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Eddie Van Halen makes public appearance at Tool concert in Los Angeles… turns out he is a huge fan of Tool…

For a long while now, Eddie Van Halen, the iconic guitar virtuoso stayed out of the public eye and tried to lay low until now. Amidst reports of throat cancer, here is Eddie attending Tool’s concert in Los Angeles while on tour for their new album “Fear Inoculum”.

I remember in the past through interviews, Eddie kept saying he doesn’t listen to music and doesn’t keep up with the industry at all but it turns out Eddie is a huge fan of Tool. Eddie and his son Wolfgang both went to the band’s concert in Los Angeles.

Above is a pic of Eddie and Adam Jones hanging backstage at the show. There were reports saying that Eddie isn’t looking good and Alternative Nation website claims to have leaked a photo where Eddie isn’t look good but don’t believe any of that “click bait” shit.

Even if Eddie maybe battling throat cancer, he’s looking very good in the photo above and seems to be good spirits too, Eddie smiling and all.

Anyhow, here’s a funny story that Wolfgang shared when a Tool fan asks Eddie to take a pic of him with the stage behind him but when the fan asks Eddie to take a pic of him, he never realized the man taking the pic was Eddie Van Halen himself.

Eddie seems like a good man in real life and it was cool of Eddie to take a pic of the Tool fan even though the fan didn’t even recognize Eddie.

It really does seem like people totally have forgotten who Van Halen were. I remember the video when David Lee Roth tried to crash a bachelor party at a hotel and the guys in the party didn’t even recognize him. Same thing happened here when the fan didn’t recognize Eddie.

I don’t blame the band for no longer getting recognized anymore. Blame the music industry for ignoring rock n’ roll. Nowadays, it’s hard for any rock and metal band to get recognized when this young generation is still so hung up on pop, country and rap music.




Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72″…. oh my, I’m totally hooked to this live album… been listening to it all week…

If you’re a music album collector like myself and if you don’t have the Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72” in it then you’re missing out. I’m glad I bought the Dead’s “Europe ’72” ’cause I can’t stop listening to it. As soon as the album starts, it immediately grabs you and you’ll want to immediately listen to it from start to finish each time you put on the album. This album will do that to you.

I’ve heard quite a few Dead live albums before but I think “Europe ’72” just might be the best one of them all. It’s a beautiful live album. Sound quality is surprisingly good on it. You can hear the band quite well and you can hear all the vocals pretty clearly as well. This album has Jerry Garcia’s best singing too.

This album also has some of the best improvisational jamming you’ll ever hear. When I put this album on and listen to it through the ear phones, a lot of times I can’t help myself but bop my head up and down and sometimes embarrassingly dance a little bit myself. The Grateful Dead is a dance band and this album will do that to you for sure. Put this album on your stereo system at home and you’ll probably get up and dance for no reason. The Dead was that kind of band.

I got this album on my Ipod touch and now I want a copy on vinyl. The vinyl is gonna be a bit pricey but it will be worth it ’cause of the sound quality. Maybe I’ll order the vinyl version off of amazon sometime in the future ’cause I do want to grow my vinyl collection. I do have a vinyl collection but a small one for now.

I’ve always known that this album was an important album in the Dead’s history and now listening to it for myself, I can understand why. It’s a pretty amazing album, all the way through.

Get it whether you’re a Dead fan or not. Even if you’re not a Dead fan at all, this album might turn you into a Deadfan after this.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2020 are out… my thoughts on each one…

Well, the nominees for the 2020 Rock Hall of Fame are out. I’ve recently heard that Jann Wenner just retired as chairman from the Rock Hall of Fame which is good riddance, anyways. I never liked that guy being in charge of the Hall of Fame ’cause he was awful. I’m hoping the new chairman would be better than Wenner but I doubt it, though.

Anyhow, the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland just released this year’s nominees.

The bands/artists that I think deserves to get inducted the most:

Pat Benatar, Judas Priest, Motorhead, The Doobie Brothers, Soundgarden, T. Rex, Todd Rundgren, Depeche Mode and Thin Lizzy. 

Those are the acts that are more deserving, in my opinion.

I love Pat Benatar… even though her songs are more pop/rock, she is still rock n’ roll ’cause her music has a lot of guitar playing and stuff, ya know? I definitely think Judas Priest, Motorhead, Doobie Brothers, T. Rex, Rundgren, Depeche Mode and Thin Lizzy are definitely worthy.

