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Are singer/songwriter acoustic shows boring? Yes, absolutely…

I was just doing some googling on musician stuff and stumbled upon this interesting blog about “8 reasons why singer/songwriter shows are boring”. It’s a good write-up and I agree with most of it to be honest.

Yeah, most singer/songwriter acoustic shows are boring as fuck and I’ve seen a lot of them over the years of my life. This article here explains why singer/songwriter solo shows are boring and this article here explains how you can make your performances less-boring:

When I used to play out and believe me, I used to play acoustic solo shows all the time in the past… I would do my best to give people a night they wouldn’t forget. People would drive all the way to see me perform so I would give them my best performance.

When I write originals, I do my best to write good originals that people would remember and actually like. That way after a show of mine, people would remember the song. Most people remember songs like “Evil Fred”, “Mr. Tough Guy” and “Time Bomb”  (original songs I wrote) which is why I played those three songs at all of my gigs. Why? Because those three songs were the most requested. It’s hard to get people to like your original music but somehow I seemed to have pulled it off. Not trying to sound egotistical, just telling it like it is.

A lot of singer/songwriters do look plain when they go on stage, ya know, look casual. I never tried to look plain when I go on stage. I would dress up into nice clothing. At most of my gigs, I would dress up all in black mostly ’cause that’s my style.

When I play my gigs, I like to put on a fucking performance… not a sleeper fest. When I play my guitar and sing on stage, I like to look like I’m having a fun time. Move around, bop my head up and down to the music and go crazy, ya know? Most singer/songwriters I’ve seen over the years just stand there like a zombie looking nervous and stuff. I like to perform with confidence.

As for playing one instrument, I do play one instrument but trying to learn the piano/keyboards so that’s a start.

It is always important to throw in a few covers at your live performances ’cause I’ve always tried to do that. It all depends on the show, if they want to hear all originals then play all originals but if covers are requested then play some. This is why I’m desperately trying to learn a bunch of cover songs just in case I go back out there performing live again ’cause I think I’m gonna.

That article I posted above is a good read if you’re a musician yourself and if you perform live often.

With all this being said, I do miss performing live and writing original songs. I’m planning to get back into it.


Happy St. Patty’s… hope you’re enjoying today…


Whether you’re celebrating St. Patty’s by eating corned beef & cabbage with your family and friends or you’re just going out to some Irish bars, enjoy. If you go out to some Irish bars tonight , be good and be safe. I didn’t have my corned beef & cabbage dinner yet but hopefully this weekend. St. Patty’s is one of my favorite holidays ’cause I believe I’m Irish myself. I’m pretty sure I am. Enjoy!


Trying to learn and memorize cover songs on the guitar that everybody knows & love!!!

I don’t know why some musicians who plays original songs only continues to rail against musicians who plays covers. In my opinion, I’ve always believed that it was important to do both covers & originals. I have always done both too! It’s been assumed by some musicians that if you play covers, you’re not a real musician. They think you’re a fake and not talented if all you do is play covers. In my opinion it’s wrong. If you’re the one who don’t play covers alone then that alone shows that you’re a fake musician and untalented as hell.

Playing covers is really good for a musician. Playing covers can improve your talent greatly. Over the years of my life learning other peoples songs really have helped improve both my guitar playing and singing. Playing covers helped me get a sense of rhythm and timing. Vocally, singing covers helped me get a stronger voice too.

I’m trying to learn and memorize as many cover songs as I can and so far I have learned about 10 of them. It’s important to learn cover songs ’cause what if you’re hanging with a group of friends and family or hell even your music fans and they want you to play something? If you play just originals to them only then people aren’t gonna care. These days people want to hear songs that they know and love.

I play a lot of cover songs ’cause not only that it helps my singing and guitar playing — I just love playing cover songs. It’s just awesome and fun. I just want to learn all the songs that I loved over the years.

