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Speaking of Ted Nugent, Tom Morello speaks out on his friendship with him…

Ya know, Tom Morello is right that he does reserve the right to be friends with whoever he wants. Yes, there is this thing called “agree to disagree” so what happened to that lately? They may have political differences but like Tom said, he’s not afraid to confront Ted about some stuff… I’m sure they try their best to keep politics away from music ’cause to me, that’s what they’re friendship is about “music”.

Why did they get together as close bros? Musical interests I would say… maybe their tastes in music is what got them together and also mutual respect is another reason. They just respect each others musical talents ya know? Tom thinks Ted is a great guitar player and Ted thinks Tom is a great guitar player.

It is completely okay for a die-hard conservative to be friends with leftist people. I’m a die-hard conservative myself, just so you know and I’ve had plenty of local musicians that were pretty leftist who refused to talk with me over “political differences”. Freakin’ bullshit if you ask me.

We definitely need this more in the musicians community…. musicians getting together despite the political differences. Politics isn’t everything, it’s about the music. It is possible to put politics aside away from music. It’s real sad to see that leftist musicians hating on conservative musicians and vice versa, it happens both ways.

Tom Morello is a very leftist guy yes but that man himself is also a badass guitar player, I admire his playing too.

While I’m a die-hard conservative admittedly, I do support plenty of bands & artists who are very leftist but I support them ’cause simply their music is good. It’s about the music, not about their political views. It’s definitely possible to keep politics separate from music. Try it sometime? It’s not healthy to live like that, hating on each other ’cause of political differences.

Anyhow, don’t be surprised if you see some kind of Ted Nugent and Tom Morello collaboration coming. I’m sure they already discussed that so maybe they’re waiting for the right time? You know they’re gonna end up doing something musically.


Ted Nugent is a goat rock star who deserves to get respected more in the music industry, was he blacklisted because of his right wing politics?

Ted Nugent, a legendary rock musician who had one helluva career in his younger years. He maybe most well known for his anthems “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever” but Ted has many hit songs then those.

No matter what your political views are, you can not deny that Ted is a monster guitar player. He used to be all over the main stream in the earlier days but he’s still doing pretty well for himself today. He’s still going… putting out studio records and touring. Although Ted has had another lead singer in his solo band, he is totally capable of singing lead himself which he is also pretty good at.

I think Ted was totally blacklisted from the music industry… why? Probably because for a couple of reasons: 1) His hardcore “right-wing” views 2) His strong support for the NRA and for the 2nd Amendment and 3) His love for hunting and killing animals (they give him so much shit for that too).

Some clues that Ted was blacklisted from the industry: Not in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame when he absolutely should be, not on covers of music magazines and guitar mags, doesn’t get booked for any big festivals, never was a musical guest for Saturday Night Live and I can go on and on.

He has been on late night talk shows like Letterman in his earlier years

Anyhow, for many years the mainstream media likes to try and make Ted to be this bad man when he isn’t really. He seems like a good guy to me. When I hear him talk, he’s almost always pretty positive and humble from what I hear. He’s not that outspoken like people wanna believe.

I admire Ted and always been a fan myself. I only have two albums by him though but plan on getting more of his music when I get around to it.

It may seem like Ted is the most hated guy but in reality, he’s actually the most respected… he is most respected in the right-wing community anyways but lefties can’t stand him.

Ted is a monster musician who deserves more respect. It’s about his music… not his political views. It’s okay to keep music and politics separate is there? There are plenty of bands & music artists that I love who are very “leftist” but I support ’em anyways ’cause it’s about the music, ya know? Politics isn’t everything. The point of this blog post is that I wish he would be more respected for his music.

Anyhow, “Stranglehold” is a monster song and I’m trying to learn it myself so I can cover it on video which will happen soon.


Led Zeppelin dropped a few live performances performing a song in its entirety… they are what made the band so special…

If you head on over to Led Zeppelin’s official facebook page, today they dropped a few Led Zeppelin live performances performing different songs in their entirety… not just small clips.

They dropped “Bring It On Home”, “Dazed and Confused”, “I Can’t Quit You Baby” and “Since I’ve been Loving You”.

If you want to know why I’m such an obsessive Led Zeppelin fan then that’s why. It was about their live performances. I love listening to Led Zep’s studio albums, sure but it’s their live stuff is what I love the most about the band.

I don’t understand why some don’t like Led Zeppelin and yes, they do have their share of haters believe it or not. They are either insane or deaf or a little bit of both but I always found the band amazing.

