“Halloween Kills” was very impressive!!! Loved it!!!

So yesterday I saw the movie “Halloween Kills”, yes the new Michael Myers movie. As some of you may or may not know, this new Halloween series going on takes place after the first one, completely ignoring the rest of the series. So this new series is a continuation after the first one.

A lot of the characters are played by the same people from the first one except for that little kid in the first one, Tommy Doyle, the kid with the bowl cut hair who discovered the Boogeyman aka Michael Myers. The original actor who played Tommy Doyle, whose name is Brian Andrews is retired from acting I think. That’s why they ended up getting child star legend, Anthony Michael Hall to play Tommy instead. Yes, that Anthony Michael Hall who played in movies like “The Breakfast Club”, “Weird Science”, “Sixteen Candles”, “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, etc. He was part of the brat pack in the 80’s and now he’s one of the leading roles in a Halloween movie. Anthony Michael Hall did a good job, though. I was impressed with him.

Michael Myers is still being played by the same guy, Nick Castle. Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and the cop guy from the first one, Brackett is played by the same actor too.

I think the director David Gordon Green is doing a fine job with these movies. Does a good job trying to match Carpenter’s style. This is a guy who mostly makes Drama and Comedy films which is impressive, really.

I thought the story was pretty well written and the kills in this movie, man. The Myers kills in this movie getting real interesting and different. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers in this movie and I don’t want to say whether or not Laurie and Michael faces each other, you’ll have to find out yourself.

There’s one more Halloween movie after this one which will be the final one, “Halloween Ends” but it’s gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna kill Michael for good.

Since this movie “Halloween Kills” is streaming on Peacock, I decided to watch movie on the big screen instead first ’cause that’s how movies were supposed to be seen, ya know? It’s more fun seeing movies on the big screen with the giant screen and loud speakers. I went to see it with a friend of mine ’cause not everybody subscribes to Peacock, ya know?

I’m probably gonna re-watch “Halloween Kills” ’cause I’m planning to start at the beginning with the Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2018). Halloween day is just around the corner and I’ve been watching a Halloween horror movie marathon myself.

“Halloween Kills” was brilliant but I”m sure the next movie is gonna be even better. Trust!


Congrats to William Shatner, he absolutely deserved that… real happy for him!

William Shatner played an outer space superhero named Cpt. James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series. He played the character for three seasons in the original Star Trek TV series and he played the character for 6 big screen Star Trek movies and after that he played Cpt. Kirk once more for “Star Trek: Generations” which is a Star Trek: TNG spin off in which he teams up with Cpt. Picard in that film.

After all these years of playing Cpt. Kirk he never got to travel to space until now. Jeff Bezos is a die-hard Star Trek fan and he’s been trying to do something with William Shatner for a while and finally Bezos gave Shatner the opportunity to fly into space which happened earlier today.

Yeah, I did watch it live on the internet which was cool. As I was watching Shatner before lift-off, I was amazed how excited and thrilled he was looking but at the same time he was looking very nervous and a little scared. He admitted he was scared after it was all over with, though.

When it was over and he got out of the capsule safely and unhurt, he walked straight to Jeff Bezos to describe the experience which he totally deserved that to. The man deserved to tell his story but those other asshole people were celebrating loudly and interrupting Shatner’s speech… even Jeff was rude to Shatner a little bit. It’s like… come on… grow the hell up… stop celebrating like little kids and let him tell his story, those rude idiots!!!

Anyway, Shatner tried to describe what was it like travelling to space and described what it was like in space. Ya know, outer space isn’t like what you see in Star Trek at all. You know how in Star Trek when they fly all those ships and stars fly past and you see all kinds of lights and planets? All that’s a bunch of baloney… space don’t look like that at all as you all you’re gonna see when you get out there is nothing but “black”. No flying stars, no weird planets with multiple moons and none of that silly stuff like you see in the sci-fi films.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan, I’ve seen the original Trek TV show and seen all the Trek films so yeah, I’m a huge William Shatner fan and have been for years honestly.

I was proud and happy for him myself and he totally deserved that. Shatner did that ’cause he wanted to see what space was like himself after hearing about space for so many years which is what he’s mostly known for, a “sci fi” guy.

I mean, Shatner’s fucking 90 and he might as well do something huge ’cause you never know when he’s gonna go, ya know? You can only live once. May as well do something huge to cross off your bucket list. I’m sure Shatner wanted to do that for a long time.

I’m not a fan of that Bezos guy myself but what he did was cool. Congrats, Bill!



