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RIP Elvis Presley who passed away 40 years ago today…

Elvis may have left us 40 years ago but we’ve never forgotten him. Enjoy the live album above. I listened to half of it this morning and I think I want to get my own copy on vinyl… “Elvis at MSG”.

I’m a fan of Elvis like many. Although, he wasn’t the one who got me to become a musician, I still respect the hell out of him. I was more into rock n’ roll Elvis than country & gospel Elvis.


10 Bands that everyone hates but I love…

There are a lot of bands out there that everyone have been hating on nowadays. Not everyone hates them, though… they still have fans whether you hate them or not ’cause if they didn’t have fans… they wouldn’t be around for so long.

Here are 10 artists & bands that I’m actually a pretty big fan of that most everyone hates:

  • Metallica: The mighty Metallica turned into one of the most hated bands since after they changed their sound & look for their “Load/Reload” albums. Ever since then and since their Napster controversy fans were so vile toward that band for whatever reason, I couldn’t understand. I never turned my back on Metallica and still pretty loyal to them. They’ve always been my favorite.
  • Nirvana: This band, Nirvana has always been hated on over the years too. They’ve gotten some pretty harsh critics toward their music over the years and they’re still getting hated on today. To me, there was nothing ever wrong with Nirvana. They’ve always been my favorite too and still are. They were just three guys enjoying themselves playing rock n’ roll. That was all they did.
  • Phish: People used to respect Phish but people don’t like ’em anymore. No matter what you think of Phish, they’re a very successful band. They play in front of thousands of fans almost every night still. People don’t like ’em ’cause their music is different and they think Trey Anastasio is arrogant on stage. I never thought he was. Phish is one of my favorite bands and still love them. I saw them in concert a couple of times myself.
  • The Spin Doctors: Another 90’s band that got bashed on by people over the years and can’t understand why. Their music is very positive and wrote mostly happy and feel good songs. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I always thought the Spin Doctors were a great band and the band is still together too with the 4 original guys. I’m not crazy about their newer music but their first two albums: “Pocketful Of Kryptonite” and “Turn it Upside Down” were great shit. I think Chris Barron is a great singer.
  • Oasis: Another one of the most hated bands out there but I’ve always been a fan. I’ve always thought Noel and Liam were talented dudes.
  • Creed: Another hard rock band trashed by a lot of people but that’s one band that I like too. I’ve always been a fan of Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti. I’m still hoping for a Creed reunion someday.
  • Led Zeppelin: Enough said? I think Led Zep is worthy for a list like this ’cause Led Zep isn’t for everyone, I guess. Whenever I talk about Led Zeppelin with people, I always hear negative criticism like “they’re not very good”, “they’re overrated”, etc. I guess you can safely say they are most hated too.
  • Slipknot: I wasn’t a big Slipknot fan up until their “Gray Chapter” album and I was like, woah… that album was freakin’ badass and now I’m a fan. I finally realize that Corey Taylor is a very talented man. Their music is great shit. Wish I could see them live someday.
  • Avenged Sevenfold: I wasn’t a big fan of them in the past but until I’ve heard their two albums: “Hail to the King” and “The Stage” — I think that band is freaking awesome.
  • KISS: I have always been a huge fan of Kiss over the years of my life. They aren’t for everybody either but I love that band. I have 12 Kiss albums on my Ipod, right now including their classic live album, “Alive”.

Hope you enjoy the list.


Dream Theater coming to Albany at the Palace Theater on Nov. 14th of this year… it’s part of their “Images, Words and Beyond” tour…

I love it when one of my favorite bands plays around here and I would definitely love to go to this show, hopefully.  I fucking LOVE Dream Theater. They are one of my favorite bands. Have been for a pretty long time.  I heard every record they did but I own like several of them  for myself.  I’m still trying to collect all their albums.

I do own their album “Images and Words” which I would have to say that is their best album in the band’s career. That’s what this tour is about… this tour is in celebration of that album’s 25th Anniversary.

