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Still doing a lot of online shopping while us is still on lockdown, nothing else better to do, ya know???

Well, we are still under lockdown but the US is slowly starting to open back up. I’m still stuck at home like most people are still. People are starting to get back to work full time which is good but there’s a lot of us stuck at home.

I’ve been still doing a lot of online shopping for myself throughout the summer just so I can defeat boredom. I know I’ve been treating myself a bit too much but what are you gonna do when there’s really nothing to do out there still, ya know???

I bought a bunch of music albums for myself from Itunes and picked up some physical CD’s at a record shop in Cape Cod. I bought a little over 20 albums but I didn’t get over 20 albums all at once, of course. I’ll list those albums in another post later but one album I got out of all those are Metallica’s new live album “S & M 2” which I’m excited to hear. I also bought the Metallica studio albums “And Justice For All” and “St. Anger”. I used to have those albums on CD so I rebought them last night and now I own every Metallica studio album they ever did in my Itunes library which I’m thrilled to have. I’ve been a Metallica superfan for a long time and still love that band today.

I also rented several movies through Google Play: “You Can’t Kill David Arquette” documentary, “Gotti” w/ John Travolta”, “Knives Out”, a few Clint Eastood flicks “Outlaw Josey Wales” and “Tight Rope”, “You Should Have Left” a thriller w/ Kevin Bacon and a war film “1917”. Gonna watch some of these this weekend.

I wanted to rent the new Bill & Ted movie “Face the Music” but it was 19.99 to rent so I didn’t bother and rented a bunch of other stuff instead.

I also have piles of books to read still and bought a few games for the PS4 w/ the newest “Call of Duty: Modernwarfare” that came with “Warzone” being one of them. Haven’t started that game yet.

I know I’m treating myself a bit too much but I’m freakin’ bored. Can’t help it. I’ll calm down with the shopping for a long while ’cause I got plenty that will keep me busy.

Anyhow, I’m sure some will look at me and call me “loser” with no life but hey, to make myself feel not lazy, I go for long walks and long bike rides throughout the summer so I won’t feel lazy and still be active. I exercise and stretch at home and have done some house work so I won’t feel lazy during the day.

So gyms are finally back and I’m going to get my gym account back and I’ll have something to do again. Gonna start going back to the gym next week probably ’cause I gotta get a a gym membership back.

Still playing guitar and working on my singing throughout this pandemic too. Other than that, life is great.


Going on vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic is interesting…

I haven’t posted on the blog for a whole week ’cause i went on vacation in Cape Cod, Mass. for a whole week. I love Cape Cod. I’ve been there so many times. I’ve been to vacation at different places in the United States but I think the Cape would have to be my favorite.

Going on vacation during the Covid-19 pandemic is interesting, though. You can’t really do much fun stuff since a lot of places will be closed due to pandemic. About all you can do is go to the beaches, do some fishing, swimming, go to shops and eat at restaurants. That’s it pretty much.

Yes, I went to the beach a lot but I didn’t swim this time ’cause I’m not much of a swimmer anymore. I like swimming, just not a good swimmer anymore, ya know? I don’t swim much so I guess I forgot how to swim. I’m not afraid of water or anything. I just walked along the beach for some exercise and adventure ’cause I like doing that.

I also did a bit of shopping for myself and spent the afternoon in Hyannis by myself last Friday afternoon. Downtown Hyannis where President Kennedy used to live has a pretty cool town with all the cool shops. I only go there ’cause they have an actual record store that I like… yes a record store, remember those? The name of the record store is called “Spinnaker Records” and I always go to the store each time I go to Cape Cod. I walked out with 4 cd’s this year. Two albums by David Bowie that I don’t have yet… “Lodger” and “Pinups”. I also picked up the Who “Tommy” and The Beatles “Let It Be”, all on CD. I also picked up 4 books from Cape Cod: “The Dirt” by Motley Crue, a biography of Billy the Kid, a biography of Al Capone and a book by Billy Gibbons (the guy from ZZ Top). I also bought a t-shirt with the American Flag “Blue Line” shirt so I can show my support for the police and bought an Iphone/Ipod holder for my bicycle that way I can film video while riding the bike.

