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Watched “Extreme Rules” ppv last night… no Hulk Hogan return yet but I’m sure he’ll be back soon…

So I watched “Extreme Rules” WWE ppv last night on the WWE Network. The ppv was pretty bad. The only good match last night was Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens in a Cage Match but other than that, the rest of the ppv was boring and stale. Can I get my almost 4 hours back?

Anyways, no Hulk Hogan appearance but I read he was backstage at the show just visiting and hanging out. Will Hulk appear on RAW tonight, though? I doubt it ’cause doing a little reading through wrestling news sites, Hogan hasn’t signed a new contract with WWE yet but I’m sure he will pretty soon. It’s looking like Hulk, WWE and Vince are back on good terms which is good. There’s a pretty good chance that Hulk Hogan is definitely coming back to WWE later this year or next year. I hope Hogan shows up sooner, though. I predict he could show up sometime before Summerslam. If not Summerslam then it could be the next Royal Rumble in 2019 where he could make it as a surprise entrant.

I think what the Hulkster is trying to do is that he wants to retire in his wrestling career on a positive note. He doesn’t want to end it in a negative note. He didn’t want to end it over this Gawker and sex tape stuff, ya know? Hulk Hogan deserves to end his career on a positive note ’cause he’s a wrestling legend whether you like him or not. He helped popularized pro wrestling and made it mainstream. Without Hogan, wrestling wouldn’t have been on TV. If it wasn’t for Hulk, there wouldn’t have been no WCW, ECW, TNA Impact and even no WWE. The thing is, there are always jealous and bitter haters trying to destroy Hulk and his wrestling legacy. Hulk is just doing whatever it takes to protect his legacy and I can’t blame him. Love him or hate him all you want to, Hulkamania is pretty huge and iconic. His wrestling career in the past was pretty special for him and special for the fans too, of course.

When Hulk returns to the WWE, what he would do on RAW? I can think of 5 things…

  1. Have one more match – this is probably the big one and it’s what everyone is talking about. Hulk did say himself that he has some wrestling left in him and he wants to do one more match but with who, though? My guesses would be either John Cena, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar and maybe even Vince McMahon.
  2. Reform the NWO wrestling faction – the NWO were pretty huge in WCW and they made occasional comebacks in WWE. Are they about ready to reform in WWE again pretty soon? I wouldn’t be surprised. They don’t say “NWO 4 Life” for no reason, brotha. They’ll always be around!
  3. Become the next RAW General Manager after Kurt Angle – This could be another big possibility. Hulk being in charge of RAW after Kurt goes.
  4. Be a guest host for the next Wrestlemania – Hulk was guest host for Wrestlemania 30 and it’s definitely possible that he could be guest host on a WM again in the future.
  5. Go after the Universal Title — it doesn’t hurt for Hulk to be world Champ again for one more time. I think that’s a nice way for him to go out on a positive note. If Bill Goldberg won the Universal Champ then why can’t Hulk?

Those are my predictions and any one of them is pretty likely.

Yeah, a lot of people are trashing Hulk but they’re just jealous of him and bitter. Just people desperate for attention so you just ignore the haters and keep supporting Hulk. He deserves the support. I would like to buy a Hulk Hogan t-shirt at some point and I’ll have to buy something off his online store. Hulk still rules! Screw the haters!




The Hogan haters are out in full force on the internet today… Wow!!!!

I’m reading through some wrestling comments in the wrestling blogs and news sites today and I noticed the Hogan haters are out in full force. Since the news just got out that Hulk has been reinstated in the WWE Hall of Fame and he might make his on-screen return tonight at Extreme Rules, the haters are all mad.

Yes, there is this thing called “forgive and forget” but keep in mind not everybody is gonna “forgive and forget”. Haters are gonna hate, always. I think the only reason that the haters are raging mad now is ’cause they can’t accept the fact that Hogan won the big lawsuit over Gawker. I think they are mad at that just like liberals can’t accept the election results of 2016. Well get over it, Hogan haters. Hulk Hogan proved his innocence over the sex tape at the trial and did a nice job of it too. Like I said before, I used to hate and despise Hulk over the racist remarks myself but after paying attention to the trial and all that stuff… I began to think that maybe Hulk is innocent after all. Gawker just wanted to destroy and ruin Hulk; they failed obviously. Hulk is still standing and standing strong.

Hulk is trying to make amends to those he hurt including the WWE and the superstars. I believe in second chances and Hulk deserves one. I think what Hulk is doing is very courageous and ballsy.

It may seem that Hogan is one of the most hated wrestlers on the planet but the reality is, he isn’t. He’s still one of the most loved and most respected wrestlers today. Hulk Hogan has got a lot of fans still; he’s extremely popular.

Hulk is no racist and the haters needs to get the fuck over it. We all say dumb things and make mistakes every now and then even I do. I used to hate Hulk but I respect the man even more now. Love him or hate him, he’s a very strong guy. He doesn’t let negativity and drama bring him down and he knows how to stay above it.


