Jaliek Rainwalker investigation now being led by the New York State Police…

The Jaliek Rainwalker missing child case has been going on for 14 years… it may seem pretty quiet right now but not really. While I can’t talk about all the things going on behind the scenes of the Jaliek Rainwalker case, what I am allowed to talk about publicly now is that the case has been handed over to the New York State Police aka the NYSP. Yes, you heard that right, New York State Police Troop G is now fully leading the investigation. The NYSP has been investigating this case for a while now. When Chief George Bell passed on, there was no one leading the case until now.

There’s lots of “good” things happening right under our noses when I’m sure most of you don’t even realize. Again, I can’t talk about most of the stuff happening as we continue to investigate behind the scenes and very “low” key. I work on the case along with a group of people and we all work on the case with the “Cold Case Analysis Center” for the College Of St. Rose. We work with a professional college professor who works on “missing persons” cases. The Cold Case Center professor works very closely with the NYSP on this case as well.

We’re now allowed to talk about the NYSP investigating the Jaliek Rainwalker case ’cause they want to go public with it finally and they want us to announce it. So I’m honored to be the one to announce the NYSP Troop G has taken the case.

If you come across this blog post and if you happen to have any information at all about the missing person case Jaliek Rainwalker, I don’t care about big or how small the info is, even the smallest info helps… contact the NYSP in the link here…. Troop G – Zone 2.


Some of you may look at this blog post and say, “this guy is full of crap”… well I am telling you, the NYSP being in full charge 100% of the Jaliek investigation is the real deal. You’ll find out soon enough when the local news media start picking up on it.

Well, I’ll tell you something I’m in 100% support of this, NYSP taking the lead and I trust they’ll do a very good job and help get the “closure” this case desperately needs. This case has been open for 14 years and it’s still an ongoing investigation even to this day. It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened, Jaliek’s life matters and he deserves his justice. We aren’t going away until Jaliek is found and this person or persons (if more than one did it) are all locked up and behind bars. Jaliek did not run away and we all know someone or some people did it.

This is not an accusatory post at a certain someone ’cause I’m sure we all know who’s responsible and we all know who did it (the crime), the announcement post is about Jaliek and the NYSP. The NYSP is a pretty big deal.

If you’re new to this case and want to learn more about the facts and circumstances surrounding it, the case is just a google away. There’s plenty of podcasts and videos that will educate you pretty well on it. Do your research on it.

One day Jaliek will get his long overdue justice and those responsible will be held accountable. We aren’t going away and we won’t quit. I’ll never turn my back on Jaliek no matter what anyone says or thinks. Believe it or not, he still has plenty of family and friends that still care and love him, this is why we do what we do.

We’re working extremely hard to get to the bottom of this case and get long overdue “closure”. It’s a slow and difficult battle but the fight for Jaliek will never stop . It ain’t over until it’s over.


My 10 year challenge social media post…

I think we had 10 year challenges trends that popped up in social media before and here we go again. I hardly ever do these dumb social media trends ’cause most of ’em are silly but I decided to participate in this one.

Trying not to sound egotistical, I’m even admittedly impressed with myself with these before and after photos. I haven’t changed much in 10 years at all except that I’ve gotten slightly bigger in ten years. That’s because of over 10 years of bodybuilding training and then I started doing powerlifting training a couple of years ago. I would have to say that powerlifting training definitely helped my physique.

My chest is finally shaping up and getting somewhere… probably ’cause of all the bench pressing that I’ve been doing for the past couple of years and all the dumbbell work that I’ve been doing for chest. I remember in the past, I was struggling to grow my chest more but now I’m starting to get the look I want. I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder I would say.

I liked my latest progress pic so I had to participate in “10 year challenge”. Enjoy.

I love what I do. Weightlifting is my second passion other than music. I’ll never give it up no matter what anyone says or thinks.


It’s a David Bowie weekend…

Last Friday was Bowie’s birthday and today is his 6th year Anniversary death. I’ve been a long time Bowie fan ever since high school really. Over the years, I’ve tried to collect all of his albums and it took me a long time ’cause he has a large discography of albums… only need a few more left.

