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Am I getting too old to like rock and metal? No, absolutely not! I’ll never grow out of those two genres!

Since I’m in my 40’s now some people would look at my tastes in music and ask, “Kev, aren’t you too old to be listening to rock and metal? That music is for 20 year olds!” Um no. I just love rock and metal music. I just love music with loud electric guitar playing. I’ve always been into rock n’ roll and metal ever since I was a child and still listen to those genres today. Some people would look at me and would think that I listen to country music and bluegrass but then they get all shocked when they find out that I actually like rock n’ roll and metal.

I’ve listened to all kinds of rock n’ roll, jam bands, hard rock and metal bands. Throughout the years of my life. I’ve tried my best to discover everything that’s out there in the industry. I would listen to all the 80’s hair metal through the 80’s and would listen to a lot of new wave rock too. Then when the 90’s exploded in grunge and alternative music, I listen to that stuff as much as I could: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, etc. I would also listen to all the 90’s alternative bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Everclear, Oasis, Seven Mary Three, Live, The Foo Fighters, etc. For metal, I would listen to as much of that as possible like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ac/Dc, etc. Yes, I even tried listening to a lot of death and black metal over the years too.

I still love to listen to a lot of 60’s and 70’s classic rock too like Led Zeppelin, Yes, Creedence, Cream, Rush, The Who, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, etc.

Yeah, I do listen to other genres sometimes like blues, jazz, some country and some bluegrass/folk music but my heart is in rock and metal, though. A lot of people’s taste in music change as they get older yes but my music taste would never change.

Age is just a number. Like whatever you want. If I were to form a band of my own, rock and metal is what I would mostly play.



Alice in Chains is still the best rock band going right now… they haven’t changed their sound since they started in the 90’s!

I’ve been listening to 90’s band Alice In Chains a lot pretty obsessively for a long while now. I really love both the Layne Staley and William Duvall eras. What’s interesting to me is that the band never changed their “grungy” like sound even with different singers. I listened to both singers Layne and William and I’m amazed that they sing exactly like each other. Pretty much dead on really.

Some of you may ask if Layne Staley didn’t die and if he was still in Alice in Chains now, would the band have sounded any different? No and here’s why. Jerry Cantrell is the primary songwriter of the band. Jerry wrote all the riffs. Jerry wrote all the music and he also wrote most of the lyrics. Staley contributed to some lyric writing and music but Jerry Cantrell wrote most of the material.

I listened to all albums of the band and I love everyone of them. Even all of the stuff in the William Duvall era is great. Yeah, people are upset that the band moved on without Layne but who cares. That’s what bands do. They move on and got to continue moving. Like they all say, “the show’s got to go on”. Bands just don’t give up making music ’cause that’s what they do.

I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitar player and songwriter. He made some pretty tight and intense songs with the band. The Layne era was pretty special yes but give the Duvall era a chance. The Duvall era is great stuff too. Even with Duvall as singer, they still sound like Alice In Chains like they always did. Too many bands nowadays change their style of music with every album but Alice In Chains never did that which is why I love them. I own all 6 Alice In Chains albums and listen to them all the time on a repeated basis. They are still the greatest band in rock today.

Most of today’s rock music sucks ass but there are very few good bands out there still and Alice is one of them. I also love Greta Van Fleet, Ghost and getting into Clutch now. I also love Dream Theater and Opeth. They are some of my favorite bands.


Billy Corgan reunites with stolen “Gish” guitar… pretty cool story…

In the earlier days of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy had a guitar that was very special to him. A guitar that he used on the first Pumpkins album “Gish” which was stolen from him at a concert during the album’s tour. Well, 27 years later Corgan is now reunited with that “Gish” guitar… the guitar which Corgan says that created the band’s sound and said the guitar changed the way he and the band played.

How did he reunite with the guitar? Well a woman owned it and kept it in her basement for many years but then a friend of hers told her it might belong to Billy. So she decided to contact the band online and did her best to grab the band’s attention. When she couldn’t get the band’s attention, she was contacted by a company named Sound Royalties which helped get the guitar back to Corgan. Now the guitar is back in Corgan’s hands.

Did Corgan reward Beth in return for the guitar? No. She didn’t want anything. Corgan tried to give her a lot of money as a reward but she didn’t want it.

Now that Billy has the guitar back, he doesn’t plan on keeping the guitar locked up in a safe place and he’s probably gonna continue to use it in the band. He says he’s gonna get it all fixed up so he can record with it on the next Pumpkins record.

