Happy Birthday Vince MCmahon, Thanks For giving us Wrestling…

You can love this man or hate him all you want but Vince McMahon aka the CEO/Chairman/owner of the WWE is such a genius and a legend. Us wrestling fans wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Vince.

Yeah, pro wrestling has been around long before the old WWF but Vince definitely helped make wrestling more mainstream and popular. Without Vince, we wouldn’t have gotten WCW, ECW, TNA Impact, ROH, NWA.. and most of all we wouldn’t have gotten AEW as well.

Vince gave us wrestling, love him or hate him all you want to.

Look, I don’t agree with everything Vince does… I’m not a fan of his booking and writing myself but the man is a genius, I respect him so much. On top of that, Vince McMahon was a helluva performer himself during the Attitude Era/Ruthless Aggression era when he played this evil boss character, Mr. McMahon. I think that’s another reason why a lot of us respect him ’cause he was a great performer in the ring in his own right and he even had a few great wrestling matches himself too believe it or not. Vince made himself a wrestler and performer ’cause he was drawn into it after the Montreal Screwjob.

I’ve been a fan of WWE ever since I was a kid. How did I get turned on to wrestling? Well, I had cousins that were obsessive fans and used to watch it with them. I still watch wrestling even to this day. Sometimes I do take long breaks from WWE when they get bad but I continue to watch.

I don’t think Vince himself realizes how much he’s respected by a lot of us. All those internet wrestling smarts will never admit that they would never be around today if it wasn’t for Vince. All those “smart” fans, ya know?

Everyone wants to see Vince step down and retire but it’s not gonna happen. Vince is gonna run WWE until he dies, trust me.

Nobody wants to admit that Vince is a hard working guy. From all the stories I’ve heard from behind the scenes people of WWE, Vince doesn’t sleep much… I think he has insomnia pretty much and he’s a workhorse. All he does is work for WWE. There are times when he doesn’t work and takes a little break but when he’s not working he hits the gym and I read that Vince usually hits the gym over night. Vince is a heavy lifter in the gym with video proof. A guy who is 76 now and hitting the gym hard and heavy. If you continue to hate on Vince after seeing that, you are insane!

Happy birthday Vince. Thanks for all you do!


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