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When you’re a musician and music artist, you’ll never please everyone… just remember that!

Stumbled upon this good meme in FB that I agree with through a musician’s group. I agree with this too.

As a musician and singer/songwriter myself, I know from experience that it’s very hard to get people to like your music or like you as a person or as an artist. You make music and write songs, you put it out there for people. You would get nothing but either get negative criticism with people telling you that you suck or no response from people at all. Yeah, I’ve been there when I used to put out a lot of music in the past.

A lot of people also trashed me publicly as a person over the years. Yeah, I’ve had people tell me that I’m not very likeable and had people tell me that I’m such a troll or a negative person in the music scene.

All that is fine and good ’cause I can’t please everyone ya know? Last thing you wanna do is care about what people say or think about you. Just keep doing what you do. Keep playing the music and fans will come around on their own. People will either like you or not. Just be proud of the people that do support your music and proud of those who do like you as a person and just forget all the haters.

You want to make music publicly, you WILL get those critics and haters for sure. Yeah, I’ve had people bash my music and made fun of it. When I used to play live gigs, I’ve tried to play gigs at all venues as much as possible. Of course, I was rejected by a lot of venues not naming names. I only got booked for a lot of ’em ’cause other bands and musicians were asking me to open for them… but I definitely did book my own shows for sure and actually had some people come out to them.

It’s actually not a bad thing to have critics and haters ’cause they help you get more fans when they realize it or not.

No lie, I really did have people support my music when I was playing out there… I did have somewhat a loyal fanbase myself.

I know, I haven’t put out a new batch of original songs in a long while but I’m planning on getting back into that ’cause I kind of miss it and itching for some new material myself.

The thing is, it don’t matter whether or not people like your music or yourself as a person. Just make music just for you ’cause that’s what it’s here for, ya know? You don’t have to give up playing music and give up playing live just because you have so many telling you that your music sucks and so many telling you that you’re an asshole.

Ted Nugent is a perfect example of this. So many shit on that man but he doesn’t care… he just continues making music and touring heavily. Not caring what his haters thinks.

Yeah, it’s definitely hard to get people to care about you and your music but keep playing and keep writing your songs. Let the music speak on its own. If people like your music, they will tell you or they’ll show it by buying an album of yours or going to a show. Don’t take yourself serious and ignore all the bullshit and negativity.


More on the Iphone 11, when will I start making videos with it again???

Yesterday, I went to Target in Wilton to look at Iphone cases. I picked up the cheap $9.99 Iphone 11 case for now but will buy an even better one that protects the Iphone sometime in the future. I also picked up wireless bluetooth earbuds which I like a lot. I prefer wireless earbuds now than the wired ones ’cause the wired ones can get quite annoying with the cord dangling and now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The question is when will I start making videos for Instagram again? I’m gonna start soon but I plan on buying a Tripod that would fit good with the Iphone 11 and I should buy a ringlight too so I can improve lighting. I plan on making videos again where I’m just live performing acoustic songs covers and originals and will play electric guitar stuff too. I’m also planning on filming videos of myself speaking on different topics and will start filming lifting videos at the gym again for sure. All this stuff will be coming back.

I’m still very new to Iphone and still learning how to use it. I’m real late getting into the Iphone bandwagon at 45 years old. Never had one until now but now I think having an actual cell phone will be pretty useful. I figure it’s finally time… in case family & friends need me for anything, they can call and text. If I meet new friends and meet hot women out there, now I can start giving them my cell number.

Feels good to finally have one.


The Iphone 11 is really nice… maybe it is a good idea for Apple to get rid of the Ipod Touch since they’re both pretty much the same anyway? Right?

Well I got my first Iphone set up and it’s ready to go. The Iphone 11… this Iphone is actually really nice. After looking at this Iphone, I’m now thinking that maybe it is a good idea that Apple gets rid of the Ipod Touch ’cause both the Ipod Touch and the Iphone are pretty much the same thing anyway. It’s just that the Ipod Touch is just an exact copy of the Iphone except it’s without cellular service, ya know? The Ipod Touch was for those who didn’t want an Iphone but yeah, it’s actually a good idea to get rid of the Ipod Touch ’cause why continue to pay a lot of money to keep making the Ipod when you can put your Itunes library on everything else?

Makes total sense of why Apple did that so now I agree with it, now that I think about it.

