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Just bought a “Big Muff” distortion pedal to add to my pedal collection…

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Saratoga Guitar shop and picked up a new pedal to add to my growing pedal collection. This time I picked up the “Big Muff” Nano distortion pedal. It had a really cool rock sound to it so I had to get it. Well, the original Big Muff pedal is much larger, squared shape and thicker but with the Nano version, is a tiny version of the Big Muff Distortion. Same exact sound and tone… they just made it a smaller version which I preferred.

I was at the store looking at the pedals through the glass cabinet and I was asking the guy that worked there about the pedal. He described to me the sound of the pedal that it’s a distortion pedal with a really thick sound… so I tried the pedal there real quick and was immediately sold so I bought it. It’s a great sounding pedal for $80.

I already have the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal but the Big Muff has a different sound. I hear that the Big Muff is very popular in alternative rock and grunge rock. I found out that Billy Corgan used the Big Muff in a lot of earlier Pumpkins records and Kurt Cobain used it a lot too.

That’s the kind of music I want to make really. I want to make tight rock n’ roll… people don’t think I could do it but I really believe I could pull it off ’cause that’s how I’ve always visioned my songs anyways. When I play acoustic, I play it like a rock n’ roll guitar and now I want to focus mostly on electric.


Staying out of the gym ’cause of an illness and injury sucks but gotta do what I gotta to heal up and get better…

I’ve been quiet about the gym online for a long while ’cause it was intentional. I’ve taking a bit of a gym hiatus due to a upper left leg injury that I’ve been trying to get rid of. When I stand for a long time that’s when I’ll start hurting ’cause putting weight on it will make it hurt. The leg injury is almost pretty much gone. I’m pretty sure it is ’cause I’m not feeling much pain after standing for a long time. I don’t seem to be feeling it much anymore so it’s getting better anyways. I’m still gonna get it checked out by a doctor soon ’cause it’s a good idea. I just want the injury gone forever so I can get back into serious lifting and get back into serious deadlifting too ’cause I miss that.

Anyhow, other than the injury I’ve been dealing with, I’ve also dealt with an illness for a few weeks. I’ve got hit with a nasty sinus infection that I’ve been battling during the Holidays. Stayed up 2 nights in a row and couldn’t sleep ’cause I was coughing all night. I’m way better now, though. Good enough to get out of bed ’cause I’ve been bedridden a lot due to being sick over the Holidays which sucked.

It seems that everybody’s been getting it… either the stomach bug or a nasty cold. Take or your pick and I had a little bit of both, haha. I hardly ever complain about Winter but this Winter pretty much sucked.

I’m kind of glad the illness happened ’cause it kept me out of the gym to help heal the leg injury some more and it did. The leg is getting way better now ’cause of it.

I hate staying out of the gym like this but you gotta do what you gotta do to get better when you’re sick or injured or both? Ya know? It’s okay to stay out of the gym when you’re suffering.

Yeah, I may have some lost some muscle and strength just by staying out of the gym but at least, I didn’t lose my muscular physique. I still have that anyways. When I do return to the gym full time, I’ll be training harder and harder than ever before and I’ll get the muscle and strength I lost back pretty quickly. I hardly ever take a break from the gym but this one is for good reason.

I’ll get back to it, though… not until I get the okay from my doctor which who I will see soon about my leg. My leg is getting better but I’m gonna see what the doctor can do to get rid of it quicker. He’ll probably just give me a stretching exercise and that’s about it. We’ll see.

I want to get back to the gym badly.


Happy New Year, y’all…

Well, I’ve been real sick with the nasty sinus infection again. After when I thought I was all better, the sinus infection returns but I got it much worse than before. Had it for two days straight and stayed up all night for two days straight… couldn’t sleep ’cause I was coughing up a storm all night long. I’m feeling a lot better now, though.

Haven’t coughed too much today and nose is pretty much cleared. Yeah, this is the year where there’s a nasty virus going around. Everybody getting it pretty much. Everybody getting bad colds and bad stomach bugs. I had a stomach bug for one day too admittedly. It’s crazy. I wanted to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with my family and friends but getting sick for most of it. That’s life, though.

Now to get rid of this left leg injury but that’s almost better too as I know it’s going away on its own. It may take a long time to heal but I know it’s healable. Just gotta stay out of the gym until it’s healed 100%, I guess but I’m gonna get it checked out by a doctor soon anyways.

I tried to go back to the gym last week by doing Chest Day but then the sinus infection returned. Kept me out of the gym again. ugggghhhhh…. this sucks.

I hate being kept out of the gym. You can’t go in the gym when being sick or injured or both.

I’m no longer sick now, I don’t think and now just got to get rid of this damn leg injury so I can return to the gym full time.

So you may ask when will my Best of Lists for best albums of 2019 and best movies of 2019 coming? I think the Best Music albums of 2019 will be coming today but I’m gonna wait for later this month to post the Best of Movies. I still need to see some more 2019 movies I haven’t seen but gonna get to them.

2019 was a good year for me and I’ll be the same old me in 2020 and I’m not going anywhere. Happy New Year, y’all!


