sure Adonis Creed wants to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father Apollo but Ivan would be too old to fight. That means Ivan’s son is probably gonna fight instead. Ivan is probably gonna be his son’s manager, I bet.

Anyway, will Rocky and Ivan go at it in a little fight? I think they will get violent at some point so who knows. Sly once joked that he would love Rocky to punch Ivan again so that would probably happen.

I loved the first Creed movie and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Now I wonder if Brock Lesnar has some acting chops ’cause he isn’t really a great speaker knowing his work in pro wrestling. Lesnar’s Creed 2 character probably won’t say much. He’ll probably just say one line similar to Ivan’s: “I must break you” catchphrase but Lesnar will say a little something different.

An Ivan Drago comeback is gonna be interesting, though. I’m sure the plot is gonna be that Adonis is desperate to fight Ivan for revenge, but Ivan ends up getting his son to fight instead.



The Keaton Jones bullying story is powerful and inspiring…

Yes, bullying in schools is still a problem in America. Always has been for decades. Unfortunately, the problem has never been taking care of. In fact, the bullying has gotten much worse in this country.

I’ve just recently started following the Keaton Jones bullying story that just went viral today. It first caught my attention when Dana White of the UFC started posting about it on twitter. I saw the Keaton Jones video and it was a powerful and inspiring message. Keaton Jones caught the attention of Dana White, Chris Evans and other famous people.

The left started to feel sorry for Keaton up until they discovered that Keaton’s mother, Kimberly might be a right-wing conservative ’cause she had FB pics of her with the Confederate Flag, and she had pics of the American Flag too. So some on the left went out of their way to start bullying Keaton’s Mom like the loser hypocrites they are. Unfortunately, Keaton’s Mom whose name is Kimberly is in a liberal backlash over the Confederate Flag photos.

Awwwwww….. poor lefties… you’re only upset ’cause Keaton’s families political views are different than yours, boo hoo. That’s all they are, in my opinion. Just upset that the political views are different. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting the Confederate Flag still, and it doesn’t make you racist if you still do. Once again, libtards are upset ’cause Keaton’s family aren’t liberals so they attack. Hey liberals, the world doesn’t revolve you and you’re going to live with that. You’re going to have to accept that everyone’s political views are going to be different so fucking deal with it.

On top of all this, though, school bullying is pretty serious and it’s no joke ’cause I’ve been a victim of bullying through school myself. I’m feeling Keaton. Yes, I really was bullied throughout middle school and high school. I’ve been picked on, been made fun of and have been laughed at by the whole class a lot. I’ve never really gotten myself into any fist fights or nothing like that, but I have been pushed around and have been kicked a few times before. I’ve also been threatened to fight some kid after school a few times as well (I’ve never showed up, of course). I’ve had other kids ruin school projects on me many times and kids made fun of my appearance many times. School is nuts, it really is. People have no idea what kids really go through at school.

I still remember some of the bullies and still remember their names. A few of them actually became friends with me now that we’re older. A lot of them I don’t see anymore which is good. I see some of them went to jail for some things over the years which is interesting. Some of them even have FB accounts. Yep, I still remember who most of them are. There were even girls that picked on me too.

I still do get bullied by people who are full grown adults to this day, but I’m grown up enough and tough enough to ignore it all now. I was bullied through my school years ’cause maybe I was very shy (I really was) and maybe I was different ’cause I have scoliosis, ya know?

Anyway, the school days are over and I’m glad. As I get older, I learned how to stay positive, stay strong and stay above the negativity.

As far as that Keaton video goes, what he did was very brave and courageous. Keaton’s Mom releases that video and his family gets all kinds of harassment by stupid leftards. Now you just figured out why some young kids are so afraid to speak out about being a victim of bullying ’cause you never know what kind of reaction they’ll get. Think about that.





The Golden Globe nominations are in and they are horrible! Turn it off ’cause of “Call me By Your Name” film…

This is just terrible! The liberal politics of award shows continues to get worse every year. I’m not against homosexuality (I’m no homophobe, trust me), not against it at all but I find it wrong that the Golden Globes nominated a film called Call Me By Your Name which is a film about a full grown man who has a romantic relationship with a 17 year old boy. Before anyone gets mad, hear me out first. Sure, the legal age of consent in Italy is 14 but shouldn’t it be illegal to promote the film and release it in the US? In my opinion, I think the film industry is now trying to normalize pedophilia just by releasing it over here in the US and nominating some awards. Call Me By Your Name will probably land a lot of Oscar nominations too. I saw the trailer for the film myself and it looks like garbage anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually won an award or two.

Anyways, it’s no surprise that Hollywood would be all over a film like Call Me By Your Name since the industry has been exposed as sexual predator Hollywood (or PedoWood), so that’s all you really need to know.

