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What’s wrong with shredding and playing fast notes on guitar? That’s the kind of guitar player I want to be!

When I first started out on guitar, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was only able to play basic open chords back in the day when I was starting out. I was a shit guitar player back then. Have been shit for a long while admittedly and now I’ve been doing all I can to improve myself. Take my guitar playing to the next level.

A lot of people want to knock people who shred and play fast. People call it “noodling” and shredding all sounds the same, blah blah blah. You get the deal. That’s why instrumental shred music is so underrated and overlooked. People always say when playing lead guitar solos, “less is more”. They always say don’t overdo yourself. I disagree. I would say play as many notes as you want in a guitar solo and play shred all you want to. You can play a lot of notes in a guitar solo as long as you make it sound musical and it can work.

Admittedly, I do have aspirations to become a shredder and virtuoso type of guitar player. I want to play like all of my heroes. Lately I’ve been listening to all the shred guys like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Alan Holdsworth, Al Di Meola and others.

I’m trying to solo like a shredder. I want to do all the crazy techniques like fretboard tapping, whammy bar tricks, sweep picking, pinch harmonics and all that stuff. I’m still trying to improve my perfect pitch and ear training which is getting better. You gotta have a good ear if you want to be considered a virtuoso and you also got to have good knowledge of music theory which I do. I studied pretty hard on music theory over the last several years and I pretty much know music theory pretty well now.

I don’t necessarily care to melt people’s faces and knock people’s socks off — all that is fine — I just want to play and improve myself. Keep moving forward in my guitar playing and take it to the next level. Just want to write bad-ass rock songs, ya know?

I really love playing lead guitar, though. I’m loving that a lot more than playing rhythm guitar. I’ve always learned that if you want to be a guitarist, you should learn both rhythm and lead. I feel that you can’t separate the two. If you play guitar, might as well play both. You’re not a real musician if you don’t play both.

When it comes to guitar solos, I’ve always loved improvised solos. Ya know, just wing it out. I love spontaneous guitar playing. I’m not a big fan of guitar solos that are written out. I like jamming. I love shredding and improvised jams.

When it comes to scales, I don’t go too crazy on scales. The only scales that I usually solo on are major/minor pentatonic scales and the modes. I love modal soloing too and I experiment with that a lot.

As for how fast I can play when playing along with a metronome, I’m not a speed demon yet ’cause the fastest I can play on a metronome as if this point is about 90 bpm or a little over. Shredding means playing over a 150 bpm. I still have ways to go but I’m working on it. I’m really working on trying to improve my speed too. I want to be able to shred on both acoustic and electric.

You can achieve all of your guitar playing goals. Just gotta work hard, practice and it’ll all pay off before you know it. Just gotta stick with it and don’t give up.



Quincy Jones is a rich liberal nutjob who is narcissistic himself, don’t believe anything he says…

Out of curiosity, I’ve decided to read the full Quincy Jones interview at Vulture for myself since this article sent twitter into a frenzy. I can see why ’cause there are a lot of crazy shit in it. What kind of crazy shit?

Well lets see here… Quincy saying that the Beatles were horrible and couldn’t play. Talks trash about Michael Jackson and accuses him stealing songs. Talks trash about Donald Trump and accuses him of starting racism in America and claims to have dated Ivanka. This guy also thinks he knows who the real killer of JFK is and reveals the alleged killers name.

This guy even goes as far as trying to out Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando as homosexuals.

Read this interview for yourself here…

Wow! What a fucking asshole and a liberal nutjob! It’s a shame he would try and make Michael Jackson look bad… I mean, didn’t they used to be brothers like best friends or something?

It’s also funny that he would talk trash about the Beatles like that and I’m sure many Beatles fans are upset with him now.

I’m sure the Trump family aren’t  happy with Quincy making claims about him dating Ivanka… hopefully Ivanka herself will shoot that claim down ’cause that would be funny.

What’s even more disturbing is that Quincy is trying to out Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando as homosexuals… Quincy even made wild claims about Pryor and Brando slept with each other! Yes, Pryor’s widow may have confirmed it’s true but that doesn’t make it true either. Quincy and Pryor’s widow could be out for more attention it looks like. I think the rumors of Pryor and Brando being gay are all bullshit. Not true at all.

Quincy is just a rich buffoon who sits in his mansion trying to think of ways how to get more attention for himself. I don’t care how famous and legendary Quincy is… no doubt the guy is an asshole in real life. Not all famous people are good people. The world of fame is crazy.  You’ll meet a lot of egos and narcissists out there for sure. Quincy is one of them. It’s hilarious that Quincy calls Trump a narcissist when he should look in the mirror.

