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I’ll confess it finally… the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can never get anything right… they freakin’ suck and getting worse…

I used to have no problem with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and I used to defend them but after seeing this year’s 2020 inductees, I’ll no longer defend them no more. Like the title of this topic says, I’ll confess it finally that the Rock Hall of Fame don’t know what they’re doing and they haven’t been for a long time. For the first time I think, I’m upset with the inductees this year and disappointed like most.

Motorhead, Judas Priest, Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy and Pat Benatar snubbed this year but non-rock n’ roll acts like Whitney Houston and Notorious BIG get it instead? Fucking serious?

The only inductees they got right this year were the Doobie Brothers and T-Rex but Whitney Houston, Notorious, Depeche Mode and NIN? No thanks!

I know the Hall of Fame are slowly trying to induct more rock but they fail at that each year. I know they are also trying to induct more Seattle grunge bands… they already inducted Nirvana and Pearl Jam finally but it’s crazy that they snubbed Soundgarden. It’s like, really? Are they out of their fucking minds?

After seeing this year’s Hall of Fame inductees, it’s appearing more and more that today’s music industry are pretty anti-rock and they have been for a pretty long time. They’re trying to act like rock n’ roll doesn’t exist anymore and seems like they’re trying to make rock disappear completely. That’s why the industry always constantly ramming pop, rap and country down our throats still. Gene Simmons is right that rock n’ roll is dead… it’s just about there anyways.

Like I said above, the Doobie Brothers and T-Rex were both worthy…. the Hall of Fame got those two right and I love both of those bands. The Doobie Brothers are rock n’ roll and they wrote many hits that we all know and love. T-Rex are hit makers too but their anthem is “Bang a Gong (Get it On)” which is a song that I love.  Marc Bolan who is the singer/guitarist of T-Rex is no longer with us as he died in the year 1977 due to a car crash at a young age of 29 but this will be a nice tribute for him and I wonder who is going to induct T-Rex into the Hall of Fame? That will be interesting. T-Rex was long overdue… I love that fucking band as I’m a huge fan. I’m sure the surviving members of T-Rex will be there to accept the induction… I think some of them died and some of them are still living today.

I’ll have to agree with everyone finally that the Hall of Fame sucks and getting worse every year. They aren’t getting any better either.


The Brock’s Top 10 Albums of 2019…

Another year has gone by for music and 2020 is now here. I purchased more than 10 albums for 2019 but I’m only going to give the 10 best albums that I’ve heard this year. These are just my opinion alone.

