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“Fighting With My Family” was such a great movie… saw it yesterday afternoon!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I went and saw the film “Fighting With My Family” which would be the first film I saw in theater in the year 2019. This is a WWE wrestling movie in which this is a biopic film about WWE Superstar Paige. Ya know, the female wrestler from the UK.

I was very surprised of this movie. I kept thinking I was going to walk out after the movie thinking to myself “This movie is so and so” but it didn’t turn out to be that. The movie turned out to be enjoyable all the way through. I liked it a lot actually. The writing, directing and acting by the cast was all good. Some of you think, only die-hard wrestling fans would love a movie like this. Nope. This could be a movie for non-wrestling fans too. If you’re not a fan of professional wrestling then you should check it out.

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Paige and now I’m a fan of hers even more after seeing this. While this is a biopic film of her life, this movie only tells the story leading up to when she won the Divas title on RAW the day after Wrestlemania 30. It showed how she went through NXT so she can make it to WWE full time.

After this movie, I think it’s finally time we need more movies based on pro wrestling. We’ve had a few in the past like “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke, “No Holds Barred” with Hulk Hogan, “Ready to Rumble” with David Arquette and that’s about all I can think of really. We definitely need more wrestling movies for sure.

Back to Paige, it is sad that her wrestling career has been cut short, though. Remember, WWE forced her to retire due to a serious neck injury. WWE will no longer allow her to wrestle for that reason. Yeah, wrestling maybe fake and scripted but wrestlers still can get injuries ’cause they’re still doing all kinds of physical things in the ring. Even though Paige’s WWE career was short, she did accomplished a lot and I thought she deserved her own biopic movie. Her story deserved to get told for sure.

Will WWE make more biopic films on their wrestlers? Hulk Hogan is having his own biopic movie coming to Netflix with Chris Hemsworth playing him so that one should be interesting.

I’m a professional wrestling nerd. I love it so much. I was glad to watch “Fighting With My Family” and I’m definitely getting the BluRay for that film when it comes out.



WWE is lying about Roman Reigns having leukemia… I’m not gonna believe that he has cancer unless they can prove it, otherwise…

Back in Oct. of 2018, Roman Reigns went on Monday Night RAW to make a shocking announcement. Roman Reigns the professional wrestler has been fighting leukemia cancer for 11 years but he’s been in “remission” and claims it was back. Back in Oct., Reigns relinquished his Universal Title after he announced the cancer has returned and he was going to take a long hiatus from WWE to fight it. Well Roman came back to WWE last Monday night to give a health status on his cancer and now claims he’s in “remission” again. Now that he’s in “remission” again, he is now back in the WWE full time again.

Before Roman’s cancer announcement, wrestling fans used to hate the man and now they love him all of a sudden. Even though Roman Reigns the wrestling character was meant to be a babyface/hero type of wrestler, he still got booed a lot at live WWE shows. The WWE did all they could to get fans to stop hating on Reigns. They did all they could to get him over with the fans.

When Roman announced his cancer back in Oct. on RAW, I did a history research on his life and couldn’t find any evidence at all about his past cancer. So I’m like, “Hmmmm… this is getting kind of fishy already.” There is a back and forth debate about this whole thing. Is Roman’s cancer fake/storyline or is it real? There are those that believe it’s a storyline and there are those that believe it’s real.

I’ve always believed that this whole Roman cancer thing is a storyline/work ever since this thing started. It’s pretty obvious, I think and anybody that think it’s real is dumb. People think it’s real ’cause they truly believe WWE wouldn’t go out of line by making cancer a “storyline”. They believe it’s real ’cause WWE does a lot of work for cancer victims over the years.

I haven’t seen a shred of evidence of Roman’s cancer being real. So far, WWE has never proved it. Roman himself never proved it. No proof from his family and nothing from his doctors. Roman just gives his cancer updates on RAW and no where else.

People think it’s real ’cause the rest of WWE and now media outlets  are going along with it. Then you see the Leukemia Care UK twitter page chiming in on this whole thing trying their best to shoot down speculation of this being a “storyline/work” but I’m still not buying it.

Nobody knows anything about Roman’s leukemia diagnosis. What kind of leukemia does Roman have? Nobody said anything and even Roman himself never said what type of leukemia he has.

Wrestlemania 35 is just around the corner and I believe WWE is faking the Roman has cancer thing just to help build hype for Wrestlemania even more. This could also lead to another possible Shield reunion.

