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RIP Ray Liotta… another good one gone…

1954 – 2022

This one is another bummer. Like most, I’m a huge fan of the “Goodfellas” gangster movie but Ray Liotta has been in many other good movies besides that one. Ray is another versatile actor who has done it all pretty much. He can play just about anything that throws at him and he’s done every genre and played every type of character you could think of. He’s done violent action movies, horror films, thrillers, comedies, serious dramas, family films, animated films for kids, etc. He has played everything from loving characters to villains you really want to hate. He also done movies with every big name actor you could think of including Sly Stallone, Robert Deniro, John Travolta, Tim Allen, Kevin Costner, Al Pacino, etc.

He definitely accomplished a lot in the film business and before he passed on, he was in the middle of making a movie from what I read so he died what he loved doing. He never believed in retirement. Kept acting in film until he could no longer do it anymore.

I’ve never seen “The Many Saints of Newark” the Sopranos prequel that he’s in but I’m meaning to get to it real soon.

He definitely always had my respect and definitely was one of the few good Hollywood stars left.

RIP Ray and thanks for the good films over the years! Now I’ll probably re-watch “Goodfellas” on BluRay this weekend.


Today’s Amber Heard testimony was comedy gold. Wow. It was funnier than SNL, Camille was on fire, though!

Yeah, I watched the trial this morning. Depp vs. Heard.

The first witness that came up was Dr. Dawn Hughes, that wacky Heard psychologist. She came back today, I don’t understand all that psychology or “shrink” stuff that well but I can understand that all Dr. Hughes was doing was going against everything that Dr. Curry said about Amber’s problems with PTSD and bipolar disorder and all that. It was a funny watch, though… Depp’s lawyer, Wayne Dennison destroyed her pretty good and Dr. Hughes was getting pissed off.

Then when Dr. Hughes finished, Amber heard took the stand and WOW!!!!! It was even better than the last one. Yeah, Amber was doing the usual “Johnny did this” and “Johnny said that” and blah blah blah but one thing that Amber said that I actually agree with is that Johnny is a powerful man and even she admitted that. I’m not sure if that was a slip or what but it was funny.

And Camille… damn, she killed it today. You wanna see a female verbal catfight, you gotta watch that above. Amber and Camille got into a bit of a yelling match, it was pretty heated.

Camille called her out on Morgan Night’s trailer damage, Amber sending stuff to TMZ and the Kate Moss stairs incident.

Of course, Amber plays innocent victim at all of them. Calling everybody a liar and blah blah blah, you get the deal. She calls Morgan Night a liar and accused him of doing this ’cause Depp is a powerful man and all that but Night made it clear that he’s no Depp fan so why would he lie about that stuff?

Oh, when it comes to Amber and her side, everyone that is against them is wrong and lying? Everybody on Amber’s side is a bit biased and they’ll kiss her ass no matter what anyone says ’cause that’s what Amber paid them to do. All of Amber’s people got destroyed and exposed for their lies pretty good anyways.

Amber was going on and on about how all this evidence she got that proves Johnny’s abuse but there’s no medical records and she admitted that herself in one of her previous testimonies.

This week was supposed to be the final week but they got more stuff to do tomorrow. Jury deliberations is not ’til Tuesday and the deliberations could go on for a while… maybe even a few days ’cause there’s so much for the jury to discuss… so the verdict reading will be sometime next week. Whenever that may be.

Today was another fun day. Today was better than SNL and all those court room dramas you see on TV.

Johnny’s gonna win, though. No way the jury will side with Amber. Johnny hired great lawyers, they all did a great job. Camille’s my favorite though. I hate lawyers to be honest but I’m a huge fan of Camille. If I ever get in trouble, I’d definitely love to hire her as my lawyer. LMAO!


Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters passes away…

Like everyone else, I too was pretty shocked to wake up to everyone in social media saying that Taylor Hawkins the longtime drummer of the Foo Fighters died.

I feel kind of bad for Dave Grohl, ya know? He had so many musician friends that were pretty close to him that has passed on and now you can add Taylor Hawkins to the list. Yes, I woke up to the news that Taylor passed and I agree he’s definitely the GOAT rock drummer of all time.

Anyway, Taylor is not just a drummer, he’s also a singer himself and he also plays some guitar as well.

