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To get more strength in powerlifting, gotta mix it up with hypertrophy style training too… big muscle also gets big strength…

I look at powerlifting forums and debates online and most powerlifters believe you only gotta focus on heavy sets and few reps to get more strength. That’s what most of them told me in that Tnation forum during that heated debate. I agree and somewhat disagree. It’s important to do a lot of heavy sets and few reps, but you don’t want to train like that all the time. If you train like that all the time, week after week on a non-stop basis you could drain your body out. It could really fry out your cns (central nervous system) and training super-heavy all the time is also asking for injury too. Many powerlifters will never admit that they get injuries from training heavy all the time but they do.

How can you tell when your CNS is fried? Here’s a good little article about CNS when it comes to strength training:

It’s not good to be lifting heavy in the gym all the time. It’s good to pick some light days too.

In the gym, I’m going to do another week of strength training and then the week after that, I will do nothing but hypertrophy style training on the big three for a long while.

To get more strength, many powerlifters just like to lift heavy all the time during their off-season training. Not me, though. There’s gotta be days where I got to lift lighter sets and high rep sets and I’m going to be doing that a lot more. To get super human strength and if you want to get the bigger PR’s, you gotta mix hypertrophy and strength training together. You gotta build muscle and size too ’cause that helps get you strength gains.

On my other exercises other than the big three, I train hypertrophy style on everything else but I know I’m getting stronger with all of my lifts. An example of this, on my bicep curls with dumbbells, I’m starting to do 40 lb. dumbbells for 8 – 10 reps for each set and I’ve never done that in the past. 25 lb. – 30 lb. dumbbells used to feel heavy for me but not anymore. Yeah, powerlifters will never admit that hypertrophy lifting will give you more strength too but it really works.

Sometimes you gotta leave your ego at the door and do some lighter lifting, ya know? Soon, I’m going to experiment with hypertrophy style training on squat, bench and deadlift later this Spring to see how that works. I’ll have to pick light days and heavy days which I will do from now on. In the past, I used to start off light and go heavier every set on the big three but I’m going to do things differently like train hypertrophy and strength training separately.

I will continue to train for heavy sets and few reps on squats and deadlift this week. I will continue to train like that for the big three next week. The week after that, I will train hypertrophy for a long while. Don’t wanna beat your body up too much.



Finished watching “Black Mirror” on Netflix over the weekend… most of it was real good but I didn’t love every episode, though…

I know I’m late getting into the show but I finally watched “Black Mirror” on Netflix. Finished watching it over the weekend. Since everybody’s been talking about the show, I thought I would finally get into it to see what the fuss is all about. “Black Mirror” is a UK science fiction TV show exclusively for Netflix. You don’t have to watch every episode in order ’cause each episode has its own story kind of like “The Twilight Zone” or “Amazing Stories” a little bit.

From what I saw, this show isn’t just a science fiction show. This show included every genre out there: drama, mystery, suspense, horror, thriller, romance, etc. Every genre is pretty much in there.

Throughout the show while there are no big name stars in the cast there were a few big names that made special guest appearances. The biggest names I’ve seen who appeared in the show were: Jesse Plemons, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jon Hamm and Daniel Kaluuya (the star of the “Get Out” movie).

Even though the show is very popular and a lot of people loved it; however, I didn’t love every episode. There were some I thought were pretty good and okay but there were also some that were my absolute favorite. Here’s a list of bad and good episodes of the show:

Episodes that I hated: “Nosedive”, “San Junipero” and “The National Anthem”

Episodes that were my absolute favorite: “Metaldhead”, “Arkangel, “Crocodile”, “Black Museum”, “Playtest”, “White Christmas” (the one that Jon Hamm appeared in) and “Men Against Fire”.

Even though I didn’t like three episodes, I thought it was a great show for the most part. I’m gonna check out the “Bandersnatch” movie later this week.

I’m glad to finally get around to watching “Black Mirror”. I think next I’m gonna start watching “Stranger Things” ’cause I’ve never seen that show before either.


Even though I train like a powerlifter now, I still haven’t given up bodybuilding, don’t worry… I do both!

Since I got into powerlifting, some of you may think that powerlifting will make me fat and lose my bodybuilding physique that I’ve worked so hard for. Not too worry. I haven’t given up bodybuilding training even though I’ve gotten into powerlifting. Both training styles are different and I continue to do both. Some people think it’s impossible to do both but yes, it is possible.

