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Making full band rock music… I’m really dying to do it so bad… a huge dream I want to make come true…

I’m trying to figure out how to make original rock & metal songs with full band backing tracks. I’m working on teaching myself MIDI & keyboards (trying to anyway) and I’ve been studying drums & timing as well. I’m just taking my slow time and not rushing myself. Other than that, for a long time I’ve been contemplating on putting a real band together. I might say fuck MIDI controllers and all that junk and just get a real band with real musicians, ya know? I can put out an ad on craigslist/Crumbs to start looking for musicians anytime I want to.

I’ve always wanted to make rock music with full band. It would be fucking awesome and I think I would do okay doing something like that. I think I can make pretty good full band rock & metal songs. Yeah, I believe I can make really good original full band songs that would make rock & metal fans happy.

I make riffs just fine and can play along with a metronome just fine. Only issue with that is that I’m not a speed demon of a guitar player yet but I’m working on it, though. I do want to shred and working my way up there. People don’t believe I could make thrash metal and heavy songs that sounds kind of Black Sabbathy but watch me, y’all. I’ll prove you all wrong. In fact, most of my acoustic songs were originally supposed to be metal ’cause that’s how I heard them in my head, I just wrote them on acoustic first. Once I play some of my older songs in a full band setting, you would see. I would like to make a lot of my older songs into full band versions ’cause that’s how I originally heard them. I wrote a song called “Evil Fred” and I’m gonna try to turn it into a metal version.

Writing full band rock n’ roll music is something I’ve always wanted to do but I want to start making songs in a full band as how I heard them in my head. I’m doing all I can to get there. I just want to write tight rock n’ roll and maybe even some metal. I would love to try writing metal songs for sure. If I try writing metal songs and if they turn out good, I’ll keep going with them. I can sing metal just fine ’cause I sung a couple of Black Sabbath songs on video before.

Someday a rock & metal album by me would happen. It’s the type of music I mostly listened to over the years of my life and I want to start making that kind of music myself. It’s always been a dream of mine and I’m gonna make it happen. Trust me.



Why I stopped reading “Guitar World” magazine…

I used to be pretty loyal to Guitar World magazine… for many years. I have finally given up on Guitar World magazine ’cause why? Different editor-in-chief. I’m not a big fan of the new editor-in-chief of the way he’s been doing the magazine. Brad Tolinski has been an editor-in-chief of Guitar World magazine for a few decades but he finally had it… retired and moved on. There’s now a guy who replaced him who I’m not a big fan of at all.

The new guy doesn’t do a very good job running the magazine. The articles and interviews has gotten shorter, there are only 3 tabs of songs a month now and on top of all this… the magazine hasn’t been picking good artists to be on the cover nowadays. I liked the magazine a lot better when Tolinski was in charge.

Such a shame, though ’cause I used to be a loyal reader to Guitar World. Have been for many years. I’ve read them when I was just first starting out playing guitar 20 years ago. I subscribed to them a couple of times over the years and when I couldn’t afford them anymore, I just bought their magazine at the store every month but now I’m done. Sad ’cause I loved reading the interviews and they used to have great lessons in the mag. When was the last time they had issues when they taught you how to become a great guitar player? I’m not talking about the lesson columns which there are less of that too.

GW magazine sucks. I haven’t bought a new magazine by them in a long while. The magazine used to focus on metal and hard rock but they shifted away from that too. I’m not alone ’cause GW has been pissing off other long-time readers too.

I don’t know but the magazine industry sucks nowadays. Not just guitar magazines, pretty much all magazines you see on the news stands are crap nowadays. They all want to shove liberal politics in your face too and even GW does that, they’re also a pretty liberal magazine.  I don’t want to read Guitar World just to see Roger Waters or Tom Morello bash Trump in interviews. I don’t read magazines much anymore like I used to ’cause they’re no good. I used to be a fan of Rollingstone magazine but they’ve turned into liberal fake news, it’s sad. Aren’t they supposed to be a rock magazine like they used to? What happened to Rollingstone? Wow.



