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The Keaton Jones bullying story is powerful and inspiring…

Yes, bullying in schools is still a problem in America. Always has been for decades. Unfortunately, the problem has never been taking care of. In fact, the bullying has gotten much worse in this country.

I’ve just recently started following the Keaton Jones bullying story that just went viral today. It first caught my attention when Dana White of the UFC started posting about it on twitter. I saw the Keaton Jones video and it was a powerful and inspiring message. Keaton Jones caught the attention of Dana White, Chris Evans and other famous people.

The left started to feel sorry for Keaton up until they discovered that Keaton’s mother, Kimberly might be a right-wing conservative ’cause she had FB pics of her with the Confederate Flag, and she had pics of the American Flag too. So some on the left went out of their way to start bullying Keaton’s Mom like the loser hypocrites they are. Unfortunately, Keaton’s Mom whose name is Kimberly is in a liberal backlash over the Confederate Flag photos.

Awwwwww….. poor lefties… you’re only upset ’cause Keaton’s families political views are different than yours, boo hoo. That’s all they are, in my opinion. Just upset that the political views are different. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting the Confederate Flag still, and it doesn’t make you racist if you still do. Once again, libtards are upset ’cause Keaton’s family aren’t liberals so they attack. Hey liberals, the world doesn’t revolve you and you’re going to live with that. You’re going to have to accept that everyone’s political views are going to be different so fucking deal with it.

On top of all this, though, school bullying is pretty serious and it’s no joke ’cause I’ve been a victim of bullying through school myself. I’m feeling Keaton. Yes, I really was bullied throughout middle school and high school. I’ve been picked on, been made fun of and have been laughed at by the whole class a lot. I’ve never really gotten myself into any fist fights or nothing like that, but I have been pushed around and have been kicked a few times before. I’ve also been threatened to fight some kid after school a few times as well (I’ve never showed up, of course). I’ve had other kids ruin school projects on me many times and kids made fun of my appearance many times. School is nuts, it really is. People have no idea what kids really go through at school.

I still remember some of the bullies and still remember their names. A few of them actually became friends with me now that we’re older. A lot of them I don’t see anymore which is good. I see some of them went to jail for some things over the years which is interesting. Some of them even have FB accounts. Yep, I still remember who most of them are. There were even girls that picked on me too.

I still do get bullied by people who are full grown adults to this day, but I’m grown up enough and tough enough to ignore it all now. I was bullied through my school years ’cause maybe I was very shy (I really was) and maybe I was different ’cause I have scoliosis, ya know?

Anyway, the school days are over and I’m glad. As I get older, I learned how to stay positive, stay strong and stay above the negativity.

As far as that Keaton video goes, what he did was very brave and courageous. Keaton’s Mom releases that video and his family gets all kinds of harassment by stupid leftards. Now you just figured out why some young kids are so afraid to speak out about being a victim of bullying ’cause you never know what kind of reaction they’ll get. Think about that.






Just got a new Dell computer touch screen w/ Windows 10…

Well yesterday was my 41st birthday and my family surprised me with an incredible gift. A Dell computer touch screen w/ Windows 10. It’s a combination of both a birthday/Christmas gift at the same time. I never expected a gift like this so it was quite a surprise really. My previous computer broke and was having all kinds of problems so I ended up getting a whole new computer. An even better and more fancier one! You know those fancy Dell computers you see at the stores at the mall like at Best Buy? Those kind of computers I got.

These Dell computers are made by Microsoft so it’s a Bill Gates kind of thing. These Dell computers are pretty similar to Apple Imacs a little bit. Honestly, I’m liking Microsoft a lot more than Apple. Windows 10 actually makes Apple look really bad.

On this computer, I can do apps on it like play games, do social networking and other types of software. I re-installed Mixcraft 8 DAW software on this computer so I can have my music recording software back and I’m gonna have to set up my home studio on this thing again. A touch screen computer would be pretty useful with DAW software ’cause when I have a guitar on my lap while recording, I no longer have to use the mouse to hit the record button. I can just hit the record button with my finger. Plus, doing all kinds of editing in the DAW would be much easier and quicker using touch screen.

I need a word processor so pretty soon I’m planning to buy Microsoft Office which will cost $150 but it’ll be worth it. I need a word processor ’cause I want to write song lyrics, poems, short stories and possibly even full novels too. I want to get back into writing full time. I’m also planning on getting some kind of photo shop from the Microsoft store, get video editing software so I can make video blogs and things like that.

This morning, I’ve just re-installed Spotify so I’m thinking of getting back into using Spotify again. I can use the free Spotify on this computer too. I’m thinking about subscribing to Spotify full time real soon. Maybe that’ll be the goal for 2018. For now, I’ll just stick with the free version of Spotify.

