The Iphone 11 is really nice… maybe it is a good idea for Apple to get rid of the Ipod Touch since they’re both pretty much the same anyway? Right?

Well I got my first Iphone set up and it’s ready to go. The Iphone 11… this Iphone is actually really nice. After looking at this Iphone, I’m now thinking that maybe it is a good idea that Apple gets rid of the Ipod Touch ’cause both the Ipod Touch and the Iphone are pretty much the same thing anyway. It’s just that the Ipod Touch is just an exact copy of the Iphone except it’s without cellular service, ya know? The Ipod Touch was for those who didn’t want an Iphone but yeah, it’s actually a good idea to get rid of the Ipod Touch ’cause why continue to pay a lot of money to keep making the Ipod when you can put your Itunes library on everything else?

Makes total sense of why Apple did that so now I agree with it, now that I think about it.

The Iphone 11 is awesome. The screen is kind of huge, kind of like a mini Ipad so maybe I won’t be needing a new Ipad after all, haha. On this Iphone, I got the latest IOS and got my Itunes library on it so it’s all good. I got cellular service on this now so now I can call people on the phone and text people everywhere I go.

I won’t have my phone turned on everywhere I go, though… there will be times where I’ll have the phone turned off like at the gym and in the movie theaters. Things like that.

Anyhow, I’m not gonna start taking my phone out and about just yet ’cause I need a really good and strong case for it first. I plan to go to Target tomorrow to see if I can find Iphone 11 cases and I’ll need a few Iphone accessories like earbuds and things like that.

I’m gonna take good care of this thing and be careful with it ’cause I don’t want to destroy this one.

It’s exciting to have an Iphone finally. I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time anyway and finally got one. If I meet new people like meet new friends when I’m out and about, I can get their phone numbers from him/her much easier.

I prefer to talk to people by text than by voice, though. I’ve never been a great voice talker, I prefer to talk to people in writing.

Now I got to find a way to be able to connect my guitar into this Iphone for Garageband and I also plan on buying the Amplitube Guitar app in the future too. It’s probably easy just need those Irig guitar things and the right connector.

I’m still pretty new to the Iphone bandwagon so I got a lot to learn. Just got to get used to it now.



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