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Excited for the new upcoming Ozzy album, his new song, “Patient Number 9” w/ Jeff Beck is pretty great…

I really dig the new Ozzy tune a lot that just dropped this week. On the song, he collaborates with Jeff Beck on guitar. It’s definitely Jeff Beck ’cause when you hear Jeff play, you know it’s him. Jeff’s got his own style in guitar playing and he plays like no one else.

“Patient Number 9” is actually a pretty great song, digging it a lot and I’m not that crazy about Ozzy’s newer music but I’m actually excited for his new one. This song here is mostly a ballad but it’s got some rock riffs in it too.

Ozzy’s upcoming new album is an all star kind of album where he collaborates with all kinds of guitar greats including Eric Clapton which is interesting really. Some of you are like, huh? Eric Clapton? Well Ozzy collaborating with artists out of the norm is nothing new, he just works with whoever he wants.

What I’m most excited about with his new album is that he reunites with two of his guitarists from his past on the album: Tony Iommi and Zakk and I can’t wait to hear those songs.

I’m feeling that Ozzy’s next album will be totally different. He’s always re-inventing himself but I’m sure his next album will include heavy rockers and headbanging songs like always.

I respect Ozzy even more now ’cause despite his health problems, he continues to make music through it all. Nothing is stopping him. He just loves making music. I don’t think it’s about the money for him at all.

Can’t wait for the new album. I’m getting it for sure. Probably gonna get it on both vinyl and digital.


The Who still got it, I don’t care about their age, they still play on stage great…

Here is the Who performing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival this year and they performed with a full orchestra. Here is Roger and Pete performing their hit “Baba O’ Reilly”.

Yes, these two men are almost 80 years old, they’re just about there but they still perform great on stage. The way Roger and Pete used to perform, both men used to be very physical on stage… dancing and rocking to the music. You can see that they still try to perform like that but they aren’t as physical anymore ’cause of their age, ya know? They’re still great live performers.

I see a different video of this same performance in FB and there was a time where Roger tried to swing the mic in a circle that he’s known for doing that on stage but it looks like he can’t do that anymore. Instead, the mic wrapped around his arm. Even though Roger tries to dance a little bit trying to feel the music, I think he fell at the end. Keep in mind that Roger is almost 80, he can’t perform the way he used to anymore.

Even though Pete Townshend is also known for rocking hard on the guitar and jumping all over stage, he doesn’t do that much anymore either but he can still do the windmill move, at least.

I love the Who, always did. They’ve always been one of my favorite bands. I didn’t get their latest album but I’m now thinking I’m gonna.

Hopefully this performance was recorded ’cause I love to see them release this show as a live album. Maybe they will.


Ozzy to undergo a very serious surgery that could determine the rest of his life, Sharon says…

This is really too bad and thoughts and prayers go out to Ozzy and also to Sharon and the rest of the Osbourne family. Sharon says that Ozzy is about to undergo a serious surgery that could determine the rest of his life. She won’t go into details and keeping everything tight-lipped for now.

Hopefully the surgery is not as serious as she says it is and he’ll be okay after. How serious is it? Could this mean that it could be the end of Ozzy’s music career for good? Could be.

Ozzy always had struggles and gone through many obstacles. He just continues to fight it all and tries his best to stay alive for his family and music. Even though he had struggles and all kinds of health problems, he continues to make music and tries to perform live ’cause he loves it so much, ya know? Even though he can’t perform live anymore, he still could make music in the studio ’cause he just finished a new solo album that he’s about to release real soon and you can betcha I’m gonna buy it.

I’ve always been a huge Ozzy fan. He’s always been an important influence and inspiration in my musical life. I’ve listened to Black Sabbath and his solo career for years and still do. Ozzy’s an icon and legend in the music business. He started it all pretty much… the “heavy metal” genre.

Yeah, he did the Osbournes TV show but even Ozzy admitted that show hurt his career a little bit but he went right back to the music after that.

