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Lou Reed was really hurt by negative reception of his album with Metallica, “LuLu”…

Iggy Pop and Lars Ulrich did a sit-down interview and had an interesting conversation at I didn’t read the whole thing but skipped over to the parts where they were talking about the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration album, “Lulu”.

Lars explains that before Lou passed, Lou was really hurt and upset of the negative reception he got of the album. Lars explains that Metallica didn’t give a shit about negative reception but Lou did. I guess Lou really wanted people to like the album.

Iggy says Lou was trying to be a real artist which I totally agree with.

Despite the album’s negative reaction, I still stand by it that I thought the album was a real masterpiece. It’s a beautiful album if you take the time to listen to it again. I loved the whole thing from start to finish. While I loved the whole album, the best song on it was “Junior Dad” and you can hear the track above.

I really hope the haters of this album really feel proud of themselves, though. Of course, in a age where popular music continues to dominate, it’s hard for people to like real music these days and this is real music.

A lot of kids these days wanna listen to crap like Korn and all this nu-metal crap, they also want to listen to garbage like rap & pop music. This album “Lulu” wasn’t all that commercial and wanted to stay away from mainstream music. In my opinion, this album didn’t deserve to get negatively criticized ’cause it really was a beautiful record and I still stand by it today.

If this album was made in the 60’s or the 70’s, I’m sure it would have been loved by everyone back then but since the industry is dominated by pop music today, once again, it’s a real challenge to get people to enjoy real music.

I think the only reason this record got slammed is ’cause people didn’t understand Lou Reed. They don’t listen to his music much. Sure, Lou Reed wasn’t much of a singer but he was still amazing at what he did. The man was a poet and a storyteller, that’s how he always performed his songs. I’m a huge Lou Reed fan. Lou Reed would have wanted this album to be his final album. It’s a great record and I’m planning on listening to it again this week.

Why we’re about to see a lot more Barack Obama now that he’s no longer president… he’s gotta continue to make his money somehow, right?

So Barack Obama had his first public speech since leaving office in which I’m sure Barack was paid quite a bit for that speech. Ya think, right? Now that Barack is no longer in office, that means he won’t be using our tax paying money just to do whatever he wants for fun stuff like golfing, vacations & things like that. I’m feeling we’re going to see a lot more Barack in the future now that he’s finally back in the public eye.

I can see Barack doing more political speeches like at more colleges and things like that just to continue to make his money. Plus, Obama’s got that $60 million book deal with Michelle coming out and I’m pretty sure that Obama is gonna do a book tour. Ya know, like do autograph signings for that book and more boring speeches to help promote the stupid book. Even though Obama is no longer president, he still thinks the world revolves around him and he’s obviously still trying to destroy America even though he’s no longer president. Obama is quietly trying to remove Trump from office.

As long as Obama’s still standing, he’s going to try to destroy America still so I hope Trump gets the evidence of his wiretapping so Trump can jail Obama and get him out of the public eye for good. We all want Obama gone. So because Obama is no longer the president doesn’t mean we’ll move on and forget about him. We’ll never forget what he did to the USA. He gave us a lot of damage and Obama belongs in federal prison. That’s where he needs to be. If Trump can lock up Obama and Hillary both, re-election guaranteed.

Obama not only needs to be locked up for Trump wiretapping, he needs to be locked up for other gov. crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS targeting, fake birth certificate, etc.


Sylvester Stallone from broke & homeless to rich and famous… most hollywood celebs suck but Sly is undeniably cool!

If this isn’t impressive then I don’t know what else it is. I’ve been following Sly’s career for years and the man is such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Before Sly’s fame in Hollywood, he was pretty much a nobody. Didn’t have much going on in his life ’cause he was broke and homeless. Living in the streets with his dog and all. He got into acting and into the movie business ’cause he didn’t know what else to do with his life. Well the man certainly knew how to build himself up and knew how to be a fighter. He went from nobody to somebody. It was a slow process to get where he is today but he did good and he’s doing well for himself now.

