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Why Yoga is amazing, I think I’ve become a bit of a yoga fanatic and that’s okay…

Now there is no boxing class at the Y anymore, I think I’m definitely gonna go back into bodybuilding full time again. I’m gonna go back to the gym tomorrow to do legs, I think. I’m going to start doing bodybuilding 3 times a week with yoga session being my 4th time going to the gym a week.

Some make the mistake in thinking that doing bodybuilding and yoga at the same time is way too much but not really. Yoga is actually very good for bodybuilding and lifting weights. You need the flexibility so you can lift weights in good form and yoga will give you more strength to help you lift heavier too. Yoga’s very good for bodybuilding and needed.

Check out this interesting article:

A lot of guys don’t do yoga ’cause they think it’s a woman’s workout when it’s not really. A lot of guys are just too scared to do yoga but I’m not, though. I’m enjoying yoga a lot and have been going to yoga session every week.

I go to yoga every week ’cause I need the flexibility pretty badly. I also got into it for more strength. It’s also good meditation and makes you feel better too. You know what another amazing thing yoga does? If you have back pain or any kind of body pain, yoga will help get rid of it for you so it’ll save you a trip to a doctor. Yoga does so many things. I can see why yoga has gotten so mainstream.

When I lift weights, doing yoga after a while seems to have improved my weightlifting a bit. Yoga can do very good things for ya in the weight room for sure so I wish a lot of guys wouldn’t neglect yoga.

Yoga is most popular with women ’cause it’s easier for them. Each time I go to yoga class, it’s mostly women as students. There’s only like a few other guys that go every week. I’m sure it’s this way in every gym in America.

Yoga’s an awesome feeling. You want to have a sexy body with visible abs and all, yoga will pretty much do that. I’ve been doing yoga for at least several months now already, I believe. Feeling really good.

Yoga not only does a lot of great things for your body, It does things for you emotionally too. Makes you feel happier, more confident, helps make you love yourself and all that stuff. Are you depressed and stressed out? Don’t go to a shrink, go to yoga sessions at your local gyms or at any places in your town that teaches yoga. You’ll feel like a whole new person doing yoga, trust me. It’s a life changer for sure.

I’m gonna get back to weightlifting full time this week now there’s no more boxing class which kind of sucks but at least I learned some fighting basics.




Young student in school gets “MAGA” shirt censored in yearbook photo, this is how Trump admin. responds to him…

The Wyatt and Montana MAGA shirt incident story is told in the link below, read about it here:

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of young kids in America who love Trump. People of all ages LOVE Trump, from a young child to a full grown adult. It’s no surprise that schools in America would start censoring students for believing in Trump ’cause most schools in America nowadays are pretty liberal which is sickening. There are also young kids who are pretty conservative, believe it or not.

This shows that the Trump admin. are good people. Of course, the mainstream media never wants to report positive things about Trump and his admin. They always have to do negative reporting on him. Always. They don’t  want to report good things about Trump like for example the economy is booming like crazy and the media is ignoring that stuff. Instead, all the media is worried about is the Trump & Russia collusion. Trump is doing all kinds of positive things for people in America, while all the media does is bitch & bitch & bitch.

The NeverTrump idiot crowd never wants to say positive things about him either ’cause all they want to do is knock him about everything. They never want to talk positive about him at all even if Trump is doing good things for them too.

I love wearing my MAGA shirt and yes I have one. I have a MAGA t-shirt too. Just not too long ago, I just got another Trump t-shirt from my cousin that says “Hillary You’re Fired” on it as a gift which was awesome to have. People shouldn’t have to get censored for wearing these campaign apparel.

In high school photos, I’m sure they don’t censor students wearing Hillary and Bernie campaign apparel. They only did it to people wearing Trump shirts. Censorship at its finest and now the schools who did it are going through a bit of karma by re-issuing the yearbooks to put the MAGA back on. How cool is that? See what happens when you mess with Trump & his supporters? You want to take away our freedom of expression, we fight back and fight back hard.


Laura Loomer is my new hero… all she was doing was sticking up for “right-wing” community and protecting President Trump… thank you!!!

I watched this video last night when it was released on twitter. Watched the whole thing from start to finish and it’s pretty incredible. Laura Loomer is my new hero. All she was doing was sticking up for the “right-wing” community and protecting Donald Trump. Sure enough, she got kicked out of the place and even gotten arrested for it just for calling out a bunch of loony liberals that normalizing violence against the “right-wing” community” was wrong.

