Collecting Vinyl is great and fun Hobby but It’s also a real challenge…

I’m pretty new and pretty late into getting into vinyl collecting of my own and it’s an experience for sure. I’m already am learning some stuff about vinyl but still got a lot to learn though.

For right now, I don’t have a huge collection of vinyl yet, it’s still pretty small. Have at least around 30 or something like that… but 4 of them have scratches and skip so I can’t play those 4… so I guess that’s another lesson learned that from now on when buying old and used vinyl, you check it before you buy to make sure it’s in okay enough condition. I learned that people sell old and used vinyls really cheap ’cause they are in shitty condition so you gotta watch for those ones. Some of the old cheap vinyls actually play all the way through, though. When people sell old and used vinyl at kind of high prices like $15 or over, that means they’re in perfect enough condition… plus the value of the vinyl.

When you buy “new” vinyls and remaster vinyls of older albums, you don’t have to worry about scratches, dust and dirt on them ’cause the new vinyls are always in perfect condition.

I buy vinyls from old to new ones. It don’t matter to me, I just want to get into the vinyl experience myself.

As for buying scratched vinyls by accident, I’m sure there’s a way to fix them so they can play all the way through. I’m doing research on that and there are multiple ways like deep cleaning, using wood glue, tooth picks and all that stuff. I’ll have to ask other vinyl collectors for advice to see how they fix damaged records.

I picked up a few vinyls from local stores in Greenwich that were selling them. I picked up Rush’s “Moving Pictures” and Bobbie Gentry “Patchwork”… those two played through really good… but I picked records by the Ventures and Bobby Darin which played like shit… I’m gonna keep ’em anyways and try to find ways to fix ’em.

I really love collecting vinyl, though. No wonder they made a comeback and why they gotten popular again ’cause they really do sound better than digital and CD for sure. When listening to vinyl albums, you can hear everything clearer and louder.

Vinyl is awesome. You get to own the album and see “album” covers again.

Although I started collecting vinyl… I still buy albums digital from Itunes and yes, I still buy CD’s too once in a blue moon still. CD’s are still hanging in there.

I’m just a big album addict. I love music… gotta have it in my life.


Weezer covers Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and it’s pretty freaking great… WOW!

Metallica’s been putting together an album called “Blacklist” which is a covers album of many different bands and artists covering Metallica songs from the “Black Album” only… as in celebration of the “Black Album”. Artists from all different genres cover Metallica songs from the “Black Album” and here is Weezer with their take on Metallica’s smash hit, “Enter Sandman”.

It’s pretty freaking awesome and Weezer nailed it just like they nail all the covers they do. Is there anything Weezer can’t do? It just proves even more that Weezer can play anything.

In this cover, sounds like they played all the riffs and rhythm parts note for note a little bit but they still sound like Weezer at the same time. It sounds pretty close to the original too, though.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Weezer did a Metallica covers album? I bet they can pull that off with no problem. So far, this is the best cover I’ve heard for Metallica “Blacklist”.


Limp Bizkit at Lollapalooza last night, I was impressed, they still got it.

When I was young during high school, I used to be a huge fan of Limp Bizkit. Used to own their first three albums on CD but don’t have ’em anymore, though. Yeah, I definitely was a fan of this band and still am kind of. Now this band won my respect back and I’m a fan again.

Most of Lollapalooza’s lineup this year is mostly garbage. Mostly pop and rap stuff I’ve never heard of before but the only rock Lollapalooza has this year is Limp Bizkit. The band isn’t around much anymore but they still come around occasionally with a new album and tour. Well they have a new album coming out I believe.

Here they are, Limp Bizkit taking the stage at Lollapalooza last night at Chicago. The same members in the lineup since the first album and Wes Borland being back as you can see. Yes, that is Fred Durst sporting a new look with him being 50 now.

I watched the Limp Bizkit set on Lollapalooza live stream on Hulu last night. Of course, Limp Bizkit played mostly their “hits” just to let the fans know that the band really hasn’t gone away and I still remember every song they played. They also played a covers medley during their set too.

I was impressed with them last night, they played a great set surprisingly and they still got it. They haven’t lost their fire and they sound better than ever. They were tight as hell too. During their Mission Impossible song, “Take a Look Around”, Wes Borland went to the front of the stage and threw his electric guitar out into the crowd so that is one lucky fan who caught it and I’m sure that guitar he threw out was very expensive too like $3,000 – $5,000. The band definitely loves their fans for sure ’cause at the end of their set, they were throwing t-shirts out into the crowd and Fred Durst was walking around high fiving to everyone in the front row, giving the fans hugs and stuff. It was cool to see all that.