Here are 10 great albums that I’ve heard in 2019… enjoy the list…


10. Chelsea Wolfe – Birth of Violence
(I’ve discovered the music of Chelsea Wolfe randomly online and I was immediately hooked. She’s very popular in the metal community. I listen to her music and can’t understand why she’s big in the metal industry even though her music isn’t really metal. I hear it as mostly folk music and ambient kind of music but her stuff is really good. Great songwriting and her singing voice sends chills. Loved her latest record “Birth of Violence” and can’t stop listening to it)
9. Trey Anastasio – Ghosts of the Forest
(Trey Anastasio the man known as the leading member of Phish is back with a new solo record known as his band with TAB or better known as the Trey Anastasio band. I loved this freakin’ album. It’s beautiful stuff and I think it’s Trey’s best work outside of Phish. I’ll have to warn you, though that this album is totally different than his other stuff that he did. It’s way different than Phish. It’s still improvisational music but this album is not the usual jam band and dance stuff he’s known for. This album is focused most on songwriting and I love it so much. This album can’t be left out)
8. Rival Sons – Feral Roots
(I’ve been wanting to get into Rival Sons for a while and their latest album “Feral Roots” fuckin’ kicks ass. Yup. Rock n’ roll is still alive and well and these guys prove it. Some great guitar work. The band’s singer Jay Buchanan is one of the best rock singers around. This is one 2019 album that I can’t stop listening to all year so I had to include this one)
7. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Truth and Lies
(Another band that’s been getting a lot of buzz in the industry… another band that’s been trying to keep rock n’ roll alive. This is a kick ass album all the way through. Tyler Bryant is an amazing guitarist and singer. I love Greta Van Fleet but there are other bands trying to keep rock n’ roll alive and Tyler Bryant and the Shakdown is one of them. This album smokes. Love it)
6. Samantha Fish – Kill or Be Kind
(Thanks to Guitar World magazine, I’ve been wanting to get into Samantha Fish music for a long while so I finally thought, why not I get this album from Itunes so I did. This album blew my fuckin’ mind. Another one I can’t stop listening to. Blues rock is still alive and well. Samantha Fish has the full package. She can shred on guitar, she can write original songs well and she has the hot looks as well. I dig every song on this album and now I’m obsessed with Samantha Fish. This woman is great!)
5. Opeth – In Cauda Venenum
(Opeth did it again. Took me a few listens to really get into this album and it’s a grower but now I fuckin’ love it. It’s an amazing record all the way through. Mikael akerfeldt did it again. I love Opeth music but I think this is their best new album for sure. Way different than their previous ones too. More melodic and the songs are strong. Check it out)
4. Dream Theater – Distance Over Time
(Dream Theater never disappoints and I’m a huge fuckin’ fan of this band. They keep getting better and better every album they do. This is John Petrucci’s best guitar work and has James Labrie’s best vocals too. The whole band is great on this record really. It’s definitely different than their previous record, “The Astonishing”. I would have to say “Distance Over Time” is their best new record)
3. Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind
(I’m just getting into Slipknot music. I’ve heard every album they’ve done on Spotify and I think “We Are Not Your Kind” is the best record they’ve ever done in their career. It’s better than their previous record “The Gray Chapter”. A lot of Slipknot albums are pretty tight and heavy but “We are Not Your Kind” is the most heaviest album they’ve ever done. This album is pretty sick. Great guitar playing and Corey’s voice is just out of this world. Very strong album. Love it to death)
2. Black Midi – Schlagenheim
(Another band I’ve recently discovered on the internet not too long ago. They are not too well known but they are more of an indie band than anything. They are a rock band from  the UK, an improvisational rock band. Every song on this record was written out of jamming together. The band’s singer and guitarist, Geordie Greep is one talented young man. Another record I can’t stop listening to so it had to be high on the list)
1. Tool – Fear Inoculum
(Well, Tool finally returned with a new studio album that kicks hella ass. I’ve listened to all Tool albums and this is the best record they’ve ever done. Adam Jones’s guitar work is crazy and Maynard’s vocals, Wow. Everything about this record from start to finish is so damn good. When you do a top 10 list of 2019 and if the new Tool album isn’t pretty high on it then what is wrong with you? This is the best record of 2019 so of course, I had to pick it as my no 1. choice. It’s a beautiful album. Nice work, guys!)



John Frusciante officially re-joins the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as a full time member…

This is really great news. The Chilli Peppers announced on their IG page that their long-time guitarist John Frusciante has now officially re-joined the band as their full time guitarist again. This means that their previous guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer will have to be replaced so John can rejoin the group. Keep in mind though that Klinghoffer is not being fired from the band ’cause the band here wants to make it clear that it was an amicable split between the two. It looks like the guys in the Chilli Peppers had a long talk with Klinghoffer for him to leave the band so John can re-join and looks like Klinghoffer was all for it. Why? I would think Klinghoffer is a fan of the Chilli Peppers like the rest of us and he wanted to see John re-join.

I stopped supporting the Chilli Peppers music once John left ’cause I wasn’t that crazy about that Klinghoffer’s guitar playing style. The Peppers music with Klinghoffer as guitarist never grabbed me. Admittedly, I do have their album “I’m With You” w/ Klinghoffer as guitarist on it but I didn’t like that album too much ’cause it didn’t feel like a Chilli Peppers record at all so I didn’t bother buying their latest album, “The Getaway”. The Chilli Peppers only did two albums with Josh.

John Frusciante is coming back as a full time member. It isn’t going to be a one-off kind of thing. That means Frusciante will be back to recording in the studio with the Chilli Peppers and going on full World Tours with them and stuff.

