First Presidential Debate thoughts… Most Entertaining debate I’ve seen in years… my god, was it funny to watch???

I’ve been predicting that the Trump vs. Joe debates would turn out extremely entertaining. 10 x’s more entertaining than the Trump vs. Hillary debates in 2016 and I was right. My eyes were glued to the screen throughout the whole debate. It was entertaining TV for sure.

Moderator Chris Wallace was unfair and biased but that’s expected and no surprise anyway. Wallace had a real hard-on for Joe all night so it pretty much was 2 against 1. Predictably Trump was debating against the moderator too.

The moderator interrupted Trump more than he interrupted Joe. It was unfair. Wallace let Joe do most of the talking predictably… but at the end of the day… Trump still killed it. Trump being the master “talker” like he always is.

Biden tried to attack Trump and make him look bad by bringing up all the fake stuff from the fake news media but Trump did a good job doing all the comebacks… calling out Joe on his corruptions, lies and bullshit over the years. Trump was bringing up all kinds of dirt and corruption aimed at Joe and Joe was getting nervous and scared. You can tell he was. There was a point where Joe lost his temper and told Trump, “Would you shut up, man?”. Noticed how Joe always called Trump “man” and refusing to call him “Mr. President”.

The whole debate was amazing… like most, I’ve never seen anything like it myself. Yes, all of Joe’s answers were scripted and he was definitely wired and was also caught looking down a lot, reading off of notes probably???? Joe actually did an okay job speaking last night but that’s because he probably spent hours practicing and rehearsing his answers, lol. All Joe did was ramble on and on and on, though…

The whole debate was entertaining yes but the big moments for me would have to be these top 5 things:

  1. Chris Wallace trying to accuse Trump of not doing anything to repeal and replace Obamacare but then Trump quick to point out that he got rid of a huge chunk of it by getting rid of the individual mandate. Remember that?
  2. Trump bringing up the Obama “Spygate” to Joe’s face.
  3. Trump bringing up all the Hunter Biden stuff after Joe kept accusing Trump of calling the military losers… Trump bringing up the fact that Hunter was kicked out of the Navy for being a cokehead and then making a lot of money from China and Russia.
  4. Trump bringing up all the voter fraud which was ballsy and something like we’ve never seen before. That was the golden moment.
  5. When the moderator challenged Trump to condemn white supremacy groups such as the so-called Proud Boys (they are not white supremacists, btw), he starts bringing up Antifa saying all the rioting and looting is a left-wing problem which it really is.

You thought this debate was good, it’s not over yet ’cause there’s two more Presidential debates to go in Oct. and there’s also the Vice Presidential debate between Pence vs. K. Harris which that one should be good too.

The response of the debate last night was even better, though… even the left are dumping Joe Biden more and more ’cause they can’t help admit that even Joe is horrible. This is why you leftist people gotta stop watching and reading the news ’cause all they do is brainwash you.

I was hoping Trump was going to bring up Joe’s “hairy legs” video ’cause it would have been funny but maybe the next two debates, we’ll see. Trump knows about that video.

I’m still voting for Trump, btw. No way I’m voting for Creepy Joe.


Ac/Dc reveals newest band promotional photo… Confirming the return of Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd…

As some of you know, Ac/Dc’s been going through some stuff for the past several years since their latest album, “Rock Or Bust” released in 2014. They haven’t released a new album since ’cause Brian Johnson left the band for a while due to hearing issues and Axl Rose took over as lead vocalist but for the tour only. Then longtime drummer for the band, Phil Rudd got in trouble with the law and having all kinds of personal issues… Cliff Williams, the band’s bassist left the band ’cause he felt he couldn’t go on without Brian and Phil. Then they went through the death of their bandmate and founder of the band, Malcolm Young.

Well, the music’s gotta go on and Ac/Dc is continuing. As you know this week, they’re teasing a huge comeback… teasing as something titled, “PWR UP” which is probably the title of a new song or album title or both ’cause as you know, that’s how Ac/Dc picked their album titles over the years…. a song off the album becomes the album title. I’m predicting like most “PWR UP” is the title of the album and the title of a song off the album both.

They haven’t released the album cover, track listing and new singles but I’m sure that stuff will be coming real soon. It looks like they’re releasing new news everyday so one day at a time leading up to the official album announcement? I don’t think the picture above is the new album cover, just a promotional photo.

