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Gonna start a pedal collection so I can create my own pedalboard…

I used to be against guitar effects but lately I’ve had a change of heart with guitar effects once I checked out the AmpliTube app for the Ipad. AmpliTube which is a guitar simulation software. Hook your electric guitar to your Ipad, launch AmpliTube amp and on the software allows you to play around with built in effects in the amp. After fooling around with many guitar effects in that amplitube software, I was like: “Woah, maybe guitar effects can be useful after all”? So after fooling around with AmpliTube for a long while, I figure I want to start getting my own pedals, real ones.

I want to buy as many pedals as I can ’cause if I want to play rock n’ roll or hardrock maybe even metal, I’ll need effects. I’ll want to create all kinds of different and unique sounds for my original electric songs.

I’m planning to build my own pedalboard so sometime this year I’m going to buy a pedal board so I can set my pedals on it but first, I gotta get more pedals and I will. When I order that guitar that I have my eye on, I think I’m going to order a few pedals to go along with it instead of a guitar case to go with it. I’ll get the guitar case another time. For now, I want to focus on building a pedal collection. Along with the Jackson electric that I plan on ordering, I’m planning on ordering the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face pedal and a delay pedal to go along with it.

I want to get as much pedal effects as much as possible: I’m gonna get fuzz, delay, phasers, chorus, octave, tremolo, reverb, volume, etc. I want to get it all really!

I already have a distortion pedal, overdrive and a wah wah pedal but need more.

I want to make some serious rock n’ roll and you can’t do that when you want to play clean guitar sounds all the time so I need effects. I used to dislike guitar pedals but now I love ’em and want to start a collection. They can be useful for some things. They can be great for songwriting.


Video: “How to deal with criticism” Joy Villa…

This video by Joy Villa gives music artists like myself advice on how to deal with criticism when it comes to your music. Over the years of my life, I’ve always gotten negative criticism toward my original songs and covers. I used to have a big problem with being defensive toward negative criticism and I still have that problem a little bit but I’m getting better at ignoring negative criticism. Now after watching this video, I believe that I should ignore all criticism of all kinds even the positive criticism ’cause like Joy Villa says in this video, “criticism kills the creativity”.

I remember over the years when I would write original songs, I would ask musicians constructive criticism on how I could make my song better to make it sound more professional. After watching this video, I realized that it was a bad idea and I should have never done that. I’ll never do that again next time I write a new batch of original songs, though.

Write songs however you want to and make music that makes you happy. Make the music that you like. I’m gonna have that attitude from this point forward. Ignore all criticism whether it’s negative or positive.

I still get negative criticism to my music today but I need to ignore all criticism and keep moving forward. Sounds like a good idea to me!

This is a great video and I agree with all of it. I needed to hear something like this too so thanks, Joy! If you’re a music artist or if you play in a band, you need to see this yourself.


Can’t wait to get my new electric guitar in a couple of weeks but will I get a new electric guitar amp too???

I’m real excited to get this guitar real soon, the Jackson JS32 dinky:

I’ve been dying to get a new solid body electric guitar for a pretty long time, an electric guitar with a whammy bar (or tremolo bar whatever you want to call it) and I’m definitely getting one so I can get more of a hard rock & metal sound.

Some of you may ask, why am I going electric and going heavy? It’s because that’s how I wrote most of my songs on acoustic. Most of my originals I’ve written over the years were kind of hard rock & metal but I’ve written them on acoustic first. I want to start writing hard rock songs on electric guitar. Stuff that are kind of heavy. Not death metal heavy, I won’t go that far but maybe in the likes of Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. That kind of sound I’m looking for.

So after I get my new electric guitar will I buy myself a new amp? So far I have two amps for electric guitar: the Fender Frontman 212R and the Crate GX-212. If I were to get a new guitar amplifier, I might have to sell both of these. If I were to get a new electric guitar amplifier someday, what would I go for? I would probably get one that would have a decent hard rock & metal sound.