Once again, most celebrities didn’t do anything to earn their fame & fortune well Sly did. He worked real hard for it. Nobody is perfect. We’re all gonna have ups and downs in our lives, even me.

My life isn’t perfect and there are things in my life that could be better and since I’m in my 40’s now, I still have plenty of time to improve my life. I’m working on that. I would like to get myself a full time job and hopefully get a family of my own. It’s not too late for that stuff.

So does Sly deserves all that money and fame that he got? Absolutely. I remember back in the 90’s and early 2000’s years Sly was in a big career slump. Kept releasing box office bomb after another but today Sly is back into being a successful actor again.

Most movie stars didn’t work for their fame and fortune, Sly did. You can’t deny that Sly’s story is pretty inspirational to you, right? He deserves more respect for sure!


Gonna start a pedal collection so I can create my own pedalboard…

I used to be against guitar effects but lately I’ve had a change of heart with guitar effects once I checked out the AmpliTube app for the Ipad. AmpliTube which is a guitar simulation software. Hook your electric guitar to your Ipad, launch AmpliTube amp and on the software allows you to play around with built in effects in the amp. After fooling around with many guitar effects in that amplitube software, I was like: “Woah, maybe guitar effects can be useful after all”? So after fooling around with AmpliTube for a long while, I figure I want to start getting my own pedals, real ones.

I want to buy as many pedals as I can ’cause if I want to play rock n’ roll or hardrock maybe even metal, I’ll need effects. I’ll want to create all kinds of different and unique sounds for my original electric songs.

I’m planning to build my own pedalboard so sometime this year I’m going to buy a pedal board so I can set my pedals on it but first, I gotta get more pedals and I will. When I order that guitar that I have my eye on, I think I’m going to order a few pedals to go along with it instead of a guitar case to go with it. I’ll get the guitar case another time. For now, I want to focus on building a pedal collection. Along with the Jackson electric that I plan on ordering, I’m planning on ordering the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face pedal and a delay pedal to go along with it.

I want to get as much pedal effects as much as possible: I’m gonna get fuzz, delay, phasers, chorus, octave, tremolo, reverb, volume, etc. I want to get it all really!

I already have a distortion pedal, overdrive and a wah wah pedal but need more.

I want to make some serious rock n’ roll and you can’t do that when you want to play clean guitar sounds all the time so I need effects. I used to dislike guitar pedals but now I love ’em and want to start a collection. They can be useful for some things. They can be great for songwriting.


Why it’s important for us true Trump supporters to defend Trump no matter the situation…


Remember when he said that. Never ever forget it. Yes, Trump really said that during his foreign policy speech as president when he said he’ll be America’s greatest defender and most loyal champion. That means Trump is loyal to the American people. He’s loyal to us. Trump has been in office for 90 days now and ever since he got sworn in, he kept his promise that he will be America’s greatest defender and loyal champion. All he wants to do is protect us and defend us from corrupt government and terrorism.

Since Trump has our back 100% and defends us no matter the situation then we must show the love and loyalty in return. America has been in trouble for over 8 years and Trump had our back long before the election started. Since Trump wants to protect and defend us Americans, we must return the favor by protecting and defending him no matter what happens and no matter what trouble Trump is going through.

Liberals and those fake Trump supporters always wonder why we defend Trump most of the time and this is why. Another reason why is because Trump is our only hope to bring back the American Dream we all want. We don’t want the haters to ruin things for us so we must protect & defend him to stop his enemies from bringing him down. Being protective is not only about protecting Trump, it’s about protecting America. If we want the American dream to happen, we must defend Trump no matter the situation.