The left is getting pretty scary with their hate toward “right-wing” conservatives. With myself being a “conservative” and proud of it, I’m even starting to be a little scared for my life too. Like I said in a post before, whenever I go out in public with my Trump t-shirt on, I always worry if I’m going to get confronted by a liberal just because I support Trump. I even worry that even if I don’t wear the t-shirt out in public ’cause I know some people read my blog, follow my twitter, facebook, etc.

It really is amazing how much hatred the left have toward conservatives and no doubt it has gone too far under Trump. It’s finally time for the “right-wing” community to stick up for ourselves and fight back at the loony left. We’re getting fed up with their hatred. We shouldn’t have to get hated on just because we support Trump. It’s ridiculous.

Why do the left hate conservatives so much? Well you can thank the mainstream media and Democrat politicians for that. They’re the ones teaching them to hate people with “right-wing” views. No doubt the left has gotten so aggressive and more hateful ’cause the left has treated me so horribly online for the last several years. I’ve always gotten bashed on and attacked by the left ’cause of my “conservative” views. So far, I haven’t gotten my ass kicked ’cause of it yet but that’s a huge part of why I gotten into boxing to begin with and thinking about getting into karate soon.

Listening to Laura in the video, she urged conservatives that if the left normalizes violence toward the right at an event or out in a public place, don’t be afraid to call them out on it. Sounds like a good idea to me and I’ll do exactly that. If I get arrested for it? So be it. I’m willing to get arrested for sticking up for the country. Absolutely.

It is insane though, how the left thinks it’s okay to threaten Donald Trump’s life and attack his family.

It’s funny the left calls for more unity and tolerance when it comes to Muslims and Illegal Aliens yet they think “conservatives” in America are the bad guys. I get attacked for my conservative views all the time and even get attacked by people I know well and love. Crazy. The left can’t take it that I’m conservative is why. I’m very proud to be conservative and won’t change for anyone at all.

I’m tired of the left accusing me of being too “offensive” and “extreme” with my politics when they are the ones that are “offensive” and “extreme”. The things they say to conservative people. Wow.

Thank you Laura. You are a true patriot and courageous for what you did!




Thoughts on Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather…

So this long awaited fight is finally happening. It’s happening for reals… UFC fighter Connor McGregor vs. pro boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. There’s a lot of mixed reactions toward this fight I’m noticing. Many are saying that this fight will be a typical Floyd Mayweather fight. You know how they all are… fights going through 12 rounds and Floyd refusing to get hit. That’s why people hate him so much.

I’ll have to disagree, though. I used to hate Floyd Mayweather myself but respect grew over the years and now I’m a fan. I just finally came to a realization that Floyd Jr. really is an amazing fighter. He is a true fighter, in my opinion. The whole point of boxing is avoiding to get “hit” and Floyd is the master at that. No boxer likes to get hit. So why would Floyd wanna get hit? It takes a lot of technique and skill to avoid punches by your opponent. You have to keep your eye on your opponent at all times and that’s what Floyd does. I think I’ve watched a few Floyd Mayweather fights but I can’t remember which ones. The man really is a boxing genius.

A lot of people are calling Floyd a pussy and a lot of people are calling McGregor a pussy. I don’t think either of them is a pussy. They both have balls for wanting to make this fight happen. A lot of people are saying that McGregor won’t be able to survive in a ring against Mayweather but I disagree. Boxing and MMA are both pretty much the same thing. In UFC, you do a lot of boxing even though it’s mostly mixed martial arts. I’m sure McGregor is capable enough of doing some jabbing and uppercuts quite well.

Could McGregor make history and beat Mayweather’s undefeated streak? If McGregor is the one that could do it, that would be amazing. You just never know how well McGregor can do ’cause he could surprise all of us. Maybe he could be the one to finally knock out Floyd Jr. Could be a possibility. A lot of people say that people in MMA don’t have what it takes to be a boxer but like I said above, UFC takes some boxing skills too. I’m sure McGregor got trained in boxing over the years in his life. It’ll be hard to knock out Floyd but could McGregor knock down Floyd even once? This is boxing, anything can happen so don’t assume that McGregor is gonna suck. McGregor could make Floyd Jr. look like a pussy this time around.