I’ve always wanted an Orange amp though ’cause they sound pretty cool:

Maybe next year I’ll start saving up for an Orange Amp. Get rid of the two amps I have now for an even better amp. I’ll get an Orange amp with a cabinet and head instead of combo amps. I kind of always wanted a stack amp anyways. I don’t need to get a cabinet that’s super big, I’ll get a medium sized cabinet or a small one, I don’t know. I would love to get a better guitar amp someday. Maybe that’ll be the goal for next year. Orange amps are awesome, I’ve been interested in the Orange brand for a pretty long time. Someday.


Another reason why I want to get an electric guitar with a whammy bar…

I’ve always wanted to get an electric guitar with a whammy bar and I’m about to real soon. Another reason why is ’cause I want to learn how to play some shred & metal songs by Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and Pantera. Songs by those three artists do a lot of whammy stuff. I want to learn how to play Satriani’s “Satch Boogie” and learn Van Halen’s “Eruption”. I also want to learn Eddie’s fretboard tapping technique as well.

I’m doing all I can to study rock & metal guitar. Learning how to shred too. I do want to learn how to play electric guitar like a virtuoso but it’ll take some time. Learning theory and ear training still as well.

I’m not necessarily trying to become the next guitar god or anything like that but I do want to be a way better player though and I feel I’m getting there. The whammy bar can be pretty useful for your songwriting especially for your soloing when playing lead.

I’ll be able to play a lot of Hendrix songs as well ’cause Jimi used the whammy bar quite a lot. Can’t wait to get an electric guitar with a whammy bar and I’ll be able to have fun with it and experiment. I want to try something new.


I may as well order my next electric guitar online after all…

I thought about going to Parkway Music in Clifton Park to buy my next electric guitar but I think I’m gonna do it online instead. Honestly, buying music gear online is a lot better than buying in an actual music shop. These days most musicians have been buying their gear and instruments online than in the store.

Over the years I’ve bought most of my music gear online and I’ve been pretty happy with my online purchases.

This guitar here caught my interest and this is the one I’m probably gonna go for… the Jackson JS32 Dinky:

If I want to get an electric guitar with a good metal sound, I thought I would go for a either a Jackson, Washburn or Ibanez and I think I’m gonna go for a Jackson. Soon I want to focus on playing hard rock & metal guitar.

When you want to play heavier rock music, you can’t pick any guitars at random ’cause some electric guitars out there weren’t made for playing metal… like for example a Fender Stratocaster. I love the Fender Strat but those guitars were made for rock n’ roll, blues or jazz. Hard rock & metal won’t sound good on Fender Strat after doing some researching about it.

The best guitar brands for metal would be Gibson Les Paul, Jackson, Washburn or Ibanez. I would love to get a Gibson Les Paul but if I can somehow come up with a couple of thousand, I would get one in a heartbeat but for now, I can only afford a guitar around the $300 – $500 price range.

I really want to play hard rock & metal ’cause those genres are what I grew up listening to. For many years of my life, I’ve written original songs on acoustic and now I want to try writing original songs on electric guitar. I want to try writing songs that are on more of a heavier side. Yep, I want to write songs with big riffs and headbanging rhythm inspired by my heroes like Led Zep, Hendrix, Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, etc. I figure it’s time for me to finally rock and I want to rock hard.

I’ll have the cash ready pretty soon to buy the new guitar, definitely next month.

Along with the guitar I also plan on getting these and I’ll pick a strap to go along with it too:

I’ve always wanted to get a Fuzz pedal and the Fuzz Face is something I’ve always wanted to get so I can get a bit of a Hendrixy sound when I’m playing lead.

I want to start a pedal collection. The next pedal I want to get is a Boss Delay pedal ’cause I want Delay for my lead playing too. Delay sounds very cool when you’re soloing. I’ll get the Delay pedal sometime in the future, I want to get the fuzz pedal first. Fuzz is awesome for rock n’ roll.

I must say it’s kind of hard to find an electric guitar with a whammy bar ’cause there aren’t many out there. I want to get a guitar with a whammy bar so I can experiment and learn whammy tricks like the dive bomb and things like that.

When I get the new guitar, I’ll post pics and videos of me playing it. It’ll probably end up being the Jackson JS32 Dinky ’cause I’m real interested in that one.



Gonna buy myself a new electric guitar next month!