On another note, I haven’t any of those films except for Get Out which is the only film I’ve seen of the Golden Globe nominations. Get Out was actually very good.. I liked it a lot despite all the liberal politics throughout the film, it was still a good horror/comedy film. That film probably won’t win a Best Picture category but I can see the film’s leading star, Daniel Kaluuya winning something ’cause that was a good performance.

The only other movie I want to see nominated is Dunkirk which I haven’t seen yet, but gonna get around to seeing that movie hopefully soon.

I’m glad to see Game of Thrones get nominated for Best TV drama ’cause I still love that show and still loyal to that show. GOT probably won’t win, though… that award will probably go to The Crown, I bet.

I probably won’t watch the Golden Globes and the Oscars in 2018 ’cause I’m done with award shows. No doubt there will be all kinds of liberal politics and President Trump bashing throughout those shows. Fuck it all.



Just got a new Dell computer touch screen w/ Windows 10…

Well yesterday was my 41st birthday and my family surprised me with an incredible gift. A Dell computer touch screen w/ Windows 10. It’s a combination of both a birthday/Christmas gift at the same time. I never expected a gift like this so it was quite a surprise really. My previous computer broke and was having all kinds of problems so I ended up getting a whole new computer. An even better and more fancier one! You know those fancy Dell computers you see at the stores at the mall like at Best Buy? Those kind of computers I got.

These Dell computers are made by Microsoft so it’s a Bill Gates kind of thing. These Dell computers are pretty similar to Apple Imacs a little bit. Honestly, I’m liking Microsoft a lot more than Apple. Windows 10 actually makes Apple look really bad.

On this computer, I can do apps on it like play games, do social networking and other types of software. I re-installed Mixcraft 8 DAW software on this computer so I can have my music recording software back and I’m gonna have to set up my home studio on this thing again. A touch screen computer would be pretty useful with DAW software ’cause when I have a guitar on my lap while recording, I no longer have to use the mouse to hit the record button. I can just hit the record button with my finger. Plus, doing all kinds of editing in the DAW would be much easier and quicker using touch screen.

I need a word processor so pretty soon I’m planning to buy Microsoft Office which will cost $150 but it’ll be worth it. I need a word processor ’cause I want to write song lyrics, poems, short stories and possibly even full novels too. I want to get back into writing full time. I’m also planning on getting some kind of photo shop from the Microsoft store, get video editing software so I can make video blogs and things like that.

This morning, I’ve just re-installed Spotify so I’m thinking of getting back into using Spotify again. I can use the free Spotify on this computer too. I’m thinking about subscribing to Spotify full time real soon. Maybe that’ll be the goal for 2018. For now, I’ll just stick with the free version of Spotify.

I’ll also be able to watch streaming services on Windows 10 like WWE Network and Netflix. The WWE Network streaming is shit on the PS4 so I think the streaming would play better on here. I think WWE Network live streaming for their ppvs would stream way better on here too so I think I’ll watch WWE Network on this computer from now on.

The cool thing about this computer is that it has a web cam on it so I’ll be able to do live chats with people and stuff. Maybe I’ll have to get a Skype account as well. Since this computer has a web cam now, I’ll be able to do live home performances for Facebook live video too. Do video blogs and whatever.

I’ll be able to rent movies from the Microsoft Store too so if there’s any new releases I wanna see, I can just rent them from the store and watch ’em. I usually rent movies from ITunes on my Ipad and now I can rent movies on my new Dell computer.

Windows 10 is actually very nice really. I’m very impressed with it. Definitely way better than Apple. On top of that, Apple is pretty overrated anyways.



Hulk Hogan deserves another chance in the WWE, come on Vince patch things up with him again!!!

Whether you like Hulk Hogan or not, either way, you have to admit that Hogan is an icon in the wrestling business. Hogan has always got a mix of love and hate over the years. Fans gave him a mix of love and hate. Even other wrestlers in the business gave him a mix of late and hate too.

I used to hate Hulk Hogan and used to think he was a piece of shit but I don’t anymore. I finally came to a realization that Hulk is not a bad man like many are trying to make him out to be. Hulk really is a good guy. I don’t see any reason to hate the man. After his whole feud with Gawker, it made me realize that Hulk was innocent over the sex tape controversy.

I would like to see Hulk Hogan make another comeback. Just admit it, we all watched wrestling on TV ’cause of Hulk Hogan. All those people who hate him out there will never admit that, though. Hogan didn’t invent professional wrestling, he just popularized it. Without Hogan, WWE wouldn’t have been here now. Without Hogan, we wouldn’t have gotten other wrestling companies such as WCW, ECW, TNA, etc. Hogan won my respect back.

With that being said, I would like to see Hogan back in WWE in some form. Whether it’ll be one more match or he could be a GM for RAW or Smackdown. Hogan was GM for TNA Impact once so he does the GM role pretty well. I used to watch Hogan a lot on TNA as well.