Why is Led Zep releasing older live performances? Are they releasing a new live album, maybe? Doesn’t look like it, I think it’s because they’re just celebrating the band’s history probably to help bring more hype to their upcoming “Becoming Led Zeppelin” documentary they got coming out. That’s probably what it is, I bet.


The new Iron Maiden album “Senjutsu” is really good, I’m impressed with it!

Man, I can’t stop listening to the new Iron Maiden album that just came out, “Senjutsu”. It’s a really impressive album and I think it’s the best new album the band has done so far. I bought the album digitally on the day it came out Friday Sept. 3rd of this year and listened to it like 4 or 5 times ever since.

I must say that it’s a very risky and ballsy album for the band to do ’cause it’s a very different album then anything else they’ve done in the past. The songs are a lot more mellower and different but they still sound like Iron Maiden and there are still chuggy metal riffs and impressive galloping all over it. There’s still plenty of metal on it even though it’s different.

As always, there’s still some pretty impressive guitar harmony playing with three players playing different things on top of each other. Adrian, Dave and Janick are the players on the new record still and they still bring it.

The album clocks in at over 80 minutes and they save the longest songs ’til last. I don’t mind listening to long songs ’cause I’m used to it after listening to bands like Led Zep, Dream Theater and Rush who are also obsessed with writing long songs. I don’t mind long songs ’cause I write long songs myself. To be honest long songs don’t seem that long to me ’cause of the pacing. Long songs can feel like short songs if that makes sense.

Bruce Dickinson’s singing still sounds killer on this record too. Not bad for a guy who is 63 and just curing himself of cancer and all that. He’s sounding better than ever now. He can still hit the high notes as well.

I’m a longtime Iron Maiden fan and trying to collect more of their albums… at least I’m trying to get all the Dickinson stuff anyways ’cause I know he wasn’t the only singer in the band.

I really liked “Senjutsu” a lot and probably gonna buy the vinyl version of that album sometime in the future. It’s definitely way different than their previous album “The Book of Souls”.

If you’re a metal fan you should definitely check this album out. Loved it!


Why the Nirvana “Nevermind” album means so much to me…

When the Nirvana “Nevermind” album first came out in 1991, I immediately went out and bought it after seeing the band’s hit songs played on MTV on a non-stop basis. Plus, their songs from the album were being played all over rock radio back in the day. I was in junior high when the album first came out and Nirvana started getting big.

When I was a kid in junior high, the first thing I would do when I first came home from school in the afternoon was turn on the TV to watch videos on MTV for the rest of the evening. Each time a Nirvana video came on, I would turn the volume up. So I went and got myself the “Nevermind” album which I listened to obsessively on a nonstop basis. It’s one of those albums you’ll never get tired of. You can listen to over and over again and I still do listen to it 30 years later.

The album meant so much ’cause it definitely changed my life. I was going through some rough times then like with all the scoliosis stuff I went through and Nirvana helped get me through all that. I also gotten more and more interested in songwriting ’cause of Nirvana.

Nirvana gotten so much hate over the years but I never understood why. Kurt wrote amazing and beautiful music. He wrote songs like they actually meant something. People always bitched about how Nirvana songs were so simplistic but Nirvana songs are not as easy as some of you think ’cause you have to get the rhythm right.

“Nevermind” was definitely an important masterpiece. I love the album all the way through and it still holds up. Still a great fucking album. I love every song on it but I love the way the album ended. I think “Nevermind” definitely had the best album endings. That final track, “Something in the Way” gives me goosebumps each time I hear that haunting song.

Nirvana definitely changed the world of music. Love them or not, they still mean so much to many people even to this day. Kurt maybe gone but the music is forever.


Pop star Nicki Minaj is not for the vaccine… of course, she is attacked by liberals and the mainstream media…

Nicki Minaj has always been a pretty leftist pop star but did she just take the red pill about the covid vaccines??? It certainly seems so. She’s all over her twitter account attacking the vaccine like mad and I’m like blown away seeing all this.

I’ve never really been a fan of this lady but I’ll respect her for this one. She just made me like her just a little more.

Just like with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, they spoke out about their bad experiences with vaccines, of course, they got trashed by leftism and now Nicki is another music artist speaking out about the bad experiences with the covid vaccine.

All she’s doing is speaking out her bad experiences with it which she is doing nothing wrong but of course, the left is accusing her of spreading misinformation.

I think what she’s doing is pretty mind blowing and hope she keeps it going.

What happened with “Freedom of Expression”??? We’re not allowed to have that anymore? It seems so with all this “covid” censorship in social media nowadays, it’s disgusting.

Just to be aware about something, not all leftist people are for the vaccine. I’m seeing plenty of die-hard liberals that are not for it. We all should have the right to question the vaccine doesn’t matter which side you’re on politically.

