I’ll confess it finally… the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can never get anything right… they freakin’ suck and getting worse…

I used to have no problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and I used to defend them but after seeing this year’s 2020 inductees, I’ll no longer defend them no more. Like the title of this topic says, I’ll confess it finally that the Rock Hall of Fame don’t know what they’re doing and they haven’t been for a long time. For the first time I think, I’m upset with the inductees this year and disappointed like most.

Motorhead, Judas Priest, Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy and Pat Benatar snubbed this year but non-rock n’ roll acts like Whitney Houston and Notorious BIG get it instead? Fucking serious?

The only inductees they got right this year were the Doobie Brothers and T-Rex but Whitney Houston, Notorious, Depeche Mode and NIN? No thanks!

I know the Hall of Fame are slowly trying to induct more rock but they fail at that each year. I know they are also trying to induct more Seattle grunge bands… they already inducted Nirvana and Pearl Jam finally but it’s crazy that they snubbed Soundgarden. It’s like, really? Are they out of their fucking minds?

After seeing this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, it’s appearing more and more that today’s music industry are pretty anti-rock and they have been for a pretty long time. They’re trying to act like rock n’ roll doesn’t exist anymore and seems like they’re trying to make rock disappear completely. That’s why the industry always constantly ramming pop, rap and country down our throats still. Gene Simmons is right that rock n’ roll is dead… it’s just about there anyways.

Like I said above, the Doobie Brothers and T-Rex were both worthy…. the Hall of Fame got those two right and I love both of those bands. The Doobie Brothers are rock n’ roll and they wrote many hits that we all know and love. T-Rex are hit makers too but their anthem is “Bang a Gong (Get it On)” which is a song that I love.  Marc Bolan who is the singer/guitarist of T-Rex is no longer with us as he died in the year 1977 due to a car crash at a young age of 29 but this will be a nice tribute for him and I wonder who is going to induct T-Rex into the Hall of Fame? That will be interesting. T-Rex was long overdue… I love that fucking band as I’m a huge fan. I’m sure the surviving members of T-Rex will be there to accept the induction… I think some of them died and some of them are still living today.

I’ll have to agree with everyone finally that the Hall of Fame sucks and getting worse every year. They aren’t getting any better either.


Thoughts on the Oscar nominations for 2020… looks good this year… will I watch? Thinking about it…

Well the Oscar nominations came out for this year and they look surprisingly good. I haven’t watched the Oscars in like several years or more for a few reasons: 1) Hollywood won’t stop getting political 2) The nominations has been shit lately. This year the nominations are looking pretty decent, in my opinion.

The “Joker” movie scored the most nominations and it actually scored a “Best Picture” nomination which is really surprising. The Oscars has never been too friendly with comic book films and violent films so for the Oscars to be all over “Joker” is kind of weird. It’s cool, though. I haven’t seen “Joker” yet but I bought the BluRay for the “Joker” movie last week and I will get to that film sometime this week. I’ll watch it tomorrow night probably.

Anyhow, the other Best Picture nominations for this year looks good… only ones I’ve seen out of the Best Pictures are “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood”, “Marriage Story” and “The Irishman”.

I just watched “Marriage Story” on Netflix last night and it was alright. Not actually the best movie of 2019 like everyone was buzzing about but it was pretty good. Nothing I’ll watch over and over but I thought the best part about “Marriage Story” was Adam Driver’s performance which he actually got nominated for that role. I would like for Adam to win an Oscar for that role but Joaquin Phoenix is probably gonna get the Best Male Lead for “Joker”.

I’m happy that Tom Hanks got nominated for his Mr. Rogers, “It’s a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood” movie. It does look like Tom Hanks maybe winning his 3rd Oscar ’cause that was a really good performance. I saw the Mr. Rogers movie in theater and LOVED IT.

I’m glad “The Irishman” got some nominations ’cause that was a fucking awesome movie. Loved that one and I’m happy for Quentin Tarantino that he’s in the Oscars spotlight again. “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” was great too and I predict Quentin might win for Best Original Screenplay for that one.

Was there any snubs for this year’s Oscars that I was disappointed in? Well the only snub I can think of was that Adam Sandler was snubbed for his role in “Uncut Gems”. I saw “Uncut Gems” last week as well… it was a pretty good film but Adam Sandler’s role in that film was the best part about it. I think it’s a shame Sandler got ignored and that was one of his best performances.

