More on my criticism toward local music scene…

As some of you may figured out by now, I have been criticizing the Albany/Capital Region music scene for many years. I have no regrets for any of it, and will not apologize for it either. I think it’s good to be honest and real about it. Yes, admittedly my criticism to it has gotten me in trouble a lot over the years, but I don’t give a shit. If I’m going to be the only one talking about how musicians really are and the way the music scene is in this area so be it.

No doubt that there are loads of problems in this music scene. Not only that the negative attitudes, the egos, the drama and the attention whoring of musicians have become a problem… I can name tons more.

First of all, it’s pretty hard to get gigs around here. This area is making it tougher for musicians to get gigs around venues in this area. It used to be that if the owner of the venue likes your music then you get a gig, but those days are dead and gone. Nowadays, if you want a gig at a small concert hall or a bar or a coffeehouse, you must have a pretty big following. If you don’t have a decent enough following to pull people into your shows then you don’t get a gig. It’s just as simple as that.

A lot of venues around here makes you want to prove your worth which is to me is pretty sad. There are many talented musicians around here struggling to get gigs for that reason. A lot of venues around here wants to make you have a press kit and all that stuff which to me is pretty silly. What’s wrong with just giving them your demo and if you’re good, you get a live gig? That’s not how it’s done anymore.

Secondly, it is hard to get noticed in this area. Ya know, become recognized for your music or even become established & well-known. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to get people to like your music… I know it is. That’s the challenging part is getting people to listen to your original songs. What’s even harder is to get people to come to your live shows when you have some booked. I speak all this with experience too.

This isn’t directed at any band in particular, but have you noticed that some of the bands around here getting bigger and becoming more established pretty quickly? Ya know, playing the bigger stages, playing all the local festivals, opening for national acts, etc. All the good stuff. Well the answer to that is that many of these established bands have good mangers, booking agents, etc. These bands hire those people to help them get where they are. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing, but I have seen established bands that didn’t have managers/booking agents at all. They did all the work themselves to get to the next level. It can be done.

These days the only way to move forward to your music and go to the next level is to play music that people love dancing to. Why? It’s because bands that makes people fill the dance floors is what’s selling. If you play rock n’ roll and metal, and if you don’t get people moving then you probably won’t go anywhere with your music. Play music that people can dance to then you’ll be big around here… that’s why country music is pretty popular around the Capital Region. It is why pop music is getting popular around here. Nobody pretty much appreciates bands for the art anymore. All this area wants to do is party, drink and dance. As long as people are buying the drinks then the bars & clubs are happy.

When I look at the music scene today, I’ve noticed it’s gotten much harder to play out ’cause venues come and go. Unfortunately, not many places to play out anymore. I can’t find venues to play at myself nowadays ’cause I’m thinking about getting back out there to play some open mics and maybe an actual gig. This area isn’t much of a scene to be honest with ya. I can see why some bands around here are starting to tour the states and even other countries ’cause there is nothing here.

Don’t get me wrong, I love live music, and I do enjoy going to local shows to cheer on the band in front of the stage… I’m just not afraid to real about this stuff. I’ve always been that way for years and still haven’t changed now.

This scene never gets better and still remains the same. When I write songs, I don’t care to write songs that get people dancing and moving. I Just write songs however I want to; just write whatever comes out of me. I just wish people would appreciate the art and not worry about the partying aspect of music. When I play out, I mostly like to play the diners & coffeehouses instead of the bars. I hate playing bars ’cause they’re too loud. I like to play diners & coffeehouses where people actually sit and listen. That’s how I’ve always preferred my music to be heard. I try not to make music that people would party to. I just want to make songs and that’s it.

While it’s admittedly tough being a musician around the area, I’ll always continue to do my thing. Yeah, there are going to be bands & music venues that are gonna make you feel like that you’re nothing musically but fuck those negative people, ya know? We work hard as musicians, and they have no right to look down on us. We all deserve to play out and get heard. This area claims to support “all music”, but the reality is they’re really picky and choosy. They just won’t admit it publicly.

