In defense of Bon Jovi, sometimes singers have their bad nights, ya know? Who cares?

Yup. Here comes all the pro singers that think that know it all.

So Jon Bon Jovi had a few bad nights of his singing at his concerts. So what? It happens with all singers, ya know? You can’t win them all. I just laugh at these singers coming out going over every detail about how Jon Bon’s vocals are a bit off.

And fans who actually saw Bon Jovi live disappointed in him.

Telling Bon Jovi to take a break or worse even quit? You freaking serious?

Not only that all singers sometimes have their bad nights… they also “age”. As they get older, they sometimes lose their voice so they don’t have the strong voice like they used to have.

People criticizing Jon Bon’s vocals is nothing new and wish they would all stop.

That’s the beauty of live performing. You either have it or you don’t. A lot of times bands & artists are on “fire” but I’m sure they can’t win every single show night after night. Touring can be grueling so that’s another part of how singers “lose it” sometimes.

Why are so many criticizing Jon Bon when so many singers lip sync and so many bands nowadays mime to a backing track? At least Jon Bon’s live performances were done for real, that’s one thing his critics won’t admit.

I’m no Bon Jovi fan by any means ’cause I’ve never bought a single album of his but I do respect his legacy and actually dig “some” Bon Jovi songs… I just feel that all these attacks are just unfair.

I hope Bon Jovi himself looks at all these critics and proves everyone wrong that he still does have that “fire” in him and those telling him to “quit” or “take a break” will regret it.

On top of that, whether singers sing great or not at concerts, who cares? Just enjoy the show!



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