Does Joey Kramer deserve to play with Aerosmith at Musicares and at the Grammy’s this weekend? Yes, absolutely… I’m siding with Kramer 100%…

Well this is interesting… there’s a new feud heating up with the guys in the band Aerosmith. Aerosmith is no stranger to not getting along with their own bandmaters past and present.

This time the band is feuding with their former drummer, Joey Kramer over whether or not Joey will be good enough to play at MusiCares and the Grammy’s this weekend after dealing with injuries.

After reading about this new feud Kramer filed a lawsuit against the other guys in the band Aerosmith ’cause they wouldn’t allow Kramer to perform with them at MusiCares and the Grammy’s this weekend. Why? It’s because the other guys in the band thinks he no longer has it anymore with the drums after dealing with minor injuries which forced Kramer to pull out several Aerosmith shows in the past. The band claims that there was not enough preparation for Kramer to rehearse with the band; however, Kramer says he did everything he could to prove that he still got it on the drums but the band won’t let him in no matter what Kramer says or does.

Kramer tried to make it to rehearsal at the Grammy’s but was denied entry by security hired by the band themselves.

Kramer filed the lawsuit but the judge rejects it… the judge clearly siding with the band agreeing with them about not enough preparation for rehearsal.

This is totally wrong and unfair. I’m siding with Joey on this 100%. I mean, Joey was the founding member of Aerosmith… he was there at the beginning during the band’s formation when they were first starting out. It was Steven and Tom who first recruited Joey when they were forming. On top of that, it was Joey Kramer himself who came up with the Aerosmith band name. Joey’s been in the band for 50 years and helped create the band’s biggest hits and this is how the band treats him?

I just think the band are just upset at Joey ’cause he missed several shows due to injuries and this is their payback. That’s the thing with the music industry and playing in bands… you’re gonna deal with a lot of huge egos, backstabbing, betrayal, drama, etc. That’s what I think is going on here is that the other guys in Aerosmith just betrayed Joey. Remember, Aerosmith is no stranger to betraying their own members ’cause they almost betrayed Steven Tyler when they tried to move on without him.

Being a professional musician may sound fun but not always. You’ll deal with a lot of bullshit and a lot of musicians can be assholes too.

I think Joey Kramer did the right thing suing the band and was completely justifiable… it’s a shame the judge sided with the band, though. Truthfully, I think the band paid the judge a lot of money to side with them. Like I said above, I think the band is just upset that Joey missed shows due to injuries. Well they need to get over themselves… they should have supported Joey through his injuries but I guess not. Like I said, bands are assholes and a lot of them can’t be trusted. Lot of ego there and that’s all I see.

Joey was always an important member of Aerosmith and of course, he deserves to celebrate the band’s success over the years at the Grammy’s and MusiCares. Joe Perry has always been a bit of a control freak.

I wish Mr. Kramer well. Aerosmith without Joey behind the kit would be a joke and I think the other guys are making a big mistake. Hope they regret it later.


One thought on “Does Joey Kramer deserve to play with Aerosmith at Musicares and at the Grammy’s this weekend? Yes, absolutely… I’m siding with Kramer 100%…”

  1. I suspect there’s much more to this. Kramer recently checked himself in to the hospital “citing stress from the ordeal as a cause in the lawsuit”. That’s usually code for having a drug issue. Considering Tyler and Perry are so vehemently anti-drug, to the point where they won’t even discuss the topic, I wouldn’t be surprised if that had something to do with it.

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