Going on vacation during a “mask wearing” pandemic is interesting, though. If you ever want to feel stupid, I’m seeing a lot of people out there wearing masks every where they go. People wear masks even outside when walking, riding their bikes and even while they’re running. It’s like seriously? I don’t like wearing masks but I only wear them when going into a store if they have a sign that says “masks are required”.

This mask wearing thing is silly and so fucking stupid. I hate wearing them myself and I want this mask shit to end already.

Other than that, it was a great vacation. Spend some time with family and also for me to get away from everyone and everything and all the crazy bullshit in the world. It was nice to get away from it all.

I’ll try to post on the blog a lot more this week.


Aaaah the summer, more people go on vacations more during this pandemic…

Well this “pandemic” is still on obviously and vacation cities and beaches all over America are busy. People are getting outraged over that but I can understand why people would want to vacation while this country is still under lockdown. People are not gonna get holed up in their homes all summer during this nice weather, ya know? It’s not gonna happen. People just want to get some sun and get some fresh air… get out of the house. People are getting fed up staying home so they go on vacation and hit the beaches and I can’t blame them at all.

The reason people do it is because for a few reasons… they are bored for starters, hitting the beaches helps relieves stress while the country is on lockdown and their way of getting out to socialize with people since they can’t do that anywhere else. Yes, the big vacation cities are mostly on lockdown still and all you can pretty much do is hit the beaches but it’s still good to get out and be away from home for a while.

Yes, in big vacation cities all over America… you can probably eat at restaurants now and go do some shopping in some places but you won’t be able to go to malls, movie theaters, visit museums. I’m sure you can still do some sight seeing in some places, though.

I’ll be going to Cape Cod in a few weeks and there probably won’t be much to do but hit the beaches, go fishing and ride the bike on the rail trails. I’m not a fisherman at all but I’ll probably hit the beach and I’ll probably hang out in downtown Hyannis for the day ’cause restaurants and shopping places are back open there, I believe.

You can’t blame people for wanting to go on vacation in this pandemic. They’re fed up of this lockdown and want to do fun stuff while people are out of work.

I love Cape Cod and looking forward to going back.


With technology nowadays, it’s much easier to be a one-man band…

In the old days when it comes to making music, you had to learn all instruments yourself if you wanted to be a one man band when recording your own music. Now with technology nowadays, it’s much easier to be a one-man band with just a simple click of a mouse.

I’m not sure when MIDI technology started coming out for musicians. I think MIDI started in the 80’s but it got its start on keyboards and synthesizers at first. Then all these MIDI pads and samplers started coming out later in the years. In the late 90’s and up, you could hook up your MIDI keyboards, synthesizers into any DAW like ProTools for example. Now there’s MIDI everywhere, making it easy to  play virtual instruments, any virtual instrument that sounds realistic enough.

Earlier this year, ToonTrack just released Ez bass software and I’m already looking at it. From the looks of things it looks pretty good and the bass sounds so real too. I’ve also been looking at ToonTrack EZ drummer for a long while and now ToonTrack just released EZBass software. It is now easier to make full band tracks with just a click of a mouth and both softwares does look easy, hence the name of them “EZ” giving you a hint that they are really simple to use. Only issue that both of these softwares are kind of pricey, $150 each and I’m probably gonna end up getting both. They maybe pretty pricey but I’m sure they’re worth it. I can use them as plugins for my DAW, I just found out. For a DAW, I just use Mixcraft 8. Mixcraft 8 already has loads of virtual instruments that sounds realistic but I’m looking for something better.

