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David Bowie livestream tribute will happen later this week…

I think I’m good to go on making the David Bowie livestream tribute to officially happen later this week. I’m thinking the Bowie tribute show will happen either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

I know this has been a bit of a delay but I wanted more time to practice and rehearse. Want to make sure I play these songs real good and not mess up. I have a 12 song set planned, all Bowie songs from his big hits to his obscure stuff.

It’s gonna be fun and I can’t wait to do it. I’ll be doing the livestream on my personal FB page. After that, I’ll upload the tribute show to all my other social media platforms like Instagram and youtube.

I’m gonna give these 12 songs some more practice and rehearsing and then I’ll go live later this week.

Got a good set planned and I think all Bowie fans will like it, hopefully.


I’ll finally confess that the police in America can be a real problem… George Floyd needs justice and the officer who killed him should be locked up forever…

Yeah, I know I try to defend America’s police force over the years but after the George Floyd thing… I’ll have no choice but to finally admit that the police can be a real problem. Yes, police brutality is real and police corruption exists still. However, not all cops are bad and there are gonna be some bad apples in law enforcement. Yes, there will be some bad cops who will think they’re tough guys just because they have a badge and a gun.

George Floyd certainly didn’t deserve to die like that with a crime he committed that wasn’t that big of a deal. Police brutality over forged papers really? I have no choice but to admit that this one was wrong.

While police brutality is real and it can be a problem, that still doesn’t mean you have a right to start looting cities, destroying everything and such. Yes, I believe in protesting and nothing wrong with that but what’s wrong with “peaceful Protest”?

I think Floyd didn’t deserve that myself and I think the officer that killed him should be held accountable and get locked up forever. I understand how the left are getting frustrated with the police but the entire law enforcement system isn’t bad.

I’m not gonna say much about this topic but wanted to give my brief, thoughts on this. I do agree that was murder, though… 100% it was.


Will I get the overpriced HBO MAX streaming service that just came out today??? No, probably not…

I actually thought about getting “HBO MAX” but if I were to get it, I would have to cancel out one of the other 4 streaming services that I got: Netflix, Disney PLUS, WWE Network and Hulu. I thought about getting “HBO MAX” but then I thought I don’t really need it for those DC/WB superhero films that are on there since I have them on BluRay anyways.

I thought about getting “HBO MaX” so I can watch the rest of the Sopranos but I’m probably gonna get the Sopranos BluRay box set sometime real soon, probably this summer I’m gonna order Sopranos bluray set from amazon. I also want to watch the HBO show “The Wire” too but I can also order the bluray sets for that show as well.

Yeah, the HBO Max has the Snyder cut of “Justice League” exclusively and I badly want to watch that but I’m not gonna get HBO Max for that. Hopefully DC/Warner Bros. will give the Snyder cut a BluRay release in the future. It is not yet known whether or not it’s coming out on BluRay but I think it will once they get enough people to beg them to put it out on BluRay/DVD. Now that we know that the Snyder cut really exists and it’s officially out, who knows when they’ll put it out on BluRay and that’s what I’m hoping.

Anyway, HBO NOW/HBO MAX are both very pricey streaming services. Probably the most expensive streaming services out there. I got Netflix, Disney Plus, WWE Network and Hulu ’cause they’re more affordable.

I got plenty of streaming content so I’m all set. No need for anymore. If there are TV shows I want to watch that aren’t on any streaming services that I have, I’ll just buy them on BluRay or something. That’s what I did with “Game of Thrones”, I have all seasons of GOT with DVD/BluRay.

There are so many TV shows that I want to watch, it’s hard to get to them all. One show at a time.

I see no point in HBO MAX… it’s just another Netflix competition nothing more, nothing less. All these streaming services coming out all the time but Netflix will always be the king. You can hate Netflix all you want but they are the pioneer of streaming services, they’ve started it all before all the others came out. Netflix was the first of the streaming services. Then Hulu came out after that.


Hana Kimura, a young Japanese pro wrestler kills herself due to becoming victim of online cyberbullying…

This is sad. Young Japanese pro wrestler, Hana Kimura kills herself after getting a lot of trolls and cyberbullies attacking her online. It was over a reality show she was in when she lived in a house in Tokyo with three men and three women (she was one of the women, of course).

I am someone who has dealt with a lot of cyberbullying and trolls getting at me for many years. I still do have that problem even to this day but you know what? I learned to stay strong, learned to stay above it all and ignore it all. I used to get upset with trolls and cyberbullies but I don’t anymore. When someone online attacks me, I just ignore it and let it slide by.

The internet and social media certainly does suck and cyberbullying definitely is a problem. The weird part about all of this is, I try to point out that trolls online attack constantly but no one believes me… most everyone says it’s all my fault ’cause they think I should watch what I say and I wouldn’t get that stuff which I always thought it was bullshit. I just get so many people bashing me, making fun of me and things like that, you know the deal?

I’ve been cyberbullied long before social media, though… I’ve gotten attacked through local music forums like Crumbs, glensfallsrock, etc… all because I just wanted to get my music out there like everyone else. I’ve also been attacked by this defunct music website called Rock and Roll Confidential (good riddance, btw).

Cyberbullying really is getting out of hand and it’s getting worse. Yes, blogs, social media and all that gives you all these options to take care of cyberbullying and trolls with “blocking”, “deleting”, etc. but that still doesn’t stop any of it even though that helps.

