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Lou Reed was really hurt by negative reception of his album with Metallica, “LuLu”…

Iggy Pop and Lars Ulrich did a sit-down interview and had an interesting conversation at I didn’t read the whole thing but skipped over to the parts where they were talking about the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration album, “Lulu”.

Lars explains that before Lou passed, Lou was really hurt and upset of the negative reception he got of the album. Lars explains that Metallica didn’t give a shit about negative reception but Lou did. I guess Lou really wanted people to like the album.

Iggy says Lou was trying to be a real artist which I totally agree with.

Despite the album’s negative reaction, I still stand by it that I thought the album was a real masterpiece. It’s a beautiful album if you take the time to listen to it again. I loved the whole thing from start to finish. While I loved the whole album, the best song on it was “Junior Dad” and you can hear the track above.

I really hope the haters of this album really feel proud of themselves, though. Of course, in a age where popular music continues to dominate, it’s hard for people to like real music these days and this is real music.

A lot of kids these days wanna listen to crap like Korn and all this nu-metal crap, they also want to listen to garbage like rap & pop music. This album “Lulu” wasn’t all that commercial and wanted to stay away from mainstream music. In my opinion, this album didn’t deserve to get negatively criticized ’cause it really was a beautiful record and I still stand by it today.

If this album was made in the 60’s or the 70’s, I’m sure it would have been loved by everyone back then but since the industry is dominated by pop music today, once again, it’s a real challenge to get people to enjoy real music.

I think the only reason this record got slammed is ’cause people didn’t understand Lou Reed. They don’t listen to his music much. Sure, Lou Reed wasn’t much of a singer but he was still amazing at what he did. The man was a poet and a storyteller, that’s how he always performed his songs. I’m a huge Lou Reed fan. Lou Reed would have wanted this album to be his final album. It’s a great record and I’m planning on listening to it again this week.

What is it with Led Zeppelin songs appearing in movie trailers lately? I think it’s awesome!

So the “Thor: Ragnarok” trailer is finally here which looks like a badass movie btw and I’m planning on seeing it for sure but I love how Led Zeppelin songs have been appearing in a lot of movie trailers lately.

Check out this article here:

I’m sure the film makers had to get Jimmy Page’s written permission in order to put Led Zeppelin songs in movie trailers so Jimmy Page is obviously all for it. This is a great way to keep Led Zeppelin’s legacy alive and that’s probably the reason why Page is all for it.

In this new generation of music fans, there are still some people who don’t even listen to Led Zeppelin and this is a great way to promote the band still. I do agree though that Led Zeppelin songs do make movie trailers a lot more exciting.

Can’t wait to see “Thor: Ragnarok” as I’m a pretty big Thor fan.


After Wrestlemania & retirement, Undertaker continues to work in entertainment business but in other adventures…

So the Undertaker is done with WWE and he’s done with wrestling for good. That means the Undertaker is finally free to do whatever he wants to do career wise. Here is Undertaker’s first public appearance after his retirement in WWE.

Here is the Undertaker helping to promote George Strait’s Las Vegas shows by talking about how George influenced ‘Taker. So ‘Taker is a fan of country music? Cool.

‘Taker may be gone in wrestling but ‘Taker himself is not gone. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. I predict we’ll soon see ‘Taker do a lot of TV interviews to talk about his retirement. Could we soon see ‘Taker on late night talk shows like Fallon, Kimmel, etc.??? Possibly. ‘Taker has done some TV interviews back when he had the American Bad Ass biker gimmick. He couldn’t do TV interviews during the Deadman gimmick ’cause he had to keep the character mysterious.

It’ll be interesting to see what ‘Taker is planning to do in his career in the future, though. He’ll probably want to do some other things besides wrestling like maybe do some acting or something. I think he had a few movie roles in the past before, though.

Who knew that George Strait is a fan of wrestling? Cool, hey?


