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What’s wrong with shredding and playing fast notes on guitar? That’s the kind of guitar player I want to be!

When I first started out on guitar, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was only able to play basic open chords back in the day when I was starting out. I was a shit guitar player back then. Have been shit for a long while admittedly and now I’ve been doing all I can to improve myself. Take my guitar playing to the next level.

A lot of people want to knock people who shred and play fast. People call it “noodling” and shredding all sounds the same, blah blah blah. You get the deal. That’s why instrumental shred music is so underrated and overlooked. People always say when playing lead guitar solos, “less is more”. They always say don’t overdo yourself. I disagree. I would say play as many notes as you want in a guitar solo and play shred all you want to. You can play a lot of notes in a guitar solo as long as you make it sound musical and it can work.

Admittedly, I do have aspirations to become a shredder and virtuoso type of guitar player. I want to play like all of my heroes. Lately I’ve been listening to all the shred guys like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Alan Holdsworth, Al Di Meola and others.

I’m trying to solo like a shredder. I want to do all the crazy techniques like fretboard tapping, whammy bar tricks, sweep picking, pinch harmonics and all that stuff. I’m still trying to improve my perfect pitch and ear training which is getting better. You gotta have a good ear if you want to be considered a virtuoso and you also got to have good knowledge of music theory which I do. I studied pretty hard on music theory over the last several years and I pretty much know music theory pretty well now.

I don’t necessarily care to melt people’s faces and knock people’s socks off — all that is fine — I just want to play and improve myself. Keep moving forward in my guitar playing and take it to the next level. Just want to write bad-ass rock songs, ya know?

I really love playing lead guitar, though. I’m loving that a lot more than playing rhythm guitar. I’ve always learned that if you want to be a guitarist, you should learn both rhythm and lead. I feel that you can’t separate the two. If you play guitar, might as well play both. You’re not a real musician if you don’t play both.

When it comes to guitar solos, I’ve always loved improvised solos. Ya know, just wing it out. I love spontaneous guitar playing. I’m not a big fan of guitar solos that are written out. I like jamming. I love shredding and improvised jams.

When it comes to scales, I don’t go too crazy on scales. The only scales that I usually solo on are major/minor pentatonic scales and the modes. I love modal soloing too and I experiment with that a lot.

As for how fast I can play when playing along with a metronome, I’m not a speed demon yet ’cause the fastest I can play on a metronome as if this point is about 90 bpm or a little over. Shredding means playing over a 150 bpm. I still have ways to go but I’m working on it. I’m really working on trying to improve my speed too. I want to be able to shred on both acoustic and electric.

You can achieve all of your guitar playing goals. Just gotta work hard, practice and it’ll all pay off before you know it. Just gotta stick with it and don’t give up.



Yes, the local music scene in this area is crap… it’s time for you all to understand that…

Whenever I criticize the Capital Region music scene, it’s always looked at as “controversial”. Why? It’s because not many wants to be honest about the music scene. Not a lot of people wants to be real about it. It’s just that the local press and local music blogs on the internet always want to promote the music scene as positive and lovable. No one out there wants to be real about it. The thing is that the local press and local internet blogs that are out there wants to make the Capital Region music scene look like a big music scene when it isn’t really. The reality is the music scene is pretty much a “shithole”. There is nothing here and that’s the truth that no one wants to talk about.

There is a lot of talent out there around this area but there are not much venues to play at anymore. Venues come and go around this area for sure. It’s gotten much harder to book gigs in this area as well.

I can sit here and talk about all day why this music scene is so bad. One reason is that this scene can be pretty cliquey. There’s always heated arguments of “professionals vs. amateurs” and “originals vs. covers”.

The bigger problem with this area is that if they feel that if you’re not a professional enough musician then your reputation could get destroyed just like that. If they feel you’re not a real musician then they will feel you do not belong. If they see you as a hobbyist kind of musician, they’ll start to feel more superior. If you’re not professional enough then it’ll be harder for you to get gigs around here ’cause of the huge egos and stuff. Yes, there are a lot of huge egos around here. Not just musicians… promoters and venue owners can be huge egos too. There are too many around with a rock star attitude and acting all pretentious. It’s crazy.

