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No doubt censorship is a real problem in America, always has been and still is…

Censorship is not only a big problem of conservatives in America. Censorship happens with people of all types. Censorship is a real problem in America all over. I’ve been a victim of censorship for many years of my life and that’s why I started my own blog years ago ’cause I was fed up of all the censorship I was getting. Ya know, getting banned from message boards and forums like crazy.

Yep, getting banned through local music websites, getting banned from movie forums and even getting banned through wrestling forums. That’s why I said, “Fuck it. I’ll no longer post in message boards and start my own blog”. Here I am, on my own blog for many years and I can’t get banned on here ’cause wordpress is a big supporter of “freedom of speech” which is why I joined it to begin with.

A lot of people would say that getting banned from forums is all my fault and I’ve brought it upon myself but not really. When I get banned from a message board usually it happens when I get into a heated argument or a debate with a bunch of users and that’s when the admin will jump in. The admin will start arguing with me and this admin will permanently ban me all of a sudden. It happened a lot in the past. Usually people call me a trouble maker but not really. I just speak my mind and speak from the heart but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I just have disagreements and differences of opinions and I’m allowed to do that. Unfortunately some would take it the wrong way and call it “trolling”. I really believe I got kicked off of these forums ’cause I’ve said something right and they didn’t like it so they banned me out of retaliation. I don’t think I ever did anything to break the rules/TOS of the forums. Usually when I get kicked off of a message board it’s usually has something to do with having an argument with the board’s main admin. Yep, you can argue with the board’s users but you can’t have a heated debate with the admin. OOOoooooohhhhhh, such tough guys they are simply ’cause they have that ban button and you don’t.

It’s just that a lot of times most people who are administrators of a message board have abuses of power. They are so egotistical ’cause they have features and controls that you don’t have that they think they can do whatever they want. Just because they are administrator of a forum, they think they are bigger than you and they make you feel small. They kick people off forums they don’t agree with so they censor, censor and censor. Then the admin. makes claims that this person broke the rules just to get away with it. Just like Jack Dorsey bans conservatives off of twitter and then he claims they broke the rules when you know that’s not true.

This has been happening for years so I know what it’s like to get censored. It’s a big problem in America. Still is and always will be. Sad but true.



Meeting friends through FB social networking groups… healthy for the mind? I say no…

You know how in FB there are a bunch of friends meeting social networking groups like where you get together and try to meet new people online and stuff like that. FB groups where you can network with people all over the US and the world. There are all kinds of groups like that in FB where they claim they are used to “meet new friends and new people online”.  There are also groups in FB where you can use for even online dating, relationships and things like that.

I’ve joined a few of these groups in the past but I immediately left them after experimenting with them in the past to see what they’re like. From what I’m seeing, I see nothing but a bunch of lonely losers with nothing else better to do. Here’s how I see these FB groups in a nutshell… horny lonely men looking for hot women to sleep with and desperate women looking for attention with men. That’s how most of these so called “making new friends” groups are. Women posting all kinds of selfies in these groups just so they can get men to compliment them.

Nothing wrong with meeting friends online as I like to make new friends online but to make friends through social media groups in FB is not really the way to go, in my opinion. In these FB groups, all you’ll see are nothing but a bunch of crazies and nutjobs. I try to take part in these groups a little bit but I’m done with them. You’ll come across a lot of strange and weird people in these groups, it’ll make your head hurt.

If you want to make new “friends”, you don’t need to join these private social networking groups in FB. All you need to make “friends” is have some social skills, get out of the house more often and meet people. That’s it.

Like I said, nothing wrong with making friends with complete strangers online… you don’t need to do that stuff with social networking groups ’cause all I see those things are just lonely and desperate people wanting to get laid.

I’ve been working on my social skills and trying to talk to new people out in public and the real world more. I’ve been trying to get over my introversion and be more confident and it’s working. At the gym I go to in Greenwich, I talk to people there all the time and I know a lot of people there now. I’ve made some new friends at the gym ’cause of it and it feels good. Yeah, I’m trying my best to become a more outgoing person. You don’t need FB groups to meet new people ’cause they are for losers really. I’ve made new friends by going to the gym and going to Powerlifting meets. I prefer to make new friends in the real world which is what I’m trying to do.

You don’t want to meet people through social networking groups ’cause people are messed up in them. Simple as that.


Songwriting… trying to write new songs and original music…

Ya know. I keep thinking about going back to my older songs and bring them back to life by trying to make them better and do re-writes. I was thinking of doing a greatest hits kind of thing to celebrate my past in original music. I wrote some older songs that actually grew a following with original songs I wrote called: “Evil Fred”, “Mr. Tough Guy”, “Time Bomb” and others. I’ve written older acoustic songs that people actually liked.

I think I’ve made my final decision that I don’t think I should go back to my older songs ’cause I really want to write a whole bunch of new ones. I want to see if I’m still able to write new songs instead of focusing on my past. I want to move forward in songwriting, not backwards. I know some people like my older songs that I’ve written but I want to re-invent myself in songwriting.