Just keep doing your thing and keep playing no matter what. That’s what I’m gonna do.




Many celebs are not condemning Harvey Weinstein, they’re condemning the news reports that got out, be careful here…

It’s interesting watching all of these celebrities coming forward… looking like as if they were “condemning” the wrongful actions of Harvey Weinstein, but they aren’t condemning him. They are only condemning the allegations that got out in the news… be careful here, y’all.

Quoted from this article as an example: “Jennifer Lawrence says she was “deeply disturbed” to learn about the allegations of sexual misconduct that surround Harvey Weinstein, and described the producer’s behavior as “inexcusable and absolutely upsetting.”

“Deeply disturbed to learn about the allegations”… hmmm. Does it look like Jennifer is siding with Harvey Weinstein? Yes, the way I look at it… she is definitely. Her response to Harvey was weak at best… all she said was “inexcusable and absolutely upsetting”. Not harsh enough. In other words, I think Jennifer’s response was a bit too nice, ya know?

What gives her the right to speak out about women being victims of sexual predators when she was seen photographed with Harvey Weinstein many times? This is coming from a woman who complains about her privacy being invaded when her nude pics got leaked.

To me Jennifer sounds like she’s feeling sorry for Harvey, she doesn’t care about these women at all. Has Jennifer been a victim of Harvey? She claims she wasn’t, but I’m willing to bet she was. She’s keeping quiet about it ’cause Harvey is her friend and she doesn’t want to make him look bad. Maybe she doesn’t want to get sued by him as well.

Barack Obama and Hillary did the same thing pretty much when they responded… they condemned “the allegations”, not Harvey’s actions.

It’s real sad, ya know? When a right-wing person is accused of being a sexual predator, his career and life would be over fast, but as long as you’re a left-winger — sexual harassment/abuse is okay. The double standard in this is pretty disgusting, though. The left exposed as hypocrites once again. They go after right-wingers for sexual harassment/abuse, but they’ve just been exposed for trying to normalize this stuff.

Sad what Hollywood has become. I’m a movie buff too, and we’re paying these people to see their films. I’m losing interest in Hollywood more and more. I’ve also have been going to the movies less and less. Hollywood sucks nowadays anyways. They can’t make good movies anymore like they used to so fuck it. They can’t think of any original ideas… mostly remakes/reboots, too many superhero films, actions films, etc. I think I pretty much had it with Hollywood too. I’m not interesting in new movies much. It’s why I’ve been watching a lot of older movies lately. Classic cinemas is true cinema.

It’s entertaining as hell to see the NFL and Hollywood commit suicide. We’re watching both crumble before our very own eyes. We tried to warn them to stay out of politics, now look what’s happening to them?


What happened to the site? Looks like it’s gone…

When the Crumbs local music web site first came back a few years ago, the site started off real good. The Crumbs Cafe interviews were coming in and then there were bloggers trying to keep the site going. Looks like the site is dead now. The owner lost interest and moved on? Look like people lost interest in that site pretty quickly.

Ah well, that site disappears and comes back every now and then. I used to listen to some  of the Crumbs Cafe stuff. The Crumbs blog slowed down too so that’s when I believe that nobody’s interested in that site anymore. Weird.


Feuds with other musicians, the hate needs to stop but it never will… Smallbany will always be smallbany…

It’s no secret that I have a tough time getting along with other bands & musicians over the years. A lot of musicians around this scene hates me. Yeah, there are many other musicians around this area that are haters of mine but not all musicians hates me, though. There are some musicians in this area who actually likes me, fans of mine and some that do like me as a person which is awesome. There are some wonderful and talented musicians who have stayed loyal to me over the years.

