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Why Dave Mustaine was “right” to go off on Judas Priest sound checking during Megadeth concert…

I’m seeing a lot of people bashing and hating Dave Mustaine for this. Calling him all kinds of nasty names like diva, asshole, egomaniac, etc. blah blah blah, you get the deal…

…. but to be honest, I’m on Dave’s side with this move. I think what he did here was pretty fair and he was in the right.

I mean… think about it right. How would you feel if you had a band playing a festival and then some other band sound checking interrupting your performance? You would feel pretty pissed too would ya?

On top of that, the reason Dave stopped the show and waited for the other band to stop soundchecking is ’cause Megadeth is very complex and challenging music to play. With the music Megadeth plays requires focus and concentration. It would be distracting to play a song while another band playing… it could cause Megadeth to mess up guitar parts, it would be hard to hear yourself sing, etc. You see what I mean? I can’t blame Dave for being pissed and kudos for him for having the balls to call them out. They travelled all the way there, rehearsed hard for the show and did all that hard work so they don’t deserve to get interrupted like that.

So with all said and done, I’m siding with Dave on this one. As far as Dave’s temper and language goes, that’s just Dave. Just Dave being Dave. He’s a metal guy, of course, he’s gonna have that type of personality ’cause that’s how a lot of metal dudes are, ya know? He’s always been the same Dave since the 80’s.

And I can’t wait for the new Megadeth album, by the way.


What are Some Bands & artists that I like that Everybody Hates??? Yes, I do Have some…

I love music but sometimes haters of some bands can get quite annoying… I don’t really care about them, though. I listen to whatever music I want, it didn’t matter if it’s mostly hated by everybody. Just for a fun topic, I thought I would name a few bands that I love that everybody seem to criticize harshly all the time. Ya know, bands that people hate on obsessively.

Metallica – Everybody actually liked Metallica with their 80’s speed metal and their 90’s hit album “The Black Album” but they all of a sudden became one of the most hated bands with their Napster controversy and getting accused of selling out changing the band’s sound and style with Load/Reload/St. Anger. Look, I still love Metallica and always had. I own every album they did in their discography even Load/Reload & St. Anger and yes, I love those three albums. Obviously, the band is not afraid to take risks with their music and I respect them for that.

Phish – Phish has been hated on for years and I don’t know why. I think the band is great and I think Trey Anastasio is a very talented musician. I don’t have all their albums yet but getting there. Have about 8 of them so far. I’m a big Phish fan and saw them in concert twice. He is also a fine solo musician as well.

Nirvana – Yup, Nirvana is definitely one band that got a lot of hate over the years. I’ve always loved Nirvana. Loved them ever since MTV was obsessed with them in the 90’s so I went out and bought the CD “Nevermind” which I still have sitting on my CD shelf. I love “In Utero” and love “Bleach”. People hate Nirvana ’cause of Kurt’s singing and they just how simple Nirvana songs are. Well all you need is 3 or 4 chords to write great rock songs anyways.

Oasis – The band Oasis also got a lot of hate over the years and can’t understand why. I always dug the songwriting of Noel and Liam. They’re amazing songwriters. They were big heroes of mine during high school and still love them today.

U2 – Need I say more? U2 and Bono got a lot of hate over the years. It got worse when they ditched their rock n’ roll sound for pop music with their controversial albums “Zooropa” and “POP”. They got people even more pissed off when they forced everyone who owned Apple products a free album “Songs of Innocence”, remember that??? I still love U2 and have most of their albums. I thought “Songs of Innocence” was a great album, though.

Creed – People couldn’t stand Creed ’cause of how mainstream they were but they still wrote kickass rock songs. Always dug that band and still hoping for a reunion now that Scott Stapp got himself better.

Eric Clapton – Clapton has always got a mixed reaction with his career over the years. You either love him or hate him. People prefer the stuff he did with Cream and they prefer his earlier solo work. With me, though, I’ve always been a loyal Clapton fan. Loved everything he has done really. He’s a guitar playing and songwriting genius.

That’s about all I can think of for now but you get the idea.


Stone Cold bio doc on A&E, totally worth watching whether you’re a wrestling fan or not… good!

Last night, I finally gotten around to watching the Stone Cold Steve Austin A&E doc. I was meaning to watch it on the night it came on but forgot it was on so I watched it last night via “On Demand”.

