Lefties are hypocritical losers when they advocate for “No Hate”… Ugggghhhh… I’m so tired of it all!!!

Just a short rant… I’m tired of lefties going off about advocating for “hate” is not welcomed to people. It’s getting so boring and tiresome.

Yes, hate toward blacks, asians, mexicans/hispanics, etc. is not cool toward people of color but…

… these are the same people who has really strong obsessive hatred toward conservatives. Hate is not welcome, hey? What about their obsessive hatred toward people who think Republicans/Right-wing like their never-ending hate toward Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc.

These are also the same people who hate on black conservatives like Sheriff David Clarke, Herman Cain, Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens and people such as those.

How that’s unity going for ya??? Hate not welcome in America but what about this country’s hatred for “conservativism”??? LMAO!!!

Ugggghhhhh… I’ll rant more about this later this week but make it short for now… until then…


This is why Sly Stallone deserves more respect… he definitely got mine!!!

Most movie stars in Hollywood had fame and fortune landed on their laps… ya know, just handed to them… but not Sly. He really worked hard to get where he is today.

When Sly was young in his 20’s, he was almost broke. He was living homeless for a little while and lived in shittiest apartments in his younger years… so yeah, you can betcha that a lot of the first “Rocky” was inspired from Sly’s real life pretty much when he wrote that script.

Sly worked real hard to become a huge name and become a wealthy millionaire. He certainly did not get there overnight.

Some people want to make fun of the man’s acting over the years but the man actually studied “drama” through college in Miami for a few years. Before his fame in the movies, Sly started off as a theatrical stage actor.

Yeah, Sly got his start in film in a softcore porn “The Party at Kitty and Studs” which he always admits to regretting doing but he just did it for the money and that’s it really.

Most movie stars are nothing but leftist whack jobs who always brings politics into everything but not Sly… Sylvester has always been an apolitical guy and always focused on his movie career over the years. That’s another reason he should get more respect. Most movie stars sucks and are awful people but Sly is one of the few good ones left.

He didn’t become Rocky and Rambo overnight… it took him a long road to get there. When he started getting films, he mostly did cameos and was mostly extras but he gotta start somewhere right?

His first leading role wasn’t Rocky believe it or not. It was an action thriller called, “No Place to Hide” released in 1973. A film of his I’ve never seen before but want to.

I still am a huge Sly Stallone fan even to this day… I will always be 100% loyal to this guy! I still hope to get my chance to meet the man in person if lucky enough ’cause that would be amazing.


I stand with Gina Carano, Lefties bunch of whiny hypocritical losers…

Like the title says I stand with Gina Carano. She did and said nothing wrong. Just a bunch of crybaby and hypocritical lefties who hate conservative women.

So what if Gina is anti-mask and so what if she believes the elections is rigged. She’s entitled to her views and welcome to have ’em… I thought this was America, hmmm???? And by the way, y’all… Gina is not alone about disliking facemasks and thinking the elections were rigged ’cause most Americans are 100% with her on her views. In fact, that’s how most Americans feel. She just thinks like the rest of us and leftist America is outraged at her? Wow.

And what I love even more is that they are outraged of her thoughts about American politics being like Nazi Germany… weren’t lefties calling Trump supporters Nazis since 2016??? Didn’t the mainstream media compare the Trump presidency to the Holocaust? Lefties were calling Trump Hitler for years. Joe Biden compared Trump to Joseph Goebbels but never got any outrage.

Anyhow, she was actually onto something. Getting so much hate for being Republican/Conservative nowadays… getting criticized on so much for your political beliefs. Getting beat up for being a Trump supporter, getting kicked out of your families and losing friends ’cause you’re a Republican/Conservative. Yeah, she’s kind of right in a way.


Freedom of expression is dead. Gina is a proud and out conservative and knowing that Hollywood is very liberal, it’s gonna be hard for her to get work now. She’s about to be blacklisted. That’s what happened to James Woods when he came out as conservative. Being conservative in Hollywood is dangerous.

I love Gina. Loved Gina since her UFC days and her film “Haywire”, an action film that she starred in directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Remember, though, whatever lefties are accusing someone of something, they are guilty of the same thing. They wanna accuse Gina of comparing American politics to Nazis when these are the same people who compared the Trump presidency to the Holocaust.