What I love about Taylor is that he is loved by so many other musicians in the music industry ’cause you see Taylor in pics with a lot of big name musicians. Why? It’s because mutual respect. Everybody respects Taylor’s drumming talent and Taylor respects them back. Taylor is not only a great drummer, he’s also a great guy on and off the stage. On the stage when he’s performing, he’s smiling throughout the whole thing and he definitely likes to make himself look like he’s having a blast. Off the stage, he’s just a nice guy to everyone he talks to. He’s friendly with other musicians in the industry for sure. He’s one to never have an ego, always humble.

I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan since the first album. I’ve been there since the beginning although I still don’t have all of their studio albums and I’ve only got 6 of them. They have a total of 10 albums. I just gotta get there first three… I’ve heard them before but I gotta get them again. I also need to get there newest album “Medicine at Midnight” which I will get soon. I also want to see their “Studio 666” movie but I’ll buy the BluRay when that film comes out.

I’m definitely bummed out about Taylor’s passing like most ’cause he was a great one. He was only 50 too, too young. I don’t want to speculate on what happened but I’m sure we’ll all know what happened to him real soon.

Dave’s been through so much and now he’s gotta deal with this. The question is this, will the Foo Fighters carry on as a band? It’s not yet known but I would think the show needs to go on and Dave probably will continue on ’cause he knows that’s probably what Taylor would have wanted.

Rest in peace, Taylor and thanks for the great drumming.


Pro wrestling legend, Scott Hall passes away this week… another good one gone…

Yesterday, the wrestling world lost a wrestling legend. Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon in WWE and went by his own name in WCW. Scott had a fall and broke his hip. Had hip replacement surgery and then suffered three heart attacks after. Then he got put on life support and when they couldn’t do anything for him, they took him off life support and later he passed on which happened yesterday.

Scott had many problems in his life but he was a legend in the wrestling business and helped changed it over the years. Scott never won a world title in WWE and WCW at all but he accomplished a lot of things. He held other belts like he was 4 time Intercontinental Champ which is a belt for the mid-carders. I’m sure he had other belts in WCW too, he just never won a world champ when he absolutely should have.

Scott had that classic ladder match with HBK at Wrestlemania 10, he was there for the formation of the NWO in WCW during the “Third Man” reveal, he was also there when Hall returned to the WWE later in the years to help debut the NWO… McMahon’s “Lethal dose of poison”.

Later on in the years, Scott Hall tried to improve his life by doing yoga with Diamond Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. DDP tried to help him get sober… maybe that’s another reason so many respect Scott Hall so much ’cause he tried.

I know I respect him. He was a great wrestler and great mic worker. Definitely one of the best heels in the business.

Yeah, Scott definitely had a lot of problems but still, he was a legend and from what I’m hearing, he was a good guy. A good guy to other wrestlers and he was good to his fans too. Always took the time for selfies and a chat each time he was approached in public. He definitely loved his fan base that’s for sure.

RIP bad guy… we lost another great one.


The passing of Ivan Reitman is a real bummer, sad loss in Hollywood…

It was announced last night that “Ghostbusters” director, Ivan Reitman has passed on. It’s kind of a real bummer ’cause I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan. I definitely loved the first and original “Ghostbusters” movie. It’s a classic for sure and an important film in Hollywood.

It was Dan Aykroyd that created the Ghostbusters story. He wrote the script with Harold Ramis and they got Ivan Reitman to produce/direct it. Well Ivan was the best choice really ’cause he made the first and original “Ghostbusters” an excellent film. He was able to make it really funny and scary at the same time, a true comedy/horror kind of movie. I did like the second “Ghosbusters” movie believe it or not even though it had some problems but nothing will ever top the first movie.

Anyway, Ivan was definitely a great director ’cause he made other iconic movies like “Twins” and “Kindergarten Cop”. He was also behind “Stripes”, “Animal House”, “Six Days Seven Nights”, “Space Jam” and “Beethoven”.

Ivan mostly directed family comedies but he was so good at that genre, though.

The beginning of 2022 took another good one.

RIP Ivan Reitman and thanks for the entertainment over the years that meant to so much people. Thankfully Ivan was able to finish “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” with his son. I haven’t seen that one yet but gonna buy the bluray to that movie real soon.