Thoughts about Gabby Petito strangulation… it’ll be hard to find out who did it but obviously Laundrie did it…

Yeah, I watched the Gabby autopsy results press conference earlier today and it was all a freakin’ joke to be honest. Reporters asking the dumbest questions and the coroner giving the dumbest answers, of course, there were a lot of “I can’t comment on that” by the coroner and he was only allowed to give details on certain things… like… Gabby wasn’t pregnant at the time and Gabby was already dead 3 or 4 weeks before her remains was found.

It’s going to be hard to prove who did it ’cause strangulation is hard to prove. It’s obvious this was all planned… it was someone’s intention to strangle her to death and just leave her out for dead in the wilderness.


My heart goes out to Gabby’s family, though ’cause this is all heartbreaking. I’ve seen a few older videos with Gabby in them with her talking and she seems like a real sweet, down to earth and fun type of young woman. A good person like that didn’t deserve this at all.

Anyhow, who ever the strangler was didn’t use bare hands ’cause obviously fingerprints would have been left on the neck and I’m sure the coroner didn’t find any fingerprints or anything like that. Maybe Laundrie used gloves or something. If he used rope or wire there would have been marks all over the neck indicating that he did use something to strangle her with. He probably did use black rubber gloves to strangle her. It’s gonna be tough to find out who the strangler was. It was probably Laundrie yes but he needs to give himself up and turn himself in and confess. I think he’s still alive and out in hiding somewhere due to all rumors and speculation of him being dead.

This just further proves that people don’t go missing, ya know? People don’t vanish like magic. It’s a long and slow process to get the bottom of these cases but the truth will always come forth. It always does. They think they can get away with it but they won’t.


Why Daniel Craig is done with Bond… he just simply had enough really…

Why is Daniel Craig done with Bond and stepping down? Well, he just simply had enough really. Doing a little reading and research on this on why he is stepping down and retiring the Bond character, well, he was gonna quit after “Spectre” but Sony talked him out of it and made him do one more so they can close out his series. News reports were speculating that he hated playing Bond but it turned out that he never hated playing the character, he was just getting too burned out and tired of it, ya know?

Think about it, the first Bond film that he starred in “Casino Royale” came out in 2006. It is now 2021 and he made 5 Bond movies so far. That’s about 15 years he’s been making Bond flicks so I would think that was how it would be a bit overwhelming for him. So it sounds like that’s what it is, he got too overwhelmed of the workload so he wants to get away from it and relax. Some speculated injuries is a reason… maybe that’s a small part of it but doubtful. He just got too burned out, period.

I also read somewhere that another reason he wants to move on that he wants to give someone else a chance. Passing the torch wasn’t Sony’s decision… it was Daniel himself that wanted Sony to give someone else a chance to play the iconic hero. He just felt his time was up.

Daniel probably just wants to move on to other film projects, ya know? He is a talented man and he’s done other good films too. He’s probably one of the best actors in Hollywood right now, I would say. I read somewhere that Daniel is slated to start filming “Knives Out 2” after Bond 25. I saw the first “Knives Out” movie and it was good, I liked it although the ending was predictable and I knew who the killer was all along, haha.

Anyhow, I was glad to get to see all 5 Daniel Craig Bond movies and once again, “Quantum of Solace” was the only bad one he did but I liked the other 4.

It’s gonna be interesting to see who Sony is gonna pick next and I already have a feeling on who it is ’cause the Bond replacement was already introduced in “No Time To Die”. Sony is gonna get that person. I don’t wanna say who it is as of this time ’cause it’s pretty huge. I’ll wait until Sony makes it official with the press.


Just seen the new Bond flick “No Time To Die” and it’s definitely the best of the Daniel Craig films… it blew my mind. WOW!

So yesterday I went to see the new 007 Bond flick “No Time To Die”, yes, it is finally here. So far, the movie is getting mixed reviews, like a “love” or “hate” thing but what’s new with the Daniel Craig Bond films? They all got mixed reviews so far except for “Quantum of Solace” which that was the only Craig Bond film that got trashed on the most but I agree though, “Quantum of Solace” was probably the worst and I didn’t like it myself but anyway…

… I freakin’ loved it… I loved every second of “No Time To Die” so it was definitely the best of the Daniel Craig 007 series for sure. They ended his series beautifully and perfectly. I think the director, Cary Fukunaga did a brilliant job.