I think this fight is interesting ’cause it’s an MMA fighter vs. a boxer. This is a fight that could prove which one does better. Does an MMA fighter box better than an actual boxer? That’s why we gotta wait and see. It’s why it’s getting boxing fans and MMA fans curious. I’m curious about this fight too and I might actually watch it myself. I enjoy both boxing and MMA. It’s just that I can’t watch those PPV’s all the time ’cause they’re so expensive. Only once in a blue moon won’t hurt, ya know? Sometimes I’ll watch a UFC ppv only if I’m interested in the card. I don’t watch boxing ppvs that much but sometimes. Again, I might actually watch this one.

While I like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and respect him, I hope McGregor does well and kicks his ass ’cause it would be history making if McGregor can do it. Hopefully McGregor can so I’m actually rooting for McGregor to win. He could do it. Ya never know, y’all.


Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym… so true…

I just discovered this useful little guide doing googling on how to get a full six pack. That is something I’m really working on and it’s going to be my focus this year. I just measured my bodyfat percentage with an Accu-Measure calliper and it turns out that I’m currently at 14% bodyfat which is pretty good. I always knew that my bodyfat was pretty low but could be a lot lower. I need to be lower in order to be considered “lean”. If I want to be really lean, I need to be around 10 – 12 % so I’m getting there really.

Last time I measured my bodyfat which was like several years ago, I was at 16% but after several years of eating mostly clean and doing a lot of working out, I’ve gotten lower. My nutrition isn’t all that perfect but I’m gonna improve it this summer, though.

Here’s a little guide on what it takes to get “six pack abs”:

It’s so true. Only way to lose bodyfat is to eat right most of the time. Avoiding fatty foods, processed foods and sugars is pretty much key.

I’ve always eaten mostly clean but from this day on, I’m going to get even more strict on my nutrition. I’m planning to avoid most dairy products (yes, I’m planning on giving up ice cream) except for low fat cottage cheese ’cause that’s actually good for fitness. I’m also going to eat more high proteins and more fruits & vegetables too. For high protein meats, it’s mostly gonna be chicken breasts and fish. For sandwiches, it’s gonna be turkey with low sodium and mustard instead of mayo.

If I’m going to get into yoga, boxing, karate and all that stuff, I gotta get into a really strict nutrition. A strict nutrition is really good for yoga and needed ’cause I could probably get a flexible body a lot quicker the more I eat good.

I’ve been doing those classes at the Y in Greenwich so I’ve already been doing a lot of cardio. Since they got rid of boxing, I’m thinking about trying their HIIT classes too (High Intensity interval training).

I don’t really need to do too many ab exercises like crunches and all that stuff ’cause yoga will work out the abs pretty good anyways. Yoga will workout your entire core pretty much ’cause in yoga you do a lot of planks and stuff.

Yep, my goal is to have a really lean body. It’s amazing how a lot of people in fitness/bodybuilding are misinformed on getting visible abs. A lot of people want it but they do it wrong most of the time. While working out a lot of guys would drink a lot of alcohol and they’re trying to get abs, now that’s messed up. Many of them don’t eat clean much either. I’ll admit that I have some unhealthy cravings at times but it’s gonna stop today. Like the guide says, you want visible abs, gotta get rid of the bodyfat that’s covering it. It’s a lot of work but worth it.

Also a lot of men and women want visible abs just to be beach ready for the summer but not me. I wanna get a full visible six pack and keep it all-year round. I’m proud of what I have now but could be a lot better.

It’s crazy how a lot of people don’t wanna eat clean. Healthy eating is not that bad and it will be worth it. I gotta get back into a mostly strict nutrition ’cause of yoga and it’s gonna start today.



Why you shouldn’t listen to movie critics, just go by your own opinion on a film and screw the rest…

I respected the legacy of Roger Ebert but he wasn’t always the greatest critic. He always had a problem of giving really good movies “bad reviews” and giving really bad movies “good reviews”. Ever since Ebert passed away, that continues to be a problem in the movie industry. Critics giving good movies “bad reviews” and giving bad movies, “good reviews”. Movie critics are wrong all of the fucking time, it’s ridiculous.

Let me tell you some examples of what I mean by that:

Good movies that critics gave “bad reviews”: 

Movie critics slammed the hell out of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. It was getting slammed everywhere and movie fans went along with it. Despite the negative reviews, many people went and saw the movie and it made lots of money. Turned out to be a big hit. Even though the film got negative reviews, I thought the film was fucking amazing. I still think it was an amazing film.