I’m gonna start a vinyl record collection ’cause why? They sound much better that’s why!!!!

The vinyl record industry is still around today. It never went away and probably will never go away. I’m probably gonna start a vinyl record collection myself ’cause like the title says, vinyl sounds much better. I can absolutely see why music lovers still collect vinyls ’cause probably the main reason is ’cause of sound quality. There is definitely a difference in sound quality between CD vs. MP3 vs. Vinyl. The way Vinyl sounds, Vinyl sounds way better than CD and MP3. Vinyl sounds louder and you can hear the bass guitar louder too.

I went to an antique fair in the Washington County in Upstate NY to brows around for books and vinyls or whatever. They didn’t have much for books this year but I walked out with 4 vinyls: BB King “Live at the Regal”, Alice Cooper “Killer”, Van Halen “Diver Down” and Tommy James & the Shondells “Greatest Hits”. I listened to all 4 today and they all sounded good.

I know the record industry are still releasing vinyls today. A lot of bands these days have been re-releasing their discography into vinyls. I really love vinyls; they are really awesome! They not only sound better, you actually get to own the album fully without all the legal bullshit behind it if you know what I mean.

I would like to rebuy Led Zeppelin’s discography but this time on vinyl. I would like to get some Ac/Dc, Kiss, the Doors, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Grateful Dead albums on vinyl. Just buy all the albums that I like and buy the ones I want to hear that I haven’t heard yet.

I’m kind of an old-school guy myself. I prefer to listen to an entire album and not be selective of song choices. I know buying vinyls would be pretty pricey but it’s worth it if you want the good sound quality. A lot of old vinyls are gonna be very expensive depending on how valuable they are but you can find cheap vinyls at antique fairs/shops/flea markets and you can find vinyls at buy/used record stores in your town. You’re not gonna find old vinyls in Best Buy/FYE. In Barnes & Noble, they sell vinyls but mostly the new releases.

Listening to music on vinyls is cool. When I was a kid I used to listen to music on vinyls obsessively. That was long before cassettes, CD and MP3 came around. When it comes to vinyls that’s how my love for music all started. It all started on a record player and I want to get back into that.


Bought 5 albums from Itunes yesterday…

I haven’t bought some new albums in a long while ’cause I’ve been buying guitar stuff, books and other things. I decided to pick up some more albums from Itunes yesterday. Some of you may ask, why do I get so many albums from Itunes? I know, Itunes isn’t everyone’s favorite but I buy a lot of albums from Itunes digitally ’cause you can’t find a lot of albums you want in record stores anymore, ya know? In Itunes you can find almost any album you want. I would like to continue to get older albums on physical CD but you can’t find those in record stores anymore. I buy albums on both formats: digitally and on physical CD.

People stopped buying full albums nowadays but I never did. Nowadays, people are pretty selective of what songs to listen on the album. Not me. I like to listen to the album from start to finish as if it was a piece of art. That’s how an album should be listened to.

Anyhow, here are the albums that bought from Itunes yesterday evening:

-Alice Cooper’s new album, “Paranormal”
-Alice Cooper’s 1971 album, “Love It To Death”
-Yngwie Malmsteen, “Rising Force” 
-The Grateful Dead 1967 self-titled debut album
-Mastodon’s new album, “Emperor of Soul”

I’m an Alice Cooper fan; I’ve always has been but I’ve never bought his music over the years… now I feel it’s finally time to. Last night, I bought his new album and his classic album, “Love It To Death”.

As for Yngwie Malmsteen, I’ve always wanted to get into his music too and people always thought “Rising Force” was his best record so I decided to get that one. I love shred guitar music.