Like everyone else, I too am a HUGE fan of the Frusciante era of the Chilli Peppers. The Chilli Peppers wrote the best songs with Frusciante. The Chilli Peppers with Frusciante as guitarist were hit makers… they wrote a bunch of smash hits that everyone knows and love: “Under the Bridge”, “Give It Away”, “Suck My Kiss”, “Californication”, “By The Way”, “Scar Tissue”, “Can’t Stop”, “Soul To Squeeze”, etc. The list is endless… Frusciante wrote all those songs with the band. John wrote memorable songs with the Chilli Peppers that never left our heads.

Did Klinghoffer write any smash hits with the two albums they did with the Chilli Peppers that would be considered radiofriendly? Maybe the song “Dark Necessittes” but that’s about it.

Now I’m looking forward to the next Chilli Peppers record when Frusciante hits the studio with them again. They’re probably gonna hit the studio again to write and record songs for the next album asap. The next album probably won’t come out ’til 2021 ’cause it takes forever to record an album. Now the Chilli Peppers can go back to make some sick music again with Frusciante on guitar ’cause the band was at their best with Frusciante. Glad that John is coming back though after a long hiatus from the band.

Wonder what made John come back to them? Maybe John wrote a bunch of song ideas that would be good for Chilli Peppers music and that’s probably what did it, I bet. Maybe John just felt like having fun again. He probably just missed making music with them and wanted to get back into it.

This is great news, though and I’m excited!


As of today Dec. 8th is a day of remembrance of 4 important musicians in the music industry: Jim Morrison, Gregg Allman, Dimebag Darrell and John Lennon…

Like the title says as of today Dec. 8th is a day of remembrance of 4 important musicians in the music industry who inspired and changed us all over the years. These are musicians who are having birthdays today and having death anniversaries.

The Birthday musicians are Jim Morrison (Born: Dec. 8th, 1943) and Gregg Allman (Born: Dec. 8th 1947).

The Death Anniversary musicians are Dimebag Darrell (who passed 15 years ago today) and John Lennon (who passed 39 years ago today).

All 4 of these musicians were definitely important to my life so I’ll never forget any of them. Gregg Allman passed a few years ago so now he joins these men in heaven.

I’m a huge Doors fan, a huge Allman Bros. fan and a huge Pantera fan. Of course, I listened to a lot of Lennon’s solo stuff too.

Dec. 8th is always an important day of music because of these guys and I think they are the Mt. Rushmore of music for sure.

RIP to all of them and love all of them.


Did Kid Rock just hinted that he’s making a comeback to rap/metal??? It seems that he just did…

Looks like Kid Rock is getting all fed up with the  bullcrap he’s getting by the hardcore left these days. Y’all know that it seems that Kid Rock is leaning right politically and he’s been getting a lot of liberal backlash… especially for his rant against Oprah Winfrey on his twitter page. Was this in response to that?

Anyhow, Kid Rock is in the studio again recording a new record for 2021 and it’s looking he just hinted he’s going back to rap metal. The genre that pretty much started his career in the 90’s. Kid Rock’s rap metal stuff was pretty huge in the 90’s but in the 2000’s years, Kid Rock began to stay away from rap/metal and going different directions with his music over the years. He’s been doing a lot of country music and southern rock stuff which this type of music landed him in the country music spotlight. He still does hard rock music some but trying to stay away from the rap music stuff that he was known for in the old days.

Ya know, I know Kid Rock is still pretty popular musically but I prefer the rap/metal Kid Rock than the country/Southern Rock stuff he does. I was a huge Kid Rock fan when he was doing the rap/metal stuff but then I stopped buying his music since he went country.

In the tweets above, this is a big hint that it looks like he’s making a comeback to rap/metal. Notice he said, “Devil Without a Cause”. He is angry and pissed off and in order to show that anger in his music, he needs to bring back rap metal which makes sense. It’s good news if he’s really going back to the rap stuff ’cause I think he’s best at that.