WWE is trying all they can to make Roman the next big hero in WWE kind of like Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold, ya know? That’s what I believe what they’re trying to do.

Some want to believe Roman’s cancer is fake and I can completely understand them. When someone wants to believe this is a “work”, they would get hated on by the crowd who think it’s real. I don’t know why, though. This is WWE! A scripted show and you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake anymore so you can’t really trust anything they do.

Some want to believe that Vince McMahon wouldn’t stoop this low by making cancer a storyline but yes, Vince McMahon is THAT crazy. He’ll do  anything for ratings even if it’s something like this. This wasn’t the first time Vince has gone way out of line in storylines.

Like the title says, I’m not gonna believe that Roman’s cancer is real unless they can prove it, otherwise. When people become victims of cancer, they usually do a good job of proving it so they can show people that it’s real and they’re telling the truth.

I know cancer is pretty serious and a big deal ’cause I’ve had some pretty important people who died of different kinds of cancer but I don’t believe Roman’s cancer is real. I mean, come on, Roman’s hiatus from WWE was real short… about 4 months. Now he announced his comeback before Wrestlemania. Roman’s probably gonna be in the main event at WM35 and Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins title match could end up being a triple threat, my bets are on it, y’all. Roman’s getting the Universal Title back.

If Roman’s cancer turns out to be real after all then my bad, my heart goes out to him but it’s pretty unlikely that it’s real. I just don’t believe it is. WWE is lying for sure and they’re doing all they can to make it “seem” real. They are WWE now. You can’t believe everything they do especially when they’re a scripted show, ya know?

Another thing, people think I hate Roman Reigns ’cause I think his cancer is a storyline. No. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I’m a huge fan of his. I think the dude is a freakin’ badass. He’s got a great look and I think he’s great in the ring but gotta be realistic, ya know? It’s funny that people would accuse me of hating on Reigns coming from people who once hated the man and now they are all fanboys after his cancer announcement. Fucking please.


WWE announces their first WWE Hall of Fame inductee… congratulations D-Generation X… all members of D-X including Chyna are now inducted!!!

So the WWE announced their first WWE Hall of Fame inductee and that is a legendary wrestling stable named D-Generation X. All members of D-X which includes Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg will ALL be included in this induction.


This is a well-deserved inclusion in the Hall of Fame and long overdue. D-X was a pretty big wrestling group in the 90’s during the Attitude Era. They accomplished a lot throughout the wrestling business over the years. D-X still do occasional appearances in WWE from time to time, though.

Fans have been trying to fight for Chyna to get inducted in the Hall of Fame and they finally succeeded. Chyna is finally in the Hall of Fame now which is well-deserved and long overdue as well.  Love her or hate her, Chyna did a lot for the business over the years. While Chyna is now in the Hall of Fame as D-X, this also means there’s a very good chance she’ll be inducted in the Hall of Fame individually someday too. When Chyna went as a solo performer, she was an extremely popular star and won over a lot of fans. She accomplished a lot in the wrestling business and she’s a legend. I’m a huge Chyna fan. Have been for a pretty long time and still am loyal to her today. I was bummed when she passed suddenly, although, it wasn’t a surprise.

The rest of the guys in D-X deserves to be in there too. They are all legends. I’m a lifelong wrestling fan and I’ve watched throughout the Attitude Era in the 90’s so I know all about D-X and what they’ve done.

D-X is what helped Triple H become a huge recognizable star in the business.

Hopefully the Undertaker will get inducted this year ’cause that’s long overdue too.


Does Roman Reigns really have leukemia or not??? I think not… it might be a work…

On RAW last night, Roman Reigns was the first one to come out in the ring to deliver a promo. During his promo, Roman says he’s been living with leukemia cancer for 11 years and says he has kicked it ass once. Now he says it came back and he’s going to take a hiatus from the company to battle leukemia again. Of course, Roman relinquishes the title as you see in the video above.

There’s a little controversial debate over this, though. There’s a bit of an argument between wrestling fans on whether or not Roman Reigns really has cancer. The question is does Roman Reigns really have leukemia or is it a work (part of a story line).

I look through some wrestling message boards and forums. Most fans are being compassionate for Roman by giving him his well-wishes and all that stuff; however, there are some wrestling fans that will think this is all part of a storyline aka a “work”. Roman having leukemia could possibly be all scripted and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turns out to be scripted ’cause why? It’s WWE. You really can’t tell whether or not things are true on WWE TV. You can’t believe everything you see on WWE TV, including this.