The left are the same people calling for unity, hey????


Got My Stereo system all set up, new speakers and vinyl player!!!

So from Amazon, I ordered new Yamaha book shelf speakers. They came yesterday afternoon and I was surprised how big they are ’cause the pictures made them look small. The speakers sound surprisingly good so they are definitely a keeper for sure. Great sound quality and the bass sounds great too. I wanted speakers where you could hear the bass really good as well and these speakers are perfect. They are also loud enough for a room as well which is what I wanted.

Along with the speakers, I re-bought Ac/Dc’s latest album, “Power UP” on vinyl. I listened to some of the album on vinyl yesterday and yes, vinyl does indeed sounds way better than CD and digital platforms. I can see why vinyl has gotten popular again and made a huge comeback ’cause vinyl has a huge sound.

Now I’m gonna really start my vinyl collection this year. I’ll get vinyls from amazon and I’ll get vinyls from Barnes & Noble and any store that sells vinyl really. I’ll also go to record stores that sells used vinyls and guitar shops around here sells vinyl albums too.

I only have 12 vinyl albums for now… a small collection but I’m gonna look into building it up this year. There’s a record store out in Troy called “The River Street Beat Shop” that sells vinyls and I want to go there sometime. Whenever I go to Cape Cod, Mass every summer there’s a great record store in Hyannis called “Spinnaker Records” that sells vinyls. I can also get vinyls at Antique Fairs and Flea Markets and things like that.

I’m planning to re-buy a lot of albums on vinyl that I already have on CD and digital so I can get a better sound on the vinyl. I’m also planning on buying newer albums that just came out. Doesn’t matter. I’ll buy old vinyl and new vinyl.

I’m definitely planning on re-buying all the Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and Metallica albums on vinyl, I’ll do that with AC/DC too.

I like to buy music on all platforms: CD’s, digital and vinyl. Now that I have a vinyl player finally, I’m probably gonna collect vinyl more than CD/digital from now on.

I love vinyl ’cause not only do they have the best sound quality, it’s also cool to have an album cover, ya know??? There’s something special about an album with a cover on it ’cause if you get an album digitally, you don’t have a physical album cover. It’s good to have an album cover to appreciate the art. What’s cool about vinyls is that you can flip through and admire the cool album cover art.

I’m a music addict. Gotta have music in my life. I listen to a lot of music ’cause it helps solves everything in life and makes you a better person. Music helps changes your life for sure.


David Bowie may not have liked his glitter rock years but I thought he was amazing at that…

Over the weekend, I bought this Rolling Stone special tribute magazine about David Bowie. It’s got him on the cover and the magazine is everything about David Bowie. Includes older articles and interviews with David Bowie in them and things like that, ya know?

I was reading the magazine over the weekend and I was surprised to learn that David Bowie never liked his glitter rock years. In fact, he always hated that era. Ya know, the glitter rock years that he was most famous for “Ziggy Stardust”, “Aladdin Sane”, “Diamond Dogs” and “Hunky Dory”. He never liked those albums and David said he even hated his iconic live album “David live” released in 1974. I read all this and shaking my head like what?

I beg to differ ’cause I think all those records he didn’t like that were listed above were all fucking amazing and incredible. I loved Bowie’s rock n’ roll albums, I never understood why he hated them. He just never was a fan of rock n’ roll and I now completely understand why Bowie stayed away from rock n’ roll over the years. He did mostly pop music over the years. The thing is, Bowie never saw himself as a rock artist… he always saw himself as an actor than a musician… that’s why he created all those musical characters like Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, etc.

The thing that shocked me the most was how he never liked his “David Live” album released in 1974. That is his most popular live album, that got him most positive reviews and he hated it? I bought that “David Live” album not too long ago and listened to it a few times, that album blew my fucking mind and I think it’s one of the greatest live albums in the history of music. Bowie was his own worst critic, I guess.

No matter what genre Bowie did over the years, he was genius at everything. I even loved all of his non-rock stuff. I’m trying to collect all of his studio albums and even his Tin Machine records and I’m just about there.