I’ve been a huge Steve Austin fan for a long time and I still admire & respect the hell out of that dude today. Yes, this guy a legend and a big name in wrestling for sure. He’s not just a big name in wrestling, he’s a big name in entertainment all around

What interested me most about this doc last night was how the Stone Cold Steve Austin character was created. When Steve first arrived in the WWE, he was at first a gimmick called the Ringmaster which he hated so much and begged for a different character which he got. Steve says he inspired the Stone Cold character off the “Iceman” Richard Kuklinski murderer. He was trying to come up with a new character name for WWE and naming all these dumb names based on ice and “cold” but Steve hated them all. Then his ex-wife came up with the name “Stone Cold” and it stuck. That name was a hit obviously. Then Steve had to create a new look for the character. He inspired the bald look by actor Bruce Willis in “Pulp Fiction” so Steve kept a shaved head over the years and then Steve grew the goatie to fit the look… that way he can look badass and look tough.

Then they came up with Steve’s ring attire, the black boots, the black trunks and black vest with the skull behind it. Now that Steve’s character was created, they had to give him something to do. Steve needed a villain for him to feud with then they came up with none other than Vince McMahon to be his arch rival. Ya know, the WWE owner/chairman was never meant to be an onscreen performer at first but he was needed. How was the Vince vs. Stone Cold feud inspired? Well according to the documentary, all employees at jobs has an evil boss that harasses and bullies their employees and all employees at jobs you work at has a boss you really hate & despise… so why not have that in a WWE storyline? Well obviously that idea worked ’cause the Stone Cold vs. Vince feud became one of the greatest of all time. WWE ratings were skyrocketing high during this time. Vince never wanted to be an onscreen performer in the beginning, he started off as color commentator but he was forced into it. This historic feud started when Mike Tyson were making those early WWE appearances.

I was impressed with that documentary. I’ve seen so many wrestling documentaries over the years and the Stone Cold by A&E is definitely one of the best. So whether or not you’re a fan of wrestling, it’s a good watch for all. You don’t have to be a fan of wrestling to learn wrestling history. This is a good doc to introduce you one of the greatest feuds of all time.

This doc definitely brought back a lot of memories for sure.

Even though Stone Cold is no longer wrestling and only makes occasional appearances on WWE TV, he still keeps himself involved in the wrestling business in other ways just to stay around it. That’s why he started his podcast which is the most popular wrestling podcast ever. Steve doesn’t do podcasts anymore so I just listen to older episodes as much as I can. His podcast show got so popular that he does his “Broken Skull Ranch” interviews for the WWE Network interview past and current WWE wrestlers. He also has his own TV show, “Straight Up Steve Austin”. Steve has also done some big screen movies over the years, he’s done some acting gigs. He’s definitely a multi-tasker.

Steve Austin is the freakin’ man and I hope to get the opportunity to meet him myself someday ’cause it would be cool.


Is this “I’m oFfended” Crap getting out of hand? Yes, who cares if you’re offended, nobody gives a shit…

First Gina Carano, then Mr. Potato Head, then Dr. Suess and now Pepe Lepew… I’m sure lefties will find something to cancel. All this leftist “cancel” stuff is getting out of hand and I’m tired of it. I believe that is the goal of the liberal left is that they want to pussify America. All this “cancel” stuff has been a problem for years like when Roseanne Barr got fired off her own show for making a joke of the “Planet of the Apes” movie to a leftist politician.

I think “getting offended” is stupid. I’m never offended at anything, really I’m not. I never get offended at anything ’cause “I’m offended” is for the weak.

The left have no right to say that they’re offended at some things when they do and say the most offensive shit themselves. Cardi B drops the “Wet Ass Pussy” song and she not cancelled. Kathy Griffin does the severed Donald Trump head and she gets a pass for that. I can go on and on about the leftist double standard.

Conservatives get banned off of social media but lefties don’t get any social media jail time for cyberbullying Trump supporters and conservatives. It’s all messed up.

Gina Carano gets fired off “The Mandalorian” just for having some opinions on things but rapper Chris Brown still has a music career after beating up Rihanna.

The left needs to go away and shut up.

We really are in an era where “everyone gets offended at everything” nowadays. We gotta watch what we say every time we open our mouths and I’m tired of it. No matter what you say, good or bad someone will always get offended at something.

It’s all bullshit really. Crazy as hell world we live in. Ugggghh, it’s safe to say now that people fucking suck… there I said it.


