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Metallica… I don’t understand why a lot of people continue to hate on this band…

Metallica has always been my favorite band for years ever since I was a young kid and still love that band now. I’ve heard everything they’ve done and love everything they’ve done. I never got to see Metallica live in concert until they came to Albany for the “Death Magnetic” tour… that was the only time I got to see them live and it was a great experience.

During their thrash metal era between “Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride the Lightning”, “Master of Puppets”, “And Justice For ALL” and the “Black Album”… fans love them. Everybody loved them back then but I believe all the hate and controversy with Metallica started during the “Load/Reload” eras. I remember when those two albums first came out… the band was in a major backlash. Due to their change of sound and their image. That’s when the band completely ditched “thrash” metal ’cause they grew so tired of it and they decided to cut their hair for their albums too. Even their haircuts sparked a lot controversy which was crazy.

I can understand why Metallica did that ’cause they were trying to fit in with the times, ya know? In the 90’s, the alternative rock era was exploding and Metallica wanted to fit in there. They got tired of playing thrash metal all the time and wanted to go for something different. I believe they wanted to focus on songwriting more which is why they did it. They wanted to be looked as songwriters too, not just a bunch of guys banging on power chords and headbanging. They wanted to show people that they are more.

But the controversy with Metallica’s music didn’t stop there… it happened even more when the album “St. Anger” came out in the early 2000’s. People trashed that album like crazy. The two biggest complaints about that album was Kirk having no solos on it and Lars’s weird sounding snare drum throughout the record.

Ya know, I didn’t have a problem with “Load/Reload” and “St. Anger”… actually, I find those three albums pretty fucking amazing and I mean that. “Load/Reload” they showed they can be great songwriters and “St. Anger” was a real heavy and tight album. “St. Anger” was pretty heavy, admit it but no one will. I thought it was a fun album.

The band continues to get criticized for staying away from thrash and heavy stuff. They tried to bring thrash and heavy stuff back when “Death Magnetic” came out. They gave what the fans wanted but sure enough, they’re still complaining. Yes, they brought the thrash back with that album but a lot of fans were saying some of it sounded like the Black album and Load/Reload still.

Then in 2016, Metallica released their latest album “Hardwired To Self Destruct”… with this album they definitely brought back their 80’s thrash and finally, this album got a lot of positive reviews from fans & critics. Many were saying this is Metallica in its true form. This album took the band years to make ’cause they wanted to make it sure was going to be a good one and it was.

Metallica continues to get a lot of hate and negativity even to this day, though. They haven’t been forgiven for their Napster battle and they continue to shit on “St. Anger”. Now that Metallica did that album with Lou Reed “Lulu”… people were shitting on that album like mad ’cause they didn’t get Lou’s singing. I thought it was a great album myself and still listen to it once in a blue moon. I thought it was cool to see Metallica work with someone else and it proved they could make music other than their own stuff.

People should respect Metallica more ’cause love ’em or hate ’em, the band accomplished a lot. They are hit makers too. While it seems like James Hetfield wrote a lot of the bands songs, not really ’cause Lars did most of the work. Lars is pretty much the leader of the band ’cause he directs every aspect of it. Watch all the Metallica footage in youtube for proof on that especially their studio sessions. Yeah, James, Kirk and Rob write together it’s Lars that writes all the songs and put the arrangements together. He’s the one who picks all the riffs that James and Kirk writes. If Lars don’t like the riffs, he’ll trash ’em and would only use the stuff that Lars likes. If Lars doesn’t like what James and Kirk plays, Lars will get onto them about it and try to improve their playing. Watch the videos for proof. Lars does all the work in the songwriting.

You may ask, how does a drummer in a band writes the songs? Well if you’re good with timing and rhythm which Lars is good at, you can make any music you want. It is Lars who is responsible for all of Metallica’s hits… James just provides rhythm guitar, lyrics and vocals. So technically Lars does most of the songwriting and he’s the primary songwriter. Not James.

