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Video: Criticizing women is not allowed…

I usually don’t post videos like this but I feel that this one is totally worth it. All you male readers, you should really check out this guy’s channel if you want to learn more about women ’cause this guy has good stuff on his channel. I’m addicted to his channel ’cause he has good content about women and the dating scene.

This guy is so correct that you can’t criticize women anymore in this day and age. If you do, you’ll get called a misogynist, a woman hater and you’ll get crucified for it. No matter what you say or even if the criticism is not even all that bad, you will get crucified no matter what. I know the feeling ’cause I’ve been there. I remember I used to criticize women on my blog for how they treat men in the dating scene and all that stuff and I got crucified for that a little bit. The reason we can’t criticize women anymore is ’cause of the feminist movement that’s been going on lately and also because of liberalism. The feminist movement and liberalism destroyed everything about being a man. It’s just sad and very scary to see all this.

Not only that women crucify men for criticizing women, there are even some men that do it too. Whenever other men see a guy criticizing women, they’ll usually try to play hero and defend women just to make women feel better.

I don’t hate women at all and I’ve been unfairly accused of that over the years of my life. We should have every right to be real about them, ya know? Not all women out there are goddesses and princesses. We should have every right to call out their bad behaviors, their attitudes and all that stuff. When you do, you better be ready for a backlash.

We can no longer talk about how horrible some women are in the dating scene. It’s just bullshit and unfair thanks to feminism that destroyed everything about being a man.

I’m still single for a pretty good reason ’cause some women out there can be evil. Not all of them but some. When it comes to dating and relationships, I’m only being careful with myself. I want a “good girl” in my life, ya know? Someone who will stay loyal and someone who actually cares. I’m looking for the love of my life. I’m not gonna be one of those men who has on and off relationships with the same woman. I’m not gonna be one those men who has different kids with different mothers like what seems to be going on nowadays. I’m not gonna be one of those who’ll get destroyed by women. I’m not gonna be one of those guys who’ll get used for sex, money and all that stuff.

This is a great video and should be watched by all men out there. You should check out this guy’s other Red Pill videos too ’cause it’s good stuff. I learn more about women ’cause of this guy.



Back home from my week vacation at Cape Cod… now back to reality…

Hey y’all, I’m back.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been for a whole week if anyone actually cares that is, I’ve been gone on vacation to Cape Cod. Just a little vacation with the family. I definitely had to go so I can get away from everything for a little while and that includes weightlifting and guitar playing. It’s good to get away from all that for a week. It was a great time with the family and all.

What did I do? Well, I did some sight seeing, went to the beach some, ate some sea food and did some shopping.

For shopping, I came home with some books ’cause there are always used local bookstores around Cape Cod, picked up a couple of music CD’s since there was an actual record store in Hyannis and picked up a couple of movies on BluRay.

What music CD’s and movies did I get on BluRay? For CD’s, I picked up the new Slipknot album “We Are Not Your Kind” and a couple of albums by Hall and Oates: “Change of Season” and “OOoooh Yeah”. I’m gonna start listening to Hall & Oates albums ’cause I’m really digging their stuff. As for movies on BluRay I picked up the new “Pet Sematary” remake and a horror film called “Mandy” with Nicolas Cage in the leading role.

I also went to the movie theaters at the Cape Cod mall and saw the new Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” which was fucking awesome. Tarantino did it again and it’s another winner. I’ll have a full detailed review of that film in another post.

It was a good week for me. Now back to reality. Gonna get back to my 4 day a week routine at the gym this week starting with chest day tomorrow.

I love going on vacation and travelling once a year. It is a really good escape from reality and a good way to relax. Now back to posting on the blog ’cause I still have some loyal readers even though my blog isn’t popular anymore like it used to be. That’s okay. I only blog for myself anyways. Maybe I’ll have a rant on that in another post.


How to deal with online trolls and cyber bullying nowadays…

Hope I’m not the only one noticing that I believe that online trolls and cyber bullying online has become quite a problem nowadays and it’s getting a lot worse too. It’s like when you’re in a discussion or debate online like in social media, blogs, message boards, etc… and then suddenly you get personally attacked by someone out of the blue. You join in on the discussion or if you start a discussion and suddenly you get people saying mean things to you for no reason.