I love Ozzy as a music artist and singer, always did. I’m still trying to collect all Black Sabbath albums he did and trying to get more of his solo albums too. Of course, the stuff he did with Randy Rhoads is best.


Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck releasing new song/video about actress, Hedy Lamarr? He’s teasing something…

So Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck recorded an album together so this is the album’s first single about to get released? When Depp played that gig with Beck in Sheffield, Depp played some covers with him and one original written by Depp himself. An original song about to get released soon. Depp already debuted the new song in the UK and we’re about to hear the official studio recording real soon.

I’m sure the song will be a hit and will go viral. It’ll quickly go over a million plays, predicting it now.

I’m looking forward to hearing the song myself ’cause it’s kind of hard to hear the live bootleg version.


Robert Plant goes to local record shop in Glens Falls, N.Y….

This is cool. Robert Plant was scheduled to perform a show in Saratoga Springs at a venue called SPAC w/ Alison Krauss. It’s part of his tour with her for their new album.

Well, before the show Robert Plant goes to a local record shop in Glens Falls at Sweet Side Records at the Shirt Factory building.

Robert walked in and yes, there were customers in there but they all left him alone and let him shop. Even the owner and employees left him alone ’cause they were hoping he’ll stop in again one day.

Read this cool story:

This is very cool. I think Robert’s been doing this for years ever since he was young goes to the nearest record shops when he’s out there touring. Robert bought a couple of blues records at Sweet Side Records. As you all know, Robert listens to mostly old blues music more than rock n’ roll.

Customers mostly left Robert alone but Robert did fist bump a few fans which was cool so everyone definitely knew who he was. Owner thanked Robert for coming and Robert gave him a wink. Robert probably wasn’t all that talkative, though.

That’s very cool of them. When you see a famous person… a celebrity or musician out in public, it is best to leave them be and not be all “star struck”. It might be alright to give them a handshake or a fist bump but that’s all you want to do. They just want to be normal just like us.

Robert’s a vinyl lover like the rest of us. I bet Robert’s vinyl collection is pretty huge too. He probably has thousands of ’em. I’m sure he doesn’t listen to his own music, though.


Just bought the two Hollywood Vampires albums from Itunes today… haven’t listened to them yet, though…

Earlier today I just bought the two Hollywood Vampires albums from Itunes. Their 2015 self-titled debut and their second album, “Rise”. Haven’t listened to ’em yet but I will this weekend.

I really dig their cover of “Whole Lotta Love”, the Led Zeppelin song. Love it.

I’m sure Alice Cooper, Johnny and Joe Perry will get together to make Hollywood Vampires album no. 3 at some point. That band will get back together as well now that Johnny got his life and career back finally.

I’m a huge fan of Alice Cooper and Joe Perry anyway so I was meaning to get the Hollywood Vampires albums for a long ass time.

Want a perfect way to celebrate Johnny’s victory? Crank up some Hollywood Vampires, loud and proud!


Not only that Johnny Depp is on tour with Jeff Beck, those two made a studio album together and it will be out in July… no doubt, it’s gonna sell HUGE, hope they’re ready for that…

It’s looking like Johnny Depp’s movie career will be on hold for a while longer ’cause Johnny’s totally focused on music as of this point. Remember, during the trial, Johnny said he always preferred to be a musician more than an actor so I expect Johnny to work on movies less and less now.

It’s been announced by Jeff Beck that he and Depp recorded an album together and it will be out in July.

Seeing that Depp grew an even bigger fan base during the trial, you can expect that album to sell HUGE. It could be a number one album for them if they’re lucky enough so hope they’re ready for that. I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out.

I’m about to buy the Hollywood Vampire’s two albums they did from Itunes today. I’m sure the Hollywood Vampires album sales picked up right about now.