Next month in April, I will be buying a new electric guitar. When I said before I was gonna buy a new solid body electric, I was serious about it. I’ll have the cash ready pretty soon for me to go buy one. When I’m ready to buy the new electric guitar, I’m gonna go hit Parkway Music to find one. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a good solid body with a whammy bar that’s around the $300 price range. I’ll be buying one around the $300 price range ’cause I’m planning to buy a few pedals to go along with it. I’m gonna look for a fuzz pedal and a delay pedal. I’m sure Parkway will have both pedals for about $50. Parkway has all kinds of pedals there. Parkway Music in Clifton Park is a great store. I’m gonna try to go there more often to buy gear, I think. To hell with buying music gear online. Going to guitar shops is the best way to go.

I can’t wait to get a new electric guitar, though ’cause I’ve been wanting to get another one for a long while. I already do have an electric guitar but it’s a full hollow body. I think it’s good to have a solid body too ’cause I really need one. Plus, it’s always great to have a guitar collection. It’s great for musicians to have more than one guitar ’cause they all have a different feeling and different sounds.

I’m not too picky with guitars like a lot of musicians are these days, I’m not a perfectionist at all. I just go for guitars that look cool and sounds cool. Can’t wait to go to Parkway again. I want to focus on rock and metal guitar and I really need a solid body for that. I’m sure I’ll find myself a good one.


Sometimes I feel bad for Donald Trump, the way he’s being treated by anti-Trump crowd reminds me of how people treated me online…

One of the reasons I got on board to support Donald Trump for the presidency was partly ’cause I felt kind of bad of how he was being treated by people: Trump being treated badly by the media, liberals, some conservatives and some independent voters. You get the deal. The way everybody gets all over Trump all the time like this reminds me of how people treated me online like through the local musicians forums as an example.

I’ll never forget those days. Back in the days when local musicians community got together through two local music message boards that should be nameless. Those two message boards that I speak of are no longer online, they’re dead and gone (good riddance, btw) but I’ll never forget how other musicians treated me back then.

People thought I brought it all upon myself, though. They kept saying it was the way I posted on them, they accused me of being negative, trolling and all that garbage. They believe what they want but I disagree. I just used those message boards to do what everyone else was doing to promote my music and get myself out there. I think most everybody in the music scene attacked me ’cause they all felt that my music and musicianship wasn’t talented or professional enough so they felt like I didn’t belong. I think they attacked the hell out of me ’cause they felt I wasn’t in their league musically. I’ve dealt with this shit for years. Dealt with a lot of huge egos trying to bring me down. Sure, I may have been a little negative and had some negative opinions and thoughts about things on those forums but there were musicians in those forums that were 10 x’s worse than me but admins in those forums didn’t do shit to them.

I’ll never forget those days, though… however, attacks at me by musicians just wouldn’t end even though those forums are now a thing of the past. All the attacks, trolling and online bullying against me shifted to the old myspace, then facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. It seems I get trolled by losers everywhere I went online. LOL…

That’s okay, though. Musicians hating on me don’t bother me anymore as I learned to stay above it over the years. I learned to ignore that stuff and thanks to Donald Trump, he has inspired me to get even stronger. Trump inspired me to have no feelings and not give a shit what anyone thinks of me. He inspired me to stay tough and strong over the haters. Even if I was positive a lot, they still attacked.

I still do get musicians in the music scene hating on me and criticizing me but I don’t let it all get to me anymore. Donald Trump has taught me not to change for anyone. Those musicians in this scene expected me to change my attitude and the way I post online but I don’t have to listen to them. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself and being who you are. If they don’t like it? Here’s a big middle finger to all of them.

You know that old saying, “Haters are gonna hate”? That quote that is popular on the web is true. People have no reason to hate you, they just hate for no reason. People tried all they can to make me look bad on the internet but I’m still here. Still enjoying life, still enjoying music and enjoying myself. No matter how good or how positive of a person you are, you will always have your share of haters. You just need to ignore them the best you can.

Trump is a hero to me for a lot of reasons and this is one of them. For him having to put up with so much negativity and ignoring it all, not giving a shit what people thinks… wow. He inspired me to have the same attitude. Trump is easy to be made fun of and get attacked by a lot of people and I’m in the same boat as him.