Quincy is a douchebag and I hope I’m not the only one that thinks so. He just thinks that being rich and famous makes him entitled to say whatever he wants. That is all.


6 music albums I bought from ITunes yesterday…

Just purchased these 6 albums from ITunes today!

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So I ended up picking up some music albums from ITunes yesterday and they are pictured above.

I finally bought the Greta Van Fleet 6 song EP. Even though that album was released as a single, not really a full length… it’s still really good stuff. I’m not into today’s music much but Greta Van Fleet is one new band that I actually like a lot.

I got my own copy of Gregg Allman’s “Southern Blood” solo album which is really good stuff. This album has a mix of country, blues and rock. Even though this is Gregg’s solo music, he still sounds very much like the Allman Brothers on it.

I also got Billy Corgan’s new solo album, “Ogilala” which is beautiful stuff. The whole album is pretty mellow all the way through but still, the songs are amazing. Billy is the king at writing ballads and those songs never leave your head. I dig every song on this record and I’m gonna be listening to it a lot, I think.

I find myself listening to Iron Maiden more and more and trying to get some of their older studio albums. Maiden is becoming one of my favorite metal bands right now. They’re becoming my new obsession.

I got another Alice Cooper album ’cause I’m trying to collect his music too. I can’t stop listening to his stuff as well. Yeah, in the past I never really listened to Alice Cooper music but I think it’s time to get into him. I love Alice Cooper, his music is great shit… although so far, “Killer” is the best album I’ve heard by him.

I used to have that Grateful Dead album on CD in my music collection so I decided to get it on digital. “American Beauty” is my favorite album by the Dead. I’m trying to collect all of the Dead’s studio albums ’cause I’m a Deadhead too, believe it or not. I never saw them live before but I do enjoy listening to them. I love the Grateful Dead. Always did. Trying to get all their studio albums and then I’ll start getting their live stuff. People don’t think I’m a Grateful Dead fan but I am. Yeah, I am a huge fan of the jam band genre myself. I like the Dead, Phish, Allman Bros, etc. I dig all that stuff.

I love buying music albums. Other than playing an instrument, listening to other people’s music has always been important to me. I don’t feel guilty buying a lot of albums ’cause it’s what I do. When you’re a musician and guitar player, it’s important you should listen to as much music as possible and continue to stay inspired.


Learning to play the guitar… you don’t need to spend a lot of money on silly guitar courses…

When it comes to learning how to play the guitar at any level, the internet these days is a big opportunity for pro guitarists to teach you how to play the guitar and make money off of it. There are all kinds of guitar instruction websites online where you can learn online and guitar instructors sell DVDs/books out there which I’m sure would cost a couple of hundred dollars or way more. When you want to learn how to play the guitar and improve your talent, you don’t need to do all that. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on guitar lessons. Most of the guitar gurus online just want to make an extra buck off of ya and that’s it. So be more careful when you want to learn guitar.

You can learn how to play guitar better at very low cost and even better, you can learn how to play better guitar for “free”. How? Well, when you can’t afford money on guitar lessons by a guitar instructor whether online or in person… there are all kinds of free guitar lessons on the internet and there are all kinds of free guitar lessons in youtube. If you don’t want to spend loads of money on guitar lessons, there are all kinds of guitar magazines on the newsstands that have guitar lessons in them. There are also all kinds of affordable guitar instruction books you can buy at your local bookstores and your local guitar shops sells them too. That’s how I taught myself how to play the guitar. I learned through the internet using the free lessons, through guitar instruction books, guitar magazines like Guitar World/Guitar Player/etc.

You can also learn how to play guitar for absolutely free. Most famous guitar players like Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and all those guys were self taught players. They learned to play the guitar by ear for the most part. They just sit there in front of their record players trying to figure out songs by ear. I learned to play like that a little bit myself. When I was younger, I would sit there in front of my stereo trying to figure out songs by ear. Playing songs by ear is not that hard at all. Just learning to play your favorite songs is another way to improve your guitar playing.

You don’t need to spend loads of money on guitar lessons when all the material they teach you… you can learn all that for free or at low cost. Like I said, be more careful out there. Too many young guitar players nowadays are too naïve and gullible that they think spending loads of money on guitar courses is good for them. It’s not. They just want to rip you off most of the time.

I’m very happy where my guitar playing is at now but I still got loads of work to do. I’m not a virtuoso yet but I do want to get there. Just taking my time and trying not to get too ahead of myself. I’ve been playing for 20 years now and I still don’t think I’m a pro player yet. I just want to play and enjoy myself. That’s all.



Becoming a metal and shred kind of guitarist… that is my goal but taking my time…

It feels pretty damn good to be focusing on mostly electric guitar than acoustic guitar. I’m trying all I can to become a decent electric guitarist. I think I was meant to play electric guitar after all these years. I’ll never give up the acoustic guitar but I probably won’t play it as much anymore ’cause I want to keep my focus on electric from now on.