I’m sure some of you thinking which Thin Lizzy the Rock Hall is referring to? There are two Thin Lizzy bands, the one that did the hit “Boys Are Back in Town” and the other with guitarist Gary Moore. I think the “Boys Are Back In Town” Thin Lizzy are the ones who got nominated and they are a great band. I once got the opportunity to see Thin Lizzy live in concert a long time ago and they performed “Boys are Back in Town” of course, that’s a show I’ll never forget. They are totally worthy for the Hall of Fame for sure.

Soundgarden maybe somewhat new ’cause they emerged from the early 90’s but they are still worthy.

As for Whitney Houston, love her but she ain’t rock n’ roll enough to get in the Hall the Fame. The same can be said for Dave Matthews and the Notorious BIG.

As for Kraftwerk and MC5…. I’m familiar with their names but I never bought their records and haven’t heard their music much.

Nine Inch Nails I’ve listened to a lot over the years but I’m not a big fan of them though and think it’s too soon for them to get in.

As for Rufus with Chaka Khan, I’ve never listened too much but I’m familiar with their songs.

I think it’s finally time for more “Rock and roll” acts to be inducted but I really hope that Judas Priest and Motorhead gets in finally, at least. Those two bands should have gotten inducted a long time ago too and long overdue.

I’m trying to get into more Judas Priest music as I only own two albums by them but I’m planning on buying more of their stuff. I think Rob Halford is definitely one of the best singers in rock. I hope they don’t get ignored this time and hope they make it in finally.



Turns out Eddie Van Halen might be battling cancer after all but it’s just a rumor for now, though… wait until Eddie confirms the news himself…

It turns out that Eddie Van Halen might be battling cancer after all but it’s turning out to be throat cancer… however, this news is coming from news reports. Like they all say, you can’t believe everything the news says ’cause they aren’t always accurate so don’t believe it for now. Wait until you hear from Eddie himself or his manager/lawyers/staff and then you can believe it.

If it’s true that Eddie is now battling throat cancer then my heart goes out to him and hope he kicks the cancers ass hard. There was a lot of talk of a Van Halen tour happening but the tour has been plugged and this could explain why. That’s understandable ’cause health should always come first before everything else.

So Eddie maybe battling throat cancer just like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.

Eddie Van Halen is one of my favorite guitarists for sure and he was one of those responsible for inspiring me to pick up the guitar myself. I wish Eddie the best and praying for him.


Which members of Van Halen are having health problems??? Rumors swirling that it may be Eddie himself…

There has been a lot of talk that Van Halen maybe possibly reuniting for a tour but it looks like it may never be happening. I’ve been listening to a lot of this stuff on the Eddie Trunk podcast that the tour was gonna happen with Michael Anthony coming back on bass and backing vocals but Michael says the band pulled the plug on the tour for whatever reason.

Later on, David Lee Roth claims Van Halen may be finished for good but there has been no official confirmation from the band themselves yet.

Now Steve Lukather here confirms that some of the members of Van Halen maybe having health issues which is why they aren’t touring or making new records.

Very strange. People are saying that some of the guys in Van Halen are having health issues and it has been said that Eddie Van Halen himself might be very sick, but the news hasn’t got out yet. It’s just a rumor for right now. People are saying that Van Halen are dealing with health issues but no one is saying anything… probably out of respect for privacy and all, ya know?

I just hope that whatever’s going on behind the scenes that Eddie and the other guys in Van Halen are okay.

I’m a huge Van Halen fan, have been for years. They are one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time… love ’em or hate ’em all you want to. If health reasons is what’s stopping them from touring, that’s understandable.

I just hope Eddie isn’t secretly battling cancer or anything ’cause it must be pretty serious if he’s keeping it private. So far Eddie himself hasn’t confirmed any of this but we’ll wait and see, though. I do hope Van Halen reunites someday still… never say never.


Purchased some more music from Itunes this week… check out what I got…

Now that I got all of Grateful Dead’s studio albums, I’m gonna start getting their live stuff now. So from Itunes, I picked up the Dead’s “Europe 72” and “Saint of Circumstance (Live at Giants Stadium”). I love the Grateful Dead and have been listening to them a lot. While their studio albums are fun to listen to, I’m sure their live albums will be even more fun. I never got to see the Grateful Dead live in concert myself back when Jerry Garcia was alive and that’s why I’m planning to get more of their live stuff.

