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Will I ever perform live acoustic shows again? Maybe not at live music venues but live on the “internet”? Definitely yes!

I don’t know if I’ll perform live acoustic shows at music venues around the Capital Region or not but I will definitely do live home acoustic performances for the internet. I’ve talked about that a lot in the past and still have that planned out. I just gotta learn new cover songs and write new originals.

I am noticing that this new feature “live” video through various social networking sites like “facebook” and “periscope” has become so popular lately. A lot of people has been making live videos lately and I want to start doing the same soon but with live home acoustic concerts. The internet is like a live audience anyways so it will be cool.

I’ve been learning more cover songs lately and gonna start writing originals this year. I’ll probably do “live” acoustic home performances like a couple of times a month and will perform for an hour set.

I know a lot of people work during the day so I think it will be best to schedule a live internet performance for either in the evening or late at night. A live internet performance is something I always wanted to do and I’m gonna give it a try soon. I think a live internet performance would be a lot more fun!


I have quite a gear collection as a musician so I guess I am a gearhead???

So I have 4 guitars (2 acoustic and 2 electrics), 2 electric guitar amps, a small p.a. system, an audio interface, studio monitors (or speakers), a mic preamp (which I’ve never used yet), 5 guitar pedals, a mic stand, a music stand and pop filter for mic.

That’s an alright gear collection but I could use more, though. I plan on buying more electric guitars somewhere down the road. I’ll need a solid body electric and I’m gonna try to find one with a whammy bar ’cause I want to experiment with whammy tricks. I want to get more electric guitars for different sounds and stuff. I’m also planning to buy one more guitar amp which I’m looking for an acoustic amp, not an electric amp. I would also need a MIDI controller too which I’m planning to get soon. I’m also planning on starting a big guitar pedal collection ’cause I need more sounds: Delay, chorus, echo, fuzz, Octave pedal, etc.

I’m gonna keep my focus on electric guitar this year ’cause I want focus on rock guitar. I want to start writing original rock n’ roll songs. Plus, I’ll learn more electric rock covers from my favorite bands like I’ll learn all the riffs and solos from Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. Maybe I’ll go even further and learn some shred guitar songs by Joe Satriani ’cause I’ve always wanted to learn “Satch Boogie” and “Surfing With the Alien”. Maybe I’ll try to learn Van Halen’s “Eruption” too. I’m just getting so bored of acoustic and wanna switch to electric full time. Electric guitar is awesome and wanna focus on that.

Back to buying musicians gear, I love buying more music gear when I can. I’m planning to look for full time work this year and that way I can save up for music gear a lot quicker.



Just bought Joy Villa’s “I Make the Static” EP from Itunes…

Well, the singer/songwriter by the name of Joy Villa… the one who stood up for us Trump supporters at the Grammy’s by simply wearing a MAGA dress. Well since she was courageous enough to help stand up for us, I decided to return the favor and support her in return. Just bought her 5 track EP, “I Make The Static”. She doesn’t have a full album out yet but just an EP out for now. I’m sure she’ll make a full length album pretty soon. Her music is pretty good. Listened to some of it in youtube so I ended up getting her EP. She does have a great singing voice.

I also bought 5 other albums from Itunes as well:

  • Sturgill Simpson “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth”
  • Gojira “Magma”
  • Kristen Capolino “These Days” (a local artist who I’m a fan of, she’s a young shred guitar virtuoso around the area)
  • David Bowie (his 1967 self titled debut album)
  • Alexander O’ Neal “Hearsay”

I’ve gotten into Sturgill Simpson music lately ’cause I really dig his music so I bought his latest album. The Gojira album “Magma” has been getting a lot of great reviews in the metal world so I decided to get that album for myself as I am a huge fan of metal. David Bowie, I’m still trying to collect his entire discography of studio albums… I really want his whole collection of music. Alexander O’ Neal is an R&B and pop artist who I’ve gotten into as recommended by a friend of mine and I really dig his stuff.

Once again, the variety of genres. I like to listen to all sorts of music. That’s just me.



During national concerts, you don’t have to worry about forgetting lyrics anymore… thanks for lyrics teleprompters on stage…

I remember in the old days in national concerts, national bands had to memorize lyrics. The beauty of performing live is that you don’t always have to be perfect. You’re gonna forget lyrics, mispronounce words by mistake, you’ll stutter a lot, etc. If you watch famous rock bands play live in youtube, if you look carefully you’ll see a lyrics teleprompter in front of the stage. It’s one of the reasons national concerts sucks these days, ya know? They want everything to be perfect.

These days musicians don’t need to memorize lyrics anymore when performing live. For national musicians, they use lyrics teleprompters. For local and unsigned musicians, they use either Ipads, music stands to set notebooks on ’em, etc. It’s crazy.

Musicians and artists these days are getting even more lazy to memorize lyrics themselves. With me, I’ve always loved to memorize lyrics for songs. When I first started performing live, I started out reading off a music stand but I don’t do that anymore. I like to memorize lyrics by heart which is how it should be. At live shows, I’m gonna mess up lyrics by forgetting them and stuff but again that’s the beauty of “live” performing.

Reading lyrics while singing is not live performing, in my opinion. Sorry but it isn’t. Just get on stage and play what you got. If you mess up? Who cares, the audience is not gonna notice anyways!


