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Ozzy Osbourne cancels 2020 solo tour to seek further treatment on his Parkinson’s Disease… it’s getting worse???

Hate to be the one to say it but it looks like Ozzy’s music career is gonna be done for good. I admire the guy for trying to get back out there ’cause he loves performing but I think he should hang it up for good and looks like he’s gonna have to.

His Parkinson’s Disease is getting so bad that he’s unable to perform? Yeah, his shaking is probably getting a lot worse which sounds like.


Once again, thoughts and prayers go out to the Ozzman. I’ve always been a fan of his through Black Sabbath and his solo career. He is a talented man and whether you like it or not, he is an icon and legend.


Prayers go out to Ozzy Osbourne, just heard about his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, sad…

Just heard the sad news today that Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic metal singer revealed the news exclusively on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts that the singer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Ozzy revealed the news himself on the show.


Pretty sad about this ’cause Ozzy is one of the greatest metal singers of all time. I mean, the man was the one who helped start the metal genre… he helped invent the genre pretty much. I’ve been an Ozzy fan for years and always respected him. I heard everything he did with Black Sabbath and his solo career. I am trying to collect Sabbath and Ozzy solo albums for my Itunes, though.

Was Ozzy’s Parkinson’s diagnosis because of all the drugs and alcohol he put in his body over the years in his life? Probably. Years of alcohol and drugs can do something to ya later in life. I have noticed that Ozzy isn’t looking well nowadays.

Ozzy is a fighter, though. I respect the man even more. Even though Ozzy’s health is declining rapidly, he’s trying to stay alive for his family and for his music. Ozzy’s health is declining but he’s still doing the music thing. He can’t give that up no matter what ’cause he loves it. Ozzy’s got a new solo album coming out this year and I’m probably gonna get it. I’m loving the new songs so far.

Now that Ozzy has Parkinson’s, I wonder if Michael J. Fox gonna reach out to Ozzy about it? Michael probably already heard about it by now and I wonder if those two will one day team up to start doing stuff together for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. I hope they get together and they probably will… would be pretty cool.

Ozzy’s shaking may not be so bad right now but it’s probably gonna get worse in the future and he may have to get forced to retire from music completely pretty soon.

Prayers go out to him and his family. This really sucks and Parkinson’s a pretty serious disease. It’s no joke.


Get well soon Ozzy! Speedy recovery!!!

Ozzy Osbourne maybe a controversial figure in music… love him or hate him all you want to, Ozzy is the greatest metal singer of all time. I mean he’s the pioneer of metal… he started it all. He created some pretty great songs with Black Sabbath and his solo career. As for the best eras in Ozzy’s solo career, I would say the Randy Rhoads era and the Zakk Wylde eras were the best. Jake E. Lee was pretty cool too, though.

Complications from the “flu” is pretty serious and you could get death from that. Hopefully Ozzy survives this ’cause if we lose him this year then that wold suck even more. Ozzy’s a musical genius and he’s a legend.

I hope Ozzy gets well ’cause he hasn’t been good lately.


Ozzy throws Tony and Geezer under the bus and says he didn’t enjoy final Black Sabbath reunion… my thoughts…

Interesting. Black Sabbath is officially done and over with. They released one final studio album in 2012 and they just completed a final tour titled, “The End”. Why did Sabbath suddenly decided to break up? Maybe it was because Ozzy didn’t enjoy being in the band anymore?

Ozzy says that he kept getting bad vibes from Tony and Geezer. I think what Ozzy was trying to say is that Tony and Geezer saw him as a singer, Ozzy saw himself as more than that. Tony and Geezer didn’t appreciate Ozzy being Ozzy meaning being part of the celebrity pop culture. Ya know, Ozzy turned himself into a TV star like with “The Osbournes” and he kept doing other projects with the Osbournes. Ozzy is also an author and has books out too. He’s also currently doing a TV show with his son Jack on the History Channel.  So Tony and Geezer just sees Ozzy as a rock singer and not seeing him as celebrity Ozzy is that what Ozzy is mad about???


I love Ozzy Osbourne but I’m not afraid to admit that he is a bit of an egomaniac and narcissist and this should be good enough to prove that. I always saw that Ozzy sold himself out when he did “The Osbournes” TV show. He’s supposed to be a rock singer and metal guy. Instead, he turned himself into a TV star and Hollywood celebrity. That’s how people see Ozzy now. They don’t see him as a rock singer anymore.