When I first started playing out in the past, I’ll admit I had some ups and downs playing gigs myself. I had to go through a lot of negativity, drama and crazy stuff just to get myself playing. That’s all I want to do is get myself out there and play music like everyone else. Of course, you’re going to have to deal with huge egos and haters who want to see you fail. That’s the name of the game, I guess.

People around here will never admit that this scene is so bad ’cause they can’t handle the truth. I think they all know, they just don’t want to say it publicly.

Another thing I hate about this music scene is that this music scene is pretty liberal with their politics. Yeah, Hollywood has a  liberal problem but the Capital Region music scene is much worse. Local musicians and bands can too be a bunch of liberal loudmouths. This is another reason I refuse to play around this area again. Whatever happened to keeping politics and music separate? I also feel like I’ve been totally blacklisted from the music scene ’cause of my conservative politics and support for Donald Trump. I don’t give a shit, though. If they can talk politics then I can too.

One thing for sure though, it’s amazing to me the Capital Region music scene are so tolerant with others views in politics (note the sarcasm). When I talk my right-wing politics,  I’ve had musicians around the area refusing to support me ’cause of it and maybe this is why the local blogs refuses to write about me ’cause of my political views. Oh absolutely I’ve been attacked by many in the Capital Region music scene ’cause of my right-wing stuff. It does sickens me that most in the Capital Region are pretty liberal… even some of the most established musicians and promoters are pretty liberal. There are conservative musicians around here but not many. I’m sure they’ve been blacklisted from the scene too.

Would I ever get back out to play music live again? I’d like to but it’s pretty unlikely. This scene sucks. It always did. It’s not always fun being a musician, there’s always going to be ups and downs like I said. I might hit a few open mics but that’s about all. I’m not sure if I’ll play an actual gig around here, though. This scene is too much for me.

However, though… I do love playing music live for the internet and I’ll always do that. When I start writing songs again and learning new covers, I would video tape myself performing them. I still have plans in doing a home show for the live internet and I’ll probably do that on FB Live sometime. Sounds like fun.



Billy Corgan is under fire for flip flopping on reunion tours/greatest hits shows and excluding D’arcy from the group… bullshit…

Well Billy Corgan is getting attacked everywhere on the internet since the Smashing Pumpkins reunion has been announced. Even the press have been attacking him too. Why are a lot of people attacking him? Well like the title of this post says, he’s being attacked ’cause he flipped his feelings on reunions/greatest hits shows, and he is also being attacked for excluding D’arcy from the original lineup.

In the past, Billy used to have negative feelings on reunion tours and greatest hits shows ’cause he never wanted the Pumpkins to be a nostalgia act.

So let me get this straight… fans of the Pumpkins have begged Billy to bring back the original Pumpkins lineup for years. Billy actually listened to the fans and gave them what they wanted and now they are hating?

I’m reading about this through the press and I’ve read the back and forth texts between D’arcy and Billy.

Billy wanted D’arcy to be part of the original lineup, but for some reason Billy refuses to have her as a bass player. He wanted her to participate in other things for the other shows and maybe that’s why D’arcy refused to be a part of the lineup ’cause she wanted to be involved in everything. To me those text messages D’arcy posted, she could be selecting certain messages just to make Billy look bad publicly so that might not be the whole conversation. Billy does have a point however that nobody has heard her play bass in years so nobody has any idea what she sounds like.

On top of that who cares if they move on without D’arcy. I’m just glad the band is back after a long hiatus. Besides, legendary bands reuniting without their founding members happens all the time.

Like I said before, Billy may have flipped on reunions/greatest hits shows but maybe he changed  his mind? He wants to celebrate the history of the Pumpkins with us. That’s what it’s all about. Fans begged Billy to play the old songs at the concerts again and he’s giving us that. Why is he being attacked for that? Well, jealousy is the only answer I can think of. Can’t think of no other reason.