Some wonder what Bowie was like in the studio? After doing a lot of reading on him in his studio work over the years, I’ve read he was very nice. He wasn’t difficult to get along with but he kept everything honest, though. He knew what he was going for in his music. Did he write most of his own songs? Yes for the most part, I read he brought a lot of his own material but at the same time, he let his other guitar players and other musicians come up with their own stuff. If David liked their playing, he’ll take it into his songs. So in reality, it was both David and the musicians in his band wrote the music, they all wrote together really.

Not only that I like listening to Bowie music, I also loved reading about him too. I’ve read that if you actually got to meet Bowie in person, while he was pretty a nice guy, he’ll be very boring. He doesn’t like people fanboying over him and he was never one for autographs much, I think. He always stayed humbled and never saw himself as a rock star. He just wanted to live like a normal person and be a family man, ya know?

Bowie was a huge inspiration and influence into my own songwriting too, though… if you heard my original songs, you would probably hear a lot of Bowie influence.

I’ll never get tired of Bowie music ever. Initially, I just wanted to be a guitar player but the singing came after and it was Bowie that got me interested in singing myself after I picked up the guitar.

Bowie maybe gone but the music will never be. His art will always be around.


Happy birthday, Jimmy Page…

Jimmy Page is the reason why I do what I do, playing guitar and making music. I’ve always been a music lover but my interest in guitar playing myself didn’t pick up until I heard the music of Led Zeppelin. Once I discovered Led Zep, I knew I wanted to play guitar my whole life. I wanted to play rock guitar like Jimmy Page and if you ever wanted to know why my own guitar playing is always so tight and aggressive, well mostly because Jimmy Page inspired me to rock out like that.

I may like a lot of music out there but Led Zep will always be my no. 1.

Thanks Jimmy.

Went to WWE “Supershow” last night in Glens Falls, it was a total blast…

Last night, I went to a live WWE show called, “WWE Supershow” in Glens Falls NY at Cool Insuring Arena, I think it’s called.

I don’t go see live wrestling a lot but I do when I can. I love watching live wrestling. It is definitely way more fun watching pro wrestling live in an arena than watching it on TV for sure.

The goal for the WWE Supershow to have shows that features both RAW & Smackdown rosters having matches on the same show. Given by the title, “Supershow” that means a show full of the biggest stars on both rosters.

I had a blast last night. It was a good time seeing all the current talent you see on WWE TV week after week performing live in person. Pretty much all the huge stars were there: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, etc. Crazy but fun. Even all the newer talent were there. Bobby Lashley made a surprise appearance even though he wasn’t listed in the card.

Most of the matches were “so and so” but it didn’t matter… it was still a blast seeing all the current stars live.

Now that live entertainment came back after a lockdown, it was refreshing for me to go out and see a live show ’cause I definitely needed that.

This is what professional wrestling is all about. That’s what wrestling is here for. It’s all about the live show, ya know? That’s why wrestlers do what they do, perform in front of crowds.

Here were the results from last night if anyone cares:

I did buy something from the merch table. I bought an RKBro shirt which is the name of a tag team that has Randy Orton and Matt Riddle in it. I’m a fan of that tag team now so I bought their shirt. Randy Orton wasn’t there last night but Matt Riddle was to have a singles match.

It’s good to go out and see live entertainment whether a pro wrestling show or a live concert. I would love to go see a rock concert at some point but a lot of venues are “vax only” and I vow to never get vaccinated so thankfully WWE isn’t super strict on “vaccines”.

It was a fun night last night, though and it was a great time seeing all the current stars including Roman Reigns and the Usos who is known as a faction called The Bloodline.

WWE events are a good event to take your kids ’cause there were kids all over last night. WWE continues to be family friendly but still fun. I continue to be a wrestling fan and not ashamed of it. I’ve been a wrestling fan ever since I was a child to be honest. Never gave up on it.