Anti-Gun and NRA hating actor, Alec Baldwin shoots and kills female crew member and seriously hurts director on film set, now he’s officially a hypocrite on his obsession for gun control…

Alec Baldwin was filming a movie called “Rust” which is a Western movie I just found out and they were filming near Santa Fe, New Mexico. They were shooting a scene where Alec was required to use a prop gun and he accidently kills cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and seriously injured the director. They halted filming as soon as possible while the police investigates the incident and Alec the man himself has been cooperative 100%.

On twitter, I’m already seeing “AlecForPrison” over this trending… while I’m not a fan of Mr. Baldwin, I don’t like him at all… I don’t think he’ll get charged for this but it was simply an accident. I would say though that this makes him looks like a hypocrite after being so anti-gun and hating on the NRA for so many years. Yet the man continues to use guns himself in action films, thrillers and now Westerns.

Yeah, prop guns are fake but they can still be just as dangerous. It wasn’t the first time ’cause Brandon Lee was killed by one while filming “The Crow” movie.

Accidents happen.

Yeah, movies are fake and make believe but if actors really wanted us to take their “anti-gun” arguments seriously then they would stop starring in movies that uses guns but they don’t. They continue to star in violent movies with guns even though they continue to debate about gun violence in the media.

RIP to Halyna Hutchins and speedy recovery and well wishes to the director, though. They didn’t deserve that and god bless their families. While Mr. Baldwin probably won’t get charged, the family of Halyna Hutchins could file a civil lawsuit against Baldwin and the studios if they wanted to and the director Joel Souza could do the same. I doubt Joel will sue ’cause he would know it was just an accident but Halyna’s family might sue, though. We’ll have to see what happens.

Terrible thing that happened but Hollywood movie stars really need to look at their hypocrisy when it comes to gun control and their anti-gun violence.

How would they think about gun safety after this one?


RIP: Charlie Watts 1941- 2021

I was never much of a fan of the Rolling Stones over the years. Never bought their studio albums at all. I just own a 2 disc “Greatest Hits” album by them, that’s all. I would hate to be a “be a fan after they die” type but I think I’m gonna start buying some Rolling Stones studio albums. Never really bought their studio albums ’cause their music wasn’t really my cup of tea in the past but they’re really growing on me.

Charlie Watts is definitely a master drummer and definitely the goat rock drummer of all time. He’s been a member of the Stones since the sixties since their very first self-titled album titled, “The Rolling Stones” in 1964. The Rolling Stones has a total of 25 studio albums and Charlie recorded on every single one of them, I believe. Charlie’s been loyal and committed to the band and been with them until he died.

Charlie definitely loved playing the drums for sure ’cause each time you saw him behind the kit, he’s got this smile on his face every time like you see above.

Every musician can learn from Charlie is that you don’t give up what you do and you keep playing music until you die. Charlie did that and he died what he loved doing for sure.

What is my favorite Rolling Stones song with Charlie drumming on? Well everybody’s gonna say all the biggest hits but I’m gonna name a song that no one probably would have heard which is a song called “Thru and Thru” which can you hear through that show “The Sopranos”. It’s a song that Keith Richards sings the lead vocals on but man, Charlie’s drumming is so killer in that tune. I think it’s the Stone’s most underrated song and you would get that song off the album, “Voodoo Lounge” which I think would be the first Stones album I’m planning on getting. It is a beautiful song, though and Keith’s singing and guitar playing is pretty amazing on it as well.

We lost another great one. Now we gotta know whether or not the Stones will continue as a band… continue making records and touring but I doubt it… it’s pretty likely the band is done ’cause Charlie is the Stones.


RIP Dusty Hill (Bassist for ZZ TOP) 1949 -2021…

Like most, I’m pretty shocked and bummed out that we lost another one of the most important rock musicians… Dusty Hill… known as the bassist and founding member for blues rock band, ZZ Top. Dusty played bass in the band yes but he also sung some backup vocals and he even sung the lead in some ZZ Top songs.

ZZ Top is one of baddest rock bands on the planet, I’m definitely a fan and the funny thing is, I’ve been buying more of their albums lately. So far, I’ve got 6 of their albums in my music collection: “ZZ Top’s first Album”, “Tres Hombre”, “Afterburner”, “Eliminator”, “Deguello” and “La Futura”.

Dusty’s bass playig in the band was something special for sure…. an in the pocket player who knew how to groove. They were also one of the best live performers.

