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Happy new year, y’all!!!

Well it’s a new year which is 2019.

A lot of people like to make the Holidays an excuse for taking a break of working out but no taking breaks from me. Honestly, I took a little break from working out in the gym during Christmas. Not a long one but a short one. The day after Christmas, I went back to working out in the gym right away.

I went to the gym yesterday on New Year’s Eve and went to the gym today on New Year’s Day. The 4 day a week routine in the gym continues. I did a good job keeping my 4 day a week routine going throughout most of 2018 and lets keep it going throughout 2019 with very little breaks.

I have to keep going with the gym 4 days a week. I love working out 4 days a week and it’s all paying off.

Everywhere I go lately, people give me compliments on my physique. I’m getting kind compliments on my bodybuilding physique by everyone I talk to pretty much. I get comments like: “Wow, you’re looking ripped”, “You’re getting huge”, “You got some guns on your arms. Damn.”, etc. blah blah blah… you get the deal. I feel honored and humbled that people like what I do.

Anyway, the bodybuilding and powerlifting continues throughout 2019. People may like what I do now but I’m going to keep going. Keep trying to get bigger and stronger. People think it’s impossible to get big and ripped without steroids and I’m about to prove everyone wrong. I love weightlifting, yo. It’s my passion and my blood.

When people give you compliments on your bodybuilding physique, you can’t be an egomaniac about it. I try to stay humble as possible. It’s nice that I get kind compliments on my physique constantly but I always feel I have lots of work and lots of learning to do. I’m just getting started, ya know? My goal is that I want to keep getting bigger and bigger. I want to look like those wrestlers you see on TV and I want to look like those action stars you see in the movies. I believe you can look like that. I just want that muscular look and I’m going for it. I’ve always dreamed of having a big and muscular body and you can make your dream come true. People will doubt you, criticize you and call you delusional but you can prove ’em wrong.

Anyhow, what are my other goals and new year’s resolutions for 2019 (besides fitness goals, that is?)

Well I’m going to play my guitar a lot more that’s for sure. I want to make more original music this year and continue to learn more cover songs as well. I want to make more music and upload it to the internet.

I hate making new year’s resolutions ’cause most of them never happen anyway but I’m definitely going to make what I talked about above happen. I’m going to try to post on the blog a lot more too.

As for 2019,  I’m going continue to be me and just enjoy life.

My lists of Best of 2018 for both music and movies will be coming soon. I’m thinking of making those lists in a videoblog which I think would be fun.



Hope my blog readers are having a good Christmas so far today…


I was meaning to post this but I’ve been busy most of the day today. Mostly spending time with family and all that stuff, ya know the deal right? It was a nice Christmas for me.

Got some nice gifts: “Red Dead Redemption II” and “God Of War” games for the PS4. Got a few movies on BluRay: “Justice League”, “Christopher Robin”,  and “Mission Impossible: Fallout” (or MI: 6). I also got some gift cards, clothes and other small things.

It was a pretty nice Christmas. Hope you blog readers out there are having a nice Christmas too.

I’ve taken a little Holiday break from the gym but not a long break, just a short break. I’m going back to the gym tomorrow for arm day. I can’t miss workout days since I got into power lifting and all ya know? I only took a 4 or 5 day break from the gym but back at it tomorrow. Just had to rest, heal and recharge.

Now to relax for the rest of the night.


When will the Best of 2018 music and movies list come out??? Probably sometime in Jan. maybe…

It’s almost at the end of the year and every year on my blog, I always do a top 15 lists for best of 2018 for both music and movies. Both of these lists will come out sometime in Jan. or maybe later on ’cause there are still some more 2018 movies I need to see and there are still more 2018 music albums I need to hear.

I love doing Best of lists but sometimes they are a pain to put together. I’ll get around to working on them soon though. Actually, it’s a lot tougher putting Best of Music lists together than Movies. The reason it gets so hard to think of best picks for Music is that it’s hard to find good music nowadays. 2018 wasn’t the best year for music.. I’m still trying to find good music, though and sometimes I stumble upon something real good. It’s getting rare and rare to find good music ’cause the music industry simply sucks nowadays. There are some albums I still want to hear that came out this year, though.

Both of these lists will come pretty soon. When I’m ready, I’ll post them as soon as possible.


Rant about bringing backpacks, bookbags, gym bags into movie theaters… why do theaters target men with large bags and not women who bring in large pocketbooks? Double standard?

Earlier today, I went to Criterion Cinemas in downtown Saratoga Springs to go see the movie, “Green Book” (which was a very good movie btw and I plan on posting a brief review of that movie in a little bit). In the morning I went to the gym at the Saratoga Springs branch YMCA and brought my gym bag with me. After I got done with the gym, I walked to downtown Saratoga Springs to spend the rest of the day there. Later in the afternoon, I went to Criterion Cinemas to see the “Green Book” movie.