I’ll also be able to watch streaming services on Windows 10 like WWE Network and Netflix. The WWE Network streaming is shit on the PS4 so I think the streaming would play better on here. I think WWE Network live streaming for their ppvs would stream way better on here too so I think I’ll watch WWE Network on this computer from now on.

The cool thing about this computer is that it has a web cam on it so I’ll be able to do live chats with people and stuff. Maybe I’ll have to get a Skype account as well. Since this computer has a web cam now, I’ll be able to do live home performances for Facebook live video too. Do video blogs and whatever.

I’ll be able to rent movies from the Microsoft Store too so if there’s any new releases I wanna see, I can just rent them from the store and watch ’em. I usually rent movies from ITunes on my Ipad and now I can rent movies on my new Dell computer.

Windows 10 is actually very nice really. I’m very impressed with it. Definitely way better than Apple. On top of that, Apple is pretty overrated anyways.



If I were to make my first album, what kind of music would be on it?

Making my first album has always been a dream of mine. I’m dying to make it happen and it will. If I were to make my debut album, what kind of music would be on it? I’m thinking a mix of hard rock and progressive rock put together. Kind of like an Opeth and Dream Theater thing, ya know? I’ve been listening to both bands non-stop as I’m a huge fan of both bands and I figure I want to make that similar kind of music.

If I were to release my first album, I won’t release it under my solo artist name. I’m going to release under a band name that I came up with myself. It’s gonna be under the name of K’brocking. That’s the band name that I came up with which is why I named this site K’brocking. My site here at K’brocking is not just a site for a blog. It’s also a music website for a band/album project that I got planned. K’brocking would be a pretty cool band name wouldn’t it? That’s what the name of my band gonna be.

For right now, I’m not gonna have other human musicians in the band although I would like to get a drummer somehow and maybe a bass player too if I can find one. If I can’t, I would try to record the drums and bass myself using Mixcraft 8 software.

I’m inspired by hard rock and progressive rock music. I’ve been listening to that stuff for years. For prog rock, I’ve been listening to a lot of Opeth, Dream Theater, Rush, Jethro Tull and bands such as those. Wouldn’t it be cool if I made that similar music? That’s the plan! I plan to make songs that are pretty long and extensive. Songs that can go from 6 minutes to even 20 minutes or longer. I enjoying listening to music like that. A lot of people complain about long songs, but to me I don’t see them as long songs. It’s just regular music to me. I’m used to listening to music like that is why. Probably ’cause I listen to too much stuff like Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead. They all jam on songs for a long time. That’s how I always heard music, ya know? To be honest, I don’t like songs that are too damn short.

When I make an album, I’m gonna try to make it experimental music too. Try to add some orchestration and other instruments. This is the vision that I have in my head of what I would want my first album to be like. I just want to make music that I want to hear and make music that makes me happy. Hopefully, make other people happy too ’cause I too want others to enjoy it if possible. If not then that’s fine ’cause I want to make music that I can be proud of which there is nothing wrong with.

I would like to get back to writing soon ’cause I’ve been messing with some electric guitar riffs that sounds cool. I think my first album will be a mix of acoustic and electric guitar rock.

It’s gonna be an online only album. It won’t be available for physical CD ’cause I can’t afford CD pressing/manufacturing. I refuse to do that Kick Starter thing. I won’t do crowdfunding ’cause I feel fans shouldn’t have to pay music in order to be able to listen to it. That’s why I don’t agree with crowdfunding. Maybe I’ll have another rant about that soon.

When will I actually start working on this thing? Pretty soon. It’s a good idea to take your slow time and not get too ahead of yourself.


How to deal with haters/critics and negativity as a musician…

So you want to play your music and get yourself out there hoping to get noticed in your local area. I would have to say — knowing from my own experience — that being a local musician is kind of tough admittedly. It’s hard trying to get yourself out there and trying to get people to care, I hear ya.

I remember back in 2006/2007… those were the years when I first decided that I want to start playing my music publicly hoping to get well-known. When I first started releasing my music and started playing open mics/actual gigs, I got a mix of love and hate over the years. I’m fine with it too. It took me a long time to be able to finally accept the fact that I can’t get everyone to like me, but now I can handle it just fine.

I’m not lying when I said I get a mix of love and hate over the years of my life when it comes to my music. I still do get a mix of love and hate to this day. I’ve always had a mix of true fans and haters. Like I said above, I’m fine with that now. I used to be upset when I get haters and used to have a big problem engaging into them and defending myself (making things worse) but I don’t do that anymore. Now I get flattered when I get haters. I’ve gotten a lot better ignoring negativity nowadays. It’s just an unprofessional thing to do when you respond to negativity that is directed at you, ya know?

