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Will more celebs at the Oscars come out in support of Trump after the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident?

A lot of people are expecting a lot of Trump bashing at the Oscars and there probably will be but I’m thinking not all of it will be Trump bashing. After the Joy Villa MAGA dress incident at the Grammy’s, do you think more celebs will come out in support of Trump? Whether on the red carpet or during the Oscars show itself, I think a few more movie stars will come out in support of Trump. Who knows who may that be?

Mel Gibson himself seems to be a Trump supporter even though he hasn’t been vocal about it but Mel has been caught giving a dirty look when Meryl Streep was bashing Trump at the Golden Globes. Mel seemed to be disgusted with Meryl bashing Trump at the Globes. Maybe Mel will speak for his support of Trump at the Oscars this weekend, who knows?

We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I think it’ll be cool if more celebs would come out in support of Trump at the Oscars to piss off liberal Hollywood even more. That would be funny as hell!


Why facebook is full of drama, soap opera and personal shit? I believe that’s what Mark Zuckerberg created it for…

Why is there is so much drama, soap opera and personal shit by people in facebook? I think it’s really because that’s what Mark Zuckerberg created FB for in the first place. He wanted people to post everything about themselves for his own personal amusement? Just to get entertained by something?

FB is full of drama and soap opera everyday. It’s crazy. Women ranting about how shitty men are in dating. Men ranting about how shitty women are in dating. There are plenty of couples online who won’t keep their relationship private… couples have to keep showing their love for each other publicly rather than keep it privately when it should be. Relationships shouldn’t be made public but people do it anyways. There’s also all kinds of drama with your own family members and friends too.

When it comes to political posts, people can get all dramatic over this stuff too. It’s like, you can’t post your opinions in politics anymore ’cause people will get offended at everything.

I don’t use facebook to get into drama and I don’t use FB to post personal stuff. I use my FB for entertainment and for my own amusement really. I don’t even know why I’m still there. I almost left a couple of times last year. I use my FB to give my opinions on things and to speak my mind like what it’s here for. I like speak on politics a lot, write movie reviews, talk about music, talk about wrestling, etc. The usual topics just like this blog.

People can be really weird and wacky as hell in FB too. It shows how people really are in the real world. I know a lot of people deactivated FB for the reasons I explained above which I can’t blame them.

People are fucking nuts on FB fo sure. Why? People would do anything for attention really… to get more friends count, more FB likes and things like that. That’s probably a huge part of why people get all dramatic ’cause they love the attention. Honestly, you can’t really trust a lot of people in FB… including those you know in your own FB friends list. In FB, you’ll get stabbed in the back by a lot of people and all that stuff. People come and go in my FB all the time, that’s the way it is.

Honestly, I don’t really care what goes on in other people’s FB ’cause I only focus on my own. I’m thinking about leaving FB again, though ’cause I can’t take it anymore. I like twitter a lot more than FB ’cause twitter is better and twitter is less dramatic too.

Once again, I can’t blame people for leaving FB a lot ’cause it fucking sucks. Always did. I’m still there ’cause I have a few very close friends that I keep in touch with all the time and it wouldn’t be fair for them if I left.


Happy Presidents day, whether you accept Donald Trump as our president or not, hope you’re enjoying this day!


Today is president’s day and today is a great day to be an American for sure. I’m in such a good mood today that Donald Trump is our 45th president of the US. Whether you accept him or not, hope you’re enjoying this day. Be thankful that we didn’t get Hillary as prez ’cause that would have been horrible.

To all the snowflakes who still can’t accept him, deal with it. You’re gonna have a long 8 years. I love how all the haters are already predicting “Impeachment” or “arrest” when he hasn’t done anything illegal yet. I predicted that the haters would already be crying “impeachment” or “arrest”. It’s amazing that  there are still crybabies who still can’t accept him. Anti-trump people in social networking still re-sharing anti-Trump memes and all that stuff. We had to get forced to accept Obama for 8 years, now it’s your turn to accept Trump.

The haters are pretty ridiculous and childish. When you debate with them in FB or twitter, you can never get into a civilized debate with them. They resort to name calling, say a bunch of mean things to you and all they do is bash Trump. That’s why it’s best to try and ignore those NeverTrump idiots. I try to but sometimes I must debate with them when they get out of hand and then I’ll call them out to show them how wrong they are about certain things.

