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The new Weezer album, “Van Weezer” is one of the best new albums this year… really, it’s that good!

I used to listen to Weezer a lot when I was young in high school. You can betcha, I bought their debut “blue album” when it first came out in the 90’s when the band was exploding all over MTV back in the day. I used to own their first four albums: the blue album, Pinkerton, the Green Album and Maladroit but after the “Maladroit” album, I suddenly lost interest in the band. I don’t know, I just stopped buying their albums and got rid of all the Weezer albums that I had in the past.

I did rebuy the blue album and the green album years later, however. Weezer kept releasing new albums over the years and they just came out with another new one this year titled, “Van Weezer”. They released another album this year called, “Ok Human” which I haven’t gotten yet but I did buy “Van Weezer” last week.

Why did I buy the new Weezer album, “Van Weezer” when I stopped listening to the band years ago? Well, I kept reading interviews of Rivers Cuomo talking about the new album “Van Weezer” like through Guitar World and the more I read about the album like through magazines and online, the more it piques my interest. The album is a metal album. Over the years Weezer was always known as a pop/rock band so for “Van Weezer” they decided to do something different and risky and make a metal album. It’s the first metal album they did. Why did they do a metal album? Well, simply because Rivers Cuomo, the band’s leading man is a huge metal fan. He did it ’cause he likes metal and that’s it, really.

I listened to the album like 4 times this week and holy shit, it’s that good. It’s a fucking awesome record. Loved it so much. It just proves that Rivers can play any genre of music after hearing all those covers he did on youtube. Back to the “Van Weezer” album, it’s basically a homage and tribute to 80’s metal. I hear a lot of Ozzy influence, Van Halen, Sabbath maybe, some Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard Guns N’ Roses, a bit of Ac/Dc too and I hear a bit of Metallica in there.

It’s an incredible album… I listened to it 4 times this week and that says something. What I loved the most about this album was that it made you realize that Rivers really is a great guitar player. With a guy like him, you’d think he’d be mostly playing power chords with the type of music that he plays but no, he’s way more than that. He can play lead guitar, two handed fret tapping and all of that stuff.

The “Van Weezer” album totally blew my fucking mind and I’m going to be listening to this one a lot, I think. This album definitely made me a Weezer fan again and I think I’m going to get back into buying their albums again. Rivers is a talented guy and his singing is pretty killer on “Van Weezer” too. I would recommend you buy it or if you’re on streaming services like Spotify/Apple Music, give it a listen yourself. It’s recommended! Rivers is trying to help keep rock alive!


At long last, IndIana Jones 5 is finally filming In Bamburgh, UK…

After many rewrites of “Indiana Jones 5”, the movie is finally filming as we speak. Here is a legit set photo of the crew behind the scenes. I believe this is the only set photo I can find of Indy 5 ’cause why? People taking pics is probably not allowed.

The cast and crew is filming the fifth installment of Indiana Jones in the Bamburgh, UK. They’re filming it at Bamburgh Castle. I’m sure the whole movie won’t be filmed at Bamburgh castle, just some of it. From the looks of things Bamburgh Castle is on a really small island in the UK which is great for an archeology spot.

As you can see here you see a mask Harrison Ford in full Indy garb speaking with Kathleen Kennedy. That unmasked man is Rob Marshall. Not sure but I think the film’s director, James Mangold is standing behind Harrison?

The plot and the title of the next movie is being kept under wraps for now but I’m sure we’ll learn more as we go along.

I’m hoping the next Indy movie will focus more on archeology and the history part of things like they were supposed to be. Yeah, I’m sure Indiana Jones 5 will still be a typical popcorn action flick too like the first four were but I’m hoping the next one will focus on story than action. Even though the plot is being kept under wraps, it’s probably gonna end up being a “passing of the torch” story like they’ve been hinting at for years. Ya know, passing the whip to someone much younger. Is that why Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hired as the female lead? She’s gonna be wearing Indy’s hat and whip at the end? A female archeologist is the goal? That’s what it’s kinda looking like to me.

And looks like John Rhys-Davies is about to reprise his legendary role as Sallah in “Indy 5” too ’cause he wasn’t in the last movie, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” so it’s gonna be cool to see him again.

I’m sure Harrison is getting all kinds of criticism about his age for this movie but I’m sure he’s still capable of doing his own action scenes and there probably will be lots of action in this one for sure. He is 78 now but I’m sure he’s capable of swinging his own whip again and running around.

