Prayers go out to Ozzy Osbourne, just heard about his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, sad…

Just heard the sad news today that Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic metal singer revealed the news exclusively on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts that the singer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Ozzy revealed the news himself on the show.–1BNDXX4Y1BRoTji0XcyS1qmWUjauIyaI

Pretty sad about this ’cause Ozzy is one of the greatest metal singers of all time. I mean, the man was the one who helped start the metal genre… he helped invent the genre pretty much. I’ve been an Ozzy fan for years and always respected him. I heard everything he did with Black Sabbath and his solo career. I am trying to collect Sabbath and Ozzy solo albums for my Itunes, though.

Was Ozzy’s Parkinson’s diagnosis because of all the drugs and alcohol he put in his body over the years in his life? Probably. Years of alcohol and drugs can do something to ya later in life. I have noticed that Ozzy isn’t looking well nowadays.

Ozzy is a fighter, though. I respect the man even more. Even though Ozzy’s health is declining rapidly, he’s trying to stay alive for his family and for his music. Ozzy’s health is declining but he’s still doing the music thing. He can’t give that up no matter what ’cause he loves it. Ozzy’s got a new solo album coming out this year and I’m probably gonna get it. I’m loving the new songs so far.

Now that Ozzy has Parkinson’s, I wonder if Michael J. Fox gonna reach out to Ozzy about it? Michael probably already heard about it by now and I wonder if those two will one day team up to start doing stuff together for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. I hope they get together and they probably will… would be pretty cool.

Ozzy’s shaking may not be so bad right now but it’s probably gonna get worse in the future and he may have to get forced to retire from music completely pretty soon.

Prayers go out to him and his family. This really sucks and Parkinson’s a pretty serious disease. It’s no joke.


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