Bad movies that critics gave “good reviews”: 

One movie I can think of at the top of my head that critics loved but I hated was “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Critics gave it rave reviews everywhere. I didn’t see much negative things said about the movie but when I went and actually saw it for myself, I was like, “What the fuck did I just watch?”. I didn’t like it at all. Tried to watch it again when it first came out on Bluray, my feelings on the film remained the same. I didn’t see what was so special about that film. People even went as far as calling it a “masterpiece” and I’m like really? I can think of plenty of films that were masterpieces films like “Citizen Kane”, “Casablanca”, “The Last of the Mohicans”, “The Godfather”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, etc. Those films, in my opinion are the true masterpieces. “Mad Max: Fury Road” was not.

I really believe movie critics are taking the enjoyment out of watching the movie. As long as they say it then it must be true. I’m not gonna refuse to see a movie ’cause a critic says it’s bad. If I want to go see a movie then I’ll go see it, I don’t give a shit what their opinion is.

A lot of critics are slamming the hell out of “The Mummy” with Tom Cruise. As long as that movie is getting slammed, it makes me want to go  see it more. As long as the critics hate it then it must be a good movie. I hate movie critics. In fact, I despise them so much. I don’t listen to any of them and you shouldn’t either. Just go by your own opinion alone. That’s how it should be.

Movie critics are getting paid a lot of money to ram their opinions down our throats. Telling us not to go see a movie ’cause they think it’s bad and telling us go see it ’cause they think it’s good. Don’t listen to these people. Just like what you like and screw the rest. That’s been my attitude for years. I would like to go try to see “The Mummy” before it stops playing ’cause it looks great, in my opinion.

There are movies that I loved that everybody hated and movies that I hated that everybody loved. Just use your own voice, use your own opinion. You’ll feel better that way, trust me.


Will I ever play live again in local music scene??? I don’t know…

Some of you may ask, why did I stop playing gigs in local music scene? Why don’t I play live much as I used to in the past? Well, I’ll tell you why…

First of all, lets be 100% honest, we don’t have much of a music scene to begin with anyways. In fact, we don’t have a music scene at all. Each time I talk about this, musicians around here would get offended at this and become defensive about it. A lot of musicians refuse to accept this truth ’cause they can’t take it. Venues come and go over the years. There aren’t many venues to play at around the Capital District anymore so I can’t blame bands & musicians for moving out of the area or doing tours across the states ’cause there aren’t places to play around the Capital District area. Admit it, right?

Another thing this music scene are way too liberal with their politics. That’s another reason I refuse to be a part of it, pretty much. The national music scene may have a liberal problem, the local music scene is no different. In fact, the local scene is worse with their liberal politics. There are too many Social Justice Warriors in the music scene for sure. Seeing that I’m a Trump supporter and “conservative”, I’m not sure if they’ll welcome me back anyways. haha…

There are also too many musicians around here who are pretty arrogant, a bit of a narcissist and really ego-driven. That hasn’t changed at all, I see.

Secondly, I took a lot of time off from playing live ’cause I’m just enjoying life and playing guitar. I’m not really into this to be a rock star, ya know? I’m a musician ’cause it’s what I do. Just want to play my guitar and write songs. I just sometimes play live shows just for the fun alone ’cause I enjoy playing live in front of an audience. Took a lot of time off from playing live to focus on other things like bodybuilding, fitness and now I just started yoga & boxing.

I don’t live in rock star fantasy world like many musicians are being into these days. I just try my best to stay humble and real. I don’t play live music shows for money or to show off my ego, I like playing live ’cause it’s a good feeling to share your songs for an audience and I’m willing to play for free.

If I were to play live again sometime in the future, I’ll probably hit some local open mics and maybe an occasional paying gig if it’s something right and something I can fit in. Before I start playing live again, though, I would need a new batch of original songs and some cover tunes. Then I might start playing out again, I’m not sure.

On top of that, I prefer to make music for the internet more. I like doing music for the internet. The internet is like a live audience anyways so sometime I plan on putting on a live performance at home through “live streaming”. Just got to write new songs and learn new covers for that. I’ll probably do something like that through “Facebook Live” or “Periscope” maybe. Not sure yet.

I do love performing live in a venue, though and will do it again when I feel the time is right.