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We live in a world where we can’t disagree with people anymore and can’t have differences of opinion, sad…

This is what people in social networking are like nowadays. If you have differences of opinions and different views than everyone else then that makes you a bad person. Trust me, I’ve dealt with this shit many times over the years of my life when it comes to dealing with people on the internet. You see, I’m one of those who refuses to fit in with the crowd. I don’t have to be on the same  page as everyone else. I like to keep everything real ’cause I’m an honest man and that will never change. If something is on my mind, it’s gonna get said.

Whenever I disagree with someone on the internet and have differences of opinions, it appears to piss a lot of people off. Instead of discussing things with you like a mature adult or have a rational debate with you then they would lose their tempers and block you in social networking which is interesting. I’ve dealt with this many times with people… it doesn’t matter the topic. If people don’t like me being different then that’s fine. Fuck them for all I care. I think that’s what drives people crazy ’cause they know I’m real and they know I’m different, and they can’t take it.

Well, suck it up, buttercup. I don’t care if people get upset over my differences of opinions and thoughts. I’m a realist, that’s all there is to it. I just speak my truth no matter the consequences.

When people get pissed or unfriend/block me in social networking, that’s all fine and good. I don’t care. When people do that, usually they do it ’cause it’s a pretty good indication that you said something right and they didn’t like it. Getting blocked/unfriended by people is like the trash taking itself out. When people do that to you, that’s a pretty cowardly move.

I can have differences of opinions and different views all I want to. I don’t care the topic whether it’s politics, entertainment, music, local bands, etc. I’m real on everything. I’m just an honest guy and that’s all there is to it. If you can’t take a bit of honesty then that’s your loss, not mine.

If you want to know what life in social networking is all about then you’re reading about it right now. Just be yourself, you don’t need to fit in with the crowd. Never been my thing.

Just ranting a bit today. Just had to get this off my system.



With all this sexual predator stuff going on in Hollywood and liberal politics in the music industry, I’m glad I’m not a famous person!!!

Fame may look a lot of fun, but that’s how the media paints it out to be. In reality, famous celebrities are nothing but sexual predators and liberal blowhards. I’m so glad that I’m not a famous person. Admittedly, I used to want fame in the past, but over the years as time went along — fame is not what I want anymore. In reality, fame is a dangerous and evil world to live in. Fame has all kinds of problems, not just liberal politics… lets list some of them: sexual abuse, sexual harassment, pedophiles in the industry, drugs, alcohol, celebs can be arrogant people, etc. I can go on and on.

Celebs sitting in their $5 – $10 million dollar mansions… does that look fun to you? I wouldn’t want that lifestyle at all. I would want my life simple and normal. Everybody wants fame, but after everything that’s going on with Harvey Weinstein, do you want it now? I wouldn’t want fame at all as you look at the way it’s going. Many celebrities died ’cause of all the problems in fame (e.g., Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson).

The media tries their best to make celebs look so glamorous, perfect and wonderful but in reality, they aren’t. They have problems like we do. Hollywood and the fame life is messed up. So to all those out there who dream of getting famous, you may want to think twice about that.

Fame is evil. It always has been. Fame destroyed a lot of lives over the years. It doesn’t always make your life positive and wonderful. Are you sure you want it? Not me. I’m happy with the way my life is going right now.


It is possible to go from negative criticism to positive criticism when it comes to your music… you just gotta improve your talent is all…

It’s nice to get positive feedback toward my cover songs each time I upload a new one. Each time I upload a new one, it gets all kinds of positive feedback. I remember the days when people used to make fun of my musical talent. Really, I got really harsh criticism toward my music back then. That’s when I realized that I needed to improve myself musically. Yeah, I know you should ignore the “haters”, but admittedly I guess they can sometimes be helpful. The haters honestly helped me improved musically. Nowadays, I don’t hear much negative criticism each time I put out something new. Most of the feedback I’ve been getting lately are mostly very positive.

If people are bashing your music, it is possible to get them to stop. Like I said above, sometimes you need to listen to the critics in order to improve. I decided to step-up… take music a little more seriously by taking my guitar skills to the next level and teaching myself how to sing better. I’ve also been learning music theory too. In order to get people to like you musically, you got to practice, practice, practice. That’s all there is to it. When you practice and get better, people will see it and respect you for it. I haven’t seen much people saying hateful things about my music nowadays which is awesome really.

I really do my best musically. I’m not trying to become the next music god or anything, I just want to get better is all. All musicians want to do their best at what they do. It’s pretty normal.