The band has a new album coming out soon, I believe and I’m gonna get it, I think ’cause they just debuted a new song from the record last night. Even though Fred looks unrecognizable these days, he’s still looking good and very healthy. I’m probably gonna re-buy their first three records, I think too.

I hate most of this year’s Lollapalooza lineup, I only tuned in for Limp Bizkit and that’s all. Glad I did too.

The Foo Fighters headline the festival tonight and I’m thinking about tuning in for them too. Not sure yet… don’t really care for the Foo’s anymore.


The idea of movies being released in theaters and on streaming serVices is Dumb anyways… Scarlett Johansson is right to Sue Disney….

This is a good move and finally a movie star is fighting back at the idea of movies being released in theaters and streaming services simultaneously. It seems that Scarlett Johansson isn’t too fond of that idea. Reasons being is that she feels that she’ll be getting paid lesser than she thought and yes, this idea definitely hurts the actors financially and it isn’t right.

HBO Max was the first to start this idea, release a bunch of movies simultaneously on streaming and theaters at the same time but nobody criticized that idea until Disney started doing it.

It’s a stupid move. Huge movies shouldn’t be released at two different places at the same time ’cause like I said above it hurts the actors financially and it also hurts the box office as well.

All major movies should be released in theaters exclusively and only in theaters… ’cause most importantly, movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with, not on the small screen. It’s about the movie theater going experience, ya know?

It’s more fun watching big movies on the big screen in theaters for the incredible picture and the “loud” sound when watching the action pictures. That’s how the “Black Widow” movie is supposed to be seen.

Is Scarlett doing this ’cause she’s egotistical like some people would think? No. I’m sure she worked real hard on that movie and gave her blood, sweat and tears so she deserves to get that full pay all the way. She seems real proud of that movie and wants to protect it in some way.

I hope she wins this lawsuit but I doubt it. Disney is a powerful company so it’ll be a difficult battle. She’s a brave lady for this, though. Makes me love her even more and I want to see “Black Widow” myself. I’ll go see it in a theater ’cause once again, that’s how movies were supposed to be seen.


“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” trailer #2 gets dropped this week and so far, film looks very promising!

The original plan for Ghostbusters 3 was that Dan Aykroyd wanted to reunite the 4 Ghostbusters characters: Ray Stantz, Dr. Venkman, Egon and Winston but the only problem with that now is that obviously Harold Ramis passed away.

Dan’s been saying ever since they’ve been talking about it that this is gonna be a passing of the torch kind of story. They wanted young kids and a girl to be the new Ghostbusters with the originals teaching them. As you can see they’re committed to keeping that story here despite Harold Ramis passing away.

In this trailer, they’re letting you know that they haven’t forgotten about Harold ’cause they gave him a nice tribute by showing him with the original Ghostbusters in a photo and playing the old Ghostbusters commercials they did.

They are definitely bringing back everybody from the first two films with the exception of Rick Moranis who turned it down which is a bummer. I was hoping he would come back as Louis Tully ’cause it would have been awesome, he was a funny character.

Other than that, this film looks very good. I’m probably gonna see it for sure.

The way the plot is looking for “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is that there are these kids that are looking for the original Ghostbusters and they want to learn how to catch ghosts since they’ve been finding their old equipment and finding Ecto 1 on their own. The town has been taken by ghosts again and the kids want to fight them but they don’t really know how so they want to try and find Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. Hoping they could teach them. They find out that Egno Spengler died to explain Harold’s real-life passing but the surviving Ghostbusters, the ones that are left are still around… but they want nothing to do with ghost catching anymore. Ray, Peter and Winston moved on.

I remember a point where Dan Aykroyd said originally the 4 ghostbusters moved on to have all kinds of problems in life and from the looks of the trailer, looks like he’s staying true to that idea. When Ray Stantz picked up the phone toward the end of the trailer and says, “We’re closed”, he sounds like an angry old man which is how he’ll appear to be in the movie. He’ll no longer be this fast talking funny man like he was in the first two films. Peter and Winston will be different too, I bet.

Annie Potts aka Janine the crazy secretary lady makes an appearance in the trailer as you can see.