When it comes to lead guitar, I kind of want to play similar to all my heroes: Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen and Hendrix. I’d like to play kind of similar like all the shred guys such as Stevie Vai, Jason Becker, Eric Johnson and Yngwie Malmsteen. When it comes to playing scales and stuff… the only scales I’ll play lead guitar on are major/minor pentatonic scales, the blues scales and the modes. I’ve been learning and studying the modes a lot lately and still trying to figure them out. I’m still practicing ear training and perfect pitch and all that stuff too. I’m just starting to learn some whammy tricks on electric guitar and I want to learn some other guitar tricks too like the pinch harmonic, sweep picking and things like that. Someday I would love to make instrumental shred music of my own ’cause that would be cool.

People don’t think I can play guitar on a professional/advanced level but that’s okay, let them think what they want. Yes, I still have a lot of work to do in guitar playing, but I’m just gonna keep on practicing and do my thing. Just ignore the critics and doubters and keep playing. That’s all you gotta do. I’ll never become a guitar god or anything… I just want to play and have fun. Make music how I want to make it. I’ve always loved to listen to metal and shred music and I just figure it’s finally time I want to make music like that myself.

Playing guitar is a huge passion of mine. I may have other interests and hobbies but playing guitar is my number 1. It’s all I ever do mostly.


The whammy bar on electric guitar… I’m getting more into it…

In the past, I used to be against the whammy bar on the electric guitar. I used to believe that the tool on the electric was a way for guitarists to show off. It’s like them saying, “Hey look at me, I can do all these cool tricks and now I’m an amazing player!” A lot of people believe that the whammy bar is just a way for a guitar player to show off but I don’t think so.

Now that I think about it, the whammy bar on the guitar can be a really expressive tool. You can actually create useful and creative licks on a whammy bar. If you think a whammy bar is just used to add vibrato and bend notes, think again. You can do so many crazy tricks on the whammy bar. Look at Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani. Those guys are wizards on the whammy and so is Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix used the whammy quite a lot on the Fender. Listen to Hendrix’s version of the “Star Spangled Banner” from Woodstock, there’s whammy all over that.

Doing whammy tricks aren’t hard as they look. They’re actually very simple. Pretty soon I’ll be using the whammy bar when I’m playing lead. I got a guitar with a whammy bar ’cause I’m hoping to one day learn some of the my favorite shred songs. For example one day I’m gonna learn Satriani’s “Satch Boogie” and I’m gonna try to master Van Halen’s “Eruption”. Those are two of my favorite shred tunes and I want to learn how to play them myself and I will!

Yeah, admittedly I do want to play like a virtuoso and play shred guitar and I still got a lot of work to get there. The whammy is an awesome tool. Like they all say, “Don’t knock it until you try it”. The whammy bar really grew on me. I’m having a lot of fun with it.


Is it possible to learn how to play drums even if you don’t own a real drum set? With today’s technology, it seems you can these days…

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the drums and I still can. I’ve been learning how to play the drums for the past year or so. Learning time and rhythm, you’re learning how to play drums. Some people think it’s impossible to learn drums without a drum set but absolutely you can.

With today’s technology, there are all kinds of drum machines out there and there’s also virtual drum sets on DAW software nowadays. There’s also drum software for the PC you can buy like Superior Drummer for example and also EZ Drummer which both are pretty popular. You can find any kind of software on the PC that has a virtual drum set where you can actually play on. Just get one of those and buy a Drummer instructional book and you’re good to go. That’s how I’ve been learning how to play the drums myself.

I really need to learn this stuff ’cause I want to be able to program my own drum tracks when I start recording rock songs on the electric guitar.

It does feel really good learning timing and rhythm in music ’cause timing is everything in music. In the past, I didn’t know anything about rhythm and the metronome. I used to record without a metronome or a click track but now I’m all over it. I’ve definitely improved greatly when it comes to rhythm and the metronome ’cause I used to be shit at it admittedly.

Someday down the road, I will buy myself EZ Drummer software. The program costs like $150 or more but I’m sure it’s worth it. Maybe I’ll buy that software this year. I want to make full band rock songs and doing all I can to get to that goal.

For bass guitar tracks, how would I go about doing that? Well I’ll probably do that with MIDI on Mixcraft 8. I even thought about buying myself a real bass guitar and add bass tracks myself. Either that or I could find another bass player that I can collaborate who is willing to work with me. I’ll figure something out.

Making full band rock songs is something I’ve always wanted to happen and it will. Just trying to get all the right gear, software and all that stuff. It takes time and money but I’m working on it.