I’m a huge Indy fan. Love ’em all, yeah I thought “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was great ’cause it was different and risky. I think James Mangold is capable of making a great Indiana Jones movie. Ever see the Wolverine movie, “Logan”? That film kind of reminded me of Indiana Jones a bit which is probably why he got the job.

Indy 5 will have lots of action, some comedy and some archeology stuff. It will be the same old Indy. I think they won’t disappoint us this time ’cause they know about all the bad reviews that Indy 4 got. They’ll definitely try to smarten up and make the next one better. Trust!

And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Ark either and it’s pretty likely we’ll see the return of that. The hunt for the Ark again?


Prince’s “Purple Rain” album is really is a masterpiece… beautiful album for sure…

I may be late getting into Prince’s music but late is better than never, right? I never bought a single Prince album in my life so I thought I would finally start getting into him. Of course, I picked his “Purple Rain” soundtrack that he made himself for the same film with him in the leading role… well, I thought the movie was excellent too as I remember watching it on Netflix not too long ago. That’s what made me want to get the soundtrack album sometime so I picked up the soundtrack album from Itunes over the weekend since it was $4.99.

I listened to it once over the weekend and the album blew my fucking mind. Prince was a genius for sure and now I can see why he means so much to so many. I’m not gonna deny the guy is extremely popular.

I’m amazed at how melodic Prince’s music is and his guitar playing is killer too. I loved all 9 songs on the album but course, the album’s title track “Purple Rain” is always a beautiful song. Prince proves that all you need is like 4 or 5 chords to write an anthem. It’s a beautiful record for sure, though.

I’m probably gonna get into his music more but I won’t get every album ’cause he has a large discography. I’ll just get the good ones. Prince was a great artist just never got into his music much. He was a great songwriter for sure.


Why does entertainment industry have to celebrate “Black” everything??? Why Can’t we be one???

It’s in all the streaming services, Itunes, music streaming, bookstores, etc. “Celebrate black” this and celebrate “black” that. Get rid of the word “black” and lets come together as one. If you feel the need to use the word “black’ and use a color to describe someone then you’re the real racist. Think about it right??? No reason to celebrate “black” everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy entertainment by the african/american community. I love a lot of blues music which mostly consists of dark-skinned musicians like BB King, T Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, etc. I love all that shit. When it comes to african/american rock n’ roll, I love Hendrix and Chuck Berry. I love singers like Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey.

When it comes to the movie industry I like and admire a lot of dark-skinned talent too like Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors and Sam L. Jackson is cool.

Why do we need to describe “black” everything when it comes to the entertainment world? Well, I think this is all part of the divide and conquer, really. Nothing to see here.

Why can’t we treat them like real “people” and real “humans” like us and not “black this” and “black that” on everything? I think you get my drift, by now and where I’m trying to get at.

I love all entertainers regardless of skin color, why do we need all this? Celebrate black music, celebrate black stories, celebrate black movies, etc. It’s everywhere…. uggghhhhh…. stop all that already. So tired of it all.

Oh and I did happen to pick up the Prince “Purple Rain” album from Itunes since it was $4.99 celebrating “black music” is why so I went ahead and bought that album and loved it. Now I see why Prince matters and that’s my very first Prince album believe it or not. I might just get into his music more.


Even though Theaters are slowly disappearing, people are still going to the movies after lockdown for “The Conjuring 3” and “A Quiet Place II”… Insane really…

This is pretty insane really. Just when you thought theaters are dying ’cause of the pandemic… well fortunately that’s not the case. it’s actually the opposite ’cause people are starting to go back to the movie theaters after over a year of having no movie theaters.

After some theaters in the states started opening back up and some are closing for good, you would think you would see the death of the movie theater going experience but after seeing this, I predict theaters are about to make a huge comeback.

After the lockdown, two popular horror franchises came out with new films “The Conjuring 3” and “A Quiet Place – Part II” which both are now playing in theaters. It turns out that both movies did very well in the box office, surprisingly.

I went to see “A Quiet Place – Part II” last Friday afternoon, in case you haven’t seen my post about that movie the other day and it was really good. Loved it. Seen that the 3rd one was immediately green lighted but looks like John Krasinski is not gonna direct the third one.

Even though not confirmed yet, I’m sure a 4th “Conjuring” movie is on the way after the success of the third one. I haven’t seen the third one yet but gonna get around to it and want to see it badly. Had to choose one movie to see last Friday so I went with “A Quiet Place II” instead.

I think what it is why movie theaters are still a hit is ’cause people grew tired of watching movies at home during the lockdown with no theaters open. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen, ya know? It’s about the theater experience.

Now that I think about it, movie theaters will never be gone ever.