Even though Bowie tried to avoid rock n’ roll the best he could over the years, a lot of his newer stuff were still “rock n’ roll in a way… especially songs like “Are you Afraid of Americans”, “Dead Man Walking”, “Something In the Air”, “Slow Burn” and “Blackstar”. Even though those songs were different genres, they still were “rock n’ roll”. That song “Are you Afraid of Americans” had some pretty heavy guitar riffing on it.

I kind of wished David did rock n’ roll more ’cause he was great at it. He hated rock n’ roll so much, he did whatever he could to get away from it. Why did he do rock n’ roll even though he hated it? Well, he thought he would give a try, like an experiment and maybe he did it for the money? So he grew quickly tired of rock n’ roll and gave us the album “Young Americans” which was a strictly pop record in 1975.

When he did his latest and final record, “Blackstar”, once again he did his best to avoid rock n’ roll on it by eliminating guitar playing completely. He just sang over horn sections and stuff on that album but a lot of that album was still “rock”. He always did “rock” even though he didn’t know it ’cause pop music and techno is rock n’ roll too if you think about it.

I rarely ever buy tribute magazines from the newsstands but I had to get this David Bowie one since I’m a huge fan. Glad I got it. Very good and interesting read.


62 years since the day the Music Died: RIP Buddy Holly, Rithchie Valens and the Big Bopper…

When will kids of today’s generation realize that this was where real music began??? It really is sad that the music industry went from this to being obsessed with pop, rap and country that doesn’t even sound country.

Anyhow, that was a tragic day Feb. 3rd, 1959.

Ritchie Valens career was short-lived but if Ritchie didn’t get on that plane and lived, just imagine how huge Ritchie’s career would have been? I’m sure Ritchie would have been just as big as Elvis.

I love Buddy and Ritchie… love the Big Bopper too but haven’t listened to too much music of his. Buddy and Ritchie were my heroes though, love both of them.


13 Years of Missing Jaliek Rainwalker, Crime Junkie Podcast Episode about Jaliek becomes No. 1 in Apple Podcasts…

13 Years of missing 12 year old kid Jaliek Rainwalker and the case has been exploding in the podcast world lately. I try to listen to most podcasts about Jaliek and try to keep up with them but they just keep coming and coming. Now the case has caught the attention of Crime Junkie which is the biggest true crime podcast on Apple Podcast. Well the episode of Jaliek got released on Apple Podcast this week and it immediately shot up to No. 1 in Apple Podcast Top Episodes which to me is pretty amazing.

If you don’t know anything about the case, you can listen to it here…


I listened to it the other day and it’s pretty good. If you don’t know much about the Jaliek case, there’s so many podcasts episodes about it but my favorite is True Crime Garage, they did the best job covering Jaliek, in my opinion.

I’ve been following the case since the beginning… ever since it happened in 2007, I’ve followed it ever since and my mind never left it. I would like to say that this case has officially gone viral… A&E’s “The Vanished” did a video about Jaliek and now Crime Junkie podcast. Now I’m hoping soon the Jaliek case will get some national TV attention.

I’m a part of this group in FB called Justice For Jaliek Rainwalker/Jaliek’s Army which I’m an admin at both of those. A few of us from those two groups have been investigating the case on our own. Some of you may think, you should stay out of it and let the police do their job, let the police handle it. Well to be honest with you, the police are totally on our side so we aren’t jeopardizing anything really. They really want our help and law enforcement is really close to us. As long as we aren’t doing anything to step over the legal line and not doing anything too crazy then we’re fine investigating the case on our own.

Yeah, the few of us in those FB groups have been investigating quietly and behind the scenes and we’ve been finding out some stuff that the local media hasn’t touched yet. I won’t go into details of what we’ve been finding out as of this time but yeah, we’ve been finding out some stuff. We talk about everything, no matter how small and how big.

Just so you know, this case isn’t going away and it won’t until we know what happened to Jaliek. We won’t stop until he’s found and those responsible are behind bars. 13 years and the adopted father is still out there living his life. Yeah most people came to an agreement that the adopted father probably killed him and I’m sticking with that view too. That’s probably what happened.

