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If black lives mattered to the adoptive mother of Jaliek Rainwalker then why isn’t she trying to find him???

Don Lehman’s newest article about the Jaliek Rainwalker case comes out and the case explodes on the internet even more, yet you still see Jaliek’s adopted Mom (not naming names but you’ll figure it out) still being active on social media. The case is becoming more and more well known online… everyone is talking about it yet the adoptive mother still hangs online. Her name is in the news pretty clearly you would think she would lay low and stay in hiding but no, there’s still some online activity with her.

She’s on social media, posting her left-wing bullcrap and appearing to be a supporter of “black lives matter”. If she’s a big advocate on “black lives matter” as she appears to be then why isn’t she out there trying to find her adopted son, Jaliek like the rest of us are trying to do?

This is a woman who has online social media presence and you don’t see her bringing up Jaliek once. She’s doesn’t even ask for the public’s help to try and find him. The lawyer claims in the press that she and the adopted father are trying all they can to find him but they’re all lies. The adopted family just continues to live their lives out there… all smiling… going on a lot of vacations and big trips… they go visit their other kids and all that stuff.

Why don’t she help find Jaliek like the rest of us? Nope. Instead, this family moved to Vermont and lawyered up. They are very evasive and uncooperative in this investigation… they refuse to talk with anyone looking for Jaliek. They don’t bring up his name and try to act like that he never existed in their family.

A real mother would have left her husband if she found out that he is the “person of interest” in a missing person’s case but instead she continues to stay by his side and is very protective of him.

They keep saying Jaliek will turn up and they claim he’s still alive. They’ve been asked before to prove that he’s still alive… well it’s almost 12 years of his disappearance… they still haven’t proved that he’s still alive and he hasn’t turned up yet.

If black lives mattered to her then why did she allow Jaliek to go missing? Why isn’t she doing everything under the sun to help find her adopted son? Jaliek was a biracial kid, meaning that he’s half black and half white.

Almost 12 years and still no Jaliek but we will find him somehow and justice is coming after reading that new article by Don Lehman. This family can keep smiling and continue to act like Jaliek never existed in their lives but the investigation is still ongoing. This family wants Jaliek to be forgotten but we will never forget him. I won’t forget him and never will. I really care about this kid even though I never knew him and it’s a sad case. I’m not trying to be a hero, I want answers like most people. If they aren’t talking then the truth will come out on its own… just watch.



Why it’s taking so long for the Cambridge/Greenwich police to make an arrest in the Jaliek Rainwalker case…

Some may wonder why it’s taking so long for the police to make an arrest or arrests (if more people were involved that is) in the Jaliek Rainwalker case… I used to be disappointed in our police department on why it’s taking so long but after Don Lehman’s latest article about the Rainwalker case, I can now understand why it’s taking so long.

After a kid goes missing, you can’t just arrest the adoptive father with not enough evidence. While it’s definitely possible to arrest someone who is a “person of interest” in a missing persons case without a body, it’s still a pretty risky thing to do. Think about it… when you arrest the adoptive father, the jury could let him walk at trial with not enough evidence and after he walks completely unscathed, the police department could be sued by him. That’s why the D.A. here, Tony Jordan says they only got one shot. They just want to take their time and make sure everything is right. They want to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING.

Straight from the article here:

Cases for murder or first-degree kidnapping, equal to second-degree murder in state Penal Law, can be brought without discovery of a missing person’s remains. But Jordan said a much stronger case can be made when a body is found.

“We have to make sure everything is covered, because we only get one shot at it (a prosecution),” he said.

So I guess, the best way to make an arrest and prosecution is to wait for the police to find the body/remains where ever it is. Some may want to believe that Jaliek maybe alive (ya never know) but there is no evidence and no sign of him being alive still. The adoptive father and the family claims he is alive and they’re still trying to make it seem like he ran away to join a gang or live with a black family but they haven’t proven that. Chief Bell tried to ask them to prove that Jaliek is alive but they haven’t yet.