I was doing research on this stuff and stumbled upon this interesting blog on how musicians deal with haters and negativity. I liked it when this article said when you have haters take it like a badge of honor. Take it like a reward or something and be flattered by it.

Read this interesting blog which I agree with all of it:

Some of you may ask… why do I have a lot of haters? Is it because they think my music sucks? They don’t like my personality? They just think it’ll be funny to make fun of me? I would say a combination of all three!  A lot of people think it’s my fault that I get a lot of haters but I never thought so. All I want to do is play my music and get it out there, but unfortunately, that’s not gonna make some happy. Keep in mind that a lot of people are not gonna be nice to you. There WILL be a lot of assholes and mean people out there, trust me. That’s just the way it is. Best way to deal with them is just ignore them all. Haters are gonna hate, period. End of story. Just keep making your music and let people hate.

I also agree with that little blog post above that musicians are very sensitive people. A lot of them get upset too easily knowing from my own experience dealing with musicians. They can have some pretty nasty temper tantrums for sure. It’s crazy. The thing is, some musicians have huge egos and they can be narcissists. They just want everything to be positive about them, once you have negative thoughts about them… watch out.

I’ll never forget the days when people attacked me anonymously through message boards, social networking like the old myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. It was nasty when I dealt with all that. I still happen to get anonymous attacks once in a while, but I just ignore it and let it all slide by. Musicians and regular music fans can sometimes get all hell-bent on trying to destroy me but I’m still here. Still the same old guy and haven’t changed one bit for anyone.

Admittedly, I would like people to have more respect for me and treat me more positively but I learned that respect can’t fall in my lap. I gotta earn it. It took me a while to realize that I can’t make everyone happy even though I try. The blog above is so right, when you’re getting hated on publicly… don’t engage and let your supporters defend you. Your supporters/fans do a good job defending you. Yeah, I do have lovely fans and supporters who have always had my back 100%. They usually do help defend me when I’m getting attacked. That’s what your supporters & fans are there for. When they see you’re getting attacked by haters, they’ll help scare the haters away for you. I’ve seen it with other bands when they dealt with haters.

Yeah, there’s gonna be negativity and drama in music for sure. You just gotta learn to deal with it, stay strong and stay above it all if you want to succeed in music. I know I haven’t released any new music in a long while but when I do, I’ll probably get even more haters than ever before and I’m fine with that. I gotta get back into songwriting ’cause I’m itching for new material pretty badly.





Beautiful things will happen once you distance yourself from all the negativity and drama…


In facebook, I’m always seeing all kinds of negativity and drama. You see it everyday. Men and women ranting about how tough life is publicly on their FB walls. I’m sure you’ve seen it too. When men and women get crap by people in their lives, they would also rant about that publicly as well. Ya know something, I don’t know why people get themselves into so much drama. They claim they don’t like it but I think they do… people really love drama and addicted to it.

Not me. I would pretty much rather stay far away from it as much as possible. Some may not think it but I’m a very happy guy right now. My life isn’t perfect but I found ways to be happy. One way to make you happy is distancing yourself from negativity and drama. It really works. I used to have a problem getting myself into negativity and drama — all that did was make me unhappy most of the time. You’ll be much happier if you stay out of all drama and bullshit, always. Whether the drama and negativity has something to do with you or not, you should stay out of it either way.

Ya know, if you’re getting attacked and criticized by people… just ignore it and move on. If people around you are getting themselves into drama and if it doesn’t concern you at all then don’t get yourself involved. I see drama everywhere, not just in social networking, in real life too. I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of drama between your family members and friends, but when you see that stuff, stay out of it. Once again, don’t get yourself involved. I never understood why people get themselves involved in other peoples drama when they shouldn’t.

When you’re getting attacked, bullied and criticized by people aka “haters”… there are gonna be some other people who think you instigated it and thinks it’s your fault. It’s not your fault at all; it’s just that a lot of people are assholes out there and that’s it. Ya know,  just because someone has a lot of haters like myself doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. Never judge the book by it’s cover.

Yeah, I hear ya about drama & negativity in life ’cause I get a lot of it too… I’ve just gotten much better distancing myself from it. I don’t care about drama and negativity anymore like I used to. Nowadays, all I wanna be is a positive and happy person. I found myself to be a happy person by playing music, doing bodybuilding/fitness, yoga and doing all the hobbies that I like to do. I have a lot of other hobbies such as reading books, writing, watching movies and playing video games. I do a lot of hobbies ’cause that stuff keeps me happy and continues to make me feel strong. I gotta do things to be inspired.