I’ve noticed “The Lighthouse” movie with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe didn’t get too much nominations hardly at all. I’m gonna get to “The Lighthouse” movie this week ’cause I rented it through Google Play so looking forward to that one. I heard “The Lighthouse” is real good and getting a lot of award buzz but it seems it has gotten ignored by the Academy pretty much. “The Lighthouse” movie only got nominated for Best Cinematography category which kind of sucks. I do want to see that film and been wanting to see it for a while. Looks good.


Other than that, the Oscars looks good this time and I might actually watch this one. Yeah, there’s probably gonna be a lot of politics and Trump bashing but I’ll do my best to ignore all that. I’m just curious to see what’s gonna win Best Picture, Best Leading Male actor and Best Supporting Male Actor. I want Tom Hanks to win for the Mr. Rogers role and I really think he’s gonna get it. Joaquin Phoenix is probably gonna win for “Joker” and I wanna see him win that one too.

I haven’t seen “Joker” yet but gonna get around to it tomorrow night. I know “Joker” is the most talked about movie of the year and I’ve never gotten around to seeing it in theater so I bought it on BluRay.

Will “Joker” end up being the first comic book movie to win a “Best Picture” award? I don’t know but it will be amazing so we’ll see. Cross our fingers for now.


RIP Neil Peart: 1952 – 2020


Well, here is your first musical passing of 2020… very sad news that Rolling Stone exclusively revealed the news that the long time drummer and one of the founders of Rush, Neil Peart just died. It was just found out that Neil has been battling brain cancer for 3 or 4 years before his passing.

Neil was more than a drummer, though. He was also a book author and an avid biker (aka motorcyclist). Neil wrote a few books writing mostly about his motorcycling adventures and he was also the prime lyricist of Rush. He wrote the lyrics to pretty much all Rush songs as he was responsible to writing lyrics for Rush’s biggest hits especially songs like “Tom Sawyer”, “Limelight”, “Subdivisions”, “Closer to the Heart”, “Fly By Night”, etc.

Now you  know why the band Rush has stopped playing music for the past couple of years. I remember a couple of years ago Geddy Lee says Rush had no plans of getting together to record a new album and go on tour but never said anything about Neil battling brain cancer. Probably out of respect for privacy? Well, Neil has always been a very private man and Geddy and Alex always respected his privacy.

The band did the smart thing stopping when they couldn’t do it anymore. When Neil was battling brain cancer before he died, he could no longer play the drums which forced the band to stop. Rush refused to continue on without Neil ’cause it’s not Rush without Neil. That Rush sound can’t be done without Neil ’cause Neil’s drumming style was what made Rush to begin with. Now that Neil Peart is gone then that probably means Rush is done for good. I think Geddy and Alex will soon put out a statement to announce an official breakup ’cause they can’t go on without him. Rush is probably done.

So that probably means “Clockwork Angels” will be the band’s final album? Probably… unless the band recorded new music before Neil got diagnosed with brain cancer but I doubt it, though. I’m sure the band will dig up some unreleased music from the vault someday as I’m sure they got plenty of unreleased music stored away. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m a huge Rush fan. Always has been so this one hurts. I had the opportunity to see Rush live in concert myself at SPAC and I remember Neil doing a long drum solo that night. It was insane, I’ll never forget it. Neil was a pretty unique drummer… he knew how to make his drums sound musical which other drummers never knew how to do.

This is probably gonna be the end of Rush for good and I want to thank them for the great music over the years. They were one-talented band. Loved them so much.



Musicians hating on other musicians in local music community… is it still a problem??? Yes and always will be…

There was an interesting discussion in FB with local musicians around the Capital Region about musicians hating on other musicians. Apparently, this is still a problem even to this day and the best part about all of this is that I’m definitely not alone. As some of you may or may not know, I have a real problem of getting along with a lot of musicians in the music community. Yes, I have quite a lot of musicians as haters of mine and apparently, there are plenty of other musicians that have a lot of other musicians hating on them too. It’s been a problem for decades and still is even to this day.

Not all musicians hate me, though… there are some that have always been very loyal and supportive of me for years and they still are which is awesome but I still have problems with getting along with many of them. There are many musicians who I once got along with who don’t speak to me anymore. A lot of musicians come and go in my life and I’m okay with that. Let ’em go, ya know? Life goes on.

