Lou Reed was really hurt by negative reception of his album with Metallica, “LuLu”…

Iggy Pop and Lars Ulrich did a sit-down interview and had an interesting conversation at Metallica.com. I didn’t read the whole thing but skipped over to the parts where they were talking about the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration album, “Lulu”.

Lars explains that before Lou passed, Lou was really hurt and upset of the negative reception he got of the album. Lars explains that Metallica didn’t give a shit about negative reception but Lou did. I guess Lou really wanted people to like the album.

Iggy says Lou was trying to be a real artist which I totally agree with.


Despite the album’s negative reaction, I still stand by it that I thought the album was a real masterpiece. It’s a beautiful album if you take the time to listen to it again. I loved the whole thing from start to finish. While I loved the whole album, the best song on it was “Junior Dad” and you can hear the track above.

I really hope the haters of this album really feel proud of themselves, though. Of course, in a age where popular music continues to dominate, it’s hard for people to like real music these days and this is real music.

A lot of kids these days wanna listen to crap like Korn and all this nu-metal crap, they also want to listen to garbage like rap & pop music. This album “Lulu” wasn’t all that commercial and wanted to stay away from mainstream music. In my opinion, this album didn’t deserve to get negatively criticized ’cause it really was a beautiful record and I still stand by it today.

If this album was made in the 60’s or the 70’s, I’m sure it would have been loved by everyone back then but since the industry is dominated by pop music today, once again, it’s a real challenge to get people to enjoy real music.

I think the only reason this record got slammed is ’cause people didn’t understand Lou Reed. They don’t listen to his music much. Sure, Lou Reed wasn’t much of a singer but he was still amazing at what he did. The man was a poet and a storyteller, that’s how he always performed his songs. I’m a huge Lou Reed fan. Lou Reed would have wanted this album to be his final album. It’s a great record and I’m planning on listening to it again this week.

Call of Duty: WWII trailer is here and it looks fuckin’ awesome!

Over the years of video gaming we have got too many silly first-person shooters, finally we get a first-person shooter that is about war. A videogame based upon on a real war would be pretty cool. Now I do know that the COD series started off with WWII and I do know the “Battlefield” game is based upon WWII as well but I’m glad that COD is finally doing something realistic for once.

This is a COD game where we won’t be seeing any of that silly sci-fi and horror stuff. In this game we won’t be fighting against robots and zombies. There won’t be silly things like wall-running and jetpacks either.

Can’t wait to get COD: WWII which comes out Nov. 3rd of this year and I will definitely buy it. Hell yeah. This game looks freakin’ awesome but I’m gonna get around to buying “Battlefield” as well. I’m a huge fan of first-person shooters. Played those games for most of my life.



Vince McMahon biopic in the works? Okay, who’s gonna play Vince in his own biopic film?

Well even more movie news, Vince McMahon who is the legendary owner of WWE (formerly known as WWF) is finally getting his own biopic film. That means an actor is gonna have to play Vince in the film which is titled, “Pandemonium”. Tristar will make the movie.


It’s looking like this movie is going to be about how Vince McMahon Jr. started the WWF/WWE. About how Vince started his career in wrestling. I’m sure the film will go from young Vince to old Vince to where he is now. Vince bought the company from his father in 1982, it used to be called the Capital Wrestling Corporation but Vince changed the name to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). The WWF kept its name until they lost a lawsuit against the World Wildlife Fund so they were forced to change the name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Over the years of the wrestling business sparked all kinds of controversy. They were never for everybody, you either loved or hated the wrestling business but whether you loved them or hate them, Vince is a genius. I think Vince deserves his own biopic film and his story deserves to get told.

I wonder if in the film, they’re planning on using Vince as the evil owner as Mr. McMahon? You know, do his iconic walk while his theme song plays. It’ll be pretty cool if they did that and I’m sure they will.

This also means that they’ll have to find actors to play Vince McMahon Sr., Linda McMahon, Shane & Stephanie. I think it could be an interesting movie if made right.

So who’s going to be playing Vince? Will they use a well known actor? They need to find an actor who looks like Vince and they need to find somebody who is built & jacked ’cause Vince himself is a pretty jacked guy for his age.

I think J.K. Simmons would be perfect. The right age, plus Simmons is a pretty jacked guy and Simmons temper-tantrum is pretty scary just like Vince. So J.K. Simmons would be perfect, in my opinion. Willem Dafoe isn’t a bad choice as well.



Indiana Jones 5 is finally confirmed with Steven Spielberg returning to direct and Harrison Ford will play Indy once again!

While announcing the release date for “Star Wars Episode IX” which is the final film of the new Star Wars trilogy, Disney & Lucasfilm finally confirmed “Indiana Jones 5”. Best of all Steven Spielberg is returning to the director’s chair for Indy 5 and Harrison is once again playing Indy. Indy 5 is set for a July 10th, 2020 release date.


What I like the most about Indy 5 is that George Lucas is no longer in charge so that means more creative freedom for Spielberg and Ford. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Spielberg is gonna pull off an Indy film without Lucas involved for sure. I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, loved all 4 Indy movies…. yes, I even thought, “Crystal Skull” was real good despite the negative critics of that film. I will always think “Raiders of the Lost Ark” will be the best Indy film ever made, though.

At almost 75 do you think Harrison still has what it takes to play Indy? Yes, absolutely. I think Harrison can still do action scenes and his own stunts quite well. He seems to play Han Solo quite well in, “The Force Awakens” movie. Since Han Solo is gone Harrison won’t be playing in SW: Episode 8 and 9 so it’s looking his next movie is gonna be Indy 5.