Rock and Roll ain’t dead, it’s still alive and well… don’t listen to the idiots out there that claim it is…

Well lets see… we have Greta Van Fleet, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Alter Bridge, Ghost, Royal Blood, Dirty Honey, The Struts, Badflower, Rival Sons, Kings of Leon, Tame Impala, Black Stone Cherry, La Luz, Alabama Shakes, black midi, Gojira, Black Pistol Fire, Bully, Tetrarch and the list goes on and on and on.

I used to defend Gene Simmons at his “rock is dead” comments but I won’t anymore ’cause there’s so many new modern rock bands out that are doing well for themselves, honestly.

Rock has never really died and all those bands I listed above are pretty great too. Those bands I listed are “rock”. Yeah, rock is trying to make a comeback in the mainstream but it will and I think it’s about to. People are tired of pop, rap and country dominating the industry so a lot of people are turning to rock.

There are also still long time rock veterans that are still active in music today like Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Weezer and the Rolling Stones… still actively touring and putting out albums even to this day. So rock isn’t dead, no. Don’t listen to those that saying that rock isn’t going anywhere ’cause at the same time, rock is starting to become more successful again, it’s amazing to see.

I’ve been listening to a lot of the new stuff lately and there’s a lot of great new rock out there especially a band called black midi, they’re the best I think. Some of the bans I listed I haven’t heard much but I should get into them more. I love Gojira too, though… they’ve been around since 2001 so I still consider them pretty new. They make great metal and I love their new one “Fortitude”. Great shit.

I bought Weezer’s new album “Van Weezer” out of curiosity. I stopped listening to Weezer for a long while but I bought “Van Weezer” ’cause it’s a metal album. Looking forward to hearing it, though.

Those saying that rock is dead well, they’re living under a rock and it never has gone away.


Tired of the Leftist ideology being rammed down our throats constantly, are you???

BLM, Gay Pride, Abortion, Gun Control, etc. So tired of it all. So tired of seeing leftist politics and ideology getting rammed down our throats everywhere. Yes, you see it everywhere nowadays. On your TV, in movies, in your hometown, streaming services, bookstores, on the internet, businesses (whether chain or local), etc.

It’s getting worse. Why? Why is it all happening? I think the Obamas are behind it all really. They are still controlling the country even though Barack is no longer president… kind of weird since you still see Barack’s face everywhere still.

If you think America thinks like that, we don’t ’cause why do you think Trump won the election in 2016?

We don’t need to see BLM everywhere and we don’t need to see the rainbow flag everywhere. It’s all tiresome and boring. Politics isn’t everything.

Why would a full grown adult think leftist? People would look at me and say I’m just a hardcore right-winger but not really. Even the right-wing stuff drive me crazy too… I think like an American and think for myself. Why can’t we all be like that?

I’m tired of people following the leftist ideology and everywhere you go and every person you meet is a die-hard leftist. It’s getting nuts. I’m tired of the rainbow flag and BLM like most.

We really need to unite as a country ’cause it’s getting bad. That’s why they do what they do… “gay pride” and “BLM” is all part of divide and conquer. Period.

Yeah, things are getting crazy and the left will bash you if you are critical of their views and that’s getting tiresome too.

It’s getting scarier and scarier under Biden. Enough is enough. Yeah, things maybe pretty wild now but I continue to live my life the way I want to and continue to be happy the way I want. Life is good. I’m just enjoying life by playing my guitar, listening to music, reading books, working out, etc.

I’m trying to stay away from this leftist politics the best I can ’cause I’m not interested in any of it and you can throw covid in there too.


Picked up the new Myles Kennedy album “The Ides of March” on Vinyl today…

I went to the Northshire bookstore in Saratoga Springs today to look at books and their small vinyl section that they have. I’ve been wanting to get the new Myles Kennedy album “The Ides of March” for a while and now that it’s out, I picked up the vinyl.

I’m a huge Myles Kennedy fan. He’s definitely one of the best singers in rock today. I’ll be honest that I don’t listen to his main band, Alter Bridge with Mark Tremonti that much but I should. I do have all of the Myles Kennedy albums he did with Slash, though. I love the Myles Kennedy/Slash albums. I also have Myles first solo album “Year of the Tiger” which is excellent.

Haven’t listened to the “Ides of March” yet but gonna get around to it this weekend.

Myles is a talented guy… good guitar player too. You should check him out as well.