The question is, will Ray, Peter and Winston suit up and start fighting ghosts again in the film? My guess is that it’s an absolute yes. They’ll be teaching the kids how to catch ghosts so they have to. Ray, Peter and Winston will refuse at first ’cause they want nothing to do with that life anymore but the kids will keep begging and begging so at some point in the movie, they ended up helping them. When Ray, Peter and Winston notice the kids are in danger that’s when they’ll suit up and put the proton packs back on. If Peter and Winston won’t be in ghost busting catching action again, then Ray Stantz will be the most likely. They need to do something to keep the fans entertained ’cause they’ll be expecting the original Ghostbusters to get back into action.

I’m sure Harold will get a nice big tribute in there somewhere… will Egon appear as a ghost? Possibly, we’ll have to wait and see what they’ll do. I’m sure they’ll do something with Egon in the film.

I love the Ghostbusters. Always been a huge fan but I refuse to watch that all-girl reboot directed by Paul Feig and I will never watch that one at all but “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” yes, definitely. I’ll be there in the theater for that one.


RIP Dusty Hill (Bassist for ZZ TOP) 1949 -2021…

Like most, I’m pretty shocked and bummed out that we lost another one of the most important rock musicians… Dusty Hill… known as the bassist and founding member for blues rock band, ZZ Top. Dusty played bass in the band yes but he also sung some backup vocals and he even sung the lead in some ZZ Top songs.

ZZ Top is one of baddest rock bands on the planet, I’m definitely a fan and the funny thing is, I’ve been buying more of their albums lately. So far, I’ve got 6 of their albums in my music collection: “ZZ Top’s first Album”, “Tres Hombre”, “Afterburner”, “Eliminator”, “Deguello” and “La Futura”.

Dusty’s bass playig in the band was something special for sure…. an in the pocket player who knew how to groove. They were also one of the best live performers.

On stage, they were the type where they improvise and jam a lot so they never played their hits the same way twice. Even though Billy Gibbons just announced the band will continue on without Dusty, the band will no longer sound the same without Dusty, in my opinion ’cause Dusty is ZZ Top… he created the band’s signature sound. Dusty is irreplaceable. Sure, a different bass player could probably learn their hits note for note but someone else will not sound like Dusty. Dusty sounded like himself.

He’s gonna be missed for sure. Thanks for the badass playing, Dusty and RIP.


Sylvester STallone drops big hint that “Expendables 4” is his next movie???

Sly’s last couple of movies were “Rambo: Last Blood”, “The Suicide Squad” and “Samaritan”. I haven’t seen “Samaritan” yet but will get the BluRay when it’s out.

Anyhow, Sly’s just dropped the big hint that “Expendables 4” is probably gonna be his next film. They have a script ready to go and it’s gonna start filming soon?

The goal with these Expendables film series is to have a bunch of big name actors all in one movie to go “old school” in action films. That’s the whole point of ’em. So far Sly had almost all the big action stars in the first three films.

Question is, who is going to be casted for “Expendables 4”? Here comes all the guessing games.

I’m sure the main cast will return: Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Terry Crews. Arnold will probably return but will Bruce Willis? We don’t know about Bruce since he refused to star in the 3rd one but we’ll see.

I’m sure Sly will add a bunch more big names to cast… here are some wild guesses…. “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth might be possibilities… and I’m hoping and praying Sly gets Kurt Russell and Jackie Chan this time. Sly’s been trying to get Kurt and Jackie since the first one but they kept turning it down… hopefully Sly can get them this time.

One big name action star who hasn’t had a role in a Expendables yet was Steven Seagal. I’m sure Sly wants him pretty badly but as long as Avi Lerner is still producing Expendables 4 in which he is, no chance of that happening of Seagal being in EX4. As some of you may or may not know, Seagal and Lerner don’t get along, they had a big falling out and Seagal refuses to work with Lerner. Sly and Seagal has no beef with each other, they get along great still, it’s Avi Lerner that Seagal hates. Although, Steven Seagal would be an awesome addition…. too bad it’s never gonna happen.

Other names I’d like to see get added: Michael Rooker (Sly did Cliffhanger with him), Carl Weathers would be cool, Daniel Craig, Michael Douglas and John Travolta maybe? It’ll be cool to see Sly and Travolta re-team again.

It’ll be interesting to see who’ll they get for this one.


Forcing Masks and Vaccinations on everybody is dumb, what happened to freedom of expression???