A lot of people refuses to acknowledge this, but it’s nice to have people who actually listen to my music whether it’s covers or originals. I’ve been getting feedback from people who aren’t even musicians at all which is even more amazing to me. That’s the type of listeners you want to attract to your music, ya know? You don’t really want to get feedback to your music from other musicians. You want to get feedback from people who are non-musicians. People who know nothing about being a musician… those are the kind of fans you want to have. If your only audience are nothing but musicians then you’re doing something wrong.

I do know I have some fans & supporters out there. It’s just that a lot of people refuses to acknowledge it. Some will call me names like “delusional” and all that crap, but I don’t make things up. I do know that I have a following with my music and people followed me for years. It’s them that inspires me to keep going in music; therefor, I’m itching for a new batch of original songs. I do love performing covers but I love songwriting too, and I want to get back into songwriting again.

I do have “fans” which is awesome… it’s why I’m dying to release my first album sometime ’cause it’s a longtime dream of mine. I want to do a full band rock n’ roll album. I’m tired of the acoustic thing.

It’s nice to have people that actually like my music now. Hard work pays off — it really does. If the Capital Region music scene doesn’t want to acknowledge that I have fans then that’s fine. Let them believe what they want to believe. People like my music and that makes me happy enough.

Thank you to all the fans… you’re the reason why I keep doing what I’m doing. Playing music for you. There will be new originals sometime in the future.


Correction about my vocal range, it’s actually in the “bass/baritone” range…


After testing out my vocal range on an actual piano, on C4 after middle C, I can only sing from C – F which is pretty much in the bass/baritone range. Still though, singing from C – F on C4 keys is pretty damn good and it’s getting there to C5 which is my goal. It means I’m almost there to the tenor range which is my goal. My goal in singing is to get to those higher notes. I’m working all I can to get there too and someday I will the more I practice. I don’t think I’ll ever get to “alto” and “soprano”, but I do want to become a “tenor”. At least I got the head voice down pretty well and can sing cleanly which is key to singing good.

I’m not looking to be the best singer in the world, and I probably never will be. I just wanna sing good enough vocals to my original songs… that is all. Maybe I should hire a professional vocal coach but I don’t know any around the area, so I have no choice but to teach myself.

I do love singing, though. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I sing every day. I’ll never give it up.


Remember to always be yourself even if it bothers people…


For many years, people always had mixed feelings toward me as a person. I’m one of those who you either love or hate, but I’m completely fine with that. There are some out there who are intimidated by the way I am on the internet. Some see me as very “outspoken” and “controversial”. I’ve dealt with that shit for many years online. It’s like, “Oh no, The Brock  is such a trouble maker!”… I’m sure many still feel that way about me but you know what? I don’t care! It’s actually pretty flattering that some think of me this way, though.

No matter what people think of me, good or bad, life is good.

Admittedly, I can be a bit of a loudmouth and “outspoken” person, but I’ve always been like that. I’m a realist. I’m just a guy who tells the truth no matter the consequences, ya know? I never cared if the truth bothered people. I prefer to a be a real person instead of being fake.

A lot people have also criticized me of the hobbies that I have and the things that I like. Yes, I listen to a lot of metal music. I may not look like a metalhead but I am. People would think of me as a fan of country music or pop but I’m not at all. Usually people look at me with astonishment once they find that I like metal and hard rock music.

People criticize me that I like to watch professional wrestling on TV but I don’t care. I like wrestling…. is that such a crime?  I still like to play video games at 40 years old, and a lot of people think it’s childish for a full-grown adult to play video games. Not really. I’ve never grown out of video games and still LOVE them. I also still like to wear rock band t-shirts, and I like to wear shirts with wrestlers on them too. I don’t feel guilty of that. I wear what I want at 40 years old.

As far as my political views go, people criticized me for that too, of course.  Yes, I’m a proud die-hard conservative and a proud die-hard Trump supporter. I don’t feel ashamed for it either, and I don’t feel ashamed for loving my country so much!

This post ins’t just about me. It’s also about you too. I’m just telling you my experiences that you don’t have to change yourself to appease people at all. The thing is, be who you wanna be. I never told people how they should and shouldn’t be at all, but it’s interesting how people think it’s okay for them to do that to me.

Being yourself is the best attitude to have. People may not like you for it but that’s okay, just let them think what they want about you and keep  being you. Some people may not like you, but that’s not the end of the world.

