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RIP Kurt Cobain who passed 25 years ago today…


Nirvana gets a lot of hate nowadays still but I don’t know why. Oh well, I don’t care what the haters think ’cause I’ve always believed that Nirvana is one of the greatest rock bands on the planet. Even though Led Zeppelin will always be my no. 1 favorite band, Nirvana would have to be my second favorite. Kurt Cobain really was an amazing songwriter. Yes, he really was a great rock vocalist too and a good guitar player as well. The three Nirvana albums: “Bleach”, “Nevermind” and “In Utero” will always be masterpieces.

I was listening to Nirvana a lot during my high school years ’cause my high school years were during the 90’s. I still listen to Nirvana today as they are still my favorite band.

I remember being really bummed and upset when Kurt allegedly killed himself. Yes, I said “allegedly” ’cause this case needs to be looked at by law enforcement again. Watch the movie “Soaked in Bleach” and you’ll see.

Even though Nirvana got a lot of controversy and backlash over the years, still though, Kurt inspired a lot of people in positive ways. He changed a lot of lives whether you like him or not.



Thoughts on the Motley Crue movie, “The Dirt” on Netflix, I thought it was surprisingly great! Very realistic too!!!

I’ve watched the Motley Crue biopic film on Netflix called “The Dirt” last Sunday night and I thought it was surprisingly good! I wasn’t much of a Motley Crue fan much over the years but after seeing this movie, makes me want to get into their music more. I’ve heard all of their hit songs on MTV, of course so I’m definitely familiar with their music. I only own one Motley Crue album which is “The Saints of Los Angeles” their latest album but I’m planning on getting their older albums soon.

As far the Dirt goes, I was surprised of how realistic and accurate the film was. Metal bands like that can be really crazy in real life with the all the sex, drugs and alcohol and all that stuff. Some of you may ask, is everything seen in the movie accurate? According to the band, Motley Crue themselves, they said yes everything in the movie is pretty much true. I’m gonna have to read the book now which was written by Tommy Lee.

The movie had some pretty mixed emotions, though. A lot of times the movie can be funny and entertaining as hell but at the same time it can also be scary and sad. Why is the film a bit scary? Probably ’cause of all the drug use in the movie and what drugs can really do to you, that’s one thing that film showed you. The film wanted to educate you about the dangers of drugs which they did a good job of, I think. The film also can be pretty sad and gotten serious like with the death of Vince’s daughter, Skylar which was the most serious part of the whole film.

I thought it was a great movie. It’s a great movie for die hard fans of Motley Crue and a good film for new fans too. I don’t know much about Motley Crue but I’m gonna have to learn more about them after seeing this movie. I definitely plan on watching this movie again on Netflix this week. Probably this weekend actually. The film was well-written and well-acted by the cast too. It’s recommended seeing for any music fan. You don’t even need to be a Motley Crue fan at all to watch this film. You can watch it to educate yourself on what the rock n’ roll lifestyle is really like. The rock n’ roll lifestyle may seem like a lot of fun but this film wants to show you that it isn’t always enjoyable.

Definitely check it out if you’re a Netflix subscriber.


Greta Van Fleet being hated on for being a Led Zeppelin rip off is unfair but at the same time, it’s a good thing…

Oh my god. Greta Van Fleet is being hated on left and right in the music industry. They are even being hated on by other famous musicians and bands. It’s crazy, ya know? A lot of famous musicians voiced their opinions on Greta Van Fleet and they aren’t good. In the music industry, there are mixed opinions about Greta Van Fleet… some are positive and some negative. Well, it’s expected when the band is about ready to blow up in the industry big time which they already did.

Yeah, the band sounds very much like Led Zep but who cares, ya know? Greta Van Fleet is still a rockin’ band. They are all talented musicians and they are all on point. Bands ripping off other bands is nothing new so why does Greta Van Fleet get targeted for ripping off other bands? I mean look at all the Nirvanas out there who ripped off Nirvana. Look at all the Metallicas out there who ripped off Metallica. Look at all the Alice In Chains’s who ripped off Alice In Chains. Look at all the Pearl Jams out there who ripped off Pearl Jam. Okay, I think you get my point. Bands rip each other off all the freakin’ time.

