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Today remembering three music legends: John Lennon, Dimebag Darrell and Jim Morrison…



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Dec. 8th is always an important day of the music industry. Why? It’s because this day is the Anniversary Deaths of John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell and the birthday of Jim Morrison.

John Lennon wasn’t my favorite Beatle but he was still a legend and we should never forget what happened to him. We should never forget what happened to Dimebag. We should never forget Jim Morrison either.

I always honor these guys every Dec. 8th and would keep doing it every year. They were very important to music. Always remember that.



Smashing Pumpkins new album “Shiny and Oh So Bright” only hits No. 54 on the Billboard 200… ouch… not so good…

Interesting. Ever since the so-called Smashing Pumpkins reunion has been announced, it has been the most over-hyped and most talked about reunion. After all this hype and a big tour, the new Smashing Pumpkins studio album flopped in the Billboard Charts only making it on 54 on the Top 200.

Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion album debuts at No. 54 on Billboard 200 chart

Damn. Not good.

Not surprising, though because it really does seem like people have lost interest in the Smashing Pumpkins. Why? I’m reading a lot that the band can’t fill up arenas and tickets aren’t selling well. I’ve read that Billy admitted that fans have left Pumpkins shows in the middle of their set. Now I’ve seen that their new record has bombed in sales.

Why is it that people are losing their interest in the Smashing Pumpkins? Well, I totally blame it on the Billy vs. D’arcy feud. That’s the big one. That little feud may have turned a lot of people away from the band. Billy Corgan’s ego may have turned a lot of people off. On top of that, another big reason why I think people no longer care about the band is ’cause they want D’arcy back in. I’ve said in the past before that it’s not a real Pumpkins reunion without the founding members that started it. D’arcy should have been in the band. If she was in it then maybe the tour and the new album would have been more successful?

I also believe that people are losing interest in the band is ’cause maybe the band are no longer good like they used to? I listened to the 8 new songs of the new album in youtube and I’ll be honest, I was disappointed in the new album. The new album didn’t thrill me at all so I probably won’t bother buying it.

Another reason the reunion tour is flopping like hell is probably ’cause the shows are too fucking long! The Smashing Pumpkins put on a huge tour and all of their shows on the tour are 3 hours or over. I can’t blame people for leaving the gigs ’cause they were probably getting tired and their ears were ringing badly. I also believe the new concerts are pretty gimmicky at best. I understand that Billy is all about art and theater like but all the costumes, the big screens, ridiculous stage lights and all that stuff are unnecessary.

Also, having Courtney Love special guesting on the tour probably turned people away. Courtney Love, seriously? I’ve seen the Courtney Love performance with the Pumpkins in youtube and she definitely looked like she was on drugs or something. She was performing horrible. She couldn’t sing for shit.

There’s too many reasons why the band is flopping in their tour and album… those are just some I can think of.

I love the Pumpkins, don’t get me wrong but the band has been disappointing me a lot as of late. The way they treated D’arcy pretty much did it to me. I still do support the band, though ’cause I still love their first three albums. Their first three albums: “Gish”, “Siamese Dream” and “Mellon Collie” are all classics. I always love those albums. I thought “Adore” was pretty good too, though.

It’s sad to see where the Pumpkins are right now. I don’t like it.



Thoughts on the music industry currently… it’s getting harder and harder to find good new music…

I try my best to keep up with the national music industry every year. I’m a music lover. Listening to music is a huge part of my life as it always has been ever since I was a child. Music was always important to me. That’s how I became a musician myself. I wanted to become a musician after listening to all the great music over the years of my life. I wanted to be doing what they were doing. Being creative and making my own songs.

In the past, I used to have no problem finding good music. In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s years… I was going to the record stores like crazy… coming home with all kinds of albums. Now in the age of Itunes, I’ve been getting all of my albums digitally now.

It’s hard keeping up with the mainstream music industry today ’cause why? Probably ’cause pop, country and rap is still dominating the industry. Today’s country doesn’t sound like real country anymore. Country music today sounds more pop than anything else. It’s disgusting.

I’m not a big fan of pop and rap music but I actually do like some of that stuff.

The genres that I mostly like to listen to are mostly hard rock and metal. Even in the hard rock and metal industry, I’m not finding much music that I want to get into. I’m a huge fucking fan of the band Ghost, though. I have three of Ghost’s albums and I think they are the best band going today. Ya know, Tobias Forge who used to go under the name of Papa Emiritius, and now that guy is under a different name now. Ghost is an incredible band and I think their new album, “Prequelle” is pretty amazing shit.

I also love Greta Van Fleet as I think their new album freakin’ rocks and listen to it all the time.