There will be those that will like you for being yourself and respect you for ignoring everyone’s shit. If you’re being criticized by someone all the time then that’s actually a good thing. It means they’re jealous about you of something. You have something they will not have. Some people just want to bring you down to their level and that’s it. If you’re being criticized by someone and if you’re being called an “asshole”, well, you’re not the “asshole”… they are. Chances are, they aren’t happy in life. Those that are criticizing and want you to change are usually people who have lots of problems.

You just gotta stay above negativity and drama. Keep being you is all that matters. Be who you wanna be even if it pisses someone off. That’s the key to enjoying life and being happy. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. You can’t please every damn person on this planet.


Trying to sing like a rock & metal singer… it has always been my goal…

I’ve talked about working with, Metal Method’s “Vocal Power”, DVD instruction in the past before. That’s pretty much the only vocal instruction course that I work with but I should get into other instructional DVDs. For a long time now, I’ve been looking at an instructional DVD called, The Zen of Screaming.

Vocal Power is pretty good… I like it a lot, but I could use more.

My goal is to sing like a rock and metal singer. Always has been. Yeah, my goal is to try to get to those high pitch notes. I also want to learn how to scream and do some growling. I also want to sing with some rasp and a little grit. I want to sing in different styles and working all I can to get there.

The thing is, you can sit there and work with all these instructional stuff, doing all these exercises but one vital way in improving your singing is just by singing your favorite songs. Singing a lot of cover songs has helped me a lot over the years in my life.

I sing ’cause I love it. I just love the feeling of the head voice and feeling that buzzing sensation. It just feels real good.

When I first started out years ago, I was shit and never knew what I was doing. Back then, I’ll admit that I never had much of a range. I was singing like I was talking. People kept comparing my voice to Bob Dylan back in those days. To be honest, I didn’t like that comparison so I wanted to step-up and improve my singing voice so people would stop comparing me to Bob Dylan. For a long while now, I haven’t seen much comparisons of my voice to Bob Dylan lately which feels good which lets me know I’m on my way to becoming a pretty good singer. People comparing me to Bob Dylan, that’s when I realized I needed more range so I decided to practice my singing more. Take my singing to the next level.

Still got a long way to go but I’m happy what I have now vocally. I’m honestly starting to love singing more than playing the guitar. Singing is awesome. I teach myself to sing ’cause there aren’t any professional vocal coaches around here. I also learn to sing better by listening to my favorite singers: Robert Plant, David Bowie, Billy Joel, James Hetfield and others. I mainly want to be a rock and metal singer now; I’m tired of acoustic folk music. It’s finally time that I want to rock out and have a blast.



Making full band rock music… I’m really dying to do it so bad… a huge dream I want to make come true…

I’m trying to figure out how to make original rock & metal songs with full band backing tracks. I’m working on teaching myself MIDI & keyboards (trying to anyway) and I’ve been studying drums & timing as well. I’m just taking my slow time and not rushing myself. Other than that, for a long time I’ve been contemplating on putting a real band together. I might say fuck MIDI controllers and all that junk and just get a real band with real musicians, ya know? I can put out an ad on craigslist/Crumbs to start looking for musicians anytime I want to.

I’ve always wanted to make rock music with full band. It would be fucking awesome and I think I would do okay doing something like that. I think I can make pretty good full band rock & metal songs. Yeah, I believe I can make really good original full band songs that would make rock & metal fans happy.

I make riffs just fine and can play along with a metronome just fine. Only issue with that is that I’m not a speed demon of a guitar player yet but I’m working on it, though. I do want to shred and working my way up there. People don’t believe I could make thrash metal and heavy songs that sounds kind of Black Sabbathy but watch me, y’all. I’ll prove you all wrong. In fact, most of my acoustic songs were originally supposed to be metal ’cause that’s how I heard them in my head, I just wrote them on acoustic first. Once I play some of my older songs in a full band setting, you would see. I would like to make a lot of my older songs into full band versions ’cause that’s how I originally heard them. I wrote a song called “Evil Fred” and I’m gonna try to turn it into a metal version.

Writing full band rock n’ roll music is something I’ve always wanted to do but I want to start making songs in a full band as how I heard them in my head. I’m doing all I can to get there. I just want to write tight rock n’ roll and maybe even some metal. I would love to try writing metal songs for sure. If I try writing metal songs and if they turn out good, I’ll keep going with them. I can sing metal just fine ’cause I sung a couple of Black Sabbath songs on video before.

Someday a rock & metal album by me would happen. It’s the type of music I mostly listened to over the years of my life and I want to start making that kind of music myself. It’s always been a dream of mine and I’m gonna make it happen. Trust me.