When I walked into the theaters, I had my gym bag on my back as I walked in. I walked to the ticket taker guy, gave him my ticket and then he looked at me like if I was an evil person for a few minutes. Then he demands that I should let him check my bag. I’m like… wtf? This happened before when I went to the same theater with my gym bag but it was a different guy at the ticket taker stand. Instead of asking to check my bag, this guy was a real asshole about it. At first, I tried to refuse and told him, “It’s nothing but gym stuff in it. Like clothes and things like that” but nope… he demanded once again to let him check it. So I said to myself, “fuck it, just do what he says and get it over with”. I thought about sticking up for myself and calling out this guy on his bullshit but all that is gonna do is that this guy will get the manager after me and I’ll probably get kicked out of the theater. So I gave up and let him check my bag.

I know this is nothing new with movie theaters as they are all like this… the ticket takers targeting men who bring in large bags into the theaters but there are plenty of women who walk into the theaters with large pocketbooks and other bags. The ticket taker never targets them to search their bags. Double standard? Yes.

From what I’m understanding, it is not the company’s policy for the ticket taker to search guy’s bags. They don’t have a right to check what’s in them ’cause it’s none of their business of what’s in their bags. Guys of all ages deserve their privacy. I’m almost pretty sure the managers don’t give orders to the ticket taker to search men’s bags. Why do the ticket taker target men of all ages who bring in back packs, gym bags, book bags and whatever? Maybe it’s because they hate their jobs and they just want something to do. They want to look tough ’cause they are the one who is taking your ticket and they would do anything get a raise from their managers.

I understand it’s a safety issue and understand they are worried about you sneaking snacks in but I think it’s ridiculous that they look at you like if you’re an evil person for walking in with a big bag. I go to the movie theaters with my gym bag ’cause I have no place to put it after a gym day. After gym day, I just go straight to the movie theaters instead of home ’cause I’m walking and stuff, ya know? I got dropped off in Saratoga Springs so I was walking.

The movie theaters aren’t the fucking TSA. Us men should have the right to go in theaters with bags just like women have the right to go in with their pocketbooks. Earlier today, I saw a bunch of women walking in the theaters with pocketbooks that were much bigger than my gym bag and the ticket guy didn’t search them. Freakin’ bullshit really.

I should have the right to not let him check my bag. I have my rights too. None of your fucking business of what’s in my bag, buddy. Here’s a big fuck you on this one. Haha…


Why I’m good at stirring controversial debates online… it’s because I tell the truth that’s why and people hate it…

Why is that every time there is a discussion happening online and when I decide to join in, everyone gets all mad and gets into a hissy fit? You see this is nothing new and this has been going on for years when it comes to the internet. This has been going no matter where I go on the internet. When I want to join in on a discuss or a debate, I give my opinion and view on something, people get all upset. For this reason, I spark a controversial debate. The debate gets heated and everyone is raging mad at me. They call me all kinds of names like an internet troll and treat me like I’m a bad guy simply ’cause I have different view than everyone else. All this is still going on even to this day.

No matter what topic I talk about with people, I always seem to be good at stirring controversy and getting people fired up. This problem is not just in politics either. It happens in every other topic I talk about like in music, wrestling, movies, weightlifting, health & fitness, etc. Whatever it is, I get people all fired up and get people going.

Some of you may ask, why do I do this? Why am I the way I am? Simply put, I just tell the truth. I just be honest and be as real as possible. If something is on my mind it’s gonna get said. When I join in on a debate or a discussion, I would seem to piss a lot of people off and the arguments would get heated. I think the reason people respond to my posts this way is not because they think I’m offensive and out of line ’cause I never believe I’m “offensive” and “out of line” even though some think I am. I’m allowed to have disagreements and have different views than everybody. I don’t have to fit in with the crowd. We live in a society where if you’re different than everyone, it makes you a bad person. If you’re different then you don’t belong in their clique ’cause this is how cliquey society has become lately.

Me being the way I am has gotten me banned from forums, people who I thought were once my friends walked out of my life because of it, fans and supporters have stopped supporting me and blah blah blah. You get the deal.

You see, people tried to change the way I behave online and in the past, I actually tried. No matter how positive I am and no matter how good of a person I am, people will always find a way to find me offensive of what I say. This is why I no longer give a shit about what people think of me anymore. The days of people pleasing are over. I’ve always had that “Be myself and don’t give a fuck” attitude for a long time now and it’s working. You should have that attitude too. Don’t change for anyone and be yourself. You don’t need anyone’s approval ’cause I certainly don’t.