The Iphone 11 is awesome. The screen is kind of huge, kind of like a mini Ipad so maybe I won’t be needing a new Ipad after all, haha. On this Iphone, I got the latest IOS and got my Itunes library on it so it’s all good. I got cellular service on this now so now I can call people on the phone and text people everywhere I go.

I won’t have my phone turned on everywhere I go, though… there will be times where I’ll have the phone turned off like at the gym and in the movie theaters. Things like that.

Anyhow, I’m not gonna start taking my phone out and about just yet ’cause I need a really good and strong case for it first. I plan to go to Target tomorrow to see if I can find Iphone 11 cases and I’ll need a few Iphone accessories like earbuds and things like that.

I’m gonna take good care of this thing and be careful with it ’cause I don’t want to destroy this one.

It’s exciting to have an Iphone finally. I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time anyway and finally got one. If I meet new people like meet new friends when I’m out and about, I can get their phone numbers from him/her much easier.

I prefer to talk to people by text than by voice, though. I’ve never been a great voice talker, I prefer to talk to people in writing.

Now I got to find a way to be able to connect my guitar into this Iphone for Garageband and I also plan on buying the Amplitube Guitar app in the future too. It’s probably easy just need those Irig guitar things and the right connector.

I’m still pretty new to the Iphone bandwagon so I got a lot to learn. Just got to get used to it now.


Just got my very first Iphone, the Iphone 11… pretty exciting really…

Well today I just got my very first Iphone 11 dropped off here. I gotta have somebody teach me how to set it up and all that stuff ’cause I know nothing about the Iphone.

I’m late getting into the Iphone bandwagon. Now real soon this weekend, I’ll be able to contact friends and family members with it w/ either by voice or text messaging. I have text messaging now so that’s exciting.

Now I don’t plan to use the Iphone to load it up with all kinds of contacts like a lot of people do out there ’cause I’m a low key guy and like to keep to myself. So I’m only going to be contacting people on the Iphone with people of my choosing. I’m not gonna have all kinds of random people on it, ya know?

The main reason why I got the Iphone is so I can have something to listen to music and podcasts with since they discontinued the Ipod Touch. I also got it to make music with ’cause I’m gonna put garageband on it. I’m also gonna use it for social media too like FB and Instagram to take pics and videos with.

I’ll take very good care of it though ’cause one thing that’s amazing to me with people having these Iphone things is that not a lot of people out there take very good care of them. They break ’em all the time and they just go right out and buy another one right away. That’s not gonna be me.

I don’t think I’m gonna bring my Iphone to the weight room with me anymore unless I’m gonna film a lifting video and that’s about it ’cause it’s rude to sit there talking on the Iphone, texting and scrolling through social media during the gym, ya know? When I bring my new Iphone to the gym, I’m just gonna turn it off and put it away.

I’m stoked to have one, finally. Just gotta set it up.


RIP the Ipod Touch, it was fun while it lasted…

Well, this is a real bummer ’cause I really liked the Ipod Touch. Apple was really onto something for this ’cause it was like a portable walkman or something. I’ve been using the Ipod Touch for a long time. I used the old Ipod Touch Generation 4 for a long time but since that Generation was getting so old and unusable, I had to upgrade to the Ipod Touch Generation 6.

So now I’ve had the Ipod Touch Generation 6 for a few years now but the only problem is, I broke my Ipod Touch 6 at the gym by accident. What happened was, I was doing heavy dumbbell chest presses on the floor. I forgot my Ipod Touch was on the floor near where I was lifting and when I was done doing a set, I accidently slammed a dumbbell on it so now it doesn’t work anymore.

I could take it to an Apple Store in Albany and have it repaired ’cause the damage wasn’t that bad. I’m sure it needed a few things replaced so instead of going to an hour long trip to an Apple Store and spending extra money on repairs on it, I was gonna save up for the Ipod Touch Generation 7.

Now stores are no longer gonna sell ’em. Apple is getting rid of the Ipod Touch and no longer gonna keep making them. For now you can only get an Ipod Touch “while supplies last”. You can only get what’s leftover and that’s it.

So now I’m like, fuck it. Fuck the Ipod. I’m gonna finally get an Iphone since you can put your Itunes library on that too. Yeah, I’m gonna get an Iphone that way I can have a cell phone, text messaging, social media, etc. like everyone else. I used to avoid getting an Apple Iphone like the plague but I’m gonna join the Iphone bandwagon finally.

I need something to listen to music with ’cause I can’t live without music, ya know?

So this is the death of the Ipod Touch. It’s a shame ’cause I liked the gadget. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave, he would not want the Ipod Touch to die… that was his creation to begin with.


