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The “Zappa” documentary inspired me to start getting into his music more finally…

Last night on Hulu, I’ve finally gotten around to watching the “Zappa” documentary. A rockumentary film that was directed by Alex Winter who is famously known as Bill from the “Bill & Ted” film franchise.

Frank Zappa is a legend and icon in the music business. He’s not just a rock n’ roll musician, he’s done other genres in his career and he’s done a little more than 60 albums, maybe more than that.

I never really got into Frank Zappa music at all and I’ve been meaning to so yeah, I’m pretty late getting into his music. After watching the “Zappa” doc finally, it inspired me to finally start getting his albums so I bought his very first album, “Freak Out” and another album called “Hot Rats” which are the two perfect albums to start off with for a Frank Zappa newbie like myself.

Frank was an interesting guy. My favorite parts of the doc was the very beginning when he was showing off his vault, where he keeps his recording music all shelved at his home. I also thought his rants about the music industry were pretty insightful.

Frank said on the doc that while he has no problem making music for himself so he can like it and listen to it, he also makes it for other people which is why he made albums. The doc also showed some of his live performances and had many other musicians speaking about Frank especially Steve Vai and many others.

A longtime Frank Zappa fan may not appreciate this doc but I think it was made for people who know nothing about the guy. In other words, it seems to me the film was more aimed to the newbies. This isn’t Alex’s first directed film ’cause he’s been directing films for a long while but I believe this is his first rock doc and I thought he did a great job with it. The film had an interesting direction style, it was different than other rock documentaries I’ve seen.

It’s definitely worth watching for any music lover, though.


Live music is finally starting to make a comeback this year but very slowly…

So I’m noticing nowadays that live music is starting to make a comeback finally. Only for the states that allow it and it’s looking like Gov. Cuomo is gonna bring back live music in NY later this month. He’s bringing back 100% full capacity in everything in this state which is about time really.

Already, I’m seeing a lot of bands & artists releasing their 2021 tour dates for this Spring/Summer. Sadly, they can’t tour every state ’cause a lot of states will be under strict lockdowns and strict protocols still. That’s because those states have a Democrat governor. States with a Republican governor opened almost everything up.

As soon as some states allowing live music, it’s no surprise to see that bands & music artists are already going out there. I can’t blame them, ya know? Musicians and bands can’t be staying home. This is what they’re supposed to be doing… playing music in front of crowds.

With live music coming back to NY state this summer, I would like to go to a national concert myself like maybe at Spac or the Times Union Center if I find a show I wanna go. I found out that Trey Anastasio booked a 3 night solo acoustic show at SPAC in Saratoga Springs, I’ll probably end up going to that one. I want to go to a live concert to celebrate the return of live music.

It’s great that live music is coming back this year but I hope the mask mandate gets dropped soon ’cause I can’t see myself wearing a mask at a concert for 3 or 4 hours. I’ll have a rant about the mask thing in another topic.

Anyhow, it’s great that live music is returning. They’re dying to get back out there and I can’t blame them for wanting to get right back out as long as they were allowed to. Many of them hated staying home, they really did.

I haven’t been to a national concert in a long time myself. Last one I been to was Metallica, Lamb of God, Volbeat way back in 2009. I’m not a big concert goer anymore like I used to be.


Big name Music artists that were film actors too…

This week I just watched a few classic movies that starred big music artists that were in leading roles of films… “Love Me Tender” starring Elvis and “Tony Rome” starring Frank Sinatra. Both really good.

Some people find it questionable that big name music artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga getting movie roles and they get criticized for it but music stars also being actors is nothing new… it goes way back.

