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Almost 12 years of missing Jaliek Rainwalker…the police still haven’t forgotten… they are still investigating secretly and quietly…

It’s now getting close to 12 years since Jaliek Rainwalker went missing. The media has stayed silent on the case for a long while and finally Don Lehman of the Post Star gives us a new update on the case.

Yeah, it’s been a long while since we’ve had new updates on the case. The Greenwich/Cambridge police still haven’t forgotten about Jaliek. They’re still working and investigating the case, but they’re doing it very quietly and secretly. That’s the update on the case so far

The local news media may have stayed silent on the case for a pretty long time but an un-named reporter did go to the house in Vermont to try and talk to Stephen but the reporter was ordered to stay away by Stephen himself.

I’m not going to bother explaining what happened when Jaliek went missing when you can just simply do a google search and read the article right here for yourself… there are also plenty of podcasts and youtube videos out there explaining the story.

I think it’s safe to say that most everyone pretty much agrees that the adoptive father, Stephen had something to do with it. Most everyone believes it is homicide, including myself. There’s no doubt in my mind that Stephen probably killed him and dumped his body somewhere where he can’t be found.

Stephen continues to maintain that he has nothing to hide and didn’t harm Jaliek but he moved his family to Vermont, lawyered up and refuses to talk to anyone looking for Jaliek. Hmmmmmm… really.

You think that if you were being investigated in a missing person’s case, you would cooperate with the police so you can get the police off your back but Stephen doesn’t do that. Instead, he avoids people looking for Jaliek like the plague and hires a lawyer. Un-fucking believable.

12 years of missing Jaliek… still no remains and still no one locked up. The police really cares about Jaliek just as much as we all do and they want justice for jaliek too. All we want is justice for Jaliek. We want Jaliek’s remains to be found so we can bury him properly. A lot of us also want his killer or “killers” locked up. Lock up all those involved in his murder. It’s a tough case to solve ’cause Stephen covered his tracks too damn good.

Of course, not everyone believes that this was a homicide/murder. There are some that actually sides with the adoptive family and there are some who wants to blame Barb. Blaming Barb for the disappearance doesn’t make sense at all ’cause she wasn’t the last person to see Jaliek alive wasn’t she?

They think they can get away with it by staying silent but they won’t. They WILL get caught somehow and someway. I hope the police nails the adoptive father soon and fast. The sooner, the better though. They can go on with their lives, all happy happy joy joy but we will wipe those smiles off their faces once we do find Jaliek and we will find him somehow. The truth will get out there whether they like it or not. The truth is a powerful thing. You can’t stop the truth from getting out and it will happen. It’s gonna be slow moving but I think this case is solvable for sure.

While the local news media seems to have stopped caring, the Jaliek Rainwalker case seems to have exploded in the podcast industry which was pretty amazing to see. The longer he stays missing, the more people start to wonder and that’s how it goes.

We will find you, Jaliek and I’m still thinking of you, buddy. I want answers like everyone else. Glad to see that the police still care.



Video: Criticizing women is not allowed…

I usually don’t post videos like this but I feel that this one is totally worth it. All you male readers, you should really check out this guy’s channel if you want to learn more about women ’cause this guy has good stuff on his channel. I’m addicted to his channel ’cause he has good content about women and the dating scene.

This guy is so correct that you can’t criticize women anymore in this day and age. If you do, you’ll get called a misogynist, a woman hater and you’ll get crucified for it. No matter what you say or even if the criticism is not even all that bad, you will get crucified no matter what. I know the feeling ’cause I’ve been there. I remember I used to criticize women on my blog for how they treat men in the dating scene and all that stuff and I got crucified for that a little bit. The reason we can’t criticize women anymore is ’cause of the feminist movement that’s been going on lately and also because of liberalism. The feminist movement and liberalism destroyed everything about being a man. It’s just sad and very scary to see all this.

Not only that women crucify men for criticizing women, there are even some men that do it too. Whenever other men see a guy criticizing women, they’ll usually try to play hero and defend women just to make women feel better.