Why Johnny Depp is an inspiration during defamation trial against Amber Heard… a few reasons I can think of…

Man, Johnny Depp is getting my respect more and more. He is all done testifying in his trial against Amber Heard. I haven’t watched his final testimony yet but I’m gonna get around to it this weekend.

I must say that Johnny Depp is a huge inspiration throughout all this. Why? I can think of a few reasons why…

  1. Even though Johnny have to be forced to listen and see so much bullshit, negativity and drama that so many would be scared to put up with, Johnny stays strong and continues to smile throughout it all. He’s not letting the bullshit bring him down and not letting his past haunt him. This is what a strong and brave man looks like.
  2. Johnny is an inspiration ’cause he’s not afraid of the truth, no matter how hard and brutal it gets. He the type of guy that will tell the truth even though it may hurt others, he’s gonna say it anyway. Johnny is an honest man who is not afraid to be “real” about everything. He sticks to his guns and he means well.
  3. He’s waking more people up and bringing more attention to the fact there really are toxic, mean, short tempered and abusive women out there. Men becoming victims of domestic violence by women is real and it happens. Even if women aren’t physically abusive to men, they can also be verbally abusive too. Women can also be such bullies to men.

I’ve never been beaten or punched by another women in my life but I have dealt with psycho and obsessive women before, it’s definitely no fun at all. I won’t go into details. I’ve also seen some great men whose lives were destroyed because of the bad women they were with.

I’m beginning to think that maybe it is actually kind of good to remain single and stay alone to avoid women like Amber Heard, ya know? Yeah, many women out there may be beautiful, hot and gorgeous but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna be nice. There are lots of beautiful and hot women with all kinds of issues and problems and sorry to say, many of them can be very “bitchy” too. I know some are gonna come around and call me a hateful “misogynist” but the Johnny Depp trial is making it okay to call toxic women out.

It is finally time to stop letting women getting away with their shit. Yeah, yeah, I know not all women are “bitchy” and yes, there are good ones out there. If I were to get a girlfriend and lover in my life and don’t get me wrong, I still hope for that, I’m just gonna choose my partner very “wisely” and be careful.

I think Johnny is teaching all men out there a pretty good lesson. Never being afraid of the truth and never let negative stuff bring you down.

Sure, Johnny has done and said some bad things in his life and he admitted that during the trial but we are all human are we? We all make mistakes in life.

Johnny’s been winning my respect more and more so for that, I’m gonna buy Hollywood Vampire’s music real soon and planning to start collecting Johnny Depp movies on BluRay. I’ve always been a fan of his, though. I definitely grew up watching his films over the years.

I think he’s definitely gonna win the trial, Amber is done.


Will I ever return to local music scene? I don’t think I ever will but I’ll always make music, though…

So I haven’t played any gigs in the local music scene in a long time. There’s a pretty good reason for that is that I kind of quietly retired from playing shows. When I did a lot of that in the past, trying to play everywhere as much as possible, I’ve had a mixture of good and bad experiences throughout the scene. Yeah, when you’re playing out you gotta deal with a lot of haters, assholes and negative criticism for sure… all musicians go through that but at the same time you’ll grow a fanbase along the way. People will love you too.

I’m not interested in coming back to a music scene that is pretty toxic and it’s much worse right now. Why would I come back to the music scene when most musicians and promoters do nothing but ram leftist politics down everyone’s throats? This is a scene that doesn’t leave politics out of music and that still goes on today.

On top of that, many musicians around here are pretty arrogant and short tempered douchebags. Some of them are good people though, you just gotta find ’em.

I’m not really interested in playing out again ’cause the Albany scene has tons of problems still and it won’t get any better. Still the same ol’, same ol’, the scene doesn’t change.

I’m still making music though. I’m working on trying to get back into songwriting again and still learning covers, trying to improve my playing and singing too. I still release videos of playing songs from time to time… I haven’t done that in a while but gonna get back into that too.

Life is good. I’m enjoying life positively by going to the gym, keeping my 4 day a week gym routine going… yes, still doing the bodybuilding and powerlifting training which I love. I’ve been watching movies/TV shows, listening to albums, doing some reading, etc. Life is real good.

I’m not really worried about playing out for the time being. Just playing music for yourself ’cause there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s what music is here for to begin with.

Not trying to sound dramatic, just ranting a little.