I’m dying to make full band rock n’ roll tracks. Make a full band rock album and I could do it all myself. Learn how to program drums and learn how to create bass lines and I’ll be good to go. My music is not that complicated… I’m not gonna be making Dream Theater and Iron Maiden like songs. I’ll just make simple original rock and metal songs with the likes of Ac/Dc, Megadeth Nirvana and Metallica as inspirations. I’ll be banging out heavy distorted riffs, singing over them and playing solos too. I’ll also make slower ballads too ’cause I’ve always loved writing slow songs as well. I like writing slow stuff ’cause it’s fun to sing songs like that. Good to mix it up some.

I want to make music again but I’m kind of tired of acoustic songs. I want to try writing electric rock stuff and I believe I can pull it off.


Yeah, I know how liberal hollywood is and I know how wacky celebrities can be nowadays but I continue to watch movies anyways…

There a lot of people out there that boycott Hollywood nowadays because of how liberal and crazy movie stars can be nowadays. I agree… the world in Hollywood is definitely wacked as fuck but I continue to watch movies ’cause it’s what I do. I’ve always been a huge movie buff my whole life and I can’t see myself stopping. I’ve been a movie addict and still am to this day admittedly.

I continue to watch movies ’cause I love storytelling… and even if some of these actors/actresses are very liberal people and they can be kind of crazy in real life, they are still talented people.

It is definitely possible to keep politics and personal lives separate from entertainment. Yes, stars like Tom Cruise and Nic Cage are nut jobs, no doubt… but I continue to watch their stuff ’cause they make good films. I know Harrison Ford is a very liberal guy but he’s still an awesome actor and he’s been my favorite for years. You can still like someone and not agree with them… I wish those conservatives on twitter would think about that.

Yeah, Stephen King is a die-hard liberal and kind of a jerk in real life but I still love to read his books and watch his adapted movies. Still a fan. I don’t have to agree with them but can still support their work. Try it sometime, ya know?

I just like to watch movies for the good stories and good acting, ya know? It’s the art I care about more.

I still like going to the movies and I still like buying them too.

Here is something you all may not know about me yet… I almost wanted to get into the Hollywood business myself. I played around with learning how to write screen plays a little bit and there was a point in my life where I researched film directing schools. I almost wanted to be a screenwriter/director myself but that dream wasn’t turning out so good at all so I became a musician instead.

I still love the movies, though… watching films is another passion of mine ’cause you all probably can tell. I wrote a lot of online reviews over the years. I love talking about movies. I can talk about movies all day.

I like to watch all kinds of movies but I mostly like to watch action and horror more than anything, though. I do like to watch drama, thrillers, westerns, war films, romance, family/kids stuff, etc. It doesn’t matter to me really. I like to watch everything from old movies to new stuff. I try my best to keep up with all the new releases as much as I can. I’ll never stop being a movie buff. Ever.

I do miss going to the movies since movie theaters been closed in NY due to pandemic but I still watch the new stuff by buying BluRays from amazon… that’s what I’ve been doing lately. When I buy films on BluRay, I buy stuff that I’ve seen before that I liked a lot or I’ll blind buy a movie that I’ll think I like… I’ll do it either way. I’ve always done that with DVD too. And now that streaming services is a thing, I try to watch as many movies as I can through those too.

When movie theaters ever open back up, I’ll definitely start going again.


Just think if David Bowie performed live again if he didn’t pass away, I think he would have still had it for sure…

Doing all these David Bowie songs for my tribute for him, got me thinking about this. What would it have been like if Bowie didn’t pass away and he didn’t have that health decline. What if he was able to perform again? If he got to perform live again, I’m sure he would have still got it. I’m sure he would have killed it on stage like usual.

If I remember correctly, Bowie stopped performing on stage in 2004 for a few reasons. 1) He had too many heart attacks due to his heavy smoking, heavy drinking and his past drug use. Those were also the reasons why he couldn’t sing high anymore as he got older but he still could sing, though. 2) He also had a daughter with his wife Iman so he looked at as retiring from touring as an opportunity to spend more time with his family.