When some fans want to believe this is part of a storyline, they’ll get attacked by the other side who believes it’s real. The other side who believes it’s real will make arguments like: “Cancer is no laughing matter”, “WWE will not go this low since they deal with people with cancer” and blah blah blah. Yeah, WWE deals with bringing awareness to cancer a lot like with their “Make a Wish” foundation that they’re known for and their October breast cancer awareness month that they do. They believe Roman’s cancer diagnosis is real ’cause WWE does a lot of stuff for cancer victims. Yeah, it’s true that WWE does a lot of that stuff for cancer victims but that still doesn’t mean Roman’s cancer diagnosis is real.

What’s funny is that wrestling fans don’t believe the WWE will go way out of line with their storylines. Seriously? If they really believed that then they haven’t watched WWE in over a decade or so. This wasn’t the first time WWE went “out of line” with their storylines… check this article out:


Vince McMahon is one crazy guy and this guy will do anything for “ratings”, trust me.

You see, Roman Reigns has been one of the most hated wrestlers for a while. What gets me the most about this whole thing is how quickly the haters flipped from being a “hater” to a Roman Reigns “fan” after that speech. A lot of wrestling fans hated on Reigns so much through blogs and forums. I’ve seen fans bash the man like crazy over the last few years. I can see that they won’t admit that they hated the man… they keep making lies like, “I hate Roman Reigns the character, not the man himself”. They despised the man and they wanted him gone from the company. Fans hated Reigns ’cause they were tired of the WWE over pushing him so much, they also knocked his wrestling ability and gimmick. So now fans are all loving him now after that speech above? Oh please! The WWE tried all they could to get fans to stop hating on Reigns and now it looks like they finally found a way.

For the record, I don’t hate Reigns. Never did. I’ve always been a Roman Reigns fan and always found him a talented guy. He always put on exciting as hell matches. I just don’t believe his cancer diagnosis is real. If it turns out to be real then my bad, my heart goes out to him. I just believe it’s a work ’cause it’s leading up to something with the Shield, the wrestling faction with Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose turned heel last night at the show and a few between him and Seth Rollins started. Now Ambrose and Rollins will feud while Reigns will be off of WWE TV for a long while. Then I predict about a year later, Reigns will make his big return.

I know my opinion on this might offend some but I don’t care. We should have a right to believe whether or not this is a storyline and I’m pretty sure it is. Just wait. I just think WWE is up to something. I think they want Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to feud on TV for a long while without Roman Reigns getting in the way, I think that’s what the goal is? They need to explain a way for Reigns to take time off of TV and him having leukemia was the best they could come up with. There’s no doubt in my mind that this a work, a storyline and I’m sticking with it.

This is WWE. A mostly scripted show… you can’t believe everything they do.


Reasons why NXT wrestling is way better than RAW/Smackdown Live…

Man, I have become hooked to WWE NXT wrestling on the WWE Network. If you don’t know what NXT is, it’s like a third brand for WWE. NXT is a brand that brings in rookie wrestlers aka “new” wrestlers. WWE NXT is a weekly program on the WWE Network which streams every Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

I’m just starting to watch NXT every Wednesday night. I’ve started watching their NXT Takeover ppvs each time they have one but now all year long I’ve been watching older NXT episodes and trying to catch up.

NXT is a third band that was created by Triple H and the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Both of those men ran the show for a while but since Dusty Rhodes died in real life, Triple H runs the show all by himself now. Vince McMahon is not in charge of NXT, Triple H is. Vince McMahon runs the main roster which are RAW/Smackdown and the PPV’s. Triple H runs NXT Wednesdays and the NXT Takeover ppvs.

I’ve become really addicted to NXT wrestling and haven’t stopped watching. It’s just amazing stuff. NXT became really hot in the wrestling industry. RAW and Smackdown isn’t so good lately and I find NXT way better. Why?