Well, Dream Theater is coming to Albany in Nov.  Check it out:

This is fucking awesome and I definitely would like to go. Just gotta find someone to go with, ya know? I’ll think about getting tickets for this one, I’m not sure. I’ve always wanted to see Dream Theater live. I listen to them quite a lot.

I don’t go to national concerts much anymore but I’ll definitely go see Dream Theater if I could. Why not? Their shows look fun to see ’cause I watch a lot of their live performances in youtube.

I’m hoping to go.


The mighty Slayer performs on Jimmy Fallon again and they killed it! WOW!

We really need more metal in this world. Not a lot of people know that metal still exists ’cause pop music, rap/hip hop and country are still dominating the music industry. Even though I don’t watch Jimmy Fallon anymore… I’m very proud and happy for him that he tries to give metal more recognition.

Slayer is one of my favorite bands and I’ve been listening to them for a long while now; I have six albums by them including their latest, “Repentless”. Slayer is the epitome of what true metal sounds like. \m/

I never saw Slayer live in concert myself but I’ve always wanted to and one day I will. They’re a great band. Metal needs another takeover in the music industry and it can happen. It seems that Jimmy is a fan of heavy music which is cool.

It may seem a bit unexpected of Jimmy to have Slayer  on his show but maybe he’s a huge fan of that band himself? The video above is a phenomenal performance. I’m sure just by having Slayer on Jimmy’s show introduced them to a lot newer fans. There’s a lot of music listeners who are still hung up on pop, rap and country so of course some are gonna be shocked to see Jimmy have Slayer on.


Bruce Dickinson, singer of Iron Maiden to release memoir on Oct. 19th of this year…

Iron Maiden has went through many different singers over the years but I’ve always thought Bruce Dickinson is their best singer… that’s because Bruce is Iron Maiden. Bruce’s voice fits the band’s style of music perfectly. I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan and have been listening to them for quite a long while. I don’t have a lot of albums by them but just a couple of them — I’m trying to get into their music more, though. The only Iron Maiden albums I have by them are: “Fear of the Dark”, “The Book of Souls”, “The Final Frontier” and I have an “Anthology” 2 disc greatest hits album by them. I’m definitely planning on getting more Maiden albums ’cause my respect for them is immense.

As you can see above, Dickinson is releasing a memoir/autobiography on Oct.  19th of this year. I’m sure he’ll talk about topics like how he joined Iron Maiden, how he got into singing, his love for flying airplanes, tongue cancer and all that stuff. I’m sure it will be a pretty interesting book to read ’cause Bruce is an interesting guy. If you’ve read or have seen Bruce’s interviews with the music press, you would know that he’s smart and interesting. I like Bruce ’cause he’s an honest guy. If you’re one of those people who can’t take brutal truth then you’re probably not gonna like him. That’s why I like Bruce, he just says what’s on his mind and he doesn’t give a fuck. He maybe an outspoken guy but he seems like a nice man, though.

I’m definitely gonna buy this book. I’m sure he’ll go on an autograph tour for it too.


Justin Bieber cancelling the rest of his tour to relax and have some time for himself is pretty dumb, this kid is an egomaniac…

Justin Bieber cancelling the rest of his 14 date tour just to relax and have some free time for himself. Really? That is absurd and really arrogant of him to do as well. This caused his fans to be infuriated and they’re disappointed in him too. Is there a special reason for him to cancel the tour suddenly? Apparently, no. He felt that he was burnt out; and he just wanted a long break. That’s pretty much it really. There’s nothing wrong with him or anything.

I think the kid is a bit of an egomaniac and narcissist for sure. I don’t think he’s into the music business for the fame or the fans… I think he’s just into it for the money alone. The kid is so rich that he doesn’t need to work in the music business if he doesn’t want to.

