Powerlifting training is challenging, I gotta learn how to program better and I’m researching it now…

Powerlifting and strength training can be challenging and tricky… that’s why I love it so much. When you’re doing strength training that requires heavy lifting like 1 – 5 reps. Have you ever lifted a number that you thought you could successfully smash at one time but the next week you try that same number for some reason you can’t do it? It’s not that you’re losing strength and gains, no. What’s happening here is you’re CNS is getting worn out. You need to take a recovery week every now and then… known as something what they all call “de-load” week.

What I’m reading through powerlifting sites is that powerlifters usually train heavy for 3 weeks and then they either take a de-load week or a week off to recover. I’m trying to figure things out.

Ya know…. lifting heavy week after week very frequently isn’t good. The reason it isn’t good is ’cause it could lead to frying out your CNS, could lead to overtraining and worse could lead to multiple injuries. If you ever wonder why you’re getting injured so much then this is probably why… lifting heavy week after week. Yeah, you gotta leave your ego at the door and take your lighter weeks. Do like 2 or 3 weeks of heavy lifting and then take a de-load. I’m reading about this stuff now.

I was able to smash a 310 lb. deadlift a few weeks ago but can’t do that number again for a while. I know I’m capable of smashing over 300 lb. deadlifts now which was my goal.

Now I gotta start improving my squat and bench numbers, goal is to get over 150 lbs. for both of those lifts… maybe even try to get over 200 lbs for both of those if I can.

I love powerlifting training. I haven’t competed in a local powerlifting meet in a long time and I wanna do it again. I wasn’t able to ’cause of covid but hopefully Albany Strength does another one soon. They haven’t announced a new one yet.


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