One thing for sure though, those anti-Trump folks don’t like being called SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and snowflake. I called some of them those names but they got so defensive. They don’t even know what SJW and snowflake even means so they had to look it up. LOL! I’m serious, not joking. It proves how uneducated and out of touch these people are. “Snowflake” meaning an overly sensitive person who gets easily upset when views are different, something like that. They totally deserved that term ’cause they really are “snowflakes” when they hate on Trump. They still can’t accept that he is our prez which is sad.

I’m not seeing many people saying “Happy Prez Day” other than conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Most liberals are silent on Prez Day today. Gee, I wonder why? If Hillary was elected then I’m sure liberals will be all over it.



I’m not gonna let fake news media control me, don’t let it control you either!!!


Man, I love how Trump has been calling out the media! It seems like the more Trump calls out the media, the worse the media gets. Love it!

The media thinks they can control people. They think they can tell us what to do, tell us how to live and tell us what to believe. No way. Not fuckin’ happening with me! I haven’t listened to the media for  a long time. Haven’t listened to the media since the 2008 elections when they helped elected Obama. It’s easy to see through the media’s bullshit.

Sadly though, there are still some people who believes everything the media says and takes them seriously. There are some dumbasses who believes that the media is “credible” source.

What are the Fake News Media sources I’m talking about? Well the usual list: NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post, NY Times, etc. Internet sites like Media Matters and RAW Story. Radio stations like NPR, that’s also fake news.

Anybody that believes what they say is a stupid idiot. Don’t listen to the media. Do not trust them. Think outside the box and do something what is called “Critical thinking” which people don’t do these days. Do your homework. Do your research on things and then you would see that the media is bullshit.

Media is in bed with Democratic political figures but they hate everything Republican/Conservative. It’s really sickening to see and even sadder to see all these people buying into this stuff.

The media has been controlling and fooling people for decades. The media thinks we’re stupid and gullible but we’re not. That’s why we’ve supported Donald Trump from day 1 ever since the election started to show the media we aren’t gullible.

Sadly there are still some Americans who are “gullible” which is why they still hate Trump ’cause the reason is they still believe everything the media says.

Just turn off the TV… stop reading the papers… stop listening to talk radio ’cause it’s all junk. I don’t pay attention to any of that stuff.

If you want to see how Donald Trump matters to all of us, don’t listen to the media. Listen to Trump the man himself. Watch his speeches, keep an eye on his twitter, etc. Social media is the new media. Not the fake news MSM.


What I liked about the Milo and Bill Maher interview on HBO…

When it was said that Bill Maher just booked Milo Yiannopoulos for his “Real Time” show on HBO for a special interview segment, it’s been expected by Trump supporters that Milo was gonna send Bill to smackdown hotel. Ya know, Milo give Bill a verbal beatdown but many Trump supporters were disappointed that the interview didn’t turn out to be that way. Instead, Milo and Bill were very nice and friendly to each other. The debate turned out to be very “civilized” which to me is amazing.

Trump supporters seem disappointed in Milo for this but I think this is great. Ya know? I think heated debates and controversial political discussions are getting old and tiresome. It doesn’t hurt to get along for once. Yes, it is very possible that a conservative can get along with a liberal quite well and this is proof of it.

While Bill Maher is a very liberal guy, I have no problem with him. Bill is actually one of the very few liberals who is actually pretty cool. Why? Probably because Bill is more tolerant to others views and beliefs. Watch his show for proof on that. Bill has interviewed other conservatives on his show lots of times and he allowed them to speak their minds.

This is what a civilized liberal vs. conservative debate looks like, folks. Tolerance. We need more of it especially online.

Everyone wants to view Milo as this “controversial” person but once you actually see him, you’ll be disappointed that he turned out not controversial at all. You’ll immediately see that Milo is a likeable person after all. Milo seems like a nice guy and down to earth to me. I don’t see how Milo is “controversial”. He just a Trump supporter like the rest of us. Milo is just speaking all the same things we’ve all been thinking.

I’m tired of the media and liberals trying to paint conservatives as “controversial” when we are not actually that at all. We’re just regular people just like you and me. Enough with the labelling.

