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Tired of liberals getting a free pass for saying stupid & offensive shit… when is all this gonna end?

Ya know something? For many years liberals went after conservatives for opposing “gay marriage”, opposing “abortion”, not siding with them on black on white crime, bashing Obama, etc. I can go on with this all day but they think threatening a Republican president with assassination is okay! What’s wrong with that picture? The left’s deep hatred for the “right” is getting way out of control for sure.

The left wants to accuse “conservatives” of being “too extreme” and “offensive” all the time yet liberals can be just as bad. The media gave the Duck Dynasty guys, Phil and Willie Robertson so much hell for opposing gay marriage. I’ll never forgot the way the media treated those guys, yet the media seems to be okay with liberals threatening a Republican president’s life?

I don’t see how conservatives are offensive and too extreme when it’s actually liberals that are offensive and too extreme. I mean, do liberals look at what they write to people before they hit the “post” button? A lot of liberals can really mean and harsh. They can be a lot meaner than conservatives. I’ve gotten a lot of attacks by liberals over the years. Can’t count how many times that I’ve been called a “homophobe”, “racist”, “bigot” or whatever name that FB/Twitter social networking groups have been coming up with these days.

And liberals wonder why they lose elections, right? It’s simply because they’re showing their true colors and we’re not liking it.

About this Johnny Depp thing, I understand that he was just joking but it’s never cool to joke about assassinating a president. It’s never cool to bring up the word “assassination” when talking about a president especially after the Alexandria shooting. Shouldn’t matter whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican. I condemn all threats to the president.

Depp another actor to put on the boycott list. I don’t think I’ll see a movie of his ever again ’cause I used to like him too. Not anymore. Depp maybe quick to apologize but just another one playing innocent victim and noticed how he didn’t apologize to Trump himself either? So with that being said, apology not accepted. His apology will be hard to accept since he’s a woman beater anyways. So fuck him. Time to get rid of his movies I have of his in my DVD collection. I don’t have too many of his films, just a few of them. I won’t bother seeing the new “Pirates” movie either.

Liberals have nasty temper tantrums, no doubt! And they’re getting nastier under Trump.



Isn’t it amazing how jealous people get when you get into fitness, bodybuilding, yoga or whatever…

Whenever I talk about fitness, bodybuilding, yoga, boxing, martial arts and all that stuff to other people a lot of times I won’t get that much of a response. Some don’t say anything at all and some will even go far as criticizing you a lot. When you want to get into bodybuilding & fitness,  people who are not even into that stuff at all will start saying that you’re doing some things “wrong”. It’s like really? The last people you want to take advice from is from  people who are not into bodybuilding or any kind of fitness. They act like “know it alls” ’cause they’re jealous of you, for sure. It’s obvious, right?

It’s crazy how people who are not even into fitness and they think they can give you all kinds of advice when they don’t do these things at all. Sit at home and watch TV all evening and they’re giving you fitness advice and criticizing you. Yeah, that’s the thing you know, when you get into fitness, you’re gonna get all kinds of jealous people for sure. No doubt. You’ve been into fitness for a long while and people want to act like know it alls. Crazy.

I don’t take bodybuilding and fitness advice from people who aren’t into it. I only take advice and listen to those who have been into it for a long time and if they’re a certified personal trainer, I might take advice from them too.

People get jealous of you ’cause they want what you have. A fit and toned body. I wish people would stop getting jealous and just get into fitness themselves but they never do. People getting jealous of me and criticizing me doesn’t bother me that much. It lets me know that I’m doing the right things and it lets me know that I’m looking pretty fit and muscular.

I’ve been into bodybuilding for like around 7 – 10 years now and still going at it. I like what I have now but still got a lot of work to do, though. I need to lower my bodyfat some more which I’m working on. Going to get back into mostly clean eating again on a full time basis this time.

I got into bodybuilding & fitness ’cause I want to have the body of my dreams. Look big and muscular, have six pack abs and all that. I feel I’m getting there, though. I don’t plan to compete in a bodybuilding competition ever, I just want the muscular look.