Even though he hasn’t performed a full show before he passed, he did a few special guest appearances with David Gilmour and Alicia Keys, that’s about it. After those two performances, you never saw him on stage again.

About 10 years after the release after “Reality”, he came out with a new album “The Next Day” and the follow up album after that, “Blackstar”. Why did Bowie release two new studio albums after years of no touring and no releasing new music? Well since he couldn’t perform, he could still sing and make music so he thought he would quickly make a few new albums before something was coming for him ’cause he knew death was coming. He just knew it and predicted it earlier so he released new music ’cause he knew his fans were wanting something new musically from him. Since he couldn’t perform live and couldn’t tour anymore, he thought he would give them something, ya know? I think David just really appreciated the fans support and he loved his fans so much so he gave back to them by giving them new music.

If he got to perform live and tour again, IF HE DID, I’m sure he would have killed it like usual. I’m sure he would have been performing his greatest hits and his new material.

Bowie never got to perform his new songs from “The Next Day” and “Blackstar” albums but I guess the closest you’ll get to see him perform his new stuff was that Michael C. Hall performed “Lazarus” on TV in honor of him. Michael’s performance of that song was dead-on, though, it was amazing and he killed it… Bowie would have been proud of that performance I’m sure. Go youtube it if you haven’t seen it before. Just think if Bowie himself got to perform “Blackstar” and “Lazarus” live if he had the opportunity, I’m sure he would have floored a lot of people. Bowie never got to perform on TV again so I guess they had Michael C. Hall do it instead.

I’ve been a die-hard Bowie fan for years ever since I was young. He’s definitely an inspiration/influence for my own singing, songwriting and guitar playing for sure. It was pretty much him that made me want to start writing my own music really and a lot of my own originals were Bowie inspired.

I got two more Bowie songs for my online tribute and I’ll get them online at some point this weekend. Just rehearsing them to death and I’ll get them online when I can.


Starting my David Bowie tribute today but they will be exclusive for IGTV instead of FB Live…

For the past couple of weeks since I’ve been planning on going livestream for FB for the first time, I thought this stuff would be easy but it’s actually not. It’s all pretty complicated stuff really.

On FB, I had to install the Chrome Beta in order for Facebook Live to work on my computer. I notice that video and audio were pretty bad on my PC when testing out FB live so I switched to the old version of FB Live on FB to see how that works. Live streaming video on old version of FB Live worked well but still bad audio.

So I downloaded and installed OBS Studio and experimented with that to see if I can stream live with OBS to FB Live, I tried that and video and audio were a lot worse.

I experimented with FB live streaming on my Ipod Touch but wifi connection and speed is not that good for that kind of thing up here ’cause the router is far away.

So I thought fuck it, I’m just gonna pre-record my live performances and just upload them to IGTV now that Instagram finally lets you upload longer videos. Audio and video works fine when not “live streaming”. I know it all has to do with latency and CPU usage and all stuff but I’m not gonna go through all that hassle.

I’m just gonna make it easier for myself and just pre-record them and just upload the tribute with each song separately. I’ll upload like 2 or 3 songs a day until I reach to the 12th song. If people like what they hear and they wanna hear more Bowie covers then I’ll do more Bowie songs I haven’t learned yet.

I’ll be recording with my guitar and microphone plugged into an audio interface… that works well when not streaming live and you’ll really be able to hear me pretty good. I just think it makes it more fun to upload the pre-recorded performances on the internet and on top of that, I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of views on my live stream anyways.

I’ll start the tribute sometime later this afternoon.


Ordered more stuff from amazon yesterday… country still on lockdown so no indoor shopping as of this moment…

While Democrats and the media seems to have backed off on the coronavirus, the country is still on lockdown but it’s slowly starting to open up. A lot more restaurants are starting to open but “take out” only. Some retail stores are starting to open like Best Buy but curbside orders only. Which is all dumb.