13 Years of Missing Jaliek Rainwalker, Crime Junkie Podcast Episode about Jaliek becomes No. 1 in Apple Podcasts…

13 Years of missing 12 year old kid Jaliek Rainwalker and the case has been exploding in the podcast world lately. I try to listen to most podcasts about Jaliek and try to keep up with them but they just keep coming and coming. Now the case has caught the attention of Crime Junkie which is the biggest true crime podcast on Apple Podcast. Well the episode of Jaliek got released on Apple Podcast this week and it immediately shot up to No. 1 in Apple Podcast Top Episodes which to me is pretty amazing.

If you don’t know anything about the case, you can listen to it here…

I listened to it the other day and it’s pretty good. If you don’t know much about the Jaliek case, there’s so many podcasts episodes about it but my favorite is True Crime Garage, they did the best job covering Jaliek, in my opinion.

I’ve been following the case since the beginning… ever since it happened in 2007, I’ve followed it ever since and my mind never left it. I would like to say that this case has officially gone viral… A&E’s “The Vanished” did a video about Jaliek and now Crime Junkie podcast. Now I’m hoping soon the Jaliek case will get some national TV attention.

I’m a part of this group in FB called Justice For Jaliek Rainwalker/Jaliek’s Army which I’m an admin at both of those. A few of us from those two groups have been investigating the case on our own. Some of you may think, you should stay out of it and let the police do their job, let the police handle it. Well to be honest with you, the police are totally on our side so we aren’t jeopardizing anything really. They really want our help and law enforcement is really close to us. As long as we aren’t doing anything to step over the legal line and not doing anything too crazy then we’re fine investigating the case on our own.

Yeah, the few of us in those FB groups have been investigating quietly and behind the scenes and we’ve been finding out some stuff that the local media hasn’t touched yet. I won’t go into details of what we’ve been finding out as of this time but yeah, we’ve been finding out some stuff. We talk about everything, no matter how small and how big.

Just so you know, this case isn’t going away and it won’t until we know what happened to Jaliek. We won’t stop until he’s found and those responsible are behind bars. 13 years and the adopted father is still out there living his life. Yeah most people came to an agreement that the adopted father probably killed him and I’m sticking with that view too. That’s probably what happened.

There are so many different theories on where Jaliek could be but the real truth will come out soon enough, I’m sure. The truth will always come out.

I care about this case ’cause it happened in my hometown. A town where I lived my whole life in. We won’t stop no matter what anyone says or thinks. Jaliek’s life matters.

A bigger voice for Jaliek is important to us ’cause it could get people that knows stuff that could come forward. So if anybody knows anything…. anything at all… come forward. Call the NY State police, Call the NCMEC, come to me or any of us admins in Justice for Jaliek Rainwalker FB group.


Will There Ever be a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material??? Wolfgang says you’ll have to wait…

Wolfgang Van Halen who is the son of Eddie Van Halen was a guest on the Howard Stern show. Now that Eddie is gone, fans are probably wondering if they’ll release a Van Halen boxed set of archived unreleased material.

Wolfie here says that there are plenty of unreleased material in the vault and he says it would take forever to go through all those tapes. Yeah, EVH’s studio is pretty huge and I’m sure he has a whole library and stacks of tapes in the vault. I’m sure Eddie recorded plenty of unreleased Van Halen songs and I’m sure Eddie recorded a bunch of riffs and guitar licks for ideas and stuff.

Eddie probably threw that stuff in the vault ’cause he thought they were no good but I’m sure there are some amazing stuff in there. There’s gotta be instrumentals he wrote that were way more impressive than “Eruption”. I’m sure he wrote plenty of unreleased Van Halen material that were meant for the band to play and for David Lee Roth and even Sammy Hagar to sing over. I’m sure there’s tons of unreleased material through every era of Van Halen.

Wolfie probably has access to Eddie’s private vault but it would take hours to listen through all that stuff. I can understand. Someday it could happen, we’ll have to wait I guess.


Powerlifting training is going well… feeling strong again…

So you’ve been away from the gym for several months due to the pandemic and once coming back, you may feel a little weak going in at first but after a while, you’ll get your strength back and I’m feeling that right now lately.

Powerlifting training is going well on the bench, squat and deadlift.

For bench, I’m trying to stick with 140 lbs. – 150 lbs. for low rep ranges in strength training. Build my numbers up that way.

For squat, I tried to lift a 135 lb. heavy single the last time but a missed lift… still stuck at 130 lb. as a single but I’ll get there soon.