About the Grateful Dead’s first studio album, I’ve always been a Grateful Dead fan. Unfortunately, I never got to see the Grateful Dead live in concert when Jerry was alive. I did hear a lot of the Dead’s live albums and seen their live concerts on TV & youtube and stuff over the years, though. I never considered myself a huge Deadhead ’cause I never followed them in concert but I am a huge fan, though if that makes sense.

As far as Mastodon goes, I’ve been interested in getting into them for quite a while. Somebody at the gym recommended me to start listening to that band so I figure why not? At the gym, I always wear rock band t-shirts and some guy started talking to me about metal and he said, “You should start listening to Mastodon, you would like ’em”. So I’m like, okay. I listened to some of Mastodon’s songs in youtube lately and I’m really liking them a lot so I picked up their latest album.

I love music. I can’t live without it. I don’t feel ashamed at all buying a lot of albums ’cause it’s who I am; I am a music lover. I’ve always bought a lot of albums ever since I was a teenager; it could explain why I have such a huge music collection. Whether playing an instrument or listening to others music, it’s the music that makes me a happy person.


Unfortunately, getting a flexible body in yoga will be a slow process but it’s worth it, though…

As a beginner in yoga, you’re not gonna get a flexible body right away. Yoga is just like bodybuilding. You know how in bodybuilding, you’re not gonna get a muscular body right away? It’s the same with yoga. If you’re not flexible at all like myself, it’s gonna be a long road to get a flexible body. I have been onto yoga for a long while now and I feel a little bit of flexibility each time I go.

My goal in yoga is to be able to do leg splits. I want to do both kind of leg split… the middle leg split (the side to side leg split like Jean Claude Van Damme does) and the front leg split. I want to do both splits but can’t do them yet. Each time I try them out, I do notice flexibility. I can feel my legs go a little bit wider than before so it’s working and I’m feeling it.

Yoga is a slow process so it can take about a year or a little over ’til I start to really feel something. I’m definitely gonna stay dedicated, though ’cause I’ve been going to yoga class every Wednesday night. So far this summer, I haven’t skipped a week of class. I love yoga class.

I don’t need to do a lot of ab exercises anymore ’cause yoga will give you abs. That’s because yoga does a lot of stuff to your core.

Yoga is really amazing and I’m loving it. Would I ever become a certified yoga instructor? Probably not. I just do it as a hobby and something fun. Yoga is relaxing and it’s another reason I like it.


I’ve always wanted to be a published author myself… it has always been a dream of mine and still is…

One of the dreams I’ve had for many years is to hopefully one day become a published author. Whether it’ll be for a short story or full novel, it doesn’t matter. Either way I just hope to become a published author someday. I have always been a reader… when I was a kid, I wanted to be an author when I grow up. You know someone who writes books and publishes them.

Although, I don’t agree with Stephen King’s left-wing politics, he is still a hero and inspiration of mine. I’ve read his books throughout my whole life pretty much. Started reading his books when I was a young teenager during high school. Admittedly, I still do read Stephen King books. Despite him hating Donald Trump on twitter and all, I still support his work. I still do read his books and watch all the movie adaptations. I’ve collected pretty much all of S.K.’s books over the years. I’m only missing “Danse Macabre” original hardcover and “End of Watch” his latest book.

What kind of books did I mostly read over the years? Well, mostly I read horror novels… I’ve read books by many horror authors over the years other than Stephen King… I’ve read books by: Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Rick Hautala, Thomas Harris, Dean Koontz, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Ray Bradbury, Brian Lumley, Joe Hill, etc. I’ve read books by all those guys. You’re not a true fan of horror fiction unless you’ve read books by those authors I listed. There are still other horror authors I still need to read books by, though… I still need to check out Richard Matheson, Jack Ketchum, Robert Bloch, Robert McCammon, Ramsey Campbell and others.

Yes, I have read other genres besides horror books, though. I’ve tried reading: mystery, suspense,  science fiction, young adults and even tried reading romance/erotica stuff some. Yeah, admittedly I’ve read the 50 Shades trilogy. Authors that I like outside of the horror fiction genre are Dan Brown, George R.R. Martin, Sidney Sheldon and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve always been a huge bookworm. Always had a book in my hand.