I’ve recently discovered a few new bands that I like which one band I discovered is the La Luz band which is an all girl band that plays surfer rock music. I love that band and I want to get their new album soon.

I also discovered the metal band, Machine Head which they are pretty damn good and I might get their new album as well. I never listened to Machine Head before even though I’ve read a lot about them over the years. They are actually pretty enjoyable.

I’m a huge fan of Nita Strauss and I’m planning to get her new album pretty soon.

I guess I haven’t been keeping in touch with the music industry so I don’t know what’s out there anymore. I do want to get new albums by the Smashing Pumpkins, Slash and Myles Kennedy, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Roger Daltrey. They all got new records out this year.

I’m not so thrilled with the music industry much anymore which is why I continue to get a lot of older music from Itunes more. I still do buy new albums, though. I just like supporting bands and artists. I don’t care about their politics, it’s the music. If their music is good, I’ll support them. That’s how it goes.


Pitchfork magazine totally trashes Greta Van Fleet’s debut album… my thoughts…

I just read Pitchfork magazine’s review of Greta Van Fleet’s first and new album, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”. While the review was pretty harsh and mean, it did give me a good laugh too. So Greta Van Fleet, a young band trying their best to make it in the industry and they just did by finally releasing their debut full length album… and already they just received a scathing review by Pitchfork.

The thing is, when Led Zeppelin were around back in the late 60’s and through the 70’s, they got a lot of bad reviews for their albums over the years too through music magazines and the press. Now Greta Van Fleet is going through some negative reviews.

I just laugh when people accuses them of sounding exactly like Led Zep. Yeah, Greta Van Fleet do sound like Led Zep some but there are other influences. In my opinion, Greta Van Fleet’s got their own original and unique sound. My question is, why is Greta Van Fleet always getting picked on for sounding like Led Zeppelin when there were so many other bands in the past that sounded like Led Zeppelin? What about bands like Whitesnake, Wolfmother, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Kingdom Come, Heart and even the White Stripes. How come those bands I listed didn’t get attacked for sounding like Led Zep yet everybody’s targeting Greta Van Fleet instead? Is it because they are young kids? I would say so.

Everybody wants to accuse Greta Van Fleet of ripping off Led Zep but I don’t see it as ripping off. It’s about playing music honoring your heroes and there’s nothing wrong with that ’cause bands do this all the time. Making music that sounds like their heroes. When a band sounds like another band, it’s not their fault ’cause they just play whatever they listened to over the years. It’s about inspiration, ya know?

You see when I listen to music, I go by my own opinion and my own opinion alone. I think Greta Van Fleet is a fucking sick band. They’re my favorite right now and I love what they’re doing. I love that Greta Van Fleet are trying their best to keep rock n’ roll alive and that’s what they’re trying to do. Whether you like their music or not, you should respect them for that.

I think “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is a pretty sick album. I listened to it three times this week.

What made me laugh about that review above was that they trashed the band for the clothes that they wear and called them a costume band. Hmmmmmmm… looking at the Pitchfork website, it seems they mostly promote pop and R&B artists on there. Mostly pop stars who wear the strangest clothes and you don’t see Pitchfork calling them a “costume” act. On the Pitchfork website, they have female pop stars with big fake breasts and showing cleavages and stuff… yet they call Greta Van Fleet a “costume band”.

My advice to you is, don’t listen to Pitchfork or any music critic online bashing Greta Van Fleet. They’re a young band trying to keep rock n’ roll alive but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. Just give the album a chance and give it a listen. I think the band is amazing and I would love to see them in concert if they ever play around here.

I rarely read music reviews but had to read this one out of curiosity since the whole internet was talking about it. Just don’t listen to Pitchfork and give the album a listen. Only go by your own opinion.


“A Star Is Born” soundtrack… it’s the best movie soundtrack I’ve heard in a long time! WOW!

So today while I was doing arm day at the gym, I finally gotten around to listening to “A Star Is Born” soundtrack. The movie soundtrack in which Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga both sang on for the hit film that is out in theaters now. The soundtrack has been number one on the Billboard for a couple of weeks now and I can see why.

I listened to the whole thing from start to finish and I LOVE absolutely LOVE every fucking song on it! You see, the soundtrack doesn’t just stick to one genre. It has something for everyone on it: rock n’ roll, country, pop, piano ballads, acoustic music, etc. I thought the songwriting was very impressive. I was also blown away by the vocals of Brad and Gaga… they both sung very good on it. I really think both of them should collaborate on a studio album sometime in the future and it would be really cool if they did. Would Bradley Cooper start his music career like a lot of movie stars are doing? Who knows. Anything is possible.

Get the album here, on Itunes or listen to it on Spotify:

Before you listen to the soundtrack, you should watch the film first, though.