On stage, they were the type where they improvise and jam a lot so they never played their hits the same way twice. Even though Billy Gibbons just announced the band will continue on without Dusty, the band will no longer sound the same without Dusty, in my opinion ’cause Dusty is ZZ Top… he created the band’s signature sound. Dusty is irreplaceable. Sure, a different bass player could probably learn their hits note for note but someone else will not sound like Dusty. Dusty sounded like himself.

He’s gonna be missed for sure. Thanks for the badass playing, Dusty and RIP.


Richard Donner was an important director in Hollywood… Sad Loss…

This week we lost film director, Richard Donner, which is a real bummer. Whether you want to realize it or not, I’m sure you’ve all seen a Richard Donner directed film especially his most famous movies like “Superman I & II”, “The Goonies” and all 4 Lethal Weapon movies. We’ve all seen those.

Richard made movies that was important to our childhood especially movies like “Superman: The Movie” and “The Goonies” which I’m sure a lot of us have seen like over 100 times.

Richard Donner was the one who brought Superman to the big screen. He was originally signed to direct “Superman I & II” back to back. He was doing both at the same time, I’ve read but then later Warner Bros. fired him and was replaced by Richard Lester.

Richard Donner did other great movies like “The Omen” horror film with Gregory Peck. “Ladyhawke” with Matthew Broderick, “Scrooged” with Bill Murray, “Radioflyer” was also great.

Richard Donner and Mel Gibson both had a long time partnership, they did the 4 Lethal Weapon movies together and Richard directed “Conspiracy Theory” and “Maverick” also both starring Mel Gibson. So Richard and Mel did 6 movies together.

I remember Richard Donner really tried to push for “Goonies II” to happen, he’s been talking about it for a long time. The goal was to bring back the original cast together from the first movie as full grown adults. Donner wanted to bring back everybody, even the two Fratelli brothers (except for Anne Ramsey aka Mama Fratelli who passed in 1988). “Goonies II” ended up not happening and looks like the sequel will be dead for good now.

The above pic in this blog post is a behind the scenes shot of “Superman: The Movie”. Richard Donner posing for a pic with the legendary, Marlon Brando who played Jor-El in the movie, Superman’s father.

Thanks for the entertainment and RIP, Richard. Remember, he was the one who picked Christopher Reeve to play Superman even though he auditioned many other actors before him.


RIP: Hal Ketchum 1953 – 2020

In the early 90’s, Hal Ketchum a Greenwich native in my hometown was a country star who was commercially successful in the mainstream of country music. Thanks to his hit song “Small Town Saturday Night” which is one of the biggest country songs of all time and made Hal a superstar. The album “Past the Point of Rescue” became one of the biggest selling albums of all time because of that song.

When I was a kid in high school, I was a huge fan of Hal’s music. Owned three of his records on CD which I still have sitting on my CD shelf: “Past the Point of Rescue”, “Sure Love” and “Every Little Word”. He was a mainstream star then with those three albums. After those three albums, though, people started losing interest in his music and people totally forgot who he was over the years. Despite all that, he kept releasing records and touring so it wasn’t about the fame and money for him at all. It was about the music for him.

Admittedly, I stopped buying Hal’s albums after “Every Little Word” but I’ve always respected him and admired him. I try to follow his career to see what he’s up to and even though he no longer had the superstar status like he had in the 90’s, he continued to play live up until dementia hit him. He never gave it up. Kept playing and touring until he couldn’t do it anymore. He no longer play those huge arena shows anymore and went back down to playing smaller venues but that didn’t matter. It was about the music for him. He loved performing live. When he perform live before dementia hit him, he was still playing all the hits that was all over country radio. He continued to play live with his longtime guitar player and collaborator, Kenny Grimes.

If you want to listen to real country music, listen to Hal Ketchum. This is what real country is supposed to sound like. Too bad country music doesn’t sound like this anymore.

I got to meet the man briefly myself at a show backstage at the Washington County Fairgrounds back in the 90’s, I think. It was just a “Hello” and a handshake and he signed my CD too which I still have. I’ll never forget that show, though.

We lost another good one. A hometown hero in my hometown of Greenwich, N.Y. Hal had a helluva a voice and his songs were awesome. Definitely an inspiration with my own music as well.

RIP Hal and thanks for the great music.