I don’t want to give any of the story and plots away ’cause there are some huge surprises and shockers in the film… but I gotta say that I think Sony already picked their Bond replacement ’cause this movie was kind of a “passing of the torch” kind of movie, ya know? It seems the new Bond was already chosen in the film itself. I won’t say who the new 007 is, won’t say whether it’s male or female, you have to go see the film yourself and then you’ll see. Sony didn’t sign this possible replacement yet but I’m sure they will and they will make announcement real soon despite all of these different names spinning around on who the next Bond will be but it seems the next Bond was already named in the film itself like I said.

The film had great direction, great writing and good acting by everyone in the cast. The film was of course, very action packed and man… the action scenes were very different than other Bond films in the past. There were a few scenes that will make you want to say “holy shit” out loud. That’s how an action movie should be… thrilling, exciting and unpredictable.

Daniel Craig still got it, though and I understand that he finally had enough and wants to move on to other things. It’s time to pass the torch to someone else. I’ve seen all the Daniel Craig Bond movies when they came out in theater: “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall”, “Spectre” and now “No Time To Die”. Only one I hated was “Quantum” but the other 4 were real good, though.

Thanks Daniel for a great ride.


Led Zeppelin dropped a few live performances performing a song in its entirety… they are what made the band so special…

If you head on over to Led Zeppelin’s official facebook page, today they dropped a few Led Zeppelin live performances performing different songs in their entirety… not just small clips.


They dropped “Bring It On Home”, “Dazed and Confused”, “I Can’t Quit You Baby” and “Since I’ve been Loving You”.

If you want to know why I’m such an obsessive Led Zeppelin fan then that’s why. It was about their live performances. I love listening to Led Zep’s studio albums, sure but it’s their live stuff is what I love the most about the band.

I don’t understand why some don’t like Led Zeppelin and yes, they do have their share of haters believe it or not. They are either insane or deaf or a little bit of both but I always found the band amazing.

Why is Led Zep releasing older live performances? Are they releasing a new live album, maybe? Doesn’t look like it, I think it’s because they’re just celebrating the band’s history probably to help bring more hype to their upcoming “Becoming Led Zeppelin” documentary they got coming out. That’s probably what it is, I bet.


This Gabby Petito case just goes to show that missing people & homicide/murder cases matter…

For decades missing people, homicides and unsolved murders and things like that have always been largely ignored over the years… but thanks to the Gabby Petito stuff going on in the mainstream news… it finally made America wake up and realize that missing people and murders are a big deal. It’s all a real problem in America.

People just don’t go missing, ya know? When someone disappears and vanishes all of a sudden without a trace then something have had to happen. Almost always, a missing person usually turns up dead and murdered. Very rarely a missing person turns up alive for example like Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard for starters.

When someone goes missing, it’s almost always that someone is responsible. When someone is a “person of interest” in a missing person’s case and you blame that person, there will always be that “guilty until proven innocent” crowd that will get on your ass about it. When you look at cases like Kristin Smart, you can’t help but think that Paul Flores is guilty all the way and his parents were involved in the cover up.

Anyhow, it’s very sad that Gabby Petito didn’t turn out alive… it was expected that she’ll turn out to be a homicide/murder victim. You also can’t help but believe that Brian Laundrie the fiance did it and his parents are protecting/covering for him.

I’m gonna talk about this Gabby case very briefly for now but I’ll talk about more of it another time but one thing I’m getting sick of seeing is that how people are complaining that Gabby is all over the news while people of color is getting ignored…. “missing white girl syndrome” is what they’re all calling it. Really? These are just leftist idiots that feel the need to bring race into everything and they’re the real racists to be honest.

The way I see it, Gabby being all over the mainstream has nothing to do with race. She got mainstream status ’cause she’s a viral youtube and “instagram” star.

I’ll talk more of Gabby another time but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been following and watching the story and I love how Dog The Bounty Hunter stepped in. I’ll talk more about that too.


The new Iron Maiden album “Senjutsu” is really good, I’m impressed with it!

Man, I can’t stop listening to the new Iron Maiden album that just came out, “Senjutsu”. It’s a really impressive album and I think it’s the best new album the band has done so far. I bought the album digitally on the day it came out Friday Sept. 3rd of this year and listened to it like 4 or 5 times ever since.

I must say that it’s a very risky and ballsy album for the band to do ’cause it’s a very different album then anything else they’ve done in the past. The songs are a lot more mellower and different but they still sound like Iron Maiden and there are still chuggy metal riffs and impressive galloping all over it. There’s still plenty of metal on it even though it’s different.