The reason I stir things up and get people all fired up in debates is simply because they don’t like being wrong and they hate it. That’s why a lot of this happens when people get upset easily ’cause I just go in and tell them they’re wrong on certain topics. They don’t like being called out that they’re wrong… that’s why they respond angrily. I’m allowed to have different opinions and have disagreements with everybody but somehow society doesn’t allow me to.

People are really weird and whacked. That’s why you gotta ignore everyone and just be yourself, ya know? I prefer to be honest and real. I will continue to be honest and real no matter how many out there doesn’t like it.

I just believe that many out there don’t have what it takes to debate me. When you give up, you lose. End of story.

To get people going in discussion and get people fired up, you just have to be real and honest as much as possible. Never apologize for it either and never cave in. Stick to your guns always ’cause people hate that even more. That’s how you win debates ’cause people will say whatever they can to change your opinion to appease them. Never do that. Sticking to your guns and being honest is key to winning debates online.


People with cell phones ruining the excitement of live concerts? I would say so yes…

This video blogger who goes by the name of Vic Dibitetto is an awesome guy and he’s entertaining as hell to watch too. I just love the way he rants. I know how a lot of vloggers love to rant on video but when you want to rant and be angry about something you have to act like it. This Vic Dibitetto does the best job at ranting on video and he’s not afraid to show how pissed off he is. Most vloggers who rant on video are always weak and not angry enough. I guess this is the reason this guy is going viral on the internet ’cause people find his angry ranting entertaining. I’ve only watched a few of his videos on facebook and he nails it every time, though. He’s right on everything he says and that’s another reason this guy is getting popular fast.

Anyhow, I agree with him that cell phones are a huge problem at live shows and music concerts. I haven’t been to a national concert in a long long time. Last time I went to a live concert was before cell phones became a problem. Nowadays, all you see at concerts are people sticking cell phones in the air instead of just enjoying the music.

In the past before the cell phone craze, people would stand at concerts, dancing and swaying their hands back and forth enjoying the music but now all you see are people with cell phones in the air. Really sad what the world is coming to. I don’t own a cell phone and I’m beginning to be glad I don’t even use a Smart phone or an Iphone. If I want to film something or take a picture of something for my Instagram/FB or whatever I use my Ipod or my Ipad.

This technology stuff is getting unreal for sure.


No doubt censorship is a real problem in America, always has been and still is…

Censorship is not only a big problem of conservatives in America. Censorship happens with people of all types. Censorship is a real problem in America all over. I’ve been a victim of censorship for many years of my life and that’s why I started my own blog years ago ’cause I was fed up of all the censorship I was getting. Ya know, getting banned from message boards and forums like crazy.

Yep, getting banned through local music websites, getting banned from movie forums and even getting banned through wrestling forums. That’s why I said, “Fuck it. I’ll no longer post in message boards and start my own blog”. Here I am, on my own blog for many years and I can’t get banned on here ’cause wordpress is a big supporter of “freedom of speech” which is why I joined it to begin with.

A lot of people would say that getting banned from forums is all my fault and I’ve brought it upon myself but not really. When I get banned from a message board usually it happens when I get into a heated argument or a debate with a bunch of users and that’s when the admin will jump in. The admin will start arguing with me and this admin will permanently ban me all of a sudden. It happened a lot in the past. Usually people call me a trouble maker but not really. I just speak my mind and speak from the heart but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I just have disagreements and differences of opinions and I’m allowed to do that. Unfortunately some would take it the wrong way and call it “trolling”. I really believe I got kicked off of these forums ’cause I’ve said something right and they didn’t like it so they banned me out of retaliation. I don’t think I ever did anything to break the rules/TOS of the forums. Usually when I get kicked off of a message board it’s usually has something to do with having an argument with the board’s main admin. Yep, you can argue with the board’s users but you can’t have a heated debate with the admin. OOOoooooohhhhhh, such tough guys they are simply ’cause they have that ban button and you don’t.

It’s just that a lot of times most people who are administrators of a message board have abuses of power. They are so egotistical ’cause they have features and controls that you don’t have that they think they can do whatever they want. Just because they are administrator of a forum, they think they are bigger than you and they make you feel small. They kick people off forums they don’t agree with so they censor, censor and censor. Then the admin. makes claims that this person broke the rules just to get away with it. Just like Jack Dorsey bans conservatives off of twitter and then he claims they broke the rules when you know that’s not true.

This has been happening for years so I know what it’s like to get censored. It’s a big problem in America. Still is and always will be. Sad but true.