All powerlifting is it’s just strength training. In strength training, you just do heavy sets and few reps. That’s it. When I work on squats, bench and deadlift… I mostly concentrate on strength training on those. When powerlifters do their training splits, they only focus on the big three anyways and pretty much nothing else. They do a few assistance exercises but that’s about it. Powerlifters only work out like two or three days a week. They squat, bench and deadlift a couple of times a week but not me. I like to do the big three once a week to give some space to repair and recover, ya know? That’s how you get more strength in my opinion.

Everything else I do in the gym are all hypertrophy style training. Bodybuilding is hypertrophy style and powerlifting is strength training. Big difference between the two. I’m noticing that the more I squat, bench and deadlift each week, I’m getting stronger on the big three.

I’ve had my bench session earlier this morning and I was able to bench 135 lbs. for around 4 – 6 reps so I know I’m getting stronger on bench pretty quickly. My goal this year for bench is that I’m on the road to a 200 lb. pr. I’m hoping to hit 200 lbs. or over this year and I believe I can get there and I’m halfway there. I’m hoping to get a 200 lb. p.r in time before the push/pull meet at Albany Strength in August. I believe I can get there quickly the more I stay consistent with benching and I will.

In powerlifting, I don’t want to be a fat ass powerlifter at all so I gotta be careful with my nutrition. I don’t want to boost my calories ’cause that’s gonna bring up my bodyfat and I don’t want that so back to eating less it is. As a powerlifter, I still want to be able to have my bodybuilding physique still.

When you’re a powerlifter and bodybuilder at the same time, it’s actually a good thing ’cause hypertrophy training will still give you strength too. Big muscles will give you more strength so you got to continue hypertrophy style training. I want to be muscular and strong at the same time. In powerlifting, you can eat what you want but not me. I’m gonna keep my strict nutrition going. Big muscles is all part of strength training, remember that. That’s why I gotta continue bodybuilding too. I’m gonna try and continue to lose bodyfat even when powerlifting.

No more boosting my calorie intake ’cause I’m noticing it’s bringing my bodyfat up a little bit but not too bad. I’ll get rid of it, this summer. No more eating ice cream and Cliff Bars on the weekends ’cause that’s what I do for cheats. I’m going to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Do a lot of cardio this Spring/Summer.

If I want to pack on more pounds to move up a weight class in powerlifting, you do that with strength training not pigging out on food. I gotta be careful with that.

I’m gonna train hard this Spring/Summer for the upcoming push/pull meet. I’ll want all my powerlifting meets to be better than the last one, that’s how you want to do powerlifting. Doing powerlifting and bodybuilding both at the same time is a lot of work but it’s all worth it. I want to look big and massive and I can get there without getting fat ’cause that’s what I don’t want.



The WWE lost their viewers and now they are losing their superstars… when will Vince McMahon wake up???

For a long while now, the WWE have been losing their ratings, big time again. This is nothing new with WWE. Sometimes they are good with the ratings but most of the times the ratings have been horrible. Both RAW, Smackdown Live and the ppv’s have been at an all time low.

Why have the ratings been going down? Some people blame it on 3 hours of RAW and blame it on the many commercials that are aired during Smackdown Live. During Smackdown Live the blue brand, they air a lot of commercials… they even air commercials during the matches and that could be what drew viewers away. That’s what I think. People also believe that people turned away from WWE ’cause they are for the Saudi’s. WWE does live shows with Saudi Arabia and fans protested against them for doing it ’cause of the Saudi’s killing of that journalist. Fans didn’t want WWE to continue with the Saudi shows but they did anyways so maybe lots of fans are boycotting WWE ’cause simply they are for the Saudi’s. That could be another reason.

Those could be some pretty good reasons that people are pretty much done with WWE. Other reasons I could think of: 1) People are fed up with the PG era 2) Bad wrestling matches 3) Terrible booking 4) The superstars aren’t being used right 5) Fans are fed up with WWE ramming Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey down their throats.

I think the main reason why people are turning away is ’cause of “wrestling” really. That’s what people watch these shows for, they want to see “wrestling” but the WWE haven’t been giving us that. All they’ve been doing lately is too many wrestlers cutting promos, long boring storylines and feuds. None of us wants to see that. We want to see great matches like the good ol’ days, ya know? This is why NXT the WWE’s third brand is doing better in ratings than the main roster ’cause NXT focus’s on wrestling more than anything. They have some good wrestling matches on NXT which is why that brand is getting hotter than the main roster.