RIP Kurt Cobain who was murdered 23 years ago today, he didn’t kill himself…

The proof is in the video above. Re-open the case and find those sick people who did this. Like most everyone else, I’m pretty sure Courtney Love was behind it. The video above was a scene from the “Soaked In Bleach” movie in which you can watch on Netflix. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, go check out the movie yourself. It’s worth it.


Iggy Azalea’s new video “Mo Bounce” is disgusting and disturbing, Iggy using young girls in a twerking & booty shaking video inappropriate… yet no outrage from liberals?

I used to like Iggy Azalea but after she released her new music video titled, “Mo Bounce”, I can’t support her music anymore and I won’t bother buying her new album either. Why? Watch her video in the first video above.

As you can see the video is full of Satanism/Illuminati stuff which is no surprise ’cause most pop star videos have that stuff nowadays… however, that stuff isn’t what’s really bothering me (although I still do condemn Satanism)… what’s bothering me about that video is that is Iggy trying normalize pedophilia with this video? In this video, she has very young girls doing stripper dances. You even see a young girl with purple hair,  showing off her bare legs, shaking her booty, doing leg splits and all kinds of inappropriate dances while Iggy sits on the motorcycle and watches her.

You don’t see liberals, the media or music fans attacking Iggy for using little girls for her video. Instead,  you see everybody praising Iggy for it and you see fans enjoying the video. What has the world come to? Using little children for inappropriate music videos. I agree with the 2nd video that there is an agenda behind this.

I mean, youtube censors conservatives and Donald Trump supporters but they allow stuff like little girls looking like strippers in a music video to be online? This is messed up. I can’t support Iggy anymore and I’m totally boycotting her.

The Iggy video “Mo Bounce” has over 9 million views and you don’t see anyone in the comments attacking her for using children to look like strippers. They all say it’s okay and giving Iggy positive feedback on the video.

Iggy looks like she got some plastic surgery and breast implants too it looks like ’cause she never looked like that with her first album.

Nobody would have cared about the video if the little girls weren’t in it. I would have been fine with the video if the little girls weren’t in it.

The pop music industry is getting worse for sure. Shame on you, Iggy. You would do anything to make your videos go viral even if it means using underage girls.


Eric Clapton still rocks on the stage at 70 years old and he still looks great too!!!

Eric Clapton played a gig at the Madison Square Garden last night. At 70 years old, he still kills it which is no surprise really. He still plays guitar great and sings great too. I know he hasn’t played live in a long while but it looks like Eric is slowing down on the touring. Looking at his website, he’s got a small tour in the US and then he’ll be headed to the UK in May for the Royal Albert Hall gigs. Then he’s back at MSG and the Forum in Los Angeles in Sept.

Eric no longer tours heavily like he used to… probably because of his age but like I said, he still kills it on the stage and still plays great. From last night’s MSG show, Eric played most of his greatest hits. Here are three of my favorite songs of his in the videos above.

A lot of people don’t like Eric Clapton and think he’s overrated but I don’t think so. He’s a phenomenal singer and guitarist. Loved everything he has done over the year: Cream, Derek & The Dominoes, his solo career, etc. Clapton is a fuckin’ genius. Always loved his music.

All the Clapton haters will never admit that he’s an important music artist in rock n’ roll & blues. We all play the guitar because of him too. Admit it, right?


Chuck Berry was still working on his new album before he died… was never finished sadly…

Before Chuck Berry’s death, it seems that he was still working on his new album. Not sure if they’re still going to finish it without him or not but they probably would. Why? Chuck would probably want the album to go on without him. They would probably release it anyways. Chuck would want the album out for his wife in which he dedicated it to.

We’ll know soon on whether or not the industry will release the new record. Hopefully Chuck recorded enough material that will be good enough for it to be released. They might not release it at all, ya never know ’cause they might feel it can’t be done without him.

We’ll wait and see what they’re planning to do with it, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they released it anyways in honor of Chuck.