Yeah, Ac/Dc went through some things for the past several years so you’ll never know who’ll come back and who’ll be involved in the band so somehow they managed to get Brian, Cliff and Phil back in the band. Angus and Stevie Young are back in the band too, of course so this means that the lineup from the “Rock Or Bust” album is still the same.

Yeah, Brian has hearing loss but they made some kind of special hearing device for him so that he could be able to hear music again but I’m sure the music won’t be as loud for him this time so it won’t further damage his hearing. I’m sure Brian still got it with the singing too. I’m sure he still has that screaming, raspy and scratchy voice that he’s known for.

“PWR UP” is indeed the new album… it’s not going to be the name of the tour ’cause of the pandemic. The tour will probably happen when the pandemic stuff is over with which won’t be ’til next year in 2021.

They will still sound like Ac/Dc… ever since their first record “High Voltage”, they never changed their sound. I’m sure their next album “PWR UP” will be a fun album like always and can’t wait. I’m sure they’ll release a new song real soon, possibly this week they’ll drop a new one.

With pop, country and rap still dominating the music industry… we can always listen to some real rock n’ roll by Ac/Dc.


Why I’ve gotten into barbell overhead press and the Barbell hip thrusts more in gym…

In the past when I was doing bodybuilding in the gym, I originally never wanted anything to do with barbell at all. I avoided the barbell work but that was up until I discovered the sport of powerlifting. Now I’m all over the barbell. I discovered powerlifting two years ago thanks to friends that are powerlifters and they got me into it really. Thanks to powerlifting, I’ve had a change of heart with the barbell and now I’m all over it.

I’ve been doing barbell work bench, squats and deadlift… the big three lifts used for powerlifting meets. Then I decided to get into a few more barbell exercises for more additional strength/muscle work: the standing overhead barbell press and the barbell hip thrusts.

I got into doing barbell overhead press (standing) for shoulder work. Dong research on powerlifting, all powerlifters should do standing barbell overhead press ’cause it helps improves bench strength and yes it seems to be helping. Plus, if you want to have overall upper body strength, gotta do standing barbell overhead presses. If you’re going to bench and deadlift, gotta do standing overhead presses too. They all go hand in hand if you want to get real strong.

I’ve gotten into Barbell Hip thrusts for hypertrophy training ’cause I needed stronger glutes (or better known as the butt). When I went to physical therapy in the past, I was told that I have weak glutes and I really needed to strengthen them. So now that the gym is back, I’m doing a few things for the glutes and the barbell hip thrust is one of them. I learned that if you want to improve your squat and deadlift numbers, gotta have wicked strong glutes and gotta shape up your butt some. I would say that my glutes definitely needs more work and I’m working on that too. I learned that if you have wicked strong and muscular glutes then you’ll see big improvement in squat and deadlift for sure.

When you get into powerlifting training, you can’t just do the big three lifts only. Gotta do other things too and still can’t ignore hypertrophy training either. Can’t stop the bodybuilding training ’cause more muscle helps more strength too.

Been a few weeks back in the gym and my lifting coming along well. Getting back on track.


Stoked to watch the first presidential debate tomorrow night… gonna be way more entertaining than SNL…

If you thought the Hillary vs. Trump debates in 2016 were entertaining as hell, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Joe vs. Trump will be even more funnier and entertaining tomorrow night, trust me.

Like most, I’m pretty stoked to watch the first presidential debate and I’ve been looking forward to this one. This debate is definitely gonna be way more entertaining than SNL.

There is video evidence all over of Joe Biden not being able to speak well. His speaking grammar sucks pretty bad, can’t speak complete sentences and even if he reads off a teleprompter most of the time, even his teleprompter reading is really bad. Yeah, Trump reads off a teleprompter for his speeches but at least he’s good at it and speaks clearly. Each time I try to listen to Joe Biden in an interview, I have to shut it off ’cause I can’t understand a damn word he’s saying and he also makes plenty of mistakes when reading off of teleprompter or ear piece or whatever. This is why it’s gonna be entertaining to watch.

This is why I believe Chris Wallace is gonna do most of the talking so Joe will talk less and he won’t look like an idiot on TV.

Joe is gonna attack Trump on a lot of things like a lot of stuff that is going on… BLM, Covid-19, Trump’s taxes, Trump’s scotus pick and all that stuff. Trump is gonna bring up a lot of Biden’s corruption too like all that stuff going on with Hunter Biden, Joe’s son for example and it’s gonna be interesting to see how Joe is gonna respond to that one.