Read the full story here:

This is a cool story and Beth was very cool to do that! If I owned a guitar that belongs to a famous rock star, I would do my best to return it ’cause it’s the best thing to do. People may not think so but guitars are very special especially the vintage guitars!!!


Get well soon Ozzy! Speedy recovery!!!

Ozzy Osbourne maybe a controversial figure in music… love him or hate him all you want to, Ozzy is the greatest metal singer of all time. I mean he’s the pioneer of metal… he started it all. He created some pretty great songs with Black Sabbath and his solo career. As for the best eras in Ozzy’s solo career, I would say the Randy Rhoads era and the Zakk Wylde eras were the best. Jake E. Lee was pretty cool too, though.

Complications from the “flu” is pretty serious and you could get death from that. Hopefully Ozzy survives this ’cause if we lose him this year then that wold suck even more. Ozzy’s a musical genius and he’s a legend.

I hope Ozzy gets well ’cause he hasn’t been good lately.


Purchased some albums from Itunes earlier today…

Well today I just purchased 9 albums from Itunes.

I got the last three Grateful Dead albums that I needed to complete their 13 studio album discography. Now I have all 13 Grateful Dead studio albums on my Ipod Touch. Yeah, I’m a huge Grateful Dead nerd or what they all call a Deadhead. Now that I have all their studio albums, I’m going to start collecting their live albums pretty soon.

I now have all 6 Alice In Chains studio albums. I have both the Layne Staley era and the William Duvall era. I love both eras of the band. I’ve been a huge Alice In Chains fan since the very beginning in the 90’s and still pretty loyal to that band to this day. I think Jerry Cantrell is a great guitarist and songwriter. I’ve always admired and respected that man.

As for Guns N’ Roses “Appetite” album, I used to have that album on CD a long time ago but didn’t have it anymore so I decided to get it back digitally. I’ve always loved GN’R and still do. I listened to the “Appetite” album at the gym earlier today and forgot how amazing that album really is. It’s a classic record for sure.

I’ve also picked up two more Clutch albums ’cause I’m really getting into that band. I think I’m gonna collect their entire album discography too. Clutch is an addicting band to listen to and I’m loving them.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy!


Record stores… remember those???


I’ve always been a huge music addict. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always bought albums. Music was always a big part of my life and I just love supporting bands & artists. Always did and still do.

When there used to be record stores all over the place, I would go to them all the time and would browse around for hours. I never bought many cassettes and vinyls when  they were around but when the compact disc started coming out, I was all over them. I would come home with like 5 – 7 CD’s a week. That’s how I got a huge CD collection. In the past, my CD collection was a lot bigger than this but I probably sold a bunch of ’em, gave ’em away or people borrowed some and never gave them back. I still have many of my CD’s that I’ve bought over the years, though.

Thanks to Itunes, I now buy music digitally. That’s where I buy my albums now. There are still record stores around today but not as much as you have seen in the past. F.Y.E. still exists and you can still buy records at Barnes & Noble. I still buy albums on physical CD once in a blue moon. I buy a lot of albums from Itunes now since the record store era is pretty much dead.

I love listening to music. It’s always been a big part of my life and still is. I’m a proud music addict. I do miss the record store, though. Thanks to Steve Jobs who killed the record store era.


My top 10 Best Music Albums of 2018…

Well, here it is. These 10 albums are my choices for what I think is the best of 2018. I didn’t buy much new music in the year 2018 ’cause I don’t keep up with the music industry that much. Toward the end of the year though, I finally got around to buying more new music ’cause there were some albums that I wanted to hear.

Here’s what I could find that I thought were the best. I’ll name only 10. I’ll explain why I like the album so much and I’ll post a song from each album too… enjoy the list, y’all…

10. La Luz – Floating Features

(This is an all girl group who writes their own songs and plays their own instruments. The genre they play is rock music but it sounds more like surf rock music to me. The type of music that you would hear while near a beach and walking down a boardwalk. This is surf rock music that you would hear in the 60’s and the kind of songs you would hear in a Quentin Tarantino movie. These ladies play great and they play tight as hell too. Lots of killer guitar playing all over this record too. Shana Cleveland is a killer singer and guitarist. She can play both rhythm and lead quite well. I listened to this album like three or four times. This album had to be on here.)