Hope you all had a great Christmas this week, I sure did even though I was sick for most of the week…

I was meaning to post on Christmas Day but I was too busy spending it with family and plus, I was sick most of the week. I was battling a nasty sinus infection which lasted for over a week and then on Christmas Day, I’ve gotten the stomach bug which only lasted for a day. I’m all better 100% now, though. No colds and no stomach bugs so I’m good now.

Anyway, it was a great Christmas for me. Got some amazing gifts… just got a 43 inch Smart TV, some movies for my bluRay collection (Midsommar, Rambo: Last Blood, Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones – Season 8, The Dirty Harry Film Collection), a few video games for the PS4 (“Days Gone” and “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order”) and a few books to read. Everything else is just clothes and gift cards.

It was a nice Christmas this year. Hope you had a great one too!


All this support that I get online means a lot… humbled…

Sorry but I got to brag about myself a little bit. It is amazing that I get all this support from people online and I never realized it until now. Sure, I maybe an easy target of trolls and haters… I’ve always had that problem and still do but not everybody dislikes me. There are actually people who actually loves everything I do whether it will be my online blogging/social media posts, weightlifting adventures and my music. My supporters will support me for one of those or a combination of all three.

My online web persona may not be for everyone and I’m okay with that ’cause like they all say, I can’t please everyone. Some people may see me as “controversial”, “dark” and a bit of an online “troublemaker” but that’s fine. Let them believe what they want to believe and like I said above, some people actually like everything I do. There are some people who appreciate me for my honesty and realism.

As for why some people think I’m “controversial”, I don’t think I ever was. I’m just being myself is all. I’m just honest, just tell my truth and stick to my guns. Therefor, I’m a realist and some are not going to like that apparently. That’s okay. I don’t do what I do for popularity and I don’t really care to get as many fans as possible. If you love me, that’s great. If you hate me, that’s great too. I’m good either way.

The truth is, I’m not going anywhere as I’ll always be on the internet doing my usual things: blogging, social networking… posting about music, the news, politics, reviewing movies and posting my weightlifting stuff. That’s all I ever do online. I’m not changing for anyone as I speak for myself and myself only.

I will be the same guy throughout 2020 as well. Nothing will change as I will continue to be doing what I’ve been doing.


When will my best of 2019 lists coming for music and movies? They will be coming soon…

Usually at the end of every year, I would write up a best of top 10 or a top 15 lists for Best Music Albums and Best Movies of the year. You can betcha I will do both lists for this year too; however, I think I will wait to do both of these lists in Jan. I’m not going to rush these two.

There are still more movies I need to see of 2019 and there are still some more music albums that I need to hear of 2019. This year’s been a decent year for music and movies, though. For music, I’m finding a lot of good albums that I liked this year and there were some good movies this year too.

These lists will be coming. As for movies, the next movie I will be seeing in theater is “Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” and there are still a bunch of movies that came out this year that I haven’t seen yet but will see them soon. So much to catch upon, so little time, ya know?

I will get those lists but I will write a list of the upcoming movies I want to see for 2020 that I can write up easily this weekend. Be on the lookout.


Why I switched to coffee instead of green tea…

… simply because I grew tired of drinking tea all the time. I never was a coffee drinker in my life until now. I’m finally getting into coffee and the addiction is starting. I also started drinking coffee simply because I like the taste of it.

Yeah, there will be an ongoing debate about coffee when it comes to bodybuilding or powerlifting. A back and forth debate on whether or not coffee is good for lifting weights but come on, coffee is just food, that’s all it is.

I started drinking coffee by trying out Vahalla Odinforce the coffee by Death Wish that was created by Zakk Wylde. That stuff is great and then I’m drinking Death Wish coffee. Just the other day I picked up a small bag of Starbucks Dark Roast.

Some people say drinking coffee would make you fat but as long you drink it straight up black, you’ll be fine. I just love the taste of coffee. I never liked coffee in the past but I guess it grew on me now that I’m older.

I’m gonna try all kinds of different coffee ’cause I know they all taste different but so far I love Vahalla Odinforce although that coffee is hard to find. I love Death Wish too.

I’m a newbie at coffee and am learning. I learned that coffee helps keep you awake more than green tea. I fall asleep too easily at night and since I’ve gotten into coffee, I’ve been staying awake. It helps keep me awake when watching a movie or a TV show ’cause I can fall asleep easily while watching something but coffee is helping me stay awake.

Doing research, though, I’ve read somewhere that coffee does have great benefits with weightlifting. Coffee can help make you stronger and more energetic.

Anyhow, I just love the taste of coffee and I like to have it with my breakfast and it’s good to have to relax in the morning. Some people drink coffee throughout the day but two cups of coffee a day is good enough for me. I just gotta have my caffeine.

I’ve been wanting to try Death Wish for a long time and it’s delicious stuff. It’s very strong coffee like they say and they call it Death Wish for a reason. That stuff makes you stay awake. If you drink more cups of Death Wish, you’ll be staying up all night probably.

Coffee is awesome. Glad I’m starting to get into it.