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Stone Temple Pilots still being disrespectful and arrogant pricks to Scott Weiland even when he’s gone…

So Scott Weiland died, and now STP just released their 25th Anniversary edition of their iconic album, “Core”; the album that made the band famous to begin with. Are they doing this in honor of Scott? Maybe,  but I don’t see it that way at all.

I think the band are trying their best to stay relevant after Scott’s passing. They tried to replace him with Chester Bennington for a little bit. They were gonna have Chester be the frontman of STP full time but before Chester died, he left STP. Then STP decides to continue to look for a new singer by doing their own online competition thing. In this article, STP confirms they found someone, and already making new music with that new singer. They still have plans to continue as STP under the new singer.

The only reason I think they’re releasing this “Core” 25th Super Deluxe version is just to hype up the new STP with their new singer. Period?

STP already lost a lot of fans after vowing to continue STP with new singer. Why is the band continuing on without Scott? Well, I remember that the guys in STP, the Deleo Brothers, did two side projects in the past; they did the bands Talk Show and Army For Everyone which both of those bands flopped in record sales. Is that why they refuse to change the name ’cause they’re afraid that the next album would flop in record sales? Yes, I believe so. They’re desperately trying to get people interested in new STP album with new singer… that’s the only reason I can think of they’re releasing the “Core” 25th Anniv.

If this band want to continue on… hey, that’s their prerogative but I wish they would realize that STP is Scott’s baby. Scott wrote pretty much all STP albums himself, and wrote the band’s biggest hits. Will STP continue to be successful with new singer? My prediction: I don’t think so. In my opinion, I think this is career suicide for the band. Scott didn’t want this band to continue on, that’s what Scott sued them for to begin with, ya know?

Now that Scott is gone, the band believes they can freely do whatever they want now, so I’m sure they feel proud that they can continue on with STP  without any legal problems. The surviving members of STP are no doubt arrogant jerks. They wouldn’t have had a career if it wasn’t for Scott anyways, so technically the guys in STP are disrespecting Scott. I’m sure Scott is rolling in his grave.

Watch the new STP album with new singer bomb hard in record sales ’cause no one will buy it. I don’t think any other singer could make STP music the way Scott did it. Scott made STP, no other singer could do what he did. I agree with most people… the guys should change the band name.



What has Jim Gillette of Metal Method’s “Vocal Power” been up to? Well, he just reformed his band Nitro…

I’ve been working with Metal Method’s, Vocal Power, instructional DVD for a long while now. The instructional DVD has been pretty famous for a long time now. The DVD was originally released on VHS and it was originally released in the year 1991. The Vocal Power instructional DVD was hosted by singer, Jim Gillette, who is most famous as the lead singer of the 80’s metal band, Nitro.

People wondered where Jim Gillette have disappeared to after all these years well, apparently he’s back. In the 90’s, Jim was this skinny long haired dude covered in tattoos and what does he look like now? Well, watch the video above where they plug in their fundraising project for their new album. Jim is like unrecognizable now. As you can see, the dude has gotten big, he’s bald headed and he looks like somebody that would sing in a death-metal band. That is really him ’cause his tattoos are still the same.

Jim can still sing after all these years, and he still got it. His Vocal Power instructional DVD, I still work with it now. Because of Jim, he helped me become a better singer ’cause it was Vocal Power that helped improved my singing greatly.

I’ve been wondering what Jim has been up to over the years. He’s been doing other things other than music. Jim’s an inspiration; he’s the one who made me want to sing ’cause of Vocal Power. I’m looking forward to the new Nitro album ’cause I liked their new song above. Cool stuff.


This year’s MTV VMA’s flops in the ratings hard… not surprising really…

I remember in the 80’s and 90’s the MTV VMA’s used to be watchable. They used to be good shows back then. In the 80’s that’s when acts like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Guns N’ Roses started getting huge recognition through MTV. Those three artists used to make the MTV VMA’s watchable and entertaining.

When the 90’s came around that’s when the grunge era exploded. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc. They were all over the VMA’s in the 90’s.

Michael Jackson and Madonna were always prominent stars of the VMA’s back then.

The VMA’s now? OMG! I think MTV needs to get the hint that no one cares about them anymore. Back then they used to be “music”, what happened to that? Now they’re nothing but liberal politics and social justice warriors.

Sad, when I was a young kid in high school, I used to look forward to watch the VMA’s every year but now I don’t care anymore. I skipped the VMA’s this year and glad I did. I didn’t watch it at all. It’s not only liberal politics is the problem it’s just that music is shit on MTV. Nothing but garbage pop artists and rap/hip hop. MTV really sucks now. I used to watch MTV a lot when I was young… they were the reason I got into Nirvana.


Another thing about Taylor’s new song “Look What You Made Do”… I forgot to mention something…

Ya know, a lot of people are turned off by Taylor in this song ’cause of the dark lyrics and negative content. Sure, it was a negative song and she was ranting a bit but maybe she’s just tired of writing positive and happy-go-lucky songs all of the time? Maybe in this new album she feels the need to write how she’s really feeling whether she’s angry, sad or happy, ya know? She feels that this album she needs to get things out of her system. She wanted this album to be more personal and more autobiographical.

I think  it’s pretty ballsy for her to go different directions with her music which makes me like her even more. She’s sure not afraid to take risks with her music no matter what the public thinks.

With my own music, I’m not afraid to write what I want and that’s the beauty of songwriting. You get to write what you want and get things out of your system. I’ve written both angry songs and happy songs. I’ve tried to write songs in all feelings. It’s good when music artists do that.