As always, there’s still some pretty impressive guitar harmony playing with three players playing different things on top of each other. Adrian, Dave and Janick are the players on the new record still and they still bring it.

The album clocks in at over 80 minutes and they save the longest songs ’til last. I don’t mind listening to long songs ’cause I’m used to it after listening to bands like Led Zep, Dream Theater and Rush who are also obsessed with writing long songs. I don’t mind long songs ’cause I write long songs myself. To be honest long songs don’t seem that long to me ’cause of the pacing. Long songs can feel like short songs if that makes sense.

Bruce Dickinson’s singing still sounds killer on this record too. Not bad for a guy who is 63 and just curing himself of cancer and all that. He’s sounding better than ever now. He can still hit the high notes as well.

I’m a longtime Iron Maiden fan and trying to collect more of their albums… at least I’m trying to get all the Dickinson stuff anyways ’cause I know he wasn’t the only singer in the band.

I really liked “Senjutsu” a lot and probably gonna buy the vinyl version of that album sometime in the future. It’s definitely way different than their previous album “The Book of Souls”.

If you’re a metal fan you should definitely check this album out. Loved it!


Why the Nirvana “Nevermind” album means so much to me…

When the Nirvana “Nevermind” album first came out in 1991, I immediately went out and bought it after seeing the band’s hit songs played on MTV on a non-stop basis. Plus, their songs from the album were being played all over rock radio back in the day. I was in junior high when the album first came out and Nirvana started getting big.

When I was a kid in junior high, the first thing I would do when I first came home from school in the afternoon was turn on the TV to watch videos on MTV for the rest of the evening. Each time a Nirvana video came on, I would turn the volume up. So I went and got myself the “Nevermind” album which I listened to obsessively on a nonstop basis. It’s one of those albums you’ll never get tired of. You can listen to over and over again and I still do listen to it 30 years later.

The album meant so much ’cause it definitely changed my life. I was going through some rough times then like with all the scoliosis stuff I went through and Nirvana helped get me through all that. I also gotten more and more interested in songwriting ’cause of Nirvana.

Nirvana gotten so much hate over the years but I never understood why. Kurt wrote amazing and beautiful music. He wrote songs like they actually meant something. People always bitched about how Nirvana songs were so simplistic but Nirvana songs are not as easy as some of you think ’cause you have to get the rhythm right.

“Nevermind” was definitely an important masterpiece. I love the album all the way through and it still holds up. Still a great fucking album. I love every song on it but I love the way the album ended. I think “Nevermind” definitely had the best album endings. That final track, “Something in the Way” gives me goosebumps each time I hear that haunting song.

Nirvana definitely changed the world of music. Love them or not, they still mean so much to many people even to this day. Kurt maybe gone but the music is forever.


This should be a pretty good wakeup-call for powerlifters of any level… powerlifting legend Larry Wheels tears quad while trying to go for a heavy single…

Powerlifting may seem like a fun sport and maybe a blast to lift heavy things but if you don’t think accidents will happen and you won’t get injuries, I wanna know what planet you’re living on?

Here is powerlifting veteran Larry Wheels, considered one of the greats going for a heavy squat single but he’s in a monolith with lifting straps and having two spotters in case something happens. Well something did happen and tore his quad.

p, injuries in powerlifting and you can get injuries in regular “bodybuilding” training too… so this should be a pretty good wake-up call for lifters of all types. Powerlifting may be about lifting the most weight as possible but you don’t really need to really. There’s nothing wrong with lifting the numbers that you can get safely so you can add up your scores at a meet and that’s what it should be about, adding scores at a meet. Lifting as much as possible means you’re going to miss a lot of lifts and it’s ego lifting for sure.

This video gone viral in the weightlifting world should be a pretty big wake up call… but I’m sure many will ignore this and continue to lift weights that they can’t handle and end up getting injured anyways ’cause there are lifters that never learn.

And yes, I’ve gotten injuries in the gym myself, I’ll confess it but I don’t get injuries all the time. Once in a while I’ll get a minor injury… mostly tiny injuries that can heal in a few weeks but I didn’t get anything that put me in the hospital yet.

You get accidents and injuries no matter what skill you’re in weight lifting, even the pros although many of them will never admit it.

I respect Larry Wheels even more ’cause he’s not afraid to be real and not afraid to show off his lifting accidents when many are. It’s just their way of helping people so others won’t make that mistake in the gym.

I wish Larry speedy recovery though.


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