Tony and Geezer don’t keep up with the times… they don’t get themselves into this reality TV garbage. They see themselves as musicians, not celebrities. It seems to me that Tony and Geezer don’t appreciate Ozzy doing all that celebrity stuff… trying to be a celebrity and not a musician. I can see where Tony and Geezer are coming from so I’m on their side for sure.

I believe Ozzy destroyed his rock star image when he did the Osbournes which to me was pretty sad and disappointing. Black Sabbath went out on a positive note and it was pretty low of him to talk negative stuff about Tony and Geezer but oh well, what do ya know? It’s the music industry… there’s gonna be huge egos all over.

Fans will always see Ozzy as a celebrity and not a rock singer. Ozzy did that to himself. He needs to get over himself already!


Tony Iommi still wants to keep making Black Sabbath music with or without Ozzy & Geezer?

Ozzy and Geezer both may have ruled out another Black Sabbath album and claims there won’t be another Sabbath album but Tony Iommi has a different opinion on that matter. Tony says he wants to keep going ’cause he says he’s written tons of riffs that would be good enough for another Sabbath album; however, Geezer and Ozzy doesn’t seem so keen on recording another Sabbath album.


Keep in mind that Tony, Ozzy and Geezer weren’t always the lineup for Sabbath ’cause Sabbath went through too many lineup changes over the years so what’s stopping Tony for changing the lineup of the band again? He can if he wants to. Sabbath is Tony’s baby. Tony has full control and ownership of the band so he does what he wants to do.


Ozzy… just listened to all of his work on Apple Music…

I have always been a pretty big fan of Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary singer. Have been an admirer and fan for years. I even liked his TV show, “The Osbournes” when it aired on MTV a while back. Ozzy is a talented and interesting man even if you can’t understand what he’s saying most of the time. A lot of people would make assumptions that he’s into Satan worship and all of this dark stuff but he’s not like that at all. Once you get to know the guy a little better, you’ll notice right away that he just a regular guy and a family man. You’ll notice he’s not that intimidating at all. I’ve read and seen too many interviews with Ozzy over the years and even read his rock memoir, “I Am Ozzy”. So yes, I think you can safely say that I’m a pretty big Ozzy fanatic.

I finally listened to all of Ozzy’s work. I listened to all 9 albums he did with Black Sabbath and I listened to all 11 solo albums he did. I enjoyed everything, of course but what are my favorite albums he did?

Well my favorite Sabbath albums he did would have to be: (self titled debut), Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Vol. 4 and their latest album, “13”.

As for Ozzy’s solo albums: I’m gonna say the three Randy Rhoads albums for sure “Blizzard of Ozz”, “Diary of a Madman” and “Bark at the Moon” are classic albums indeed. Plus the Ozzy & Randy live album, “Tribute” is golden as well. I do like a few other Ozzy solo albums but nothing will ever top the Rhoads era. As for other eras of Ozzy’s solo career… I’m gonna have to pick: “No More Tears”, “Ozzmosis” and “Black Rain” being the best. His latest album, “Scream” was just okay.

Ozzy’s a freakin’ legend, though.

When will Ozzy ever release a new solo album? I think he will soon once he finishes the new tour with Sabbath then he’ll move on to his solo career again, I’m sure. I would one day like to meet the guy in person… would be cool.


Update on Ozzy & Sharon split…

Ozzy just put out an official statement on his facebook saying that, he is not divorcing Sharon. Apparently, Ozzy has picked up alcohol and drugs again…

From Ozzy’s facebook page:

For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs. I was in a very dark place and was an asshole to the people I love most, my family. However, I am happy to say that I am now 44 days sober. 

Just to set the record straight, Sharon and I are not divorcing. I’m just trying to be a better person.

I would like to apologize to Sharon, my family, my friends and my band mates for my insane behavior during this period………and my fans. 

God Bless,


Isn’t it pretty ironic that Black Sabbath fired Ozzy for being a drunk and drug addict years ago, now he’s back with them again? Maybe Ozzy and Sharon are living in separate homes just for the safety of his family.  The guy is an asshole, admittedly, and he has a short temper. Always had.