I don’t hate women at all and I’ve been unfairly accused of that over the years of my life. We should have every right to be real about them, ya know? Not all women out there are goddesses and princesses. We should have every right to call out their bad behaviors, their attitudes and all that stuff. When you do, you better be ready for a backlash.

We can no longer talk about how horrible some women are in the dating scene. It’s just bullshit and unfair thanks to feminism that destroyed everything about being a man.

I’m still single for a pretty good reason ’cause some women out there can be evil. Not all of them but some. When it comes to dating and relationships, I’m only being careful with myself. I want a “good girl” in my life, ya know? Someone who will stay loyal and someone who actually cares. I’m looking for the love of my life. I’m not gonna be one of those men who has on and off relationships with the same woman. I’m not gonna be one those men who has different kids with different mothers like what seems to be going on nowadays. I’m not gonna be one of those who’ll get destroyed by women. I’m not gonna be one of those guys who’ll get used for sex, money and all that stuff.

This is a great video and should be watched by all men out there. You should check out this guy’s other Red Pill videos too ’cause it’s good stuff. I learn more about women ’cause of this guy.


Candace Owens doesn’t support the trans movement that’s been going on lately and I don’t support it either!!!

This post will probably get me in trouble but I don’t give a shit. In case you all haven’t figured me out by now, I’m one of those who will tell the truth and be honest with my feelings no matter the consequences.

Candace Owens announced here that she doesn’t support the new trans movement that’s been going on in America lately. Yeah, I know this transgender thing is nothing new… it’s been around for decades long before Kaitlyn Jenner but it hasn’t gone mainstream until Kaitlyn Jenner.

I have noticed that more and more people claiming to come out as “trans” in America. It’s happening all over America even in your local area. I ranted about the transgender thing in my blog before but I don’t mind doing it again.

Yeah, so a man puts on women’s clothes, women’s makeup, a women’s wig and talks like a woman… this man wants you to call him a “woman” even if he still has a penis. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way in my view. If they still have a penis, they are still a man and don’t get me started on this “hormone therapy” crap. It’s the same thing when a woman wants to pretend to be a man… she wants to look like a man and talk like a man but she still has tits and a vagina. Ugggghhhhhh….

I’m with Candace Owens totally. I think she has a lot of balls for tweeting that too and makes me a fan of her even more. I used to think I was alone about my feelings on the transgender thing but thankfully, it looks like I’m not alone at all…. lmao…. I hate everything about the transgender movement and it’s very scary. To me, these people who want to change their gender are just people with lots of problems and they need help. Mostly these people who want to “transition” are just people coming out of a divorce so is it divorce that makes them want to change? Possibly. I also blame bad parenting ’cause there are parents out there who purposely change their kids genders even when they were kids. Disgusting. I’m seeing that a lot too. Parents who make boys look like girls and girls who look like boys.

I’m proud to be a man 100% and I’ll never change. These transgender people scare me. Call me transphobic all you want but I’m always going to identify their true gender as to what they were really born as.


When lefties criticize us for boycotting people and companies that are against Trump, they shouldn’t be talking ’cause they do the boycotting too…

Whenever Trump supporters like myself want to boycott entertainment and companies that are against Trump, lefties will start criticizing us and call us crazy for wanting to “boycott” things. Like for example, the left calls us out for boycotting celebrities and musicians for their Trump bashing. They picked on us for threatening to boycott Netflix ’cause they teamed up with Susan Rice and the Obamas. They make fun of us for refusing to watch movies and TV shows of actors trashing Trump. They make fun of us for refusing to buy music of music artists bashing Trump on social media and in interviews.

Keep in mind this is the same left who refuses to support the work of famous conservatives such as Sarah Palin and Dinesh D’ Souza. They refuse to read their books ’cause of their hardcore conservative beliefs. Same goes with Ted Nugent. This is the same left who refuses to buy Ted Nugent’s music ’cause of his hardcore conservative beliefs. This is the same left who refuses to read Bill O’ Reilly’s books. This is the same left who threatened boycott on Kid Rock since he came out as a Trump supporter. This is the same left who threatened boycott on Chick Fil-A restaurant just because of their stance on gay marriage and how they feel about it. This is the same left who screamed “boycott” when big companies donate money to Trump’s election campaign. You get what I’m saying?