Lars is in charge of everything… that man works hard and people want to trash the band still. I don’t get it. Lars not only works hard in the studio, he’s also in charge of the marketing/promoting of the band, in charge of the rehearsals and concerts. All of it. That’s because Lars started Metallica years ago himself and he was the one who recruited James first. Lars formed Metallica himself and all it took was that he posted an ad in a newspaper asking that he was looking for members to form a band and James was the first to reply. James and Lars been together ever since. From posting an ad in a newspaper to becoming the biggest metal band of all time. They didn’t get where they are overnight that’s for sure.

This band should be respected more ’cause they put on the best live shows. They kill it every time. They don’t fake anything. They played all over the world even Antarctica. That’s another reason to respect ’em more.

Metallica just released the new live album, “S & M 2” and it’s freaking amazing. The album backed by a live orchestra. Hearing Metallica backed by a live orchestra, just makes their music sound even better especially their hits. “S & M 2” really sick album, gotten around to listening to it this week. James is such a great singer too and his singing is pretty strong on this album. “S & M 2” way better than the first one

Metallica just confirmed they are at work on another new album but who knows how long it will take for them to release it. They are working on new riffs and stuff, though. They have tons of riffs so it will take a while for them to pick which ones they like.

Long live the Mighty Metallica… I’ll always love them no matter what the haters say or think and I’m definitely looking forward to their next record whenever they get it out.


List of albums I got for the end of the summer…

Well, here’s the full list of music albums I got for the end of the summer. I didn’t get all these in one shot but admittedly bought a lot of albums this summer. Hell, I’ve always been a huge album addict ’cause I can’t help myself. Listening to music has always been a huge part of me…

Here’s the full list:

– Metallica: S&M 2 (live album with orchestra)
– Metallica: And Justice For All
– Metallica: St. Anger
– Ac/Dc: Powerage
– Ac/Dc: Ballbreaker
– The Who: Quadrophenia
– The Who: Tommy
– The Beatles: Let it Be
– David Bowie: Lodger
– David Bowie: Pinups
– David Bowie: Outside
– Rush: Permanent Waves
– John Petrucci: Terminal Velocity
– Eric Johnson: EJ Vol. 2
– Power Trip: Nightmare Logic
– Deftones: White Pony
– Sex Pistols: Never Mind the Bollocks
– Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On (w/ Peter Green as guitarist)
– Dire Straits: Love Over Gold
– Christone Ingram: Kingfish
– Larkin Poe: Self Made Man

Yeah, that’s quite a lot of albums that I got through the summer. Trying to catch up on some newer albums that I’ve been wanting to get like John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Larkin Poe and Kingfish.

Got the Power Trip album ’cause I’ve been wanting to hear that “Nightmare Logic” album for a long while, not just because their singer, Riley Gale just died just recently.

As you can see got a bunch of older albums that I haven’t gotten yet too… mostly guitar music ’cause that’s what I pretty much mostly listen to is guitar music.

I was drawn into getting the old Fleetwood Mac album “Then Play On” ’cause I keep reading so much about Peter Green so I figure I would start getting old Peter Green music. Been reading a lot about Peter Green through Guitar World since he just passed earlier this summer. I think I heard the “Then Play On” album a long time ago on vinyl, just need a refresher.

I love music. Can’t live without it.


Christone Ingram aka “Kingfish”… damn, this is real blues if you wanna hear it…


I’m not crazy about today’s blues music. I fuckin’ love the blues but I prefer the older blues. Today’s blues music is more “pop” and too “singer/songwriter-ish” type of stuff, ya know? Well Christone Ingram aka “Kingfish”, knows what real blues is supposed to sound like. You gotta hear this album ’cause I love it.

Kingfish is that young 21 year old blues guitarist who is pretty big internet sensation in youtube which was how he got his record deal, I would assume and here is his debut album, pictured above. This album reminds me of a mix of SRV, Clapton and BB King. When you listen to this album, you’ll notice different styles of blues on it… blues rock, regular blues, Texas blues, Chicago blues, acoustic blues, slide guitar blues, etc. There’s something for everyone on it for all blues fans.