There are so many different theories on where Jaliek could be but the real truth will come out soon enough, I’m sure. The truth will always come out.

I care about this case ’cause it happened in my hometown. A town where I lived my whole life in. We won’t stop no matter what anyone says or thinks. Jaliek’s life matters.

A bigger voice for Jaliek is important to us ’cause it could get people that knows stuff that could come forward. So if anybody knows anything…. anything at all… come forward. Call the NY State police, Call the NCMEC, come to me or any of us admins in Justice for Jaliek Rainwalker FB group.


Good Video: “This is why You Suck at Guitar, You Don’t Play Enough sOngs”…

I just watched this video and it kind of hit me. If you’re too lazy to watch the full video well it basically says that the reason you’re struggling on becoming a better guitar player is because you’re wasting your time noodling in front of a metronome instead of playing actual songs.

I’m totally guilty of this, admittedly, I’ll confess it. Playing exercises, learning guitar techniques and tricks are all important but you don’t want to obsess with that stuff too much. What about playing actual music is what this video is saying?

Yes, most famous guitar players out there learned by sitting in front of their record players trying to learn songs by ear… that’s how all the greats learned to play pretty much… Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, etc. You can learn to play songs either by ear or by online tablature, it’s your choice really but… if you want to really get good at “improvisation” and “ear training”, figuring songs out by ear is the trick. That is pretty much how guitar geniuses like Hendrix, Page, Clapton, etc. all became master improvisers ’cause they learned by playing by ear.

They never sat there wasting time trying to figure out perfect pitch and all that shit.

It’s good to learn other people’s songs. When I was younger and when I was first starting out, I think my first song that I learned on guitar was Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. I thought it was a pretty good idea to learn something challenging first and go from there.

If I want to become good at metal and hard rock guitar, I gotta start learning metal songs. Learn songs by Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Judas Priest might be a good place to start ’cause their songs aren’t too hard really. I’ve already learned some metal songs in the past, though. I should really get into that a lot more.

The guy in the video is right that if you really want to improve your rhythm chops, gotta be learning songs and not sitting in front of a metronome for hours and hours. People wanna hear a guitar player play music, not sitting there noodling.

Good advice in this video and I’ll take all of it.


What it takes to make your own original hard rock & Metal music… It’s not all that complicated really…

So what does it take to start making your own hard rock & metal songs when it comes to songwriting? Well, from what I’ve learned over the years that all it takes really is knowing the scales, modes, rhythm and maybe some music theory knowledge. Most of the metal make riffs comes from the 7 modes really… that’s most common in metal songwriting. When they solo, they always use the modes and the major/minor pentatonic scales.

Making metal riffs doesn’t look all that hard… gotta know your intervals too but the most common intervals used in metal are mostly 4ths and 5ths and sometimes they use other ones.

Most importantly, if you really want to become a metal guitar player gotta be good with rhythm and timing ’cause you’ll get nowhere if you don’t do that. If you want to play those headbanging fist raising guitar riffs, gotta learn how to gallop rhythm is what they call it. Gotta get good with time values and rhythm to learn to stay in the pocket if you want to play fucking TIGHT and hard.

If you really want to play metal, one way of becoming a good metal musician, one way to do that is listening to as much metal music as possible and I have been doing that ever since I was a kid. Over the years, I’ve listen to so much of that stuff… mostly 80’s metal, 90’s grunge (yes, grunge is metal) and I listened to a lot other types of metal over the years. I listened to Metallica, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Korn, Alice In Chains, Ghost, Opeth, etc. The list is endless really.

I want to make heavy music of my own and I’m learning and practicing. Trying to improve my rhythm chops and get better at playing riffs. I’ve also been trying to learn other metal covers too ’cause that would also help is by learning other bands songs on the electric.

Metal isn’t that complicated to learn, the hard part is the rhythm and timing ’cause metal plays so fast. If you want to play fast like Slayer and Metallica it requires fast speed picking skills of the right hand. That’s what I’ve been trying to improve lately. I can’t play fast electric guitar yet but I’m working on it and I want to get there.