I’ll still write acoustic music, yes. I predict that 2019 will be the year I’ll start writing original music again ’cause I want to write a bunch of new stuff to put out there. Move forward and not think about the past. I feel that my singing and guitar playing has gotten way better so I think you’ll hear an improvement when I do start songwriting again.

I want to make my upcoming songs different than the way I did them in the past, though. I want my songs to be more musical and melodic. I want to focus on melody more than anything. I’m going to write lyrics more differently too. I want the lyrics to be more poetic instead of being the storyteller type. The thing is I want my songs to mature and evolve. That’s what it’s all about. Get better and better.

I’m also thinking of ditching the Kev Brock staged name and switch it to Kevin Brock instead ’cause I like that more.

I’ll release a whole new batch of new songs soon. I’ve been messing with some stuff.


15 Facebook stereotypes… are you one of them???

I have been a facebook user for almost like a decade now so I have observed the different types of people that are in there. I’m sure you’ve all seen these things and I’m sure you’ve been guilty of some of them. I know I’ve been guilty of some of them for sure.

Enjoy the list!

  • The one who loves to brag about how great his/her life is: You see this shit everyday on FB. People bragging about how great their life is. We always get women going on and on and on about how great her life is like how she has her own home, her own car and the best boyfriend/husband she could have and blah blah blah. Some men do the same thing brag about their lives. Look, get over your egos ’cause none of us are perfect and neither are you.
  • The gossip & drama queen: You’re definitely going to see plenty of these. You see people gossiping and being a drama queen all the time in FB.  People always calling out other people they don’t like and things like that. Happens all the time. I try to stay out of that stuff as much as I can, though. I just get the popcorn out and enjoy when I see that stuff.
  • The annoying couple who just won’t quit showing their love publicly with each other: Ya get the deal… the annoying couple who are always showing their love to each other all day and every day. It’s obvious they love the attention and try to make others jealous. What’s wrong with keeping your relationship completely private? People don’t believe in that anymore.
  • Mothers who are obsessed with posting pics of their kids and baby pictures: This is still going on and it’s still a problem. I never agreed with this ’cause I think it’s dangerous and not safe but if they wanna do it, that’s their prerogative.
  • Family feuds in FB: I’m sure you’ve seen this as well. People in their own families have drama over facebook and their closest family members want nothing to do with each other anymore. It’s interesting how you lose people you love over drama on FB. I’m sure you’ve seen it everyday and I’m sure you’ve dealt with it too.
  • The one who are always posting pics of their pets: This is also still going on in social networking. I find this completely fine and have no problem with it.
  • Narcissistic women who posts selfies all the time for attention: Yep,  here we go. Women who think they are pretty and they know it so they get obsessed with posting selfies everyday to get attention with men and their female friends.
  • The political activist on both sides: The one who is always talking about politics. I’m pretty much guilty of this one but we all are. Admit it, right? The left and the right are obsessed with talking politics on FB.
  • The gym rat who’s always posting about gym stuff: You’ll see some of this in FB. Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a powerlifter or just want to lose weight… you’ll always see people talking about their gym adventures. Posting their working routines, giving people workout advice, always posting workout videos, etc. Yeah, I’m guilty of this one.
  • The one who has no idea how to use FB: There will always be that someone who has no idea how to use facebook at all. That’s why you always see this person getting hacked and getting their accounts phished. Always re-sharing fake giveaways and garbage like those. People are dumb, I tell ya.
  • The angry ranter: You’ll see people like this too. A facebook user who never seems to be happy all the time. Always using facebook to rant in an angry way. They just rant about stuff going on in their lives. I try not to do this ’cause I try my best to use FB positively but sometimes I do rant once in a blue moon.
  • The one who posts everything about his/her personal lives: You’ll definitely see some of these people. The one who is always posting everything about his or her personal life. Everything about their relationship and dating issues and other personal problems they have.
  • The one who is obsessed with “in a relationship” status on FB: It was the same with the old myspace and it continues to be an issue on FB. People always using social network to show their relationship status ’cause they’re obsessed with telling people whether they are taken or not. There are also those who can’t keep a relationship and always in a new one all the freakin’ time. Crazy, man. To me, I don’t give a fuck about “relationship”. Being single is good.
  • The one who is always talking about sports they watch on TV: There’s a lot of sports addicts out there. Always posting about play by play sports while they watch on TV. I’m not a sports guy at all but if other people want to watch them, that’s fine.
  • The one who is obsessed with posting memes and inspirational life quotes: There are always people who shares memes and inspirational life quotes. You know those positive life advice quotes they’re always sharing so people can feel better about themselves? Most of that stuff is bullshit. I only re-share the ones that resonates with me but I try not to go too crazy with that stuff.

Enough said?


