If Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald were really innocent then they should prove it… #JusticeForJaliek…

So I started writing about the Jaliek Rainwalker missing child case on my twitter and blog lately and it’s already getting a reaction. It’s already creating some controversy and a huge debate blew up on twitter about it. My blog posts about the story is picking up some views too. Ya know, I’m not doing this to get more attention for myself. I’m doing this hoping to get a closure of this case that’s been open for almost 9 years now. Jaliek disappeared Nov. 1st, 2007 and there are still no answers. I’m doing this for Jaliek pretty much ’cause I simply care and I’m just like everyone else. I want answers too and I want to know what happened to him.

There was a heated debate on twitter about this. I don’t want to name any names but there was this dumbass who kept defending Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald like if they were innocent people and he thought those two don’t deserve all these accusations from the Greenwich Town and the news media. This guy who should be nameless was going off about something and he said something like, “I can’t blame Stephen for moving out ’cause if I had a kid missing and if everyone was accusing me of murder, I’d move out too”. I’m like really? It seems like he was praising this couple for moving out of town ’cause of the flak they were getting from the news media and the police. The news media and the police kept their focus on Stephen Kerr ’cause he’s the “person of interest”. He was the last person to see Jaliek Rainwalker alive and Stephen was in that house on Hill St. in Greenwich with Jaliek the night he disappeared.

You see when you have a missing kid, the last thing you want to do is move out of the area and not cooperate with law enforcement. If you do that, it’ll make it look like you have something to hide. If they were really innocent then why don’t they prove it? This guy on twitter I was debating with kept saying this couple is innocent and believes the Greenwich Town should leave them alone. So I decided to challenge this nameless guy on twitter by asking him, “If you think they are innocent, did they prove it yet?”. He dodged the question twice. His response was “They’re innocent until proven guilty” or “They don’t have to prove their innocent, this is America”. This nameless guy on twitter didn’t give me a straight answer so I believe I stumped him. He couldn’t answer the question ’cause he knows Stephen and Jocelyn never proved their innocence yet. So yeah, next time someone tells you that Stephen and Jocelyn are innocent, ask that person, “Did they prove their innocence yet?”. I’m pretty sure they can’t come up with a straight answer and they’ll be stumped.

Yeah, there are gonna be some people out there who are gonna think Stephen and Jocelyn are innocent. If they were innocent and if they had nothing to do with the disappearance of Jaliek Rainwalekr then they would stay home and work with law enforcement. They would cooperate with police. Stephen and Jocelyn and their shady lawyer keep maintaining that Jaliek is still alive and ran away from home which is a bullshit claim. How would they prove that Jaliek is still alive? A recent photo of Jaliek would help. Maybe a phone call or a video. Even better Stephen should take Jaliek to the police to show them that he’s still alive but did they do any of that yet? NO! Stephen and Jocelyn never proved their innocence yet but instead they lawyered up and moved to Vermont like a couple of cowards.

I’m sorry, y’all but I’m not gonna believe that Stephen and Jocelyn are innocent until they can prove it. If they can prove it then I’ll forgive and forget but as long as they haven’t yet (9 years on), I’m gonna continue to believe that Stephen and Jocelyn are guilty all the way.

There’s no doubt that Jaliek was murdered by his own adoptive father and I’m sticking with that opinion until they can “prove” their innocence which they haven’t yet. Jocelyn will get some prison time too ’cause she helped to protect Stephen and lie to law enforcement.

It seems to me that this couple has no remorse at all. I’ve seen Jocelyn’s facebook (which she deleted) and they’re all smiles and stuff in their family photos. If you watch the videos below. Look at the differences of the reaction to Jaliek being missing. Stephen shows no concern at all for Jaliek while Barbara (Jaliek’s grandmother) does show concern. What does that tell you? Who would you support more? Stephen or Barbara? I support Barbara and totally siding with her. Anyone who defends Stephen & Jocelyn or feels sorry for them is a delusional lunatic.

Stephen and Jocelyn think they can kill their own kid and move on with their lives? No way. They’re gonna get busted somehow and they’re gonna get caught. I think it’s possible that this case could get a closure soon but how much longer do we have to wait? This couple should really turn themselves in if they want this case to go away ’cause it’s not gonna go away as long as they’re out in hiding. They don’t know what’s coming for them.


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