Thinking I want to try writing more instrumental guitar music than music with vocals…

I love “instrumental” music as I listened to so much of that over the years. Yeah, I listen to a lot of shred guitar music like artists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie, Eric Johnson, Al Di Meola and artists such as those. I also listen to some jazz music too like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, things like that.

I listen to so much instrumental music that I want to give it a shot myself. In fact, I have already experimented with making my own instrumental guitar music but I wanna try and get better at it.

Yeah, I want to try making guitar shred music one day but I also want to do slower acoustic instrumentals too and try making some more jazzy & fusion type stuff as well. I wanna try instrumental blues rock as well.

Making instrumental music is something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m doing my very best to improve my guitar playing. I’m also trying to learn more fingerstyle guitar too. I’m gonna think about learning jazz guitar more too so I’m thinking of buying a few jazz guitar instructional books.

I like instrumental music and I would like to make my own just like my heroes.

I’m never giving up the singing, though ’cause I like that too. Just want to try something different and something new.


More on HBO Max, I figured out how to use the HBO Max app with their Hulu add on so it’s all set…

Took me a little while to figure it all out but I just figured it out. Not too long ago, I cancelled Netflix and swapped it with the HBO MAX add on through Hulu. So now I wanted to figure out how to use the HBO Max Hulu add on with the regular HBO Max app for the Smart TV since they allow you to do that. I finally figured it out today so I’m now officially an HBO Max subscriber. I tested the streaming on it today a little bit and it works perfect now. So now I’ll be able to stream stuff on HBO Max which is exciting. It is definitely way better than Netflix.

For the most part, the only reason I wanted to get HBO Max is for DC Movies/TV show that are on there and I also wanted HBO Max for the “House of the Dragon” Game of Thrones prequel show. Plus once again there are upcoming spinoffs for “The Batman” film… TV shows of Penguin and Arkham Asylum. Also for the upcoming “Batgirl” movie that will be HBOMax exclusive only, I want to see that too.

Last night, I watched the movie “The Last Duel” that medieval movie that stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Adam Driver. Also directed by Ridley Scott. I watched that one through the Hulu HBO Max since I couldn’t figure out that “provider” thing yet… but “The Last Duel” was surprisingly good. I liked it a lot so I might add that one to my BluRay collection. That movie was a reunion movie for Matt and Ben as the last movie they did together I think was “Good Will Hunting” in 1997.

Now I got this HBO Max “provider” thing figured out, I’m gonna stream a movie on there tonight. Soon I’m gonna start watching “The Peacemaker” show with John Cena ’cause I want to see that one as well.

First though, I gotta catch up with “Yellowstone – Season 4” on Peacock before I start other shows.


Bought the new Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” now that John Frusciante is back… got some other albums too…

Through Itunes, I bought the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album “Unlimited Love” now that their guitarist John Frusciante is back. Haven’t heard the album yet but gonna get around to it this week. I’ll post a review of the album after a few listens. I’m sure it’s good.

Other albums I got were:

  • Slash and Myles Kennedy “No. 4”
  • Prince “Sign of the Times” (double album)
  • Foo Fighters (self titled debut)
  • Foo Fighters “Medicine at Midnight”
  • Abbath “Dread Reaver”
  • Alter Bridge “Blackbird”
  • Swans “Cop”
  • Jarboe “Sacrificial Cake”
  • The Batman “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” score

I’m a huge fan of Slash and Myles Kennedy and have their other albums, just had to get their new one.

I’m gonna try to get the rest of the Foo Fighters albums as I still am a fan of them. I’ve been a fan of them long before Taylor’s passing. Used to have their first album but lost it so I decided to get it again.

I’ve been getting into Prince music more and more. Only have a few albums of his but I’ve been loving Prince music the more I hear him. Now I understand why so many love him.

I’ve been getting into Alter Bridge more as well as I think Myles Kennedy is one of the greatest singers in rock. Since I have his solo albums and his albums with Slash, I figure I would start getting into Alter Bridge music finally.

Abbath is a black metal band that I’ve been a fan of lately. Got their first two albums, now I got their new one they just released.

Swans is an experimental rock band that no one’s heard of that I’ve been listening to a lot. I have 6 albums by them so far, check them out.

Jarboe is a member of that band Swans and she is a solo artist as well so I picked out an album of hers that someone recommended to me by another Swans fan.

As far as “The Batman” soundtrack goes, I don’t buy a lot of movie soundtracks but I loved that score for the movie so I bought the soundtrack for my own enjoyment.

Hope you enjoy this read.