Why get all over Taylor for negativity and dark lyrics when there are so many rap songs that encourages violence, killing cops and committing crime? How come nobody says anything about that?



Thoughts on the new Taylor Swift song, “Look What You Made Me Do”… I like it a lot… it’s different!!!

A lot of people are bashing Taylor Swift’s new song that she just put out today and I don’t know why. In my opinion, I think it’s really fucking good. I mean that too. I could have sworn that when Taylor released her pop hit “Shake It Off”, everybody bashed that song and later everybody loved that song. The same will happen to this song, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Yes, this song is different than her previous material but who cares? Taylor’s first couple of albums were pop/country and then she changed her genre with the album “Red”. Then she went full-on pop with the album “1989”. For this album looks like she changed genres again but this time to electronic music and stuff that you would hear in a nightclub.

Why do people get mad when Taylor changes genres? Bands and artists changes genres with their music all the time. It’s nothing new in the industry… for example, David Bowie went from glam rock to 80’s dance music, Neil Young keeps going from jam rock to hard rock to mellow stuff, U2 changed genres from rock n’ roll to pop, Mumford & Sons went from bluegrass/folk to rock n’ roll, Metallica went from thrash metal to regular hard rock/alternative music, Beck went from acoustic folk to pop to rap, Kid Rock went from metal/rap to country/rock… so on and so forth. It happens so shut up about it please!

Back to this song, I like it. Quite a lot actually. I kept listening to it repeatedly. I like the groove and the feeling of the song. I like the message it sends in the lyrics too. Seems to me that she’s saying in this song that she doesn’t like drama, she believes in karma and you’ll get yours. She’s written about something we’ve all experienced and we can all relate. I think the vocals are real good in this song and love the vocal melody too.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new album. I really liked “1989” a lot, it’s a good record and I’m sure her next one is gonna be good too. I love how she keeps politics out of her music and her music career which is a good thing and it’s one of the reasons why I like her. Taylor is awesome. I used to be a hater but her music grew on me.



RIP Elvis Presley who passed away 40 years ago today…

Elvis may have left us 40 years ago but we’ve never forgotten him. Enjoy the live album above. I listened to half of it this morning and I think I want to get my own copy on vinyl… “Elvis at MSG”.

I’m a fan of Elvis like many. Although, he wasn’t the one who got me to become a musician, I still respect the hell out of him. I was more into rock n’ roll Elvis than country & gospel Elvis.


10 Bands that everyone hates but I love…

There are a lot of bands out there that everyone have been hating on nowadays. Not everyone hates them, though… they still have fans whether you hate them or not ’cause if they didn’t have fans… they wouldn’t be around for so long.

Here are 10 artists & bands that I’m actually a pretty big fan of that most everyone hates:

  • Metallica: The mighty Metallica turned into one of the most hated bands since after they changed their sound & look for their “Load/Reload” albums. Ever since then and since their Napster controversy fans were so vile toward that band for whatever reason, I couldn’t understand. I never turned my back on Metallica and still pretty loyal to them. They’ve always been my favorite.
  • Nirvana: This band, Nirvana has always been hated on over the years too. They’ve gotten some pretty harsh critics toward their music over the years and they’re still getting hated on today. To me, there was nothing ever wrong with Nirvana. They’ve always been my favorite too and still are. They were just three guys enjoying themselves playing rock n’ roll. That was all they did.
  • Phish: People used to respect Phish but people don’t like ’em anymore. No matter what you think of Phish, they’re a very successful band. They play in front of thousands of fans almost every night still. People don’t like ’em ’cause their music is different and they think Trey Anastasio is arrogant on stage. I never thought he was. Phish is one of my favorite bands and still love them. I saw them in concert a couple of times myself.
  • The Spin Doctors: Another 90’s band that got bashed on by people over the years and can’t understand why. Their music is very positive and wrote mostly happy and feel good songs. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I always thought the Spin Doctors were a great band and the band is still together too with the 4 original guys. I’m not crazy about their newer music but their first two albums: “Pocketful Of Kryptonite” and “Turn it Upside Down” were great shit. I think Chris Barron is a great singer.
  • Oasis: Another one of the most hated bands out there but I’ve always been a fan. I’ve always thought Noel and Liam were talented dudes.
  • Creed: Another hard rock band trashed by a lot of people but that’s one band that I like too. I’ve always been a fan of Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti. I’m still hoping for a Creed reunion someday.
  • Led Zeppelin: Enough said? I think Led Zep is worthy for a list like this ’cause Led Zep isn’t for everyone, I guess. Whenever I talk about Led Zeppelin with people, I always hear negative criticism like “they’re not very good”, “they’re overrated”, etc. I guess you can safely say they are most hated too.
  • Slipknot: I wasn’t a big Slipknot fan up until their “Gray Chapter” album and I was like, woah… that album was freakin’ badass and now I’m a fan. I finally realize that Corey Taylor is a very talented man. Their music is great shit. Wish I could see them live someday.
  • Avenged Sevenfold: I wasn’t a big fan of them in the past but until I’ve heard their two albums: “Hail to the King” and “The Stage” — I think that band is freaking awesome.
  • KISS: I have always been a huge fan of Kiss over the years of my life. They aren’t for everybody either but I love that band. I have 12 Kiss albums on my Ipod, right now including their classic live album, “Alive”.

Hope you enjoy the list.