Just bought myself a new and used acoustic guitar yesterday, it’s a Samick “Greg Bennett” acoustic and it’s great…

I know I haven’t been posting much on here but I just wanted to say that I’ve bought a new and used acoustic guitar off of my one of my female cousins. As the insta post says, she paid $250 for it and asked for $125. She sold it to me cheap since she’s an important family member of mine, ya know?

I made the post public that I bought a “Samick” Greg Bennett guitar and a few other guitar players in FB replied and said I made a great choice ’cause Samick guitars are real good and underrated brand. Their acoustics sound really good. Nice loud and clear sound, just how I like it so the Samick guitar is a keeper for sure.

Just another guitar to add to my small collection. I’m proud of the purchase. To be honest, I’m not a big guitar collector but I’m looking to buy a few more for a little variety. I’d love to buy another electric guitar at some point too. I have two other electrics, a full hollow body and a solid body. It’s good to add another guitar to your collection once in a blue moon. Sometimes I like to buy a new guitar ’cause I get sick of playing the same one, ya know?



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