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Iggy Azalea’s new video “Mo Bounce” is disgusting and disturbing, Iggy using young girls in a twerking & booty shaking video inappropriate… yet no outrage from liberals?

I used to like Iggy Azalea but after she released her new music video titled, “Mo Bounce”, I can’t support her music anymore and I won’t bother buying her new album either. Why? Watch her video in the first video above.

As you can see the video is full of Satanism/Illuminati stuff which is no surprise ’cause most pop star videos have that stuff nowadays… however, that stuff isn’t what’s really bothering me (although I still do condemn Satanism)… what’s bothering me about that video is that is Iggy trying normalize pedophilia with this video? In this video, she has very young girls doing stripper dances. You even see a young girl with purple hair,  showing off her bare legs, shaking her booty, doing leg splits and all kinds of inappropriate dances while Iggy sits on the motorcycle and watches her.

You don’t see liberals, the media or music fans attacking Iggy for using little girls for her video. Instead,  you see everybody praising Iggy for it and you see fans enjoying the video. What has the world come to? Using little children for inappropriate music videos. I agree with the 2nd video that there is an agenda behind this.

I mean, youtube censors conservatives and Donald Trump supporters but they allow stuff like little girls looking like strippers in a music video to be online? This is messed up. I can’t support Iggy anymore and I’m totally boycotting her.

The Iggy video “Mo Bounce” has over 9 million views and you don’t see anyone in the comments attacking her for using children to look like strippers. They all say it’s okay and giving Iggy positive feedback on the video.

Iggy looks like she got some plastic surgery and breast implants too it looks like ’cause she never looked like that with her first album.

Nobody would have cared about the video if the little girls weren’t in it. I would have been fine with the video if the little girls weren’t in it.

The pop music industry is getting worse for sure. Shame on you, Iggy. You would do anything to make your videos go viral even if it means using underage girls.


Eric Clapton still rocks on the stage at 70 years old and he still looks great too!!!

Eric Clapton played a gig at the Madison Square Garden last night. At 70 years old, he still kills it which is no surprise really. He still plays guitar great and sings great too. I know he hasn’t played live in a long while but it looks like Eric is slowing down on the touring. Looking at his website, he’s got a small tour in the US and then he’ll be headed to the UK in May for the Royal Albert Hall gigs. Then he’s back at MSG and the Forum in Los Angeles in Sept.

Eric no longer tours heavily like he used to… probably because of his age but like I said, he still kills it on the stage and still plays great. From last night’s MSG show, Eric played most of his greatest hits. Here are three of my favorite songs of his in the videos above.

A lot of people don’t like Eric Clapton and think he’s overrated but I don’t think so. He’s a phenomenal singer and guitarist. Loved everything he has done over the year: Cream, Derek & The Dominoes, his solo career, etc. Clapton is a fuckin’ genius. Always loved his music.

All the Clapton haters will never admit that he’s an important music artist in rock n’ roll & blues. We all play the guitar because of him too. Admit it, right?


Chuck Berry was still working on his new album before he died… was never finished sadly…

Before Chuck Berry’s death, it seems that he was still working on his new album. Not sure if they’re still going to finish it without him or not but they probably would. Why? Chuck would probably want the album to go on without him. They would probably release it anyways. Chuck would want the album out for his wife in which he dedicated it to.

We’ll know soon on whether or not the industry will release the new record. Hopefully Chuck recorded enough material that will be good enough for it to be released. They might not release it at all, ya never know ’cause they might feel it can’t be done without him.

We’ll wait and see what they’re planning to do with it, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released it anyways in honor of Chuck.


My 5 favorite Nirvana songs in honor of Kurt’s birthday today…

I don’t know why Nirvana continues to get so much hatred. I fucking love Nirvana. I’ve been a loyal fan ever since I was a teenager. I remember buying “Nevermind” album when it first came out and I was in high school then. Still have that CD in my collection too. I will never get tired of listening to Nirvana ever.

Even though their career was short-lived, they still wrote a bunch of incredible and amazing songs. Kurt was a big inspiration for my music and it was him that inspired me to write my own music whether I sang good or played the guitar good or not. I just wanted to write songs of my own. Kurt was a great songwriter. I still respect him now.

The audio tracks above are some of my favorite Nirvana songs. Nirvana is a type of band that makes you want to form a band yourself and I would like to get a band of my own going. Play heavy rock music.

Nirvana will always be awesome.



Sturgill Simpson’s “Sailor’s Guide To Earth” should have won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s instead of Adele…

Earlier today I listened to Sturgill Simpson’s “Sailor’s Guide To Earth” album and I was so fucking impressed by it. That album was pretty amazing. LOVED IT! Sturgill’s music is country a little bit but he also adds in other genres of music into his work. I just love his singing voice and his backup band makes some very good music as well.

I think his album should have won “Album of the Year” at the Grammy’s instead of Adele. Of course, the Grammy’s always have to pick Adele ’cause well, she’s Adele. Anyway, “Sailor’s Guide to Earth” by Sturgill Simpson was an incredible album. Think I’m gonna be listening to it a lot for sure. Sturgill’s music is so different. Can’t even describe the genre he plays really. They call him a country artist and roots rock but I hear a lot of jazz & blues in his music too.