A lot of guys don’t want to admit that they get into bodybuilding ’cause they want to look sexy for the ladies and I do too. That is also one of my goals. It’s working pretty much ’cause ever since I got into bodybuilding, I’ve had more women hit on me lately which feels pretty good. I’m not making it up either.

Don’t listen to jealous people. Always focus on you. It’s good that people get jealous ’cause that’s what you want to do. It’s letting you know you’re going somewhere.


Why you shouldn’t listen to celebrities when it comes to politics…


There are liberals and independent voters in America who actually listens to these celebrities when it comes to politics and they actually take them seriously! You see these celebrities are nothing but a bunch of “know it alls”. Acting like they are political experts just because they’re rich and have a lot of fame. They ram their political opinions down our throats, treating them like they are facts. The sad thing is liberals worship these people as courageous heroes when they speak their minds. Um, no, they are not courageous heroes. Each time they open their mouths, they get into a lot of trouble. They don’t only get a lot of backlash by conservative people, they get a lot of flak by people of all types.

These celebrities are just brainwashed by the MSM. It seems like they have all the same opinions and viewpoint as the MSM does so they obviously watch the mainstream news a lot. They predicted that Donald Trump was gonna lose the election. They were wrong. They predicted that Karen Handle was going to lose the Georgia special election. They were wrong again.

On top of that, their political views are so wacky as fuck and it’s sad to see liberals agreeing with them and kissing their asses only because they talk trash about Trump. All these people pictured are a bunch of NeverTrump idiots. That’s why liberals love ’em ’cause they love it when celebrities get all over Trump. Liberals get entertained by celebs bashing Trump. That’s why they won’t stop what they do.

I don’t listen to celebrities when it comes to politics ’cause I’m not gonna let them control me of how I think and that’s what they do. I’m not gonna let them tell me how to live my life either and they think they can do that. They think they’re more superior than us ’cause of their fame & fortune.

Sure, Donald Trump is a celebrity. He’s rich and famous too but he’s different than Hollywood. He’s a businessman and CEO. He’s not a movie star or a TV talk show host. He too talks a lot of politics but at least he lets America have a voice and doesn’t control people unlike those celebs above.

I used to support Hollywood and celebrities a long while back but now I think I’m done. I haven’t been going to the movies that much this year for a reason and stopped watching cable TV.

The media won’t quit what they do ’cause they use celebrities to help spread the message. They think it’s working for them but it’s not. It’s only getting celebs in trouble and it’s entertaining as hell to see many of them get into career suicide especially Kathy Griffin.

Sad what celebs have come to ’cause many of them are pretty talented. I used to like George Clooney but he turned into a liberal nut job. Wish all the movie stars and music stars would just shut up and do their job. They should listen to Gene Simmons and “Shut their pie holes”.


Ron Howard confirmed to direct “Han Solo” spinoff movie for Star Wars… interesting…

Here’s a few interesting tidbits, back when Ron Howard was an actor he starred in “American Graffiti” which was a film George Lucas directed before he made the first Star Wars film. Then later  in the 80’s, Ron Howard directed a movie called “Willow” which was another George Lucas creation.

Now Ron will be officially directing a Star Wars film for the first time ever. Even though George Lucas isn’t involved at all, it’s still kind of cool.

I like Ron Howard, he has made some good movies over the years. I think he could pull off a Star Wars movie pretty well, trust me. I think it’s clear that he is a pretty big Star Wars fan like most of us so I’m sure he’s capable of giving us a Star Wars film that all of us would want to see. I’m sure he won’t disappoint us at all.

“Willow” was a great film and that film was kind of like Star Wars a bit. There was a lot of sword fighting in that film so I’m sure Ron is capable of putting on some entertaining as hell light saber battles.

While the cast is already all set, I’m sure Ron will add more actors to the cast. Wouldn’t it be cool if Tom Hanks get some kind of role in the film? Like maybe a cameo appearance? Would be kind of cool. Ron and Tom Hanks made a lot of movies together over the years.