Will Indy 5 be a continuation of “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”? Probably will but I hope they don’t bring Shia Labeouf back, though.

They need to make the next Indy movie more like “Raiders”. Make it a serious film like “Raiders” was. The next Indy movie will probably be an action movie like they all are but I hope they leave the science fiction stuff out of it this time.

I’m glad Indy 5 is finally happening ’cause Spielberg and Ford has been talking about it for years. They better get to work on it soon ’cause Harrison is getting older. I think they will get to work on it right away. Glad a new Indy film is happening, celebrate by listening to the theme song below!



So what’s going on at FOX News? Is it quickly turning into a liberal network???

So Roger Ailes was the first to get taken down due to sexual harassment claims, then Bill O’ Reilly and now Sean Hannity is the next target. What’s going on here? Do you see a bit of a pattern? Ailes was forced to step down to sexual harassment claims, Bill O’ Reilly was forced to step down; however, Sean Hannity isn’t stepping down. Hannity decided to have some balls, not caving-in to his accusers and Hannity is fighting back with slander lawsuit.

The question is, are these guys guilty of sexual harassment with women? I don’t know. The fact of the matter is, these guys are innocent until proven guilty but I don’t think they’re guilty at all since all of these guys are being accused of it. Something is definitely going on here. There’s someone out there in a desperate attempt to take ’em down.

FOX News is already quickly turning into CNN & MSNBC. I’ve heard many are saying that it’s Rupert Murdoch’s sons who are trying to turn FOX News into a liberal station. If that’s their goal then their goal will fail. FOX News like it or not, is the top rated network on cable TV, look it up if you don’t believe me. Maybe that’s why liberals are in a desperate attempt to turn FOX News into a liberal network ’cause of it’s high ratings but once they turn FOX News into a liberal fake news station, the ratings are gonna tank. Ratings will go down, big time.

When will people get through their thick heads that nobody cares about liberalism anymore? Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s getting much worse. Liberals attacking FOX News is not gonna solve anything. All that is proving is that liberals are scared of conservatives even more.

For the record, FOX News is not really a conservative network like a lot of people believe. It’s a real news station without the liberal bias, ya know? FOX News is not really far right. They report news on both sides of the spectrum, really. I’m not a big fan of FOX News but there are a few good hosts on there like Bill O’ Reilly, Hannity and Judge Jeanine. I wonder how they’re gonna plan on taking down Judge Jeanine since she’s die-hard conservative, they’ll figure out a way, I’m sure. FOX News is crap but there’s a few good shows on there. I like to watch O’ Reilly, Hannity and Judge Jeanine the most.

Anyways, all the sexual harassment allegations toward the FOX News people were obviously set up by liberals. Their accusers are being paid by somebody but who? I wouldn’t be surprised that Soros is behind it all.


Why we’re about to see a lot more Barack Obama now that he’s no longer president… he’s gotta continue to make his money somehow, right?

So Barack Obama had his first public speech since leaving office in which I’m sure Barack was paid quite a bit for that speech. Ya think, right? Now that Barack is no longer in office, that means he won’t be using our tax paying money just to do whatever he wants for fun stuff like golfing, vacations & things like that. I’m feeling we’re going to see a lot more Barack in the future now that he’s finally back in the public eye.


I can see Barack doing more political speeches like at more colleges and things like that just to continue to make his money. Plus, Obama’s got that $60 million book deal with Michelle coming out and I’m pretty sure that Obama is gonna do a book tour. Ya know, like do autograph signings for that book and more boring speeches to help promote the stupid book. Even though Obama is no longer president, he still thinks the world revolves around him and he’s obviously still trying to destroy America even though he’s no longer president. Obama is quietly trying to remove Trump from office.

As long as Obama’s still standing, he’s going to try to destroy America still so I hope Trump gets the evidence of his wiretapping so Trump can jail Obama and get him out of the public eye for good. We all want Obama gone. So because Obama is no longer the president doesn’t mean we’ll move on and forget about him. We’ll never forget what he did to the USA. He gave us a lot of damage and Obama belongs in federal prison. That’s where he needs to be. If Trump can lock up Obama and Hillary both, re-election guaranteed.

Obama not only needs to be locked up for Trump wiretapping, he needs to be locked up for other gov. crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS targeting, fake birth certificate, etc.


Sylvester Stallone from broke & homeless to rich and famous… most hollywood celebs suck but Sly is undeniably cool!

If this isn’t impressive then I don’t know what else it is. I’ve been following Sly’s career for years and the man is such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Before Sly’s fame in Hollywood, he was pretty much a nobody. Didn’t have much going on in his life ’cause he was broke and homeless. Living in the streets with his dog and all. He got into acting and into the movie business ’cause he didn’t know what else to do with his life. Well the man certainly knew how to build himself up and knew how to be a fighter. He went from nobody to somebody. It was a slow process to get where he is today but he did good and he’s doing well for himself now.

Once again, most celebrities didn’t do anything to earn their fame & fortune well Sly did. He worked real hard for it. Nobody is perfect. We’re all gonna have ups and downs in our lives, even me.

My life isn’t perfect and there are things in my life that could be better and since I’m in my 40’s now, I still have plenty of time to improve my life. I’m working on that. I would like to get myself a full time job and hopefully get a family of my own. It’s not too late for that stuff.

So does Sly deserves all that money and fame that he got? Absolutely. I remember back in the 90’s and early 2000’s years Sly was in a big career slump. Kept releasing box office bomb after another but today Sly is back into being a successful actor again.

Most movie stars didn’t work for their fame and fortune, Sly did. You can’t deny that Sly’s story is pretty inspirational to you, right? He deserves more respect for sure!


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