I gave up fiction writing for a long while even though I did it some back in high school. I gave it up to become a musician so I didn’t give up writing completely. I wrote song lyrics over the years and tried getting into poetry and screenwriting a little bit. Writing is one of my favorite things to do too.

I’m always trying to improve my writing skills by studying grammar and build up my vocabulary ’cause both are crucial to writing. I really am thinking about getting back into fiction writing again ’cause I’m having all kinds of story ideas spinning in my head. I just gotta get a word processor on my computer and I will. For now, though, I can get back into story writing again on regular notebook paper like I used to do when I was a kid. I should probably get back into it.

Becoming a published author is tough but it can be done. Just gotta be more ambitious about it. It’s going to be expensive to hire an editor and literary agent but it might be worth it. How cool would it be if I could do this for a living? Write books and publish them. What books would I mostly write about if I did something like this? Well, probably mostly horror. I’m never gonna write a memoir about myself and staying away from writing books about politics. I’ll probably focus on fictional stories mostly.

I’ve contemplated getting back into fictional writing for a long time and probably gonna go for it. If I don’t get published and don’t make money off of it, so be it. I’ll just do it as a passion and a hobby kind of thing, ya know? I’ve always talked about writing a book but I gotta stop talking about it and actually make it happen! I would like my first book to be a collection of short stories, though just to see if I still got it.



Dealing with haters when you’re a musician…

I remember in 2006, that’s the year when I first started performing my music publicly. I recorded a 9 song demo which I released publicly right away. I recorded a 9 song acoustic demo — which you can hear my music here by the way, the first 9 songs is my demo — hoping to get gigs so I can play out at local bars, cafes/diners and music festivals… things like that,  ya know? Back in the day, I used to gig a lot. Played almost every venue in the Capital District and even a few small festivals. I didn’t have any interviews for the press or anything but I did get an interview for FM radio once (sorry, the interview wasn’t recorded, wishing it was).

After I started performing my music publicly, I sparked a lot of controversy for whatever reason. I started getting a lot of internet haters like mad. People were attacking me in message boards, youtube and facebook. It was crazy, ya know? People were attacking me everywhere. Even other local bands and local musicians were getting onto it.

I used to have a problem responding to internet haters and defending myself each time but over the years, I’ve learned to stay above ’em by ignoring them most of the time. I’m sure I still get “haters” and people in this area still do write me hateful things for no reason but I just ignore that stuff now. “Ignoring” is a powerful tool and it’s not hard to do.

I love what this guy said in this video at the end is that when you get a ton of haters and people trolling you for no reason, see it as a sign of success which is so true. It seems that each time I release a new batch of songs every now and then, I get trolled by a bunch of losers. Happens every time.

Why is that musicians get so many haters? Is it because they’re jealous of your success? Jealous that you’re a good musician and they aren’t? Maybe a combination of both? I almost gave up playing music live and releasing songs ’cause of all the negativity that I got through the Capital District music scene but I’m realizing that I should never have. That’s what they want you to do. You can’t cave in the haters. If you want to play music, you’ve got to say to them, “Fuck all of you… I love what I do and I’m not stopping for you.” That’s the right attitude to have. People scorned me pretty badly in this area. Creating anonymous accounts to attack me and all kinds of crazy shit.

I’ve learned to cope with it all, though and now I feel stronger than ever. I’m totally above the haters now. They don’t bother me anymore like they used to.

I’ve always believed that I’ve been overlooked and neglected in the music scene but that’s okay. I don’t do this for fame or popularity. I play music ’cause I enjoy doing it and that’s all you should care about. Fuck what people think of you, ya know? Fuck people and just play your music. That’s all you need to do!

I’m still planning to write new songs again and drive the haters crazy even more. Stay tuned.