It’s gonna be a heated debate and there will be attacks flying back and forth for sure. Possibly a lot of shouting matches between Joe and Trump, yes. You know Trump will own Joe each time Joe opens his mouth.

Gonna be great and can’t wait for the debate tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it. It’s probably gonna be the highest rated debate in TV history. I know many on the left will be watching too even if they hate Trump.


AC/DC about to confirm the news about new studio album and make it official this week???

AC/DC just posted this little video teaser this morning. It’s just their lightning band logo but it’s in red “coloring”. There is audio but all you’re going to hear on it that it sounds like it’s an electric guitar getting plugged into an amp. Giving you a clear sign that the band is coming back in some form.

I bet this is gonna be a new studio album by AC/DC. Rumors and news already been swirling in the music world but you wait to hear the official news by AC/DC themselves, that’s when you know it’s true. There’s been stuff about Ac/Dc in the studio pics being leaked but they’ve been shot down and I remember Brian Johnson saying in an interview recently that he hasn’t heard from the other guys much. I think it’s because the guys are just trying to keep the new album “secret” ’cause you know they’ve always been like that and they probably have been quietly in the studio recording a new album. Trying not to get surprises leaked, ya know?

Looks like they’re about to make the news “official”. I remember Dee Snider saying that the band has some big surprises up their sleeve and who knows what they may be? Even if Malcolm Young is no longer with us, I think there’s a possibility that he’s going to be on the new album. Malcolm probably recorded a bunch of riffs before he passed, I bet so the band probably used those recordings. I’m sure Stevie Young will still be on the album…

The big question is will Axl Rose be involved??? I wouldn’t be surprised. Brian Johnson will probably still be the lead vocalist but maybe Axl will provide some backup vocals or something, could be a possibility. I’m sure Axl might be involved at producing the album in some way. Axl will be involved somehow.

Anyhow, just for you to be aware while it’s exciting news the new AC/DC album will sound no different. The band will have that same sound like they always did. They will still sound like Ac/Dc.

I’m a huge fan of Ac/Dc. Always has been. I’ve collected their albums throughout the years of my life and still buy their albums. I’m trying to collect their entire album discography and just about there… just gotta get: “TNT”, “Let There Be Rock”, “Flick of the Switch”, “Fly On the Wall”, “Blow Up Your Video” and “Who Made Who” (the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack). Just gotta get those album and then I’m set.

Other than the new album news, will Ac/Dc confirm a world tour as well? Yes probably but in 2021 when this pandemic shit is all over with and I’m sure they will do a full world tour then.

Can’t wait for the new album announcement and I’m sure they will give us their first song off the new album real soon.


Gym is going really well, starting to feel strong again…

Another week down of the gym. Having weekend off of gym and then chest day on Monday. When just going back into gym after some time off from it, you’re going to feel weak going in for a little bit and it may seem like you lost some muscle gains and strength gains but the reality is you haven’t really. As I said in a post before, when you don’t work out and don’t lift at all for a while, your muscles will atrophy (means shrinking) yes but your muscles and strength won’t atrophy right away.

I’m starting to feel strong again after a few weeks back in the gym which feels really good. My lifting is starting to pick back up and I haven’t lost a lot of strength to be honest. I don’t think I really lost any and pretty much have it still. The numbers on the big three in powerlifting training are still pretty much the same. I think maybe I still do have the 300 lb. deadlift so I’m planning on giving it a shot in a few weeks. I know I can still do a 300 lb. deadlift ’cause I’ve done in several times in the past.

I’m still planning to bring up my numbers big before the year ends, though.

And once again, plans to bring up my numbers on the big three squat, bench and deadlift:

  1. Stay consistent
  2. Never miss a lift
  3. Train heavy with good form (do heavy sets and few reps, like 1-5 reps each set)
  4. Stay injury free
  5. Get plenty of rest

Do all those 5 things and you’ll start to go somewhere in powerlifting.

I don’t have any injuries at all right now… thanks to the pandemic which helped healed them all, lol. Lessons learned, never get injured again.

I’m hoping to win first place in my weight class in a powerlifting meet sometime in the future when this pandemic is gone so I’m going to work really hard to get there. I’m hoping to compete in powerlifting in 2021 ’cause I haven’t done a powerlifting meet in a long while.

