Video: How Do I Choose The Right Weight…

I think this is a pretty important video that all weight-lifters and gym rats must watch. I see too many lifters in the gym never lifting weights that feels right for them… that’s why you see so many in the gym working out in horrible form. They always lift so heavy aka ego-lifting… lifting weights they can’t handle.

This guy here gives advice that if you do reps in good form at first and when you get out of your good form, that’s how you can tell that it’s not the right weight you need to lower it a bit. If you work out in bad form then it’s probably too heavy for you.

Most gym-rats and lifters don’t ever want to listen to this advice ’cause everybody wants to lift heavy. There’s nothing wrong with lowering the weights that makes you feel comfortable ’cause I’m starting to do that with all my workouts. I just figured out why my form is bad on some stuff ’cause admittedly, I’m guilty of ego-lifting too but no more of it. Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of ego-lifting but we all are.

I need to work out in good form in all my workouts so I can get a full contraction and hit the right target. You’re not going to get a full contraction by lifting weights you can’t lift in bad form.

I see so many working out in horrible form, it’s crazy. I made a vow a long time ago that I will workout in good form in everything I do.

Good form is important ’cause it’s part of safety and injury prevention. If you lift heavy and in bad form, you’re going to get injured. You could get some nasty strains, pulls, tears and all that stuff. It’s going to hurt bad and depending on how serious the injury is, it could take you out of bodybuilding for a pretty long time.

Admittedly, I’ve had a few injuries in the past before but they weren’t that bad. I’ve gotten some strains here and there but nothing that will get surgery on. If you wanna know why so many lifters in the gym get injured so much it’s ’cause of all the ego-lifting they do. It’s hilarious to me that so many guys that workout in the gym, always lifting heavy and they don’t think an injury will happen.

Lift responsibly and safely which a lot of people never do. It’s okay to lower the weights some if you feel it’s too heavy. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. Leaving your ego at the door is the best thing you could do.

That’s a great video that I think should get a lot of views.




15 local musician stereotypes… are you one of them???

I have been a part of the local musicians community for many years so I have observed the different stereotypes of them. Musicians have different stereotypes and personalities and I’m about to list them all and explain them too. Chances are, you have pretty much seen all of these and I’m sure you’re one of them as well.

Well, lets get right to it… these are in no particular order:

  • The Egomaniac and Narcissist: People always think I’m full of shit that there are egomaniacs and narcissists in your music scene but you will meet some of these guys. Ya know, the type of musicians who are full of themselves and love themselves a bit too much. Always talking about themselves and only thinking about themselves. They don’t care about you at all and only about themselves. They think their musical talent is so great and they think they play better than other people. You will meet some huge egos out there in your scene whether you want to admit it or not.
  • The Expensive Gear Collector: These are the type of musicians that are obsessed with musicians gear. They’ll collect all kinds of guitars, amps, pedals and get all kinds of home studio gear too. They spend a lot of money on gear and obsessed with it. You’ve probably seen these kind of musicians too.
  • The Music Theory Expert: You’ll see these kind of musicians too. Ya know, the music theory expert. The one that is always talking about theory and you don’t know what the hell he or she is talking about like the notes in a chord, scale degrees, chord progressions and things like that. There is always going to be a music theory expert around for sure.
  • The Asshole Musician: Yeah, you’ll definitely see some of these too. Not everyone in the musicians community are gonna be nice to you. That’s one thing that you’ll have to accept. All musicians are different. They’re gonna be assholes and some are gonna be nice. You will run into an asshole musician who is never friendly to people, just one thing for you to be aware of. You can be nice to all musicians all you want but not all of them will treat you kindly in return. Trust me, I know from experience.
  • The Music Critic: You will get a lot of musicians around who think they are a music critic of other musicians and bands. One thing to be aware of, some of them are gonna be brutally honest about your music and playing ability. So because they’re a musician they feel the need that it’s okay to critique others music.
  • The Political Activist Musician: This is the type of musician that will bring politics into music. This isn’t just liberal musicians that goes for conservative musicians too. These are the musicians who are always going political in their social networking pages, writing political songs and going political at their live shows. You’ll definitely see some political activists around here for sure.
  • The Unprofessional Musician: These are the guys who are no-shows for gigs, late for gigs, irresponsible promoters and just plain lazy that they don’t get anything done. They also have unprofessional attitudes as well. You will get these in your music scene too.
  • The Attention Whore Musician: This is the type of musician who will do anything it takes to get well-known in the scene and community. They don’t care what it takes even if it means acting foolish and just plain dumb. Just ramming themselves down in everyone’s throats is what they’ll do. I’ve seen some of these.
  • The Mr. Know It All Musician: This is the kind of musician who goes around thinking he/she knows everything. Watch out for these types. They think they know everything about being a musician, they think they know everything about your scene and blah blah blah. They think they know more than you just because they’re a musician and out there playing.
  • The gullible and naive type of musician: These are the ones who trust everyone and everything so easily when they shouldn’t. For example, musicians falling for all the scams and pay-to-play bullshit that is out there. Also, easily going for the gigs when they shouldn’t and stuff like that. You get the deal.
  • The pretentious and rock star wannabe musician: This would probably fall under egomaniac/narcissist but this is a little different. You will get some musicians out there pretending to be something they’re not. For example, there are too many musicians out there thinking they’re rock stars just because they’ve been hitting the bigger stages and having some successes. You will also get some musicians claiming they’re a “professional” musician when they only know 3 chords and playing shitty gigs.
  • The Hard Partier: You will meet plenty of musicians who are into it for the hard partying so watch out for that. There will be a lot of heavy drinking and maybe even hard drugs involved too.
  • The obsessed self-promotion musician: These are the musicians who will be obsessed with promoting themselves and their band. There will be some who will over do it so much. Always sending you show invites, ramming show advertisements in your face and blah blah blah. You get the deal. You don’t need to promote yourself too much.
  • The only do it for the money musician: You will meet some musicians who are into it for the money alone and that’s it. They’ll only want to play music for the money. Meaning they don’t do free gigs… always wanting to get paid for it. Some like to see music as a “make a living” kind of thing… ya know, kind of like a job. Money is the only thing they think about so just be aware of that too.
  • The Mr. Perfectionist Musician: Everything to them has got to be so perfect… whether it’s their playing or the way they record their albums. Everything’s got to be spot on. There will be demanding musicians out there like this so watch out for them.

