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Does the bench press give you a bigger chest??? Yes it does! Don’t listen to the nay sayers!!!

Ya know, one thing I’ve noticed about bodybuilding over the years of my life is that the bench is a pretty debatable workout. The bench press definitely does have a love and hate relationship with everybody. You either like it or you don’t. The bench press maybe the king of all workouts but it isn’t for everybody, I guess. For some reason there are a lot of people that like to bash the bench press and at the same time there are those out there that love it too.

There are lifters on bodybuilding forums, blogs and websites who loves to criticize the bench press. The most common arguments they make about the bench press is that they think it’s overrated and they also make claims that the bench doesn’t give you a strong chest development. I think the reason that I avoided the bench press is because admittedly, I was a bit naive and fell for the critics bullshit about the bench press. They also don’t like the bench press ’cause it gives them injuries a lot and shit.

So they claim that the bench doesn’t give them bigger pecs. Well one reason for that is bad genetics and they could be doing the bench wrong. If you do the bench correctly, you can hit the chest pretty hard. I’ve gotten back into bench pressing full time and been doing it for a few weeks now. I got back into benching ’cause of my first powerlifting meet that I did on Aug. 31st. So for that reason, I’ve gotten back into benching full time.

People think that bench can give you a lot of injuries well, you can get a lot of injuries with all other workouts too. The bench can be easy and safe as long as you know what you’re doing. You can still do bench, you don’t have to lift heavy all the time. Just lift the weights that feel comfortable for you and you don’t have to lift to failure to ensure that you don’t get injured.

Yeah, I know that the bench got a lot of negative flack over the years but it can be a great workout. I’ve grown into loving it. I have felt my chest getting stronger and getting little development.

Ya know, that’s the thing with bodybuilding. Some workouts are gonna get some haters — mostly the bench and the smith machine. I have no problem with the bench and the smith machine. There’s always gonna be crybabies and haters in the bodybuilding industry so just ignore them and do whatever you want to do in the gym.

I think the bench is great now and I think it will help improve my chest greatly. I do want get a big giant chest and the bench could help get me there for sure. Those that trash the bench just don’t know what they’re talking about. Usually lifters who trash the bench don’t have a great chest themselves so just ignore them.

If you want to bench then do it. I’m guilty of talking negative about the bench in the past but no more. I love it now!




I believe I’m getting very close to getting a full six pack… I want to measure my bodyfat percentage pretty soon…

My bodyfat definitely’s gotta be pretty low by now. I’m seeing visible abs, visible chest pecs and my arms are getting pretty veiny. Feels real good. I haven’t measured my bodyfat percentage but I’m going to look into doing that soon. There’s a friend of mine who’s a personal trainer at the gym I go to and I’ll probably get her to do it for me ’cause I’m dying to see where my bodyfat percentage is right now. Last time I measured it was about 16% but that was a long time ago when I first started bodybuilding. I haven’t measured my bodyfat in a long long time and I want to get it done again just to see where it’s at. I’m predicting my bodyfat would be around 10% -14% around there. Maybe I’m even below 10% right now, you just never know. I think I pretty much have a good six pack going which was the goal.

I could get lower in bodyfat, though and I’m working on it. I just made my nutrition a lot more strict again. To lower bodyfat isn’t hard. All you gotta do is eliminate all sugary drinks, eliminate alcohol and just drink water only. I’m going to do just that from now on and avoid Gatorade drinks completely. I’ve also been eating high protein and low carb stuff; however, you don’t wan to avoid carbs completely. You still gotta have complex-carbs like fruits and vegetables. You gotta have your whole wheat too and I get the whole wheat mostly from oatmeal and 100% natural bread which is the only bread I eat (I avoid white bread like the plague, trust me). You gotta have good fats too like natural peanut butter, peanuts like almonds and things like that. I’ve been avoiding ice cream more at least I’m trying to but going to avoid it completely now I think. I love ice cream, I have it as a cheat meal once in a while now but I’m going to ditch it completely, I think.

I’ve also been doing a lot more exercising at the gym than weight training. I’ve been doing yoga, stretching exercises, cardio like the treadmill and elliptical machine. I do a lot of bike riding but I think I’m going to start walking everyday ’cause that would help. Even through the fall and winter, I’m going to start walking outside every day. If it’s too cold out then I’ll go to the gym to do treadmill or elliptical. I already do a lot of walking but I think I’m going to do it everyday, I think.