This album is fucking sick. I listened to it a couple of times while I was on vacation last week. It’s got some of the best guitar playing you’ll hear. The rhythm and lead guitar work is freakin’ brilliant and Christone’s singing isn’t that bad either. It’s a fun album to listen to all the way through.

Yeah, this kid is only 21 and he plays like he’s 50. Before I bought this album, I already knew of him ’cause I saw a few of his videos on youtube before and I think I’ve read an interview with him through Guitar World magazine.

I’m gonna be addicted to this album and I think I’m gonna buy every album he comes out with now. He’s got a long and successful career ahead of him. Hope he’s ready for this. Give this album a shot.


Happy August 1st, this means it’s Jerry Garcia month…


Today would have been Jerry Garcia’s 78th birthday. Some may not think it but yes, I’m a huge Grateful Dead fan. Always has been since I was a young kid. I don’t think I’m a true deadhead; however ’cause I never followed their concerts like a true deadhead would do but I do have all of their studio albums and a few of their live albums, though.

Some would think that the music of the Grateful Dead would be for die-hard lefties but not really. When the Grateful Dead were around when Jerry was alive, they did their best to stay apolitical… meaning staying out of politics the best they could. Their music was meant for everybody, didn’t matter the political side. Jerry’s goal with the music of the Dead was that he wanted everybody to be happy and bring everybody together. the Dead was meant to be a peaceful thing. It may seem like that the Dead brings hippies and druggies together but not really, that wasn’t their goal either.

I love the Dead so much, though. Their music really was beautiful and amazing stuff. Jerry was a killer guitar player and was a beautiful singer too.

I remember being bummed when I first heard about Jerry’s passing in 1995… I really was bummed out like most dead fans. Unfortunately, I never got to see the Dead live when Jerry was around… this is why I’m starting to collect their live albums. While the Dead’s studio albums were great, I prefer to listen to their live albums more ’cause that’s how the band should be listened to. They were meant to be a live band.

I’ve got into the Grateful Dead ’cause I’ve got a lot of family members that are big time deadheads and I’ve got drawn into their music ’cause of them.

Even though Jerry died in 1995 and the Grateful Dead are no longer around, the band is still extremely popular even to this day. I guess that’s why Bob Weir sort of brought the Dead back together into other formations like Dead & Company with John Mayer as guitarist. So I would say Bob revived the music of the Grateful Dead??? He certainly did. I never saw Dead & Company live yet but I want to pretty badly. The Grateful Dead is still loved even to this day and we’ve never forgotten about Jerry.


Lollapalooza 2020 lineup announced… yes, festival is still happening but will be for live webcast only…

The lineup for the iconic Lollapalooza festival has been revealed. The show is still going this year but it will be for live webcast only. It will take place in Chicago in a 4 day festival run but it will all be virtual on youtube for free.

While I’m not interested in watching it all but I will catch Metallica and Paul McCartney probably. Maybe I’ll catch the Cure and Jane’s Addiction as well but the rest of the lineup? No thanks!

Lollapalooza Goes Virtual July 30-Aug. 2 On YouTube With Live Sets, Classic Headliners & Michelle Obama

Anyway, I’m sure this festival will be full of liberal politics all over. I’m sure there will be plenty of Trump bashing by the speakers and there will be lots of BLM stuff definitely. I don’t think I’ll listen to Michelle Obama and Mayor Lightfoot talk ’cause all they’re gonna do is spew a bunch of left-wing political bullshit. This festival is obviously trying to get Biden more voters since it’s trying to get you to vote.

Like I said, I’m not interested in watching it all but I’ll try to catch a few bands this weekend. I’ll definitely catch Metallica and Paul McCartney, though. I’m sure Sir Paul is mostly gonna be playing Beatles songs and maybe some of his solo stuff… I’m sure Paul is gonna kill it like always.

Yeah, live music is struggling right now but ya gotta keep the live music going somehow. These bands & artists are probably fed up with staying home all the time and they gotta be out there playing. This is their only opportunity.