What will it take for me and other true Trump supporters to get off the Trump Train? Well, it’ll take a lot. The only way for us to get off the Trump Train is if Trump shows his hatred for America or does something evil to America like commit government crimes & war crimes and things like that. So far so good, Trump hasn’t committed any government crimes similar to Benghazi or Operation F&F. I don’t think he’ll be the type of president who’ll commit gov. crimes and get away with it like Obama, Bush and others. Trump doesn’t want to bring us down like Obama, he want to bring us up. That’s why I got on board to support Trump 100%.

Simply put, as long as Trump continues to fight for us then we’ll fight for him. If you haters want to bash him then watch out. You’ll never win in a debate with us especially with me. You want to bash Trump in front of me, I’ll call you out.

Call it worship if you want but it isn’t really. It’s about standing with our president and fighting for him. I don’t care. I’ll always stand with Trump and I don’t care if I have to do it alone. We want the American dream to happen and we’ll fight for that as long as we have breath.

Get off the Trump Train all you want but that’s not gonna make us drop our support of Trump so get over yourselves.


RIP: Allan Holdsworth 1946 – 2017

If you play the guitar then chances are you probably heard the name Allan Holdsworth. He was a legendary jazz & fusion guitarist. He had a unique and different style of guitar playing. Something you’ve never heard before. He was different than many other jazz artists.

When I used to subscribe to Apple Music, I listened to his entire discography of albums last year and I loved everything I’ve heard. I want to start buying his albums soon so I can own them for myself.

He was an inspiration to many guitarists who plays different genre of music. Allan Holdsworth inspired metal guitarists and he also inspired a lot of shred greats. I do know that Allan Holdsworth inspired most of the shred greats such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Al Di Meola and others. That’s how I pretty much got interested in listening to Holdsworth music ’cause those guys talked about him all the time in interviews.

Holdsworth was a genius, though and he definitely was underrated who deserved more recognition. I think he was only well-known in the guitar community. His music was great to listen to. I think my favorite Holdsworth albums that he has done were: “Sand”, “Hard Hat Area” and “None Too Soon”. The album “Secrets” is very good too. I’m gonna buy those albums from Itunes for myself pretty soon.

Allan was not really a shred guitarist… he made music that was very melodic and listenable. Check him out if you’ve never listened to him before.


Trump says we’re not going into Syria but so-called Trump supporters still bashing him…

President Trump has cleared the air on the Syrian strike from last Thursday and says he’s not going to war with Syria. Just teach ’em a little lesson and that’s it like I was trying my best to tell everyone.

Ever since the US striking Syria happened, many so-called Trump supporters turned out to be disloyal. Turning their back on Trump and getting off the Trump Train. They still claim they haven’t gotten off the Trump Train; however, they’re still criticizing him on this and many other things. It’s amazing how they think they can “cover up” their hate for Trump and think they can get away with it. Once again, they say bullshit like “free thinking” supporters, we don’t have to agree with everything he says or does, we don’t worship Trump the same way liberals worshipped Obama, etc. blah blah blah blah blah… they think they can get away with their secret hate for Trump. It’s easy to tell that they’ve never been on the Trump Train after all this time.

Ever since Trump’s Syrian strike happened… the so-called Trump supporters keep bashing people in Trump’s administration like Ivanka & Jared, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, etc. They want to say they haven’t gotten off the Trump Train? Yeah, right.

Look, y’all… it’s completely okay to admit that you don’t like Trump anymore so why are some of you scared to do it? Are they scared of “backlash” from other loyal Trump supporters? The true supporters that is? Yeah and that’s probably the reason they’re scared to admit it. The reality is no one will give a shit if you don’t like Trump anymore ’cause the Trump Train is still fine and good. It’s not a loss if you decide to bail on Trump.

Sadly Trump is gonna get this a lot. He’s gonna get a lot of backstabbers and getting people who’s turning out to be disloyal. I’m waiting to see how Trump supporters are gonna react when the Wall goes up at the border or when Trump actually does take out Isis for good.

We voted Trump ’cause we wanted a man who has balls and we got exactly what we wanted. Sadly some are gonna change their mind about Trump ’cause they’re jealous that he has balls and they don’t.