This weekend, I’ve started watching old WCW on the WWE Network and it’s all historic stuff. Hogan also helped made WCW pretty big. Started watching old WCW Monday Nitro and WCW ppvs. Good stuff. I love old school wrestling.

Yeah, once again Hulk deserves another chance so I hope Vince smartens up and give him one. I know Hogan and Vince had an on and off relationship over the years. Sometimes they’re on good terms and sometimes they’re not.

If Hogan had one last match who would he have his final match against? Well, Hogan said he wants his final match to be against Braun Strowman which I actually agree with. Hogan vs. Strowman sounds good to me. I also like the idea of Hogan vs. Roman Reigns.

I hope Hogan gets brought back.


If I were to make my first album, what kind of music would be on it?

Making my first album has always been a dream of mine. I’m dying to make it happen and it will. If I were to make my debut album, what kind of music would be on it? I’m thinking a mix of hard rock and progressive rock put together. Kind of like an Opeth and Dream Theater thing, ya know? I’ve been listening to both bands non-stop as I’m a huge fan of both bands and I figure I want to make that similar kind of music.

If I were to release my first album, I won’t release it under my solo artist name. I’m going to release under a band name that I came up with myself. It’s gonna be under the name of K’brocking. That’s the band name that I came up with which is why I named this site K’brocking. My site here at K’brocking is not just a site for a blog. It’s also a music website for a band/album project that I got planned. K’brocking would be a pretty cool band name wouldn’t it? That’s what the name of my band gonna be.

For right now, I’m not gonna have other human musicians in the band although I would like to get a drummer somehow and maybe a bass player too if I can find one. If I can’t, I would try to record the drums and bass myself using Mixcraft 8 software.

I’m inspired by hard rock and progressive rock music. I’ve been listening to that stuff for years. For prog rock, I’ve been listening to a lot of Opeth, Dream Theater, Rush, Jethro Tull and bands such as those. Wouldn’t it be cool if I made that similar music? That’s the plan! I plan to make songs that are pretty long and extensive. Songs that can go from 6 minutes to even 20 minutes or longer. I enjoying listening to music like that. A lot of people complain about long songs, but to me I don’t see them as long songs. It’s just regular music to me. I’m used to listening to music like that is why. Probably ’cause I listen to too much stuff like Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead. They all jam on songs for a long time. That’s how I always heard music, ya know? To be honest, I don’t like songs that are too damn short.

When I make an album, I’m gonna try to make it experimental music too. Try to add some orchestration and other instruments. This is the vision that I have in my head of what I would want my first album to be like. I just want to make music that I want to hear and make music that makes me happy. Hopefully, make other people happy too ’cause I too want others to enjoy it if possible. If not then that’s fine ’cause I want to make music that I can be proud of which there is nothing wrong with.

I would like to get back to writing soon ’cause I’ve been messing with some electric guitar riffs that sounds cool. I think my first album will be a mix of acoustic and electric guitar rock.

It’s gonna be an online only album. It won’t be available for physical CD ’cause I can’t afford CD pressing/manufacturing. I refuse to do that Kick Starter thing. I won’t do crowdfunding ’cause I feel fans shouldn’t have to pay music in order to be able to listen to it. That’s why I don’t agree with crowdfunding. Maybe I’ll have another rant about that soon.

When will I actually start working on this thing? Pretty soon. It’s a good idea to take your slow time and not get too ahead of yourself.


Quentin Tarantino to direct a first ever R-rated Star Trek film? Quite intriguing actually!

I know I have been staying away from movie news a lot, but this one sounds intriguing to me that I need to post about this one. Quentin Tarantino came up with the idea that he wants to make an R-rated Star Trek movie with the new reboot cast. It turns out that J.J. Abrams and Paramount Pictures both love the idea and they’re gonna give it a try.

If they’re gonna make it a hard-R, that means the film will be full of swearing, offensive and vulgar language which Tarantino is best at. Can you see a young Captain Kirk played by Chris Pine dropping F bombs throughout the movie? Not only that, it could open the doors for more gritty violence, blood and gore. Could the film also include more sexual content like more nudity? All of this could be possible.

A non-family friendly Star Trek film. Interesting.

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ Will Be R-Rated: ‘The Revenant’s Mark L. Smith Frontrunner Scribe

As a Star Trek fan, I’m all for this.

Could it help bring a wider auidience? I don’t know. The film will indeed turn off some longtime fans, but it could help bring many new ones too.

I’m actually interested in a Tarantino styled Star Trek movie. He’ll probably make it a full three hours. You know how Tarantino films usually are. It’ll be the same with Star Trek.

I don’t like Tarantino’s left-wing political views but he’s still talented. I’m still a fan of his. I still haven’t seen The Hateful Eight yet but since it’s on Netflix, I’ll get around to watching that film soon.



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