For deadlift, my last deadlift session I had at the gym, I tried to pull a 300 lb. heavy single but a missed lift. I could only get the bar halfway up to my knees and felt I couldn’t do anymore so I gave up that lift. It’s not a bad thing though ’cause it lets me know that I’m close to getting to 300 lbs. again. I’ll keep working for it.

I try not to miss lifts like I’ve been saying but I seem to miss only 1 or 2 which isn’t a bad thing. At least I know where my numbers are at now.

I really want to bring my numbers up before the end of the year ’cause I want to do another powerlifting meet in 2021 ’cause powerlifting competitions are coming back.

I want to hopefully do my first USAPL meet. The USAPL is awesome ’cause that’s a federation where you can win actual gold and “real trophies” so that’s what I hope for one day. I’m still a USAPL member it looks like and haven’t done my first USAPL meet yet. I was going to but then the stupid pandemic happened.

So glad I got the squat form all taken care of. The squat lift may seem like a difficult and challenging lift but it can be easy once you practice it. I’m starting to get used to the barbell squat and liking it more and more.

Ever since I’ve been back in the gym out of the pandemic, I’ve been back hitting the gym 4 days a week nonstop. Feeling good to be lifting again. It’s what I’m supposed to do.


A little preview of my David Bowie tribute…

A little preview of my upcoming David Bowie live show. I’ve been working on this song for a while.

I can get the most of the song vocally but there is this one part that it is kind of tricky but I’ll get it, though.

Enjoy! It’s one of my favorites of Bowie’s and I have to do this one.


During off-season powerlifting training, why I start off my sets “hypertrophy” style and then heavy sets/few reps later…

Some may think my training style in powerlifting maybe pretty questionable. In powerlifting training, I usually start off light for the first couple of sets and then the last few sets that’s when I do the heavy sets/few reps. There are a few reasons why I train this way.

  1. It’s important to start off your sets “hypertrophy” style so you can work on your form and practice your technique. That is always crucial. You jump into heavy sets/few reps right away, your form could be a mess.
  2. I like to mix hypertrophy style training so I can build muscle mass and strength mass at the same time ’cause I always believed that building muscle is a part of strength training. Building more muscle will give you strength too and it’s always important to train like a bodybuilder still. Know what I mean?

I’ll probably continue to mix hypertrophy and strength training together but from now on, I think I’m going to do things differently. Come up with a different training program. I think from now on, I’m going to do a couple weeks of straight heavy sets/few reps and then I’ll pick a week of hypertrophy/lighter days like a “deload” week or something on the big three lifts.

For example:

Week 1: Heavy days

Week 2: Heavy days

Week 3: Heavy days

Week 4: Hypertrophy style/deload week

I’ll go with something along like that and that sounds like a good plan to me ’cause I was told that it’s not good to lift heavy week after week. It’s good to pick a light week, ya know?

I wanna build muscle as well. Not just strength.

I never thought I would say this but I think I’m in need of a powerlifting coach. I really need one. I already have a few but they live all the way out in Albany and I only see them on the powerlifting meets. I would need to get a powerlifting coach who is more locally and I’m going to do my best to find someone. Get a powerlifting coach who has a lot of powerlifting experience and knows what he’s doing. My own powerlifting coach would help and hope I get lucky enough to find one. Maybe I’ll put out an ad in craigslist or something maybe that would help, lol. If I want to become a great powerlifter someday then a coach is needed.


Day off of working out today before powerlifting meet tomorrow…

No gym day today. Today will be an off day totally. Before a power lifting meet, it’s important you need to rest the day before. No working out, no nothing. So it’s gonna be a lazy do nothing kind of day. I’m also going to bed early later tonight. The reason for all this is that you need to be full of energy and not be tired at all on meet day.

So today, I’m going to hang and chill. Relax. Play some guitar, do some reading, play video games, watch some TV, etc. Whatever. I need to focus and get my mind off of working out for the day.

So tomorrow is gonna be powerlifting meet Round No. 2 for me. Admittedly my first powerlifting meet at Albany Strength back in Aug. 31st, I went kind of easy on that one but this one I’m going to bring it and put on a show. Yep, I’m going to go heavier on this one. They don’t call it powerlifting for no reason, it’s the name of the game.

Will I come home with another trophy or award or some kind? We’ll see what happens but I didn’t get into powerlifting to win trophies or awards, I got into it to get more weightlifting strength and to improve my technique. Things like that.

Gonna be a blast tomorrow! Can’t wait! Yes, I’ll film video and take plenty of pics.