I’m getting better at squats, though. Trying to squat with depth, the hip crease (the upper leg) area needs to be lower than the knees which is a deep squat and I’ve been squatting that way lately so it’s pretty deep and feels good too. Barbell squats is definitely the best workout for legs for sure. I’m really getting into squats and liking it more. Takes a while to get used to, I guess. Once you squat with good form, you’ll like it more.

So happy to finally be back to lifting again and hope it stays this way.


If facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work then why can’t live music and movie theaters return… Hmmmmmmm????

Yup, the country is starting to open still but with restrictions, very strict like “facemask” required and practicing social distance and small capacity crowds is required at businesses.

All that is fine and good, only thing though that bands & music artists across the USA whether national or local can’t have their live music still with a lot of venues closed and strict regulations and all that by their governors.

Movie theaters in some states across the USA are still closed.

My question is why can’t we have our live music and movie theaters back as long as facemask, social distancing and small capacity crowds work? As long as that stuff works then live venues like stadiums, arenas, smaller theaters, clubs and bars should be allowed for bands & artists to return. Bands and music artists whether national or local are still out of live music ’cause they have no venues to play in.

Even though they have no venues and places to play, bands & artists in America find other ways for them to have live music like have live music outdoors. There’s no stopping them doing that. People are smart enough to wear facemasks and practice social distancing and do that stuff even through outdoor live music with small capacity crowds. It works so live music should be able to make a return.

The same goes for movie theaters. Movie theaters should be able to return if facemasks, social distancing and small capacity crowds work. In movie theaters, why not block some seats off so people can be 6 feet apart more and have fewer people in the theaters? That won’t hurt anything at all but they’re still keeping movie theaters closed.

It’s crazy. If that stuff works in small businesses and restaurants then live music concerts and movie theaters should be allowed to return. I don’t see why not?

More proof that it’s about power and control? I would say so. Governors are obsessed with power and the more we give in to them and the more we comply, the more they abuse their power.

Bands and music artists in America need to be out there playing music ’cause that’s what they’re supposed to do. They can’t be staying home.

Movie theaters need to return ’cause all the new movies coming out, that’s hurting the box office the more some movie theaters stay closed. Hollywood needs to get back to work as well.

It’s ridiculous how bands and musicians are not allowed to play live and how they’re keeping movie theaters closed still. I’m hoping movie theaters return this year so I can go see the new Bond movie, “No Time To Die”… if not then I’m gonna have to wait for BluRay release, I guess. I wanted to go see the new Christopher Nolan film, “Tenet” but no movie theaters open to see it at that time and I’ve been dying to see that film too. Sucks so much.

This pandemic shit will be over with soon and I’m predicting sometime after the election ’cause it’s all about the election. All this power and control is just so Democrats can have something to run on ’cause that’s all they got.


Another Plan to get more powerlifting gains quicker, less is more???

I’m trying to come up with ways so I can really bring up my numbers on the big three lifts: bench, squat and deadlift in powerlifting. I already came up with a few ideas that I need to stay consistent with the training like I’ve been doing in the past and also never missing any lifts during training. I’ve learned that you’re not going to get anywhere in powerlifting if you’re going to keep missing lifts all the time. You need to keep doing the lifts that you know you can handle. That’s how you actually get somewhere.

I’ve also decided to shorten my training sessions for the big three slightly. Admittedly, I think doing 6 sets for a few reps each is a bit much. So I’m going to do 5 sets for training sessions on the big three from now on. I’ve learned that less is more so maybe that’ll help some. A lot of powerlifters especially the more experienced and advanced powerlifters go from 5 sets to 10 sets during their training sessions.

I think I’m gonna go for 5 sets from now on. 5 sets per training session on the big three sounds good to me. I don’t need to spend more than an hour training on the big three ’cause it does seem like forever, you need to rest a long time in between sets too. Powerlifting is a different game than bodybuilding, both training styles are way different.

I did 5 sets of bench last Monday and felt real good. Seems quicker. Powerlifters always doing so much in their training and in my opinion, less is more. Lets give that a try and see how that goes.

I’m hoping to get a 200 lb. bench and 200 lb. squat before the year ends. If not then I should definitely be able to get to at least 170 – 180 lbs. on both. We’ll see. I’m gonna train smart this time around so I can start going somewhere with my numbers.