Hulk Hogan officially reinstated in WWE Hall of Fame… will he make his on TV return at Extreme Rules ppv tonight?

WWE announced today that Hulk Hogan has officially been reinstated back in the WWE Hall of Fame after all the racist remarks made on the sex tape and all that stuff. I used to hate Hulk Hogan over that sex tape stuff but I don’t anymore. I believe in this thing called, “forgive and forget” and yes, I forgive Hulk Hogan. We all deserve second chances and he deserves one.

Now that Hulk Hogan is officially back in the WWE Hall of Fame, that means that the Hulkster could be coming back to WWE TV as soon as possible. Could he return tonight on “Extreme Rules” ppv?

Hulk posted this on twitter today so does this mean he is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the ppv is being taken place at?

I’m all for a Hulk Hogan return for WWE. Admittedly, I used to hate the man myself but I don’t anymore. I’m now realizing that he isn’t a bad man like many are trying to make him out to be.

Love him or hate him, Hulk is a wrestling legend. He is the one who helped popularized professional wrestling and if you deny that then I’m going to call you the dumbest person on the planet.

Will we see the Hulkster tonight on “Extreme Rules”? I’m going to watch and see. I’ve been watching a lot of old WCW Monday Nitro and I’ve been liking Hogan more and more. We all watch wrestling ’cause of him whether you want to admit it or not.

I also hope the Hulkster will get made as a playable character for the WWE 2k19 game ’cause I would buy if they put him in there this time ’cause that would be cool.

I’ll admit that I’m now a huge Hulk Hogan fan. Looking forward to “Extreme Rules” tonight. The ppv starts at 7  tonight so it’s gonna be a 4 hour ppv it looks like.


Why WWE RAW ratings have been tanking lately… my take on it…

I’m a huge fan of WWE and wrestling but I’m not afraid to admit that RAW is getting bad again. It’s not the superstars fault ’cause they are just doing their jobs; getting paid to perform on TV and at live events. They are getting paid to follow the script and doing what the creative team tells them to do. With the tanking ratings, who’s fault do I think it is? Well, I think it’s definitely Vince McMahon’s fault and the creative team, duh.

Check this article out:

I think the reason why a lot of wrestling fans out there are getting turned off by WWE is for a few reasons. I can think of 5:

  1. We’re getting tired of part-timers coming around just to get WWE Championship belt and you don’t see them on TV much. A lot of us believe that there are other superstars worthy of the belt but the WWE doesn’t give it to them. They mostly give the title to part-timers. I kind of agree, it is pretty stupid if you think about it. We’re fed up of Brock Lesnar holding the belt for so long and he’s hardly ever on TV, just occasionally.
  2. Most of us are not watching RAW anymore ’cause we’re fed up with WWE ramming Roman Reigns down our throats. A lot of complaints I’m seeing is that we think Roman doesn’t deserve the huge push he’s getting and many of us think he’s a horrible wrestler and performer. Many of us believe there are other superstars worthy of that push. The main event status.
  3. WWE fans are getting tired of the creative team burying talented wrestlers that they like for example stars like Asuka and Bobby Roode. Both of those stars were real hot in NXT but once they made it on the roster, it seems like WWE is trying to make them look bad all the time. Losing a lot of matches and things like that. Making them look weak. We’re tired of WWE making talented people look weak and that’s what’s been going on a lot.
  4. We’re fed up with the family-friendly bullshit and want the Attitude era back. Ya know, bring back the good wrestling, bring back the blood, bring back hardcore wrestling, bring back chair shots to the head, bring back sexy women, etc. WWE wants to ignore the wrestling part of it and that’s what we’re all getting frustrated on.
  5. Bad booking of matches and bad writing of story lines. Both are getting horrible lately, I’ll have to agree there. The ppvs have been shit lately as well. The story lines have been boring and stale lately except for the Kevin Owens vs. Braun Strowman feud which is actually entertaining but the rest of RAW? *yawn* RAW has been a real sleep fest lately.

Some of you know I’m a huge wrestling nerd. WWE needs to step their game up and give what the fans want if they want people watching again. I think Vince is out of touch with what the fans want.

I don’t blame the performers at all ’cause they’re all talented people (even Roman Reigns, I like the dude), it’s just the creative team is crap.

It’s sad to see how wrestling is today. That’s the thing, ya know? The wrestling industry changes all the time. It always does. I miss the old days of wrestling during the 80’s and 90’s when it used to be a blast to watch. On the WWE Network, I’ve been watching every episode of old-school WCW Monday Nitro back to back and I’m like 83 episodes in right now. Old WCW Nitro was classic stuff. I’m loving it ’cause I’ve never watched WCW before and thanks to the WWE Network, I get to watch it finally. I’m watching old WCW Nitro ’cause I want to learn the history of it as a wrestling nerd. If I want to be a true wrestling nerd, I gotta know WCW.