Yeah, I know another Johnny Depp post but this guy is respected by everyone in the music industry… the proof is right here:

Johnny w/ Kris Kristofferson
Johnny w/ Paul McCartney
Johnny w/ Marilyn Manson (Johnny is really close with Marilyn as learned during the trial)
The Hollywood Vampires band w/ Stone Temple Pilots
Johnny having a chat with Jimmy Page backstage at a Hollywood Vampires show
Johnny hanging out with Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Johnny w/ Ozzy Osbourne

It doesn’t make any sense to me when Amber says that Johnny is jealous of her career like seriously? Sounds to me Amber is more jealous of him.

I mean, Johnny’s met all the rock gods. They all respect him.

Why? It’s because Johnny’s a great musician himself that’s why. He’s actually a real guitar player. He plays both rhythm and lead, he plays slide guitar… he does it all. Johnny is also a big time guitar collector too. He’s a real musician. An actor/musician who really plays great.


Johnny Depp plays surprise gig in the UK to jam with guitar legend, Jeff Beck…

A couple of days after the Depp vs. Heard closing arguments concluded, Johnny Depp flies over to the UK to jam on some songs with Jeff Beck in Sheffield, UK.

While some may be like, “What?”

Well, when Jeff Beck asked Johnny to come up to join him at his concert, I’m sure Johnny talked with his attorneys & managers to see if it was okay with them and they probably gave him the “go ahead”. If his lawyers and staff people didn’t want him to go then he wouldn’t. They feel that now that the Depp vs. Heard trial part is over, he’s free to do whatever he wants.

I can’t blame Johnny for jumping on this opportunity immediately though ’cause he’s fucking Jeff Beck, a guitar god and legend. Johnny’s probably a huge fan of him too so he couldn’t say no.

On top of that, Johnny deserves to do something fun after having so much on his plate and going through so much negativity after a trial. He deserves to get his mind off the bullshit for a little bit and returning to the stage was a good opportunity for that.

I’m sure Johnny is now back in Virginia already for the verdict reading this week whenever that may be. I think he was only in the UK for a few days. He’ll be back in court tomorrow.

I think he just wanted to get away from the drama and bullshit for a while and I hear him. He so deserves it.

I’m sure he played a great show with Jeff Beck though as I’m a fan of Jeff Beck myself. I have a few of his albums.


5 years ago today the music world loses Chris Cornell…

Before anyone accuses me of liking a musician after his death, not true. I’ve always been a massive Chris Cornell fan for a long time. I’ve supported everything he did over the years. Everything through Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and I’ve bought all of his solo albums too.

He was a great singer, guitar player and great writer. He’s mostly known as a rock and metal singer but one thing people seem to forget that he’s an overall singer. He can do it all… he could sing from really low notes to wicked high pitch screams. He can sing clean and he can go to a raspy voice. He can do all genres of music pretty much. I think that’s why he started a solo career so he can be able to do other stuff besides heavy rock.

He was mostly known as a singer but he’s also a guitar player himself. Some may think Kim Thayil wrote most of the Soundgarden material but it was actually Chris that wrote most Soundgarden songs on guitar. All Kim Thayil did was serve the song but yes, Kim did wrote some Soundgarden songs and Kim brought in some riffs but it was Chris that did most of the writing in the band.

Another great thing that people missed about Chris was that he was a great lyricist too. That’s another thing I respected him about was his unique lyric writing. No one else wrote lyrics like Chris and Chris helped inspired me to write lyrics of my own.

Chris was a musical genius, though and I remember I was bummed that he passed due to committing suicide. It shocked me like everyone else ’cause he didn’t seem like the suicidal type. We’re all human, remember that.

After Soundgarden emerged in the 90’s when the Grunge scene exploded, I followed Chris’s career since then. I’ve listened to Soundgarden throughout high school and bought all 3 Audioslave albums when they came out. I bought all of his solo albums.

He is still missed even today. Maybe gone but his music lives on.