Bono of U2 puts liberal politics aside to support Steve Scalise, police and the GOP after Alexandria, Virginia baseball game shooting…

Well, it appears that Bono and the band U2 are on Team Scalise, absolutely! Bono is a very liberal guy, he really is but I know there are times when he has no choice to be real when he needs to be. I know liberals have a deep hatred for Republicans and Conservatives. I’m sure Bono does too but he’s smart enough to put politics aside and have some heart. Ya know, something called “compassion” is the correct word I’m looking for.

U2 has the balls to show respect and love for the victims and law enforcement after the Alexandria shooting. Take note from Bono, liberals!

Of course, most of the mainstream media ignores this. CNN doesn’t say anything about it and neither does NBC. Media hates when people do positive things for Republican people, it’s disgusting.

Look, you may disagree with GOP political views all you want to but when they’re suffering, you should put politics aside and have some heart but most liberals don’t. Ever since this shooting happened, I haven’t seen one liberal publicly condemn the shooting. They never put out their thoughts and prayers or none of that stuff. Shameful.

I don’t like Bono’s politics but I loved what he did here. Like I said, take note from Bono, liberals. It doesn’t hurt to be kind and give some love to conservatives even if you don’t agree with their views. Try it sometime!


Trump meets a bunch of big name tech people but Mark Zuckerberg is a no-show…


As you can see in this pic… these are all big name tech people who visited the White House earlier today in D.C. Almost everyone in this pic  have smiles on their faces except for Tim Cook (who is CEO/Chairman of Apple) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon). Those two guys don’t seem to enjoy being in the same room with Trump at all. They don’t seem to enjoy their day spending some time in the historic White House.

Another thing, where’s Mark Zuckerberg? This meeting would have fit him perfectly but he’s a no-show. I’m sure the Trump admin. asked him to come but he probably said no, my bets are on it. You can throw Bill Gates in there too.

Each time Trump has world leaders, business CEO’s and tech people visit the White House… they always have huge smiles on their faces. Have you noticed that? Why is that, you may ask? It’s because Trump is a great guy. Don’t listen to the media. Trump must be a fun and enjoyable guy to be with that’s why you see smiles on people’s faces when they meet him. Trump is a good guy, period. Anyone who thinks he’s a bad man is probably brainwashed by Fake News MSM.


Daniel Day-Lewis quits acting in Hollywood all of a sudden… Wow. Now that’s a brave and courageous move!!!!

I don’t have too many favorite actors in Hollywood ’cause honestly, most Hollywood actors suck but there are some actors with real talent and Daniel Day-Lewis is one of them. Daniel Day-Lewis is one of those actors that when you watch one of his movies, it makes you want to watch it. His incredible acting draws you in to watching the movie. When you watch one of his movies, you can’t help but watch it from start to finish ’cause his acting talent is that addicting to watch. No doubt he is a phenomenal talent.

While he was in a lot of good movies, I thought his three best roles were “The Last of the Mohicans”, “Gangs of New York” and “There Will Be Blood”. Those three movies are amazing and I believe I have all three of them in my movie collection. Spielberg’s “Lincoln” was really good too, though.

No reason was given for Daniel’s sudden retirement but maybe he’s been turned off of Hollywood lately? It has gone downhill a lot. Was it liberal politics in Hollywood that made him quit? Who knows! We don’t know what Daniel’s political views are ’cause he’s one of the few who kept politics out of his career.

He does have one more movie coming out this year and it’s called “Phantom Thread” by Paul Thomas Anderson which comes out on Christmas Day.

Shocker! Daniel Day-Lewis Quits Acting (EXCLUSIVE)

Maybe the reason he wants to quit, is ’cause maybe he finally grew tired of acting and wants to move on from it finally? Have more time for himself. Spend time with his family and things like that.

I do have some favorite actors in Hollywood… Daniel Day-Lewis is one of them. Other actors I like are Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Anthony Hopkins, Christian Bale,  Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood and Kurt Russell.

Thanks for all the movies, though Daniel if you’re serious on calling it quits.