I’m about to explain why…

  • Vince McMahon doesn’t run NXT: I’m so glad Vince McMahon doesn’t run the NXT brand. If he did then he would have completely ruined the show just like he’s screwing up RAW and Smackdown. Triple H is running NXT all by himself and I think he’s doing a great job.
  • NXT gives us more wrestling than storylines and promos: You know how on RAW and Smackdown those shows are 90% storylines and wrestlers cutting a promo most of the time? RAW and Smackdown usually start off with wrestlers giving a promo on the mic for a long time but on NXT they give us wrestling right away. NXT does have rookie wrestlers cut a promo out in the ring but not as much as on the main roster.
  • NXT storylines and feuds are more entertaining than the main roster: One thing for sure, Triple H knows how to keep people watching NXT. The writing on the NXT shows is so good.
  • Better booking of matches: One big reason why NXT is getting so hot in the wrestling industry is that the booking of matches are better than the main roster. NXT books really good matches during the Wednesday night shows and on TakeOver ppvs.
  • The wrestling is way better than RAW/SD: Another reason why NXT is so hot right now is ’cause the wrestling is really good. NXT puts on more exciting and fun matches than RAW/SD. Triple H knows wrestling and he knows how to put on a good wrestling match. He gets that from his own wrestling career. He wants NXT to have good wrestling and does a good job of that. That’s what the fans want to see is actual “wrestling” and that’s why they all turn to NXT wrestling.
  • NXT created better gimmicks and wrestling characters: Triple H and NXT are doing things that Vince McMahon couldn’t have done years ago. Yes, Vince McMahon created a lot of wrestler characters in old school WWE in the 80’s and early 90’s but now NXT is here, Triple has created some really good wrestling characters out of that brand. I don’t think Vince McMahon could have created characters like Bobby Roode, Asuka, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakumura, AJ Styles, Bayley, Elias, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, etc. All those characters came from Triple H’s NXT brand and he continues to create even more characters like Aleister Black, Kairi Sane, Nikki Cross, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Kassius Ohno, The Velveteen Dream, etc. This is another reason the NXT brand is getting so hot now is ’cause they’ve created some really cool wrestlers through that brand.

There you have it. I’m a really huge NXT fan. I’m late getting into the show but I’m having a blast watching it. The show’s a great wrestling series. I hope NXT stays around a long time and I think it will. They continue to get more popular as the ratings for RAW/SD continues to tank. More people are watching NXT ’cause they want to see “wrestling” and RAW/SD Live doesn’t give us wrestling anymore. When is Vince ever going to wake up and listen to the fans for once?



Happy birthday Vince McMahon who just turned 73 today…

Love him or hate him all you want to… we wouldn’t be watching WWE TV and going to live WWE events — whether live TV wrestling or house shows — if it wasn’t for this guy. We all watch wrestling ’cause of him whether you want to admit it or not. The WWE becoming a powerful company it is today didn’t happen over night. It took a long road for Vince to get where the WWE is today. The company originally started as Capital Wrestling Corporation in the 1950’s and then I think Vince’s father who is Vince McMahon Sr. bought the company years later in the 70’s the business name was changed to World Wide Wrestling Federation and then later changed again to World Wrestling Federation which we all know as the WWF. In the early 80’s, Vince McMahon Jr. officially bought the company.

Vincent K. McMahon ran the company ever since then and he stills runs it today which is now known as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). They had to change the name again due to losing a trademark war against the World Wildlife Fund in which they lost.

Vince started the Golden Era in WWE which were the 80’s… without that Vince wouldn’t have given us Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Roddy Piper, Iron Shiek, Bret the Hitman Hart, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Sgt. Slaughter, The Ultimate Warrior, and the list goes on. Those wrestlers happened because of Vince McMahon. Then the 90’s came which gave us Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Dave Bautista and the list goes on. We all watch wrestling on TV and go to live wrestling events ’cause of Vince Mcmahon whether you want to admit that or not. Vince is a hard worker and a genius.

While being owner of WWE, Vince also worked on camera over the years of his life. At first, he started off as a TV announcer and color commentator. He has done that for many years. Then years later in the 90’s, he became an in-ring performer himself by feuding with Stone Cold Steve Austin which became the most iconic feud in wrestling history… that was during the Attitude Era. After his feud with Stone Cold, Vince continued to perform and he even became a wrestler himself by having matches against some of the biggest stars on ppvs. Vince had some pretty classic matches too, btw.

We all respect the hell out of Vince McMahon ’cause he’s the father of pro wrestling. He gave us it all. Without the WWF/WWE then WCW, ECW and TNA wouldn’t have happened either. Those other companies happened after the WWF was born.

