Ricky Gervais is right when he says “It’s your right not to listen to people” when it comes to blocking people on twitter or other social media platforms…

It’s funny how people react to those that block them or remove comments or whatever on twitter or other social media platforms. When people get blocked, they always scream “censorship” and “freedom of speech”. It happens every freakin’ time… knowing from my own experience over the years. People who cry “censorship” always believe that freedom of speech is a one-way street when it isn’t really.

Why do you think these social media platforms like twitter, instagram, facebook and whatever give you these options where you can block, delete, mute, etc. They give you these things as a way to help you fight trolls, cyberbullies or whatever.

When I block people or remove comments on FB, instagram or my blogs or whatever, people always accuse me of only accepting comments that I agree with which is a big load of bull. Free speech goes both ways. If I don’t like what people say to me then it’s my right to remove it or block people or whatever.

One thing for sure though, one thing I do not tolerate are trolls attacking me… ya know, cyberbullying. I’m not gonna let people think it’s okay for them to say what they want to me. I’ve had too many trolls and cyberbullies being so mean and nasty to me… yeah I’ve dealt with online harassment and I still do even to this day a little bit… and it’s my right to block their ass or delete their comments. When I do they become defensive and they think they can get away with it. It’s funny how this is.

It’s my twitter, my instagram, my FB and my blog… only I choose what stays or what goes and it’s my right.

When you give me bullshit, I’ll give you bullshit in return. Fair is fair, ya know?


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