Even though I’ve been mostly learning cover songs on acoustic, I’m going to start learning some cover songs on the electric guitar too. I want to learn some metal covers like Metallica songs, Megadeth songs, Slayer songs, Dream Theater, Ac/Dc, Sabbath, Van Halen, etc.

Musicians that plays covers still get knocked by other musicians even to this day. I hate this never ending “covers vs. originals” debate that continues to go on in the musicians community. I mean? Who fucking cares! Covers? Originals? Don’t make a difference to me at all. Music is music. Just shut the fuck up, play your instrument and enjoy! That’s all you gotta do!


Just make the music that you like, not worrying about whether people like it or not…

There’s a lot of musicians & bands out there that worry about critics & haters. Some bands & musicians would become so defensive when their music gets criticized by other music lovers or professional music critics. My advice is don’t worry about what other people think of your music. The attitude that you should have is always make music that you like. You don’t really need to play music for other people. Just make music that makes you happy. That always has been my attitude from day 1.

People always expect me to write music that would please everyone but it’s not gonna be always that. I try my best to make the best songs possible that everyone can enjoy but if there are times when people don’t care about my songs, I’m fine with that. I’ve always made the music for me. Will continue to make music for me and make music however I wanted. Not caring if my music offends people or not. Sometimes I do make songs that turn people off.

Pretty soon, I planning on making my own hard rock & metal music when I get an electric guitar and I will continue to have that attitude. Make whatever rock & metal songs that pleases me. Make songs however I wanted. Most of my listeners know me for my acoustic music but I want to make the change to hard rock & metal. I’ll probably turn my listeners off even more but that’s okay. I’ll just make music whatever pleases me.

That’s what music should be about. Making music that pleases you. If it happens to please other people? That’s fine. If it doesn’t? That’s fine too. I’m okay whether or not people like my music ’cause I do music for myself for the most part. Always did.

I want to play rock and metal guitar soon. Big riffs, headbanging rhythm, dark lyrics… all that stuff that metal fans would like. As far as metal vocals go, I’ve been experimenting with growls a lot and gonna try to make songs like that too. I want to rock and go heavy finally. I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy music lately and want to make that kind of music for myself.

I have been learning how to play hard rock & metal guitar lalely. I’ve been learning to shred too so I’m gonna experiment with shred solos as well. People don’t think I could make this kind of music but watch me. This is the kind of music I’ve always wanted to play and it’s the whole reason I picked up the guitar to begin with.

It’s why I’m planning to buy a new electric guitar soon. I’m gonna buy a good one. A solid body electric around the price range of $400 – $700. I’m not really picky with guitars like a lot of musicians are these days. I just buy whatever guitars that looks and sounds cool to me. Any guitar that fits my sound and style is what I’m looking for, I’ll probably buy. Doesn’t matter the brand. Whether a guitar is Ibanez, Washburn, Jackson, Gibson, Fender Strat, etc. I don’t give a shit. If it looks good and sounds good, it is probably for me.

I love buying guitars and more music gear when I can.


Think it’s time for a new electric guitar this year… I’m gonna get one real soon…

This year I’m gonna buy myself another new electric guitar. I do have the Ibanez Artcore HollowBody which is the AG75 and that guitar I remember costed me like $400 when I bought it several years ago. I’m realizing that guitar was made for jazzy guitar sounds or playing clean guitar sounds with. That electric guitar wasn’t really made to be playing rock or metal with. The Ibanez Artcore AG75 is a nice guitar and sounds amazing, I’ll need to find an electric guitar that has a good rock and metal sound to it like a Washburn guitar or a Jackson. This year I’m going to save up for a real good electric guitar with a price range that goes around from $500 – $700. When it comes to the electric guitar, I’ll need a good solid body electric this time around.

I think it’s good that I should have a solid body electric too. When I go looking around for a new solid body electric, I’m going to find one that has a whammy bar on it ’cause I’ve always wanted to experiment with whammy bar tricks when playing solos. If I want to play hard rock and metal, gotta have a solid body electric and I will get one this year. Just started saving up for one already. It’s looking like I’ll be getting back to work my part time job real soon so I’ll be able to save up faster.