Over the years, though, I’ve noticed that cyberbullies only attack you anonymously, though. They don’t want their identities revealed ’cause they’re afraid their reputation might get destroyed or they’re scared you might report them to police… things like that, ya know?

Cyberbullying is a problem for sure. There’s nothing you can do about it but ignore them, I’ve gotten way better with that, though.

Yeah, the internet is one crazy messed up world for sure. You just gotta learn to toughen up, stay above it all and stay strong, ya know? That’s what I do. Just say fuck everyone, ya know? That’s all you can do.

RIP to Hana, though… she didn’t deserve that.


Wrestler Bruiser Brody… was he killed out of self defense or was it pure hatred??? I’ll say pure hatred for sure…

I was watching the wrestling docuseries, “Dark Side of the Ring” all week and this one episode about the mysterious death of Bruiser Brody caught my attention. Legendary wrestler named Bruiser Brody was killed during an argument with another wrestler named Jose Gonzalez in the locker room. Yes, Jose was arrested and there was a trial for it but Jose was acquitted ’cause he claimed it was “self defense”. Bruiser and Jose was in the locker having a screaming match and Jose stabbed Bruiser. Bruiser died later. Another wrestler named Tony Atlas claims he witnessed the whole thing but didn’t testify in the trial ’cause the subpoenas came late in the mail. The trial was already over before then.

Jose defended himself and claimed “self defense” but it’s still not known whether or not it was really murder or self defense. The knife was never recovered and Jose is still out there living his life.

My opinion??? I think Bruiser was definitely murdered in cold blood and it was definitely pure hatred for sure ’cause Jose always hated Bruiser. Jose knew that he would have never been able to harm Bruiser if he didn’t have a knife on him ’cause he knew that Bruiser was a tough dude. If Jose didn’t have a knife then things would have turned out differently and it would have been Jose being rolled out on a gurney by paramedics instead. Why would Jose have a knife on him?

I think Jose got away with murder for sure and did the perfect murder. No doubt about it.

Bruiser never got his justice sadly and it was a terrible trial. Doesn’t matter how long ago it was… Bruiser still needs his justice and his killing still needs to be solved which never did. Jose needs to be locked up and there needs to be another trial somehow.


My Bowie tribute show is coming along well, still rehearsing them, though… want to give them more time…

As promised, I will make my David Bowie live stream tribute show happen real soon. Just rehearsing the songs really hard still ’cause I want to take my time and do them good so I can make I do them justice. I don’t want to mess up lyrics and guitar parts while performing live-stream so that’s why I gotta give them some more time to practice my Bowie set.

I realized that I actually have 12 Bowie songs written on the setlist so it’s gonna be a 12 song set for the Bowie tribute. I already gave a few songs away of what I’m planning to do like “Blackstar” and “Starman” but that’s all I’ll name for now. I will be doing his greatest hits to some obscure Bowie songs no one knows about.

While I’m working on these songs and practicing, I’m really blown away at how much of a musical genius he really was. Remember, he was more than just a great singer. He was also a great guitar player and a great lyricist as well. I think Bowie’s lyrics were pretty awesome, though. As you listen to Bowie’s music, you can easily tell that he came up with all these songs directly from his head… he definitely knew what he wanted out of his songs. He definitely had a good ear. He made the type of music he wanted to make.

Bowie is one of those music artists that you never get tired of listening to. Yeah, Bowie may have been a liberal guy and he was probably a Democrat voter but who cares… his music was still beautiful stuff.

Working on these Bowie covers is inspiring me to get back into songwriting again myself.


Going live for the first time and trying to figure it all out…

So today, I was trying to figure out all this “live stream” stuff out since I never done it before. After a little investigation and playing around, I found that I couldn’t go on FB livestream ’cause I needed to install the Chrome Beta version of Chrome and so that’s what I did. I upgraded Google Chrome to Beta earlier today and Livestream there seems to be working fine.

I really want to use my hand held JVC Everio camera that I bought years ago but I need a camera connection converter box in order for me to use my Everio camera for live streaming, though. I’ll order one of those sometime in the future but for now, I’m just gonna use the built in webcam on this computer which seems to work fine.

Messing around with this live stream and preparing for it… I tested out my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface so I can live stream the mic and guitar and that seems to work perfectly fine as well. You’re gonna really hear me really good with the microphone and guitar plugged in.

I’ve been rehearsing these ten David Bowie songs for my upcoming Bowie tribute that I’m dying to do and the songs are coming along really well. I think I’ll be able to nail them good enough and do ’em justice like I’ve been promising. If my David Bowie tribute show gets enough views, if it actually gets some views and enough people likes it… I’ll end up doing another Bowie tribute… do a part II and play 10 different songs in the set. For this tribute though, I got a good set planned and I think you’ll all really like it. I’ve been working on these songs ’cause I want to do ’em good and promise I won’t disappoint.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to livestream on multiple social media platforms at once… be able to livestream on FB, Instagram and youtube but it’s all a real hassle and a pain in the ass so I’m not gonna do it. So what I’m gonna do is play my livestream tribute to Bowie on FB first and then bring the tribute show to Instagram and Youtube after. I’ll upload separate songs to IG and youtube.

Can’t wait to do this and I may go live for this first time this weekend. We’ll see.