Video: Joy Villa gives you advice on how to stay above haters as a performing artist…

I remember when I put out a demo CD in 2006 and started to play a lot of gigs for it, I’ve gotten so many haters, critics and bullies for sure. I’ve gotten so many haters online and offline. This Joy Villa woman who wore the “MAGA” dress at the Grammy’s gives you advice on how to stay above your haters and critics. As music artists, we’re all gonna get ’em. Every artist have their own share of haters, it’s not only me. You just have to learn to stay above ’em.

I almost gave up performing live only because I’ve had too many people negatively criticize me which I should never have. If I want to perform live shows, I can do that as much as I please even if people don’t like it. I love performing live in front of an audience. I haven’t done that in a long time and want to do it again. Yeah, if I ever get back out in the Capital Region music scene performing gigs and open mics again, I’ll probably continue to get a lot of haters but that’s okay. I’ll just learn to stay above ’em and brush ’em off. That’s what this lady said in this video, “Brush ’em off like they’re nothing”. You’re in control of your own life, do what you wanna do and fuck everybody’s feelings.

I’ve had so many people doubt my goals and dreams. I’ve had a lot of people in my life who didn’t support my music much including some friends and family members. Yeah when you want to become a performing artist, you’re going to get a lot of haters. Just ignore them.

I continue to get a lot of haters now. I have other musicians that hates me but that’s okay. I get all kinds of anonymous attacks online but I’m good at ignoring that stuff these days. I just delete and block the trolls.

I’m a musician, singer, guitar player and songwriter. It’s what I do. I will never give it up just because people tell me I can’t do it.

Do I want to get rich and famous off of what I do? No not really but I do want to become the best musician I can possibly be. That’s my goal and if it bothers people, that’s tough. They might think I’m arrogant and egotistical about it sure but there’s nothing wrong with feeling that you are a good musician.

Do whatcha wanna do in your life. Some of your dreams and goals whatever they are might hurt other people but who cares. There are other goals I have other than music like I want to get my license and car one of these days is one of them and have other goals too.

Whenever you want to have a goal there will always be someone who will call you delusional and say you can’t get there. For example, in fitness people criticize me that all the time too. They said I can’t get big and muscular, be in the best shape of my life well look at me now. Still have a lot of work to do in bodybuilding & fitness but I like what I have now.

Once again, do whatcha wanna do and fuck everyone’s feelings. Only you are in control of your life.


I still like to write lyrics on notebooks…

Many bands and solo singer/songwriters like to write their lyrics on different things nowadays. Many like to write their lyrics on a word processor on their computers and they like to print them out. Some even like to use Ipads, tablets or even Iphones to write lyrics on.

With me? I still like to write lyrics on regular notebook paper. Honestly, I haven’t been writing new lyrics in a long while but I’m planning on getting back into it right away. I just bought a new 5 subject notebook for it. I like to write lyrics on notebooks with a regular pen ’cause it’s easier and quicker to get words on paper. Plus, I like to keep it old school. In the old days before all this technology, they had to use notebooks or typewriting paper

I need to get back into lyric writing. Some always believe it’s important to write lyrics after the music but you don’t always have to do it that way. I’ve always liked to write the lyrics before the music. Once I write the music for the song then I’ll change the lyrics around some for it to fit. There’s no rules in songwriting, it’s your choice whether you want to write lyrics first or after the music. I prefer first. Many bands and songwriters has been writing lyrics first nowadays anyways.

Like I said, I vow to keep politics out of my music from now on. I’ll write about other things. Write whatever comes to my mind. Writing song lyrics is awesome and I need to get back into it again. Itching to get new stuff out pretty badly.


Thinking about buying myself an acoustic amp, I really need one…

For a long while now, I’ve been doing research on Acoustic Amplifiers. I really need an Acoustic Amplifier. I remember I bought my new Fender Acoustic/Electric from Parkway Music last year and I need an Acoustic Amp to go along with it. I could probably use my regular Fender electric amp to plug in my acoustic but the acoustic won’t sound “acousticy” if you know what I mean. If I plug in an acoustic/electric into an electric guitar amp, it’s gonna sound like a clean electric guitar and I don’t want that. I want a true “acousticy” sound and in order to get that sound, I need an acoustic amp and I will get one soon.

I found other acoustic amps that I got interested in as possible choices but I think I found the one that I definitely gonna wanna get. I think I fell in love with this amp here: The Boss ACS Pro:

I need an acoustic amp where I can sing and play guitar at the same time. If I get this amp, I will no longer need my piece of shit Peavey P.A. System which I want to get rid of soon. The best thing about this amp is that it has a built-in “Looper”… that way I can do my own back up harmonies and I can have my own rhythm playing in the background and I can solo lead over it which is what I want to do. This amp is both an acoustic guitar amp and p.a. system at the same time. That’s the kind of amp I need.

This could be good for when I start playing live acoustic shows again which is what this amp is made for pretty much. The amp costs $700 but I’ll save up for it quickly and will get it. This amp can also be very useful for home recording as well. Just set it up, turn it on, put a mic in front of it and away I record.

It definitely looks like a sweet amp. I got my eye on this one for sure.