Back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s years, WWE was really good back then but now they are complete shit. Even the current superstars are realizing this. Many superstars are quitting WWE nowadays and many are joining the new wrestling company that just got formed called AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Many superstars in WWE have asked for their release and many refused to renew their contracts. Why? Because many feel they aren’t being used right by Vince McMahon. The latest superstar to ask for WWE release was Luke Harper and now it’s looking that Sasha Banks is gonna quit WWE. Sasha hasn’t quit yet but it’s looking like she’s going to.

Superstars don’t like how they are being used and I can’t blame them. Superstars work for the company hoping to become champions and become main event stars but Vince never takes them there. I have nothing against Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey but there are many other great talent in WWE worthy of main event status but Vince keeps holding them down.

WWE is trying all they can to bring the ratings back up but they keep failing. Why? It’s because they never listen to the fans. The fans want to see “good wrestling” but they never give us that. We want to see our favorite superstars get pushed to main event status but they keep getting held down. Gee, no wonder more superstars are leaving.

Ya know, when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) gets a TV deal, the WWE better watch it ’cause I can absolutely see AEW taking over the WWE’s spotlight pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe AEW will be way better than WWE. We’ll have to wait and see. I can see AEW exploding quickly and they already are but wait until they get a TV deal. Could AEW be bigger than WWE? Yes, I can see it. That’s why WWE is scared of them ’cause they know it’s gonna happen.

I love WWE and I love pro wrestling but I want to see WWE get better ’cause what I’m seeing now is very sad. They did do a great job with Wrestlemania 35… I was impressed with that show. A lot of times I take long breaks from WWE ’cause they get so bad. I’m thinking about taking another long break again myself, not sure yet. I keep watching ’cause I love Asuka who is on SD Live and I’m a huge fan of AJ Styles. WWE is cool, I just want to see them get better like everyone else. Seeing all of this is really sad and such a shame.

WWE used to be amazing in the old days.


People who love deadlifting should watch this video…

Kind of an old video but I think this video by Steve Shaw is worth sharing.

People who love to deadlift in the gym wonder why their backs are always hurting. Well, I agree with everything this guy said in this video. If deadlifters wonder why their lower backs hurt all the time is: 1) Their form sucks 2) They max out every week. Either one of those two will hurt your lower back.

Deadlifting maybe the best workout in the gym and maybe a blast to do but deadlift carefully and responsibly ’cause many in the gym don’t. Everyday at my local gym, for the hell of it, I like to watch other people deadlift while I rest in between sets during my workouts. Well some people deadlift in good form but most deadlift horribly, it’s crazy, ya know? I see too many lifters deadlifting with rounded backs all the time. Some deadlift with their hips too damn low that it’s almost like a squat. People deadlift by standing too far from the bar and I can go on.

I try to make my deadlift form as perfect as possible. I made one mistake on deadlift that I’ve been maxing out every week which was why I took out my back at one point a long while back. The back pain wasn’t that serious and it went away in a few days. That gave me a pretty good lesson not to max out every week.  Plus, maybe my form was a little off when that happened.

When deadlifting, you can not only hurt your lower back, you can hurt yourself in other places on your body too. Deadlift can be a fun and simple exercise as long as you do it right. If you do perfect form on every rep, you won’t hurt yourself at all and you’ll be fine.

Deadlift is very good for the back and one of the best back exercises in the gym. Deadlift is not just a back exercise, though, it works out muscles throughout your entire body pretty much except for the chest.

There’s a reason that deadlift is the most popular exercise in the gym. It used to be that bench press was the king of all workouts but now it’s looking like that deadlift has taken over the bench press’s spotlight.


My powerlifting videos keeps getting positive feedback everywhere… I just gotta stop listening to the negativity and haters, ya know???

Powerlifting really is my calling. It’s what I was meant to to do and man, wished I discovered powerlifting years ago. Ya know something, when I first started bodybuilding 10 years ago, I actually experimented with both bench press and deadlift for a little bit but I stopped for a long while. Wished I never stopped benching and deadlifting ’cause I would have been great at both by now. I’m back to benching and deadlifting full time and it feels really good. Glad I’ve gotten into squats, benching and deadlifting ’cause I’m feeling stronger at all 3 the more I do it and I’m feeling big too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was right that bench press is the best workout for the chest as my chest has gotten some major improvement ’cause of benching.