On top of that, there were too many other bands who ripped off Led Zeppelin long before Greta Van Fleet came around! What’s funny about all of this is that Led Zeppelin even ripped off their sound from other bands ’cause I’ll admit it Led Zep stole a lot of stuff.

Why is Greta Van Fleet getting targeted for ripping off other bands when bands ripping off each other is a pretty common thing in the industry? Like I said, who cares! It’s just music, ya know?

Anyway, while all of this is unfair for Greta Van Fleet, at the same time, it’s a good thing that they’re getting accused of ripping off Led Zeppelin. It means they’re doing something right. I think people are getting mad at Greta Van Fleet is because they know that they came this close to sounding exactly like Led Zeppelin and no other bands could come close to matching their sound. I think people hate for that reason. They know that Greta Van Fleet and Led Zep almost sound exactly the same. Other bands try to sound like Led Zeppelin but they all fail. The only band that could do it is Greta Van Fleet. I think they just hate out of jealousy nothing more ’cause they wish they could sound like Led Zeppelin.

It’s not Greta Van Fleet’s fault that they sound like Led Zep. They just happen to be huge fans of the band and that’s what happens to musicians when they are influenced by someone. When you’re influenced by a musician you admire, you tend to sound like them by listening to them for a long time. That happens with all musicians, you sound like your heroes.

By the way, I think Greta Van Fleet is a kick ass band. I love them. I’ll buy every album they come out with and I hope I get my chance to see them live.


Woodstock 50 lineup released today and people are bashing it like crazy…

The official Woodstock festival founded by Michael Lang released the lineup today. They are in a huge backlash ’cause of the lineup. People bashing it like crazy and saying all kinds of negative things about the lineup. From what I’m seeing, I’m seeing a lot of people complaining how this isn’t like the original ’69 lineup of how this lineup doesn’t have enough acts from the ’69 Woodstock.

Are they  on drugs or something? There are plenty of artists on this lineup that are from the original Woodstock festival in ’69. Let’s see: Santana, Canned Heat, Melanie, Country Joe McDonald (who was in Country Joe and the Fish), John Fogerty (Creedence was at Woodstock ’69), etc. etc.

As far as the different genres goes, that’s nothing new with Woodstock. They have always had different genres at all their Woodstocks over the years so it’s nothing new.

As far as my thoughts on the lineup goes, I think it’s pretty good. A lot of good talent here: Greta Van Fleet, Sturgill Simpson, Dead & Company, John Fogerty, Brandi Carlile, The Black Keys, Robert Plant and the Sensational Spaceshifters, The Raconteurs (this is Jack White’s band, btw) and I think the Killers are a pretty damn good band too.

I have no problem with the lineup except my only complaint is that it ignored metal for this one: no Metallica? No Megadeth? No Slayer? No Iron Maiden? No Ac/Dc? No Guns N’ Roses? Any of these bands would have been cool.

Anyway, we’re in a new generation of music lovers who won’t understand Woodstock and their history so it’s understandable why people of today are gonna get mad. There are gonna be a lot of people who aren’t with the times.

I do find it weird that Pussy Riot has been booked and I’m like WTF? It’s going to be interesting with that performance and no doubt some controversy will come out of that one. Will Pussy Riot get booed off the stage?

I told you this festival is going to have some rap artists ’cause previous Woodstocks had some rap artists. They had rap artists at Woodstock ’94 and ’99.

Other than that, it’s not a bad lineup. I’m glad Greta Van Fleet and Robert Plant are on the same bill together even though they are booked at different days. Will Greta Van Fleet and Robert Plant perform together? I think it’s a possibility they will do a duet together and it will be cool to see Josh and Robert sing together. Greta Van Fleet are huge Led Zeppelin fans and I’m sure it will be a dream come true for the band if they performed with Robert Plant. It’s a possibility that could happen so we’ll just wait.


RIP: Keith Flint 1969 – 2019…


Some sad news in the music industry today. Keith Flint who is known as the vocalist for the eletronica/rock band named Prodigy, most famous for their hit songs “Breathe” and “Firestarter” just passed away today.