Here is a list of huge music stars that did movies over the years:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Dean Martin
  • Bing Crosby
  • Cher
  • David Bowie
  • Tina Turner
  • Will Smith
  • Whitney Houston
  • Courtney Love
  • Tom Waits
  • Mick Jagger
  • Bjork
  • Dolly Parton
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Michael Jackson
  • Queen Latifah
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Barbra Streisand
  • 50 Cent
  • Ice Cube
  • Kris Kristofferson

And the list goes on and on…. Why is it do you think that music stars do both music and movies at the same time? Is it ego? Is it about the money? Not really. I think it’s because they want to express their talent with something else other than music. They felt that they could do something else. Maybe it gives them something to do when they’re not touring or something. Many of them just fell in love with acting and kept at it. I also believe it’s a great way to help keep their name known and them starring in movies is a great way to market their music careers too.

Music stars doing movies is not gonna stop, that will always be around. No doubt that their music careers helped them get in the movie business ’cause without music, they wouldn’t have made it in Hollywood.

I’ve been watching some movies with big music stars in them lately which inspired me to write this topic. It is interesting if you think about it.


Greta Van Fleet, they still get so much hate but I don’t know why, they rock!

I was late getting into Greta Van Fleet’s music but I’m glad that I got into them. I was into them before “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” though. Someone in Facebook recommended me that I should really check them out ’cause they’re like Led Zeppelin 2.0. When I decided to check out Greta Van Fleet for myself in youtube, I was like, “Holy Fuck”. They do sound like Led Zeppelin. All the members in Greta Van Fleet plays like the guys in Led Zeppelin. It’s crazy, they blew my mind and I’ve been supporting that band ever since.

Yeah, they got Led Zep influences going on in there for sure but I also hear a lot of 60’s and 70’s classic rock vibe like the Who, Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd and such bands as though. I also hear a lot of blues influence in the band as well. I read interviews with the band online and in magazines and they’re more inspired by the blues than rock, though.

For a long time now, the band got slammed by fans and music critics for sounding too much like Led Zeppelin but that’s one of the reasons why I respect them so much. There are too many bands that sound like Led Zep out there but none of the others were able to nail Led Zep’s sound and style but Greta Van Fleet somehow did it.

The band got so tired of the Led Zep comparisons. They were flattered at first but as years went along they grew tired of it so they made an album that sounds totally different. They released a new album titled, “Battle of the Garden’s Gate” which I got this week. I haven’t heard it yet but going to. Even though I heard that album is different, I’m sure there is still Led Zep influence even though they tried to sound different than them. I’m a huge fan of this band and love what they’re doing. Their musicianship and playing is very impressive. Josh is a helluva singer, that young man can sing and that’s one thing the haters won’t admit.

People complain about dance and rap taking over the industry but here comes Greta Van Fleet, letting you know that rock isn’t quite dead yet…, though people are still hating on them.

I think they’re one of the great bands left nowadays and I respect them so much. Thankfully they stay out of politics and focus on the music. They are probably left-wingers but it don’t matter, I just love ’em for the music and that ‘s it. I think they’re talented dudes. Don’t care what anyone says.


Tony Iommi finally giving the other singers of Black Sabbath some well needed attention…

So I just bought the Deluxe Versions of the Black Sabbath albums: “Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules” which both of those albums had Ronnie James Dio as a singer. Tony Iommi released those albums as a Deluxe Edition just not too long ago. There are no unreleased tracks on the Deluxe Versions, just a bunch of live stuff after the studio albums gets done playing.

While Black Sabbath were active, all they did was ram the Ozzy era down our throats constantly. They never gave the other singers any acknowledgement until now. Tony releases “Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules” as a way to remind Black Sabbath fans that Ozzy wasn’t the only singer in the band.

Yeah, Sabbath should celebrate the Ozzy era of Sabbath… now that the band is no more officially… it’s time to celebrate the other eras. It’s time to get the whole career of Black Sabbath out there. I’ve read somewhere that Tony Iommi is planning release a box set of the Tony Martin era of Sabbath real soon which is gonna be real cool. I believe there were two other singers of Sabbath which only lasted for an album or two: Ian Gillan and Glen Hughes.

I never heard the “Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules” studio albums before and I just gave them both a listen this week. Both albums are amazing. It’s Ronnie James Dio, I’m just starting to get into his music more too ’cause he’s one of the greatest rock singers of all time. The live stuff on those deluxe albums are really cool too so I’m glad I bought these two albums.