The secret to distancing yourself from negativity is not caring about other people. Just don’t care what people think and just be yourself. Don’t change for anyone just because someone doesn’t like who you are. People always tried to change me just because they don’t like who I am and it’s not happening.

I know it’s hard to stay away from negativity and drama ’cause it’s everywhere you look, but you gotta learn to stay strong and not be a sensitive person. Yeah, a lot of people are assholes out there nowadays, but when you call people out for it… no one will believe you and they’ll keep getting on to you even more that’s why you gotta distance yourself from bullshit.

If people are being negative to you all the time then don’t be afraid to eliminate them from your life completely. I’m noticing a lot of people are having a hard time doing that. It’s not that hard really and does make your life much easier! People have no reason to get on to you about stupid shit, they’re just assholes and a bunch of low lives trying to put you down to their level. That is all.

Yeah, I still get assholes out there thinking it’s okay to say whatever they want about me but I just ignore ’em. Whenever I say I have haters, some never want to believe me but that’s okay. I don’t let negative people bother me anymore. My life is real good. I love making music and doing all the bodybuilding/fitness/yoga… that’s all I care about pretty much. I don’t care what people have to say or think about me anymore and you should have that same attitude. Just live life the way you want to and screw the rest.


About my vocal range, I’m pretty sure I’m a “tenor” after all!!!

I know I’ve been switching back and forth a little bit on what my vocal range style is, but I think I’ll make it final that my vocal range is “tenor”. I’m very sure and 100% positive it is.

On the piano, I can sing from C4 to F4 (C4 which is middle C on piano). In order to be a tenor, you need to be in the B2 to G4 range. That’s the tenor range right there. I can sing from B2 to F4 which pretty much lands in the tenor range. I’m not quite up to G4 yet but I’m getting there.

So yeah,  I’m definitely a tenor singer which feels pretty awesome. I sung the notes on a piano so I’m pretty sure I can sing from B2 to F4. I actually can hit G4 a little bit but not quite. I gotta stop right there so I don’t damage my voice, but I can already sing pretty high.

I’m gonna continue to practice my vocal exercises to see if I can go even higher ’cause I would like to make it up to alto possibly. I already do have quite a vocal range, though which feels awesome.

I do want to hit the really high notes and it’s possible I can go all the way up to soprano too. Just gotta work hard and stay dedicated. I do want to have a really strong singing voice. I love singing. I’m doing all I can to improve and get better. My voice is already decent enough to sing rock n’ roll and even metal so I’ll give it a go soon.


Singing like a hard rock & metal singer isn’t really all that hard, thanks to the “Zen of Screaming” DVD instruction…

For a long while, I’ve been trying to figure out other singing styles ’cause I just didn’t want to sing clearly all the time. Singing clearly all the time can be a bit boring and I wanted to discover new singing techniques like singing with a little grit, distortion, maybe a little growling and I want to learn how to scream too. Doing those singing techniques aren’t really all that hard to do. In order to sing like a hard rock and metal singer is that Melissa Cross said on “Zen of Screaming” DVD set is that you need to learn how to sing regularly first, though. Meaning you have to  learn how to sing clearly first before you start singing with grit, growling and screaming. Also, gotta learn how to breathe well and all that stuff. Learn how to maintain your throat and take good care of it.

Yeah, I want to learn how to sing like a rock & metal singer. That’s the goal and I’m working my way there. I’m tired of singing acoustic folk music and want to switch to heavier rock n’ roll finally, ya know? I’m a rock n’ roll guy, always has been. I love metal too, though. I want to be able to finally make full band rock n’ roll music and I’m working very hard to make my dream come true. I want to make full band rock songs: heavy guitars, loud drums and bass. I’m also still working on my lead guitar playing ’cause I want to play face melting guitar solos over my songs too.

Some people out there make the mistake that your singing voice stops improving as you get older, but I disagree. Don’t listen to them. I’m 40 years old and noticing a major improvement in my voice, and my singing has gotten more stronger lately. There are famous singers in the industry who are over 50 years old and they still sing very well… singers such as Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, James Hetfield of Metallica, Ozzy still sings well, Steven Tyler still has a strong voice after all these years and many more to name. It’s definitely possible to still have a killer singing voice even when you’re aging. It is possible that I can go from Baritone/bass range to Tenor and I’m that close to getting there too. Just gotta work and practice harder.

I’m not trying to sound like a narcissist or anything, but I’m trying all I can to become a good singer. I want to improve and get better. Sing a little more professionally.