I’m working very hard to become the best shape of my life and just about there, I think. Got more work to do and I’m working on it. Building muscle and losing fat is my goal.

When it comes to nutrition, I’m not going vegan, I’m not doing keto diets, I’m not doing weightwatchers and all that garbage. You don’t need to pay a lot of money for food to get in shape. I keep my healthy nutrition very simple. I’m not a recipe kind of guy where people make silly things like protein cakes, protein pies and protein brownies and all that crap. You get my point?

I’m the kind of guy who wants to stay in shape all year round. I’m not the bulk and cutting guy like a lot of bodybuilders are nowadays. I don’t want to go through that method.

I love working out. It’s my 2nd passion other than music. It’s nice to get all of this positive feedback of what I do. When you get a built and jacked physique and successful at your goals then you need to stay humble about it. There’s no reason to go around acting like you’re a tough guy ’cause you’re jacked, ya know? There’s so many bodybuilders out there with a cocky attitude just because they’re jacked. That’s not me. Just be humble, stay cool and not take yourself so seriously.

I have more workout videos on my Instagram page if you’re interested in seeing them. Enjoy:


Just found out why I’m able to deadlift heavy, it’s because I have pretty strong legs is why!

Why is it I’m able to deadlift heavy all of a sudden? It’s simply because maybe I already do have strong and big quads! I was looking for deadlifting videos in youtube and came across this excellent video by Jeff Cavaliere who owns the AthleanX youtube channel which is really great.

This guy describes that the deadlift and leg press are both pretty much the same thing which is pretty much true really. The deadlift is a pushing exercise and you use your legs to help push the bar off the floor when doing the deadlift which is pretty similar to the leg press. In reality, the deadlift is a leg press workout. I have noticed that the deadlift is a lot of leg work, though. Yep, so this is why I’m able to deadlift heavy ’cause my legs were already pretty strong.

For the past 10 years or so I’ve been working out, I’ve been doing a lot of leg workouts which was how I was able to get more strength on my legs. Plus doing a lot of cardio over the years… running, jogging, walking and biking will all help me get strength in my legs too.

Ya know, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t give up the leg press at all ’cause it can be pretty useful for deadlifting and squats. I probably won’t ditch the leg press at all then… just gotta correct my form and I’ll probably lift lighter weights on the leg press next time I do leg day this week.

Ya know, I can’t tell my own strength and I even surprise myself when I found out that I could deadlift a whopping 200 lbs. which was incredible. I thought to myself, “If I can deadlift heavy then I could probably squat heavy”. The heaviest I can go on squat for now is 105 lbs. for one rep which is pretty good for someone who is just starting out squatting. I still need to get the form on squats right too and I’m learning. Doing research and studying.


Actually, I’m thinking of ditching leg press for good if I’m going to get into barbell squatting full time… don’t really need to do both…

Ya know, after thinking about trying to work on my form for leg press, I’m thinking of ditching that workout completely. I don’t really need to do barbell squats and leg press on the same leg day. I’ve been noticing that doing both is too much for the quads, ya know? I’ve been reading bodybuilding and fitness forums online and many lifters say that you should do both squats and leg press. I disagree.

If you think about it since I’m gonna do deadlift and barbell squats full time that’s good enough for the legs. Doing research on deadlift, I’ve read that the deadlift targets muscles on the whole body pretty much including the quads and hamstrings. All the leg press targets is mostly the quads and some hamstring, that’s about it. I was never a big fan of the leg press anyways so I’m thinking of ditching it from my leg day routine and just do squats and deadlifts from now on. Both squats and deadlifts work the quads pretty good. Doing squats, deadlifts and leg press all at once… oh man, that’s gonna make your legs really sore all week and my legs are pretty sore right now. Another thing, I think doing too much to your quads is a bit overkill and over training, in my opinion and won’t give you enough growth. So again, doing deadlifts and squats is good enough for my leg work.