I almost want to buy a Nick Minaj album because what she’s doing is so great but not yet. I’ll start checking out her songs in youtube at least. I’ll wait to see if she doesn’t sell out, ya know, bow down to the left ’cause I hate it when this happens and then I’ll think about getting an album of hers.

I thought attacking blacks is racist??? But nope, here we are seeing all kinds of people bashing Nicki ’cause they don’t agree with her on something. They can’t call her racist even though I’m sure they want to.


All this over hype of the Metallica “Black Album” 30th Anniversary boxset and it ended up being overpriced on release day… huh????

There’s so much hype of the Metallica 30th Anniversary boxset of the “Black Album”. The “Black Album” that smash hit album in the 90’s which helped Metallica become an even more mainstream of a band. The overhype of this boxset is pretty insane really. The band promoting it everywhere for a while now… they did it through Guitar World, the Howard Stern show, their own official podcast and it’s pretty much everywhere you see really.

Well the Black Album boxset just came out today… while it’s all exciting and good the physical boxset is about a whopping $240 and if you just want the digital version through Itunes, that’s $140.

Anyhow, it seems that most people might agree that the 30th Anniversary set might be a bit overprice ’cause people’s been getting the “The Blacklist” covers album instead by Metallica which just topped the Top 40 rock charts today… “The Blacklist” covers album is $50.

I understand that the 30th Anniversary is something to celebrate but is all this overhype over an overpriced boxset necessary? It’s definitely nothing more of a cash grab for sure. I wanna get the Metallica “Black Album” physical boxset with all the goodies in it but not right away though. Maybe next year I’ll start saving for it ’cause I try to buy everything that Metallica comes out with. I do want to get it, don’t get me wrong.

“The Black Album” is great, though.


Spencer Elden aka Nirvana Baby suing Nirvana for “Nevermind” album cover after repeatedly re-creating it himself over the years…

Well this one is really strange… Spencer Elden famous as the naked baby on the legendary Nirvana “Nevermind” album cover is now suing the band and calling it child porn. I call it strange ’cause this the same guy who repeatedly re-created it over the years himself under the pool and this guy also had plenty of interviews with the music press talking about the album cover like he had no problem with it. He’s now asking $150,000 from every defendant.

What’s with the sudden flip-flop?

He had plenty of time to sue the band if he didn’t like it, why he did he wait for years to do it? I guess he’s desperate for money and attention. Is he in financial trouble? Sounds like it.

Kurt Cobain is not around to defend himself but I’m sure Dave and Krist might have something to say about this soon. Blame the parents for allowing it to happen. According to some info about Nirvana, Spencer’s father was a friend of the photographer who took the legendary photo so blame him for it. How come the Dad isn’t name in the lawsuit? Oh, that’s right you can’t blame your own family.

This lawsuit will go nowhere. The judge is gonna throw it out. Just watch.


44 years ago today, music world lost Elvis Presley…

44 years ago today, we lost one of the greats. I can see why Elvis meant to so many. I don’t have a lot of Elvis music in my collection but I have a few Elvis albums. Just a Greatest Hits and a few live albums, that’s all I think. Yes, I am a fan like most. I definitely would love to get more Elvis on vinyl for sure.

While I like hearing his rock n’ roll stuff, I was more into the ballads ’cause that’s where his talent really shined.

RIP King…


This Johnny Cash quote explains his addiction with studio recording…

That quote is very inspiring. You want to know why Johnny Cash has a very large album discography over the years, this is why. The man in black was very addicted and obsessed with the studio. A lot of musicians and bands only record in the studio when they need to but with Johnny Cash, that was all he ever did.

According to his album discography, he has a total of 67 studio albums. His debut record was titled, “Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar” (yes that was the title) and that album had the hits “Walk the Line” and “Folsom Prison Blues”, the two songs that made him famous. Johnny recording albums one after another up until his final album that he recorded when he was alive: “American IV: The Man Comes Around” (in 2002) and then he passed away in 2003.

He has a very large album discography but I’ll think he has tons of unreleased stuff too and they are trying to release some of it. I would think Johnny’s vault would be pretty huge.

Originally Johnny never really wanted to become a country singer. He wanted to sing gospel but he had to sing country ’cause it was the only way for him to get into the industry.

I love Johnny Cash though and I’m a massive fan. I have all of Johnny’s American albums but don’t have a lot of his older albums ’cause he has so many. I just have a greatest hits album and a few live albums too.

Johnny Cash definitely was obsessed with the studio. It was the only thing he was good at and he died what he loved doing.