It also looks like he’s fed up with the major label industry ’cause the tweets say, he’s no longer with a label and he’s releasing the record unsigned. That’s also a cool thing ’cause if you make a record without a label that means you get full control of your music without any record execs trying to tell you how to write songs. So it’s going to be interesting to see what Kid Rock’s next album is gonna be like.

I still do love the album “Devil Without a Cause”, though. It’s a great record and still holds up today.


The Black Crowes officially returns once again and they are still killing it after all these years!!!

The Black Crowes first album. “Shake Your Money Maker” which had this song may have came out in 1990 but the Black Crowes are still killing it even to this day. I love watching live band performances on the Howard Stern show ’cause the sound quality is so damn good in that studio. When you hear bands perform on Howard Stern, you can hear every instrument pretty clearly which is amazing. Whoever does the sound on the Stern show definitely knows what he’s doing when it come to sound quality.

Anyway, this performance was fucking awesome and they still kill it as you can see.

Yeah, I know the Robinson brothers always had a hard time getting along over the years and the Black Crowes play on and off ’cause they keep breaking up all the time it seems. Well it seems that Chris and Rich has buried the hatchet once again but it’ll be interesting to see how long this one will last, though. It’ll be interesting to see how long their 2020 tour will last. We’ll see, though.

Hopefully the Black Crowes will stick together for a while longer and hopefully their 2020 tour will be a success without them breaking up again. We’ll see. Hopefully they put out a new record as well.

I only have one album by the Black Crowes which is “Shake Your Money Maker” and it’s a great album. I’ve always liked the Black Crowes and glad they’re back for now anyways. They’re just another one of those bands where they have members that don’t get along so well.

I loved watching that performance above… Chris is still killing it on the vocals and his voice is sounding better than ever too.


Is Opeth the greatest band going today? I would say so… why aren’t you all listening to them?


I’ve been listening to Opeth obsessively for the past several years now. Love the band so much. I would think they are the greatest rock band going today, in my opinion. Actually, Opeth and Dream Theater are two of my favorite bands but I think I love Opeth way more, though. Opeth is a prog rock and metal band from Sweden and I’m trying to collect all 13 of their albums. I have 10 of them so far and only need to get: “MorningRise”, “My Arms, Your Hearse” and “Heritage”. Just gotta get those three albums and then I’ll have their entire discography. The more I listen to them, the more obsessed I become of their music.

I just like Mikael Akerfeldt’s songwriting style… he’s the singer and guitarist of the band. I really like his guitar work and his singing voice is real good as well. Mikael is a rock singer who can either sing clearly and he can growl both which I respect. Opeth is more than just rock and metal… they are also kind of jazzy a little bit and there are some ambient folk music thrown in the mix too. It’s just different and unique music. Different than any other rock bands. Opeth got their own unique sound.

At first, I thought their new record they just put out “In Cauda Venenum” was okay but the album is growing on me the more I listen to it. Yeah the album is a grower and now I’m beginning to think this record is the best one they’ve done in their career.

My favorite Opeth album ever is “Deliverance” (released in 2002) but the new one “In Cauda Venenum” is getting right up there. I just love how this band can switch from going to heavy music to mellower folky kind of music. This band also has a lot of classical influence I’m hearing too.

This band is inspiring me to make this kind of music… put metal and acoustic both together… make it proggy. I really love these experimental bands. I really hope to see Opeth live someday ’cause I really would. They do plays shows around the Capital Region once in a while when the band is on tour.

They really are a phenomenal band and I wish they would get recognized some more. It may seem like that prog rock is dead but the genre is still alive and well. Thanks Opeth for trying to keep prog alive.

I love the band’s guitar style ’cause their playing is more complex. When you think of metal in Opeth, you’re not gonna hear power chords and basic open chords. Their guitar playing is so unique, it’s hard to explain it.

Never heard them before? Go to youtube and type in the name. Listen to them on Spotify and Apple Music if you subscribe to one of them. They’re one of my favorite bands right now, probably in my top 5. I’m always listening to them all the time.