Jaliek is mostly likely dead ’cause if he was still alive then Jaliek would have turned up a long time ago. We all continue to believe that Jaliek is most likely dead ’cause it seems that the adoptive family have something to hide… ya know…

  1. Moving to Vermont while all this is going on
  2. Lawyering up and going after everyone looking for Jaliek
  3. They avoid talking to people who is looking for Jaliek like the plague
  4. They threatened to sue the police after “allowing” them to search their Greenwich home
  5. They refused to let the police compare their gold van that was seen on the surveillance video that was seen at a Greenwich local bank.

If Jaliek is alive and they think he will “return” home like the lawyer keeps saying then why do they do all that listed above? Some people wants to believe everything what the adoptive parents lawyer tells them in the local press and it sickens me, ya know. There is a whole public debate about this case. Some people want to side with the adoptive father and defend him and stuff. I think their lawyer is corrupt to the core and very dishonest. He’s a very bad lawyer for sure. He is definitely a huge liar and isn’t to be trusted at all. So don’t believe everything that man says, everyone. He’s just being paid a lot of money to “lie” and keep them out of jail, that is all. The lawyer claims the family is doing all they can to find him but I assure you, they aren’t doing shit and they don’t care about Jaliek one freakin’ bit. Them moving to Vermont is all you need to know. Why would parents move out of state in a missing child’s investigation? When a kid goes missing, you don’t MOVE out of state… you need to stay put ’cause what if he does turn up and he finds out his parents have gone out of state? Only people with something to hide does that.

I really believe this case is solvable and everything will come to light soon. Like I said in a post before, the truth will always come out. This family can go on about their lives as if none of this is happening all they want to but they will get handcuffs on them soon enough. It’ll be over pretty soon.

I really care about the kid like everyone else since I live in Greenwich and I want all this  to be over myself. I think it soon will be. The police just needs to find the body and I think they will.

I’m going to give the police more time and be patient… let them do their job. Everybody else should have patience too. Trust the police, y’all. They know what they’re doing. The police cares about Jaliek just as much as we all do. They’re right they only got one shot at “prosecution”. Some want to criticize the police for going after the adoptive family but this isn’t really about that family… this is about “justice for Jaliek”. That’s all we want really. We want peace for Jaliek and that’s all we really care about. We just want his body/remains found and for him to be buried properly. Those responsible in his murder should be locked up too, though, they still need to be held accountable.

I kept an eye on the case ever since it happened and it never left my mind. Never forget Jaliek. I never will. Justice will be coming whether you like it or not.


Almost 12 years of missing Jaliek Rainwalker…the police still haven’t forgotten… they are still investigating secretly and quietly…

It’s now getting close to 12 years since Jaliek Rainwalker went missing. The media has stayed silent on the case for a long while and finally Don Lehman of the Post Star gives us a new update on the case.

Yeah, it’s been a long while since we’ve had new updates on the case. The Greenwich/Cambridge police still haven’t forgotten about Jaliek. They’re still working and investigating the case, but they’re doing it very quietly and secretly. That’s the update on the case so far

The local news media may have stayed silent on the case for a pretty long time but an un-named reporter did go to the house in Vermont to try and talk to Stephen but the reporter was ordered to stay away by Stephen himself.

I’m not going to bother explaining what happened when Jaliek went missing when you can just simply do a google search and read the article right here for yourself… there are also plenty of podcasts and youtube videos out there explaining the story.


I think it’s safe to say that most everyone pretty much agrees that the adoptive father, Stephen had something to do with it. Most everyone believes it is homicide, including myself. There’s no doubt in my mind that Stephen probably killed him and dumped his body somewhere where he can’t be found.

Stephen continues to maintain that he has nothing to hide and didn’t harm Jaliek but he moved his family to Vermont, lawyered up and refuses to talk to anyone looking for Jaliek. Hmmmmmm… really.