“Sailor’s Guide to Earth” is a great album and you should give it a listen too. As a matter of fact, I never heard of this Sturgill Simpson guy before until he got nominated for “Album of the Year” for this record. I thought he was just another typical pop artist but it turns out he wasn’t that. He’s an artist with real talent. A guy who plays his own instruments and writes his own songs while the other artists in the “Album of the Year” category didn’t write their own songs.

I was surprised how great “Sailor’s Guide” was and I would like to see Sturgill Simpson live in concert someday. So glad I discovered this guy’s music. I really dig this song he did called “Call to Arms”… in the song sends a political message but still though the song is so fucking tight. Love it. Enjoy.


Thoughts on singer/songwriter, Joy Villa wearing a Trump “MAGA” dress at the Grammy’s…

This is pretty amazing and this was a very courageous thing for this beautiful woman to do. Of course, it’s pissing off all the liberals and the snowflakes. A lot of liberals on the internet going, “You right-wingers tell stars to keep politics out of music but when stars go pro-Trump, you love them for it”.

Well, music stars and celebrities showing their support for Trump publicly is not political. What they do is try to stand up for something they believe in. Not being afraid of “free speech” and staying above the negativity & hate that the left spews out all the time. This is about unity and positivity which is what Trump’s campaign was about all along.

This gorgeous woman makes me proud to be a Trump supporter even more. Yeah, people gave me a lot of shit for being a Trump supporter but this woman is inspiring me to stay above that stuff. That’s what the message she was trying to send. To rise above the haters and bullies in this world.

The liberal crybaby haters and snowflakes out there are living in a delusional fantasy world that her music career is over just because she publicly came out in support of Trump. Well, they are delusional ’cause Joy’s albums are skyrocketing.

She also gained a lot more popularity and fans. I listened to her “Vagabonds” song in youtube and it’s a pretty cool song. I’ll probably get her latest EP.

Those Trump haters and snowflakes believe that if you are pro-Trump, you lose a lot of respect and your reputation is ruined if you support Trump. No. You see, that’s what the media wants you to believe. It’s actually a good thing to support Trump

Whenever I write and release new songs, will my music life be over only because I support Trump? I predict no. It’s a possibility that even more people will listen to my music when I get new stuff out there. Maybe this is why the local music scene in Albany refuses to promote my music ’cause of my “right-wing” political beliefs as I know how left-wing this music scene is. I’ll have another blog post on this soon.

Anyway, back to Joy Villa this woman is awesome and she just got herself a new fan which is me. She has my back and full support 100%.



Thoughts on Metallica and Gaga performing together, having technical issues with microphone… also, more thoughts on the Grammy’s show last night…

I think the goal with this collaboration is that James and Lady Gaga were to trade vocal lines back and forth in the first verses before the chorus… then they would sing the chorus together. However, though, James was having technical issues with the mic. He tried singing the first verses but he couldn’t hear anything coming out of it. So while James was having technical issues during the first verses, Gaga sung her lines of what she was supposed to sing anyways. During that performance, you can immediately tell that James was pissed as fuck. Out of frustration, he gave up on that mic and him and Gaga shared a mic together. Then when the sound guy finally fixed the mic, James went back to his mic and sung the second verses this time.

A lot of people online are unfairly blaming Metallica for this but the way I see it, this was not their fault at all. It’s just that the Grammy’s hired a crappy sound guy and they had amatuer-ish stage technicians. Don’t blame Metallica, blame the Grammy’s. It was totally their fault.

After this, I think Metallica will soon put out a statement and talk about what happened. Then Metallica and Gaga will perform this song again together at one of their concerts for their “Hardwired” US tour so they can have a better performance, I’m sure that will happen.

People are hating Metallica even more after that performance and I can’t understand why. Metallica continues to have a lot of haters but I always respected that band and always will. People’s hatred for them got worse after that performance.

Other than the technical issues, it proved that James Hetfield can really sing and he’s no lip syncer at all. Same with Gaga, she’s a real singer as well and I loved how she looks like she’s having a blast performing with them ’cause she seems like a real Metallica fan too. I think Lady Gaga is winning my respect back and I think I’ll go back to supporting her music again. Remember, don’t blame Metallica for this ’cause the Grammy’s had technical issues throughout the show. They were horrible.

Other than that, last night’s Grammy awards was surprisingly a pretty good show. They kept politics out of things for the most part except for Katy Perry who went political about Trump’s border wall and immigration predictably so screw Katy Perry. Also, The Grammy’s president Neil Portnow went on a political rant about how President Trump needs to protect the arts and I’m like “what?”.

I thought the best performances of the night were Beyonce and Bruno Mars’s Prince tribute. Both were pretty amazing, I thought. Yeah, I know I gave Beyonce a lot of shit over the years but she kept her political messages out of things for once and that was good enough to have a change of heart with her. She didn’t bash Trump at all which I was surprised about. She focused on the performance which was actually interesting. As far as Bruno Mars goes, I was never a fan of that guy but I’m starting to like him more and actually thinking about buying his music soon. I thought Chance the Rapper was pretty good too.

I’m glad they gave “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” to Adele ’cause “25” is a good album as I have that album in my CD collection. I have all of Adele’s albums. She’s my favorite artist too.

As far as James Corden goes, the Grammy’s host, I was surprised that he didn’t go political at all. Didn’t bash Trump or anything like that. He focused on making people laugh and telling jokes which is what he was supposed to do. James Corden did a good job and I enjoyed watching him.

It was surprisingly a pretty good “Grammy’s” night. Better than last year’s anyways and I think they’re improving.