I’ve had this problem for a long ass time myself and I still go through it. Yep, you can betcha I still get trolls and cyberbullies attacking me even to this day. Some would think it’s your fault and you brought it upon yourself that you get these haters & cyberbullies but it’s not you at all. It’s just that a lot of people out there are nothing but assholes, ya know? When will people understand that people are just mean to you for no reason at all?

Why are some trolls mean to you for no reason? Why do you get all these nasty attacks? It’s simply because they are just like a bully in high school. They do it hoping to get a rise out of you. They want to try and get you upset just to amuse themselves. They have nothing better to do. They just think it’s funny and entertaining by picking on someone. Period. End of story. I’m also noticing that most of these trolls and cyberbullies are not really in happy in their lives and that’s probably another reason they do it.

It seems to me that you get attacked randomly just because you say things that people disagree with or if you say something wrong. They also do it ’cause they don’t like your views in politics, don’t like your taste in music or have a different opinion than them.

You just want to get into a fun and positive discussion but no matter how positive you are, you get attacked by some troll. Maybe that’s another reason they do it is ’cause they know how positive you are and they can’t stand it. It’s a proven fact that negative people can’t stand positive and happy people. It makes them crazy. When they see happy and positive people, they do all they can to bring them down to their level.

When I deal with trolls, I just ignore them completely nowadays. That’s how I’ve been dealing with them. If they say or do something about me that goes way out of line then I’ll do all I can to report them and try to get them banned but most of the time I just ignore them. If I feel the need to debate with them then I’ll just stick with my views and opinions and never back down. Stick to my guns no matter what they say ’cause they hate that.

Admittedly maybe some of the things I say is why I get haters and cyberbullies but everyone makes mistakes and we’re all human. Most of this are not yours or my fault.

Anyhow, when you’re getting attacked by people… most people do it anonymously anyways so don’t worry about it. People do it anonymously ’cause they don’t want you to find out who they really are just to save their own reputation and stuff. Many of them are cowards ’cause they do it anonymously.

Cyberbullying is a problem and it’s getting worse too. It used to bother me and upset me but not anymore. People just don’t understand that cyberbullies just want to make me look bad as much as possible most of the time. They are desperate. If you hear any nasty things about me said out there, don’t believe ’em ’cause most of it is bullshit.

I’m just a normal guy enjoying life, staying positive and am pretty happy. That’s all I am really. All I want to do is pretty much play my guitar and workout in the gym. I don’t care about the haters anymore. Life is really great.


Hope you all had a great and safe 4th of July yesterday…

I was meaning to post yesterday but was busy doing other things for July 4th. Hope you all had a great and safe July 4th yesterday.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of American leftist haters but you just gotta to ignore them and keep loving America ’cause they hate that. I’ll never stop loving America no matter what anyone says or thinks.

Ya know, it’s funny that when I show my support for Trump and help defend him, people always accuse me of going “political”. Um, excuse me… there is nothing political about loving your country and putting your country first! Lefties are the ones who get political with their bullshit.

Yeah, lefties are getting worse and they’re getting even more aggressive but ignore them and keep supporting Trump. I did watch some of the Trump July 4th party on TV… only watched some of the replay last night. I spent most of the day yesterday spending time with family mostly. Plus, I went to the gym early in the morning on July 4th for back day and did some heavy deadlifting so I wasn’t bored.

It was a great July 4th for me and hope you all had a good one too.


Would I ever make my own dance & pop album someday? Sure I would… I would absolutely go for that…

Ya know, I love dancing. It’s just one of those things that I love to do when I go to things like at live band shows, DJ parties and things like that. I just love dancing. I feel I’m a pretty good dancer even though I could be a little better. You have to see me dance to believe it.

A lot of people see me as this bored person who is shy and quiet. I am in a way but I do like to have fun.

Someday, I would like to make my own dance and pop record where I sing the lead vocals over. Yeah, I’m talking about dance/techno/electronica. Stuff you hear in a nightclub. You can easily make that type of music with just about any DAW nowadays especially Apple’s Garageband and Mixcraft.

I would like to try making music that would absolutely shock people and dance music could be it. I do like listening to hard rock and metal but sometimes I do like listening to dance and pop.