Not sure if I’ll give up the leg press for good, I’m only thinking about it. I’m probably gonna end up doing it ’cause I’m afraid doing leg press will weaken my squat work. I think I’ll definitely get way more strength doing squats if I ditch the leg press. I want to get more leg definition and get bigger quads and the squats will do that to you. I’ve also read doing research about squats is that squats also works out the entire body just like the deadlift. Squats and the deadlift are both compound exercises so that means they’re gonna target more than one body part.

It’s interesting. In the past, I was gonna avoid benching, squats and deadlifts but now I’m getting into all three full time for powerlifting competitions. I can lift heavy on deadlift but not yet a heavy lifter on bench and squats but working on it. For bench and squats I can only do 70 lbs. for 4 sets and 10 reps each both exercises, the deadlift I can lift heavier for whatever reason. I used to not be a fan of these workouts but I’ve grown into loving them now.

Thank god my hometown of Greenwich has a gym that allows benching, squats and deadlifting thanks to the Battenkill YMCA. There used to be a different bodybuilding gym that I used to go to in Greenwich before the Battenkill Y but then the YMCA took the other place out.

I want to get more strength and get bigger in size. I think benching, deadlifting and squatting will all help me greatly. Free weights is definitely the way to go… fuck the machines. When I first started lifting, I started out using machines then I made my way to barbells and dumbbells which is what I prefer more.



Kevin Smith confirms Jay and Silent Bob reboot film coming soon…

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Namaste! See @jayandsilentbob Do Yoga! This morning, @jaymewes & I gave sun salutations, sat in chair poses and pretended we were warriors with @blackmarketyoga, our real life Yogi Bayer (the @therealstephenblatt character from @yogahosers). We’re just two guys from #Dogma who are trying to improve their pranayama. It won’t be long before the #jayandsilentbobreboot shoot is upon us, so we two old timers are not only trying to look like leading men again, we’re building core strength for all the running around and stunts we’ve got planned for the dopey duo’s second cinematic outing, nearly 20 years after the first! I just did a pass of the Reboot script in which I removed all the fat jokes (and swapped them with vegan jokes) because this @weightwatchers Ambassador is currently down to 201 pounds! #KevinSmith #jasonmewes #jaymewes #jayandsilentbob #yoga #yoganewbie #wwambassador #weightlosstransformation #weightwatchers

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Believe it or not, I am a huge Jay and Silent Bob fan. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith movies too. I think Kevin Smith is an interesting guy and he’s hilarious too. Yeah, these guys are probably liberals and they’re probably Trump haters but who cares. They’re just talented guys and they ARE true comedians. These are two guys who knows how to get people laughing hard.

I’ve seen every movie Jay and Silent Bob have been in over the years. I’ve seen a lot of Kevin Smith directed films too. I also admire Kevin for his strong knowledge in Star Wars and comic books. Actually, it was Kevin Smith who helped sparked my interest in becoming a comic book reader myself and I have started collecting. I have a small collection of comics but it’s a good start.

Anyway, I’m happy to hear that Jay and Silent Bob has a new movie coming out and I’m looking forward to it. The next Jay and Silent Bob movie is gonna be different, though. It’s gonna be a reboot so it’s not gonna have anything to do with the earlier films. Why? It’s because of Kevin Smith’s weight. As you can see Kevin has been losing weight lately. He went from be a really obesed man to really skinny as you can see here. Kevin went through the Weight Watchers program and now he just started doing yoga as you can see here.

I do enjoy watching comedy films some ’cause even for a guy like me, I need to have a good laugh sometimes. In the next Jay and Silent Bob movie, there will be no “fat” jokes. Like Kevin said in the instagram post, they’re switching it to vegan jokes instead. Even though Kevin and Jay haven’t played their characters in a long time, I’m sure they still got it. I’m sure they’ll do a great job with the next Jay and Silent Bob movie and will give us some great laughs once again.

And by the way, I met Jason Mewes in person as you can see here. It was at a comic convention in Saratoga Springs. Jason was a cool guy in person like I expected him to be. He’s very good to his fans. Most celebrities at conventions just sit at the autograph table with their heads down but not Jason Mewes. He was standing all day, talking with his fans, taking pictures and signing autographs… all that stuff. Did I get Jay to sign something? Yes, I just had him sign the “Clerks” movie on BluRay which is my favorite Jay and Silent Bob movie.

It was a great honor to meet Jason Mewes in person. If only I can meet Kevin Smith himself in person someday. Would be cool.