I’d say it’s about time that Tony Iommi is trying to get the other singers of Sabbath known again… Ozzy wasn’t the only singer of that band, remember that. I’ve loved Black Sabbath for a long long time, ever since I was young and still listen to that band now. Tony Iommi has always been one of my favorite guitarists and he is the riff master for sure. He definitely knows how to write riffs with “power” and knows how to make them sound musical… riffs that never leave your head. Tony was the master at that… while Tony is mostly well known as a riff master and rhythm guitarist, another reminder that Tony is also a lead guitarist and he played some mind blowing solos in Sabbath songs. Iommi has always been one of my top 10 guitarists. He’s a genius for sure.

Since Sabbath will never make a new studio album ever again, Tony is still trying to find ways to keep fans happy by re-releasing the old albums into Deluxe editions which is a good idea, in my opinion. That’s smart band marketing.


Thoughts and prayers go out to DMX… Hope There’s a miracle and hope he pulls through…

Earl Simmons aka DMX may have had a lot of problems and personal issues in his life and music career but we’re all human and we’ve all made mistakes whether you want to admit it or not. Yeah, DMX has been arrested a number of times and did some pretty bad stuff but that’s because of his drug problems over the years, ya know? I’m not gonna hate on the guy and disrespect him, no hate here at all. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family & friends.

Even though things aren’t looking good with Earl, I’ve always believed in miracles and hoping for a miracle and hoping he pulls through. It seems like he’s a fighter alright ’cause even though things aren’t good with him, he’s still trying to hang on.

He’s a human being as we all are and all this shows is that life is fragile, it really is.

DMX music isn’t my cup of tea but got nothing but love and respect for the guy. Praying for him.


David Bowie may not have liked his glitter rock years but I thought he was amazing at that…

Over the weekend, I bought this Rolling Stone special tribute magazine about David Bowie. It’s got him on the cover and the magazine is everything about David Bowie. Includes older articles and interviews with David Bowie in them and things like that, ya know?

I was reading the magazine over the weekend and I was surprised to learn that David Bowie never liked his glitter rock years. In fact, he always hated that era. Ya know, the glitter rock years that he was most famous for “Ziggy Stardust”, “Aladdin Sane”, “Diamond Dogs” and “Hunky Dory”. He never liked those albums and David said he even hated his iconic live album “David live” released in 1974. I read all this and shaking my head like what?

I beg to differ ’cause I think all those records he didn’t like that were listed above were all fucking amazing and incredible. I loved Bowie’s rock n’ roll albums, I never understood why he hated them. He just never was a fan of rock n’ roll and I now completely understand why Bowie stayed away from rock n’ roll over the years. He did mostly pop music over the years. The thing is, Bowie never saw himself as a rock artist… he always saw himself as an actor than a musician… that’s why he created all those musical characters like Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, etc.

The thing that shocked me the most was how he never liked his “David Live” album released in 1974. That is his most popular live album, that got him most positive reviews and he hated it? I bought that “David Live” album not too long ago and listened to it a few times, that album blew my fucking mind and I think it’s one of the greatest live albums in the history of music. Bowie was his own worst critic, I guess.

No matter what genre Bowie did over the years, he was genius at everything. I even loved all of his non-rock stuff. I’m trying to collect all of his studio albums and even his Tin Machine records and I’m just about there.

Even though Bowie tried to avoid rock n’ roll the best he could over the years, a lot of his newer stuff were still “rock n’ roll in a way… especially songs like “Are you Afraid of Americans”, “Dead Man Walking”, “Something In the Air”, “Slow Burn” and “Blackstar”. Even though those songs were different genres, they still were “rock n’ roll”. That song “Are you Afraid of Americans” had some pretty heavy guitar riffing on it.

I kind of wished David did rock n’ roll more ’cause he was great at it. He hated rock n’ roll so much, he did whatever he could to get away from it. Why did he do rock n’ roll even though he hated it? Well, he thought he would give a try, like an experiment and maybe he did it for the money? So he grew quickly tired of rock n’ roll and gave us the album “Young Americans” which was a strictly pop record in 1975.