I want to get a good electric guitar. Not a cheap one. I should get a solid body electric so I can record with. Whenever I’m ready to buy a new electric guitar which should be in a few months, I’m gonna go buy one from Parkway Music in Clifton Park. I think it’s better to buy guitars at guitar shops instead of ordering them online. Plus, Parkway Music is a fucking awesome store. I love it there.

Other than an electric guitar, I’ll have to save up extra money so I can buy a guitar case with it, get a guitar stand with it, guitar strings and I’ll get a few guitar pedals too. I’m looking to buy more guitar pedals too ’cause I want to start a pedal collection. If I want to play hard rock and metal, I need a variety of sounds.

I’m soon gonna be playing original hard rock and metal. When I start making heavier rock music, I think people will be surprised ’cause they won’t believe I could play music like that. That’s because I’ve spent years of my life playing acoustic music and I want to move forward to electric full time. Don’t think I can make some original metal inspired by some of my favorite bands: Led Zep, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, etc.??? Watch me. This is the kind of music I’ve always wanted to play, that dark melodic rock sound. I believe I can make some exciting rock riffs that could get your head banging.

It’s time to go electric and it’s time to rock! \m/


Will I ever perform live acoustic shows again? Maybe not at live music venues but live on the “internet”? Definitely yes!

I don’t know if I’ll perform live acoustic shows at music venues around the Capital Region or not but I will definitely do live home acoustic performances for the internet. I’ve talked about that a lot in the past and still have that planned out. I just gotta learn new cover songs and write new originals.

I am noticing that this new feature “live” video through various social networking sites like “facebook” and “periscope” has become so popular lately. A lot of people has been making live videos lately and I want to start doing the same soon but with live home acoustic concerts. The internet is like a live audience anyways so it will be cool.

I’ve been learning more cover songs lately and gonna start writing originals this year. I’ll probably do “live” acoustic home performances like a couple of times a month and will perform for an hour set.

I know a lot of people work during the day so I think it will be best to schedule a live internet performance for either in the evening or late at night. A live internet performance is something I always wanted to do and I’m gonna give it a try soon. I think a live internet performance would be a lot more fun!


I have quite a gear collection as a musician so I guess I am a gearhead???

So I have 4 guitars (2 acoustic and 2 electrics), 2 electric guitar amps, a small p.a. system, an audio interface, studio monitors (or speakers), a mic preamp (which I’ve never used yet), 5 guitar pedals, a mic stand, a music stand and pop filter for mic.

That’s an alright gear collection but I could use more, though. I plan on buying more electric guitars somewhere down the road. I’ll need a solid body electric and I’m gonna try to find one with a whammy bar ’cause I want to experiment with whammy tricks. I want to get more electric guitars for different sounds and stuff. I’m also planning to buy one more guitar amp which I’m looking for an acoustic amp, not an electric amp. I would also need a MIDI controller too which I’m planning to get soon. I’m also planning on starting a big guitar pedal collection ’cause I need more sounds: Delay, chorus, echo, fuzz, Octave pedal, etc.

I’m gonna keep my focus on electric guitar this year ’cause I want focus on rock guitar. I want to start writing original rock n’ roll songs. Plus, I’ll learn more electric rock covers from my favorite bands like I’ll learn all the riffs and solos from Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. Maybe I’ll go even further and learn some shred guitar songs by Joe Satriani ’cause I’ve always wanted to learn “Satch Boogie” and “Surfing With the Alien”. Maybe I’ll try to learn Van Halen’s “Eruption” too. I’m just getting so bored of acoustic and wanna switch to electric full time. Electric guitar is awesome and wanna focus on that.

Back to buying musicians gear, I love buying more music gear when I can. I’m planning to look for full time work this year and that way I can save up for music gear a lot quicker.