I usually don’t care about Royal Weddings but Princess Eugenie bringing awareness to scoliosis is very inspiring… makes me want to speak out about scoliosis even more…

I usually don’t care about Royal Weddings and all that stuff but this one actually matters to me. Why? One word: scoliosis. Princess Eugenie has scoliosis and she got the surgery done when she was 12 years old. At her wedding with Jack Brooksbank in the UK, she wore a wedding dress that intentionally exposed her scoliosis scar.

Scoliosis isn’t a well known condition but it should be and there are a lot of people in the world that has it including me. I’ve got scoliosis for life. I’ve got my scoliosis surgery done when I was 11 or 12, I think but I was pretty young. It’s mostly young children that get scoliosis surgery done. I got the Harrington rod fused to the spine. I have no bone on the spine,  it’s all made of metal. Before the major surgery, I was having a lot of back pain and my curvature was really bad so I had no choice but to get the Harrington rod to improve my posture and get rid of the back pain.

I can’t remember how long I was in the hospital for but it was a long time. It was brutal but worth it. After the surgery, I couldn’t get out of bed most of the time, I was throwing up a lot, in order to eat I had to get fed by the nurses, etc. It’s a long story but I’ll keep it short for now.

After I got out of the hospital, I wasn’t allowed to play sports, couldn’t do anything physical and couldn’t lift heavy things for a long while. I had to wear a brace through high school and all that stuff which wasn’t fun.

Now that I’m older, I now can do anything I want in life so I got into bodybuilding at a later age. I’m now in pretty damn good shape and can do all the heavy lifting I want to now. I used to be scared to be shirtless ’cause of my scoliosis and the scar but now I’m not afraid to show off the scar in front of everyone when I take my shirt off. I learned to love my body over the years. It was slow but I grew confidence into being half naked in front of everyone and I have no problem doing so. I still have a slightly crooked body still but not as bad as before the surgery. They couldn’t make me perfectly straight for whatever reason but I’m willing to take it.

It was kind of tough living like this over the years of my life but now I feel real good. I’m lifting weights in the gym and did my first powerlifting meet. I  also became a musician over the years. This is why I kind of want to tell my story in a short documentary film for the internet. I want to help bring awareness to scoliosis and that’s what this is all about. I used to keep quiet about my scoliosis stuff but no more. It’s time to speak out and bring scoliosis awareness.


“When you see something in another person you don’t like, it’s because you don’t like it about yourself”

This is pretty awesome and I agree with it all too.

In this day and age, we now live in a world where if you don’t like someone then you’ll have no problem to be honest about that person you don’t like. You like to explain your reasons why you don’t like this person. You say things like: “I don’t like him ’cause he’s a jerk and don’t like his short temper”, “I don’t like his attention whoring and trolling on the internet”, “I don’t like him ’cause he’s arrogant and full of himself”, etc. Blah blah blah… whatever your feelings are about that person then you don’t like it about yourself. Like this meme says, if you spot it you got it. For example,  if you think this person you don’t like is a jerk then you’re probably a jerk too. If you don’t like this person ’cause he/she is arrogant, cocky and full of themselves then you’re the same. If you think this person is a trouble maker then you’re probably a trouble maker too. If you think person has an attitude problem then you have an attitude problem too.

I’ve been badly judged by a lot of people over the years and people have said I was all these things. People who said I was all these things, usually are the same thing. I was called a jerk and an internet troll many times and it’s usually by people who have the same problems.

You see, if you call someone a “jerk” then you are probably a jerk to other people. You hate that about yourself and that’s why you go around calling out people you don’t like. You take it out on others.

I’ve always said that if people treat you badly then they have all sorts of problems themselves.

I’m guilty of judging others a little bit but I try not to. Judging other people is a waste of time.



Bought some more albums from Itunes yesterday…

I listened to two of these albums while I was at the gym earlier today. I listened to John Coltrane “My Favorite Things” and Joe Bonamassa “Redemption”. Both really good!

Like the instagram says,  I’m really getting into John Coltrane music. I’m really loving jazz music more and more as I get older. I’ll never lose interest in rock n’ roll and metal ’cause those two genres will always be my no. 1 but you gotta listen to a variety of music. I’ve always liked to listen to a wide variety of music. You name it: rock, metal, blues, jazz, some country and I even to listen to some R&B, pop/dance and some rap/hip hop. As for classical music and opera I don’t listen to hardly at all when I should.

When I want to relax,  I listen to jazz and blues music which is what I prefer.  I’ve always listened to the blues my whole life but trying to get into jazz a lot more which I am. As I get older in life, admittedly my taste in music is changing a bit.

As for the new Greta Van Fleet album, like the instagram says I got it on pre-order since it’s not out yet but once it’s out,  it’ll start downloading. Can’t wait to get that album ’cause I’m a huge fan of Greta Van Fleet. I’m not too crazy about today’s rock music industry but Greta Van Fleet is the best thing going.