I got the new Opeth record they just put out titled, “In Cauda Venenum” which is pretty good and listened to it already. Not their best album but I like their earlier stuff more. I’ve been a huge Opeth fan for a long while now and I freakin’ love that band. They are a metal/prog rock band from Sweden. I think Mikael Akerfeldt is a talented man, he’s a great singer and guitar player too. I’m trying to collect all their albums so I got two more of their older albums “Orchid” and “Still Life”. I got 10 Opeth albums so far and only got 3 more to go in order to complete their discography which is my goal. They’re my favorite band right  now.

I also got a couple of more albums by blues rock artist, Samantha Fish who I became obsessed with. She’s my favorite artist and musician right now. Love her so much. She’s a talented guitarist, a great singer, great songwriter and she herself is one HOT looking woman too… she has the full package.

I also got another Dire Straits album, “Making Movies” and trying to get all 6 of their albums as well. I love Mark Knopfler.  He’s one of my favorite guitarists and songwriters.

Also, got the new album by Rival Sons, “Feral Roots” ’cause I’ve been hearing so much about those guys. Read a lot of interviews with them in Guitar World magazine and kept hearing about them on the internet so I got this album out of curiosity. Rival Sons are a pretty hot band in the industry right now and everyone’s talking abut them so I’m finally checking them out for myself.

And lastly… got the latest album by Weyes Blood “Titanic Rising” which is really good shit as well as I talked about in a post before. She’s a really good artist

I’m a proud album addict and not ashamed of it at all. I love music and love supporting bands/artists. That’s what I do.


Music I’ve been listening to lately…

While I mostly like to listen to old music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even the early 90’s… I would do my very best to try to catch up on some new music that is out. It is hard for me to find new music nowadays that is good ’cause most of the new music in the industry is pretty bad.

A lot of times I would buy new albums from my favorite bands and artists. Sometimes I would discover new bands & artists that I never heard before at all that I really like a lot. For example, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown is a fucking awesome band. They are a rock band that has a classic rock vibe… check out their new album “Truth and Lies”… it’s pretty great shit. Great guitar playing and great songwriting.

I’ve also discovered a metal band that I really like called Born of Osiris. They are a heavy band with screaming and growling but they are actually listenable, though. I’m not into the screaming and growling that much in metal but I can listen to Born of Osiris, though. That record they put out this year “The Simulation” is pretty fucking awesome. Get it if you like metal. I can’t stop listening to that one.

The new Abbath album “Outsrider” is a metal album that I really like and Abbath is a really good band. Love those guys a lot.

Other artists that I discovered are “The Highwomen” which is an all girl group of country singers. They are called a supergroup with 4 iconic singers. I’ve never heard of them ’cause I don’t listen to country too much but this is an awesome album, though. It’s an album that actually sounds like true country not that pop country junk you’ve been hearing nowadays. The Highwomen are a great group and you should still check out that album.

There’s a female blues artist that I recently discovered by the name of Samantha Fish who just put out a killer album called, “Kill or Be Kind”. That album is fucking HOT, trust me. If you want blues rock music that’ll get you to stomp your feet and make you bop your head up and down to, this album will do that. Samantha is a great guitarist and a great singer. This is my favorite new album this year. I’m gonna be listening to this one a lot, I think. I think I’m gonna be buying more Samantha Smith albums ’cause I’m in love with her music and she’s my favorite artist right now.

I’ve also recently discovered a new female artist I never heard before by the name of Weyes Blood. Oh my god, her latest album, “Titanic Rising” is absolutely mind blowing. This album came out this year but it’s got a 70’s vibe to it. The album has a lot of Beatles and George Harrison influence on it, that’s probably why I like it so much… plus Weyes has a singing voice that will send chills down your spine. This is an amazing record and I’d recommend this one to you too. I’ve also been listening to this one a lot. Powerful songwriting. Weyes Blood is an actual artist name, not a band name. She’s very good, though and I’m glad I got this album. I’d love to buy the rest of her albums too.

I like to listen to music at the gym a lot and these are the albums I’ve been listening to.