When he did his latest and final record, “Blackstar”, once again he did his best to avoid rock n’ roll on it by eliminating guitar playing completely. He just sang over horn sections and stuff on that album but a lot of that album was still “rock”. He always did “rock” even though he didn’t know it ’cause pop music and techno is rock n’ roll too if you think about it.

I rarely ever buy tribute magazines from the newsstands but I had to get this David Bowie one since I’m a huge fan. Glad I got it. Very good and interesting read.


62 years since the day the Music Died: RIP Buddy Holly, Rithchie Valens and the Big Bopper…

When will kids of today’s generation realize that this was where real music began??? It really is sad that the music industry went from this to being obsessed with pop, rap and country that doesn’t even sound country.

Anyhow, that was a tragic day Feb. 3rd, 1959.

Ritchie Valens career was short-lived but if Ritchie didn’t get on that plane and lived, just imagine how huge Ritchie’s career would have been? I’m sure Ritchie would have been just as big as Elvis.

I love Buddy and Ritchie… love the Big Bopper too but haven’t listened to too much music of his. Buddy and Ritchie were my heroes though, love both of them.


Phil Spector can rot in hell now, fuck that murdering monster…

Man, I can’t believe people. Phil Spector, the legendary producer dies in prison. I can’t believe that so many people are actually mourning the guy especially a lot of musicians/bands and music lovers. Proves that people in this crazy world are so fucking stupid and brain dead.

Phil Spector was a madman and psychopath with so many mental issues… yet most people forgot the fact that the monster shot actress Lana Clarkson in the mouth at his own mansion. Yes, he shot her once but it was still a gruesome murder and she didn’t deserve that.

Truthfully, I think “most” people know that… many just won’t publicly admit it ’cause they are assholes and desperate for that kind of attention when someone legendary dies. Yes, Phil was a legend but he still shot and killed an innocent woman.

The fucking headlines, man… they won’t say it either. Some headlines in the press actually got it right but most of the mainstream media and the music press wants you to forget it happened.

This is just more proof that people are awful and society is so messed up, ya know????

It’s been said that Phil died of either covid19 or natural causes, which is it…. but who cares, though. Phil died in prison so he got what he deserved and Lana got her true justice and god bless her now. People want to celebrate the life of Phil Spector after his passing and not Lana Clarkson? Unbelievable. Fuck that murdering monster, he gets no respect from me.

I don’t care about that monster Phil Spector and it’s insane to me that so many do after what he did to that poor woman back in 2003. That’s the problem, people don’t care about murdered women nowadays.

I was kind of pissed when I saw people in mourning of Phil. People are crazy and insane, I tell ya. I had to rant about it in FB a little bit.


This Band called Swans, just discovered them and loving them…

I keep hearing this song around the house being played on an Ipod stereo system so I asked this person who does this song and he said, “Swans”. So I looked the band up and found the band in youtube and started to listen to their stuff.

I was like blown away… this is probably the most intense music I’ve ever heard in a long time. I’ve listened to so much music over the years but never heard anything like Swans did. Swans is an experimental rock band. They’re kind of prog rocky a little bit, psychedellic kind of stuff like Pink Floyd maybe but Swans is different. Michael Gira has a unique sound. I love his style.

I’m gonna start getting albums by Swans, I think and “Soundtracks for the Blind” is a good one to start off with. That’s how most Swans fans get into them is starting with that album ’cause their song “The Sound” is like an anthem for them. The lyrics could be very deep and intense… some of this stuff may not be easy for people to listen to.

I was kind of hooked to this song so I had to find out who did it and turns out to be a band called Swans. They’re kind of a new band but not really, they’ve been around a while. They’ve been around since the 80’s. They sound new but they’re not really.

Cool band and I want to get into them this year. Michael Gira’s songwriting style kind of reminds me of myself. His vocals are kind of like mine in a way. Glad I discovered him and his band Swans. Never heard of them until now.