I wasn’t much of a fan but I used to listen to the album “The Fat of the Land” when I was younger. I remember first seeing the “Breathe” video on MTV and fell in love with it. Then I saw this freaky looking dude on the video with weird hair, eyeliner, pierces all over his face and tattoos all over him. That freaky looking dude was Keith Flint, the founding singer of Prodigy.

Well he just passed away suddenly due to suicide it looks like. Yep, we lost another rock star due to suicide. First Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and now Keith Flint. If you think being a rock star is easy then think again. It’s not an easy lifestyle ’cause to me it looks like to be an overwhelming and stressful job. All the fame and money and all that could lead you to depression and all that. It’s sad but it is what it is. Rock stars aren’t cartoon characters. They are real people and real human beings like all of us so they are going to have all kinds of problems like all of us.

It’s sad we lost Keith Flint but like him or not, Prodigy was a successful band in the industry. Everyone knew who they were even though they had a few hits. Keith Flint was a recognizable figure for sure ’cause of his unique look. That’s what I liked about him. I wish I still have the “Fat of the Land” album but don’t have the CD anymore.  I can always get it back from Itunes. It’s a great album.

We lost another good one.



Billy Corgan shows off his “Gish” guitar he just got back and he plays it too…

Very cool video. So Billy Corgan just got his stolen “Gish” guitar back and in this video, he shows it off to everyone. When I watch this video, I can immediately tell that Billy is totally psyched to have the guitar back. You can tell he’s very happy to have it back. When he played this guitar on this video, it does sound very Smashing Pumpkins-like. After hearing what that guitar sounds like now, I can see why the guitar is very special to Billy.

After Billy records the new Pumpkins album with that guitar, I’m sure he’s gonna go on tour with it too. When he does go on tour with that guitar, I’m sure he’ll keep a much better eye on it so it won’t get stolen again.

I’m not a big fan of Fender Strats but that guitar does sound good. That Strat that Billy has won’t sound like any other Strats at all. It’s gonna be interesting to hear what the Smashing Pumpkins sound like now that Billy has that guitar back.

I know how a lot of people will want to believe that guitars are nothing but they are something. Guitars are really special treasures, they are no joke. I’m a guitar lover myself.

I’m happy for Billy that he got his guitar back.


Bands & artists releasing music constantly… a good thing??? No absolutely not!

This blog at ReverbNation came up in my inbox and I decided to give it a read and share it here. There are so many bands & solo artists whether you’re a signed or unsigned artist, releasing music constantly. There are bands and artists releasing a new studio album year after year and there are bands always releasing “singles”.

I have noticed this trend in the musician’s community as of late. Is releasing music on a constant basis a good thing? No. Not really.

I understand that bands & artists need to engage their fanbase and keep their fans by releasing music all the time but it is not always a good thing to do. Read this blog and find out why. This blog brings up some pretty good points that I agree with.

You don’t really need to release new music year after year as I honestly find it annoying when bands do that. Some bands release a new album or a singles EP constantly ’cause they are worried about losing their fanbase if they don’t release anything. Well, don’t worry about losing your fanbase ’cause your fans will stay loyal to you even if you haven’t released music in a long long time. They will still support you no matter what.

I think, always releasing music year after year will make your music much worse and that’s true most of the time. It don’t hurt to take your slow time making an album to make sure it won’t suck, ya know? There’s no need to rush to make new music. Some bands will wait 5 – 7 years to release an album in between and that’s smart, in my opinion.

Some of you may notice that I don’t release new music all the time and I’m okay with that. I used to put out new music all the time in the past but most of my past songs aren’t good. Only release new music when you feel the time is right. Take your time and only release your best work. From now on, I’m only going to release songs that I know that I’m completely happy with 100%.

The article above also brings up other good points that releasing music all the time can hurt some chances of getting some media and press. It can also help turn fans away and doesn’t give you as much success as you would hope to.

In my opinion, bands releasing new music all the time screams “desperation” and it’s kind of arrogant. They just want to stay in the center of your attention and it screams “ego” for sure. Ramming your music down people’s throats isn’t always a good thing so be careful, y’all!