They refuse to support right-wing celebrities and we get in trouble for doing the same with left-wing celebrities. Like usual when the hardcore-left criticizes you of something, they’re usually guilty of the same thing so nothing to see here. More rules of Saul Alinsky. *yawn*

This is America… we should have every right to boycott ’cause it’s our money. We have the right to spend it on things we want and we have the right to not spend it on things we don’t want.


The war between WWE and AEW is now officially on so I guess you can now call this the “Wednesday Night Wars”???

Earlier this summer AEW announced that they will make their TV debut on TNT network on Oct. 2nd which falls on a Wednesday night. Just today the WWE just announced that the WWE Network exclusive wrestling show will soon make their cable TV debut on Sept. 18th and they will air on the USA Network channel. WWE NXT used to be a one hour show on the WWE Network but once it debuts on USA Network, it will get turned into a two hour show.

I remember back in the 90’s when Monday Night RAW was on a Monday and WCW Monday Nitro was on a Monday, those two shows were pretty much on at the same time so that was named the “Monday Night Wars”.

Now that WWE NXT and AEW will be on the same nights, I guess you can safely say this will be called the “Wednesday Night Wars” which is pretty fitting. Obviously, the only reason WWE is doing this so they can go to war with AEW.

Even though the WWE will soon be moved to cable TV, the WWE Network will still stream the new NXT episodes.

I love WWE NXT. I love it a lot more than RAW and SD honestly. The reason I love NXT so much is ’cause that show gives us what we all want to see… “wrestling”. RAW and SD don’t give us that which is why NXT is a pretty hot show right now.

A lot of people still making predictions that AEW will destroy WWE but I think not. Like I said in a post before, the WWE is a very powerful company. It will be around forever. I think the WWE will try to find a way to get back on top again and I predict that it’s AEW that will get destroyed. They won’t last long, trust me.

I used to like what AEW is doing but now they are getting on my nerves ’cause they’re just doing everything they can to make WWE look bad. I’m considering no longer supporting AEW the more they keep up with their attacks at WWE. I think it’s obvious that the only reason AEW was formed was so that they can go to war with WWE. Well, now they got the WWE’s attention and things are getting interesting.

If you don’t know what the NXT brand is, it’s a show where wrestling rookies can get their start in pro wrestling. It’s a show for up and coming stars is what it is. Most of today’s WWE stars on the RAW and SD brand came from NXT: Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman, Shinsuke Nakumura, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, etc. They were all on the NXT brand until they got called up to the main roster once they all got more popular. The NXT is like a third brand. I watch NXT every Wednesday night and I watch all the NXT Takeover ppv’s too. It’s a great show.

Once NXT gets on USA Network, you all should check it out too.


The next 007 film is officially titled, “No Time To Die”…

Check out this cool little teaser revealing the title for Bond 25. It’s officially titled, “No Time To Die”. The title is giving you a hint that this will be the final Daniel Craig 007 film. Is the title hinting us that this film could be killing him off in this one? Could be, we’ll wait and see.

Anyway, I wonder who they’ll get to sing the title theme song for this one? I hope they pick a better theme song for this film ’cause I hated the Sam Smith theme for “Spectre”. While “Spectre” was an amazing film, I hated the opening title theme. Hopefully the opening title sequence for “No Time To Die” will be better.

I’m the biggest 007 fan you’ll ever see… I’ve seen all 24 films and I’ll be seeing this one too. Someday I’m gonna buy the 007 BluRay boxset with the 24 films in them, I really want that.

I’ve seen all the Daniel Craig 007 movies in theater when they first came out so you can betcha I’ll be seeing this one too.


“Rambo: Last Blood” looks like it’s gonna be an action packed ride and I can’t wait!!!

John Rambo may have gotten a haircut but he’s still the same old Rambo. He hasn’t changed a bit.

“Last Blood” looks like it’s gonna be an action packed thrill ride and I can’t wait. I’m also loving the Rambo flashbacks in this teaser and the Col. Trautman voice overs too.

I look more forward to this than Star Wars Episode 9. I’m there for “Last Blood” in Sept which is just a month away!