You think that if you were being investigated in a missing person’s case, you would cooperate with the police so you can get the police off your back but Stephen doesn’t do that. Instead, he avoids people looking for Jaliek like the plague and hires a lawyer. Un-fucking believable.

12 years of missing Jaliek… still no remains and still no one locked up. The police really cares about Jaliek just as much as we all do and they want justice for jaliek too. All we want is justice for Jaliek. We want Jaliek’s remains to be found so we can bury him properly. A lot of us also want his killer or “killers” locked up. Lock up all those involved in his murder. It’s a tough case to solve ’cause Stephen covered his tracks too damn good.

Of course, not everyone believes that this was a homicide/murder. There are some that actually sides with the adoptive family and there are some who wants to blame Barb. Blaming Barb for the disappearance doesn’t make sense at all ’cause she wasn’t the last person to see Jaliek alive wasn’t she?

They think they can get away with it by staying silent but they won’t. They WILL get caught somehow and someway. I hope the police nails the adoptive father soon and fast. The sooner, the better though. They can go on with their lives, all happy happy joy joy but we will wipe those smiles off their faces once we do find Jaliek and we will find him somehow. The truth will get out there whether they like it or not. The truth is a powerful thing. You can’t stop the truth from getting out and it will happen. It’s gonna be slow moving but I think this case is solvable for sure.

While the local news media seems to have stopped caring, the Jaliek Rainwalker case seems to have exploded in the podcast industry which was pretty amazing to see. The longer he stays missing, the more people start to wonder and that’s how it goes.

We will find you, Jaliek and I’m still thinking of you, buddy. I want answers like everyone else. Glad to see that the police still care.


Jaliek Rainwalker remains finally found? Skull found and it could be him… #JusticeForJaliek

I’ve been silent on the Jaliek Rainwalker case ’cause there was no info and no updates… finally here is an update on the case from the Post Star. Police found a portion of a young boy’s skull in Greene County. The remains were found in state land of Coxsackie. Not far from an area where the Hudson flows floods and high tides.

My guess is that who ever was trying to hide the body, dumped the body in the river and left the head behind?


I’ve been saying for years that Jaliek was murdered for a long time but I got slammed by delusional idiots for it. They started feeling sorry for the boy’s family and siding with them and stuff. Disgusting. If the remains found turns out to be Jaliek after all then I’ll be the one to tell the doubters, “I told ya so”.

I totally blame the boy’s adoptive parents like everyone else. I think the same way. The boy’s parents are going to prison soon. This case deserves a closure and this boy needs a proper burial so the boy’s other family members can move on with their lives.

Lets hope and pray that the skull found turns out to be Jaliek after all. The adoptive parents need to be arrested and locked up. The adoptive father killed the kid and his wife tried to protect him by covering it up. Trust me, they will get caught. Hopefully this case will be over with soon!



If you want to know more about the Jaliek Rainwalker case, check this out… #JusticeForJaliek

The reason this case has went from missing person to homicide is quite simple, it’s because Stephen and Jocelyn refuses to cooperate in this investigation. That’s why the police and most everyone in Greenwich believes this trashy couple is hiding something.

Ya know, if Jaliek really did runaway from home then why don’t Stephen and Jocelyn prove it to law enforcement? That’s all the police wants them to do is to work with them on what happened to Jaliek. If they were really innocent then they would prove it to the police but instead they flee to Vermont. You don’t prove your innocence by hiding behind a lawyer ’cause that’s pretty cowardly. Hiding behind a lawyer doesn’t prove anything. They seem to be scared of the police. That’s why people are starting to believe that they’ve got something to hide ’cause this couple don’t want to go to prison.

Learn more about the Jaliek Rainwalker case in this link if you want to learn more of what I’m talking about:


Yes, it is possible to get away with murder. Sure, Jaliek may have had his problems and issues. Jaliek may have been a huge pain in the ass to this family, sure but he didn’t deserve to get killed over it. I think it’s possible that Stephen may have beat the kid to death in that house on Hill St., either that or drowned him. It could have been by accident or it was intentional. Then Stephen disposed the body. Got rid of the body or buried it at a really good hiding spot. Stephen and Jaliek were together in that house on Hill St. and then Jaliek was never seen again so the disappearance is very suspicious.