Went to the movie theaters for the first time in over a year… saw “A Quiet Place Part II”…

Well this is interesting… after over a year of having no movie theater due to the world getting shut down over a stupid and pointless “lockdown”, I finally got to a movie theater earlier today since some movie theaters are actually still around. Yes, many movie theaters have closed down ’cause the pandemic did them in. The Bowtie Cinemas at the Wilton Mall closed down for good so I went to the other one in downtown Saratoga Springs, “Criterion Cinemas” which is still open for now anyways.

I went to the movie theaters today ’cause there were two different choices of horror films I wanted to see… it was either “A Quiet Place II” or “The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It”. I really wanted to see both of them pretty badly but I had to choose one so I went for a “A Quiet Place II” since I loved the first one.

I thought the second one was way better than the first. These movies are getting better and better and from the looks of things, the ending of “Part II” may have left open for a third one so this is probably gonna end up being a series of films, a new franchise.

I think John Krasinski is doing a great job with these movies. He’s surprisingly a great screenwriter and great director. He’s really good at the horror genre. I’m the biggest horror fan you’ll ever see. Yes, “A Quiet Place – Part II” is more frightening and more thrilling than the first. Cillian Murphy is an awesome actor and he plays a cool character in this one. Regan Abbott is an awesome character too.

I hardly ever jump in horror films when the “jump” scare come but this one did it to me once. I think these creatures in these films are so cool. Can you imagine living that life? Being forced to be quiet all the time so those creatures don’t hear you?

Not only that John Krasinski is a great director and screenwriter, he’s also a helluva an actor too. John isn’t in this one very much but did a great job. John is known as Jim from “The Office” so it may seem pretty strange that he goes from a comic actor to horror. It seems to me that John is definitely a fan of the horror genre himself. When John is done with the Quiet Place series, I hope he moves on to other horror films and he probably will ’cause he so good at it.

Anyhow, about movie theaters coming back… this is how movies are supposed to be seen. On the big screen, not on the small screen but I have a feeling like everyone else that we’re about to see the death of the movie going experience for good. Streaming services and VOD will be the new future of movie releases and you’re already seeing it. Movies were meant to be seen on the big screen to begin with.

I thought “A Quiet Place II” was really good and looking forward to the third one.


Happy 91st Birthday, Clint Eastwood…

Not only that today is Memorial Day, it is also Clint Eastwood’s 91st birthday. Yeah, he is 91 and he is still alive and well. I’ve always been a huge fan. Trying to watch as many films of his as I can especially a lot of his older Westerns… trying to catch up with them all. I’ve seen a lot of his old westerns like the Man With No Name Trilogy: “Fistful Of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. All three are great films but of course, I find the third one “TG, TB and TU” being the best.

Not too long ago, I got around to watching “Outlaw Josey Wales”, “High Plains Drifter”, “Joe Kidd”, “Hang ‘Em High”, for the first time and I loved all of those. Of course, I’ve seen “Unforgiven” many times and I still think “Unforgiven” is one of his best Westerns.

As far as his work outside of the Western genre… of course, I love all the Dirty Harry movies which I think “Sudden Impact” being the best one.

Other Eastwood films I loved were “Escape From Alcatraz” which is one of my favorites that he starred in but didn’t direct.

I also loved “Bridges of Madison County”, “Absolute Power”, “In the Line Of Fire”, “Gran Torino”, “Jersey Boys”, “American Sniper, “The Mule”, “Changeling” and “Richard Jewell”. Another one of his best films I think is “Million Dollar Baby” and I gotta get the BluRay to that film sometime soon. Love that film so much. I also loved the crime thriller, “Mystic River” and a thriller he starred in called “Bloodwork”. The 1999 crime thriller, “True Crime” was excellent as well.

There’s still so many films of his I haven’t seen yet ’cause he has a very impressive and very prolific filmography. He’s done way over 60 -70 films, it’s crazy.

Not all of his movies are good, though, he did make some stinkers… I didn’t care for “J. Edgar”, didn’t care for “Hereafter”, “Invictus” and didn’t like “Trouble With the Curve”.

This man is a legend and a genius for sure. I respect him so much ’cause he keeps going. He’s one actor and director who doesn’t believe in retirement ’cause obviously, he’s gonna keep making movies until he passes. He’s never retiring, trust me. He’s got some more movies left in him until he can’t do it anymore ’cause that time is coming and he knows it too.

Happy birthday, Clint. I’m sure he’s excited to get back to work soon after covid stopped him from working like everyone else.

I wish he would give us one more Dirty Harry film, though. I believe he can pull that off. A retired inspector, Harry Callahan being forced to fight crime again at an old age when he’s no longer a police detective sounds good to me.