You see, being a professional performer and touring artist is a pretty big responsibility. Just ask the guys in Metallica. The boys in Metallica doesn’t believe in taking vacations or long breaks. Metallica tours pretty heavily all year and all year round. When they do decide to take a break, the band will hit the studio to make a new a record. There’s no slowing down with Metallica at all.

It’s sad what the kind of music kids are listening to nowadays. When I was a kid.. I was listening to stuff like the Monkees, Twisted Sister, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, The Talking Heads, The Knack, The Clash, Elvis, U2, Springsteen, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, etc. I was listening to real music.

I find it sad when I see young kids going to Justin Bieber concerts or when I hear young kids singing his songs and seeing them wearing his t-shirts too. It’s not hard getting kids into real music. It’s not hard to tell them what music they should or they shouldn’t be listening to.

It may not seem like it but there are plenty of young children out there who are into rock & metal which is why a lot of young kids play guitar and other instruments… that’s because they have smarter parents.




Today’s country music sucks and it’s getting worse too… country music today is like listening to Britney Spears and Justin Bieber these days…

I listen to all types of music: Rock, metal, blues, jazz, rap, pop, etc. I listen to pretty much all music except for today’s country. Ugggghhhh, I hate today’s country. The reason I hate today’s country music ’cause it all sounds pretty repetitive… aka all sounding the same. It’s true. Country music doesn’t sound like country music anymore and it’s pissing me off.

How much do you want to bet that all these young kids that listen to today’s country don’t even listen to classic country? Do people in today’s generation of country music even listen to artists like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Hank Sr., Merle Haggard, Jimmie Rodgers, George Jones, early Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, etc.

When it comes to Johnny Cash, I’m sure young people have heard of him; I bet they just listen to his newer American recordings and never his classic songs. They probably just know him by “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Ring of Fire” and “Walk the Line” and that’s it. Johnny has a lot more amazing classic songs with songs such as “Cocaine Blues”, “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town” and “Jackson” (in which he duets with June Carter with). Mostly older folks would know all those songs. Ask any 20 year old so-called country fan if they heard “Ghost Riders in the Sky” or “Cocaine Blues” and I bet they’ll say, “no”. Sad isn’t? That’s what the country music industry wants to do… they want to get people’s minds off the older country and evolve into something different.

These days people are listening to garbage like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flats, Dierks Bentley and shit like that. Blech. Not country to me. Listening to that stuff to me is like listening to Britney Spears and Justin Bieber almost. That’s what today’s country music sounds like… pop music. If you want to listen to real country, listen to the older stuff.

Admittedly, I used to listen to country music when I was young but I was listening to true country like some of the artists I listed above… I also listened to some Clint Black, Randy Travis, George Strait and Hal Ketchum over the years. I also listened to some Reba McEntire and even saw her in concert once.

Don’t get me wrong… there are a few modern country artists who I find talented like Toby Keith I actually like — I can listen to some Toby Keith — he’s actually very talented. Good singer and songwriter. Keith Urban is pretty good and so is Brad Paisley.

George Strait is one country artist who never changed that “country” sound… he still sounds the same after all these years which is good. I remember George wrote a song called “Kicked Outta Country” which is about the direction the country music industry was headed. The industry had a hard time accepting George ’cause he’s still sounding way too “country”. Youtube that song if you want to hear it.

It’s hard finding good country music these days. The industry won’t stop the country/pop trend… they’ll do whatever makes them the big money and this genre is unfortunately, making them big money. They’re doing all they can to ignore “true” country music which is why they’re trying to act like George Strait never existed. They’re trying to dominate the pop & rap scene is what they’re trying to do. It’s a competition for sure.

I used to be a country fan but I still love to listen to Johnny Cash, Patsy and Hank Sr. Listening to them never gets old. Next time you talk to a young country fan about country music and if they say they’re a fan of Florida Georgia Line or some dumb shit like that point them out to either Johnny, Patsy or Hank Sr. Get them to listen to real country instead of today’s junk.