There are gonna be some critics and haters with my powerlifting yes but I gotta stop listening to them and I will. It seems that lots of other people like what I do. Each time I do a powerlifting meet, I get good feedback at my lifting.

Even if I missed the 300 lb. deadlift, people are still saying that it’s an impressive lift ’cause I could only get it up halfway. I would have gotten that 300 lb. deadlift… I think the problem was that I opened my first attempt a bit heavy. If I opened a lot lighter than 285 lbs., I definitely would have smashed that 300 easily. That’s why at powerlifting meets you need to open up real light so you can save some in the tank for your big 3rd attempt, ya know? This is why powerlifters miss a lot of lifts ’cause they open up too heavy and I don’t want to do that.

People may like what I do now but I’m just getting started. I’m going to really work my way up to the big lifts like lift anywhere from 300 lbs. – 500 lbs. on the big three but it’s gonna take some more time for me to get to the big ones. I’ll get there, though. Just gotta stay consistent and I will.

Some people may think that at a bodyweight that I’m at now would be impossible to lift 500 lbs. on the big three but it is possible. How? Really bone strength and muscular development is key to lifting the big ones. That is why a lot of skinny people are able to lift the big ones ’cause they have really strong bones.

I’m not gonna stay skinny for long ’cause I’m gonna do all I can to get bigger in size without getting fat. I’ve boosted my calorie intake ’cause that’ll help. I’m actually thinking about doing the bulking and cutting method which might actually be useful.

I really want to become a great powerlifter someday. I’ll never be the next Ed Coan but I would like to be a powerlifter where everybody would look up to and it’s already happening a little bit. Like I said, I’m just getting started and still have lots of work to do. Admittedly, I do want to win and kick ass on powerlifting meets. Someday, I’m gonna win the best “overall male lifter” award and that’s my goal that I want to achieve. It’s gonna take some more years to get there but I will. Trust me.


The Eddie Awards at Proctors is such a joke, lol… nothing but a huge pat on the back!!!

Does the Capital Region music scene really need a music awards show? In my opinion, no. I’ve said it once before and will say it again. We’ve had this problem in the past when people wanted to host a local music awards show and now, here we go again. Proctors Theater in Schenectady just happened to start their own music award show for the local music scene.

As you can see they made this very similar to the Grammy awards you see on TV. They have the red carpet and people dressing up in really fancy clothing… live performances on stage, the whole thing.

No offense to everyone but I don’t support this and not a fan of this at all. Some of you may say, “You’re just jealous that you didn’t get nominated for anything”. No. Even if I did get nominated, I still wouldn’t get care and wouldn’t accept it. Why? Simply because I don’t play music to get awards. My ego is not that big, ya know? I don’t need that kind of attention. I just play music ’cause it’s what I do and I just do it for fun. I don’t take myself that seriously. I just don’t care about awards for my music. That’s why you don’t see me doing music competitions of any kind.

This post might spark some controversy and might create a backlash but I don’t care. My blog, my opinions.

I’ve been saying for a long time that musicians and people in the Capital Region music scene have huge egos and this thing comes along which proves my point. All this is it’s just a big pat on the back and nothing more. No different than other award shows you see on TV. This looks a lot worse than the Grammy’s and the Oscars.

We’re not celebrities, we’re not rock stars. Get over your freakin’ selves. I look at all the pics of the red carpet of the Eddie’s and I just laugh at all of them. This isn’t Hollywood, y’all. This is the local music scene and you’re just local musicians and that’s all.

I understand that the whole purpose of this lame award show was to celebrate “local music” but we don’t need awards to celebrate local music. There are ways to celebrate “local music” just by getting off your ass and go see a local show. That’s pretty much all you need to do really. Awards mean nothing ’cause all they are is just a pat on the back and nothing more. It’s like: “Hey look at me, my music is great and I work so hard to make it great… now pat me on the back!”

This music scene is getting worse and kind of makes you wonder why I don’t play live around here anymore ’cause this scene is full of arrogant people all over.

Some maybe upset about this post but that’s okay, let ’em. I’m sure there will be plenty of bands and musicians out there that may actually agree with me that local music awards are a joke. I don’t think I’ll be alone on this at all.

Once again, you don’t need awards to play music. Just play and enjoy. People supporting your music is the only award that you should accept ’cause there’s nothing more rewarding than that. An award is just a piece of metal and not worth anything anyways.