You see, I rarely buy movie soundtracks. There are only very few good ones out there like “The Crow” in 1994 the Brandon Lee action movie, I think that’s one of the best movie soundtracks put together. Some other favorite soundtracks of mine are: “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and “The Last of the Mohicans”… those are just musical score soundtracks, though.

Now you can add “A Star Is Born” to my favorite movie soundtracks list. I think I’m definitely going to be listening to this one a lot. My support for Lady Gaga has been on and off for a while. Not over politics but over music. My support for Gaga is back on again. She really is an amazing artist and she really is talented musically. She’s a real musician. She’s not like all the fakes out there. I’ve bought Gaga’s first three albums: “The Fame”, “The Fame Monster” and “Born This Way” but I stopped buying her records after that. I’m going to have to get her albums: “Art Pop” and “Joanne” pretty soon which I haven’t heard yet.

Lady Gaga is an amazing artist and now she’s moving on to acting it looks like. I was impressed with her acting in this movie too. Looks like she’s got some awards coming for this movie.


The debut album of Greta Van Fleet titled, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is pretty great… amazing album really…

I pre-ordered the new Greta Van Fleet album titled, “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” and then I had it downloaded to my Itunes yesterday. Then I downloaded the album on my Ipod so I can listen to it at the gym which I did listen to it this morning while I did my back day workout.

This the band’s very first album. Before then, they released two EP’s. Their second EP “From the Fires” which I have as well became a huge hit and now they finally have their first record.

I was pretty impressed and was blown away with this album. The songwriting on the album was pretty amazing shit. I loved the album all the way through. Every song is great but I thought the best track was the very first track titled “Age of Man”. The track is pretty awesome.

All the musicians played the music very well but I’m most impressed with the singer’s voice. The singer is what made me a huge fan of the band to begin with. Josh Kiszka, that dude can fucking sing for sure… his pipes are impressive. Many are comparing him to Robert Plant but he has other influences too, though.

I’m interested in seeing how well this album sells in the Billboard charts. Could this album sell really high? Yeah definitely. It would definitely sell in the top 10 on the Billboard Charts but I don’t think it’ll be a #1 hit record, though… ya never know… it could hit #1, we’ll have to wait and see.

Yeah, rock n’ roll tries to make its way to the mainstream of the music industry but fails every time ’cause why? The only reason ’cause country, pop and rap music continues to dominate the industry. Country, pop and rap has been dominating the industry for over a decade now. The last time rock music took over the music industry was of course, the grunge era in the 90’s and alternative rock too.

After Greta Van Fleet,  I think rock could possibly explode in the industry again but we’ll wait and see, though.

This album is pretty sick. Greta Van Fleet are my favorite band right now. I’m not into today’s music industry that much but there are two of my favorite bands going which are Greta Van Fleet and Ghost. Both bands are fuckin’ amazing.

I’m still trying to keep up with new music the best I can, though. I don’t listen to new music that much. With that being said, the new Greta Van Fleet album kicks total ass. You should definitely get it.


Nirvana reunion just happened at Cal Jam Fest… they were pretty good but no one can sing like Kurt, sorry!

The Nirvana reunion officially happened right after the Foo Fighters set at Cal Jam Fest this year. The surviving members of Nirvana performed several Nirvana songs with a few special guests: John McCauley of Deer Tick, Joan Jett and Brody Dalle of the Distillers. Nirvana played the songs: “Serve the Servants”, “Scentless Apprentice”, “In Bloom”, “Breed”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “All Apologies”.

Honestly the band did a pretty good job… they played the music well but my problem were the vocals. These songs are pretty hard to hear without Kurt singing them. Nobody can sing like Kurt ’cause Kurt had his own unique singing voice. Both John and Joan tried to match Kurt’s singing style but not even close. It’s hard to match Kurt’s vocal style. Kurt wasn’t much of a singer and I remember Dave saying in an interview once that Kurt never had any professional vocal training but he still had a great rock voice.

The surviving members still hasn’t changed much over the years. Krist Novoselic stills plays bass like he always had… holding the bass down so low and still hopping around on stage like he always done. Krist is wearing a hat to hide his bald head ’cause he is 53 now.  He can’t grow the long hair like he used to when he was young.

Other than that, it doesn’t matter how well you think these musicians played the Nirvana songs. It was about celebrating the music of Nirvana and celebrating Kurt Cobain. That’s what they did this for.

If Kurt Cobain was still around to see this,  I’m sure he would have been proud. Now I think the Nirvana reunion should play a full length concert and play a lot more Nirvana songs. Who knows… maybe that could happen next. We’ll have to wait and see if Dave plans on doing more with them.