So there you have it. Enjoy the list!


I usually don’t care about Royal Weddings but Princess Eugenie bringing awareness to scoliosis is very inspiring… makes me want to speak out about scoliosis even more…

I usually don’t care about Royal Weddings and all that stuff but this one actually matters to me. Why? One word: scoliosis. Princess Eugenie has scoliosis and she got the surgery done when she was 12 years old. At her wedding with Jack Brooksbank in the UK, she wore a wedding dress that intentionally exposed her scoliosis scar.

Scoliosis isn’t a well known condition but it should be and there are a lot of people in the world that has it including me. I’ve got scoliosis for life. I’ve got my scoliosis surgery done when I was 11 or 12, I think but I was pretty young. It’s mostly young children that get scoliosis surgery done. I got the Harrington rod fused to the spine. I have no bone on the spine,  it’s all made of metal. Before the major surgery, I was having a lot of back pain and my curvature was really bad so I had no choice but to get the Harrington rod to improve my posture and get rid of the back pain.

I can’t remember how long I was in the hospital for but it was a long time. It was brutal but worth it. After the surgery, I couldn’t get out of bed most of the time, I was throwing up a lot, in order to eat I had to get fed by the nurses, etc. It’s a long story but I’ll keep it short for now.

After I got out of the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to play sports, couldn’t do anything physical and couldn’t lift heavy things for a long while. I had to wear a brace through high school and all that stuff which wasn’t fun.

Now that I’m older, I now can do anything I want in life so I got into bodybuilding at a later age. I’m now in pretty damn good shape and can do all the heavy lifting I want to now. I used to be scared to be shirtless ’cause of my scoliosis and the scar but now I’m not afraid to show off the scar in front of everyone when I take my shirt off. I learned to love my body over the years. It was slow but I grew confidence into being half naked in front of everyone and I have no problem doing so. I still have a slightly crooked body still but not as bad as before the surgery. They couldn’t make me perfectly straight for whatever reason but I’m willing to take it.

It was kind of tough living like this over the years of my life but now I feel real good. I’m lifting weights in the gym and did my first powerlifting meet. I  also became a musician over the years. This is why I kind of want to tell my story in a short documentary film for the internet. I want to help bring awareness to scoliosis and that’s what this is all about. I used to keep quiet about my scoliosis stuff but no more. It’s time to speak out and bring scoliosis awareness.


“Rambo: Last Blood” begins casting… they find the film’s leading villain and leading actress too…

“Rambo: Last Blood” has already started filming with just Sly being the only cast member so far and they just signed two actors for the film. They just added Paz Vega who is playing journalist, Carmen Delgado and they also signed Sergio Peris-Mencheta who is the film’s leading villain.

I would think Sergio being the main villain, he would be the leader of the Mexican cartel who Rambo will try to hunt down. I thought this film was going to be about a missing daughter but instead it’s looking like Rambo is going to help find Carmen’s half-sister. I bet Carmen will be Rambo’s love interest in this film too. It’s no surprise to see minor changes in the story ’cause Sly is always making changes in his scripts. Sly even continues to write the script even while filming the movie, that’s how he has always been. So expect even more changes to the story soon ’cause Sly is always changing things around.

Anyway, it makes sense to hire Spanish actors since most of the movie will be set in Mexico.

It may seem like that this movie is gonna be a Western but NOT all of it. Maybe the beginning of the movie, yes but I’m pretty positive we will see the tough guy Rambo we all want to see. Sly won’t disappoint us. I think we may get the violent Rambo once again… yes, big machine guns, big knives and maybe big helicopters. We’ll get it all… blood and gore, big fist fights, big and LOUD EXPLOSIONS. It’ll be the action movie we all want to see.