I wish bands and artists would keep politics out of music, though. There’s no need to. Just shut up and play.


RIP: Charlie Daniels… 1936 – 2020…


The country music world just lost one of its biggest legends today. Singer/songwriter, guitarist and filldle/violin player Charlie Daniels passed away of a hemorrhagic stroke in Nashville.

Charlie wrote a lot of big hits in his career over the years but he is obviously “most” well known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” which was always considered his anthem. You can find that song on his 1979 album, “Million Mile Reflections” and I’m sure you can find that song on any Charlie Daniels greatest hits album, of course. Ever since Charlie wrote that song, it became so big, you heard it on radio everywhere and you continue to hear that song everywhere even to this day. Charlie wrote the song in the late 70’s… the song is so big that I’m sure he played it on every show he played on his tours.

Before Charlie passed, he continued to make music and toured pretty heavily even if he was in his 80’s. His last album was “Night Hawk” released in 2016 but he continued to tour after that.

Charlie was also not afraid to speak out about his politics ’cause as you all know, he had very strong conservative beliefs. His twitter presence was pretty huge in the conservative world. He had a lot of conservative fans ’cause they all admired him for fighting back at liberalism over the years.

There are a lot of liberal music fans… the most die-hard leftists but some of them support Charlie ’cause they can’t deny the musical talent that he had. A lot of leftists just loved him for the music and not his politics and there is nothing wrong with that, though.

I’ve always been a fan of Charlie’s music myself. Used to listen to him all the time back in high school ’cause I had a Greatest Hits album on CD that I used to own but don’t have it anymore, though.

RIP Charlie and thanks for the excellent music and thanks for helping us to fight against liberalism. I’m gonna miss his twitter for sure.


Sammy Hagar in hot water for saying he’d rather get sick and die than not playing live….

Sammy Hagar is one brave man and has a lot of balls for saying this that’s for sure. Ya know, I think Sammy has had it with this “stay at home” order and he’s had enough with it. I think a lot musicians out there had enough and getting fed up so now they’re finally starting to vent about it.

Sammy says he’s willing to sacrifice himself and get covid-19 if that’s what it’ll take to get him to play live again. The liberal world is attacking him for this.

Ya know, I can’t blame Sammy for saying that ’cause he’s a musician. A musician’s job is that they can’t be staying home… they gotta be out there on the stage performing live in front of people ’cause it’s a lifestyle and it’s what they do. It’s also a passion for them and it’s what they do for a living. That’s what these musicians become musicians for is for them to play live in front of people.

A lot of venues like arenas, small theaters, stadiums, etc. are still closed and a lot of bands/musicians are out of work for that reason. If they aren’t allowed to play live then their careers could be over for good.

Well, I’ve seen somewhere that they’re starting to play around with the idea of “drive-in” concerts. Ya know, like how you go watch a movie at the drive-in theaters but instead you’re watching bands in your vehicles at concerts. Most are saying that’s a dumb idea and I think so too.

Like most, I’m kind of worried about the future of music myself. I don’t go to concerts anymore but I still love live music. I think live music will make a comeback somehow.

Why can’t they do what professional wrestling is doing? Ya know, they perform wrestling shows with a crowd of a small capacity and that’s an idea with the national music industry. Why don’t they play concerts for small crowds at the smaller clubs? The band can perform behind plexi glass as a way to protect themselves. I think that’s a better idea than “drive-in” concerts.

Yeah, Sammy is in hot water for saying that but I can’t blame him once again. I just hope he doesn’t back down from his comments and apologize to the easily offended. Hopefully he sticks to his guns on this.


Metallica’s stay at home jam session… they play their song “Blackened” via the internet…

The mighty Metallica are stuck at home just like the rest of us and here they are playing their song “Blackened” which is a song off their “And Justice For All” album. Instead of being at their HQ studios which is where they usually record and rehearse, they are following the strict stay at home orders so the 4 members found a way to be able to jam together live on the internet.