In powerlifting training, you don’t want your numbers staying the same or going down ’cause that’s bad and I’ve had that happen lots of times. Gotta stop that. The whole point of powerlifting is that you want your numbers on the big three to keep going up, up, up and up. That’s the name of the game.

If I want to become a great powerlifter someday and earn respect in the industry, I gotta keep going up on the numbers. I’m gonna try the best I can for the rest of this year and all of next year.

I love powerlifting. So glad I got into this sport. Hope to stay in it for a long time.


John Petrucci’s new solo album “Terminal Velocity”… Can’t stop listening to this one… so damn good!

I’ve been a longtime Dream Theater fan and I’ve heard every album they’ve ever done. John Petrucci has been one of my top 10 favorite guitarists for a long time. I never heard his solo music until now. This is his brand new solo album that he just released titled, “Terminal Velocity”. This is John’s second solo album. John hasn’t released a new solo album since 2005.

Why did John release a new solo album this year? Well because of the Covid-19 pandemic obviously. While Dream Theater isn’t doing anything ’cause of the pandemic, not touring and things like that, John had to keep himself busy playing music so he recorded a new solo record.

This is the first time I’ve heard of John’s solo music and I was real impressed. I’ll tell ya though that John’s solo stuff is definitely way different than Dream Theater. It was nice to finally be able to hear what he could do outside of Dream Theater. The band Dream Theater is known as a prog rock metal band but John’s solo music is totally outside of that realm.

On “Terminal Velocity”, you’ll hear more happier and upbeat rock songs. More jazz and fusion too. Yes, you’ll hear John’s usual guitar shredding but it’s way more musical than Dream Theater. What I love about this album the most is that it reteams John with former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy which is badass.

“Terminal Velocity” is an addicting album. Just got it not too long ago and I find myself coming back to it a lot. It makes me want to buy John’s first solo album, “Suspended Animation” (2005) real soon.

John is a great guitarist and wish that man would get recognized more. I love his playing style. It’s refreshing to hear John do instrumental stuff and I knew he could do instrumental guitar music. “Terminal Velocity” is great. Really loved the album and glad I got it.


Where Have all the gym Crowds gone… now that gyms are back???

Yes, gyms are finally back in NY state. Gov. Andrew demanded that crowd capacity should be 33%. Some gyms in NY state follow that rule and some ignore it. Even though gyms are back open and even though gym crowd capacity needs to be at 33% or under, you’re still seeing pretty much empty gyms all over NY state. You’re seeing very few people working out there throughout the day…

Why is this you may ask? Well the pandemic and covid-19 certainly did turn a lot of gym members against the gym. A lot of people out there are still scared to death of the virus and take it seriously and many refuse to go back to the gym ’cause they believe it’s not safe. There’s also this other half that are not scared of the virus at all but they refuse to workout with a mask on at the gym. It’s a combination of both reasons why you’re seeing dead crowds at the gyms.

I’m sure gym goers didn’t give up working out, though. I’m seeing many more gym goers building their own gyms at home… or if they have a friend or family member that has a home gym, they use theirs. Either that or some gym goers find other gyms around NY to join. Some may have stopped working out due to no gym access like I did.

Ya know, people would think I might be crazy for going right back to the gym as soon as it opened but I’m not scared of the virus and I’m not taking it seriously when the death count is very low and recovery rate very high. I’m not panicking like most… so I still try to go out and about and enjoy my day.

When this covid-19 pandemic shit is all over with will gym crowds come back? Probably and hopefully ’cause gyms needs its members in order to survive. They can’t stay at low capacity for so long. Some gyms are gonna close for good ’cause they can’t afford to stay open anymore and they’ll lose a lot of money.

I’m hoping the Battenkill Branch won’t close for good ’cause of the pandemic ’cause that’ll suck. I’m sure it won’t, though. Things will get back to normal, I’m sure. I’m predicting the country will fully comeback after the Election like everyone is saying ’cause this lockdown stuff is all about the election.

Anyhow, I’m actually okay with gyms having no crowds ’cause truthfully people fucking suck at gyms: Hogging equipment, not putting equipment back, not wiping down things when they’re done, not picking up trash, etc. I don’t have to worry about waiting to use a piece of equipment when I need to use something and don’t have to put up with chatty people bothering me during my workout… so yeah I’m good with low capacity crowds. It’s more peaceful to workout when it’s all quiet too.

I’m sure it’ll all get back to normal soon, though.


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