I love the WWE Network, though. It’s the best streaming service for sure. I got it for the old school wrestling ’cause that’s what I like. I prefer old-school than new wrestling anyways.


Happy birthday, Harrison Ford…

Happy birthday to another one of my favorite actors, Harrison Ford.

A lot of people like Harrison for Han Solo but to me I was more into Indiana Jones. I love the Indiana Jones movies. I grew up watching them. I love all 4 Indy movies and yes, that includes the 4th one, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. I thought that movie was fantastic as well. I can’t wait for Indy 5.

While Harrison is most famous for Han Solo and Indy, he played many other great roles too like “Patriot Games”, “Clear & Present Danger”, “Witness, “The Fugitive”, “Blade Runner”, “The Mosquito Coast” and the list goes on and on. Harrison is so talented in his acting the man can play just about anything. He still is a very good actor even at 76 years old. 

Ford maybe a very liberal guy politically but I just respect him as an actor. He’s been in so many good movies. The man certainly knows how to choose his movies well.

As far as Indy 5 goes, I know that film has been pushed back ’til 2021 so if you do the math, Harrison will be about 79 years old. Why did Indy 5 get pushed back? Is it because they’re aiming Indy to be like 80 years old? Probably.

Anyway, Harrison is an amazing guy. I’ve always been a huge fan and I’ve grown up watching his movies since I was a child.


Yep, ego lifting at the gym is real… just witnessed it a little bit at the gym this morning… it was funny!

At the gym this morning doing leg day, I was doing squats on the smith machine and there was this guy doing cable crossovers on the trainer cable machine next to me. Looks to me he was lifting heavy weights on them. There was at one point, he changed the weights to wicked heavy it looks like. The guy got into position to begin his workout and he couldn’t even get the weight up at all. He kept trying and trying and still couldn’t do it. So what does he do? Instead of giving it up and lowering the weight, he steps his foot back to rest it on the metal part on the back of the cable machine for assistance and he was able to do his reps that way. That’s a perfect example of ego-lifting right there. Other men in the gym not being able to lift a weight but they continue to go for it anyways.

I would have filmed that at the gym and post it all to see but I was too busy doing squats on the smith machine. It was funny to see, though.

While most gym members are good people, you will see some meatheads and egos in the gym for sure. There will be meatheads and egos in all gyms you go to. Doesn’t matter how small of a town you’re in. Some meatheads are gonna wanna be showoffs to everybody and be all big shot that they can lift heavier than everyone else.

Go ahead and lift weights you can’t lift. If you dislocate your shoulder, your weight lifting days could be over for good. It is interesting how guys in the gym think accidents won’t happen when they lift too heavy.



Figured out the calves problem in the gym…

After all this time, I’ve realized I’ve been doing seated calves wrong and I thought I was doing them right. That’s because I’ve been lifting a bit too heavy on them when I didn’t need to. I was trying to figure out a way to get a full contraction on the calves and I found the solution to the problem. Lift lighter weights. When doing standing calves and seated calves, you don’t need to lift heavy weights on those.

Today at the gym I did leg day and I was trying to find the right amount of weight to get a full contraction on the seated calves. I found that 25 lbs. is just right. I got a full contraction on that.

For standing calves, I’ve been doing that on the hack squat machine for a long while but I don’t think I’m going to do standing calves on that anymore ’cause I’m not liking it. I find standing calves more effective on the barbell on the smith machine which I did for about 50 lbs and got a good contraction out of that too.

Throughout the day on leg day, my calves were feeling pretty sore all day long since I got a good contraction of it finally on both the seated and standing. That means I’ll have to do seated and standing calves this way from now on. Lifting pretty light on them. Let me say this again, you don’t need to lift heavy doing calves. Even though I’ve been doing partial reps on calves in the past, I’m sure I got a little growth in the calves but to get even more growth on the calves you need a full contraction.

My calves are sore right now and it feels weird walking around which feels good. That means I’ve worked the calves pretty hard even if I lifted kind of light. Like I said, I’ll lift this way from now on. Standing calves on Smith machine and lifting light in seated calves.

I don’t feel guilty correcting the form in calves workouts ’cause as I said in the past, bodybuilding is a learning experience. We’re all going to make mistakes whether we want to admit it or not. We just got to learn from them and never make the mistakes again. That’s what bodybuilding is all about. That’s okay… nothing to worry about ’cause a lot of people do standing and seated calves wrong, it’s crazy. It’s not our fault though ’cause calves are a pretty hard workout to master and figure out. I think I got it figured out now. I figured out to get the full range of motion in the calves.

There were many other workouts that I had to correct so I’m not worried about it. It’s not a big deal. It’s a good thing to do is to admit you do some workouts wrong and you do your best to correct them. I still wonder if I do my other workouts correctly but I just do whatever gives me a good contraction. To get muscle mass and gains you gotta get a full contraction. Partial reps won’t do much.