It’s pretty insane. The Jaliek Rainwalker case is still under investigation while this piece of trash of a mother blogs about parenting on the “Macroparent” blog on wordpress.

A kid goes missing and then she goes off about how great of a parent she is? Wow.

Once again, I think there will be closure on this case someday in the future. The sooner, the better, though. The police will catch Stephen and Jocelyn somehow. They’ll get nailed. Trust me. This couple deserves prison and that’s what they’re scared of. That’s what they’re trying to avoid.

I care about this kid named, Jaliek ’cause he’s from my hometown of Greenwich. I’ve been following this case ever since it happened. I’m just trying to help by keeping the story going and hoping to give this case more attention by posting it on my blog.


Why the adoptive parents of Jaliek Rainwalker are totally guilty all the way… #JusticeForJaliek

The only reason that the adoptive father of Jaliek Rainwalker whose name is, Stephen Kerr, is getting blamed for Jaliek’s disappearance is ’cause Stephen was the last person to see Jaliek alive. It’s that simple really. On the night before Nov. 1st 2007 (the date that Jaliek vanished), I’ve read that Stephen and Jaliek spent the night at the home on Hill St. in Greenwich and the night after Jaliek was never to be seen again. So I think it’s pretty obvious that something horrible happened to Jaliek in that house on Oct. 31st. It’s obvious that Stephen knows what happened to Jaliek and he isn’t talking.

Most people want to believe that Stephen killed Jaliek but Stephen maintains that Jaliek has runaway from home. Whose side is more believable? The adoptive parents are trying to make it look like that Jaliek ran away from home but none of us are buying it ’cause why? Simply because around the time of Oct. 31st/Nov. 1st, it was around the Fall/Winter so it was very cold. None of us could see Jaliek getting up and walking away from home in the freezing cold and walking out in the middle of nowhere. Their running away claim just doesn’t add up.

The adoptive parents continue to maintain that they’re innocent and had nothing to do with Jaliek’s disappearance but if they were really innocent then why don’t they prove it? It should be easy to prove their innocence so they can clear their name but instead they move to West Rupert, Vermont and they hire to lawyer to protect them. They continue to claim they’re doing everything they can to help find Jaliek themselves and hoping he’ll come home but I don’t see them doing anything at all. Instead, they seem very protective of Stephen. They don’t want him getting in trouble. What kind of family would hire a lawyer to go after everyone that cares to find answers about what happened to Jaliek? Pathetic.

Either way, Stephen and Jocelyn, the adoptive parents did something bad to this kid. It is possible to get away with murder and this couple won’t get away with it. They need to get locked up and I’m feeling it will happen soon. The Greenwich police just need to find the hard evidence to prove their guilt so they can get an arrest warrant. I predict we’ll get closure on this case pretty soon. This trashy couple are a couple of cowards who won’t take responsibility for anything. All the police want to do is question them. If they want the police off their back then why don’t they talk to them? Usually when people refuse to talk with the police about something, they are hiding something. If you think this couple is innocent then I hope you don’t ever become the jury of a criminal trial.

If you don’t know much about the Jaliek Rainwalker case, google his name and read up.


Turns out that 5 year old Kenneth White wasn’t abducted by two men… this story gets even more disturbing…

Turns out that 5 year old Kenneth White wasn’t abducted and killed by two masked men. Turns out a 19 year old woman named Tiffany took him and strangled him to death.

Full story here:


Look like Tiffany is gonna spend the rest of her life in prison. Why did she kill that kid? What was her motive for doing it? I’m sure she had a reason to. She probably knew the kid’s family and wasn’t getting along with them? That’s probably it.

Hopefully this doesn’t turn into another Casey Anthony or Amanda Knox where they walk with an acquittal. I hope they put Tiffany away this time.