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Results of the Powerlifting meet at Albany Strength from over the weekend just posted…

My actual last name is Brockway. It’s just that Brock is just a staged name for my online web presence. These are my best lifts for that day.

It was a great time.

Now to focus on their push & pull meet in August which is just a bench and deadlift meet. I wasn’t able to smash the 300 lb. deadlift at the last one but the next one, I should. I also have plenty of time to really bring up my numbers on the bench press too which is what I want to focus on. I want to focus on bringing my bench press numbers to 200 lbs. or more. I’m now on the road to 200 lbs. on bench and I think I can be able to get there this Spring/Summer.

I love Albany Strength gym. Wish I could live in Albany so I can be a walking distance near there ’cause it’s a very cool gym. Albany Strength gym is the best gym in the Capital Region.



Finished “My Story – Part 2” over the weekend and it came out real nice… real proud of it… will be released online this Thursday…

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Part 2 of "My Story" is coming this Thursday.

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So I finished “My Story – Part 2” just by using the free edition of “Power Director 17”. The software worked really great. Not bad for software that is completely free ’cause it has all the effects and features that I needed for it. So say goodbye to Pinnacle Studio and hello to Power Director. Power Director for the PC is actually pretty nice software. I don’t really need to get the full paid version aka the Ultra Edition but I’ll still get the Ultra Edition sometime this year, maybe this summer. For now, I’ll keep using the free version. The free version is good enough.

“My Story – Part 2” will come out this Thursday. You might like this one more than the first one ’cause Part 2 will have plenty of footage of the powerlifting meet.


My third powerlifting meet at Albany Strength went real well yesterday… kicked some ass like I said I would…

So yesterday was my third powerlifting meet at Albany Strength. It went very well. I knew I was gonna do well and I told ya so.

Like my Instagram post says, my best pr’s from yesterday:

Squat = 150 lbs.

Bench = 155 lbs.

Deadlift = 290 lbs.

Total score = 595 lbs.

I smashed all the numbers I wanted to smash except I missed one lift. Attempted 300 lbs. as my final attempt on deadlift but missed. Oh well, people there were really hoping I would smash 300 lbs… even the owner/director of Albany Strength who is John was hoping I would smash a 300 lbs. but didn’t have it in me unfortunately.

Even though I missed the big 300 lb. deadlift, I’m still pretty proud of these numbers ’cause I really brought them up, big. Even the owner/director of Albany Strength who’s name is John Payette was shocked that my numbers were way up this year. I just simply told him that I’ve been working extremely hard. Hard work pays off.

Ya know, when you miss lifts at powerlifting meets, the last thing you want to do is feel bad about it. You don’t ever want to feel bad about missing lifts ’cause everyone misses lifts at powerlifting meets. Even the greatest powerlifters you see miss lifts too. There were plenty lifters that were missing lifts all over. It’s not a big deal so just be proud of the effort.

Some of you may say, why did I miss the 300 lbs. deadlift? Truthfully, I blame it on those 100 lb. weight plates ’cause they felt wicked heavy. I was able to smash 300 lbs. at the gym at the YMCA but at Albany Strength, I couldn’t do it. Is there a difference between the Y’s weight plates and Albany Strength weight plates? Could be. I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose some deadlifting strength, maybe I did, I don’t know. Maybe I maxed out on deadlift a bit too early before competition.  Maybe I didn’t “peak” and “taper” correctly, I don’t know. I’ll figure out what happened. At the Battenkill Y, I’ll try to attempt a 300 lb. deadlift again and see what happens. I’m pretty sure it’s the difference in weight plates.

Like I said, I don’t feel bad about missing a 300 lb. deadlift, I feel proud that I went for it anyways. I feel proud that I brought it and put on a show like I’ve been promising. I didn’t disappoint the spectators which was the goal.

John the owner of Albany Strength says there’s going to be another powerlifting meet in August so I have plenty of time to really bring my numbers up for the next one. I think I’m going to have to train at Albany Strength more often ’cause it’s a wicked cool gym. I’ll figure out how I’m gonna get there. I don’t have a membership at Albany Strength but I can get in with a $5 day pass.

After the meet got over with, I got a lot of compliments by a lot of people. People told me “Good job”, got a lot of hand shakes, fist bumps and high fives.

It was a great time like always. Met some cool new people and it’s always a blast watching the other lifters and cheering them all on. I love powerlifting. It’s becoming a huge obsession.

Now I have plenty of video footage, I’ll finish the rest of “My Story – Part 2” this week.


I think I might have to stick with using Power Director for movie making, I won’t be able to use Pinnacle Studio for the PC…

The reason I won’t be able to use Pinnacle Studio for the PC is simply because it doesn’t support the .MOD video format. Power Director 17 is “very” .MOD video friendly. From what I see, Power Director movie making software is the only movie making software that supports the .MOD format. Today, I just downloaded and installed the free version of Power Director 17 and gave it a shot. Surprisingly, I’m seeing video and hearing audio on the video.