Pretty cool, I must say. Instead of James playing his loud electric guitars and singing, he decides to play it acoustically and he’s singing kind of quiet… assuming he doesn’t want to wake up his family while they’re asleep?

Anyway, this is a great performance and proves that this band can really play and James can really sing. I wish people would stop bashing this band so much ’cause they are great musicians. I love Metallica and always did.

I would think you would see more videos by Metallica like this…. them jamming on more of their songs at home live on the internet. It’s a good idea. I’d like to see them do “One”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “The Memory Remains” and all their hits. They probably will so keep an eye out for more Metallica home jam sessions.


Thoughts on David Bowie telling Dave Grohl to “Fuck off” after being asked to collaborate for movie soundtrack…

I know how much people want to idolize their favorite musicians and artists but sometimes it’s a bad idea to interact with them or meet them in person. Why? It’s because you’ll never know whether or not they’re an asshole. That’s why it’s a good idea not to meet famous people, ya know???

Not all musicians are gonna be nice ’cause there will be many musicians that will be assholes, no matter how talented they are. I’ve met plenty of local musicians and local artists that I loved and respected but they turn out to be assholes when you talk to them.

All musicians are gonna be different, they’re not all the same. Some will be really nice and some are gonna be downright arrogant pricks.

Maybe Bowie was not an asshole to people at all? Maybe that’s just a Brit way of talking to people ’cause after all Bowie was British to begin with. Maybe British people say “Fuck Off” as their way of saying “bye”??? I don’t know. British people swear a lot like that. Bowie was a Brit who lived in New York City for most of his life. I know Ozzy talked like that a lot, he says “fuck off” to people a lot, not a way to be mean just his way of saying get lost. That’s just the Brits way of talking. I don’t believe Bowie was being mean to Dave, though.

Anyhow, whether or not Bowie was a jerk, either way he was still a talented artist and I’ll always love his music.


David Bowie… why he was the greatest artist ever…

I’m planning a David Bowie tribute for my online home performances but I think I’m gonna make that for instagram instead of live stream. I’ve noticed that instagram allows you to post longer videos now which is about time so I’m going to do all live performances on instagram from now on, I think.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning all the David Bowie songs I want to learn for the tribute. Learning these Bowie songs… singing them and playing guitar on them… it reminded me that Bowie really was a musical genius. He knew how to write songs for sure and he was a real musician.

I’m trying to sing Bowie songs as how he sung the songs on the album. A lot of his songs are pretty tough to sing. Why? It’s because he was a pretty melodic singer and he also sung a lot of high notes too. His music was so great ’cause he was good at singing melodic vocal lines that never leave your head… his vocal phrasing is what made his music special.

While David was mostly known as a really good singer… what most people don’t want to talk about was his rhythm guitar playing. He was a great rhythm guitarist for sure… he used a lot of chords for his songs, it’s crazy. He was also more than just a guitar player ’cause he played more than one instrument on his albums in the past… he played the saxophone, keyboards, piano and the organ on a lot of them too.

That man knew what he wanted out of his music. David was a songwriter who was never afraid to take risks in his music over the years. Whether he did rock n’ roll to pop to dance music to ballads, everything he did was genius.

Before David passed away, he wanted nothing to do with rock n’ roll anymore ’cause his latest album, “Blackstar” wasn’t a rock n’ roll album but it was still an amazing record. I just learned the song “Blackstar” the album’s title track and that is one of the songs for the upcoming Bowie tribute… and I’m excited to do that song for y’all.

There’s not one Bowie song that I don’t like… he is one of those artists that you enjoy every song and never get tired of listening to over and over. Even though he stopped doing rock n’ roll over the years, his songs were still pretty tight and gave you goosebumps.

I was bummed when David passed ’cause I’ve always looked up to his music over the years of my life. Listened to his music for a long time. My Bowie tribute will be coming real soon… probably this week exclusively on my instagram page. I’ve always wanted to do a Bowie tribute and finally doing it.