A lot of critics and haters are thinking the Pumpkins reunion tour won’t last and tickets won’t sell well ’cause of Billy. Well, make no mistake about it, haters. This tour WILL BE very successful and I predict most of the shows will sell-out. A lot of people in America still love the original Pumpkins line-up.

Band feuds sucks, but that’s the name of the game in the industry. The industry is tough. You gotta deal with a lot of huge egos and band drama. That’s the way it is. Billy had feuds with Jimmy and James Iha in the past but those three guys are cool with each other now obviously. Apparently, they’re still having problems with D’arcy and looks like Billy wants nothing to do with her at all. I can’t blame him. She seems like a piece of work and toxic.

What’s even more pathetic is that fans are attacking Billy simply ’cause he appeared on Alex Jones show a couple of times and they’re boycotting the Pumpkins for that reason.

Just stop complaining and enjoy the music! The Pumpkins reunion is gonna be killer and I can’t wait for all the live bootleg youtube videos of the shows.


Can we finally please stop talking about Russia? Trump finally vindicated! He never colluded with Russia…

Yes, the Russians were meddling in the 2016 elections but it’s not what you think. Liberals had this crazy conspiracy theory that Trump was colluding with Russia so he can win the election and make Hillary lose.

Then here comes Robert Mueller investigating this so-called Trump/Russian collusion. He has been investigation this Russian collusion thing for a long while. For a while, it may have looked like he has been trying to take down Trump. It really has been looking like that but turns out, instead Mueller was actually after the Russians and not Trump. Mueller who is the US Special Counsel started the Russian investigation.

As of today, Rod Rosenstein announced that 13 Russians have been indicted and a few other Russian companies as well for interfering in the 2016 elections. They were interfering long before then. Rosenstein made it clear in the indictment that there were no allegations that Americans participated in the meddling with Russia which means Trump and his 2016 campaign didn’t do anything. He also said that the Russians meddling in the elections did not impact the outcome of the elections.

While Trump wasn’t colluding with Russians trying to get him to win, it turns out that the Russians were actually helping him during the elections. Russians were actually helping Trump during the 2016 elections, but once Trump won… they quickly switched to anti-Trump… hope I’m getting this right. They were also anti-Hillary and pro-Bernie. Well to me, it’s no surprise since commie Russia are big Bernie fans since Bernie is a die-hard commie himself.

So there you have it, anti-Trumpers. GAME OVER! YOU LOST! No collusion like we’ve all been saying for a long time!

Can we finally shut up about Russia for once and move on? This Trump Russia thing was getting tiresome. Trump is finally vindicated. This was pretty awesome what Robert Mueller did. It’s like playing 4D chess. Hopefully he’ll be after Hillary next and I think that’s his next target. Looks like he is after Hillary and not Trump. My bets are on it.

This is what draining the Swamp looks like.


Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour finally confirmed but it’s gonna be without D’arcy… the tour is pretty massive too!!!

When it comes to the Smashing Pumpkins reuniting with its original members, people wonder how long the tour is gonna be. Would it be a one-off show, a short tour or a full one? Turns out the tour is gonna be a full tour. Check out the tour dates on the band’s official website. The tour is pretty massive.

The Smashing Pumpkins members are confirmed too with Billy, Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha all coming back. Jeff Schroeder is also coming back who first joined the band in 2007.

What will the band play on the tour? Will it be a greatest hits show or will the band play obscure songs from the Pumpkins catalogue of music? I think a little bit of both. With this massive tour, they’ll try to play as much as they can from their discography of albums. I think they’ll definitely play everything from “Gish”, “Siamese Dream” and “Mellie Collie” especially.

Sure, Billy Corgan may have been against greatest hits tours in the past but maybe he changed his mind? Billy probably thought to himself, “Lets celebrate the history of the Pumpkins by celebrating with the fans” and that’s what it’s all about the way I look at it.