If you want to tell the truth and speak your mind about Covid then be prepared to get censored in social media… either get fact checked, get sent to social media jail, etc. Whatever. If you get fully vaccinated and get a bad reaction and you want to talk about it publicly, get ready for a liberal backlash. Be prepared for a heated debate…

… like what musician Eric Clapton is going through. Clapton got himself vaccinated but had some bad experiences with it… feared that he couldn’t play guitar anymore ’cause of it. Sure enough, liberal backlash for Clapton. He is getting attacked like mad just for speaking the truth.

Is this the kind of country we’re going to live in nowadays? I thought this was America? What happened to freedom of expression? I knew our “freedom of speech” was being taken away for decades but no one believed me.

Masks and vaccines aren’t for everybody. If you want to mask up and get vaccinated, that’s your prerogative but it should be a choice. It shouldn’t be forced upon every single person. On top of that, I don’t think masks and vaccines work anyways ’cause you can still get covid either way.

I never got vaccinated and never will. I’m done with masks now too.

Covid is just about done but sure enough, the control and bullying never stops ’cause they don’t want to lose their power. Period.

Speaking of Clapton, I’ve been a massive fan of his for years and even more of a fan of his now. I love what he’s doing…. fighting back at the covid control and bullying. I’m hoping he keeps it going and doesn’t bow down to the left. Clapton is a Brit, yes but is he a closet conservative as well? It’s not yet known that he maybe a conservative politically but probably he is.

Most governors and politicians are just going by what the CDC and Fauci says which is dumb. Fuck the CDC and Fauci. Everybody acting like “science” know it alls is getting crazier and crazier, I’ve had it.


Nicolas Cage explains why he doesn’t make big Budget movies anymore and why he’s doing Indie Films from now on…

Pretty interesting article. Ever wonder why Nicolas Cage, the actor from the 90’s who made all these big budget movies that were big hits… like all the Bruckheimer films he made and the National Treasure films. All that stuff… well Nic here finally explains why he left that lifestyle.

Doing big budget movies must be overwhelming for him, I guess… plus he doesn’t get much freedom for his acting. You must play the “yes man” and do what the director says. Nic just didn’t enjoy that lifestyle, making the big budget blockbusters, ya know what I mean?

Well in indie movies, Nic gets a lot more freedom and he gets to say his lines however he wants to and now you know why Nic is a way better actor in the indie films.

Nic is clearly not into this for the fame at all ’cause he’s not too worried about being a big name. He doesn’t care about fame and money. He makes movies ’cause it’s his passion obviously.

Nic did the movie “Pig” ’cause the story reminded him about himself. I’m a huge Nic Cage fan and I can’t wait to see “Pig” myself and I’ll check it out. The last Nic Cage indie film I saw was “Willie’s Wonderland” on Hulu and it was freakin’ great, loved it. You should check it out too.

Nic quitting Hollywood to make indie films just makes me respect this dude even more.


Ian Anderson puts Jethro Tull out of retirement and the band set to release new album early next year…

Ian Anderson, who is the frontman of legendary prog rock band, Jethro Tull dropped the surprise announcement this week that he put Jethro Tull out of retirement. Yes, you heard that right that Jethro Tull… the band with the tall man who sings the lead vocals, plays acoustic guitar and the flute for the legendary prog rock band who’s been together since the late 60’s. Ian put the band in retirement in 2012 and they haven’t released any new music until now.

Band signs new record deal with major label and is already set to release new studio record in 2022 titled, “The Zealot Gene”.

The current lineup of J-Tull has an all new lineup and the new lineup excludes Martin Barre on the guitar, whose been an important member of J-Tull for years. Question is, why is Martin out? Well I read that Martin and Ian don’t speak with each other anymore. Not sure if they’re no longer getting along or what but I believe Martin just wants to move on with his own musical adventures.

Even if J-Tull has an all new lineup, I’m sure they will still sound like Jethro Tull even after all these years. I would think their sound will still be the same. That same blend of acoustic folk and hard rock with Ian’s vocals and flute.

I’m a huge fan of Tull as I own 3 of their albums on vinyl: “Aqualung”, “Thick as a Brick” and “Benefit”. I want to get more of their stuff though ’cause I’m a huge fan. Love them but I’m more into their older stuff, though.

I’m not sure if I’m gonna get their new album or not. I’m sure they will release a new song pretty soon and after they release a new song and if I like it enough, I’ll probably get it. We’ll see.

Will the band go on a full fledged world tour in support of the new record too? Probably.


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