Power Director 17 is actually pretty impressive movie making software, though. I just started making the intro for “My Story – Part 2” and it’s coming along pretty well. I’m impressed. The free version allows you to convert the videos so they can be youtube and FB friendly. The free version for Power Director 17 is actually pretty nice. Yep, think I’m gonna have to stick with using Power Director. I’ll use the free version now and will buy the full paid version which will cost like $100. If I want to keep using my JVC Everio digital handheld, I’ll need to stick with using Power Director by Cyberlink. The picture qualiity on the JVC Everio is actually pretty impressive too… way better than the Ipad and the Ipod cameras.

I’m glad I got this problem all taken care of and figured out, though. Sometime this year, I will buy the full version of Power Director, probably this Spring. This means I will be able to use the JVC Everio handheld camera to film stuff at my powerlifting meet in Albany tomorrow.

Power Director is actually pretty impressive software like I said and it’s easy to use. You can make Hollywood-like and TV-like videos using it.

I want to continue video making and keep doing it. Become a full time vlogger on FB and youtube. People are already liking my stuff and this is what my supporters want to see so I’m going to keep it going.


Filmed some footage on my JVC Everio handheld digital camera today but…

… I think I definitely need new movie making software for the PC if I want to film stuff with the handheld camera. My computer came with Power Director movie maker for free but when I tried to take movies off the camera and import them into Power Director 15, I can see video but no audio. Why is it that I can see video and no audio? It’s because Power Director doesn’t have AC3 audio formats. Which kind of sucks ’cause I spent hours and hours trying to figure out why it had no audio but that’s because Power Director doesn’t have AC3 codecs in audio. I figured out another way to get audio on video. I figured out a work-around by using Mixcrat 8 music recording DAW which is also video making software. What I did was saved the audio on the video into a .wav file and and put the .MOD movie both together in Power Director so I can successfully convert into Mpeg which worked great. It takes a lot longer to do it this way but I definitely need to buy new movie making software this year that supports AC3 audio and I’ve read that Pinnacle Studio 22 definitely does. Like I said, later this year, I’m definitely am planning on buying Pinnacle 22 for the PC so I can import and convert videos quickly and easily.

I’ve had this JVC Everio camera for almost 10 years now and I knew I couldn’t use the old software that came with the video camera anymore since this computer is pretty new. While I love technology and computers, it can get annoying and frustrating after a while.

I want to continue to make video blogs and that’s the goal, ya know? Power Director from Microsoft pretty much sucks anyways. I think Pinnacle Studio is the best movie making software out there so I think I’ll stick with using Pinnacle.


Making videos on the Ipad sucks, I like making videos on the PC better…

While I love making videos for the internet, I don’t enjoy making videos on the Ipad, though. It’s kind of annoying ’cause making big videos takes up so much space and stuff. I prefer making videos on the PC more so sometime this year, I’m probably gonna buy some video making software for my PC. What software will I get?

I’ll probably end up getting the PC version of “Pinnacle Studio” ’cause it’s really nice. I have Pinnacle Pro studio for the Ipad 2 which costed me $12.99 but sometime this year probably in the Spring/Summer, I’m planning to buy the PC version. I’m going to plan on buying the newest Pinnacle Studio 22 but which version will I get?

I’ll probably get Pinnacle Studio the Ultimate Version:

This software is a little pricey but it’ll be worth it, I think. If I get that, I’ll be able to make even cooler videos and they’ll be more professional and Hollywood-like. I’ll get that software in a couple of months. Maybe in the month of May I’ll get it.

I definitely need to get new movie making software for sure ’cause the Ipad version of Pinnacle Pro is pretty small and basic but you can still make cool videos, though. I just want something bigger and better.

For now I’ll continue to make videos on the Ipad until I get new software for the PC.


Just got my JVC Everio handheld digital camera all ready to go… time to get back into videoblogging…

Well today, I got my JVC Everio handheld digital camera out and ready to go. Since that handheld video camera was purchased online like 10 years ago, I was worried that an old digital handheld camera wouldn’t work well on this computer. When I playback videos on this computer from the camera, it wasn’t working well at first ’cause all I was hearing was just audio and no picture. It then tells me in order to get picture on the videos, I needed to install an Mpeg 2 plugin which I did and it worked that time. Yep, my HD handheld Everio camera surprisingly works good still so I don’t need to bother buying a new video camera at all.

So for video equipment, I’ll be using a combination of the handheld Everio, an Ipad and an Ipod. The Ipad and the Ipod has decent picture quality but the Everio camera has even better picture quality.

I’m definitely ready to get back into making videobogs again. It seems that people are enjoying “My Story – Part 1” and I’m going to begin work on “My Story – Part 2” this week. I’m going to start writing the script down for “My Story – Part 2” tonight and will start filming tomorrow leading up to Saturday’s powerlifting meet.

I’m excited to get back into video blogging. As you can see on “My Story – Part 1”, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to make these videos into like my own TV series/reality show kind of thing but they will be internet exclusive only. I’ll be filming all of my lifts at the Powerlifting Meet with the handheld camera but I will get someone else to videotape me lifting, of course.

On the Everio camera, I was trying to figure out how to get videos off of there and import them to my Ipad but I can’t do that. I can only get the videos off the Everio and import them into my PC but there is a way I can get them onto my Ipad by uploading the videos in my dropbox account.

Glad to get my digital video camera working again. Now lets make some videos!