“Spiderman: No Way Home” was definitely the best Spiderman movie ever made, I really was impressed with that one…

So last Thursday afternoon, I went to see the new Spiderman movie, “No Way” home which is the third film of the Tom Holland trilogy. Before I went to see the newest Spiderman flick, I decided to go back and watch the 3 Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies directed by Sam Raimi and I’ve re-watched the two “Amazing Spiderman” movies with Andrew Garfield. I’m glad I watched all the Spiderman movies before this one ’cause this one had so many surprises, it’s crazy.

And yes, like the title says in this post, “Spiderman: No Way” was surprisingly the best Spiderman movie ever made. All the ones before this one were just “pretty good” but wow, this one “No Way Home” was a real surprise and a major improvement for sure.

The writing was really good… it had a smart script for a change. I gotta be careful to review this movie without big spoilers ’cause there’s still too many that didn’t see this movie yet. The acting of the cast did a very good job as well including Tom Holland. I wasn’t that crazy with Tom as Peter Parker/Spiderman in “Homecoming” and “Far From Home” but Tom’s acting in “No Way Home” was 10 x’s way better. Tom was very good in “No Way Home”, I was impressed with him.

Of course, Willem Dafoe coming back as the Green Goblin, man that was quite a performance too. Willem Dafoe kills it in almost every role he plays over the years in his career but this movie was his best performance for sure. He probably won’t get Oscar nominated for this one but he should, I think it’s worthy. I was blown away with Willem’s performance in this one.

I also thought Benedict Cumberbatch did a great job playing Doctor Strange again, that dude is a great actor as well and I love the Doctor Strange character. After seeing this movie, really makes me want to see the “Doctor Strange” sequel which comes out later this year and I will make sure to see that one.

The action scenes were a blast to watch. It was a fun action movie too and I was impressed with the cinematography and the CGI was surprisingly pretty cool.

Finally a superhero movie that tells a good story and a “smart” story. It was a phenomenal movie and it blew me away. If you thought Marvel couldn’t top “Avengers: Endgame”, I think they just did with “Spiderman: No Way Home”. If you want to go see this movie, I’d suggest you watch all Spiderman movies before this one though or else you’re gonna get confused… yes, that means all the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield flicks.

To the director of “Spiderman: No Way Home” whose name is Jon Watts, bravo to a job well done. I’d give a perfect 10/10. No complaints at all.


Happy new year, y’all… my blog isn’t as big and popular anymore but that’s okay, I blog for myself…

Happy 2022, y’all.

2021 was an okay year. I would’ve kept the lifting at the gym thing going throughout that year like with my powerlifting and bodybuilding training but then that dumb and pointless lockdown thing happened. It kept me out of the gym for a while and I’ll admit that it kind of messed up my gains a little bit…

… but the goal for 2022 is to keep the lifting at the gym going all year. Yes, the powerlifting training continues on the big three lifts: bench, squat and deadlift and I’m gonna work on improving all three. I’m still doing bodybuilding training as well and because of that lockdown and dealt with a few minor injuries that wasn’t that big of a deal, I’m trying to get my strength and gains back.

I’ll never give up the powerlifting training though ’cause I love it.

Anyway, I did see the new “Spiderman: No Way Home” movie in theater last Thursday afternoon and I’m about to review that movie in a new post soon.

For 2022, I would like to start getting “work” again… ya know an actual paying job… I’m gonna try but with this pandemic thing still going on and with most “jobs” being vax only nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to get work which is honestly the goal of the Democrats. They use “covid” as a way to destroy the economy, really. The left wants to do everything they can to ruin your life.

In other news, the best of Movies and Music lists for 2021 are coming soon. I’ll do the music one first and then the movies list later ’cause there’s still some more 2021 movies I need to see.

2021 was an okay year but it would have been better if covid and the lockdown didn’t happen. Hopefully the lockdown never happens again ’cause that was bad. I think 2022 the pandemic will be over with at some point… I can’t see it gong on for another whole year.

Hope all readers are doing well.