Some of you may ask… why would musicians hate on each other? Well my view on this is that jealousy and ego for sure. Also, some musicians out there are just gonna be assholes. Sorry but not all of the local music community is gonna be lovable and positive, you will deal with a lot of negativity and drama. You will meet musicians who will be an asshole and arrogant most of the time. You will also meet musicians who are whack jobs and attention whores… you will also meet some who can be very “untrustworthy”.

In my experience, the most hated and the most criticized musician will be the one who can’t really play an instrument or can’t sing well. If you’re untalented, then be ready for a lot of criticism and hate. Believe me, I’ve been there and it ain’t fun. Other musicians that I’ve seen have gone through it too. Becoming an easy target in the scene ’cause they can’t play isn’t fair, in my opinion.

Another way that you’ll become most hated and the most criticized musician is if they feel if you haven’t established yourself in the scene much. For example, if you don’t have much successes in your music and if you don’t gig a lot and haven’t done much for yourself musically, other musicians will make you feel less superior than them. If you haven’t done much in the scene and haven’t established yourself much then they’ll make you feel like you don’t deserve to have a say toward local bands. They’re the ones that can talk local music however they want since they are the ones with more successes.

Yes, when you want to be a musician no matter the level of talent you are you gotta be ready to take a lot of criticism and hate ’cause you will go through a lot of that. Getting hatred and criticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. When people end up hating you, it can get you new fans and new opportunities in your music ’cause of it. Getting haters can get you more recognition and get you more exposure so don’t feel bad about it. When you get haters especially when your haters are other musicians, that’s a good thing really ’cause it’s gotta be either jealousy or ego or a mix of both. Maybe other musicians are mad at you ’cause you are doing things with your music? Things like that, ya know? Maybe they’re mad is ’cause they know you’re talented and they’ll never admit it? It kills them that you can play music better than they can. That’s why they lash out.

I also have a problem of getting along in the community over political views too ’cause yeah, I’m more conservative than most and most of the music community is pretty liberal. Most musicians refuse to support me ’cause of my so-called “right-wing” views.

I think the reason I have a tough time getting along with other musicians is ’cause I like to call out their bullshit and they think they can get away with it most of the time. There are so many musician that still like to shit talk me and make fun of me online still… I know who they are all are but I’m not gonna names. There are some that are completely obsessed with me and I can’t understand why but I don’t give a shit, though ’cause my life is good and I just keep on keepin’ on and keep moving forward in life.

The truth is you’re just not gonna get along with everybody and you can’t make everybody happy. That’s just the way it is. The only thing that you should be worried about is yourself and your music. The secret to battling against your haters is not caring about what anyone thinks of you. Just ignore all the hate and criticism. Keep moving forward and concentrate on your music. Let all negativity slide by. That’s what I do. You gotta stop responding to the critics and stop defending yourself ’cause that isn’t good. If you have haters bothering ya don’t be afraid to delete and block.

While I would like it that “everybody should just get along”, it’s never gonna happen. Musicians hating on musicians will always be a problem. It’s even a huge problem in the major label industry too ’cause there are too many famous bands that hate each others guts but they continue to play with each other in bands anyways ’cause most are in it for the money.

I don’t care who likes and dislikes me anymore. I don’t give a shit. I make music for myself anyways and there’s nothing wrong with having that attitude. It’s actually the best attitude to have.


Just bought a “Big Muff” distortion pedal to add to my pedal collection…

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Saratoga Guitar shop and picked up a new pedal to add to my growing pedal collection. This time I picked up the “Big Muff” Nano distortion pedal. It had a really cool rock sound to it so I had to get it. Well, the original Big Muff pedal is much larger, squared shape and thicker but with the Nano version, is a tiny version of the Big Muff Distortion. Same exact sound and tone… they just made it a smaller version which I preferred.

I was at the store looking at the pedals through the glass cabinet and I was asking the guy that worked there about the pedal. He described to me the sound of the pedal that it’s a distortion pedal with a really thick sound… so I tried the pedal there real quick and was immediately sold so I bought it. It’s a great sounding pedal for $80.

I already have the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal but the Big Muff has a different sound. I hear that the Big Muff is very popular in alternative rock and grunge rock. I found out that Billy Corgan used the Big Muff in a lot of earlier Pumpkins records and Kurt Cobain used it a lot too.