Rambo 5 gonna be more of a Western film instead of a war film? Kind of what it’s looking like…

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It’s looking like the next Rambo film which will be the fifth installment is gonna be much different than the previous 4. The next Rambo is looking like to be more of a Western feel. From all the pics I’ve seen of Sly filming on set, looks like you’re about to say goodbye to big machine guns and you’re not going to see Rambo flying in giant helicopters like in the earlier films.

What’s Rambo’s weapons of choice are going to be for the next film? If you look at the background in this picture look what’s hanging on the walls. I see some rifles hanging on the walls so you might see Rambo using those instead of machine guns.

You can also see a knife in Rambo’s hand in which he looks like he was sharpening. Is that Rambo’s new knife? Hmmmm….

This is already looking pretty interesting. Also if you look very closely on this picture, you can see Rambo’s bowie knife hanging on the wall next to the rifles. Was that the old Rambo bowie knife that he used in “Rambo: First Blood”?


My latest fitness progress pics…

Yesterday, I went to the Saratoga Springs YMCA just to go to a different gym and see what the main YMCA looks like. Now that the YMCA memberships are good for ALL branches around this area, I decided to finally check out the Saratoga Y.

This building is a much nicer facility than the one in Greenwich. The Saratoga Y is a two floor building with plenty of things to do. Of course, the place has a much larger weight room and much larger cardio machine room. The building also has an indoor swimming pool, an indoor basketball court, an indoor running track which is upstairs, a cafe and all kinds of things. I think I’ll go to the Saratoga Y a lot more often ’cause it’s a really cool place.

As for the indoor swimming pool they have there, I haven’t used yet but will some other time. Only thing, I’m not the best swimmer in the world but I could be better. That’s why I want to go to that Saratoga Y ’cause I’m hoping to learn how to swim better. I want to learn to swim really good so I’ll work on trying to get a swim instructor if they’ll let me hire one there hopefully.

Anyway, here’s me taking a few quick mirror selfies in the big locker room at the Saratoga Y. I’m finally getting some chest development which is nice and got a full six pack going like I’ve been saying. I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder finally. I like what I see now but still got a lot of work to do, though.

I improved my chest by doing both the pushing and squeezing movements. Doing presses and flies will do it. How did I get visible abs? Well good eating for one…. abs are made in the kitchen like they all say. Plus weight training, stretching, planks and yoga got me the abs too.

To get a ripped physique takes three things: train hard, eat right and lots of resting. Do all of that, you’ll get ripped.


Does weightlifting damage the spine even more for those who have scoliosis? Well no it doesn’t… here’s how…

There’s a misconception out there that bodybuilding with scoliosis makes the spine curves even more when doing weightlifting in the gym. Does weightlifting makes the spine a lot worse like a lot of people claim? There’s no scientific proof on whether or not it does and realistically, weightlifting doesn’t damage the spine even more. No matter how heavy you lift, it won’t damage the spine.

Why? Simply because all the muscles on your back that surrounds your spine, helps protect your spine. The more muscle you build, the more it protects the spine. The muscles is kind of like a shield, ya know? A protective shield so that your spine won’t bend even more. I got the Harrington rod fused to the spine so my spine is made of metal — got the major surgery to that done when I was 11 years old, I think.

I understand how people get worried of those with scoliosis lifting weights in the gym but really, there is nothing to worry about. Lifting weights for scoliosis is very good in fact. Weight lifting won’t damage the spine at all.

When I first started lifting, I had doubts, worries and even scares but I’ve been working out for 10 years or a little more and I haven’t had anything bad happen to me yet. I haven’t had my spine bend, snap or even worse break. Nothing like that happened at all and probably will never happen. That’s what the muscles on your back are for. They protect the spine, I think. I don’t see how weightlifting makes the spine a lot worse.

I remember once a long time ago, I went to the doctor to see if weightlifting made the curve a lot worse and he said no, not at all. So there you go.

I’m perfectly good with weightlifting in the gym and I can do all the heavy lifting all I want. Deadlifting is the best exercise for the back so if you have scoliosis, don’t be afraid to deadlift, bench press, squats, etc. In the past, I avoided deadlift, bench press and squats ’cause I was worried if they would worsen my spine more but now I’m seeing that won’t be a problem. I can do all that stuff all I want now.

No matter what you think of people with scoliosis with or without the Harrington Rod, you gotta give them kudos for working out in the gym anyways. People worry about me all the time when I go to the gym. It’s annoying but I’m willing to deal with it and won’t listen to anyone. I just do what I want to do in life and do my own thing.

After all the heavy lifting that I do in the gym after all these years, I feel real good and haven’t felt better. I’ve been lifting for a long time and I’ve got a good enough physique and people still want to worry about me. I haven’t had any serious injuries and never got sent to the hospital over the years. I might have had a few muscles strains here and there once in a while but nothing that will hurt the back. My back is really jacked and wicked strong so I don’t see how it could worsen the spine. I’m okay, really I am.



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