I know I respect Vince so much ’cause he gave us so much. The man clearly loves what he does and I thank him for that. I wouldn’t be a WWE superfan if it wasn’t for this guy ’cause I watched WWE for many years. I love pro wrestling and I’ll never grow out of it. Vince worked so hard to give us all this. That man deserves more respect for sure.


When Hulk Hogan returns to WWE television on RAW or Smackdown, will there still be a place for him in today’s WWE? Yes! There will be plenty for him to do!

Hulk Hogan is an icon in wrestling but at the same time, he is admittedly one of the most controversial personalities in the industry. He is one of those who you either love or hate. Through the wrestling forums and the blogs, there’s an assumption that there is no place for Hogan in today’s WWE. That’s an assumption made by the haters, of course. They make claims that there is nothing for him to do in today’s generation of wrestling. They’re saying stuff that if Hogan returns no one will care for him anymore due to his negative and controversial past in the news. They are also saying that there is nothing for Hogan to do creatively with the new WWE roster.

I would say all that is a bunch of bullshit. Ya see, Hogan gets a lot of bad press in the national news and even the wrestling smart sites give him bad press too and its sad that a lot of wrestling fans believe the stuff they about him. I think the wrestling news media are in a desperate attempt to destroy the man too. Love him or hate him all you want to… you can destroy the man all you want to but you can’t get rid of Hulkmania. Ya just can’t ’cause Hulkamania will always be around. You can try and tarnish Hulk’s legacy all you want but it will never happen. Hulk is too big of an icon in wrestling and the man is still extremely popular.

If you want evidence that Hulk Hogan is still popular with fans, if you watch RAW, SD and the ppvs lately, you’ll see a lot of fans in the audience wearing Hulk Hogan wrestling gear — there are also fans who go as far as dressing up like him at live wrestling events. There are also a lot of fans that still wear nWo shirts after all these years. If you go to Hulk’s twitter page, he’s always posting videos of him meeting lots of fans. So yeah, wrestling fans still love Hulk Hogan and I think they will welcome him back to WWE TV with open arms. You can hate the man all you want to but Hulk Hogan is still a huge draw. Watch for it… when he returns to RAW or SD (which ever show WWE chooses to put him on), I’m pretty positive the ratings will go up a bit.

As for what there is for Hogan to do when he comes back to WWE TV, there’s plenty. I think a one more match is a possibility and they’ll probably put Hogan in a GM role. Hogan would be a good general manger for either RAW or Smackdown.

I think Hogan returning in today’s WWE with all the new superstars would be a good opportunity for them. It’ll be a good opportunity for them all to perform with a legend for one. All those new stars got into the business ’cause of Hulk Hogan pretty much.

Debating people about Hulk Hogan is pretty tough ’cause he has a mix of fans and lots of haters. Don’t debate about Hulk with the haters ’cause they’ll always have negative opinions about him no matter what is being said. Yep, Hulk is still very popular with the fans and that’s what all the wrestling smart news sites don’t want you to know about. Yeah, I’m a huge wrestling nerd but I hate all them wrestling news sites online. I think Dave Meltzer is an asshole and I don’t like his reporting at all. They’re all pretty bad really. The reason a lot of wrestling news sites out there are negative with Hulk Hogan is ’cause it helps draw in traffic with Hogan haters. That’s why they won’t stop the bad press on him.

Hulk is a legend and an icon and anyone who denies that is a stupid fuckin’ jealous idiot. I really do think a lot of people hate the man out of pure jealousy and nothing more. I mean, think about it right? Hulk is a 12 time champion — won 6 titles in WCW and won 6 titles in WWE… he also won the tag team titles with Edge once. Hulk accomplished a lot and he became a very rich man due to his wrestling career and his acting career. He’s a movie star too. Despite all the negativity and backlash he gets, he’s doing pretty well for himself.

If Hulk Hogan does happen to have one last match in WWE, who would he wrestle against??? It would probably be against a WWE veteran or one of the newer stars. Maybe Hulk can have a match with Triple H or Brock Lesnar. If he’s going to have a match with one of the new stars, I would say either Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns. Even better, they should put him against John Cena. Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena would be cool ’cause that’s a dream match that never happened and should happen. There’s a lot of speculation out there that Hogan will never have one more match due to his age and his back problems but ya never know. I think they’ll figure something out for him.

Hulkamania still rules. Don’t listen to the haters.