RIP: Charlie Watts 1941- 2021

I was never much of a fan of the Rolling Stones over the years. Never bought their studio albums at all. I just own a 2 disc “Greatest Hits” album by them, that’s all. I would hate to be a “be a fan after they die” type but I think I’m gonna start buying some Rolling Stones studio albums. Never really bought their studio albums ’cause their music wasn’t really my cup of tea in the past but they’re really growing on me.

Charlie Watts is definitely a master drummer and definitely the goat rock drummer of all time. He’s been a member of the Stones since the sixties since their very first self-titled album titled, “The Rolling Stones” in 1964. The Rolling Stones has a total of 25 studio albums and Charlie recorded on every single one of them, I believe. Charlie’s been loyal and committed to the band and been with them until he died.

Charlie definitely loved playing the drums for sure ’cause each time you saw him behind the kit, he’s got this smile on his face every time like you see above.

Every musician can learn from Charlie is that you don’t give up what you do and you keep playing music until you die. Charlie did that and he died what he loved doing for sure.

What is my favorite Rolling Stones song with Charlie drumming on? Well everybody’s gonna say all the biggest hits but I’m gonna name a song that no one probably would have heard which is a song called “Thru and Thru” which can you hear through that show “The Sopranos”. It’s a song that Keith Richards sings the lead vocals on but man, Charlie’s drumming is so killer in that tune. I think it’s the Stone’s most underrated song and you would get that song off the album, “Voodoo Lounge” which I think would be the first Stones album I’m planning on getting. It is a beautiful song, though and Keith’s singing and guitar playing is pretty amazing on it as well.

We lost another great one. Now we gotta know whether or not the Stones will continue as a band… continue making records and touring but I doubt it… it’s pretty likely the band is done ’cause Charlie is the Stones.


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