I think Bill looks surprised when he saw that Milo isn’t “controversial”, you can tell by the look on Bill’s face. Bill is looking at Milo like: “Woah, this is not the Milo that I thought he was”. They ended up being friendly together.

This was a great interview. I really enjoyed it. I’m a huge fan of Milo. I’m not gay at all, I’m perfectly straight but I just admire how he’s not afraid to speak his mind however he wants to. Milo is the shit. I’ll be buying his book when it comes out this year for sure.



Sturgill Simpson’s “Sailor’s Guide To Earth” should have won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s instead of Adele…

Earlier today I listened to Sturgill Simpson’s “Sailor’s Guide To Earth” album and I was so fucking impressed by it. That album was pretty amazing. LOVED IT! Sturgill’s music is country a little bit but he also adds in other genres of music into his work. I just love his singing voice and his backup band makes some very good music as well.

I think his album should have won “Album of the Year” at the Grammy’s instead of Adele. Of course, the Grammy’s always have to pick Adele ’cause well, she’s Adele. Anyway, “Sailor’s Guide to Earth” by Sturgill Simpson was an incredible album. Think I’m gonna be listening to it a lot for sure. Sturgill’s music is so different. Can’t even describe the genre he plays really. They call him a country artist and roots rock but I hear a lot of jazz & blues in his music too.

“Sailor’s Guide to Earth” is a great album and you should give it a listen too. As a matter of fact, I never heard of this Sturgill Simpson guy before until he got nominated for “Album of the Year” for this record. I thought he was just another typical pop artist but it turns out he wasn’t that. He’s an artist with real talent. A guy who plays his own instruments and writes his own songs while the other artists in the “Album of the Year” category didn’t write their own songs.

I was surprised how great “Sailor’s Guide” was and I would like to see Sturgill Simpson live in concert someday. So glad I discovered this guy’s music. I really dig this song he did called “Call to Arms”… in the song sends a political message but still though the song is so fucking tight. Love it. Enjoy.


President Trump gives fake news media a verbal beatdown during press conference… the media totally deserved that though…


I didn’t watch today’s press conference with President Trump bashing the media directly to their faces but I did read a lot about it, though. What Trump did was just glorious. This is the kind of Trump that we all love. It’s what we all voted him for pretty much. We love Trump ’cause we love him being the “tough guy”. Trump being the tough guy is a huge part of how he won the election to begin with.

The media spent a whole year or more during the primaries, bashing and attacking Trump like mad. Now that Trump is president, the media still won’t leave him alone. Now that Trump is president, the media is more aggressive than ever before. Well Trump finally couldn’t take their crap anymore and gave them a verbal smackdown during press conference earlier today.

I haven’t watched it yet ’cause I was busy doing other things but I’ll get around to watching on youtube tonight. I’m sure it’s real good.

I love it. When Trump calls out the media, the media predictably runs away and cry like babies. They don’t like being called “Fake News” and they don’t like Trump calling them out. They also cry “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of the press”. Well fake news media, you’re the one that wasted all that time bashing the man, how else do you want him to respond? Freedom of speech works both ways and he has the freedom of speech to respond to you however he wants to. You so-called journalists deserved that verbal smackdown earlier today, totally.

You know how when an internet cyberbully picks on someone and then that person calls out the cyberbully… then the cyberbully all of a sudden plays innocent victim? It’s the same thing that goes on here. The bully always plays the innocent victim when they are called out by someone. The bully is the media. They’ve always been bullies and troublemakers since the 2008 elections when Barack Obama got elected.

The media are this new generation of “tabloid” news. Quite sad. It’s amazing how dishonest the media is. They’ve been dishonest for over a decade. It’s nothing new. This is a huge part of why most Americans are all for Trump ’cause we’re fed up with the media’s crap.

Even though I admittedly still read the news on the internet, I don’t watch the news on TV, though. I don’t watch NBC, CNN or any of that garbage. Honestly, though, I do find myself watching Fox News more and more ’cause they are more honest than liberal networks. Love ’em or hate ’em, Fox News are the only real journalists left. I don’t watch a lot of FOX News but I do like to watch a few shows on there like Sean Hannity and “Justice” with Jeanine Pirro.

Our news media is so corrupt. They were the reasons why Trump won the election, they helped him. Keep up the hating and the negativity. Trump will win the 2020 re-election and you will never see a Democrat president ever again after that.