Really, it’s a pretty good idea to film your workouts at the gym…

I do a pretty good job with form and posture at most of my workouts at the gym but sometimes I guess, I still gotta get the form down on a few things. Like the leg press for example. I filmed myself doing the leg press at the gym and then I watched it to see how I did. I noticed the form on the leg press was kind of bad. I was doing them in slow range motion and not locking the knees but wasn’t bringing the legs down lower enough. Admittedly, I’ve been doing half-repping on the leg press after all this time but next time on leg day for next week, I’ll get the form right by lowering the weight a little and doing the reps at a 90 degree angle like what most video tutorials in youtube say. Next week, I’ll correct the form as soon as possible.

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been doing workouts in bad form for a long while, don’t worry about it ’cause whether or not people want to admit it, everybody works out in terrible form in some of their workouts… even some of the pro lifters and experienced bodybuilders have bad form and bad posture too. I see it all the time.

It’s not a big deal if you do things wrong in the gym so don’t worry about it ’cause we all make mistakes. I still gotta correct the form on the dead-lift a little bit and gotta work out the form on the squats too.

I post my workout videos on social networking for all to see is not because I’m desperate for likes… I don’t care about that. I post ’em online for honest feedback. I’m always looking for tips and advice on how to correct my form from other people. If someone gives me tips on correcting my form, I won’t feel bad about it. Just take it like a man and be humble about it. Most bodybuilders in the gym can get pretty cocky when they’re called out on their form… many of them can get pretty defensive about it but not me. I’m always willing to listen ’cause it’s important to be safe and stuff, ya know?

Perfect form is important ’cause you want to get a full contraction and hit the right target and stuff. In other words, hit the muscles in the right places. Also, bad form could lead to injury.

I’m glad that I’m starting to film my workouts at the gym and that way if I notice that I’m doing something wrong, I can say to myself: “Gee, I’ve been doing this wrong for a while. Gotta correct the form as soon as possible”.

Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve been doing workouts wrong ’cause sometimes lifters egos are so huge, they’ll never admit it. It’s a good thing to admit you’re doing something wrong and to correct it asap. That makes people want to like you more ’cause nobody likes a cocky person in the gym and there are tons of ’em. Trust me.


Benefits of dead-lifting, it really is the best workout…

A lot of people assume that dead-lifting is a dangerous workout; mostly people who don’t workout or newbies believe that. Dead-lifting is not dangerous at all… as long as you do them correctly and responsibly, dead-lifts can be very easy and safe. I think dead-lift is the easiest workout in the gym ’cause all you do is pick the bar up off the floor, that’s it!

A lot of people are scared to do dead-lifts for whatever reason even I’m guilty of that admittedly. Doing my very first powerlifting competition in dead-lifting gave me a lot more confidence in dead-lift and I’m going to stick with dead-lift for a pretty long time… probably for the rest of my life.

Dead-lifting can have many great benefits like if you want sexy legs and a sexy ass, the dead-lift will do that to ya. Dead-lift can also reduce and prevent lower back pain. The dead-lift can be VERY GOOD for the back. It’s not bad for the back like some assume. Dead-lift not only works out the lower body, it can workout the entire body pretty much. It can also be the best fat burner exercise too.

The dead-lift can also help you in real-life situations outside of the gym for example you can help people move heavy furniture, do heavy lifting at your job and things thing like that.

Check out this interesting article here:

Some people will get all worried and stuff about you dead-lifting when they shouldn’t. Dead-lifting is the most easiest and safest workout there is, in my opinion.

Another great benefit that the dead-lift can give ya is that it helps give you more strength for other workouts too for example the bench press and squats. Doing dead-lift could help you bench and squat a little heavier the same for every other exercise in the gym.

Dead-lifting is also the best stress reliever exercise there is, in my opinion. For some reason, each time I dead-lift, I feel real good after that. It does make you a happier person and helps gets things off of your system.

You guys out there want to look great wearing tight jeans and attract the ladies, the dead-lift will do that. You want to look sexy wearing nothing but underwear or boxer shorts… again, the dead-lift. That’s another reason why I want to get into dead-lifting and squatting full-time so I can improve my lower body.

I’m sure bench press and squats have some great benefits too and I’m about to look them up.