Will the Pumpkins record a new studio record after the tour? Never say never on that one. It could be a possibility. They’ll probably write new songs while out on the road. Who knows what may happen. They might already have new songs that they could play on the tour as well.

Glad the band is back finally. I’m a longtime Pumpkins fan. Have been from the very beginning. I never saw the band myself but would love to.

Hopefully the band releases a live DVD/CD set of this new tour and I’m sure they will.


D’arcy keeps bashing Billy Corgan in the press, maybe it’s the best idea that she not be back in the band after all?

The Smashing Pumpkins are about to confirm their reunion tour later today, but it looks like it’s gonna be without their founding bassist, D’arcy Wretzky. Looks like the D’arcy and Billy Corgan feud is heating  up ’cause she keeps bashing him in the press. After she keeps bashing Billy in the band, I’m totally on the band’s side and not her. They tried to let her back in the band, but she decides to make them look bad by claiming Billy changed his mind about her and replacing her. She says a lot worse things about him, though is that she says Billy has a brain tumor simply because he supports Trump.

Well gee, what a surprise! D’arcy Wretzky another unhinged liberal and snowflake! Maybe she’s the one that has a brain tumor! Like the title of this post says, maybe it’s the best idea that she not be back in the band which is true. Who needs her! The band tried to offer her back in the band but D’arcy is now saying all kinds of nasty things about Billy.

I can’t wait for Billy’s next interview with the press, and I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say about this. What D’arcy is doing is unprofessional and inappropriate.

Like I said, who needs her! Still though, the Smashing Pumpkins reunion with Billy, Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha is gonna be fucking awesome!

No announcement yet but a little later today.



Sara Idleman gives illegal aliens credit for keeping the local farms going around the North Country… she’ll lose the election for that reason…

Wow. This is crazy and nuts,, but no surprise to see that this Democratic hopeful to Congress is on the side of illegal aliens and not us Americans. Sara Idleman is just another dumb lunatic and insane Democrat like the rest of ’em. Sara Idleman the Greenwich Town Supervisor and former 8th Grade History teacher (Yeah, she was my History teacher back in 8th grade but I’m not afraid to be real about her and call her out on stuff).

I read this article and almost threw up in my mouth when I read the “Farms and Immigrants” part. Idleman making absurd claims that illegal aliens are the ones that keeps the local farms going in the North Country going and thriving. Yep, she gives credit to illegals on farms instead of actual American farmers.

For one, illegal aliens shouldn’t be working on farms anyways. They need to be deported and they need to get the hell out of this country. Secondly, American farmers work real hard on farms putting food on families tables and delivering milk to local stores around here. Really sad that Idleman doesn’t give American farmers credit. American farmers that are actual citizens. Actual Americans too work on farms that nobody wants to do.

Idleman is trying to get bipartisan support on her policies and ideas, but I don’t see how both sides of the spectrum is going to support her views on “illegals working on farms”. Liberals will probably support her over this stance but the “right” will trash her for this. She’ll only get partisan support on this. She and the Post Star calls them “immigrants” like a typical Democrat refusing to say what they really are: illegals.

She thinks she knows so much about farms around this area, but she has done nothing to improve farms. Just “all talk and no action”.

It’s obvious she’s after the Republican vote but I don’t think Republicans around this District won’t support her wacky ideas. We can’t elect Idleman to Congress. We don’t need another insane and delusional Democrat obstructing against Trump’s MAGA policies.

Hey NY21 voters, if you’re planning to vote for the Midterms… I would suggest you vote Russ Finley. If you’re a Republican and a Trump supporter, Russ Finley is the guy you want to vote for. Look him up. Russ Finley is a Trump supporter and MAGA candidate which means he’s probably all for the Border Wall and getting illegals out.

I’m not a big fan of Idleman at all. She’s crazy and insane like a typical Democrat in Congress.

What has she accomplish around the area other than being a 5 Time Town Supervisor? I can’t think of anything. She’s done nothing to improve the Town of Greenwich. When she talks all the good stuff, don’t believe her. She just lies to get votes.