When I start writing metal songs of my own, I’m not gonna growl and scream, I’m just gonna sing regularly like James Hetfield.

I’ve listened to so much metal over the years that I figure it’s time I want to play that type of music myself which was why I had finally got a solid body electric guitar. Playing metal doesn’t work on a hollow body or a Fender Strat. Gotta get a metal guitar like an Ibanez or a Jackson… I didn’t get either of those…. I’ve got a Mitchell electric guitar which is perfect for an affordable guitar where you can play metal and shred on it.

As a matter of fact, all those acoustic songs that I wrote in the old days… those old ones I have on ReverbNation were all “metal” songs. I just wrote them on acoustic first. It’s just that I never played acoustic guitar like a folk guitar or a country guitar like a lot of players do, I’ve always loved to rock hard on the acoustic. Really, you watch me play acoustic guitar, I’m pounding on the thing which is why I like the string gauge medium sized so they don’t break easily. I play acoustic guitar like that ’cause of all the rock and metal I’ve listened to. I’ve always saw myself as a rock player and not a folk music artist. When you come see me perform, people would expect a quiet sit down type of performance but not with me. I like to play loud and rocking. You can go to youtube and see my old live performances for proof on that.

I’m just tired of the acoustic guitar and just want to do something different by switching to electric guitar. I’ll never give up the acoustic, though. Just been playing electric a lot more.


Yeah, Hollywood is crazy and messed up, no doubt but I still have a passion for watching movies and always will…

I posted about Hollywood before… on how messed up it is right now with their liberal politics, the MeToo stuff, pedophilia and all those problems they got going on now but despite all that, I still have a huge passion for watching movies. I’ll never give up watching movies, though.

My love for movies all started when I was a kid, of course and my obsession for films still stays strong even to this day. Watching movies is just one of my hobbies, something I’ve always loved doing.

I’ve always went to the movie theaters a lot over the years. Rented movies a lot from movie rental stores when they were a thing, watched movies on cable TV and things like that. Of course, now there’s streaming services to watch movies on which I do and sometimes I rent movies from VOD just so I can catch up with new releases.

I always try to keep up with the new releases as much as I can but with this pandemic still going on and movie theaters still closed, it’s hard to keep up with new releases now but I still try.

Because of that, I’ve been watching a lot of older movies lately like a lot of old Clint Eastwood movies… I’ve been watching a lot of Nic Cage movies too. Over the weekend I watched a couple of older movies with John Travolta on Hulu: “The Taking of Pelham 123” and “Broken Arrow”. Last Saturday night, I watched the John Carpenter classic, “Starman” with Jeff Bridges and a 90’s action movie, “Breakdown” with Kurt Russell.

I like to watch TV shows during the week, watch movies on the weekend. That’s how I do things usually. Since there is no movie theaters, I try to buy the new releases that come out on BluRay. Not too long ago, I’ve watched Christopher Nolan’s newest movie “Tenet” which was really good and I watched Bill & Ted’s “Face The Music” which was really good too. Trying to catch up with new stuff.

It doesn’t matter what genre, I like to watch all kinds of movies but my favorite genres are action movies and horror films mostly. I like to watch a bit of everything like drama and some comedy. I’ll watch whatever interests me, ya know?

Yeah, Hollywood is fucking crazy, I know but it is possible to appreciate the art and ignore their crap. A lot of those Hollywood people are still very talented at what they do. Some of these stories and art they create is just amazing and mind blowing what they come up with really. Sometimes you can’t deny that some of these people are very talented.

And just to point you out on something, not all Hollywood people are political nutbags, predators and pedos… some Hollywood people are actually good people… it’s just that Hollywood is getting so much bad publicity right now. I think it’ll all calm down soon, though.

I’ll be honest though that most of today’s movies are getting worse and worse and no longer getting interesting anyways. I guess that’s why I continue to watch superhero movies ’cause they are more interesting that’s out right now. I still do want to see the new Bond film “No Time To Die” and the Sopranos prequel film “Many Saints of Newark”, those two films I’m dying to see. The new Denzel Washington movie, “The Little Things” looks interesting too.

I haven’t been in a movie theater in a long while and hoping they come back this Spring. I predict they will.


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