Some of you may ask, why is it that some musicians go on hating each other and having long-lasting feuds against each other? Feuds that go on for a long time. Well, like always “ego” and “jealousy” is always a huge part of that. A feud between musicians usually happens when one musician is more established than the other. You know, a musician who is more well-known than the other. Usually the established musicians always want to feel more “superior” than those who aren’t that well-known. The established musicians are the ones who have played the bigger stages, opened for some national acts maybe and got some local press. You tried your best to support them, look out for them and even try to become their friend, but they don’t care to show support in return at all. Instead, they always look down upon you all the time; always having negative thoughts and feelings about you.

I’ve been a part of the music scene for many years, so I can safely say that Albany is definitely one of the most negative music scenes I’ve ever seen. This area definitely does have a lot of problems. I’ve witnessed crazy shit over the years.

Yes, you will get backstabbers. Yes, you will get haters and bullies. Yes, you will get musicians who pretends to like you, but secretly they can’t stand you. Yes, you can’t trust anybody in the music scene. I’ve learned not to trust anybody over the years. It’s the best attitude to have as a musician. Don’t trust anybody and only focus on your own music. Only focus on you and not caring what everyone else says or thinks about you.

It’s good that bands & musicians got some success with their music, but that doesn’t make them more “superior” than others.  They’re still a local musician like me and everyone else. Whatever happened to being humble and courteous? Musicians don’t have that anymore nowadays. Most musicians nowadays are so ego-driven, arrogant and stuck-up. Most of them have a rock star attitude and always had. It’s gotten much worse today. When bands & musicians don’t care to show you support and always treating you in a negative direction when you’ve been nothing but supportive and helpful, it’s time to stop supporting them.

I’ve always learned it’s important to treat your fan base with love and respect when they support you. I will never talk down on them and never look down upon them. When fans like you for your music, you must support them in return and I do my best to do that. I don’t see that with bands nowadays. Thing is, there are some bands out there that are into music not to make new fans… some bands are into it for the money alone.

This is why I have stopped supporting the local music scene a long time ago ’cause this isn’t a very good music scene, and I’m sticking with my view on it. I’m just gonna focus on my own music only and that’s it.

This area tries their best to promote “positivity” in local music, but don’t believe the hype. It never was positive. There’s a lot of problems here. You know it, I know it.

Oh well, who cares right?

This area is very liberal with their politics anyways. Most musicians here wanted Hillary Clinton for president to begin with. That’s another problem with the scene ’cause they too can have loud voices with liberal politics and they can be SJW’s. Sad.

With all this being said, I’m not really worried about haters in the scene.  I can’t get everyone to like me and can’t please everyone. My life is good. Just working on my own music, just keeping on playing guitar and singing. I’ve also been keeping busy in my fitness life like with bodybuilding, yoga and boxing. My life is awesome.



We live in a world where we can’t disagree with people anymore and can’t have differences of opinion, sad…

This is what people in social networking are like nowadays. If you have differences of opinions and different views than everyone else then that makes you a bad person. Trust me, I’ve dealt with this shit many times over the years of my life when it comes to dealing with people on the internet. You see, I’m one of those who refuses to fit in with the crowd. I don’t have to be on the same  page as everyone else. I like to keep everything real ’cause I’m an honest man and that will never change. If something is on my mind, it’s gonna get said.

Whenever I disagree with someone on the internet and have differences of opinions, it appears to piss a lot of people off. Instead of discussing things with you like a mature adult or have a rational debate with you then they would lose their tempers and block you in social networking which is interesting. I’ve dealt with this many times with people… it doesn’t matter the topic. If people don’t like me being different then that’s fine. Fuck them for all I care. I think that’s what drives people crazy ’cause they know I’m real and they know I’m different, and they can’t take it.

Well, suck it up, buttercup. I don’t care if people get upset over my differences of opinions and thoughts. I’m a realist, that’s all there is to it. I just speak my truth no matter the consequences.