I won’t be able to do anymore indoor shopping like at the malls, Best Buy, etc. for a long while, I guess.

Barbershops and hair salons are back open, though and I’m gonna find a place in my hometown of Greenwich where I can get a haircut ’cause I need one pretty badly, lol. It’s by appointment only, though and masks required which is also dumb.

Anyhow, stuff I ordered from amazon yesterday:

BluRay movies:

The Mule (A Clint Eastwood directed film in which he also stars in), Richard Jewell (another Eastwood directed movie but doesn’t star in) and “Birds of Prey” (the Harley Quinn spin-off movie).

I only bought 3 BluRay movies which should be coming this month.

Then I bought four more books for my Ipad… 3 Star Wars books by Timothy Zhan, the rest of the Thrawn Trilogy (2 and 3) and “Star Wars: Thrawn” also by Timothy Zhan. I’m not a big Star Wars books reader but I thought I would get into them finally. I’ve already read the Thrawn Trilogy books before a long time ago but I want to read them again. The “Star Wars: Thrawn” book is another Thrawn story that chronicles his life. I don’t read Star Wars books much but Timothy Zhan books are great.

I also picked up “Battlefield Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard. Yeah, L. Ron Hubbard is a Scientology guy but it don’t matter, “BattleField Earth” is a great book. Read it before when I was young, read the whole thing and it’s one of the greatest science fiction novels I’ve ever read. I’ll have to agree with everyone that the movie version with John Travolta stunk so much, though.

I also had to get a 12 month digital code subscription card to Playstation Plus since my subscription ran out so I renewed it by using amazon. Haven’t been playing video games much lately but gonna get back into it and trying to.

I’m starting to do more online shopping which I haven’t done much of in the past. I was never much of an online shopper but this lockdown thing, can’t help yourselves. Still stuck at home with no gym. I’d like to find an actual job soon, though if lucky enough.


David Bowie livestream tribute will happen later this week…

I think I’m good to go on making the David Bowie livestream tribute to officially happen later this week. I’m thinking the Bowie tribute show will happen either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

I know this has been a bit of a delay but I wanted more time to practice and rehearse. Want to make sure I play these songs real good and not mess up. I have a 12 song set planned, all Bowie songs from his big hits to his obscure stuff.

It’s gonna be fun and I can’t wait to do it. I’ll be doing the livestream on my personal FB page. After that, I’ll upload the tribute show to all my other social media platforms like Instagram and youtube.

I’m gonna give these 12 songs some more practice and rehearsing and then I’ll go live later this week.

Got a good set planned and I think all Bowie fans will like it, hopefully.


I’ll finally confess that the police in America can be a real problem… George Floyd needs justice and the officer who killed him should be locked up forever…

Yeah, I know I try to defend America’s police force over the years but after the George Floyd thing… I’ll have no choice but to finally admit that the police can be a real problem. Yes, police brutality is real and police corruption exists still. However, not all cops are bad and there are gonna be some bad apples in law enforcement. Yes, there will be some bad cops who will think they’re tough guys just because they have a badge and a gun.

George Floyd certainly didn’t deserve to die like that with a crime he committed that wasn’t that big of a deal. Police brutality over forged papers really? I have no choice but to admit that this one was wrong.

While police brutality is real and it can be a problem, that still doesn’t mean you have a right to start looting cities, destroying everything and such. Yes, I believe in protesting and nothing wrong with that but what’s wrong with “peaceful Protest”?

I think Floyd didn’t deserve that myself and I think the officer that killed him should be held accountable and get locked up forever. I understand how the left are getting frustrated with the police but the entire law enforcement system isn’t bad.

I’m not gonna say much about this topic but wanted to give my brief, thoughts on this. I do agree that was murder, though… 100% it was.