That’s the kind of music I want to make really. I want to make tight rock n’ roll… people don’t think I could do it but I really believe I could pull it off ’cause that’s how I’ve always visioned my songs anyways. When I play acoustic, I play it like a rock n’ roll guitar and now I want to focus mostly on electric.


Finally, leftist Hollywood gets the ultimate verbal ass-kicking that they needed for years… thank you Ricky Gervais!!!!

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night but Ricky Gervais made me wished I did. For the past decade or more leftist Hollywood has been using award shows as a political platform where they can ram their leftist opinions down everyone’s throats. It has gotten much worse under Trump as president. Finally, like the title says, Ricky Gervais gives leftist Hollywood the ultimate verbal ass-kicking that they needed for years and they deserved it really.

Yeah, some of you would say Ricky wasn’t being serious ’cause he’s a “comedian” and all but yes, he was being serious. Ricky is just as frustrated as the rest of us. We don’t want Hollywood using award shows for politics.

Hollywood like to claim they are “woke” but they aren’t at all. They are just brainwashed by the media, I think. Not only that Ricky called Hollywood out on their leftist political problem, he also called out the Hollywood pedophile problem which was ballsy.

I’ve been a fan of Ricky Gervais for a long time and I’m now an even more fan of him. I know Ricky is kind of a “leftist” guy himself but I think it’s pretty clear he’s getting red-pilled. Ricky’s waking up of what’s really going on in the real world if you’ve been paying attention to his twitter.

Of course, people are calling Ricky “controversial” ’cause of this. It’s not controversial at all… Ricky is just being a grown up and being completely “sane”. I think he’s definitely grown out of the Democrat plantation and it’s a start really.

I didn’t watch the whole monologue yet but gonna get around to it but what Ricky did was glorious. I’m tired of leftist Hollywood ramming their opinions and views down our throats. None of us think like they do and we don’t have to.

This is what a real comedian looks like, y’all. Bashing President Trump isn’t comedy… sorry but it isn’t.

Celebrities really don’t know anything about the real world just like most liberals in America don’t. Really sad thanks to the leftist media.


Staying out of the gym ’cause of an illness and injury sucks but gotta do what I gotta to heal up and get better…

I’ve been quiet about the gym online for a long while ’cause it was intentional. I’ve taking a bit of a gym hiatus due to a upper left leg injury that I’ve been trying to get rid of. When I stand for a long time that’s when I’ll start hurting ’cause putting weight on it will make it hurt. The leg injury is almost pretty much gone. I’m pretty sure it is ’cause I’m not feeling much pain after standing for a long time. I don’t seem to be feeling it much anymore so it’s getting better anyways. I’m still gonna get it checked out by a doctor soon ’cause it’s a good idea. I just want the injury gone forever so I can get back into serious lifting and get back into serious deadlifting too ’cause I miss that.

Anyhow, other than the injury I’ve been dealing with, I’ve also dealt with an illness for a few weeks. I’ve got hit with a nasty sinus infection that I’ve been battling during the Holidays. Stayed up 2 nights in a row and couldn’t sleep ’cause I was coughing all night. I’m way better now, though. Good enough to get out of bed ’cause I’ve been bedridden a lot due to being sick over the Holidays which sucked.

It seems that everybody’s been getting it… either the stomach bug or a nasty cold. Take or your pick and I had a little bit of both, haha. I hardly ever complain about Winter but this Winter pretty much sucked.

I’m kind of glad the illness happened ’cause it kept me out of the gym to help heal the leg injury some more and it did. The leg is getting way better now ’cause of it.

I hate staying out of the gym like this but you gotta do what you gotta do to get better when you’re sick or injured or both? Ya know? It’s okay to stay out of the gym when you’re suffering.

Yeah, I may have some lost some muscle and strength just by staying out of the gym but at least, I didn’t lose my muscular physique. I still have that anyways. When I do return to the gym full time, I’ll be training harder and harder than ever before and I’ll get the muscle and strength I lost back pretty quickly. I hardly ever take a break from the gym but this one is for good reason.

I’ll get back to it, though… not until I get the okay from my doctor which who I will see soon about my leg. My leg is getting better but I’m gonna see what the doctor can do to get rid of it quicker. He’ll probably just give me a stretching exercise and that’s about it. We’ll see.

I want to get back to the gym badly.


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