When people get pissed or unfriend/block me in social networking, that’s all fine and good. I don’t care. When people do that, usually they do it ’cause it’s a pretty good indication that you said something right and they didn’t like it. Getting blocked/unfriended by people is like the trash taking itself out. When people do that to you, that’s a pretty cowardly move.

I can have differences of opinions and different views all I want to. I don’t care the topic whether it’s politics, entertainment, music, local bands, etc. I’m real on everything. I’m just an honest guy and that’s all there is to it. If you can’t take a bit of honesty then that’s your loss, not mine.

If you want to know what life in social networking is all about then you’re reading about it right now. Just be yourself, you don’t need to fit in with the crowd. Never been my thing.

Just ranting a bit today. Just had to get this off my system.


Remember, Corey Feldman was the first to expose predator Hollywood but nobody cared, people are waking up now? Um, wow…

After all this Harvey Weinstein stuff going on, a lot of conservatives in America through social networking have been bring it to our attention that Hollywood has a sexual abuse and sexual predator problem. Ever since this Harvey Weinstein stuff started, they’ve been saying it’s a huge problem with a lot of women in the industry. Not only women become victims of sexual harassment/abuse/assault, it’s a big problem with men too. I’ve seen in the news that actor Terry Crews was sexually assaulted by a big Hollywood Exec. It wasn’t Harvey but somebody else, but Terry wouldn’t name names which is understandable. Not only men and women become victims of sexual predators in Hollywood, it’s a major problem with children as well. As you all know, there a lot of young children that star in movies and TV shows over the years.

Here’s a little flashback video for you all. Remember this? All of a sudden everybody brought up pedophile Hollywood but they seem to have forgotten that it was Corey Feldman who brought it up first. Nobody cared. No one believed him back then so now everybody finally woke up? This video interview with Corey was back in 2014. Over the years, Corey kept talking about pedophile Hollywood on twitter, in his book and other TV interviews. He’s the only one in Hollywood who had the balls to speak out about this but people ridiculed him for it.

Now that sexual predators in Hollywood is finally known, will more victims come forward? I think so. Terry Crews already did and I predict more will follow.

Hollywood is a diabolical world. It’s very dangerous to become an actor or an actress. There was a point where I once wanted to get a career making movies in Hollywood like direct or write screenplays, but that dream is no more. Seriously, that’s no joke. There really was a point where I had that dream, but after the way the industry is going today, no thank you.

Hollywood has a lot of problems. First liberal politics and now sexual predators. Keep it up, Hollywood. Soon you’ll no longer have an audience to see your films that WE PAY FOR. Such a shame and sad to see all this ’cause I love movies.


With all this sexual predator stuff going on in Hollywood and liberal politics in the music industry, I’m glad I’m not a famous person!!!

Fame may look a lot of fun, but that’s how the media paints it out to be. In reality, famous celebrities are nothing but sexual predators and liberal blowhards. I’m so glad that I’m not a famous person. Admittedly, I used to want fame in the past, but over the years as time went along — fame is not what I want anymore. In reality, fame is a dangerous and evil world to live in. Fame has all kinds of problems, not just liberal politics… lets list some of them: sexual abuse, sexual harassment, pedophiles in the industry, drugs, alcohol, celebs can be arrogant people, etc. I can go on and on.

Celebs sitting in their $5 – $10 million dollar mansions… does that look fun to you? I wouldn’t want that lifestyle at all. I would want my life simple and normal. Everybody wants fame, but after everything that’s going on with Harvey Weinstein, do you want it now? I wouldn’t want fame at all as you look at the way it’s going. Many celebrities died ’cause of all the problems in fame (e.g., Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson).

The media tries their best to make celebs look so glamorous, perfect and wonderful but in reality, they aren’t. They have problems like we do. Hollywood and the fame life is messed up. So to all those out there who dream of getting famous, you may want to think twice about that.

Fame is evil. It always has been. Fame destroyed a lot of lives over the years. It doesn’t always make your life positive and wonderful. Are you sure you want it? Not me. I’m happy with the way my life is going right now.


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