9. Stone Temple Pilots (self titled 2018 album)

(At first I was skeptical of STP moving on without Scott Weiland but then I thought, fuck it… I’ll just accept it and try to check them out with their new singer. I was actually blown away. Their new singer, Jeff Gutt is actually a great rock vocalist. This is actually a great album and I couldn’t stop listening to this one. To those that turned away from STP ’cause they moved on without, Scott, give this album a chance like I did. It’s a pretty great album and the guys in STP still got it. Don’t be quick to hate. Just listen to them and the new STP era will grow on you.)

8. Nita Strauss – Controlled Chaos

(So Nita Strauss the iconic shred guitarist has been in the music industry for a while now but she hasn’t released her own album until now. She hasn’t really released anything before this ’cause from what I understand, she was just a session musician and now she’s a full time solo artist. This album is pretty killer and I was blown away. Nita rocks on the guitar. She can shred, she can play heavy rhythm… she can do all the stuff on guitar that men can do.)

7. Joe Bonamassa – Redemption

(Joe Bonamassa is one of my favorite electric guitarists and blues musicians. The last few Bonamassa albums were pretty good but I think this one was his best record in a very long time. You want to hear tight blues rock, you’ll get exactly that on this album. Joe was on fire on this album throughout. He’s getting better vocally too. If you want to hear Joe shredding on guitar, you’ll get that all throughout this record. This album will get you headbanging throughout the whole thing. I couldn’t stop listening to this one so it had to be included.)

6. Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions

(I’ve never really listened to Clutch before until now and after hearing this album makes me want to listen to a lot more of them. I can see why rock and metal fans love this band so much ’cause they are addicting to listen to. This band is pretty tight and they play with lots of energy. Neal Fallon is definitely one of the best rock vocalists out there. A badass album and I’m gonna be listening to it a lot, I think.)

5. Slash & Myles Kennedy – Living the Dream

(I’ve been following Slash’s solo career for a long while and heard everything Slash and Myles Kennedy has done together. The new album they just put out “Living the Dream” with the Conspirators was the best they’ve done. Pretty amazing guitar tones and sick playing by Slash like usual. Myles singing will give you goosebumps too. I think Myles is one of the best singers in rock n’ roll and he is underrated too.)

4. Greta Van Fleet – Anthem of the Peaceful Army

(So Greta Van Fleet finally releases their debut studio album. This band sparked so much buzz in the industry lately and I finally decided to check them out when they released “From The Fires”. I’ve been a fan of Greta Van Fleet ever since. When they released this album, they still impress me. They didn’t disappoint once again. “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” is a pretty solid album. Yeah, many love to accuse them of being Led Zeppelin copycats… maybe they do sound like Led Zep a little bit but if you listen to this album, you’ll hear so many other influences going on. All 4 musicians play killer and Josh’s singing is just out of this world.)

3. Ghost – Prequelle 

(I’ve been a fan of Ghost for a long while and finally got their album “Prequelle” earlier this year and I couldn’t stop listening to it ever since. It’s a beautiful album. Every song is so great on it. This is one of those albums you can listen to over and over and never get tired of it. Tobias Forge really is a great singer and songwriter. What I love about this band is that they make every song they write stay in your head and it stays there forever. That’s what great songwriting is to me. This band knows how to sound musical and they do a good job of it. I love this album dearly so this had to be high on the list.)

2. Judas Priest – Firepower

(I never was a big Judas Priest fan over the years of my life and I never bought their records until now. I bought two of their albums, “British Steele” and their new record “Firepower”. Throughout the metal community, they’ve been saying how amazing their new album “Firepower” really is so I finally got it for myself and they were right. It’s a pretty sick album all the way through. Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner are both pretty sick guitarists. Lots of great riffs and tasty guitar solos all over this record. Plus, Rob Halford’s vocals are incredible. Makes me want to listen to a lot more Judas Priest ’cause they are a great band. I’d like to collect their whole discography.)

1. Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog

(The new Alice In Chains record “Rainier Fog” is pretty amazing shit. I’ve been listening to it all week repeatedly so it had to be my number 1 choice. At first, I was a little skeptical of the William Duval era of Alice In Chains but they are making some pretty sick music. “Black Gives Way to Blue”, “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” and now “Rainier Fog” are all pretty great albums but “Rainier Fog” was the best record they have done. Jerry Cantrell is killing it.)


There you have it, y’all. I post the Top 10 Best Movies of 2018 pretty soon.