I remember in the past that people actually wanted me to make a rap/hip hop album ’cause people liked the way I wrote my lyrics. Only problem is, I don’t know how to rap and I wouldn’t be very good at that at all but I know how to sing. Singing my own pop music is something I could be pretty good at.

I don’t know if I’ll do a project like this right away but it is something I’d like to think about in the future. For now, I want to concentrate on hard rock music. I want to make a hard rock album/demo soon and then I’ll think about a dance/pop record. If I ever made a dance/pop record, it would be something that you would hear at a dance floor and nightclub. I’m already getting some original dance songs spinning in my head right now. I think it could be a kickass and fun project if I ever get it going.

If I ever did it, I think I would need to collaborate with a techno/electronica musician. I don’t think I could do this on my own but it would be badass.


Learning to become a drum programmer so I can put drum tracks for my songs…

For a long while now, I’ve been learning how to become a drum programmer so I can learn how to put drum tracks behind my songs. Sometime in the future, I’m going to start making full band rock n’ roll songs and I want to do it all myself. Create my own backing tracks for my original music.

In order to be good with drum programming and all that stuff, you gotta have a good sense of rhythm and timing. I’m still learning and practicing all that too. Being good with the metronome or a click track is very important. If you want to be looked at as a real “musician”, gotta have a good sense of timing if you want people to take you seriously and I’m working on that.

In software like Garageband and Mixcraft, they have a digital drum set on them and I’m just practicing drum programming by using those for now. Sometime in the future, though, I plan on buying “EZ Drummer Toon Track” software which will be about $150 and I’m planning on buying one of those MIDI Drum pad machines too. You know those MIDI Drum pad gadgets where you push these large buttons to make drum sounds with, I’m gonna get one of those someday. That’s why I got an audio interface with a MIDI input on it so I can do MIDI stuff with the DAW.

Yeah, I really want to make my own full band rock n’ roll music and I’m doing all I can to get there. Just taking my slow time, ya know?

I’m also planning on writing full band acoustic ballads too ’cause with the power of MIDI instruments, I can also add orchestration, strings and other types of instruments which is what I want. I love writing and singing slower ballads so I’m not always gonna write hard rock songs. I like mixing it up.

Yeah, I will be writing original music again pretty soon ’cause I’ve been messing with some stuff and coming up with ideas.

People always ask me, “We haven’t heard anything new from you in a long while? Why?”

Well, the truth is, I only write when inspiration hits me. When songs come, they come. If they don’t, they don’t. I just write whenever, ya know? A lot lately, I’ve been spending more time learning cover songs than writing originals so I’m always playing. I’m itching for new originals myself and want to get new songs out.

When I’m writing originals, I’m always looking for ways to improve and get better than my last batch of songs. So you can expect my upcoming songs to be way different than my older stuff.


“You don’t have to be positive all of the time, having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person”…


Over the years of my life, people always complained of the way I am especially online. People often complained about my online ranting. When I have certain opinions on things and if I disagreed with others, people would be unhappy with that. I’ve always been accused of being a negative person… always having an attitude and being argumentative with people.

Maybe all that is true, admittedly but ya know what? There is nothing wrong with that. It’s all about being human and being true to yourself. That’s how I’ve always been really. I’m a human being with real feelings and I was never afraid to express it all.

People always expect me to be positive 24/7 and they want me to be positive all the time but they seem to get disappointed when I’m not positive all the time. That’s okay ’cause life would be boring as fuck if I was positive 24/7.

I’m allowed to have differences of opinion and I’m allowed to disagree with people. I’ve always been about being honest with myself but nope, I’ve always been the big bad Brock like how people treated me online.

I’ve been called an internet troll and people thought I was posting things for “shock factor” as a way to get a reaction out of things. Nope. It’s just me being real. If something’s on my mind, I’m gonna say it. I try to be positive most of the time but I speak for myself, ya know?

I’ve always been honest and real but unfortunately, that’s not gonna make everybody happy. People don’t get it yet that I’m a human being with real feelings but that’s okay. I’m not changing for anyone and you shouldn’t either. Nothing wrong with being yourself. If you’re pissing people off then you must be doing something right.