The “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix was kind of a disappointment really… interesting concept, though…

Last week, I watched the “Don’t Look Up” movie on Netflix right away ’cause I was real curious about it. The storyline sounded intriguing on how two astronomers discovered that a comet is about to hit Earth and destroy humanity but nobody won’t believe them. The story had an interesting concept and all but the movie itself kind of sucked.

Bad cinematography and direction is what I didn’t like most about it. Writing could have been better, though. If you’re a leftist leaning person then you’ll probably like it ’cause the movie made Republicans look bad.

It’s a movie with an all star cast… a bunch of a-list actors in it but it still wasn’t that good. I thought the cast member of “Don’t Look Up” that did the best acting was Mark Rylance who played that tech billionaire CEO of Bash and I smell another Oscar nomination coming for this film for him? Probably and I also smell a few other Oscar nominations coming for this film too. And I guess another great performance by Leo Dicaprio and Jennifer Lawrence was enjoyable too, though.

And the ending kind of sucked. This is a one-time watch for me.


Could I start making pop and dance music one day? Yes, I want to and planning on it… will still make rock n’ roll, though…

I think I posted in the past before that I’ve been listening to a lot of pop, dance and R&B music lately. I continue to listen to that stuff today… recently I just purchased two of Aaliyah’s albums “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number” and “One In a Million”, now I see why Aaliyah music matters ’cause she was really good. A great talent gone too soon and I just purchased the Olivia Rodrigo album “Sour” from Itunes not too long ago. Haven’t listened to that one yet but will soon.

I’ve been getting a lot of Pop, dance and R&B music lately. Not sure why. I guess this stuff is really growing on me. Thanks to listening to David Bowie music over the years ’cause as you all know most of his music is “pop” music than rock n’ roll and I guess I got used to listening to pop music ’cause of of him really.

If I want to start writing pop songs of my own, I’m gonna need a keyboard synthesizer or some kind of midi controller in order to make EDM music (Electronic Dance Music). When you want to make EDM music, it requires rhythm and timing. You gotta know your time values. If you want to make “good” dance music, it requires a little bit of metronome knowledge than anything. When you want to dance to a song, you gotta have good timing skills. That’s why so many dance hits out there like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Prince and artists such as those are danceable ’cause of timing. It’s really about the “beat”, ya know? That’s all it takes. Making dance music isn’t hard as it sounds. Most dance music is just 4 or 5 chords anyways. Very simple, that’s all it takes. I could probably make my own music like you would hear at a nightclub.

I could probably make my own dance songs for sure but I’ll never ignore rock n’ roll & metal ’cause I still want to do that too. I’ll probably do the rock & metal thing first and then the dance music later.

I do want to get back into songwriting again.


Hope you all had a great Christmas… it was a good one for me…

Hope all you readers had a great Christmas weekend. It was a good one for me.

I did pretty good for gifts this year. Just got a new bicycle, some movies on BluRay, a book about Eddie Van Halen, a few Batman graphic novels, two video games for my PS4, gift cards and a few other assorted things.

Last week, I took Christmas week off from the gym ’cause I came down with a cough. The cough/cold wasn’t too bad but I decided to stay home from the gym for a week ’cause I didn’t want to go in gym while “pandemic” is still going on… they might kick me out if they catch me coughing and that’s what I was afraid of, ya know? So I was like, fuck it, I’ll take Christmas week off of the gym but I went back today for chest day. Had a good chest day and feel good. Now relaxing.

I’m planning to go see the new “Spiderman: No Way Home” movie really soon, maybe even this week so I’ll post a review of that movie but I’m gonna give “Spiderman: Homecoming” and “Spiderman: Far From Home” a re-watch this week. Yeah, as you can see, even though movie theaters are slowly disappearing, I still go to the movie theaters ’cause I love to, ya know? I love going to see the new releases when they come out in theater. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen, not the small screen.

Also last week, I spent most of last week watching a Star Trek movie marathon on Hulu and watched all 10 Star Trek movies last week. Who needs to watch Christmas movies, ya know?

Now onto New Year’s.


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